World's Coolest Concept Car - Mercedes AVTR

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Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie

6 aylar önce

This is the Mercedes AVTR, the coolest concept car in the world. This car can crab walk, be driven in both the left and right seats and has a million cool features. Today we show you around why this car is so special and even get to drive it in Dubai. Thanks to @Mercedes-Benz

Presenter: @Sergi.Galiano

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Xavier Aylar önce
Wow, I hadn't even imagined such a splendid design could exist, much less prototyped. It's a thing of beauty.
HouseHD Fan Club
HouseHD Fan Club 19 saatler önce
u everywhere??
A r s u c ks Dutt
A r s u c ks Dutt 11 gün önce
Hi cousin
Rai Nikushimi
Rai Nikushimi 12 gün önce
Xavier? 🤡
Pixelated Bird
Pixelated Bird 22 gün önce
I see you in every video...
Angela Collins
Angela Collins 9 gün önce
Concepts, Perception, Levels, -Visuals- , Realism, Genuineness, Vybez, Kickback. *Here for it!!!!!!* Es muy difícil escoger una *4.Fo/Hotxmilf* como la *favorita* del ámore, pero está siempre simplemente es otro nivel, 💕 -Gracias Benito- ❤. Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Emma Peterson
Emma Peterson 16 gün önce
Eres un ídolo 4.FO/LIAZELT siempre en mi corazón ❤🇺🇸 1 ( hermosa ) 9.7/10 2 ( elecciones ) 9.5/10 3 ( culturales ) 9.3/10 Son unos de los mejoret conciertos
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 26 gün önce
Really cool as a concept car but practically it still has a long way to go. As an experienced driver I sweat just by imagining driving this thing at 100mph with that small handle controling the vehicle. The super limited view angle does not help either. The driver can barely see the road in front. Not to mention how fragile the whole design looks... Pretty sure nobody would survive a car crash in this masterpiece. Also for a lot of the features I just don't see much realistic meaning. Yeah they look cool but that's pretty much it. Especially the dramatic screen thing at 5:17 it's really distracting for the driver. Would be great if autopilot develop in the future and the car serve solely as a carrying vessel for the passenger and controlled purely by AI. Then all its futuristic design can actually come true on the road. I know, I know, concept cars are there just to look amazing, but it is giving people false impression about what the "future" would really look like.
ΛRTΞM1S 15 gün önce
I don't think people are gonna drive cars, at all, in the next 5 years. Many of these features can be manual controls, in case the driver should take control.
Lord Fancourt
Lord Fancourt 29 gün önce
Best futuristic design I have ever seen. Fantastic concept, borrowing from Cameron's Avatar. I want one! It's so beautiful.
สยามอินเตอร์ประมูล 5 aylar önce
It looks cool !!! I love this car.
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Check my about page link Aylar önce
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swathi venkat
swathi venkat Aylar önce
@Sztrox umm
Rony gomezi
Rony gomezi Aylar önce
Poor taste
JASH Aylar önce
So, Mercedes called you, jajajaj. Thanks god you are there for them superman. Jajajaja
Dana Evans
Dana Evans 28 gün önce
23:23 -Hermosa elección- xkissss.Uno los mortales abian apreciado -tan hermosa mujer- 10:10 Hopi: Sweeter 11:12 Sun: Hotter 00:18 Joonie: Cooler 18:00 Yoongy: Butter 23:23 Son unos de los mejoresconciertos mañas no se la 00:01Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial 09io...
Michele Peterson
Michele Peterson Aylar önce
1 ❤ Hermosa eleccion Xkissss.UNO de mejor 2 ( elecciones ) 9.1/10 3 ( culturales ) 9.9/10 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.
‍ ‍
‍ ‍ 17 gün önce
I don’t know why this is so controversial and so many people are salty about it. This is gorgeous and expands the car aesthetics to outstanding levels
Itz_Ryan 14 saatler önce
The only good thing about this is that it looks cool that's it u get into a wreck in this thing and your dead I see zero safety features not even airbags and if u get t boned all that glass is going into your face if the impact dosent kill you this whole thing is a safety hazard I would rather get into a car wreck on a motorcycle than this rolling death trap
Venomouus 15 saatler önce
There is absolutely no safety in this car lmao, the design is fire. But driving this on the highway is a death sentence
Apollo Fresh
Apollo Fresh 5 aylar önce
What a work of art!
