Modern House Transformation | Couple Building Family Homesteading - Timelapse in 40 minute

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2 yıl önce

We shot frames for this video for five years, all this time we were building our house and now we continue to equip it. At this stage, we spent about $ 30,000 for the entire house, along with its filling. This cost includes only the cost of materials, since we carried out all construction work independently.
We are a happy young couple Gena and Vita.
We like to build a house with our own hands, so we feel as independent as possible and realize ourselves creatively.
We enjoy making videos and try to make them useful. Therefore, we will develop ourselves and continue to develop this channel.
We have many more construction projects that we will definitely surprise you with.
If you support family values and love to create with your own hands, welcome to our family "CREATIVE COUPLE"

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@CREATIVE_COUPLE 4 aylar önce
*We recommend to see how we built a small cozy house. Completed Timelapse:*
@640A 2 yıl önce
This couple is perfect for each other with their never-ending DIY adventures and they're setting a good example for their kids!
@youarentyoungforever Yıl önce
@GemPotagueule Yıl önce
And others (I mean not only their kids, but other ppl and other ppl kids too) As humans we tend to look up at ppl who inspires us, or give us the energy, the confidence to do what we wish to do. We are all just big kids ^^
@carlsoll Yıl önce
Oh my god yeah
@mysterytour5983 Yıl önce
Hope those good people will be safe! It breaks my heart to know it might be destroyed by a crazy bastard!
@KrustyKlown Yıl önce
Awesome how his wife supports and helps, makes for a strong family ... after 2 divorces from "non-supporters', I envy them.
@mariareginarezende 26 gün önce
Esses dois ganharam na loteria mutuamente ,que parceria !!! Deus abençoe essa família ❤❤❤❤❤
@berniemcginley3616 11 aylar önce
NEVER would've thought I'd watch a FORTY MINUTE video of someone building their dream home.... couldn't stop watching, DIDN'T fast-forward! GREAT JOB..... and thanks for sharing it with us!
@soksannchea3574 11 aylar önce
same here lol very good video
@astarothnyarlathotep3815 10 aylar önce
We didn't need to, they did so when there was any reason to.
@yokotaashi 9 aylar önce
Every time they did something cool, they did something cooler. Until the end. wow
@scottperry3523 4 aylar önce
Yup... Me too, watched the whole thing- ads & all! Well done!
@markeinerwold3192 11 aylar önce
Just found this, I've been a builder in America for 35 years, this is absolutely stunning, wish I could find 20 with this couples work ethic and quality of craftsmanship you should be proud.
@michaelcasal3857 10 aylar önce
Yes, it is a beautiful house. But the beautiful family who makes it their home is skilled, creative, hard working, playful and fun. Their parents should be proud as well. Let them be safe during this war. From the pinned post above from the family, I think they are strong willed as well.
@jeffpowers1979 11 aylar önce
I have been in construction for 58 years and love the house design. I have never seen anything like it. All of you interior accents and designs are wonderful. Top Notch! A+ 😎
@luiscarlosdesouza2257 Aylar önce
Olha eu simplesmente adorei o trabalho de vocês, parabéns!
@JamesJohnson-sn4jm 11 aylar önce
I absolutely love how you two built this beautiful home. I just hope and pray that it is still standing and flourishing with this crappy war going on in Ukraine.
@PeanutBlob 11 aylar önce
Would be sad if it was bombed after 5 years of building
@mystical_shreya 11 aylar önce
​@@joseph7105 yeah social media brings us the real news from all over the world
@vickiebanihomoud712 5 aylar önce
They just posted a new video today showing the completed concrete driveway and sidewalks.
@fibreoptik 5 aylar önce
This is a completely bonkers amount of work. Good job guys! And I love how her butt eats up her shorts and leggings 😍
@michaelfawole9974 10 aylar önce
Just spent the best 40 minutes watching this with my 11 year old, and he would usually have switched off after 5 minutes, but we was totally captivated by this video, impressive craftsmanship by both husband and wife team. We will continue to pray that all will be well with you over in Ukraine, and that your labour over your beautiful home would not be in vain. Best wishes from the UK.
@michelerandall8131 9 aylar önce
You can feel the love this family put into this home. Well Done!!❤ Prayers for Ukraine 🇺🇦
@pedrodelgado3879 2 aylar önce
I love.... simply LOVE watching you guys. You are AMAZING. Lovely family and should be proud of each other. Did you guys study Architecture, Interior Design? I am looking forward to more videos but say something from time to time even if it is on your own language. Wishing you all the best!!!
