I Used VR to Terrorize Gods and NPCS - Oculus Rift S and Asgard's Wrath

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Let's Game It Out

Let's Game It Out

2 yıl önce

This video is sponsored by Oculus. Get the Oculus Rift S here: ocul.us/2Dadbs6

Thanks again to Oculus for the support! I had a blast trying out VR for the first time. Impressed by Asgard's Wrath and looking forward to seeing where VR goes next. If you watched to the end of the video, yes, I really did lay down for a while with my severed heads.

I Used VR to Terrorize Gods and NPCS - Oculus Rift S and Asgard's Wrath - Let's Game It Out

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Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 2 yıl önce
VR opens up a whole other world of messing with games and destroying NPC dreams. Thanks again to Oculus for supporting me! Learn more about the Oculus Rift S here: ocul.us/2Dadbs6
Abdollah Ebrahimi
Abdollah Ebrahimi 3 aylar önce
you didn't say linkie !!!!
Sylvia Rusty FæThey
Sylvia Rusty FæThey 5 aylar önce
Im shockrd you didnt try walkin off the edge of your patio and findin out whether you cud fall or not.
Katsuki-Bakugo 7 aylar önce
Be should play vrchat
jrb363 9 aylar önce
Oculus knew about Windows 11!!!!
AOK MINISTRIES 10 aylar önce
Yeah dude your oddly good at breaking the physics within games, lmfao!
Eric Jacobus
Eric Jacobus 2 yıl önce
I motion captured some guys in the tavern scene, and for the guy getting thrown around by the squid I just pushed a mocap actor around in an office chair and then carried him under my arm. I thought I'd have to buy the game to see what we did, but this was way better. Love this channel. - Kratos's stuntman
Allecio Wing
Allecio Wing 5 aylar önce
Actual one of the most incredible guys alive right here.
Only One
Only One Yıl önce
Pugcandy201 Yıl önce
1k likes 3 replies nice
Axolotl Yıl önce
Lmao id love to see that.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 2 yıl önce
This is impressive
Perolita Yıl önce
As a game designer I want you as my tester but at the same time I'm terrified of the idea
Ositostuff 3 gün önce
Do it
Mc_queen 14 gün önce
YESSS WE DESPERATELY NEED CONTENT, so ask him if you can,im SURE it's going to turn out fineeeeeee
Red Auerbach
Red Auerbach 18 gün önce
Grow a pair
Let’s do it
Let’s do it Aylar önce
Uncovered Ketchups
Uncovered Ketchups Yıl önce
I feel like, Josh is like the guy everyone thinks that he's messy, but he's actually a very clean guy.
ChaosLierLen Yıl önce
Yes! He's thorough at making a mess of games, which proves he's thorough rather than proving he's slovenly!
Youzho Yıl önce
Yeah he's crazy good at math and can do repetitive tasks for hours for the sake of a TRshow video.
Oliver Kwok
Oliver Kwok Yıl önce
electrontube Yıl önce
pretty sure Josh is simply an escaped DARPA project. a discarded sarcastic and seriously lazy super computer that connected to the internet and decided to heap scorn on cheap games. forever.
kidsOfthefuture 2813
kidsOfthefuture 2813 Yıl önce
Yes also ur pfp is just wow
Seven Aries
Seven Aries Yıl önce
The most terrified Josh has ever been: "Oh no. Oh no. There's physics and I saw it"
The Austronaut
The Austronaut Yıl önce
You can hear the last ounce of restraint leaving his body
cloudy Yıl önce
honestly, I can imagine Josh's house just filled with random foam heads, dress forms, and anatomy models, and his significant other just being like "Josh get these out already"
Jamie Aylar önce
@John Doe oh, sorry but you're welcome? Lol
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
@Jamie I was joking but that's something I didn't know, thanks
Jamie Aylar önce
@John Doe he said on a stream that it was just a joke on a video and it went on like that
Cr00kshanks O.G
Cr00kshanks O.G 7 aylar önce
His significant other is loopholes and bug glitches I'm sure
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul 10 aylar önce
The most impressing thing is how fast Josh learned how VR swordfighting works.
RedJive 11 aylar önce
I respect your ability to make even a tutorial chaotic
Mary Ohagan
Mary Ohagan Yıl önce
just want to say that I really enjoy all your videos. Your narration is engaging and funny, the games you choose to play are always unique and relatively unknown, and your editing has only improved with time. I miss Anthony, but hope he's doing well, and I sincerely hope this channel soon gets the attention I feel it deserves.
Mayuresh Konda
Mayuresh Konda 9 aylar önce
"Oh no. There’s physics and I just saw it" This guy is both a boon and a curse to game devs. Hilarious!!!
A A 2 yıl önce
Real life footage instead of just in game? My reality is shattered
