The BAM: Russia's Unknown Trans-Siberian Train🇷🇺

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bald and bankrupt

bald and bankrupt

2 yıl önce

🇷🇺 We have all heard of the Trans-Siberian, Russia's mega train journey that crosses Siberia as it skirts the Chinese border. But few have heard of the even more impressive B.A.M ( Baikal Amur Mainline ) which passes through virgin forest in the middle of Siberia. Built in the 1970s by young communists, the BAM is the greatest construction project of the 20th Century. And yet it is unknown in the West.
I decided to go and ride this unknown journey across northern Siberia and speak to the people who came to build it. Join me as we ride 'The Bam'!
The journey route: Tayshet-Severobaykalsk-Novi Uoyan-Tinda
Instagram: realbaldandbankrupt

@morter355 2 yıl önce
Человек, который делает для туризма России больше, чем все министерства. Спасибо!
@javelinIX 2 yıl önce
My grandfather was a colonel in the army in charge of building rail lines at the time that the BAM was built. People who were high ranking in the army were often sent to lead the building of that line for 5 years at a time, then after 5 years a new group would arrive. The average normal worker worked there for 2 years, he says. Because it was so brutal out there (my grandfather says that some men woke up in the middle of the night with their hair completely frozen to their pillow), people who worked on the BAM had benefits like being able to retire early, and having a pension that pays more than normal. They were also given a salary that was double that of a person of the same rank not working on the BAM. It was a big commitment to go out there and work on the rail lines. Many chose to bring their entire families over with them to avoid the family falling apart after 5 years of being gone. Others choosing not to go build the BAM were instead sent to places like Kiev or St. Petersburg to work on the rail lines there. Just thought I'd share a bit. My family's eyes lit up when I showed them this video. Brought back some memories for them.
@andrewwilliams5772 2 yıl önce
Gotta say, as an American, learning about all these little Russian towns and republics and train stations is weirdly interesting. What a fascinating country.
@mac7664 2 yıl önce
I’m having one of the worst times in my life mentally, health wise and financially. As soon as I came across your channel and watched a few of them I felt my mood lift instantly. Due to my health issues I have only been able to leave my home 7 times this year and it’s now November!! I feel as if I’m escaping through you. Please keep them coming. Keep safe n sane chap
@AdamBerkeley 2 yıl önce
3501 kms?!??!!?? My god that’s incredible. I’m learning so much from this channel. It’s also making people from other countries more human. Amazing stuff Bald thank you.
@louistremblay1218 2 yıl önce
Man gotta say, im not like an absolute avid watcher of your channel, but you’ve got such a positive attitude towards life in general and it really puts a smile on my face, even in the less than ideal days, Thank you for doing what you’re doing man!
@rgj5832 2 yıl önce
I agree with you, Bald is always so positive about the smallest things.
@cicolas_nage 2 yıl önce
whenever he goes exploring around the train stations i get progressively more anxious that the train's going to leave
@StopZombies 2 yıl önce
Without coat in minus temperatures
@rajaraja-jz4hw 2 yıl önce
@rtd229 2 yıl önce
@hannakinn 2 yıl önce
Lol, me as well
@Adam2050 2 yıl önce
Not just me then :D
@olegslivnyak5317 2 yıl önce
Fun to see places from my past. I was one of those who built the railroad back in the day. Saw the Tynda Vokzal being constructed.
@iLeoKen 2 yıl önce
Thanks for this great documentary Benjamin! I just want to let you know that not only the CCCP countries were involved, even my (West-)German Grandfather got invited as an engineer to support the construction of the BAM infrastructure in the late 1970th. It was a fascinating time back then, right before the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow…
@slava54321 2 yıl önce
Я русский из Петербурга, мне 37 лет, коренной Петербуржец, но мне после этого видео стыдно! Я даже английский не знаю и смотрел с субтитрами, но за эти 35 минут узнал так много информации и так интересно она подана, что думаю ни один учитель в России так бы интересно и увлекательно не смог бы рассказать про БАМ! После этого ролика хочется гуглить, гуглить и ещё раз гуглить более подробно про великий БАМ!
@johnritson3023 Yıl önce
Ben's fantastic humour and empathy for the people he meets really makes this series a special experience.
