The Crippling Long Term Effects Of The First World War | The Long Shadow Full Series | Timeline

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Timeline - World History Documentaries

Timeline - World History Documentaries

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David Reynolds examines the legacy of the Great War, across 100 years and 10 different countries, explaining how the war haunted a generation and helped build the peace that followed.
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ToudaHell 10 aylar önce
I may be the last generation to be spoken to by a WWI veteran. That's something I will never forget as long as I live. WWI have a special place in Canadian history. Also, I'm getting shivers down my spine at the similarity between Italian Fascist rise and what's happening to the world right now. They're quick learners and history is the best teacher.
Rob Kunkel
Rob Kunkel 10 aylar önce
The Russian missile that landed on Polish territory after being hit by a Ukraine missile had the WW1 Axis vs Allies vibe to it. All this just happened a month ago. (November, 2022)
Jor Roma
Jor Roma 9 aylar önce
Lol me me me me me me you’re all unbearable
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 9 aylar önce
You forgot about Fascist Trump to your south. That was scary for us Americas too.
ToudaHell 9 aylar önce
@Ryan Gibson the main reason for the shiver down my spines.
nigel ralph murphy
nigel ralph murphy Aylar önce
Two of my mother's uncles served with the NZ forces at Gallipoli, the Somme, Passchendaele. One was wounded at Passchendaele ending his war. The other went on and served on the western front, the Somme again, and then after November 1918, as a member of the army of occupation in Cologne. Both brothers returned their bodies intact, but their minds permanently and tragically damaged. In 1935 when NZ extended the war pension to those wounded in the mind, both brothers immediately went on it and remained on it to the end of their days. The brother who had served as a rifleman in the NZ infantry suffered the worse. But his younger brother, who went through the entire conflict first as a mounted rifleman at Gallipoli and then as an artilleryman for the rest of the war, suffered less. But what point in measuring the mental torture suffered by each of the brothers? Neither recovered. Both suffered for the rest of their lives. A son of the rifleman later said 'they don't raise memorials to those wrecks they shipped home.' In a letter to the editor during the second world war, a Gallipoli veteran wrote decrying some writers who had never served yet bayed for blood. He informed these people of the torture of war and the torture of returning from war, a torture that never ended. He signed his letter 'another martyr of Anzac.' Historians can dance all they like. For our family war is just destruction and the ruination of good men's minds and good men's lives. As the Romans said 'dulce bellum inexpertis.' War is only sweet to those who have never tasted it. What was it for? My two great uncles had no idea, and cared less. No war is worth the damage inflicted on our family by the trenches of Gallipoli and the western front.
Panda1323 Gün önce
This for me, has to be the greatest series I’ve seen in a very long time, offering a perspective one doesn’t much think about.
Daniel Batitsas
Daniel Batitsas 10 aylar önce
A death to wounded ratio of 1 to 2 is unbelievable. In Vietnam is was 1 to 8 or 9. I am a Vietnam Vet and saw things I still try to forget, but that experience I cannot phantom. The courage of those men, on all sides, walking, without cover, into that inferno and dying is almost without understanding. I salute them.
torressr3 10 aylar önce
May you find peace in this lifetime.
Daniel Batitsas
Daniel Batitsas 10 aylar önce
@torressr3 Thank you. May we all find peace, understanding, love and fulfillment. I hope you have found yours.
PSR 04
PSR 04 10 aylar önce
God bless you too, sir.
Edwin Modu
Edwin Modu 9 aylar önce
But I am so angry at those that made them do it 🙏🏾
david foster
david foster 9 aylar önce
courage or a death wish.
Kaylee Tailfeathers
Kaylee Tailfeathers Yıl önce
I’m usually more interested in WWII, but for whatever reason I was mesmerized by the production value, narration/narrative, and natural flow of the overall unfolding historical landscape of the story. Great program. Absolutely great. 5 stars.
kluaf oz
kluaf oz Yıl önce
Same here...I don't know why ive never felt the interest in WW1 ...
Joshua Sill
Joshua Sill 4 gün önce
@kluaf oz a lot of that is because of mass media. Look at all the camera footage of the WWII compared to that of WWI. Next most people over the age of 40 (as of 2023) probably knew a relative that fought in WWII. Then you had all those TV shows on the History and Discovery channel like Battle: 360, GI Diaries, Wings Over Europe, and even TV shows like Bah Bah Black Sheep, Hogan's Heroes, Sgt, Bilko, McHale's Navy and their British and Australian counterparts. You also have all the countless WWII movies that our grandfathers and fathers watched and we watched too because of them. You have all the archived interviews of all the WWII heroes. Now compare all that media with the media of WWI and that is your difference maker. WWII is also portrayed as a righteous war, a war of truly good vs. evil whereas, and the narrator mentioned it, WWI is viewed as a war of useless slaughter.
Morgan Butterfield
Morgan Butterfield 3 aylar önce
My 3x great grandfather John Alfred Hawkins known as “Jack” was killed during the first week of the battle of the Somme at Mametz Wood on 9th July 1916 he was a private serving with b coy 14th battalion royal Welsh fusiliers he is buried in Etaples Cemetery Thank you Jack for your service and god bless you may you rest in peace
Land Sea
Land Sea Aylar önce
Its to the point where I can't watch documentaries on the Battle of the Somme . When Pals brigades were killed , villages in Britain lost their male youth . This is why there were very strong peace movements in Britain during the inter war years as explained in this Documentary . .
