Double Badminton Quarterfinals [Cool Kiz on the Block / 2016.07.26]

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5 yıl önce

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- Ep.165: An amazing doubles tournament with 8 teams! Are Nichkhun and Jae the best celebrity team? They must face Olympic medalists and the top celebrity players! Which team will be the champions of the tournament?
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Rovie Jahne Escobilla
Rovie Jahne Escobilla 25 gün önce
i literally shout when jae scored first!!!! wohooooo there you go strong Jae!!!
Glydel Marie Canencia
Glydel Marie Canencia Aylar önce
I used to play badminton too when i was in elementary. I wanna play with jae one on one too in the near future. Maybe I can be his future? And today is Jae's Birthday 🎂. Happy birthday to my one and only legal Husband 🎉
Marco Arrantez
Marco Arrantez Aylar önce
In memoriam Jung Jae Sung
E Sverker
E Sverker Aylar önce
Jae undersells himself as a dorky gamer who only sits at home, so it’s easy to forget that he does badminton, basketball, skateboarding, and got a black belt in taekwondo lmao
belannie carpio
belannie carpio 2 aylar önce
Nichkun and Jae is no joke when it comes to badminton
sucaiii_sch 2 aylar önce
The defence and cross smash technique Jae showed is an expert level tho 😍
putry khairunisa
putry khairunisa 2 aylar önce
No wonder jae was an athlete during his school year
Patty Han
Patty Han 2 aylar önce
Shiru, nichkhun, hondong, hencheul, other amazing guys, beautiful kindhearted 2pm, beautiful kinheated15& and beautiful Jae and his band also, and beautiful kindhearted people. Fighting! 加油jia yo! Gambadaysho!
Patty Han
Patty Han 2 aylar önce
I don't wanna are you and neither do I think you are foolish! I love you I love you. I don't know how it began and how it started you kinda grow on me. I love you so. Nothing changes my mind. I pray for you and hope you are alright day and night! Oh, I wanna be with you!
Patty Han
Patty Han 2 aylar önce
Ku day paboya! Haru way naru gee ri nu shin jing Hannah! Sarahay Sarahay Nara chin ru Inru shru hago Sarah hay! Ah mon lingo te rings noray chi go irru hon go.... I wanna be with you!
Gianna Fernandez
Gianna Fernandez 2 aylar önce
jae is so good!?!? damn
jhen chen
jhen chen 2 aylar önce
Jae is so charming ♡♡
rannnt KSYpiL
rannnt KSYpiL 3 aylar önce
Yes jaeeee😼
Christine SJ
Christine SJ 3 aylar önce
staymyday in the building
staymyday in the building 3 aylar önce
Jae gave me butterflies whenever i see him 😭🦋💙💙💙 how he's good at everything?!!! I'm living for this Jae's iconic blonde hair🛐🛐
Việt Cường Cao
Việt Cường Cao 3 aylar önce
now i know why ISAC don't have Badminton, JYP is so strong
name 3 aylar önce
Erica Bermas
Erica Bermas 3 aylar önce
captain piper
captain piper 3 aylar önce
who’s here because of an interview of Nickhun saying he used to skip classes so he could play badminton with his friends T.T
Muhammad Raihan Pradhityo
Muhammad Raihan Pradhityo 3 aylar önce
Lee Soo Geun so Funny😆
Timothée Chalamet
Timothée Chalamet 4 aylar önce
Nichkhun is so goooddd
Namjoons Airpods
Namjoons Airpods 4 aylar önce
Jae looks so cool HE SHOWED THEM SKILLSS
— jana
— jana 4 aylar önce
Josie Crane
Josie Crane 5 aylar önce
Why is this being recommended to me after four years? Lol anyway I enjoyed it :)
Dewi Woo
Dewi Woo 5 aylar önce
I see madtown there 😭
Briana Vieira
Briana Vieira 5 aylar önce
por que tem uma bandeira do brasil 🇧🇷 aleatoriamente no vídeo inteiro? o jae até samba pra comemorar- tenho tantas perguntas, como o nerdola do jae consegue esse feito??? não é atlético e só joga videogame né s4f4do?
Krys 5 aylar önce
Watching this on 2021 hoping this show will come back again and play badminton 🏸
Ice Penpitchatornkul
Ice Penpitchatornkul 6 aylar önce
Omg Dongjun's there too?!🥺😭😭
Dave Xander Villapaz
Dave Xander Villapaz 6 aylar önce
No one going to tlak about Nick! Jae and Nichkhun ARE POGGERS!!