@chrissharkeyai 2 yıl önce
I really found the librarians comments interesting about the feeling of family during communism. It must have been so interesting to live in those times! What a service Benjamin is doing for all of us in exposing this in such detail. I really enjoy this.
@keithwhitney7491 2 yıl önce
In 1969 I was in Japan. My job took me near Russian airspace. Although it had very little coverage in the West, the conflict between China and Russia was well known to some, especially those who had immigrated to Hokkaido. I can only guess that it was as secretive as it was because two countries claiming to have established the perfect form of government (communism) would be in a border conflict. I came back to the USA and returned to college. Interestingly no one ever mentioned the conflict in any class I took (a state university in Illinois). Since I took 30 semester hours of Russian some 52 years ago (hence I have forgotten most of it), I loved listening to the language being spoken in travel. I am now past 75, so I am not certain I will get to make the trip, so thank you for taking us along on your journey.
@WhereDoWeTravelNow 2 yıl önce
The moment you reached the lake was really special for me. I've dreamt about getting there since I was a kid. I will definitely go and film some stuff there, too, one day! Absolutely amazing video, mate!
@schweinhund7966 2 yıl önce
For a non-Russian I have studied a LOT about Russia/USSR both personally and academically, but this is the first time I heard of the BAM! Thank you for the candid education! I continue to learn about Russia. In a humorous context, I would NOT rub Lenin’s head for good luck.😬
@kikibibiki1127 2 yıl önce
Man, your channel is truly a gem. My mother worked in many Siberian cities as a doctor, and told me a lot about people, architecture, nature and so on, so glad that now I can watch it. Большое человеческое спасибо за ваш труд.
@user-dw6yj9rx9g Yıl önce
Бенжамин, спасибо за ролики! Смотрел про БАМ не отрываясь! Ты супер! Так круто передать дух Сибири и простого человеческого отношения. А главное умение коммуницировать со всеми и не бояться ничего.
@Ingens_Scherz 2 yıl önce
I don't know how he does it. It is like he has an entire crew with him - you know, like Palin and those other indefatigable travellers. The editing alone is fantastic. And, apart from the utterly fascinating subject matter, beautiful scenery and masterful commentary, there are all these little touches everywhere that act like punctuation marks or conjunctions linking the "text" together. It's brilliant stuff. Award winning really, but there is no TRshow category at the Emmys. There should be!
@baldandbankrupt 2 yıl önce
Cheers mate
@SyntaxErr19287 2 yıl önce
@@baldandbankrupt bri’ish be like *recieves heart felt comment* Cheers m8
@maureenalder8905 2 yıl önce
Well put Ingens 👏👍
@merakibeats 2 yıl önce
Palin is nothing in comparison with bald. Thinking he's talking with real citizens of North Korea 😂
@generaljainitor 2 yıl önce
@@baldandbankrupt How humble.
@arturvoveris695 2 yıl önce
My grandfather was apart of the BAM project. It’s cool to see the type of places he could have been in.
@Wuff2000 2 yıl önce
Greetings here from Germany. I start watching your journey some weeks ago and i can feel the spirit. I was 2 years working in ukraine, living in a small city between the locals. And it was so nice. Back to germany i told my collegues when they were complaining about work and life, go there and you will know what you have at home. Greetings to all people in the East you have my greatest respect.
@romanjustroman7445 2 yıl önce
Спасибо, было очень интересно! Я вряд ли когда-нибудь смогу побывать в этих местах, поэтому здорово взглянуть на далёкие уголки своей страны глазами иностранца, перед которым вежливо открывают все двери :D Вежливые работницы культуры из Ленинграда - отдельная тема. Прямо гордость берет.
@MekoUnknown 2 yıl önce
I could honestly live in some of these Siberian towns. Reminds me of my time in the Canadian north. Decent people, quiet life.
@nicklowe2254 2 yıl önce
Bald’s videos put a smile on my face. No pretension, no fancy music/graphics. Just raw passionate vlogging. Will be a dark day when Bald gives this up.
@nuffzed2001 2 yıl önce
he might get signed up to work on a travel channel to be a presenter with a bigger budget? But we've seen how theres a different vibe when he doesn't speak the language of places like Cuba or Mexico, and how his best work is when he speaks to the locals in russian, so I really dont know?