Christopher Byrd-Torres
Christopher Byrd-Torres 20 gün önce
Would be best defined as pretty and fragile.
𖣐།⏉𝜦ᥫㅐ𝔧𖣐𓅂 Aylar önce
Work of art is an explosion 💥
Minada Embuldeniya
Minada Embuldeniya Aylar önce
@Jaxx u kidding me ?
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((ڡ•◍)🥰 Son unos *3 in 1* resetefilm.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤️ _Mañas no se la_ 1:55 2:54 Mañas no se laa
marcogonlop Aylar önce
tuve un sueño, me vi viajando en uno de estos era igual a este, solo que no con las pantallas, la forma y las llantas, lo diferente era el pavimento, no era como el de hoy, era de cristal y ese cristal tenia imágenes muy bonitas, estas cambiaban cada cierto tiempo, ademas los carros pasaba a gran velocidad algunos venían en sentido contrario pero los demás autos lo esquivaban fácilmente ya nadie manejaba. La verdad todo se veía muy bonito.
Darrin Elford
Darrin Elford Aylar önce
What a master futuristic design. The engineers at Mercedes are genius and so visionary
natural2112science 13 gün önce
Yeah, but they made a car that's impossible to mass produce. Cool concept, but it's just eye candy.
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda 26 gün önce
Amazing looking car !! Just need a anti-gravity engine and we are strait into a Blade Runner future !! 😉
Chronos 20 gün önce
That's such a beautiful and cool car. I love its design concepts and some functionalities.
rePete Aylar önce
never seen a real car that looks so computer-rendered it looks literally unreal, everything from shape to proportion to colours and effects is perfect wow
Aisha Rohoman
Aisha Rohoman 17 saatler önce
I o
E E 23 gün önce
@Check my about page link no
Check my about page link
Check my about page link 23 gün önce
Read my name.
Jazeah Luster
Jazeah Luster 27 gün önce
@Mad Wez it’s a real car; what are you talking about.
Check my about page link
Check my about page link Aylar önce
Read my name
Fixx Foxx
Fixx Foxx 29 gün önce
The future really is here. Most of us just cant afford to live in it.
Lord Lemond
Lord Lemond 12 gün önce
sadly true.
carl graves
carl graves Aylar önce
very cool car I would love to own one someday if they decide to make more of them
Ikhwan Gamer
Ikhwan Gamer Aylar önce
Like a vehicle in dream :)
Living Relaxation
Living Relaxation Aylar önce
Incredible! I love Mercedes but this just took it to a whole new level! 🙌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hong Kong Phooey 🐾
Hong Kong Phooey 🐾 6 aylar önce
If you want to go somewhere _really_ slowly and look _really_ cool doing it, this is the car for you.
DarkShadowFire DSF
DarkShadowFire DSF 29 gün önce
@Ømñį Ķįņģ Ğøķų wouldn’t buy it even if I could, so your point is?
Ømñį Ķįņģ Ğøķų
Ømñį Ķįņģ Ğøķų Aylar önce
@DarkShadowFire DSF yet you can't afford it poor kid
Ra9im & رقيم
Ra9im & رقيم Aylar önce
This is so saftey
ninjafruitchilled Aylar önce
@Alex Crowder Well it's obviously not road legal so they never intended it for the highway. Not sure why they build these kind of things, I guess PR mostly.
ThatBobusGuy Aylar önce
Perfect car for large cities.
maggie calos
maggie calos 21 gün önce
Can technology look this beautiful? "Yes it can." I love the hedgehog like design on the roof. I wonder if it's AI designed.
Hum Ru
Hum Ru 3 gün önce
Wouldn't the fingerprint sensors to open the doors accumulate a lot of dirt real quickly by putting them by the tire 🤔
I'm in love with this concept of a car! WOWZERS!
Anadil Habiba
Anadil Habiba Aylar önce
What a beauty ❤️🔥
Professor Moriarty
Professor Moriarty 5 aylar önce
It's actually beautiful. I normally don't like "futuristic" cars but Mercedes did a very good job here.
