I spent a day with NARCOLEPTIC PEOPLE (Chronic sleep disorder)

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I spent a day with people with narcolepsy to learn the truth about this highly misunderstood sleep disorder.
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AnthonyPadilla Yıl önce
come back later this week for *I spent a day with the first COVID VACCINE RECIPIENTS*.
ayesha lol
ayesha lol Yıl önce
can yall make this comment viral so he can consider interviewing suicide hotline dispatchers-
RayTheGay Yıl önce
As a person with insomnia, it’s really interesting hearing from people who have the opposite problem
ExtraPulpyJoosh Yıl önce
I love that in every intro Anthony is like “are these people chill or are they PARALYZED UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’S DEATHLY STARE?”
Evravon Yıl önce
When that girl said she was labeled as "faking it" in front of her parents and her aunt and it seriously affected her life for the next 5 years, I immediately knew what she felt. That same exact thing happened to me and I broke down sobbing in the Doctor's office waiting room as a 27 year old man.
Olivia Yıl önce
When Janise said “Finally I knew that it was not my fault!” I started crying. This whole video has me tearing up to hear of others like me. Unfortunately, even after being diagnosed with narcolepsy I was STILL told and am still told that it is my fault and that I’m just not trying hard enough. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore.
Freefall Cos
Freefall Cos Yıl önce
I have a very severe case of Narcolepsy with Cataplexy my case was studied by doctors across the United States because of its severity and how it was developed. Without high doses of medication I literally can’t leave the house. I’ve almost died multiple times just from laughing. Thank you Anthony for making this video to educate people
Ashley Sipes
Ashley Sipes Yıl önce
Can you imagine being a kid and everyone just calling you lazy when you actually have a medical condition? All I can think about. Being dismissive in general - adult or child, it sucks.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Yıl önce
This just reminds me how terribly poor Jinkx Monsoon was treated. The girl was basically bullied on TV because of having narcolepsy and nobody talked about how deep this stuff actually gets.
SpaceW Yıl önce
I'm in disbelief that Janise went to a therapist who wanted her to believe she had conversion disorder. Like wow that is just horrific
bvb trashcan
bvb trashcan Yıl önce
He should do a “the world of ptsd” cause as a person with post traumatic stress disorder I’d find it interesting to hear from others with the same struggles an how they deal with it on a day to day basis and how they build themselves back up with positivity while ptsd being such a negative gloomy/foggy feeling ✨could y’all get some likes on this so he might see it✨
Jenna Dombi
Jenna Dombi Yıl önce
I actually want to cry. I have narcolepsy and for years thought maybe I was misdiagnosed or I was exaggerating my symptoms. This video perfectly verbalizes every single thing I have experienced and for once in my life, I do not feel alone or crazy.
KirinAma Yıl önce
My sister has narcolepsy with cataplexy. Janise's story reminded me of the time my sister was cooking breakfast in middle school and she held on to the spatula for so long that the handle melted into her palm. We were goofing off, and I now know that we had triggered a sleep attack. She was standing, and seemed awake but she was in REM and the burn could have been a lot worse if I did not notice that the plastic was melting and I literally had to push her away from the stove.
Brigida Olmsted
Brigida Olmsted Yıl önce
Hey Anthony, if you ever make a video about people with Endometriosis, I'd love to speak to you! Im 31, disabled from Endometriosis, ive done 2 different chemotherapy treatments, and 6 surgeries. Endometriosis effects approx 10-20% of adult women in America, and over 176 million women worldwide. These numbers are probably much higher than that though, because it takes on average 10 years, and 7 different doctors, in order to get a diagnosis, and the only way of diagnosis is via surgery.
2 Hearts 1 TARDIS
2 Hearts 1 TARDIS Yıl önce
I was devastated when I wasn’t chosen to be one of the people interviewed because I was scared Narcolepsy wouldn’t be correctly represented. Watching the video, I couldn’t agree more with everything said! I would have had nothing to add because they nailed it XD
Kristen Bortignon
Kristen Bortignon Yıl önce
Hi Anthony! I’m epileptic and would absolutely love to represent people suffering with epilepsy. There are many misconceptions and tons of misinformation about seizures and epilepsy in general and I think it would be awesome if you could use your platform to bring attention to those! Thank you for covering topics and making your audience aware by speaking to people who have personal experience. I appreciate this series so much!
jessie campbell
jessie campbell Yıl önce
I can tell on my mom's face when she's going to have a cataplexy attack, I'll run up and bear hug her so she doesn't collapse.
SeaSalt Yıl önce
I have some kind of undiagnosed sleep disorder but a lot of my symptoms are similar and hearing their experiences made me feel so validated, my sleep issues have always been overlooked and I’ve always been told I’m just not trying hard enough so to hear that I’m not alone fills me w/ such relief. Even if I don’t have narcolepsy, hearing people talk about sleep experiences is really validating
TimeMovie931508 Yıl önce
janise's speech at the end about fighting for yourself and getting the help/being treated the way you deserve was so powerful it almost brought me to tears
Bridget Barrett
Bridget Barrett Yıl önce
This is interesting cause I have insomnia so it’s weird to see the other side
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