Topher - The Patriot (feat.

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Anakin Dracgon
Anakin Dracgon 4 aylar önce
100,000TH LIKE! 😃👍
makafunau 13 gün önce
Yo you see the patriot purge one two and 3 🤯🤯
Angel X
Angel X 22 gün önce
beatiful song!!!!love from the netherlands🥰
Stormy 22 gün önce
Awesome work! 🇺🇲 Here's another we can support!
Travis Bundy
Travis Bundy 23 gün önce
@eduardo alfaro idk I guess I'm confused
eduardo alfaro
eduardo alfaro 23 gün önce
@Travis Bundy what, what ? , fool
Mark 23 dakika önce
Awesome tune.
Albert Martinez
Albert Martinez 25 dakika önce
Keeping it real 💯
DNFU 42 dakika önce
Not my normal type of music, but I LOVE the message.
che 2 saatler önce
Unite the races under one flag. Let's go Brandon!
Guilherme 9 saatler önce
Downhill Romeo
Downhill Romeo 12 saatler önce
You guys made me cry. Thank you for that. This makes me believe that we are ok. I am tired of everyone telling me I am racist because I love my country. I fought in several theaters. I was deemed a “hero” and received decorations for just protecting my brothers. I was proud of that until 2020. There once was a time that we, the warriors, were taught to ignore color. And we did that easily. If we did not already have that in us, we would have never volunteered. When did WE become the enemy? You obviously feel the same. I now wake up every day looking for an excuse to keep living. I am successful in my professional career. That means nothing. A powerful, fruitful, and free nation for my children and grandchildren to live in means everything to me. I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me another check mark in the pro column to drive on and fight. Thank you!!!
Spooner Gün önce
Stay strong our American brothers and sisters we're all fighting the same communist scum. Big ups from Montenegro 🇲🇪 💪
Roger Kilburn
Roger Kilburn Gün önce
Semper Fi. Awesome, this is awesome.
sculptrz Gün önce
Still got goosebumps in November 2021
becky k
becky k Gün önce
You are a Godsend
becky k
becky k Gün önce
Fight the GOOD fight, the battle of principalities and powers, Christ says....We are IN this world not OF it. Daughter of WWII Veteran, widow of Vietnam vet.....Cleaned bathrooms, worked in shoe factories, husband in steel mill, fighting rich tyranny..... smoke in in DC in the 70's, in federal prison for 6 little pot plants, Patriots UNITE!!!!! Impeach biden!! God help us!!!!
hollywood4466 Gün önce
🔥 🔥 🔥
R Sellers
R Sellers Gün önce
The sad thing is many people who wave the flag or not patriots just like a lot of people who confess to be Christians are not Christians.
Alvina Carder
Alvina Carder Gün önce
Nathan matas
Nathan matas Gün önce
I love you Brothers please drape my casket in the red white and blue cuz I will fight till I die
vnaginiv Gün önce
Democrat and Republican, both are controlled by the same elites. That want us to be divided and they don’t care about our well being. I don’t care for any of these so called politicians that say they work for us instead of themselves. All they do is divide us more. Clean up the U.S.A and get actual people that’ll represent the American people. 1776!!!!
becky k
becky k 2 gün önce
I am so grateful for your service, your music, your light you shine, your safe return home... God Bless we you and yours. True Patriots..
becky k
becky k 2 gün önce
I listen to this constantly every day!!❤️👍❤️❤️
Brian L
Brian L 2 gün önce
Patriots stay strong, united we stand.
Max Henry
Max Henry 2 gün önce
HipHopLuv123 2 gün önce
Together we are unstoppable ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿
jon lane
jon lane 2 gün önce
These men, they represent the heart of our nation, dont feel sorry for whats happing in our nation, feel sorry for the people who picked a fight with men like this.
The Philippine Experience
The Philippine Experience 2 gün önce
This is Powerful.
Corey Canady
Corey Canady 2 gün önce
Look into Jacksonian era Democrats. Founding fathers of racism
Corey Canady
Corey Canady 2 gün önce
Jacksonian Era democrats are the founding fathers of white supremacy. Democrats have painted the republican for who they are putting it off on them
Joker 2 gün önce
I love this song patriotic as it can get. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE
Mad Russian BodyBuilder
Mad Russian BodyBuilder 2 gün önce
Great son real patriot
Dustin Byers
Dustin Byers 2 gün önce
Who is the woman singing 😍 I can totally feel this song
warsawsausage 2 gün önce
Patriot rap.. i love it . maga rap? Eh ok it good but... this love for country.. makes us brothers and sisters...yes sir
Daniel Chism
Daniel Chism 2 gün önce
Topher you are badass!!!!!!
Rene Rivera
Rene Rivera 2 gün önce
Dude, you rock.