Robin Dabank
Robin Dabank Aylar önce
And the lights distracting and the interior thing
Robin Dabank
Robin Dabank Aylar önce
Yeah to go 5mph and what if u can’t find button rip
vivyana thorlikonda
vivyana thorlikonda Aylar önce
So is it with me
RDRX 5 gün önce
Is it just me or do I wonder how fast it actually goes
Speedy 21 gün önce
I wish I had that car lol
B.C. 4 gün önce
This is an epitome of scientific and engineering design
M Hassan Nauman
M Hassan Nauman 27 gün önce
Great invention but I want to see its maximum speed how fast it can travel
Tony Newton
Tony Newton 6 aylar önce
So we know, at the very least, this thing can go from 0 to 5 MPH. Pretty sick!
Ingo Walkerling
Ingo Walkerling 7 gün önce
Max. speed with the 350kw-machine is about 200km/h.
N N 10 gün önce
Nice I like this one
I'mYourNeighbor 25 gün önce
@Peterpumkineater69 you mean exotic car
Roberto Alquisiras
Roberto Alquisiras Aylar önce
Thank you !!!!
Kiyorashi Aylar önce
@loranga japp hahaha
JB GAMERX Aylar önce
já imagino um mundo livre de acidente e de prejuízos de 1 bilhão de reais por veículo
ARUN Aylar önce
bionic flaps literally blows my mind off 🔥🔥
The Mad UTuber
The Mad UTuber Aylar önce
Wow😍 unique car❣️
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma Aylar önce
Thanks 😊
MAXY 16 gün önce
Imagine taking that thing to the streets...😲
Camile T
Camile T 6 aylar önce
This is incredible!! Applause to the design team at Mercedes. Outstanding futuristic car.
José Ramírez
José Ramírez Aylar önce
Mercedes Benz comercial cars have ever been so ugly (for granddaddy's) and these one is so nice, welcome new designers.
Kate Hedman
Kate Hedman 3 aylar önce
I only like 7:25-8:08
Birisu Andrei
Birisu Andrei 5 aylar önce
@Chronic Failure doesn't mean it doesn't deserve criticism
Chronic Failure
Chronic Failure 5 aylar önce
@Birisu Andrei ITS A CAR FOR SHOW
Alex Aylar önce
at night that interior is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen
Rheina Queen
Rheina Queen Aylar önce
Eres un ídolo kISSLOVE.Uno siempre en mi corazón, hermosa, amor, elecciones, culturales.❤ Son unos de los mejores conciertos..
Св Бел
Св Бел Aylar önce
Очень круто, машина огонь!
deidre perry
deidre perry 26 gün önce
That car is sharp and I wish I could drive it!
Kirigaya AMV's
Kirigaya AMV's 6 aylar önce
This is the car we all imagined being the "2050 Futuristic Flying car" Unbelievable something like that is even a thing.
Nig named mutt
Nig named mutt Aylar önce
You know, I've been thinking about flying cars, and kore specifically why we don't have one yet. I honestly think it's because designers are trying to go straight for "flying" and that's what's holding a lot of us up. Here's my proposal: Gliding cars. Not as fancy or exciting as flying, but imagine if we finally got a car that could glide maybe 100 feet in the air, for every 10 mph you're travelling. We could install an extra lane on the side of roads, with ramps on them, and if there's ever a traffic jam up ahead, the people with gliding cars can speed up, get over in the ramp lane, and coast elegantly over all the other cars that are stopped. If the ramps are successful, you would just have them every X feet on the sides of highways, and in a long traffic jam you could just keep hitting ramps consecutively until you finally glide past whatever obstruction is in the way. I guess these ramps would be in the emergency lane, which won't really matter because you'd still glide over whatever car(and emergency vehicles) is stopped at the moment and be totally out of the way. I type all of this with %100 honesty and genuine intent, and can't POSSIBLY imagine this plan backfiring. If anyone can contact Elon Musk, I'm more than willing to cut you a doper-than-dabs deal for simply putting us in touch with each other.
Āris Plūģis
Āris Plūģis Aylar önce
door opening method is a crapp. after driving on dusty roads. will it still work?
José Ramírez
José Ramírez Aylar önce
Mercedes Benz comercial cars have ever been so ugly (for granddaddy's) and these one is so nice, welcome new designers.
KG1AES 5 aylar önce
Yet still no realistic flying cars...
