Ice cream without sugar! No cream / no milk! Only 2 ingredients! In 1 minute!

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Schnelle Rezepte

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Ice cream without sugar! No cream! Without milk! Only 2 ingredients! In 1 minute! How to make vegan ice cream. Banana ice cream. Berry and banana ice cream - you will love it. I love delicious homemade ice cream. Healthy Ice Cream. Easy ice cream recipe in 5 minutes. How to make a delicious vegan dessert. What to cook from a banana? How to freeze a banana and make delicious ice cream - see our video. We have a lot of easy and tasty recipes from berries and fruits on our channel. Lots of vegan recipes. Vegetarian recipes and keto recipes. Check out our channel and cook with joy ❤️
Recipe and preparation:
0:00 friends, hello. Today we will prepare several two-ingredient ice cream recipes.
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We prepare mangoes and bananas in advance for freezing.
0:54 Recipe #1.
200 grams of bananas.
100 grams of blackberries.
2:25 Recipe #2.
200 grams of bananas.
100g mango.
3:37 Recipe #3.
zest of 1 lime.
juice of 1 lime.
A bunch of mint.
300 grams of bananas.
5:37 Recipe #4.
300 grams of bananas.
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa.
6:49 Recipe #5.
150 grams of bananas.
150 grams of blueberries.
These easy ice cream recipes can be made with just two ingredients.
Friends, write in the comments which recipe did you like the most? Your opinion is very important to me!
Thank you for watching the video to the end!
Bon appetit, friends!

@iwonasobolewska3579 8 aylar önce
Bardzo dziękuję za pyszne, zdrowe przepisy😘
@mariarosaEantonio 7 aylar önce
Belle tutte
@ilonaolschewska5120 7 aylar önce
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Very useful
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Türkçe diline çevirilmiyor
@ilonaolschewska5120 6 aylar önce
@JaroslavaVaclavikova 17 gün önce
To vypadá kouzelně,to bude dobrota,dík za recept.❤😊
@stanisawodolinski5561 7 aylar önce
Świetne lody ,naturalne , Tego szukałem Dziękuję, pozdrawiam
@ozuaese3471 6 aylar önce
Translate to English not igbo
@barbarakruczek1103 6 aylar önce
Dziękuję za wspaniałe przepisy,zdrowe i nie pracochłonne ❤😅. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!!
@didigilda4066 7 aylar önce
Que bom o verão chegando junto com essas receitas de sorvete maravilhoso sem açúcar!
@kathymancill6484 6 aylar önce
English please
@user-cm2ns5gg3p 4 aylar önce
@@kathymancill6484 תעשה תרגום
@martalovo2753 6 aylar önce
Tudo muito bem feito e parece muito saboroso ,parabéns e obrigada por compartilhar esse conhecimento❤
@ilonarys7234 7 aylar önce
Wszystkie przepisy są super... Bardzo dziękuję ❤
@desihomemadefood 7 aylar önce
Hello ji
@bethechangebevegan853 7 aylar önce
Lovely!! I love that no baby cows were separated from their mothers and vice versa. I love that no cows were used, abused and murdered for this.
@esperanzajuarez5281 6 aylar önce
Buen día q practicos y ricos los voy a ser y después les cuento si me quedaron igual
@gloriarodriguez2607 6 aylar önce
es mentira no no qued a asi el le echa otra cosa miente
@user-on2rx1el8z 2 aylar önce
All the recepies were awesome man
@ESO529 4 aylar önce
These look delicious!! We just started the Mango season and I can imagine that ... if you'd take a ripe one instead of the semi-ripe one you use ... the taste would be absolutely delicious. Thanks for the nice ideas.
@user-ym3yp4ce5j 13 gün önce
Отличные рецепты👍👍👍 Делала с клубникой. Получилось!
@adelzolotova8331 7 aylar önce
Как же аппетитно выглядит☺️👍 Интересно наблюдать за процессом приготовления изумительных рецептов шикарного мужчины🤗 Аккуратно и красиво делает свою работу 👏 Рецепты простые, доступные, а главное- не вредят здоровью ☝️ Продукты, содержащие витамины и фитонутриенты полезны для организма. И никакой химии👍 Круто ✌️ Благодарю автора за прекрасные рецепты. Хочу себе такого повара🧑‍🍳💚
@marildetedasilvafariassant9867 7 aylar önce
Todas práticas e deliciosas! Gratidão!❤❤❤
@teresalipka7201 6 aylar önce
Bardzo dziękuję za przepis !👏👏👏👍👍👍
@gracebal3267 7 aylar önce
Super przepis 😄 Zdrowo smacznie bez sztuczności ❤ Pozdrowienia z 🇵🇱
@emiliacruz6705 7 aylar önce
@ochoonda 7 aylar önce
No sure about the lime and bananas combination?🤔
@annawimpey5307 7 aylar önce
​@@ochoonda and mint. Interesting combination.