@mariammilian2030 Aylar önce
Im so amazed, you guys are such an inspiration. I have two quick questions, and sorry for my ignorance. What are the white blocks used for your parents house made of? And how did you make the floating stairs? It looks amazing! Thank you in advance.
@empire7179 11 aylar önce
Not only did they build their own home but they also built the furniture in it.. "Simply Amazing" I didn't know this was in the Ukraine? I really hope it survive the war. Peace to you and your family. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽✌🏽 from America 🇱🇾 🇺🇸
@venicechris 9 aylar önce
Building your on furniture on top of everything is next level
@MoneyClub-lp1rg 11 aylar önce
this father literally built a house for his family by hand, crazy respect and hope all is well in ukraine for you
@ricksundberg5659 11 aylar önce
@@Rose-tq7cs The man led the effort and had the construction knowledge to actually build the home. The wife really only shined when it was time to sew seat cushions, make the beds, cook and decorate. The man could have built the home with any laborer who came along.
@Rose-tq7cs 11 aylar önce
@@ricksundberg5659 You clearly didn't watch the video.
@ricksundberg5659 11 aylar önce
@@Rose-tq7cs I watched it in its entirety, without this man this would still be a dilapidated building, the woman followed his lead as any woman should when it comes to a construction project. I'm not saying she didn't provide labor, she was just not the lead in the construction, she was the follower, which is appropriate for a woman.
@Rose-tq7cs 11 aylar önce
@@ricksundberg5659 I work in construction and rely on my female colleagues every day. I can't believe I have to explain to a man in 2022 that women are just as competent when it comes to construction. Or maybe I should just go take my place in a man's kitchen where I belong lol. That said, I do make delicious cinnamon rolls.
@wypadekk8569 Aylar önce
Jesteście niesamowici. Mam nadzieję że wszystko u was dobrze, ze jesteście bezpieczni
@pnketia 11 aylar önce
Wow! This was amazing to watch you build this house literally from scratch. I tip my hat to you and your family for taking on this monumental task. Great video!
@gyozopajter535 Aylar önce
It's great to see you two love each other, what you've created is fantastic! good luck and stay happy!
@beetashive 10 aylar önce
This is unbelievable, yet here I sat watching it all! The whole family was involved and I didn’t expect to laugh while watching someone build their home but you guys are amazing and I hope all is well in the family! ❤
@jaysonphelan6095 Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing. Even better when the entire family is involved with the construction. The memories made building the home together are priceless. Now you family gets to share many more while living in it. Well done! You guys are amazing carpenter's. Some of that woodwork was truly stunning!
@gmariet1391 9 aylar önce
I love homebuilding and great teamwork especially when filled with creativity and joy ! Great fun 😊skill and beauty , well done 👍
@claricependley3665 11 aylar önce
I pray for the safety of you and your country. You have done an amazing job with the designs of this house. I love the burnt wood effect and the best of all is the bricking decoration of the walls with wood blocks. It is astonishing, is there a name for it? I love it.
@HongPROgaming 11 aylar önce
Sadly they from Ukraine
@user-lo1uq1zb6y 9 aylar önce
시각적으론 좋겠지만 실제로 사는 입장에서는 추천하지 않습니다. 가장 큰 이유는 먼지가 많이 쌓입니다. 두번째는 화재에 엄청 취약 합니다. 쌓인 먼지에 스파크라도 튀게 되면 위험합니다.
@ethoslogospathos 8 aylar önce
Oh my God, it's so magnificent and beautiful ♥ I am so happy for you and your family!
@AB-ol5uz 8 aylar önce
Talk about building a home you can be proud of! Huge props to you both for designing and building such an incredible home for yourselves and your kids. The attention to detail on each project, as well as your PATIENCE and skill - whew! Very motivating and valuable skills to have.
@AB-ol5uz 8 aylar önce
WOW - feature wall in the living room and the kitchen refresh - both turned out beautifully.
@silascastro300 2 yıl önce
Só quem já construiu a própria casa sabe do orgulho que isto nos dá! Parabéns para o casal!!!
@phafoupaul398 Yıl önce
Comme moi
@nifty1940 5 aylar önce
I love you blokes. A wonderful display of creative energy, know-how and dedication. A family in love with themselves, and strongly bonded: and that goes for your mates too. People are wonderful.You're the delight of what can be done, just simply by doing it. You're all an inspiration. God bless, and cheerio's from downunder.
@christopherlove8554 8 aylar önce
I stumbled upon your videos going down a TRshow Rabbit Hole, but Im glad I did. You both are amazing and I can feel the love and excitement through your body language. Continued blessings to your family and everything you guys do in life.