@Ichhabechris 2 yıl önce
Raw passionate vlogging 🤣🤣🤣
@rtushar61 2 yıl önce
Absolutely. I hope he continues at least in the foreseeable future!
@completelyleftover7695 2 yıl önce
No pretension my ass
@algernoncalydon3430 2 yıl önce
A memorial to the builders of the BAM railway. They should have a similar monument for the three guys who built the Mandurah to Perth rail line in Australia. Used to drive along that while it was being built and there was hundreds of workers all standing around bullshitting ans three guys who actually did something. They should memorialize those three who actually worked.
@BicMacAndChips1 2 yıl önce
Can't talk highly enough of Bald and his videos. No other channel comes close to cultural immersion and historical education. This is exactly what TRshow was made for.
@stlouisix3 2 yıl önce
Bald is a better history teacher through his vlogs than any that I had
@shangri-leicht8923 Yıl önce
Man, russian people are so incredibly friendly. Couldnt imagine people being that open back here in Europe
@63Limar Yıl önce
People are curious about a foreigner. Especially in such incredibly distant lands of the far east of Russia.
@rhysbishop6963 9 aylar önce
This brought back so many memories! I travelled the BAM railway back in 2007 and had a very similar experience with a guy snoring so loudly I had zero sleep! Lol Great seeing the landscape and towns along the way. It's a beautiful part of the world :)
@HenkBurgstra 2 yıl önce
The storytelling, the encounters, the filming and editing, it's all pure gold. The sheer amount of research that must have gone into making these episodes is mind boggling. You have a great gift, thank you so much for sharing it with us.
@MrThirst 2 yıl önce
Whats great is that there must be a massive amount of planning involved, but he films in such a way it he makes it seem like he just jumps off the train and goes for a walkabout until he finds something interesting.
@ptuparttimeutuber2236 2 yıl önce
@@MrThirst so his jumping off the trains is preplanned?!
@babymammuth5074 2 yıl önce
@@ptuparttimeutuber2236 yeah dude it isnt planned, we just happen to see the best parts of it
@ptuparttimeutuber2236 2 yıl önce
@@babymammuth5074 but that’s not what the commenters saying though.
@sylvesterprimus1392 2 yıl önce
Thats why we were addicted to his bald head 😂😂😂😂
@joshweinstein5345 2 yıl önce
As a railway and soviet history buff, what a treat to learn about BAM, which seems like the real "Trans Siberian Railway" as opposed to the other one everyone is always blagging on about. As always with Bald, I feel like we get to see the real Russia here but also, incredibly informative history lessons delivered with a world class sense of humor. There is no one else like him.
@nanomac4147 2 yıl önce
Stumbled in this geezer by accident. Great videos. None of the usual condescension you usually get when interacting with ordinary Russians people. Great to see him interact with all the mature Russian ladies! Hope to visit Russia soon and this video has inspired me to go off the beaten (rail) track! Well done, sir - my compliments!
@MrCc4pm 2 yıl önce
I experienced -42c in Krasnoyarsk December/January 2010. It was strange as it was not as "cold" as you imagine, as it was very dry. These are really great videos.
@nobodijs 2 yıl önce
As a Latvian, I learned something new about our people from a British man in Siberia. What an odd world we live in... I love it! Thank you.
@mczeljk 2 yıl önce
I like to think this is what the internet is intended to do!
@Willisters1 2 yıl önce
wikipedia says it was built by people from lithuania
@albusmortis 2 yıl önce
@@Willisters1 all the Baltic states were in SSSR at that times, so lots of people from different countries were building BAM. My grandfather was also working there.
@jackhartmann1084 2 yıl önce
just discovered your channel, its reinstated my desire to learn the Russian language. So much of the world could be explored comfortably and safely if you know Russian. Earned my subscription and fan status.
@TheColossalBlanket 2 yıl önce
From one bald 40 something English man to another I thank you for inspiring me. For a long time I've wanted to take a long term solo trip around the world but haven't for so many reasons. Watching your videos have inspired me enough to start planning for a trip next year. You're a legend 👍.
