Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish

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Wilderness TV

2 yıl önce

Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish. In my place have a lots of puppies abandoned every where, so i decide to collect and rescue dogs 4 and make a small conformable mud house with water fall fill mini swimming pool and playground yard in front of house for these poor puppies. This video i build the fish pond around mud dog house and raising some red fish with water wheel. I hope you all enjoy with this video, thank you please subscribe and ring icon to get more new videos update.
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Plague 2 yıl önce
Those puppies are so precious, I hope you take good care of them sir. 😭
Sekar T
Sekar T 2 yıl önce
Gareth Francis இந்த
Sekar T
Sekar T 2 yıl önce
Conjure The Music
Juan Manuel Casquet
Juan Manuel Casquet 2 yıl önce
laval Kumari
laval Kumari 2 yıl önce
Gareth Francis do rc
lord saladin
lord saladin 2 yıl önce
In 2 or 3 years he will train them to be hunting beasts who will be in his pack and they will hunt every day for there food
Helena Chevarria
Helena Chevarria 2 gün önce
🤩 lindo
Mia Angeles Miranda
Mia Angeles Miranda 11 saatler önce
🎨СТУДИЯ_Самоделок🎨 Gün önce
You are great guys who helped the puppies !!!!! Respect !!!!
Bhima Chuku
Bhima Chuku Gün önce
Man with a kind heart n creativity undefinable 💐
Khushi Gandhi
Khushi Gandhi 2 gün önce
It is literally so amazing to use your creativity to help those tiny babies❤️🤍
Lalaluna Moon
Lalaluna Moon 2 yıl önce
When Puppies Have a Better House Than You 😂😭
วิเชียร เชือกโคกกรวด
วิเชียร เชือกโคกกรวด 18 saatler önce
Very funny😆😆
Sports Centre
Sports Centre 7 aylar önce
. life is short thing. Mother and father is every thing 😭😭 every one one subcribe for mother and father 😭😭
Cutie pumpkin simple
Cutie pumpkin simple 2 gün önce
They’re so cute I can’t resist how do you make that you’re smart the dogs are really cute!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jen Wiznuk
Jen Wiznuk 22 saatler önce
Technical Fawad
Technical Fawad 4 gün önce
wow what a beautiful ❤️ scenery 🥰😍😍😍 awesome 😍 big like from my side for this beautifull video 👍❤❤❤❤
Sally Mcintosh
Sally Mcintosh 2 gün önce
Sally Mcintosh
Sally Mcintosh 2 gün önce
Wonderful man to take time to c if they be comfortable 💯
Madeleine Edward
Madeleine Edward 10 saatler önce
You are awonderful person and your heart is merciful because you saved and took pity on these puppies . Your work and ideas are amazing .
Emmy ‘-‘
Emmy ‘-‘ Gün önce
The dogs are soooo cute!! 😍
MOON Fox 2 yıl önce
Owwww, mas que COISA MAIX LINDA❤❤❤
grand bags
grand bags 6 gün önce
@Leticia Martins 😂😂😂😂
Leticia Martins
Leticia Martins 2 yıl önce
🎨СТУДИЯ_Самоделок🎨 Gün önce
When I saw the mini pond for puppies, I will now subscribe to such a cool channel !!!! And by the way, where were the puppies while the guy was building it all?
Full Monty
Full Monty 24 gün önce
Amazing! It was a pleasure watching such compassionate creativity.
就醬子 7 gün önce
哈哈哈哈!!!這個好可愛唷!!!好像狗狗版的哈比人之家啊!!!💞💯 2022年05月20日星期五03:05分!!! Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish 觀看次數:842,018,292次2019年8月20日 讚579萬 Wilderness TV 628萬 位訂閱者112,687 則留言 統計資料 加入日期:2017年9月23日 觀看次數:1,555,556,052次
Esther 2 gün önce
Espectacular siga asi es una persona maravillosa gracias
Aylin Flores
Aylin Flores 2 yıl önce
Is everyone going to ignore the fact that he did this so nicely!