@amazonkee74 10 aylar önce
This video made me smile the WHOLE time watching it. It is a beautiful vision of teamwork, hard work, and AMAZING design. I wish I had a partner who loved to do all of what you two have built for you and your family. Praying for your family.
@chopkong 11 aylar önce
I just found your channel. We are praying for you and your lovely family. A home is only as solid as the foundation you build, and it appears from your videos, that you've build a strong foundation with love, respect, hard work, dedication, and unity. May it last a lifetime. Oh, and the house is awesome too!
@barberthomas7752 10 aylar önce
This home is absolutely stunning! I like other Americans also hope that this gorgeous home hasn't been damaged nor will ever be because of the fighting in your country. All the best to you and your wonderful family!
@kissmygrits69njoi 9 aylar önce
From start to finish! the fact that before my husband died, we use too do things like this together all the time. Man how i miss him and those days spent with him doing things like this. anyway dont know how i stumbled across your video but im sure glad i did. just watching you guys doing this yourselves is SO FUQ'N AMAZING! i love Love.
@jamietyree4994 2 yıl önce
You guys did an awesome job building your dream home. Involving the whole family made memories your children will remember for the rest of their life and hopefully it instills in them that with hard work you can accomplish your dreams. Amazing job guys!
@dearsexdoctors8669 5 aylar önce
You two should win every award possible. BEYOND IMPRESSIVE.
@Alfiewobbel 11 aylar önce
Beautiful house! All the best to you and your family
@mhzplantingaroids 8 aylar önce
When you guys started to DIY everything, it was very.....very..... very..... satisfying to watch. Like, it all comes together. Beautiful house!
@toms4327 9 aylar önce
Your house is beautiful. You both did an outstanding job love your videos. Stay safe and God Bless.
@trevorsimmons1487 11 aylar önce
I am utterly speechless... if I had 1/10th the ability you have, my god what I could build! I hope your home will be intact when you (and you will) return. Slava Ukraine!
@mali2640 11 aylar önce
It's just amazing what the two of you have done together! It's a piece of art, well done.
@artsta8089 Yıl önce
What a beautiful people! What a fantastic family! Your energy, creativity and good vibes! So inspirational. Great job! Can't wait to watch more. Thank you and God bless you and your family.
@MrKillerno1 6 aylar önce
Again, so much respect, dreaming of something you can do and actually accomplish with two (I mean 4) right hands! (Expression that you both are having so much craftsmanship) and the guts to do this, respect!
@davidsmolik512 Aylar önce
Opravdu krásné, jste velmi vzruční. Nestačím zírat :) wau ať se daří :)
@teamEP789 11 aylar önce
hope you re all still safe and your house that you built with love and sweat is intact!
@45ladybugs 9 aylar önce
Fantastic video! It represents a home that is zero or repurposed waste. Mid-Century Modern vibe with a clean no fussy and very Westcoast BC Minimalist vibe. The use of lighting and space is so well thought out for a growing family. I love everything about your house. I loved the feature wall that was Chef's Kiss!
@dantejaiudijr2610 10 aylar önce
Your work ethic is outstanding. Hard work 💪 pays off. Stay positive and healthy. It's amazing what happens when you work together. Great job, beautiful home!!!🧐🌲🌲🌲👍
@B00GPowell Yıl önce
WOW! I love the house design. I've always liked modern architecture that maximizes space and uses novel building and design approaches (like those of Frank Lloyd Wright and other "modernists"). That said, you are, in my opinion anyway, right up there in their class or perhaps creating your own style and class. I'll be watching this video again and again. I cannot wait to see what you build next. You rate a Monster "Big Thumbs Up" from me. I'm impressed. You two are #1
@arczi71 8 aylar önce
Widać zapał, chęci i kreatywność. Ile wspólnymi siłami można zrobić i jest efekt. Super.
@FeosBG 6 aylar önce
Lovely design , colors , ideas, craftmanship skills and above all - warm loving home for a whole family. There is no price for something you do from love. Would love to see an extended edition - like 90+ minutes of your home making and in the end - full tour of your home. I so envy you two right now ..... :) (:
@BiggsiesGarage 3 aylar önce
second time I have watched this video... I love the joy you both show and the fun you seem to have. the innovation and function you put in your designs is GREAT!
@kevinrtres 5 aylar önce
Well done! One really has to know what one is doing. The planning that goes into this must be immense! It helps to have skilled friends and family too.