@bix3335 7 aylar önce
Watching this now makes me wonder if the guy at 29:00 is safe. After all that has happened to those who speak out against the war, I hope he is ok.
@1658iain 2 yıl önce
Thanks for yet another great video! Fascinating as always! It is strange how the much respected, well travelled The Man in Seat 61 in his book "A guide to train travel beyond Europe" on page 78 writes just 4 lines in total on this incredible rail route. Indeed, his final sentence on the BAM is "...this route is of little interest to most Western travellers". The over 1.3million views in just 4 days might suggest otherwise...
@1658iain 2 yıl önce
The Man in Seat 61?
@pongopigpen9056 2 yıl önce
Well Ben I've always longed to travel in Russia. I only found your channel due to my interest in ekranoplans and I've been binge watching ever since. I read somewhere you are giving up blogging but I hope that's not true. I'm 60 now and I think next year I'll be breaking my Russian travel virginity. Thanks for all the great videos you've done... you're a real inspiration. Shalom brother.
@aleksey4e 2 yıl önce
(Пишу на русском, потому что по видео понял, что вы хорошо его понимаете) Искренне считаю БАМ более интересным, чем Транссиб: и по архитектуре, и по видам из окна. Рад, что благодаря этому видео про БАМ за рубежом узнает чуть больше людей!
@Alex_1984 2 yıl önce
My parents who joined the BAM construction in the early 80s always say that they felt like pioneers colonizing a new untouched planet. The youth of humanity got together on that project, enthusiastic and full of aspiration for the bright future of mankind, an interstellar communist future.
@Alex_1984 2 yıl önce
@@yuriythebest Ναι φίλε μου, είμαι από Ελλάδα. Ο πατέρας μου είναι Έλληνας τού Πόντου, από εκείνους που έγκατασταθηκαν στην τσαρική Ρωσία γύρω στο 1917. Μετά τον δεύτερο παγκόσμιο, μετακινήθηκαν στο Καζαχστάν, εκεί γεννήθηκε ο πατέρας μου κι από εκεί ξεκίνησε για το БАМ. Εγώ γεννήθηκα σε μία μικρή πόλη 300 χιλιόμετρα νότια του Γιακούτσκ, το Τομμοτ.
@Alex_1984 2 yıl önce
@@yuriythebest Στην Ελλάδα ήρθαμε μετά την κατάρευση τής Σοβιετικής Ένωσης.
@Alex_1984 2 yıl önce
@@yuriythebest Μπράβο σου που προσπαθείς να κρατήσεις τα ελληνικά! Μια γλώσσα είναι σαν επιπλέον ζευγάρι μάτια για να βλέπεις τον κόσμο.
@RochelleM491 Yıl önce
Awesome..! As a long term railroad enthusiast, this is best well produced content that I have ever seen. I also appreciate his multi-language skills., it takes a very sharp brain to successfully execute both English and Russian languages in a foreign environment. Of course, each time he got off the train to observe the various city cultures; I did worry that he might get left behind without his!
@NewCityMedia 2 yıl önce
Ben, I think this is the best video you've ever done! So glad you're back into Soviet 'adventurising'! So much information in this one; what a trip! More railway travels please!
@happyyasu09 8 aylar önce
The water in lake Baikal has purity of distilled water, that's why it's safe to drink it, not because it has some special purposes :) The purity achieved by special type of algae that lives in the lake and also the numerous hundreds of tiny rivers that run their course from snowy mountains.
@michaelambrosano938 Yıl önce
I LOVE this guy!!! He keeps it real,..what an amazing ability to go from what sounds like a British accent to a very authentic Russian accent,..very cool
@florianmeier3186 Yıl önce
Well, we were told that at school in geography, where BAM was written on our atlas map. Also the strategic importance of the track was mentioned and the pioneers building it. But we got only a hadmade Super-8 film of our teacher from the Transib shown as BAM was hard to reach by Western tourists in those days. Later, German TV journalist Gerd Ruge who came to siberia firstly already in the 1950s, made some documentation films about Siberia and wrote books, where Tynda was also mentioned. However, great to learn more about these rather remote places. The train stations to some extend remind me to Bratislava Hlavna Stanica which has some similarity in style. Also similar coffee glasses, I saw in Morava in Eastern Czech, however not that "heavy duty" like BAM ones - some remnants of the huge empire...