Moutton Noir
Moutton Noir 8 aylar önce
I'm 62 and was brought up believing that no one in either side of my family had fought in the First World War. When I retired last year I decided to take a DNA test and begin researching my family tree. it has been one of the most incredible humbling and emotional projects I've ever undertaken. I wasn't prepared for the roller coaster of emotions. I discovered that my dad had an uncle he knew nothing about. He was my grans older brother and was killed in Russia 2 weeks after his 20th birthday and 2 weeks before the Armistice, this young coal miner was fighting with the Allies against Trotsky's Red Army. There were never any pictures on display and he was never spoken of. Another branch lost 3 sons- an entire generation. A cousin of my paternal grandfather was a 2nd Lieutenant at the Somme where he won a Military Cross before being killed in the final 100 days offensive in 1918. All together I've discovered almost 50 young men from across the British Empire who fought and mostly died fighting in every theatre between 1914-1918 and in every major battle. One young man stands head and shoulders above the others- a young Scot who emigrated to Canada in 1913 only to return and fight on the Western Front. He was a Piper who in a heroic act during the Battle of the Somme when his unit was pinned down during an assault on a German trench sought permission to play his bagpipes. This act rallied the troops and they succeeded in taking the trench. He was killed a few hours later when returning to retrieve his pipes. There are also reports of others who were subjected to Field Punishment No1, who deserted, who were severely injured in battle or in carrying out their duties such as the boy kicked in the head by a vicious horse. All of these stories have stirred a myriad of emotions- anger sadness and great pride among them. For the first time I truly appreciate the terrible toll the Great War had on a generation cutting a swathe right across the world.
Syd McCreath
Syd McCreath 4 aylar önce
Killed 2 weeks before the Armistice (which was the 11th of November 1918) IN RUSSIA ? But Russia had already given up WW1 signing a peace treaty with Germany in MARCH 1918. So, your comment doesn’t ring true. Sorry.
Ukraineaissance 18 gün önce
​@Syd McCreathbritain, america and others sent soldiers to russia in 1918 to fight in the civil war there.
Alan Evans
Alan Evans 11 aylar önce
My grandfather was a Sergeant in charge of a motorised ambulance company at the Somme. He survived the war and in his late fifties at the start of the Second World War was in charge of training mechanics at home.
Scott Wade
Scott Wade 11 aylar önce
My grandfather (my father's father) was an airplane mechanic for the US Army Air Corps in France and my great grandfather (my mother's mother's father) was in the Canadian infantry. The latter was around 35 years old at the time and was old enough he didn't have to go but he volunteered anyway and joined the Canadian army; he later said that was the worst mistake he ever made.
my reply to your stupidity:
my reply to your stupidity: 11 aylar önce
@Scott Wade paternal
Keela Cross
Keela Cross 10 aylar önce
Keela Cross
Keela Cross 10 aylar önce
@Scott Wade p
Christopher 2 aylar önce
I remember doing a report in high school for history on i asked my grampa about it and he told me a cpl things he thought were ok for me to hear. At the end i said "grampa you were one of the lucky ones that made it home" His reply(stone faced) was "you wouldnt think that if you dreamt my dreams"
MrBillsomm2000 2 aylar önce
My Pops fought in Belleau Wood, God bless your Grampa.
Robert Kirkpatrick
Robert Kirkpatrick Yıl önce
Being a veteran myself i love reading and listening to documentaries about my great grandfather generation. He too served but during WWII. He was a D Day survivor and would tell me about it as a young boy. He wouldnt tell anyone else in our family except me. I guess i figured out i would find the stories entertaining and informative. I miss him everyday
ProtonChamber Yıl önce
K I’m
ProtonChamber Yıl önce
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ProtonChamber Yıl önce
ProtonChamber Yıl önce
ProtonChamber Yıl önce
VetteKid Yıl önce
As I was born 38 years after the end of the great war a lot of what I knew about it was thru different family members. Some like my great aunt who's husband was gassed and survived until 1922 when he succumbed to the effects of chronic obstructive lung disease. Her house was like a time capsule with nothing much changed from the early 1920's, no city water, only ground and attic cisterns to supply everything. no television. There was one room in the house that contained my great uncle's effects, regimental photograph, uniform and so on. We got to see it only on Memorial day when all the family would return to lay wreaths at the cemetery and stand for the Honor Guard ceremonies. Any event in history has a much different meaning if you don't have a direct connection to it in some way.
Scott Long
Scott Long Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing.
Joe Greenwood
Joe Greenwood Yıl önce
Oo qoovoooo t. .
Ronald Lollis
Ronald Lollis Yıl önce
Our extended family lost two members, full blooded Cherokee Native Americans, first cousins to one another, but our older family members say they were like two brothers growing up. They joined the Corps together, went through boot camp together, traveled to Europe together as part of the American Expeditionary Forces and lost their lives on 26 September and 27 September 1918 to German gas attacks. May they all Rest In Peace for their selfless sacrifices and senseless slaughter that ultimately didn’t accomplish a d@#% thing.
Cody Stacey
Cody Stacey Yıl önce
Andrew Lufkin
Andrew Lufkin Yıl önce
For whatever reason, this is the first Great War documentary to make me tear up multiple times in the first 10 minutes
Conure heaven
Conure heaven 3 aylar önce
Because it was pointless how many men died on the front and it’s horrific
les Gilbert
les Gilbert 11 aylar önce
Fascinating,informative and respectful. What a pity those children climbing all over it at 2.26 or their parents who let them did not show the same level of respect.
S C 7 aylar önce
It's better to bring children and let them see and play and learn than keep them away and learn nothing.
what a gronk
what a gronk 3 aylar önce
Little Churchill’s?
MarktheMole 2 aylar önce
Yes, well said. I often ask parents to remove their children from the many, very moving, war monuments in Hyde Park square, and thankfully they do..
Dee Vah
Dee Vah 2 aylar önce
I thought I knew a lot about history. I was born in 1947, so just after the War. I confess that I have never, ever heard of the Peace Ballot! Certainly didn't learn about it at school, or in modern history courses I've taken. Just can't understand why, considering the amount of people who responded to it which would have included grandparents and my parents. Thank you so much for his important piece of world history.
Dagmar Ueberfeld-Lang
Dagmar Ueberfeld-Lang 8 aylar önce
thanks again Professor David Reynolds for this very captivating, yet thoughtful presentation.