@MarcelHuguenin 9 aylar önce
You are truly an amazingly special couple. Not just creative, but also loving and caring. I stumbled upon your channel today when I watched several other videos before I got to this one. Then while watching I read this pinned post from 11 months ago. Then I was shocked to learn you are from Ukraine and apparently affected by the air raids. Then I checked your last vids and it looks like you are in a safe area. I'm glad about that. It's just atrocious what's going on there with your country. I hope you stay safe and can continue with your amazing partnership and build many more things! Slava Ukraine!
@claudiochioming 5 aylar önce
Love your house guys!!! Really beautiful!!! Great ideas and very nice all the details!!! Hello from Brasil 🇧🇷
@zunera.a1925 Yıl önce
to me it doesnt seems like a house only, its a motivational story. really loved what you did out there. about 3 years ago i saw a video when this house was in middle of its construction journey. today knowing that i took five years to be built and built from scratch! .... i am literally proud of this great couple. 5 years is a long time. moral of the story: don't ever let your spirit to be broken.
@trondbolme5435 Yıl önce
Don't forget all the other people who also contributed..😋
@raymondgogolf2463 Yıl önce
Hi Zunera I hope my comment didn't sound as a form of privacy invasion your comment tells of a wonderful woman with a beautiful heart which led me to comment I don't normally write in the comment section but I think you deserve this complement. If you don’t mind can we be friends? Thanks God bless you….🌹🌹🌹🌹
@peterprochnow6608 Yıl önce
Warum leicht, wenn es auch so geht. Warum hat Blödheit auch immer etwas mit, oder ich hab die Kohle, zu tun?
@samwelopiyo6491 10 aylar önce
@christinariley1242 8 aylar önce
I love it! The amazing memories you guys made during and continue to make with the home. Great energy! Thank You!
@primusmoss-ln6jc 8 aylar önce
These two are building machines! I've never seen anything like what they can do when they hit that gear. Amazing work
@linchiujoe3285 11 aylar önce
Just saw this great happiness video. Hope you and your family are still good and safe. Taiwanese and American stand with Ukraine. Happy holidays!
@chuuzu 11 aylar önce
Absolutely phenomenal! ❤
@mirali4467 2 yıl önce
Remember, 100+ years ago when homes were actually built like this?? It’s sooo nice to see such traditional craftsmanship
@coolbluevictor 2 yıl önce
I remember
@thespartanjello5056 2 yıl önce
In USA but not in europe,i live in 100y old house its all bricks,this wooden houses are modern new stuff in europe...
@camilistico 2 yıl önce
Houses are still built like this, in develop countries it’s expensive but in 3rd world countries it’s cheap as, all of my family has brick and concrete houses in South America
@orestmarkheva7325 2 yıl önce
Lol nobody build it like that hundred years ago. Definitely not in eastern europe
@alexgrabus 2 yıl önce
ERTUGRUL Gaming oak
@tinageorge8058 11 aylar önce
One of the best rebuilt on TRshow. Oh my goodness, just amazing!
@vikimseruh4500 9 aylar önce
Very impressive work. You guys have such wonderful, resourceful ideas. Love your home. Great job. I also have enjoyed watching your other projects.
@brianschott8162 6 aylar önce
Awesome video. Loved what you did with your wall in the living room with the scrap lumber!
@jagilo9677 9 aylar önce
Que familia tan bella. Que Dios los guarde y los mantenga sanos y felices.
@SeanTolan_illuminated_imaging 9 aylar önce
Really great job on all the filming and know how to keep someone watching. And that is not even mentioning the most important part...the building skills and creative ideas
@stanmeyerjr2216 Yıl önce
What an awesome example of a beautiful home and family! 70 years ago, my parents did the same thing in Bay City, Michigan, USA. I grew up knowing they had built it themselves. That created a DIY mentality in me and my siblings. I recently had the opportunity to revisit our home, in Michigan, and it is just as beautiful today as it was 70 years ago! What you have created is so much more than a home! I admire and respect you and your efforts!!
@deathstarHQ Yıl önce
Unfortunately it will they are in Ukraine, so from beautiful smiling people to tears, what a shame after all they achieved with their talents and their family bond.
@MicKeyPr0 Yıl önce
I'm from Bay City lmao. This is crazy I stumbled across this comment!
@achalaymanta Yıl önce
I built my own house. Now I have it for sale and I want to make another one. It is a kind of addiction.
@MartaGonzalez-wb5so 5 aylar önce
Felicitaciones!!!! Son un gran ejemplo de trabajo y compañerismo. Dignos de admiración. Saludos desde Argentina
@ettermago 9 aylar önce
You are incredible! What an amazing creative project and such hard work. Truly impressive.