Black Iron Forge
Black Iron Forge 3 gün önce
Powerful, great work. We are legion because we are many.
becky k
becky k 3 gün önce
I have this playing contnously
diarmaidok 3 gün önce
The puppet masters of the politicians are the problem…they pick the leaders…they own the media, the courts the police and the deep state. The police worldwide have transitioned easily to fascism, the army will likely do videos bidding….look at Australia the army are dragging aboriginals to remote covid quarantine facilities and if we comply, we end up shipped off one by one to some gulag. Be smart in whatever you do, Biden has no morals but is running nothing. C F R are his bosses.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 3 gün önce
I got fucking chills listening to this 🔥🔥
Kevin Higginbotham
Kevin Higginbotham 3 gün önce
Semper Fi Devil Dog thank you for your service. Keep putting out the message cause we will take this country back 🇺🇲🗽🇺🇲🗽🇺🇲🗽
MANIsack (Xay) VONGsomSACK
MANIsack (Xay) VONGsomSACK 3 gün önce
Love this country. Protect and preserve it. Thanks to all our service men and women🙏
MANIsack (Xay) VONGsomSACK
MANIsack (Xay) VONGsomSACK 3 gün önce
becky k
becky k 3 gün önce
This is the best. I'm a daughter of a WWII Veteran, daughter in law of a WWII veteran, both deceased. Sister in law of a Vietnam veteran and widow of a Vietnam veteran. You guys give me chills with this. God Bless you!
2Qt 4U
2Qt 4U 3 gün önce
You two know where we're headed My ONLY wish is THAT OUR FAMILY MEMBERS WERE HERE, WERE GONNA NEED THEM
Y2k Custom PCs
Y2k Custom PCs 3 gün önce
darkluster4 3 gün önce
This is literally the first rap song I've every liked. Good job, and god bless!
Bonnie 3 gün önce
I am a Boomer, father was a bomber pilot WW2 then career air force flying B 52s. Son Iraq Combat medic.Ya'll make me proud and give me hope for America.God bless you.Patrotic rap is dope!
becky k
becky k 3 gün önce
Sure you can trust the government,,,,ask the American Indian. Right... The biden admin sb physically carried out and dumped on a reservation. A reservation for liars and thieves.
becky k
becky k 3 gün önce
john smith
john smith 3 gün önce
fuck mainstream media.
yes i can
yes i can 3 gün önce
Democrats: its a good thing blacks are on our side Also dems: duck blacks if they spout freedom
OldboyXan liquid rage
OldboyXan liquid rage 3 gün önce
I hear Jesus in this rap
devnull128 4 gün önce
Am I the only one that mixes Topher and FFDP on the same list? I’m a metal head but am really digging this stuff!
Agree 2 Disagree
Agree 2 Disagree 4 gün önce
"Honor is spoken for those who cannot speak. Those who choose wisdom will define true knowledge selflessly." God bless our nation. You made that possible!.Thank you!
Mike Joints
Mike Joints 4 gün önce
Its sensored because its the TRUTH The revolution will not be televized.
Ralph Mouth
Ralph Mouth 4 gün önce
I'm a New York Jewish guy from Queens. I'm sick of the PC brigade and wokeness and the mainstream media who preach hate. You guys deserve credit for the balance you give,
Sleuths Investigate
Sleuths Investigate 4 gün önce
This song is so beautiful!
Grace Forever
Grace Forever 4 gün önce
BIG H 4 gün önce
FCUK YEAH! NEVER COMPLY NEVER SURRENDER! God bless America and all its imperfections!
Robert Benner
Robert Benner 4 gün önce
Lets go Brandon
vladviking 5 gün önce
This rap is AMERICA, Exactly what Creepy Joe Biden ain't.
valerie and john
valerie and john 5 gün önce
Let’s go Brandon
Michael Hudak
Michael Hudak 5 gün önce
We all bleed red, white, and mother fucking blue until we take our dying breath! God Bless our Nation And What It Represents!
janie stevens
janie stevens 5 gün önce
Russell gay
Russell gay 5 gün önce
"Sure I wave the American flag. Do you know a better flag to wave? Sure I love my country with all her faults. I'm not ashamed of that, never have been, never will be.” John Wayne
Joshua 5 gün önce
Awesome brothers
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers 5 gün önce
Love it!!!
Larry Shepherd
Larry Shepherd 5 gün önce
Yoooooo! This shit right here... this shit right here! Y'all the best in the game.Fire! Fuk'n flames.
getonGab 5 gün önce
I just might start to like rap!
Dave lambardo
Dave lambardo 5 gün önce
Shivers! Awesome lyrics and beat. ! But the big one is it shows clear to to those that are willing to think and listen. It hasn't been black vs white or brown for generations! That's how the evil pricks think we are or want us to be! The controllers of this planet think common citizens are too dumb to be able to think critically beyond a superficial exterior diffrence of appearance. They need to give it up. And if your still playing into that crap they have been feeding us for 75 years you need to wake up! We are all free people! And the bastards hate us for it!