K M Yıl önce
This is my second time through with The Long Shadow videos, and I read the book as well. Reynolds is a brilliant storyteller
Mats Hoff
Mats Hoff Yıl önce
Most interesting documentation.
Julian Ciaha Consulting
Julian Ciaha Consulting Yıl önce
His documentary on Nixon is a masterpiece
jmwilliamsart Yıl önce
@Julian Ciaha Consulting I agree, his documentary on Nixon was quite interesting.
Zarco 11 aylar önce
@jmwilliamsart lo o
WaraxTheThird 7 aylar önce
I will come back to documentaries with this man for years. What a teacher and speaker.
Kamrul 82
Kamrul 82 5 aylar önce
I know really theatrical pulls u in and appreciate the past.
The Dangler
The Dangler Yıl önce
A great documentary, Makes you ponder what sort of world would we have now if the world hadn't of gone to war twice in just 25 years.
shop shop
shop shop Yıl önce
Unfortunately, country fighting country is more of a constant than peace. I'm 70 and live in the US, and this country is more often than not involved in military bloodshed someplace. Besides the various political reasons, it also helps continue the Military Industrial Complex, there's easy money to be made in war.
Kevin Kelleher
Kevin Kelleher 11 aylar önce
@shop shop, I must apologize, I should not judge, I have to practice true tolerance as granted in "The Constitution" and as a "Christian". GOD Bless and Let's Go Brandon
shop shop
shop shop 11 aylar önce
@Kevin Kelleher Your last three words speak volumes, so sad. Your conclusions---1. wrong 2. Wrong, high draft number kept me from going to jail. 2b. Never. I felt sorry for those who wasted such an important time in their life, and I felt/feel a mix of rage and pity for those, including friends, who returned home in a box or damaged fighting in a stupid war, 2c, none of the wars from Vietnam onwards had anything to do with this country's freedom. BTW bright boy, females didn't have to register for the draft. And weren't allowed in combat positions. If you want to fight for freedom and you are of age, go to Ukraine. After a lifetime of being against our wars, here's one where the outcome really matters. The choice is clear, either a dictator or a liberal democracy.
Sally Beaudoin
Sally Beaudoin 8 aylar önce
My grandfather was a veteran of WW1…The war and memories what we call PTSD today.. Grandpa committed suicide in 1927..This video was well done and informative..
M H 7 aylar önce
Very sad, so sorry for him.
Varia XI
Varia XI 7 aylar önce
Life was something very different. My thanks to your grandfather, and I hope he will be remembered for his bravery, not for the consequences of his valor 🙏
Mary 3 aylar önce
So sorry about your grandpa 😞.
Bobbyjean Leblanc
Bobbyjean Leblanc Yıl önce
My grandfather was in WW1 and was given a King and Queen's discharge and had his picture painted by an artist with the King and the King. Then my dad and uncle went through close if not 7 yrs straight fighting for our freedom against those horrible killer demons.
Clooz Yıl önce
K Yıl önce
Your dad and uncle fought Biden and Harris?
Scotty m
Scotty m Yıl önce
They must have kept fighting well after the war ended then lol.
luap nosboh
luap nosboh Yıl önce
@Scotty m could the fella be talking about the horror he saw maybe don't think war ends on a whistle for soldiers 🤔
kennedy singh
kennedy singh Yıl önce
Watched from Old Harbour Jamaica. I have family member who fought in both wars. One Jamaican who fought in France during WW1 was awarded a medal by the French embassador to Jamaica at the age of 105. His first comments are that the medal was over 80 years late and many of his comrades that surved died over the years and recieved no medals. I still have the news paper with that story of which I can share if you wish.
Wassenhoven420 Yıl önce
Thank you for the message!
Otis Never Quits
Otis Never Quits Yıl önce
The French Playing with Veterans...for political points He called it....
Maureen ledwidge
Maureen ledwidge Yıl önce
kennedy singh
kennedy singh Yıl önce
@Maureen ledwidge Don't know what that means
Maximo Salaza
Maximo Salaza 11 aylar önce
@Wassenhoven420 a ya was was was q😢
Chris McCartney
Chris McCartney Yıl önce
My grandfather fought in Gallipoli and Iraq and never spoke of it to my Nan about it but talk to him About any subject and within a few minutes it was turned to Gallipoli it haunted him for all his life..
David W. Robertson
David W. Robertson 7 aylar önce
My grandfather also fought there. My main memory is that he hated Churchill, as did most Scots at that tme. The subsequent lionization of Churchill surprised me, although it mainly took place in the media.
diane shelton
diane shelton 3 aylar önce
My grandfather fought at Ypres and the Somme , was finally mustard gassed 3 weeks before armistice. I adored him , I knew him 50 years post his war but I still know every word to all the WW1 song, “ mademoiselle from Armentiers “ and “it’s a long way from Tipperary “. He didn’t talked about the war but it permitted his whole life and his children’s and grandchildren’s lives. My own children know those songs through me singing them. I don’t think enough is known about the generational effects of something so life children.
diane shelton
diane shelton 3 aylar önce
@David W. Robertson Churchill was loathed in our family too, remember his grip over politics lasted from the Boer war , through WW1 , the interwar years with his treachery of shooting strikers , through the Second World War. It was no wonder the British working class loathed the entitled aristocratic bully who did so much damage. Though probably uniquely effective in WW2 from making so many previous costly mistakes.
Samantha Morgan
Samantha Morgan 5 aylar önce
Greetings from Los Angeles! I am thoroughly enjoying this fantastic history lesson. I am especially loving the actual news reels/home movies and photographs. Thank you so much!
Noah Namey
Noah Namey Yıl önce
That the young man, allows the old man to persuade him to war, is what never breaks that burdensome chain.