@noname-dd3cc 7 aylar önce
@@ochoonda Well, lemon ice cream exists and its quite popular, so I see nothing weird with it. Bananas is jus a sweetener, you need it in any ice cream to make it a sweet dessert.
@ochoonda 7 aylar önce
@noname-dd3cc Not only do lime and banana taste weird together, combining bananas with acidic and subacidic fruits often lead to digestive problems and acidosis
@mariadasgracas777 7 aylar önce
Só receitas deliciosas, só com o doce das frutas ❤❤❤
@LaineyBug2020 7 aylar önce
There is just something about frozen blueberries that hits different! I always freeze mine and all my strawberries & cherries together and then poor a bit of unsweetened heavy whipping cream over them for my treat. It freezes the cream layer and then they slowly thaw as I eat them and the liquid at the end is heavenly!
@Nimoot 7 aylar önce
And there is the funny part about saying "without sugar" ... because there is sugar once you do that with bananas. lol
@user-ig5vc1pj1e 7 aylar önce
В бананах есть фруктоза, она вредна не менее, чем сахар
@DisagereetoAgree 7 aylar önce
Have you guys tried these?
@denjua1 7 aylar önce
@@Nimoot I still prefer fruit sugar over the factory one
@TrinhNguyen-sh4fj 7 aylar önce
This feels more like sherbet rather than ice cream.
@user-wu8ro4sp6y 5 aylar önce
Здравейте, много благодаря за диетичните и лесни за изпълнение рецепти за сладолед! ❤😊❤
@user-gf6wt1xj8s 5 aylar önce
E quem precisa de açúcar com estas frutas maravilhosas!😋👏👏👏
@SeanButterfield-dg6yj 3 aylar önce
As a diabetic, I find this recipe to be perfect when I really want ice cream without sending my blood sugar levels sky high. Danke!
@janinakuczynska7026 8 aylar önce
Różnorodność, prostota , zdrowo i myślę , że smakowite !;) Dzięki, właśnie tego szukałam.
@desihomemadefood 7 aylar önce
Hello ji
@user-ov2lp7zn2k 7 aylar önce
Как легко и красиво,полезно!!! Спасибо, теперь только так буду готовить мороженое!
@mariambeing 7 aylar önce
I'm impressed by how simple is this and must be delicious too, definitely gonna try it! thank you🤩
@ivoneoliveira9366 6 aylar önce
Gostei de todas. Sem açúcar, tudo ao natural e só dois ingredientes!!!! São deliciosamente fantásticas e saudáveis. Parabéns
@southsidecarly7427 7 aylar önce
They all look delicious!🥰I love mango and blueberries but the lime mint one sounds good too! I can’t decide😁 thanks for sharing the video!
@pcmasterracetechgod5660 6 aylar önce
They look great but there is a lot of sugar in fruits, so the title is slightly misleading
@ingridmariakristova7593 6 aylar önce
@@pcmasterracetechgod5660 Cukor v surovom ovocí tvorí s ostatnými zložkami biologicky aktívny komplex, nie je izolovaný. V prirodzenej forme ako súčasť ovocia je prospešný a má dokonca očistný účinok - či na úrovni buniek alebo tráviaceho taktu.
@NailHeavenAshford 6 aylar önce
@pcmasterracetechgod5660 It’s fruit sugar. It’s natural sugar. Foods containing natural sugars offer nutrients that keep your body healthy, provide fast yet stable energy, and keep your metabolism stable. Fruits, for instance, offer essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and folate. Added refined sugars, on the other hand, are harmful in large quantities.
@eleidesantos3197 7 aylar önce
Fiz o de hortelã, ficou delicioso o de manga também. Parabéns. Eleide, Aracaju/SE, Brasil
@jolagr8810 7 aylar önce
Wyglądają przepysznie i zdrowo, będę robić 🙋‍♀️🇵🇱. Pozdrawiam!