@willworkfordoge 2 yıl önce
You and Harald should do another series. Those are always the most epic.
@MishaElRusito 2 yıl önce
Learning about my country through the eyes of a foreigner. What a nice ride!
@BridgesDontFly 2 yıl önce
You named your mirror?
@RajaHindustaniEkNumber 2 yıl önce
@anneDoshka 2 yıl önce
Me sorprende verte aqui haha , muy bien!
@franccesconavokov7724 2 yıl önce
mi compa el rusito , ven a México.
@johanbruijnooge6818 2 yıl önce
@@fredcarter2894 Look! Soviet chemtrails.
@REPOMAN24722 2 yıl önce
Soviet architecture is truly beautiful.
@Vic-qp1gk 2 yıl önce
Lake Baikal reminds me a lot of Lake Superior. It's odd that a foreigner is teaching me more about my old country than any of the schools ever did. While I myself explore the US nature wonders
@patricklemmer9902 Yıl önce
Russia definitely has some of the most amazing scenery. Absolutely breathtaking landscapes.
@HKHBB Yıl önce
i like how the Russian guy on the train, turns off his TV, when media says bad things about Ukraine and the West. I do the same. I am so tired of this "balls-size-competition" between West and East. So I do the same, when the West portraits the East like villains! Turn off the TV.. Thank you Bald for a great cultural experience.
Every day I check TRshow hoping to see a new Bald and Bankrupt video!!! Today is a good day. Thank you for all your amazing content sir. best wishes, Mike
@santaclawz4431 2 yıl önce
These are his last videos in a QnA 9 months ago he said that he has another 8-9 months of youtube , after he has visited the last soviet destinations he is going to quit youtube and become an author or a photographer
@yo-hydro815 2 yıl önce
@@santaclawz4431 he said this?? Chasing his dreams I suppose
@kismetau 2 yıl önce
You should turn on the notifications so you don’t need to check YT everyday and you can see his videos as soon as they’re posted.
@mik3ymomo 2 yıl önce
He is a legend.
@santaclawz4431 2 yıl önce
@@yo-hydro815 yes you can find the video in the Indian playlist I think
@philipmulville8218 2 yıl önce
I enjoyed every minute of this video. Bald does more to improve international relations than any politician. Wonderful.
@jackbarhillel1065 Yıl önce
One of the wierdest things in Russia is that with virtually infinite space and territory, they insist to live in 20 m² appartments and 4 m² hotel rooms... That's one of the most puzzling mysteries of the world to me.
@dmitripogosian5084 Yıl önce
Tell this to people in Toronto or Vancouver :) At least Russian 20 m^2 appartments came to them often for free :) BTW, when a russian says 20 m^2 this, at least traditionally (not sure about moderm marketing), does not include corridors, bathrooms or kitchen, only strictly living space
@fnln3181 Yıl önce
Ben, this BAM adventure was really neat. Amazing how different people 'put their own touches' on the different places along the railway. Nice cup. Cheers.
@vkir89 2 yıl önce
Kudos for the language skill!! Super impressive! Cheers from a Russian living in USA, need to travel on BAM some day after seeing your vids :)
@sdrawkcabUK 2 yıl önce
Fascinating.... crazy how the BAM is one of the engineering marvels of the world yet no one's heard of it. B&B - have you ever trying to go to those incredibly remote towns and villages beyond the road network in northern Siberia? I always look at the map and wonder what life is like in those places
@molamola8305 2 yıl önce
3M+ subs and still no annoying promotions in between just 100% authentic videos with great introspect, editing, commentary. Endless love to this man.
@jameslaude3654 2 yıl önce
Benjamin deserves a lifetime award for sure. A hero
@rtd229 2 yıl önce
@gregruland1934 2 yıl önce
I am inexplicably drawn to these places and you make them so real to me. Such authenticity - at least as authentic as an old reprobate like you could ever be. Thank you so much for these wonderful adventures you make possible for me to take, at least vicariously. Cheers to you, Baldy. ty
@jackkreacherr9339 2 yıl önce
I admire what you do with these videos, and how much stress you actually must deal with. Stay safe brother
@mandyocallaghan9809 2 yıl önce
You are right, there are moments on every trip that make it all worthwhile and for me that usually involves nature or trying some amazing food for the first time or having a moment that you could only have in the country you are in!