Michael Brownlee
Michael Brownlee Yıl önce
The profiteering group of elder men* "Order out of Chaos" "Divide & Conquer" Problem Reaction Solution Cause of most wars Greed , Power the love of Money
Brad Bufton
Brad Bufton 10 aylar önce
Ya ur right we should probably have 60 year old troops that would work out well.
thundabearz 9 aylar önce
@Brad Bufton you're a special kind of silly
Jim Fuge
Jim Fuge 8 aylar önce
Regrettably if a country does not keep a viable military they end up like Palestine, or fighting for their very survival as is Ukraine right now
diane shelton
diane shelton 3 aylar önce
@Jim FugeUkraine military was always disproportionately large and well equipped for its economy. It’s just it’s economy wasn’t very large. It now probably has the worlds second best military
Chris McCartney
Chris McCartney 7 aylar önce
My grandad fought at Gallipoli and survived but his experiences haunted him all his life he lived to 80..
Robert Dore
Robert Dore 7 aylar önce
He was let down by planners who's blood would never be shed.
DiabolicDoug 5 aylar önce
​​​@Robert Dore as is the nature of all wars
Macy Sondheim
Macy Sondheim 4 aylar önce
That’s not possible. Maybe your grandad fought in WW2, but not WW1. WW1 was over 100 years ago
Bernie Sheahan
Bernie Sheahan 3 aylar önce
My grandpa served in France during the Great War. He was born in 1895.
Pat 3 aylar önce
​@Macy Sondheimmy Grandma was born in 1886, so she was 14 in 1900 & 28 with a daughter in 1914, other grandparents were also born in the 19th century! And I do still have all my 'marbles'!
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ Yıl önce
Trench warfare under ww1 is to the soldiers as horrible as it gets. 720.000 brits dead and over a million with horrible damages done to both their bodies and minds. Seeing young men with their faces blown off and seeing them come home with shell shock staggering around not even able to walk in a time were they didn't know about ptsd and how to treat it. War is horrible and it truly is old men talking young men dying. So sad..
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ Yıl önce
@Proud American i totally agree. I am against most wars started by America but if i hadn't both my legs amputated when i was 19 i would definitely be their for the honorable wars with purpuse.
Eric Sierra-Franco
Eric Sierra-Franco Yıl önce
@Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ WWI wasn't started by the US.
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ
Anders ᛖᛚᛁᚨᛋᛖᚾ Yıl önce
@Eric Sierra-Franco i never said it was. You didn't read his answer which he deleted
James Hannagan
James Hannagan Yıl önce
What a fine piece of work this was I truly wish there was more content like it.
King Lion
King Lion Yıl önce
The narrator and writers deserve a national honor
N. Speezly
N. Speezly 2 aylar önce
Maybe they can get a medal from King Charles Saxe-Coburg-Gotha😂
Iguazu65 8 aylar önce
Superb documentary linking over a 100 years of history. Context is everything to understanding.
Sean Conroy
Sean Conroy Yıl önce
The narrator is absolutely brilliant! Great documentary
July 4, 1776 Dedicated to The Proposition
July 4, 1776 Dedicated to The Proposition 3 aylar önce
Brilliant presentation. As a PhD in Civil and Geotechnical from The University of Texas at Austin, I have worked on dams around the world: Colbun Dam in Chile, several dams outside San Francisco, and the largest, the Mosul dam in Iraq, your presentation is unassailable.
Rational Basis
Rational Basis 2 aylar önce
Trust me, it's quite assailable. But you have to break out of the paradigm of Western capitalist hegemony to do it. Most people find this task impossible or confounding.
Artur Ahmeti
Artur Ahmeti Yıl önce
I knew nothing about the great war, until i moved to Britain. This war has changed this nation more than any other wars since.
Daffid Kane
Daffid Kane 7 aylar önce
I agree that it was consequential and century shaping. The Great War was a slaughterhouse with little military consequences but huge political, social, economic, and geopolitical consequences.
Ye4rZero 11 aylar önce
David Reynolds intense style of explanation draws me in every time
Wade Adams
Wade Adams 7 aylar önce
Makes me wonder what he said.
Just Say No
Just Say No 9 aylar önce
Excellent production, this is an amazing documentary. Thank you to all involved.
JJ Andrews
JJ Andrews 4 aylar önce
To me it is appalling how little our young people know their history. The old adage that if "we fail to learn our history we are doomed to repeat it" is so very true. I am a war veteran, and there is nothing glorious or wonderful about it. It is a failure of people to communicate and come to terms with their differences. There is what President Eisenhower warned us about. "The great military complex". As long as we allow war hawks to sound the great clarion cry of war we will continue to have wars over and over.
Joshua Sill
Joshua Sill 4 gün önce
I am a combat veteran as well. I do believe we should heed what Ike said about the military complex, but I also believe in what Teddy Roosevelt said "speak softly and carry a big stick". He was a war veteran himself and lost 2 sons, one in WWI and one in WWII. Sometimes we can talk till we are blue in the face yet bad men will still do bad things. WWI and WWII, and even Korea, taught the US a lesson to never get caught with our pants down.
Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons Yıl önce
Incredible! I’ve watched it twice. Wow Thanks, sir. My Father was in the Navy, WW2. He would not speak much about it, to us kids.
Mohamed Khota
Mohamed Khota Yıl önce
Jenn Hernandz
Jenn Hernandz Yıl önce
My great grandmother whom I spent a lot of time with as a child was alive and a teenager in 1914 through 1918 they didn’t talk about it because there was just so much loss and sadness from the war from Spanish influenza that they just would rather forgotten it and it was so sad when you would see her cheer up when she would talk about the few things that she did talk about it was such a sad profound time for the whole world
Curly Yıl önce
I’ve watched a ton of WW1 and WW2 documentaries. This is honestly one of the top ones I’ve ever seen. Quite amazing.