@pedrocorreia2285 7 aylar önce
Muito obrigado pela receita. Simples e deliciosa! Cumprimentos
@aracelicosta2450 6 aylar önce
Foi uma grata surpresa cair aqui e estas receitas era o que estava procurando algo assim mesmo: sem açúcar. Obrigada !
@lunarbud2532 7 aylar önce
Я люблю мороженое❤ Спасибо за рецепт 🌸
@mixto2669 Aylar önce
Se ve delicioso! Estoy viendo de Argentina 🇦🇷 ❤saludos 🙋🏻‍♀️🧉
@vilmasoares6189 7 aylar önce
Receitas maravilhosas. Muito obrigada!
@silvanagandolfo7421 7 aylar önce
Amei 💓,eu fazia essas misturas pra dar de papinha para as minhas crianças quando eram bebês, mas o que eles amavam era abacate amassado com açúcar,ou vitamina de abacate banana e açúcar,fica maravilhoso 😍 bjos do Brasil 🇧🇷
@desihomemadefood 7 aylar önce
Hello ji
@lilizamatias 7 aylar önce
a banana é o açúcar do sorvete.
@anhali21931 2 aylar önce
Todas se ven riquísimas hay hacerlas para probarlo gracias x tu receta y tiempo, felicidades y bendiciones !! 🙂👍
@edineusapereira8991 7 aylar önce
Amei essas receitas vou fazer , pq sempre da vondade de tomar um sorvete, e comer um docinho , e dessa forma vou saborear sem me preoculpar com açucar, parabens nota 10 obrigada❤
@marianedelcu2373 6 aylar önce
Multumim ,faina reteta .😊❤
@user-by3xt4bs9w 5 aylar önce
Спасибо, за классные рецепты ❤
@agataniemiec1195 8 aylar önce
Witam ! 😮wszystkie wyglądają kolorowo i smacznie - dziękuję za przepis , Pozdrawiam !
@gimi2395 7 aylar önce
Gracias. No consumo lacteos y esto me cayo perfecto! 🙏
@Veronika8300 7 aylar önce
Потрясающе!!! Никогда бы не подумал, что можно сделать мороженое из банана. Спасибо большое, обязательно попробую! Выглядит очень вкусно!
@audio-tech-fil2287 6 aylar önce
Попробовала? И как?
@Veronika8300 6 aylar önce
@@audio-tech-fil2287 попробовал. Ничего особенного, если честно. На вкус не как мороженое, а как замороженное фруктовое пюре.))) Мороженое нежно тает, а эта штука нет.
@audio-tech-fil2287 6 aylar önce
@@Veronika8300 Спасибо!
@Abigail_27 6 aylar önce
Thank you very much for the recipe it looks delicious and very healthy 😋😋😋
@mariamadalenamedeirosnery1694 6 aylar önce
Maravilhoso vou fazer muito saudável .🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌
@NaziraMimbir-ls9nw 7 aylar önce
Amei as receitas, totalmente saudáveis.❤️
@lidianesaleslopes2206 7 aylar önce
Nossa que fiz o de banana com nescal aqui em casa, para as crianças ela gostaram muito...❤
@desihomemadefood 7 aylar önce
Hello ji
@maria-pia 7 aylar önce
Oh wow 😮😮😮 now I can make this as a present for my dad 😍😍😍😭 thank you He will definitely love it 😊😊
@dagmarp3268 6 aylar önce
Banana + peanut butter + pinch of Cinnamon 😋😋 Banana + Coffee + pinch of Cinnamon 😋😋 Can add little honey
@maria-pia 4 aylar önce
@@dagmarp3268 ohh 😯😯
@flygrace 7 aylar önce
This works very well with peanut butter added to the frozen bananas.
@life4766 2 aylar önce
Большое спасибо! Отличный канал! Отоичные рецепты! ❤
@viviitoriino6970 7 aylar önce
Olá 👋. Sou brasileira. Meu nome é Virgínia e moro no interior de São Paulo. Adorei todas as suas receitas. Vou faze las com certeza. Aqui faz muito calor e um sorvete desses cai muito bem em um dia quente. Abraços ❤
@sandravelozocoelho8482 7 aylar önce
Com maracujá também fica ótimo.