@hardikyewale5291 2 yıl önce
Indian here, you all know how loud and cheerful india is most of the places. I am just astonished and in awe of these countries who have such a quite atmosphere even in places like railway stations. Feels alien. But benjamin, what a soothing experience mate, always love them.
@irishemerald9649 2 yıl önce
I remember reading a fascinating book by an author called Dervla Murphy, somewhat of a predecessor to Bald and Bankrupt. In her mid seventies and despite not speaking Russian she travelled alone across Siberia by the BAM in 2005 and became great friends with many Siberians, especially in Severobaikalsk. She also had a brilliant picture of the Winter Garden where there actually used to be a Flamingo called Yuri, who landed there by accident! She also loved a good beer with the locals just like Mr. Bald! The book is called Through Siberia By Accident and is a brilliant read!
@formxshape 2 yıl önce
Thank you, I will try to find a copy.
@steve9542000 2 yıl önce
Thanks for the info mate.
@missmojo8779 2 yıl önce
She also travelled from Ireland to India by bike. Great Traveller!
@vadermasktruth 2 yıl önce
I just tracked it down. It looks great!
@dzalbo 2 yıl önce
I read all of her books! She is a legend!
@caseysmith544 2 yıl önce
Trans Siberia Looks really similar to South Dakota and the Northern Plains that go into Canada. It is very open little trees, with few people per mile, with lots of big farms to feed the Canadian and USA populations. It would feel like home almost where I have lived since 2001 at age 12 in South Dakota and the Northern Plains. The Cold winter would be similar though probably a tick colder in Russia due to that being less obstructed.
@afitlife 2 yıl önce
What a great film about this interesting part of the world. Learning new things. About amazing places and people. Would love to see the mountains and some more of nature there as well. Thank you Benjamin (and the people along the way). Greetings from Holland!
@infausty 2 yıl önce
Thank you for a very objective description of my home-country. I was born on the remains on the Soviet Union as a Russian, was raised as a person of second class, applied for Estonian citizenship and then...left the country. It has too much of the painfully cold sadness that I am not willing to stand. Hope things will change someday!
@annextheupforwisconsin7088 Yıl önce
You can tell that lady doesnt get to conduct tours often, especially not with a foreigner. She was very happy to show you around.
@richardstorer-adam7222 2 yıl önce
B & B you are the best teacher I have ever had. I love the channel and appreciate the huge effort you go to to bring us the amazing content.Thank you. Stay safe...
@eyedocguy 2 yıl önce
Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” You are helping all of us by being our surrogate traveler in Russia. Thank you very much.
@vasilissa4565 2 yıl önce
Thanks for this citation, this is truely how it goes in life. The more you travel, the more you understand that the humans and places are diverse but yet pretty, and that you'd be a fool if you chose to stay at your cosy coach for life
@heavy_peace8872 2 yıl önce
If I may add, "The more I travel, the less I know." Anthony Bourdain said it but he may have been quoting someone else;
@Phatestlasonorite 2 yıl önce
Great comment 🙏
@lukemccann 2 yıl önce
@vasilissa4565 2 yıl önce
@@4398flsdj Do you mean that travelling remove diversity? Why?
@mitozzz9611 7 aylar önce
Might be too late, but the town you stopped in at 7:00 is called Ust-Kut, for the fact that it has mouth of river Kuta (Ust'e = mouth, hence the name, like all of Ust- cities and towns). However, it is also called "The town of three names - Ust-Kut (airport/main name), Lena (railway station), and Osetrovo (port, which used to be the largest in the USSR). Still, I was really glad seeing somebody seeing my hometown! Great video, thank you!:)
@foreveranime2785 2 yıl önce
Thanks for this video, mate! It was quite amazing. I felt like I was on the journey with you! I love Russia, and I wanna do the same when I of course have time!
@janmateusz964 2 yıl önce
So glad that you finally discovered the hidden gem of Soviet train station hotels ❤
@janiskirss290 2 yıl önce
So Cool, travelling and living, enjoying life 🙂👍 Was cool to see part of Latvia on The BAM ❤️ Greetings from Norway Latvian
@robstammers7149 2 yıl önce
What a discovery your videos are, absolutely bloody great watch and educational too, I particularly love train journey stuff, this one was exceptional.