Tylan 24 MAGA
Tylan 24 MAGA 5 gün önce
When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!!!
Julie Munoz
Julie Munoz 6 gün önce
Semper Fi DevlDogs Semper Fi Patriots!
Brandon Musser
Brandon Musser 6 gün önce
Man I love this song it's so American
lili nova
lili nova 6 gün önce
Great song 🎧
Shellylove1 6 gün önce
Dream to be a Polyglot
Dream to be a Polyglot 6 gün önce
Love, love, love this song!!
Real 252
Real 252 6 gün önce
Not Guilty Kyle
Endel SMA
Endel SMA 6 gün önce
whatever 6 gün önce
Let's go Brandon
C Garbo
C Garbo 6 gün önce
Preach!!! ❤️🇺🇸💙
Ms Mandy
Ms Mandy 6 gün önce
When & where can we see you perform?
X X 4 gün önce
Look out on his community page on TRshow, he announces dates there. If you prefer you can go to his website which is listed in the description.
Ashley Garner
Ashley Garner 6 gün önce
I wrote something. I'd be SUPER happy if you could breathe life into it by making it a song. World gone crazy.Values tossed aside. Hypocrisy reigns supreme. Criminals idolized. All the while God gets tossed aside. Brother against brother. Friend now foe. All because of this man called Joe. The election was rigged the whole world knew it but government silences those who try and prove it. News now bias as popularity soars telling and spreading lies. Singing their chorus. Racism stamped onto people who disagree. Those who just want the world to go back to how it used to be. Leftists set loose. On a huntin spree. Trump supporters their target don't care who they be. Believin the lies we are someone to despise. Look at what we've become no longer baller in this ruined world order. Look at our future. Dang man look at us now. Preaching love and peace but only to those around. Behind those closed doors safe in your borders the venom you spray can't ever wash away. From so many lips the message is the same. No longer land of the free gotta moderate. Every word that's been said and all the things to be read. The freedom of speech is now dead. This is the end my friend. Judgement day is on us. Hoped you lived life to the best. Loved your neighbor like you oughta. Hope you pass that test. Man I'm praying for ya brother hopin you're God blessed before it's over.
Malinda Brockmiller
Malinda Brockmiller 7 gün önce
wow this made me cry lol TOPHER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (and the ppl who he collabarated with )
Jon Zimmerman
Jon Zimmerman 7 gün önce
Thanks 😊🙏I don't have long. But I'm sure those around me will be the best of what's going to come. Pass on what u can what u know to be right, plant the seeds and then watch the world grow. Smile its infectious and beautiful , pass it on.
Eric Poirier
Eric Poirier 7 gün önce
love love it
Denise Munoz
Denise Munoz 7 gün önce
WOW! Beautiful song!! We love you!!!!
Girl4freedm !
Girl4freedm ! 7 gün önce
You guys are the bomb. The new flag is red, white, black, brown and yellow. We all stand or we all fall. God bless America
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 7 gün önce
Love the way you display the Cross. A subtle reminder that we are One nation Under God. That's our main problem, we have drifted away from being a united people under Almighty God. God bless you Topher!
Holistic HealthLife Wellness Coach Martine
Holistic HealthLife Wellness Coach Martine 7 gün önce
Im not American, but you used a European song which highly resonated with me. I want to stand strong with the American people against vax mandates. We need all people to unite in this war, so we don't care about gender, sexual orientation, race, diet, religion or amount of tattoos.
Marian Makula
Marian Makula 7 gün önce
REAL RAP !!! Finaly something to support that is not secritly demon behind it .
Daniel Enders
Daniel Enders 7 gün önce
Greetings from Germany, let US unite for freedom ♻️❤️
J McB 7 gün önce
Kenosha Kid has been freed. Guess its not a good day to be a bad guy
Beautiful. I will stand by you any day.
HD 7 gün önce
patriotic greetings from germany. vote for afd.
Larissa Kanis
Larissa Kanis 7 gün önce
Wow this song is amazing! I will be sharing this on my Facebook.
Miguel Chairez
Miguel Chairez 8 gün önce
Not Guilty!!!!
Tac 8 gün önce
My new favorite song
Charles Shelton
Charles Shelton 8 gün önce
We can and we must take our country back. Let's go Brandon
Vinie Botello
Vinie Botello 8 gün önce
Good jam. Chorus gave me chills. Much luhv
Eric Pendi
Eric Pendi 8 gün önce
Bro that into gave me chills! Iambk
Reborn Heathen
Reborn Heathen 8 gün önce
Never forget y'all were the first to billboard y'all paved the way.
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