Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish

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Wilderness TV

Wilderness TV

3 yıl önce

Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish. In my place have a lots of puppies abandoned every where, so i decide to collect and rescue dogs 4 and make a small conformable mud house with water fall fill mini swimming pool and playground yard in front of house for these poor puppies. This video i build the fish pond around mud dog house and raising some red fish with water wheel. I hope you all enjoy with this video, thank you please subscribe and ring icon to get more new videos update.
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@kiermier6 3 yıl önce
he finishes an elaborate puppy house in a day and I can’t even get my homework done in a week
@AstroB0t4 2 saatler önce
You Guys Are So Kind For Rescuing These Adorable Puppies!
@peachyandbailey4963 4 saatler önce
You are one of the most carefull ppl I have ever seen your so sweet for doing this for these sweet babies! We need more of u in the world! ❤❤ and yes I liked my own comment bc nobody else does 😂💀
@azucenavaleriorobles7979 7 saatler önce
❤❤❤❤😍😍😍🥰amor ❤😊
@cxleo_fn3695 4 saatler önce
It’s very kind of you to do this ❤😊😢
Let's hear it for this man, because I love it so much when he helps puppies build houses, especially in the wild. Please give us a round of applause!
@user-xz1lc4ov7x Yıl önce
Как мило 🥹
@gabriellagomes3090 Gün önce
❤😊você é muito especial ❤
@user-zv7tg4lt2x 9 saatler önce
Какая любовь к живлтным!
I hope you will take care of them and keep them safe and make sure they will have a good life 😊
@roannerichardson7356 21 gün önce
Wow!! Super smart, creative, kind, handsome, caring, and patient young man!!!! I'm a Realtor and I could sell this all day! Thank you so much. Donations for food, vet shots.... The film is great, too. Happy, curious puppies!
he is a kind hearted man for the dogs they will be adults now 😊
@tsuyuh 3 yıl önce
I’m scared of what might happen to the house when it rains
Me getting reunited with these videos after 5 years 😊😊
Una obra de arte
@user-fk3tf6ul9z 2 saatler önce
@esther4881 Yıl önce
Espectacular siga asi es una persona maravillosa gracias
@ranajitmajumder8111 Gün önce
Amazing 😍🎉
@idkwhattonamemyself3908 3 yıl önce
He can probably survive a zombie apocalypse since he could build a really protective place
Those puppies are adorable I wish I could help out animals like that
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