@Raylee Face why is it profile pic a
Gage Shirar
Gage Shirar 2 yıl önce
I feel Josh and Graystillplays would be great freinds
TheAp397 2 yıl önce
yah u have been a poltergist alest twice
Bowl of Pasta
Bowl of Pasta 2 yıl önce
@Let's Game It Out a hand and floor reveal? I can't believe it!
hamallama 2 yıl önce
@The Thing at the End of the Book wait what FRISCO?! Texas?
Quadeemon Yıl önce
OMG I just found out about you last week and im now binge watching all of your videos your monotone voice and ability to break anything you touch is amazing lol (btw you should play untitled goose game)
Sintypitch 10 aylar önce
fyi he played it
BeardeDragon77 Yıl önce
God damn that's THE funniest episode of Josh's , hands down (wink wink) , that ive seen. Love it!
Noble Shirley
Noble Shirley 11 aylar önce
This guy is definitely a career game tester, the sheer amount of workarounds and abuse game mechanics cannot be interpreted any other way
Jiang Zheng Ng
Jiang Zheng Ng Yıl önce
I love how josh always find a way to break the game
fr4me01 Yıl önce
After watching you for at least a year and enjoying EVERY SINGLE video you make... Watching you turn the VR tutorial area into a mini episode I can safely say that watching you do these things in VR is 100x better.
Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher Yıl önce
I was having a bad day, and then I saw this. Thanks Josh! You bring a laugh to this cruel world.
mrbellek Yıl önce
Josh I can't believe it took you literally less than a minute to exploit bugs in the tutorial and have me laugh out loud. Much quicker than I expected!
samuel paulson
samuel paulson Yıl önce
Josh makes me laugh so hard that existence hurts. God I love this man, I've seen this video five times and nothing he does will ever get old. Stay weird, you beautiful legend
🐝 Bee 🐝
🐝 Bee 🐝 2 yıl önce
“Oh no. Oh no. There’s physics and I just saw it.” Poetry.
ChaosLierLen Yıl önce
The more of his work you've seen before, the better that line is. Not gonna lie. Climaxed.
electrontube Yıl önce
"this is what they meant by Asgard's wrath, right?" *continuously throws apples*
Cool King
Cool King Yıl önce
"You can move the hero with physics" Devs: Please stop our game is already bugged.
Zack White
Zack White Yıl önce
This may be THE BEST VR let’s play I’ve EVER seen. Pls do more 😥
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 9 aylar önce
Lol I like how everything he tries actually works.
Colton Bird
Colton Bird 10 aylar önce
I swear this man has a degree in how to break games. 😂
Taran Van Hemert
Taran Van Hemert 2 yıl önce
Love these. Don't stop making videos. At least until you're 65. Also TRshow has no retirement plan.
Bella Uldedaj
Bella Uldedaj 2 aylar önce
Javier Luna
Javier Luna 5 aylar önce
@Garrison ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Allecio Wing
Allecio Wing 5 aylar önce
Loved your premiere tutorial!
Osama bin Laden
Osama bin Laden 8 aylar önce
@Mr Leok nah he meant 69420
Bailey S
Bailey S 9 aylar önce
@Velarswood that’s better than my current job will do. They’ll just call me anyways and ask if I’m coming to work in the morning.
Fetz Illa
Fetz Illa Yıl önce
I think Josh might be the closest thing I have to a friend.
Jerepasaurus Yıl önce
Josh: "This was not the voice I was expecting." Me: "I WASN'T EXPECTING MATTHEW MERCER EITHER, BUT HERE WE ARE."
Redsandjunkie 10 aylar önce
"And maybe take an antihistamine because that's a lot of pollen in the air" I felt that
Nytephyre Yıl önce
"Oh no, there's physics and I saw it". I only just found your channel, but your commentary is very funny. Thanks for the laugh sir.
Iris Candy
Iris Candy 2 yıl önce
How do you manage to break every single game....
R-P Hammink
R-P Hammink Yıl önce
Playing for 120 hours long
bruh breh
bruh breh Yıl önce
by being himself.
Henry Works
Henry Works Yıl önce
The man has his ways.
Solitude Yıl önce
Wow we can actually see Josh’s hands...all we need is to see his face
Beans On Butter
Beans On Butter Yıl önce
Somehow Josh managed to play even the tutorial wrong, and it just has some simple steps
ZalthorAndNoggin Yıl önce
I just love your goofy video game screw-ups. Definite class. Have wondered myself about VR. Your honest appraisal has helped my possible purchase considerably. Thanks Josh.
Ereh Yeager
Ereh Yeager Yıl önce
This guys is so hilarious 😂 i can't stop laughing in the video 😂
JoshPK Yıl önce
OMG this was the most hillarious video I've ever watched! my lungs hurt from laughing halfway through
laterbye guy
laterbye guy 2 yıl önce
Josh has ascended to the true deity of chaos like I knew he would
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you Aylar önce