@bozenabukowian1265 8 aylar önce
Bardzo apetyczne i zdrowe, brawo
@judigrumm7190 6 aylar önce
That's how I make mine😁 It's satisfying, delicious and nutritious! Popsicles are great too. I use talents containers for extra for later. It does harden that way though. Greek yogurt added is nice too.
@TerezaMesquitavlogs 7 aylar önce
Que delícia!
@jacquelinehurtadosaravia375 5 aylar önce
Se ven deliciosos y nutritivos Felicitaciones. Gracias
@iraidaruiz9784 Aylar önce
Se ven deliciosos y son saludables, los voy a tratar
@rosangelacortezamendoeira513 7 aylar önce
Sensacional!!!!!!! A banana nos possibilita uma infinidade de combinações .Eu aprecio todas super saudável PARABÉNS ❤❤
@LuciaSantos-ce8tv 8 aylar önce
Delícia saudável! A banana congelada é a base de todos os sabores! Muito bom! Já fiz em casa, somente de banana mesmo! Se quiser pode acrescentar canela!
@AnaMaria-uz1xc 7 aylar önce
@sherylsmiles141 7 aylar önce
Sounds interesting...
@eloinariveramora5334 6 aylar önce
Excelente Idea !!! Muchas Gracias!! Soy diabética y no había encontrado una opción ... Incluso compré una máquina para helados pero igual necesita Leche o crema para batir así que no me sirvió 😢 Pero ahora con esto has resuelto mi dilema!!!! ❤
@onceuponastartv 6 aylar önce
Be careful. Bananas are full of sugar and this will put your sugar levels up.
@josegoncalves7445 6 aylar önce
Que delícia vou fazer parabéns 👏👍
@arelisfajardo8411 5 aylar önce
Que fáciles los helados. Se ven muy ricos y saludables. Gracias. Dios la bendiga 🙏🙏
@milenaplaza3585 7 aylar önce
Hola 👋 muchas gracias por tu receta me encantaron todas y lo mejor con pocos ingredientes se ven deliciosos 😋👍
@cheronlacort467 6 aylar önce
Delicious 😋! As bananas são essenciais! Fiquei com água na boca 😃!👏👏👏💋💙💋! Você é um querido! 💞🍀💞
@ameliaregina1186 7 aylar önce
Adorei ver suas receitas, práticas, saudáveis e rápidas para se fazer, claro tendo as frutas congeladas. Que dá pra providenciar antes, e pode fazer uma sobremesa improvisada. Obrigada 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
@user-rb4lc7wf2u 6 aylar önce
@fannyavalosmojica6710 3 aylar önce
Deliciosas recetas, me gustaría traducír los comentarios al ESPAÑOL !!!!!😢 MUCHAS GRACIAS ❤❤❤
@reynarojas4059 6 aylar önce
Excelente receta muy deliciosa y saludable , económica con frutas de temporada. Muchas gracias por compartir
@patiencesamwinga762 7 aylar önce
I've made this ice cream severally using frozen bananas and strawberries in my nutribullrt blender. The outcome is the same. Very nice in summer
@justaskcan 6 aylar önce
I’ve been making nice cream for years, it’s amazing. Haven’t tried with chocolate but will do so next!
@sylviamaria7804 7 aylar önce
Hummm...😋😋😋 É difícil escolher 1 sabor, porque eu gosto de todos.☺ Obrigada pela receita!
@desihomemadefood 7 aylar önce
Hello ji
@lupitafranco842 7 aylar önce
Donde lo encuentro ese artículo xf
@kendallmoa6133 7 aylar önce
Muy rico y saludable ❤
@nataliiafedotova8725 7 aylar önce
Все рецепты очень вкусные.Спасибо🙂
@user-ml1ng7mo8r 6 aylar önce
Todo me gusta delicioso voy hacer las recetas un saludo de México gracias
@TwilightSparkle-52 6 aylar önce
Я очень сильно люблю бананы. Уверена что мороженное будет вкусным < 3
@mariaaparecidasantospandol2923 7 aylar önce
Amei esse sorvete boa noite
@elcriticodeinternet6060 6 aylar önce
Muy buena receta felicidades y muchas gracias por compartir 👍👍👍👍 SALUDOS DESDE MÉXICO 😜
@meiregontijo3983 8 aylar önce
Muito saudável e parece delicioso!