Elias 6 aylar önce
Nickhun skipped classes for this moment
ann 6 aylar önce
*in wonpil's voice oH mY gOd JaE!!
kim kai
kim kai 6 aylar önce
N31M 7 aylar önce
Lmao the fans after every hit : Wraaaourrrooowww
E 7 aylar önce
3:39 尼坤好帥喔!
exobangtwicepinkvelvetsoshi’s maid
exobangtwicepinkvelvetsoshi’s maid 7 aylar önce
I see all that time Nichkhun skipped school for badminton paid off 😭
Stephanie 7 aylar önce
Damn jae. But tbh, I've known alot of badminton players that are the same as jae and im not surprised really. But I'm surprised of how good he is. Wow he be wrecking my bias in day6. Oh no
adeline 7 aylar önce
there's this stereotype among badminton players that skinny people are usually good at it. jae is a perfect example skfjksjfs
Marivel Gozo
Marivel Gozo 8 aylar önce
khun with chicken little we need a 2021 version of this game
cami 8 aylar önce
No puedo creer que jae haga todo bien
I'm multistan and My ultimate bias is EXO and BTS
I'm multistan and My ultimate bias is EXO and BTS 9 aylar önce
OMG Jae Smash is so powerfull to
yelsha 9 aylar önce
when I tell you this is one of tHE most attractive things I’ve seen jae do I mean it
M Jane
M Jane 9 aylar önce
Wow jae is talented!
Borja Keezha Chloe G.
Borja Keezha Chloe G. 9 aylar önce
Stan DAY6 for better life y'all
Oh Canada
Oh Canada 9 aylar önce
Jaeee slayyyy❤️✨
Kpop groups
Kpop groups 9 aylar önce
Nickun skipped school to play badmington 😂
Lotta Raige
Lotta Raige 10 aylar önce
Don't underestimate the Chicken Little..
Leizl Garcia
Leizl Garcia 10 aylar önce
Yeah Jae may not look the athletic type but he is. And he is also a black belter before. That's our Chicken little! 💙
ann ferrer
ann ferrer 10 aylar önce
I wish to sea eaj playing again
Charlotte Vandyke
Charlotte Vandyke 10 aylar önce
i miss jaeee, i watch him streaming but i want him back with day6 but we gotta wait😌
Jah Foodie
Jah Foodie 10 aylar önce
Nichkhun you are so great.
Anali Salazar
Anali Salazar 10 aylar önce
okay but doesn’t jae look like the kids from skyhigh? the one that glows????
nandana nm
nandana nm 7 aylar önce
Yesyesyes he does with that hair
Khalisha Adila
Khalisha Adila 11 aylar önce
Thank u for participating jae in this program. He shows his other side of him really well. Thank you
PEÑAFLOR, EDENBETH M. 11 aylar önce
My baby jae
حاَرِسَ عفَّنا 뵤.ꦲ꦳ꦫꦶꦱ.
حاَرِسَ عفَّنا 뵤.ꦲ꦳ꦫꦶꦱ. 11 aylar önce
kang ho dong's kisses
حاَرِسَ عفَّنا 뵤.ꦲ꦳ꦫꦶꦱ.
حاَرِسَ عفَّنا 뵤.ꦲ꦳ꦫꦶꦱ. 11 aylar önce
Jae..... and Soogeun uncle kkkkkk
passerby musician
passerby musician Yıl önce
Nickhun looks like chow yun fat
3 B. Lalremruati
3 B. Lalremruati Yıl önce
Nichkhun 😍😍❤️❤️
Qurota A'yunin
Qurota A'yunin Yıl önce
Idol with another skilsl is special
Morayo Adedapo
Morayo Adedapo Yıl önce
Is anyone he in 2020 just to see the fruits of kun skipping school to play badminton? 🤣🤣
farah haj
farah haj Yıl önce
When jae told alexa that he was pretty athletic he was not lying.