Jesus Christ died for your ssins pleaserepent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
laterbye guy
laterbye guy 2 yıl önce
@Para0234 agreed
Para0234 2 yıl önce
Nah. He just changed into his true form.
ZernZac Yıl önce
Josh: Is there a limit to how many? Game: Oh God....
Mrnexxou Yıl önce
Requirement "windows 10 or greater" Josh - "oculus what do you know ?" Microsoft 2021 - *go for Windows 11*
Teh Weh
Teh Weh Yıl önce
I've been working with VR in a university lab for over two years now and wow... I never imagined you could break the basic Oculus games this badly. :D
Emerald Emperor
Emerald Emperor Yıl önce
Gotta love how your virtual self PUT ON AN OCULUS to play a game, meaning the majority of this video takes place two layers deep, in a game within a game.
Retar Joe
Retar Joe 2 yıl önce
When first getting here, you were at a couple thousands subscribers. Now you're at half a million and getting sponsored by the big boys. I'm proud of you.
rocc 3 aylar önce
4.09 mil
علی رحمتی
علی رحمتی 5 aylar önce
@I have no jams he is even more of a bigger boy now
『 乙🝗尺ㄖ._. 』
『 乙🝗尺ㄖ._. 』 6 aylar önce
he's a big boy at 3.8mil
ELIJAH Rabalais
ELIJAH Rabalais 7 aylar önce
3.17 million now
Blumene Yıl önce
@Raymond va 2.3 million now
moojidy Yıl önce
Congratulations "Let's Game it Out" you've made me want to get Oculus Rift so bad. Or maybe ill just wait until Microsoft comes out with their version for the Series X
muda-damuda Za warudo
muda-damuda Za warudo Yıl önce
"I have the star of the decade! The VR headset! Now what shall I do first... Hey lets terrorize people!!" -Let's Game It Out 2019
Rpolo Yıl önce
I just love how he destroy games and end it the way it is not supposed to
Justin Frazier
Justin Frazier Yıl önce
Please do the whole game. That was freaking hilarious.
Creeeamu 2 yıl önce
Seeing Josh's hands irl just made me realise this maniac lives in the same plane of existence as I do
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you Aylar önce
Jesus Christ died for your ssins pleaserepent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand
mediumsized Yıl önce
2:08 Josh: *carelessly placing objects on the disc and on the robot* Robot: Stop it. NOW.
Ryan Oz
Ryan Oz Yıl önce
I would love to see you do more VR.
Hugos Hobbies
Hugos Hobbies Yıl önce
Legend has it Josh is still lying around on his floor. The VR headset on and sourrounded by virtual severed heads. Yet he ist still making new contet without leaving his position. He's not intentionally ruining the games he plays. It's just the best he can do in his position.
plague doctor
plague doctor Yıl önce
its always a good sign if your immediate reaction to physics in a game is "oh no thares physics and i saw it"
kiwiiVAL 2 yıl önce
Wow finally a Josh face reveal at 4:43
@Jennifer.🌹 that was it
Mary Delbonis
Mary Delbonis Yıl önce
Real life footage instead of just in game? My reality is shattered
Tom Rea
Tom Rea Yıl önce
Josh: creates turtle man "Forgive me padre, for I have sinned" Turtle man: shrugs
-GlItCh -
-GlItCh - Yıl önce
@asolitaryartistonline yea in a million years T^T
asolitaryartistonline Yıl önce
Try telling Dream from the Minecraft Community
your mom
your mom Yıl önce
Josh! Nice play, I've never played vr before but now I know what it looks like!! Keep it up! Dont stop making all these videos, these are very very good! Nice voice aswell...
Sam Ford
Sam Ford Yıl önce
"you expect me to be impressed?!" "no but I'm gonna keep you as my little pet!"
B E A N S Yıl önce
Imagine let’s game it out as an actual god... we would all be so screwed 😂😂
Mary Delbonis
Mary Delbonis Yıl önce
When first getting here, you were at a couple thousands subscribers. Now you're at half a million and getting sponsored by the big boys. I'm proud of you.
Tom Rea
Tom Rea Yıl önce
When first getting here, you were at a couple thousands subscribers. Now you're at half a million and getting sponsored by the big boys. I'm proud of you.
Rita Gomez
Rita Gomez Yıl önce
When first getting here, you were at a couple thousands subscribers. Now you're at half a million and getting sponsored by the big boys. I'm proud of you.
Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa Hunter Yıl önce
When first getting here, you were at a couple thousands subscribers. Now you're at half a million and getting sponsored by the big boys. I'm proud of you.
Altharrion Yıl önce
When you hear Matthew Mercer's voice acting, and you didn't know he was in this game. Sweet.
Aimee Simmons
Aimee Simmons Yıl önce
your discoveries are truly hilarious and delightful.
candycadet Yıl önce
I laughed at the way he was messing with the sword
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