Ryan M. A
Ryan M. A Yıl önce
Eh... I'd just rather see MUCH LESS of this narrator & much more of the heroes & historic figures of the era.
phobos_09 Yıl önce
I agree
21bnk Yıl önce
@Ryan M. A uuuuuuuhhhuuuuuuuhuhh h hhhuuùí
Matilda Marmaduke
Matilda Marmaduke Yıl önce
@Ryan M. A there are no hero's in War
leito2 holl
leito2 holl Yıl önce
Love this documentary.😍 This kind of documentary it should wake up the country’s government and the people to understand that in war and violence is there no winners….never.. The pain, the dead’s, the destruction, the misery and the sadness that is left behind; it doesn’t worth it. Is there no price in our world that can pay for that..😢 Often Since last 15 years I dream about war. In my dream’s I see the war aero plains flying, I hear them engine’s , the bombs, the destruction, the people fear and screaming. I feel the fear in myself and others . We all running and hiding in cave’s somewhere in the mountains. That kind of fear is the fear that our precious world will not recover from that, it was the end. We only be alive for matter of uncertainly time. Minutes, hours, days; no one knew. That feeling… my wold is over..that feeling, you only feel once because you know exactly is over. The arrogance and vanity in the world country governments it will bring the humanity to an unnecessary and miserable end .😢😢 Stupidity plays a great role on it.
Plazmalord Soban
Plazmalord Soban Yıl önce
so does learning to write and read properly to express ones ideas
Mrs W
Mrs W Yıl önce
Sarah Coleman
Sarah Coleman Yıl önce
Doree Kaplan
Doree Kaplan Yıl önce
Over three hundred millions of Americans remain utterly complacent and allowing of their own half a TRILLION dollars spent every twelve months for military to involve ourselves in other countries' business. Whether asked to or not. That amount comes to more than the next five countries combined spend on their military for every possible reason we think it necessary. Instead, they use a portion of that to provide healthcare, education, internal structure, all manner of goods and services for everyone in their countries, to benefit the entire country and we have inadequate lower grades education , unreachable higher education , unaffordable housing including ever more homelessness countrywide, ETC with no positive changes in sight for the majority
Big Woody
Big Woody Yıl önce
@Doree Kaplan you're not wrong and both sides of the political Isle have been padding their own pay roles
Dennis Sherman
Dennis Sherman 2 aylar önce
I have amazing photos of my Grandfather and Grandmother In WW1 and my dad during WW2 in North Africa and my Uncle in Arnhem and more. They sacrificed for this Country and would turn on their graves if they see how British people are treated by their government now.
AllyChat Yıl önce
The ANZAC Spirit is far from myth, it brought a young nation together that was at the time less than 20 years old having only federated in 1901. Post WW1, Australians and New Zealanders were the most united they’d ever been in a classless system of democracy that survives till this day.
Johnny Windsor
Johnny Windsor Yıl önce
Yes my friend, am from uk but them guys spilt there guts and we’re as brave as anyone.
Rodney Marsden
Rodney Marsden 11 aylar önce
My grandfather survived the great war but was never able to talk about his experiences to even his sons.
20chocsaday 7 aylar önce
When I first heard of the musical "Oh what a lovely war" I was horrified at the callousness of it. But when I saw the film of it I could understand and at the end when the men went over the top for the last time and fell in the mud there was water in my eyes as they slowly turned into mud and then into red poppies on green grass. Why should he want to talk about it ?
Rodney Marsden
Rodney Marsden 7 aylar önce
@20chocsaday I get the impression he could only have ever talked about it to people who were there and had also survived.
EastEnder 11 aylar önce
This is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen about this topic. Well done!
Linda Deal
Linda Deal 11 aylar önce
This is my favorite time to study and when women were finally recognized as being worthy to work and vote as they were doing so in WW1. These documentaries are so good and worth watching over and over again learning more about the world and the people who were involved with the war effort! Plus a young Winston Churchill was starting to make a name for himself...fascinating background with his mom being an American...and a self starter in her own right through out her life.
chaseth Yıl önce
I grew up, on the knee of WWII survivors. That war seemed inevitable. Seemed just. The more I look at WW2 however, the more I look at the WW1 and what it stood for, why WW2 was inevitable, and what that war (ww1) real outlines in the human conscience. WE NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT, or we are doomed.
Tony Romano
Tony Romano 2 aylar önce
Individual Liberty.
Thank you for your BRILLIANT and thoughtful documentary. It touched on so many aspects heretofore not thoroughly mentioned.
Leggon Arm
Leggon Arm 8 aylar önce
1917, just like those two plays, was a movie that left me speechless and terrified of what the heck I was seeing.
Syd McCreath
Syd McCreath 4 aylar önce
Watch the new “All Quiet on the Western Front” whew… what a movie !!!
Riley Higgins
Riley Higgins Yıl önce
This is the most layered and complex documentary i have ever seen. Bravo
John Dwyer
John Dwyer 5 aylar önce
My old man was in WW2, second wave Normandy for British forces, & it didn't really affect him. He didn't talk that much about it save for some funny stories. I think he had a relatively "easy war" although I know he saw dead Germans as I still have the insignia he cut off one!
*Sweet Lady Jane*
*Sweet Lady Jane* 4 aylar önce
My husband's grandfather speaks about it like it was a downright party going on in Germany. And he was fighting there and then was military police for a few years...but his other grandfather was in the pacific and didn't say anything but that it wasn't fun.
MarktheMole 2 aylar önce
May I disagree? The British Army infantry losses in Normandy were so high they occasionally exceeded those of the Russians on the eastern front. My father survived the Battle of the Orne, in which two of out three of his companies were destroyed in a panzer counterattack after they crossed back over the river. His company survived - only because they dug in and fought them off with anti-tank guns.
Ken Hamms cousin
Ken Hamms cousin Yıl önce
Brilliant, sheer brilliance. Thanks for brilliantly presenting this brilliant piece of brilliance. Only one word could possibly describe this brilliant video: Good.
Linda Deal
Linda Deal 11 aylar önce
Love Time line and everything they favorites are on the first World War!! Everything changes after the first world war...women are able to do some of the jobs held by men and proved their worth in some ways as they had never been tested before other than as wives and mothers and bakers or seamstresses!