Aimi Aqilah
Aimi Aqilah Yıl önce
came here as nichkhun said he was bad boy for playing badminton
Amadea Sanjesse
Amadea Sanjesse Yıl önce
Rachelle R
Rachelle R Yıl önce
"Nickhun was a badminton player for 8 years & won 3 tournaments before" Me : Yeah, remember when he used to skip school just to play badminton.... Yea..., that's part of it
french fries
french fries Yıl önce
Haha i know it lol he talked about it on ericnam podcast😂
Jem Gonzales
Jem Gonzales Yıl önce
why is this suddenly on my recommendation just after i watch that dive podcast with khun as guest
Reine Jin
Reine Jin Yıl önce
We wish to see Nickhun and Jae could play badminton as a tandem again 🙏🏻
amesora 15
amesora 15 Yıl önce
Jae even playing badminton with frying pan in their Vlive in 2016 😂
zouhid aya
zouhid aya Yıl önce
Now i know why nichkhun skipped his classes to play badminton
Zakiya Umami
Zakiya Umami Yıl önce
KimGianBLue Oficial
KimGianBLue Oficial Yıl önce
Ahhh my Jae
Jae jae
Jae jae Yıl önce
Yo, : Todo lo que diga jae le doy like indiscriminadamente (ノ゚0゚)ノ~〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜
marijoe Yıl önce
why day6 never been in to ISAC 😤😤😤😤😤
Wen Xi
Wen Xi Yıl önce
just casually thinking abt the fact that jae and nickhun could have ended up as professional player instead of kpop artists
Wen Xi
Wen Xi Yıl önce
damn thank u youtube for recommending this to me. hi chicken little
Hunter Piece
Hunter Piece Yıl önce
Watching this again in 2020 Me: hold up... that's Captain Ri's enemy! Lmao
jeppblackman x
jeppblackman x Yıl önce
Remember Jae saying that he’s not good at everything (even in guitars) but there is one thing he can say that he’s really good at and it’s badminton.
homomochi Yıl önce
jae being on attack and nichkhun being on defense making together a well matched team is my new favorite thing
cHiidOri15 Yıl önce
Falling harder and harder for Jae
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Yıl önce
i i have a chance to play with jae..... i wont cause he might hit me in the face lmao
rainy cvr
rainy cvr Yıl önce
Gabby Yıl önce
I remember watching this for Nichkhun and now I came back for Jae
Reine Jin
Reine Jin Yıl önce
Jae the smasher 🙌🏻👏🏻
Reine Jin
Reine Jin Yıl önce
I searched this vid as Jae mentioned the badminton thing in his podcast as alexa doesnt seem to believe his athletic 😅
Nur Afifah Rustan
Nur Afifah Rustan Yıl önce
Here because he mentioned that he is a good athelte in one of his podcast with Alexa and Diane. 💙💙😍😍
Miftah Muth
Miftah Muth 4 aylar önce
Which episode is it?
Imma Stay.
Imma Stay. Yıl önce
Jae i missed youu!!
beLLa beLLs
beLLa beLLs Yıl önce
2020 and i still go looking for this vid
Chloe Tanate
Chloe Tanate Yıl önce
I'm a Myday and Hottest now I'm also a badminton player and now I Stan them❤️❤️❤️
Trash ;-
Trash ;- Yıl önce
Jai Ellise
Jai Ellise Yıl önce
Im a new My Day and i told myself not to fall hard for them, especially my bias Jae. Also me watching him play: FORGET IT. GO FALL AND MELT FOR HIM.
Ching Hauang
Ching Hauang Yıl önce
Watching this in 2020 ...too late but 😭😭😭
Yii Yıl önce
99% of the comments talking about jae, yoooo proud of you my chicken little
widya karisma
widya karisma Yıl önce
Jae lets play badminton together hahahaha
Syifa Mahmudah
Syifa Mahmudah Yıl önce
o. m. g.
Tessa Simati
Tessa Simati Yıl önce
and here i thought i was good
Sapphire Red
Sapphire Red Yıl önce
Who is your favorite JYP Entertainment artist or group? You can choose up to two
Hyunjin's giggle for world peace
Hyunjin's giggle for world peace Yıl önce
I tune in on his podcasts "How Did I Get Here", and for some reason, he always presents himself as this lanky teenager with hella allergies... This was totally unexpected. I mean, he mentioned he played badminton, but I thought he'd be the guy who gets bronze among four players. Damn I was wrong, and I'm so happy about it.
pinklamborgini 9 aylar önce
Dhea Hertanti
Dhea Hertanti Yıl önce
After watching CLOY, watching oh man seok here will be a downgraded..wkwk..he is funny
Monique Roman
Monique Roman Yıl önce
Who's here after today's episode of How Did I Get Here? XD
who's Brian?
who's Brian? Yıl önce
Can we talk about how attractive Jae looks while playing badminton?
Miach Gee
Miach Gee Yıl önce
Jaeee how can you be good at everything
Khairil Yusuf
Khairil Yusuf Yıl önce
everyone talking about nickhun and jae.. but.. can someone tell me who is she?? is she a national player?
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