@Altpfurz 2 yıl önce
A lot of thanks for this awesome video. Your russian is excellent. I'd like to update your geographic mistake. When you talk about the Lena river you say that Lena flows out of Baikal lake. It's not correct. The only river which flows out of Baikal is Angara. The source of Lena river is located about 10 km from western bank of Baikal at the distance of about 200 km to Severobaikalsk. The station Lena is unique place in Russia. There is the only railroad bridge over Lena, the city in there is Ust-Kut, but the wharf has the name Osetrovo. So, the city, railway station and wharf have three different names. Thank you so much.
@maxavail 2 yıl önce
Benjamin's travel videos are truly unique and his social skills off the charts.
@justwondering1967 2 yıl önce
He gets a lot out of them. I would be run out of the village if I were mucking about there.
@justwondering1967 2 yıl önce
read me no, his expertise only makes it look like that.
@Surgay.Vladimir Yıl önce
Никогда в жизни не был в дворце культуры. Или в привокзальном отеле. А там вон что оказывается! Спасибо, Бен))
@sneakybudda 2 yıl önce
Honestly Benjamin how do you not have your own Netflix series. Your adventures always make me smile and in these dark times I think this is what everyone needs a bit of Baldy medication. Your a modern day Michael Palin with cheeky wit and humour. Am glad to see your better from your bout of COVID. Keep up the good work mate 👍🏻
@danielharris9000 2 yıl önce
Makes me think of my adventures being stationed in Germany. Never could have imagined having running gun battles in Iraq were every bit as wild finding small non tourist towns in Europe. The world's an amazing place. Seeing this takes me back and reminds me of that.
@simonbates8735 Yıl önce
Benjamin this evening I have watched your TRshow videos from St Petersburg eastwards. Thank you a brilliant series. I am really impressed with your Russian and how you interact with the locals. For some unknown reason and only having been to Moscow three times on business, I love Russia and would like to visit as you have done. Thank you for your wonderful videos
@maciekszymanski6898 2 yıl önce
Not overly unknown. In Poland for instance in seventies press regularly reported progress at BAM construction so we knew about it pretty well.
@christopherx7428 6 aylar önce
Really impressive project! The same goes for the railway lines north to Vorkuta, Nadym and Niznij Bestjach. The vastness and emptiness of Siberia is hard to understand. Thanks for this insight in what it is like.
@Beemstar 2 yıl önce
Bald finding a lush, green, arboretum in the cold of Siberia in a gray building was breathtaking in a way. one of his best videos yet.
@kingjasko 2 yıl önce
yeah, i for some reason also felt it is up there among his best videos ever, the lady towards the end talking about 70s and 80s did it for me, as well :)
@VasilyMusic 2 yıl önce
Winter gardens are a real deal in Russia, people want to visit a bit of the tropics sometimes in those cold long winters
@bentp4891 2 yıl önce
I know right. Who'd guess you'd find tropical plants and turtles in a giant greenhouse in Siberia
@PaulV. 2 yıl önce
Yes I agree. Its felt like some place from colony on Mars.
@designthescenes 2 yıl önce
I am learning so much from your channel Mr bald, I am starting to apply similar principles to my videos. All this raw, non-scripted vibe really does feel good. Your videos are awesome.
@conorgreen3384 2 yıl önce
I've been a follower for about a year, but these last few videos have been so good. Your experience is showing and it really is so insightful to see and learn aboit these places that otherwise i would have had no exposure to.
@edwardkielbasa5950 2 yıl önce
That lake was a true landmark, what a beautiful piece of nature :OO
@spiralnegative Yıl önce
Crossing Russia on a train has been on my list for a few years and I found these videos so entertaining and well-made! Молодец! Is Tinda where your journey ended?
@douglasharre7156 2 yıl önce
Geography teacher here. Absolutely cracking first 90 seconds in terms of catching the audience's attention, and keeping it for the rest of the video. A stunning lesson in how geography, economics and politics intersect. I spent the next 3 hours reading up on everything I could find about the BAM etc..:-).