Donna Csuti
Donna Csuti Yıl önce
Wonderful documentary but unfortunately makes me worry we are going into another possible wartime because people are unwilling to talk or compromise about any important issues. Scary times.
Siddharth Banerjee
Siddharth Banerjee Yıl önce
Mind blowing documentary.
Gerald Levin
Gerald Levin 2 aylar önce
Epic, comprehensive, stimulation & award winning.
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 2 aylar önce
We do need to let go of the dead. We need to let go of Armistice Day. I am an ex solidier who served in The First Gulf war and Northern Ireland 3 times. I have been out of the Army 20 years now and when I first left, without support, I found myself homeless. My first Armistice day after leaving was in 2004. I manage to clean myself up and attend the service. At the service was a man who was really getting into the service with tears in his eyes. A few months later I saw him and asked him if he wanted to bu a copy of The Big Issue. "F off you scum, you are a scourge on society" was his answer. From then on I consider Armistice Day to be hypocrtical attended by hypocrites.
Cobraguy. 11 aylar önce
A fantastic documentary. So very informative.
Rachel Does Acrylic
Rachel Does Acrylic 11 aylar önce
so much for never again it seems wars never stop do they? just put on the news .it sickens me greatly how anyone can pick up a rifle to kill another human unless in total self defense and one has no choice /
Andreas Plosky
Andreas Plosky Yıl önce
The content of this channel is mind-blowing. Thank you so much.
LittleFluffy Bushbaby
LittleFluffy Bushbaby 4 aylar önce
Thank the BBC
Fairy Hedgehog
Fairy Hedgehog Yıl önce
This was a good distraction from knee pain that was keeping me awake. Thank you! Very informative.
Mark Rowley
Mark Rowley Yıl önce
Try hemp cream, helps my arthritic knee no end.
Marco Penzo
Marco Penzo Yıl önce
@Mark Rowley .h⁶666⁶666655
Speckled Hen
Speckled Hen Yıl önce
Pain is no fun. Heat helps.
Fairy Hedgehog
Fairy Hedgehog Yıl önce
@Speckled Hen I’m very suspicious of heat after burning the back of my knee with a wheat bag. I have lower sensation in my skin so didn’t notice it for a while either.
Issa Omar
Issa Omar Yıl önce
@Kammie-If you can enjoy such a documentary to that level of intensity, then you have strength within you. Do not ignore that strength. You will be fine, my friend.
Jeff Swaney
Jeff Swaney Yıl önce
Amazing documentary!
S P 7 aylar önce
This HAS to be the best explanation of war ,The bits no one speaks about
Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder Yıl önce
Imagine the men whom fought in both those wars , 😳, it must have felt like "War of the Worlds "the second time around .
Jblaze 4201
Jblaze 4201 Yıl önce
Had a neighbor that join the army when he was 12 for world war I he also served world war II the Korean war and Vietnam and retired after that
L R 17 gün önce
“ We are small players in a senseless game for power and domination, the day we stop playing their games we all will be able to live in peace” - Rebl trakker
kerima abu
kerima abu Yıl önce
Thank you so much. For what it is, a great documentary.
Michael Flowers
Michael Flowers 7 aylar önce
Thanks to all involved--that was fantastic!!
Syd McCreath
Syd McCreath 4 aylar önce
Agreed. A superb BBC documentary.
Len Wilkinson
Len Wilkinson 11 aylar önce
Poor old Chamberlain I think he meant well,but events overtook him,he was not a bad man.
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 6 aylar önce
What an insane war.
Gloria Proctor
Gloria Proctor Yıl önce
What a brilliant documentary!
The Duke of Swellington
The Duke of Swellington 5 aylar önce
The best documentary to introduce students to the concept of historiography
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 aylar önce
Me paternal grandpappy served in the 'Great' War, with an Artillery regiment in the US Army. I have photos and written references to him, found in the regimental archives. Somehow, he made the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major in his early twenties, by 1918. Survived without a scratch, because of his position, as he was assigned to Headquarters Co. , relatively safe behind the lines with the big guns. Apparently, the skills he had to rise so fast in the ranks were a) a driver's licence (rarity in 1917); b) fast typist (rarity for a man); fast shorthand stenographer (also rare for a man). Thus, he was able to take orders, type the orders, and deliver the orders, with lighting-fast efficiency! Working with the Colonel, safe behind the lines! That's all I know, I never met him; ironically, he survived WW1 only to die of a heart attack at age 54, and my dad knew very little about his exploits. So that's MY remembrance!
Paul Durkee
Paul Durkee 6 aylar önce
That's what strikes home, the sheer numbers of men forever missing, for as well as the well known monuments at the Menin Gate and Thiepval, there is the memorial wall at Tyne Cot, and the lesser known Ploegsteert Memorial, the Arras Memorial and the memorial at La Ferte Sous Jouarre.
Sugar Kane
Sugar Kane 3 aylar önce
Yes with the exception of the last one. I have visited all the others. The scale of the missing is unbelievable. The Menin gate at 8 each evening is so very poignant.
Laurie Hughes
Laurie Hughes 11 aylar önce
For the sake of a better future for Our Children, intelligent education freely available to ALL & the improved well-being of Humanity / LIFE in Mother Earth; I am deeply grateful to David Reynolds + Timeline for undertaking this very important work of endeavoring to truly understand & to LEARN from History. We must realize that we are more like Our forebears than many of Us care to admit. Unless We are willing to gain Insight into the Tragedies of Our Collective History, We are all too likely to commit even more grievous Errors in Our own Time. We NEED to open Our Hearts + Minds, with sober humility, in search of the Truth become Wise enough to carefully Cultivate Our shared Reality as a healthy environment for LIFE 🌱 ❤ 🌲🌻🐬 🏞☀🌈
LittleFluffy Bushbaby
LittleFluffy Bushbaby 4 aylar önce
David Reynolds is a Cambridge professor. This is based on his 2013 book and was produced by ClearStory and premiered on BBC2. Timeline put it on youtube but they had nothing to do with it's production. Timeline and History Hit are responsible for youtube publishing, which is fine, but they are not the creators. I'm not sure most viewers realize that. Credit where it is due.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 2 aylar önce
Thank you for clarifying that ! You're right.