@Friendship1nmillion 7 aylar önce
With recipe #4 , I'd also add Vietnamese mint pounded in mortar first { and maybe milo instead of the powered cocoa } . *Ingredients I've mentioned are easily found in Australia 🇦🇺 where I'm watching from . ♑️✍️🇸🇯
@hairaulfa5162 7 aylar önce
Delicious i love this ice cream without sugar🤤🤤
@cleonicefreitas1195 4 aylar önce
Maravilhas, eu ja fazia com leite. Adorei. Parabens!
@mc-nw1rk 6 aylar önce
All very natural. Not loaded with sugar! Just delicious fruit. I like all of them!!
@user-sj3fh9om9v 6 aylar önce
Se ve muy rico 😋
@rosangelacides5698 7 aylar önce
Que legal!!! Banana e morango deve ficar ótimo 😋😋😋
@elfriedeleichtfried317 7 aylar önce
Schmeckt super. Ich nehme gefrorene Erdbeeren und frische Bananen. Ur lecker
@patricialopes3241 7 aylar önce
Foi o que pensei!
@alexmendes2547 7 aylar önce
Sim. Strawberry banana!!! O dunkin donuts americano vende. 🎉
@elfriedeleichtfried317 6 aylar önce
@@dagmarp3268 mmmmh, good ideas
@marlenebravo2836 7 aylar önce
Eu amei todas.❤
@user-gd8ok8qn1t 2 aylar önce
Can other fruit be used instead of bananas for the filer . This is a great recipe . Thank you .😊
@user-xb2st3qw2i 7 aylar önce
Мороженое из бананов и молока делала-вкусно! А с манго будет бомба! Благодарю вас!😊❤
@user-dw4uh6oo1q 5 aylar önce
Если вы начали есть мороженое по вечерам, вы создадите в себе зависимость от мороженого по вечерам. Чтоб освободиться от этой привычки, вы испытываете желание мороженого, не удовлетворяя его, и тем самым разрешаете конфликт. Когда речь идёт о вредных привычках, связанных с перееданием, вам просто надо избавляться от большего количества привычек, чем создавать новых.
@mariadelrocioruiz7766 7 aylar önce
MmmmTodos Me gustan Se ven Muy Ricos Gracias
@EmbarkationNation 5 aylar önce
This looks really good! Thank you for sharing with us!
@raimundas.d.l8448 7 aylar önce
Uma delícia ❤
@RafaelaGratidao 6 aylar önce
Gratidão por essas receitas maravilhosas. Muita luz para você.🌻
@sehnazersonmez7540 7 aylar önce
Hepsi çok güzel ve sağlıklı teşekkürler ellerine sağlık ❤❤🫠🫠🫠
@Decorecomarte... 6 aylar önce
Delícia 😋
@kelsiemarx4453 6 aylar önce
I am loving these ice cream glasses, the music, and all these recipes. I will for sure have to try them. Thank you so much for sharing! 😀😀 The banana raspberry looked the tastiest to me😊
@ankiprihvascahapac8694 5 aylar önce
Izgleda jako dobro hvala❤
@MIRA7ful 7 aylar önce
🍹🍑🍍..dziękuję ci za tak smakowity przepis.. absolutne zdrowie🍹🍑🍹
@ximenavazquezperkins69 6 aylar önce
Todos riquísimos!! ❤
@erikacruzpalomares2264 6 aylar önce
Gracias por sus recetas saludables, Dios lo siga cuidando, Bendiciones 🙏👼
@albinasisic6273 6 aylar önce
Meni su svi, jako ljepi. I što je najvažije zdravi su. Hvala na receptima.
@elyaguilas01 7 aylar önce
Excelente idea, digo, me gusta con leche, pero cuando termine de hacer el helado, lo vuelvo a meter al congelador, para que quede más sólido 😋😋😋😋 Saludos desde México
@NormaveronicaRODRIGUEZ-sb5uu 6 aylar önce
Me encantan Helado sin Azúcar si Leche de frutas 🍦
@sandrabarbosa7321 7 aylar önce
Logo de início já amei a primeira, a segunda e todas as outras. ❤️
@claucemicro1080 6 aylar önce
👏🏼 Me gustó que la base fuera el plátano congelado en todos los ejemplos, con eso en mente, podemos hacer múltiples combinaciones.
@fredatoussaint9162 6 aylar önce
Delicious! Delicioso! Délicieux!
@barbaraaguilera9979 6 aylar önce
Como siempre perfecto, los voy a hacer todos 🍦🍦🍦👏👏❤❤
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