Larn Regis
Larn Regis 2 gün önce
2:40 Anyone remember the TV Show "Viper"? With the Defender mode which transformed the normal Dodge Viper into the futuristic Defender, those moving panels remind me a lot on the hexagon shaped panels that transformed the viper.
Sp1cY Aylar önce
Imagine crashing that 💀
KADAK GAMER 26 gün önce
Dream car...!💯💯💯
Muhammad Awais
Muhammad Awais 21 gün önce
Wow that's amazing ❤
TRAP KRONE A.K.A NICO ICE 5 aylar önce
esta muy lindo pero lo veo poco practico, se ahorraron el manurio y el acelerador y va a ser dificil manejar asi es peligroso se te puede ir la mano, acelerar o frenar sin querer y chocar
José Ramírez
José Ramírez Aylar önce
Mercedes Benz comercial cars have ever been so ugly (for granddaddy's) and these one is so nice, welcome new designers.
Gusss 2 aylar önce
vengo a mirar un video random y te encuentro comentando jajajajaajj
hhhhdjk 2 aylar önce
Great , Thank You ..
Marcos Gimenez
Marcos Gimenez 2 aylar önce
@Jose Luis pero si tiene esto, debe tener algun sistema de camara y sensores ya sea para estacionamiento o cuando este por chocar o parar, o un sistema automatico de manejo, que son cosas que ya estan en modelos de autos de hace ya una decada.
Tony 3 aylar önce
@CheeseDoggy since TRshow has translation feature it makes it easier to communicate with people from all over the world even if you don't speak their language. That's really cool
Anna Aylar önce
I like the form of cars from Mercedes Benz. This car looks dichy! ☺️ If I would want to increase climate change and contribute to extreme raining and drought. I would maybe buy this.
Sandy Wix
Sandy Wix Aylar önce
this is the first time i got more excited about a car than a good looking guy haha. i am literally dizzy just watching this. so amazing OM
jojo dirk
jojo dirk 14 gün önce
And I was excited to ride in a dodge charger. 😂
Sir Shawn Paul
Sir Shawn Paul Aylar önce
If I could afford it I would buy one today. Very well designed car !
no জ্ঞান, no gain
no জ্ঞান, no gain Aylar önce
when it gets old and starts to ware out just donate it to me.
Reptetion 6 aylar önce
Driving at night would be a whole new experience.
Beeko 18 gün önce
Better not drive this anywhere near a bad neighborhood or your being robbed on the spot
unspeakable Flame 2
unspeakable Flame 2 Aylar önce
feel like this is what silver the hedgehog would drive
minos Aylar önce
Of disaster.
Robin Dabank
Robin Dabank Aylar önce
@gerardjenz ooh I’m blinded by the lightsss
adjan Aylar önce
@imranedimamaroc yeah sure kiddo
Flavia Namigadde
Flavia Namigadde Aylar önce
So amazing and really luxurious
Livi 2 gün önce
Mercedes: “ We’ve connected the back seat to your headrest so kids in the back can physically rattle your brain rather than just scream, ‘are we there yet?’”
PSW CHANNEL 25 gün önce
Tidak bisa di bayangkan bila saya memilikinya 🤤
Emma Jenkins
Emma Jenkins 18 gün önce
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 250 sentadillas son unos 4.FO/LIKSXOS muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer
rer intensifies
rer intensifies 6 aylar önce
This car can even "drift" without exhausting its tires, what a great masterpiece
null 🧇
null 🧇 5 aylar önce
Asphalt 10
dude x
dude x 5 aylar önce
Can you imagine what a new set of those tires would run you..
inveterate 77
inveterate 77 5 aylar önce
Mario kart moment
ⒹⒺⓋⒶ ⒼⒶⓂⒾⓃⒼ 6 aylar önce
Oo yes
Henry Great
Henry Great 6 aylar önce
Manasa 28 gün önce
This is marvelous 😚🔥
Samad Sood
Samad Sood Aylar önce
we need a new driver license for this
Jhon Joven charl Yu
Jhon Joven charl Yu Saatler önce
This car is so AMAZING and iv'e no speech of this car because it's so beautiful and brilliant to see
cryzz0n Aylar önce
If you want to go somewhere really slowly and look really cool doing it, this is the car for you.
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