Jon Mop jovi
Jon Mop jovi Yıl önce
A shame people are forgetting the horrors and consequences of war today....
Kurt L Hanson
Kurt L Hanson Yıl önce
Encapsulated the more relevant historical moments of a time period with this video production. #aHatTip
Black Falcon
Black Falcon 11 aylar önce
I love timeline documentaries. I learn so much.
Dale Slover
Dale Slover 11 aylar önce
Their second to none. I only wish that I could get the importance of what the narrator was leading up too. It would save me from going back to catch ... What did he just say! 😳🤣
LittleFluffy Bushbaby
LittleFluffy Bushbaby 4 aylar önce
This was made by the BBC
Jenn Hernandz
Jenn Hernandz Yıl önce
We remember the brave men that fought tyranny and oppression and fascism we remember the good men who gave everything to defeat The enemy and he would’ve loved to have come home but instead had to die on the battlefield of Europe
John Adams
John Adams 4 aylar önce
This Timeline series is the best explanation of the wars in Europe during the 20th century They are still fighting over the same continent and have not found a way to live together in Peace. .
captain cat
captain cat 16 gün önce
My grandfather fought at the Somme, Thiepval, Passchendaele and Gallipoli with the Lancashire Fusiliers. He couldn't stand the noise of fireworks and would go into the cellar (basement) whenever they were being let off.
Joshua Sill
Joshua Sill 4 gün önce
I'm a combat veteran of Iraq and I do the same thing.
captain cat
captain cat 4 gün önce
@Joshua Sill Respect to you for serving in what I imagine were extremely difficult circumstances. Fighting against insurgents embedded within a civilian population must be a f^^king nightmare man. Thank you for doing what you did anyway, putting your life on the line to make the world a better place is admirable and no words can describe the gratitude you deserve for it.
heinz altenweg
heinz altenweg 7 aylar önce
Brilliant analysis - great, huge thanks
Henry Jia
Henry Jia 11 aylar önce
Very good historical document with British rational objective, calm and Oxford English.
Jose Siliezar
Jose Siliezar Yıl önce
"Want to watch a documentary?" "I'm not sure" "David Reynolds is in it" "Yes! I'm in!"
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Huw Zebediah Thomas Yıl önce
That was truly excellent. Thanks.
GritLup 9 aylar önce
Absolutely love the timeline series!
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 2 aylar önce
I do to, but publishing is not creating. The creators deserve the credit for it's content. In this case, this Timeline docu-video is based on Prof Reynold's 2013 book and was produced by ClearStory and premiered on BBC2, as noted by another commenter on this thread.
Peter Gonet
Peter Gonet 3 aylar önce
I'm 64 yrs.old. My German grandfather fought for Germany in WW1. When WW2 came he had to fight for Germany again at the Russian front. My father fought with the British army stationed in Burma in WW2. So I have ties to both world wars.
chatmall 17 gün önce
I can relate to that and for you. My father,my uncle and grampa canadian vets whent to 1st and 2 nd ww And never talk about it. Today and for the past few years i have been thinking they should have gpne tp some kind of therapie ( so tabou and miss information during those years.😢 ❤❤❤ imagin
Swirl Jet
Swirl Jet 9 gün önce
My dad was in North Africa and mum was in the ATS. My first girlfriends dad was at Remegan. I wish id been more interested when i was a teen. They've all gone now, i'm a bit ashamed of myself. God bless them all. 😢
Steve Carte
Steve Carte Yıl önce
Very well written
Neil Anthony
Neil Anthony Yıl önce
An exercise in utter brilliance .👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
james muldowney
james muldowney Yıl önce
What a brilliant documentary!!!!!
Olivia Salazar
Olivia Salazar Yıl önce
pplplpp lo l
Olivia Salazar
Olivia Salazar Yıl önce
ññ ñ
Olivia Salazar
Olivia Salazar Yıl önce
Aubrey Moschberger
Aubrey Moschberger 8 aylar önce
It wasn't Sinn Fein during the Rising :x It was the Irish Volunteers, Irish Citizen Army, and Irish Republican Brotherhood. Sinn Fein was formed from these groups *after* the Rising *and* was a political party/organization.
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard Yıl önce
Just like the current war in the Ukraine, WW1 was probably the easiest war to avoid ever.
Baahcuse Gamer
Baahcuse Gamer Yıl önce
Yeah, all Putin had to do was stay put.
Die Gestive
Die Gestive Yıl önce
@Baahcuse Gamer everyone seems to have forgotten how many people Ukraine have killed in their own countries genocide ..
