블랙핑크 스페셜 ★'마지막처럼 '부터 'How You Like That'까지★ (23분 무대 모음)

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00:18 마지막처럼(AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)
03:50 뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)
07:17 Forever Young
13:58 Don't Know What To Do
17:16 Kill This Love
20:28 How You Like That

MBCkpop 2 aylar önce
▼IN ORDER▼ 00:18 마지막처럼(AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST) 03:50 뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU) 07:17 Forever Young 11:10 SOLO - JENNIE 13:58 Don't Know What To Do 17:16 Kill This Love 20:28 How You Like That
mehmet erol
mehmet erol 4 gün önce
Bence bılekpink harika💕🤟
jofreed meza
jofreed meza 8 gün önce
jofreed meza
jofreed meza 8 gün önce
@Nur Faiyahh what
Azza channel
Azza channel Aylar önce
Thank you ❤❤
이승한 Aylar önce
Mini Pham
Mini Pham 53 dakika önce
blackpink is your REGULUTION
Mini Pham
Mini Pham Saatler önce
blackpink is the khbkjhgiureuhoǵrhoeirhijfjihp
Olinda Yglesias Cuenca
Olinda Yglesias Cuenca 8 saatler önce
How beautiful and talented these girls are and all their songs are a hit with choreographies that everyone wants to imitate. God bless BlackPink. Bella Jennie as always.
Isss Kkk
Isss Kkk Gün önce
수록곡까지도 거를타선이 하나도 없네 ㅋㅋ
Jess Fitzgerald
Jess Fitzgerald Gün önce
rosé's little smile when she hears the audience saying forever young after them is so cute
NOONA Gün önce
BLINKS, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THIS! On October 2, BLACKPINK will release new music, an album, their very first, after years of training and four years of roller coaster journey since they debuted. The long wait, our almost hopeless anticipation, is finally to come end. BLINKS, it is happening and we can only imagine how pricelessly happy and excited Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa to share this special moment with us. So we humbly, desperately ask everyone who holds the girls close to their hearts to set aside your own opinions, feelings and differences during this probably month-long celebration or maybe longer, and give BLACKPINK a peaceful comeback once and for all, well, at least within our fandom. Think things through and choose to celebrate the happiness "THE ALBUM" will bring to the girls and the massive success it is yet to achieve. We, BLINKS, will be the only ones who will make it possible. This first album release will only be as we all expected and wanted it to be if we work together as one. So we are begging you to please not blab and dwell on unequal line distribution and screentime if ever there will be, make-up, outfits, or whatever other reasons that might throw gloom over this joyful occasion. Remember what Jisoo once said, not long ago, in the Twitter Blueroom, "Records isn't the main thing. As long as you are enjoying the song, it is enough for us.." BLACKPINK loves us so much BLINKS. Let's give back the same amount of love or more to BLACKPINK by coming together as a united fandom, whether you are OT4, OT3, OT2, or OT1, we are a Family. Let's just rant when October ends but seriously, there's no need to fight one another. We should have each other's back. Don't be a party pooper arasseo? 😁 - Worldwide BLINKS ❤..
09권이설 Gün önce
타팬인데 블핑은 무대까지 찾아서 봄..
Hannah KIM
Hannah KIM 2 gün önce
This is making me want to dance fr 👏👏👏
Maylyy Mally
Maylyy Mally 2 gün önce
Love Blackpink lisa jisoo jennie Rosé
Cat Nhi
Cat Nhi 3 gün önce
Of we look close to jisoo we see taht jisoo has purple hair
최원준 3 gün önce
보컬이 점점 좋아지네 이어폰 좋은거 끼니까 보컬 미흡한거 초반에 들리다가 후반갈수록 안들리네.. 기계의 힘일수는 있겠지만 나아지는게 보이니 ㅎㅎ;
English spoken with Anhar Islam Sara
English spoken with Anhar Islam Sara 3 gün önce
정유화 3 gün önce
블핑 콘서트 가는게 소원이예요
Park Ara
Park Ara 3 gün önce
حسيته تصوير التسعينات 🐸⭐
Rats Rats
Rats Rats 4 gün önce
Okay but lisa singing in forever young is so cute
윤주바라기 4 gün önce
블랙핑크 모두 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
KIM EUNHYEOK 5 gün önce
블랙핑크 누나들은 저 딱 4명이여도 끝판왕
임동혁 5 gün önce
블핑은 다좋은데 리사랑 제니가 너무 많이 부름
신영선 5 gün önce
(한국인찾습니다) 노래완전좋아요
p owfu
p owfu 5 gün önce
국내에서 활동하기는 너무 판이 작은거같다
나다 6 gün önce
작곡 작사 싹다 테디네 미쳤다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
nanethzkie 6 gün önce
treasure's treasure
treasure's treasure 6 gün önce
Razchel Guinoo
Razchel Guinoo 7 gün önce
i love how simple lisas outfit is:)
MIRVAT BLINK 7 gün önce
I'm proud of them 😭💞💞
Lizeth Natalia Melo Cuellar
Lizeth Natalia Melo Cuellar 7 gün önce
Las Amo
Cotta De La Cruz
Cotta De La Cruz 7 gün önce
I haven't heard this song in such a long time and Jennie's rapping surprised me I thought only Lisa did the rapping. Its not like I don't like it I think Jennie should rap more but it's been a long time since I heard her rap. It just shocked me.
구지 8 gün önce
Kill this love 레전드네 진짜 소름 돋는다
Camila Aylen
Camila Aylen 8 gün önce
Where are the stages of boombayah, playing with fire, stay and WHISTLE?
지수is love
지수is love 8 gün önce
이렇게 완벽한 그룹은 없다 진짜
쿠키 8 gün önce
이팀은 진짜 하나같이 예쁘고 실력파.... 역시 믿고보는 블핑
집이 좋은 homebody
집이 좋은 homebody 9 gün önce
아니 돈노왓투두 여기서 한 여팬분 진짜 악을 쓰면서 응원하시는데 (나쁜 뜻 절대 아님) 너무 공감됌 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
abbygelle Bedona
abbygelle Bedona 9 gün önce
Love you jennie
jessica pineda
jessica pineda 9 gün önce
as if it's your last
Siham Amin
Siham Amin 10 gün önce
Vishlesha khanal
Vishlesha khanal 10 gün önce
I baby Lisa's vocals are just in another level... Who says she cannot....look at her now look you❤❤
주니 노래하는
주니 노래하는 10 gün önce
마지막 처럼부터끝까지 저는노래불렀어요
好您 10 gün önce
내가 롤충인데 K.D.A 블랙핑크로 했어도 좋았겠다 딱 4명 블핑 해외에서도 인기 많으니
쏘니 11 gün önce
뜬금없는데 국내팬이랑 해외팬이랑 다른점이 댓글에서 많이 보이는듯. 국내팬들은 특정 멤버 직캠 아니면 그룹 전체 얘기가 더 많은데 해외팬들은 누구누구가 잘했고 얘가 다했다라는 식의 댓이 많음.. 인스타도 그렇고 멤버별로 자기 최애 띄워주기 식의 댓이 너무 많아서 항상 그룹에 대한 내용이 없어서 아쉬움. ㅈㄴ맥락없는 추리지만 그냥 댓글 보다보면 항상 느낌.