@ThisHandleWasTheOnly1Available 2 yıl önce
When I was a kid, growing up in the 1980's Soviet Union, the BAM was omnipresent on the TV. Every news program would have a segment dedicated to it.
@xRob 2 yıl önce
you are a good teacher, i would love to join your classes
@BillLowenburg 2 yıl önce
I taught geography as well, now retired. Baldy is the best ambassador for the subject that I've ever come across.
@tomholmes6383 2 yıl önce
check out Colin Thubrons in Siberia and the amur, both filled with lots of good info and travel tales
@bongdonkey 2 yıl önce
@@BillLowenburg Wow! His videos barely touch on anything though. You might wanna look @ a wider variety of YT videos then. I.M.O.
@Darkboy2525 Yıl önce
Man, I love these video's. You documented everything so well. Thank you tons for this, I had a most wonderful night watching your video's in Russia, wauw !!
@richardlee5084 2 yıl önce
His fluency in language is beautiful and allows people to seamlessly move between languages or remain in one while talking to him.
@brunnentor1 Yıl önce
Such a beautiful ride. I would never have known how beautiful it is there had I not seen this video.
@johnvanbeek5671 2 yıl önce
That brings back memories when I worked in the West Siberian oilfields. Train from Surgut to Salym and vv and Salym to tyumen . Some time ago 2004 til 2010.
@fnln3181 Yıl önce
One thing to remember if you're going to be Bald's traveling companion: NO SNORING; or give him a pair of quality 'Soviet' earplugs!!!
@markharrisllb 2 yıl önce
I’m not sure what is the best thing about this channel, Benjamin's love of people or his passion for their history. He's never loutish, rude or arrogant, just genuinely interested and he definitely has a way with the babushkas.
@roberthayter157 2 yıl önce
Totally agree. His respect for people is so laudable.
@veritas2145 2 yıl önce
@@fcoquezada huh???
@yeett173 2 yıl önce
@@fcoquezada lol there are plenty he didn't give on camera.
@sal2841 2 yıl önce
@@fcoquezada not like he goes out of his way to show you him giving people money, if anything he does it so casually as to not make a big deal out of it. Why people always look for or make a negative take on things is beyond me.
@Cheezdealer 2 yıl önce
@@fcoquezada You mean like giving the pleasant employees a tip? I'd say at the absolute worst it's a cheeky way for him to gain a little admiration from us showing he appreciates those workers. If he made a point to approach them in person and insisted they take his money and film their reaction (and did it excessively) I might agree, but that's pretty far from what he's doing.
@beerrun4612 Yıl önce
You were gifted a BAM mug on the train. That is an AWESOME TROPHY! Thanks again Mr. Benjamin for an impossibly personal view of the other side of the world.
@tsmith7574 2 yıl önce
Consider visiting Yakutsk. I got there via land on the BAM to Tynda in winter 2010. From there (or a nearby train stop, can’t recall anymore), you can take a 6 hour taxi ride to Yakutsk.
@NickReno100 2 yıl önce
Проехал/пролетел от воточного до западного побережья Америки. Бывал и в южных штатах. Красиво. My wife and I travelled all the way through from East to West coast (US), including Southern States. Beautiful Country. I happened to be in Siberia in 1970s. And my apologies about Russian snoring dude. I had such experience myself. 😎 👍
@parkercushingable Yıl önce
That arboretum as you call it is such a trip. It's in perfect shape like it's brand new, you can tell the workers there care about it. Imagine popping in there in the dead of a Siberian winter.
@momphert2026 Yıl önce
I envy you your Russian. I have tried to learn more than once in my life and never got very far. I wish they had managed to reinvigorate the Soviet Union like the Chinese did with their country, rather than letting it fall apart.
@Slavandic 2 yıl önce
Every time Ben walks away from the station I get slight anxiety he’s gonna miss the train 😂
@chrisamies2141 2 yıl önce
yes, especially "my train leaves in ten minutes so I'm about to have a sit-down lunch."
@sku32956 2 yıl önce
Funny you should say that he just marches out like not a thing on his mind .It would be hard for me to journey out too far thinking of missing the dam train .
@Thellbro 2 yıl önce
@@chrisamies2141 I hate stress eating!
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