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard Yıl önce
@Baahcuse Gamer Bismarck's "something silly in the Balkans" has morphed into "something silly in the Ukraine". Of course, Bismarck's quote is in reference to the age-old "contested sphere of influence", and big power ambitions. At the time it was the Balkans. Today it is the Black Sea/Ukraine, or simply "shifted east Balkans"-Bismarkian logic. Of course the Ottoman Empire was not Europe's *only* "sick man" at the time. The Ottoman Empire was weak, and therefore a favorite on "the European good guys" with their "shopping lists"-mentality. Of course, the "always on the right side of history"-good guys have one main goal: "carving up" weakness. That goal is eternal, always searching for weakness. Of course in the late 19th-century, the Ottomans weren't the only failing empire, desperately trying to hold together their own past accomplishments (previously gained by a mixture of blood and diplomacy). There were two others. Of course Spain was the first weak empire on the American Internationalist's own "no more Monroe Doctrine restrictions"-shopping list of suitable weak empires. The American Century needed divided "weany libruls" to succeed in their quest. Easily explained *empire 101...* Europe's other "sick man" was Austria-Hungary, and Berlin adamantly refused to throw her to the wolves. *Bad bad Berlin* ...the "good guys" had an appetite and came with a vengeance. Dissed girlfriend Russia of course intented to encircle Austria-Hungary, using the "poor people"-argument (aka "Pan Slavism"). And in the respect of "losing favored status" in the good guys' with their eternal games of divide and rule (favoratism): *Russia today.* Not such fun getting encroached upon, as Russia once did to "sick man" Austria-Hungary, and having own security issues ignored by the eternal good guys, right? Not so great having historical spheres of influence carved up by "ICEBREAKER NATO" paving the way to new profitable EU/PNAC markets, eh? Shouting "poor me" in "the game" of default good guys/default bad guys, when own interests to dominate and rule over others, using human lives as "tools" not working out anymore? Why don't your leaders roll out the old "protector of all slavs"-trope again, hmmmm? Suddenly "Russian power" as a "tool" don't suite the "good guys" anymore, and the own Moscow interests *("security issues": remember that term for a while)* get thrown out the back door. Not so much fun anymore when you are "in the shoes" of others, right? What happened to those eternal dreams of access to the Med for your navy and the own projection of power (Mahan)? Today Russia doesn't even fully control the Black Sea anymore, and St Petersburg/Moscow geostategic goals/aims have been thrown back over the last 30 years, step by step, back 200 years to the 18th century when it all started. Not such fun if one isn't on the "default good guy list" anymore... Today, Moscow's dream of "top down influence in Turkey" (Erdogan/Turkish state access to the Med, janking Turkey out of NATO) is being countered by *western economical warfare* on the Turkish state. Watch on while the next bloody "bottom up" orange revolution is being set up by "the good guys" with the cash, creating the next "poor people"-argument for the primed/conditioned masses back home in front of their TVs...impervious in regards to "what happened". They just want the feelgood story, so too bad... *Back to "good ol' days" when Imperialist Russia was still "best fwiends":* Of course during the "good ol' days" of "friendly entente Russia", St. Petersburg/Russia could appease Belgrade in their quest of destabilising their neighboring state (Austria-Hungary) in their violent nationalist quest for Nacertanije and carving up Austria-Hungary. St Petersburg could try to misuse known Serb ambitions for Greater Serbia (openly known since 1906) for the own goal of destabilising the Balkans for own geopolitical goals (access to the Med via the Dardanelles), as the "entente good guys" turned a blind eye. Being a "good guy" herself, Russia could set out to misuse Serbs as a "human wall" in lieu of overly obvious direct state influence, to stop a potential alliance between Berlin and the Ottoman Empire becoming viable. The "usefull tool" aka "Entente partner" St Petersburg had the tacid permission and could appease Belgrade and convert the previous Austrian-Hungarian sphere of influence (Serbia) into a "tool" to create a *security issue* for Austria-Hungary (potential two-front war danger for Vienna/Budapest). *Note how the "good guys" create "poor people"-arguments directed at Moscow today, the same way that the predecessor St. Petersburg created "poor people"-arguments against the object of their desire...Austria-Hungary.* The "regular run" of history is of course that "poor slavs" trapped in an Imperialist Russia (conquered, brutalized and oppressed) is perfectly OK, but Serbs trapped in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire just screams for a "historical adjustment". Go figure... Anyway. What happened to these "party times" when the good guys told you you could do no harm? *Doesn't everybody just love becoming encroached upon and encircled?* Let's ask Russians today how they feel about "encroachment/encirclement". Not so nice, eh? (Google "hypocrisy") *The same "security issues" St Petersburg once created for Austria-Hungary, suddenly don't sound so "cool" anymore, when the shoe is on the other foot.* Biblical history (and 2,000-year old observations re. human nature), unfolding again, right in front of our eyes.
Slappy Gün önce
It takes a real talent to spend so much truth into so many lies, but this channel does it quite well.
paulos asfaw
paulos asfaw Yıl önce
what a documantary it gaves me more than i colud imagine!!!
Violetta Àgnes Szász
Violetta Àgnes Szász Yıl önce
My father was 19 years old in 1914...he was soldier in the two great war...The war isnt great...
Samurai Hardware
Samurai Hardware Yıl önce
Great as in monumental, not great like a loving family.
Antonio maruge
Antonio maruge Yıl önce
Superb documentary
nippelzwirbler 2 aylar önce
Good to see different perspectives to cruel times. In my opinion, Russia and the US will never disconnect themselves from European War.
Luke Cassidy
Luke Cassidy Yıl önce
My prayer is that we never forget this history so that we for no reason at any time repeat it’s horror.
Finty And Maud
Finty And Maud Yıl önce
‘We’ have no choice. History will repeat itself whether ‘we’ learn from it or not. That is the way the world and Governments work. War after war after war.
This Old Boat
This Old Boat 9 aylar önce
We won't, Russia will though.
Homework 7 aylar önce
This evokes Adam Curtis and the power of nightmares. Excellent videos on this channel.
Syd McCreath
Syd McCreath 4 aylar önce
My thought too. Curtis’s work is fantastic.
Robert Dore
Robert Dore 7 aylar önce
A beautifully presented (skewed) documentary, now that the truth has begun to surface we can now learn to question everyone's role in ALL wars. A good would be to follow the money.
Philippe Defechereux
Philippe Defechereux 19 gün önce
Extraordinarily enlightening!
Real Estate Bible
Real Estate Bible Yıl önce
We need to do more This just happened 3-16-2022 According to the deputy mayor of Mariupol, Russia has bombed the building of the performing arts theater where people took refuge. He estimated that between 1,000 and 1,200 people had been present. Ukrainian officials also confirmed that 10 Ukrainian citizens, who were queuing for bread in the town of Chernihiv, had been killed by Russian forces. It is not yet clear how the men were killed, but local reporters told the BBC that artillery fire from outside the city was the cause of the deaths.
Dream Diction
Dream Diction Yıl önce
Russia needs to do more.
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