@Isiaka Kamal de no es con DC il jpx
sujay mondal
sujay mondal 5 aylar önce
Hello how are you
sujay mondal
sujay mondal 5 aylar önce
Hello hi how are you
sujay mondal
sujay mondal 5 aylar önce
Hello hi how are you
sujay mondal
sujay mondal 5 aylar önce
Hello hi how are you
roxy the little labrador puppy
roxy the little labrador puppy 9 gün önce
Thank you for saving them
souhir maalej
souhir maalej 9 gün önce
C'est magnifique bravo
jack 20 saatler önce
U r a nice person I like people that take care of animals thanks for taking care of them
Gale De la Torre
Gale De la Torre 6 gün önce
Love this!
Fun Cartoon Music
Fun Cartoon Music 2 yıl önce
Wow..amazing build and what an imagination..👌👌👍👍👏👏
Manoj Bhoi
Manoj Bhoi 5 gün önce
@Nasir Sheikh jcb
Nasir Sheikh
Nasir Sheikh 2 yıl önce
plase made cat house
Dorothy 6 gün önce
Awwwwww! Lucky puppies!!! Best rescue ever. That man has a heart of gold. Someone's a very lucky lady !!!
Dorothy 6 gün önce
@Mohan Are On in? Huh?
Mohan Are
Mohan Are 6 gün önce
On in
zeeva g
zeeva g 15 gün önce
looks soooooooo beautiful!!!!
Carmen Lopez
Carmen Lopez 3 gün önce
This guy has a beautiful heart for building a dog house he's hand's are amazing building things 🙏 🙏
Jane Yockey
Jane Yockey 5 gün önce
What a clever young man. A natural mechanical engineer. So creative. Wow!
ßunnies_ Angel
ßunnies_ Angel Yıl önce
Who would abandon such cute puppies
Jannell Perez
Jannell Perez Yıl önce
ya that's what I'm saying
zareena hamza
zareena hamza 8 gün önce
Waaao no words to explain the happiness after seeing this. Ur sooo creative.
The Only Nylah Rose
The Only Nylah Rose 14 gün önce
The puppies are so cute
Speak Truth
Speak Truth 2 gün önce
🙏What A Beautiful Imagination & Love .🙏
Luis Francisco b.s
Luis Francisco b.s 4 gün önce
cachorros Felices impresionante mis respetos..
Tulu Madlipz
Tulu Madlipz 2 yıl önce
I want this person to build this in my home for million money
iii_kxffeee 2 yıl önce
Aim Perfect same
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang 2 yıl önce
If your not you'll give all your money to this guy you'll be homeless
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang 2 yıl önce
Are you that rich or no
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang
Ana Marie Cortez-Madarang 2 yıl önce
You mean millions of money
Jantosh  YT Shorts
Jantosh YT Shorts 2 yıl önce
You are right or wrong.😛😛😛😛
Yudith yobana Chávez perales
Yudith yobana Chávez perales Aylar önce
놀랍습니다, 모든 것이 아주 잘 만들어졌습니다.
Dafne 21 saatler önce
This boy is a future engineer
Redheadiepic YT
Redheadiepic YT 19 gün önce
this is so cute that the guy is saving puppies ;-;
niña britania
niña britania 2 gün önce
Wala like 🤣🤣🤣hahaha
daytona栗本 13 gün önce
pppinkprint 2 yıl önce
I just like to think there’s a mini dog village in the jungle
कनु धुळा कटेरीया
कनु धुळा कटेरीया 18 saatler önce
@hila Queen ...
nour kimo
nour kimo 2 yıl önce
@Yesenia Quintanilla caseres ج
R Ponnumani
R Ponnumani 2 yıl önce
hila Queen
hila Queen 2 yıl önce
@Kien Nguyên מה?
Мария Егорова
Мария Егорова 20 gün önce
Как мило 🥹
Pinkha A
Pinkha A 10 gün önce
Wow that's amazing 🤩❤️❤️🙏🙏.
som bhutani
som bhutani 11 gün önce
What a commendable is this video. Great craft and beautiful idea, this wonderful man applied ❤ 💙.
Gabriela Muñoz
Gabriela Muñoz 4 gün önce
Me gustó😃
Kaonashi Yakuza
Kaonashi Yakuza 2 yıl önce
I like that there's no background music or such, Just the sound of nature.
Amanulla Bhangi
Amanulla Bhangi Aylar önce
@Biswajit Muduli ik
Amanulla Bhangi
Amanulla Bhangi Aylar önce
@Biswajit Muduli ik
Ranjit Kurmi
Ranjit Kurmi 4 aylar önce
@Biswajit Muduli yrsshodb
Biman Santra
Biman Santra 4 aylar önce
Q Oreo
Jealy De graaf
Jealy De graaf 13 saatler önce
when puppies Have a Better House Than You 😭 😁
Obedient K9 Academy LLC
Obedient K9 Academy LLC 9 gün önce
WOW. Amazing!
Caitlyn Claudia
Caitlyn Claudia 12 gün önce
I respect you for saving these puppies and make them a Lil house like that's so kind of you
niña britania
niña britania 2 gün önce
niña britania
niña britania 2 gün önce
Wala look🤣🤣🤣
✨Amani✨ 11 gün önce
He put the puppies there-
Sonia Frick
Sonia Frick Gün önce
It's beautiful.
Aman Balooni
Aman Balooni 2 yıl önce
whenever the apocalypse hits, I want this guy to be in my team.
Felicita Dominguez
Felicita Dominguez 2 aylar önce
Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder Kaur 9 gün önce
Wow very nice 👌 so beautiful 😍 ❤n cute dogs 🐕 😍
Oz Seda
Oz Seda 4 gün önce
LOVED THIS VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
laura valencia
laura valencia 23 gün önce
A esto sé le llama creatividad, cuando se trata de ayudar, a cachorros 🙏🙏🙏🙏 sin importar lo que sé tenga e incluso nada. Bien Muchas felicidades Saludos para tí
Jose Diego Jimenez Orozco
Jose Diego Jimenez Orozco 16 gün önce
Noelia Garrido
Noelia Garrido Gün önce
Que ermoso😲
Rebel Riders
Rebel Riders 2 yıl önce
This guy is so good it doesn’t seem legit
feras Aylar önce
@Duong Nguyễn Bình ش
Duong Nguyễn Bình
Duong Nguyễn Bình 3 aylar önce
Kudx p
Aerial Productions Charlotte
Aerial Productions Charlotte 2 yıl önce
@johnmann either way still good entertainment
Thoi Meitei
Thoi Meitei 3 gün önce
Aww so cute 🥰 I love puppies
Mahmood Ayub
Mahmood Ayub 2 gün önce
Thats call talent😘
Itz Jxssie
Itz Jxssie 6 gün önce
Puppys are so cute and we watched this at school by the why your building is very good
Дараева Оксана
Дараева Оксана 5 gün önce
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 2 yıl önce
I love the way he sees two homeless puppy's and doesn't say anything.
Hriday mandal
Hriday mandal 2 aylar önce
@Kaitlyn Burton klplppppppppp
Muhammad Akbar
Muhammad Akbar 2 aylar önce
@Marc-Etienne Mercier .....
Kaitlyn Burton
Kaitlyn Burton Yıl önce
@khaber mourad ??
Kaitlyn Burton
Kaitlyn Burton Yıl önce
khaber mourad
khaber mourad Yıl önce
@Kaitlyn Burton أمن
Thampan P
Thampan P 12 gün önce
Bruh can I adopt these puppies 🐶 😍 😭
Wulle Wuh
Wulle Wuh 10 gün önce
Omg so cute🥰❤😊👍
Benny Law
Benny Law 11 gün önce
You saved the earth a lot, you didn’t use electricity!
Naga Rajan
Naga Rajan 10 gün önce
Gino Izquierdo
Gino Izquierdo Aylar önce
admiro como ases esto bro eres un genio
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