@miriamehlers1651 7 aylar önce
Incrível ❤❤❤❤
@nacciojoga 9 aylar önce
Já faz 2 hora que tô vendo essas ideias, achei muito legal
@MooPup09 9 aylar önce
What a stylish result .. great teamwork .. brilliant ❤
@kingchino4990 2 yıl önce
I thinks the best part of it is the fact that they were having fun doing all the work. Seems like an amazing family to be a part of. God bless
@ed9603 9 aylar önce
That is the most innovative work I've seen done by a family it's absolutely beautiful wood work you did my hat is off to you both GREAT JOB
@LeadRakFPS 11 aylar önce
Just freakin' buildin' it. Love to see it! Great job!
@DavidWellens 10 aylar önce
I just saw youre movie, i watch movies like this all the time. Have to say this is the first 1 that took my breath away. Youre a great couple and youre skills are amazing. Hope youre all safe. Respect from Belgium !
@es__tv 10 aylar önce
Hope all is better now... I wish you peaceful and all my respect to all of you. Great work, nice videos and lovely family. We support Ukraine with all our hearts.
@lisabotkin202 9 aylar önce
Your work is amazing and it is impressive how you can do anything. Love the look of this home!
@kimppppp 2 yıl önce
i love the fact that theyre having fun throughout the entirety of the build, the edit is also well done. might be one of my favourite videos on yt
@vendettagrazie5653 2 yıl önce
Notice your own word "edit", did they have only fun ?
@mellomoiia2853 2 yıl önce
@@vendettagrazie5653 what does this comment mean
@loas1969 2 yıl önce
I'm sure at some points they wanted to use the hammers on each other but those seen were edited out.
@StandingUpForBetter 11 aylar önce
What a BEAUTIFUL home! Wow! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have built something worthy to be passed down to the generations. Very well done.
@realunrealmike 11 aylar önce
Wow! Love the video! Such a great time-lapse... kept it interesting all the way through...all while this masterpiece was being built! Great edit, wholesome, silly, informative... bravo! Be proud of this! 👍👏❤
@deniseokanlawon9412 11 aylar önce
What a beautiful home from the wood cladded walls to the stairs the kitchen cabinets it's absolutely gorgeous, they did a fantastic job.
@ILoveTheGreyScale 5 aylar önce
You two are awesome and your fam looks so happy, keep loving each other so much.
@martinjean.pierre9541 11 aylar önce
Magnificent project young people I admire your determination to make your house the decor is splendid even has a nice smile the neighbors will be jealous congratulations
@korivex742 Yıl önce
I didn't intend to watch the whole video but I couldn't stop!!! What an amazing job with attention to every detail. I love the way you edited it as well. Congrats on this project, it turned out amazing.
@janosnagyj.9540 Yıl önce
Same here, I wanted to have a quick look, ended up watching it from start to end 😅
@HelenaMikas Yıl önce
@@janosnagyj.9540 same here Absolutely a labour of love and a joy to watch . To see all the family joining in is spectacular . The strength of family is amazing .
@jamescrawford3956 Yıl önce
Same here! I really didn't want to watch it all, but it's irresistibly mesmerizing.
@FernandoSalazarG 6 aylar önce
can't believe so much talent you both have, really amazing. thanks for sharing!
@kjevers1 9 aylar önce
You two are an amazing couple. Mad, crazy building skills and didn't kill each other. Very well done on a beautiful home.
@MikiyaSJohnson 11 aylar önce
This is so amazing and encouraging, how you all built everything by hand. Looking forward to building my home one day. Praying for you all during thjs time
@bentsprockettech 4 aylar önce
Awesome design, I love it. The different treatment on the wood looks amazing. :)
@k_caravet 11 aylar önce
Must be such immense satisfaction from residing in, using, living in and around your work.
@mehrsweden8828 2 yıl önce
I thought just getting some inspiration for my own cottage building project in Sweden. But ending up in amazement for this lovely family, how skillful they are and how they can work together in harmony and achieve all this.They look happy all together and smile. What a wonderful family.
@user-sx7qr7tn9z 5 aylar önce
Сколько трудолюбия!!!!! Спасибо вам!!!!!
@Francinestube 10 aylar önce
Amazing accomplishment guys!!! I love that you used every scrap of wood and that the children were involved. Great ingenuity!
@ms.goodson6661 9 aylar önce
Masterpiece inside and out ! ❤
@oaktownslim5103 11 aylar önce
👀 wow this is amazing, a real man building for his families future, I hope all is well with you and your family in 🇺🇦, and major props to your wife.
@dionneauberry628 9 aylar önce
My favorite fun loving couple at it again. You guys are amazing. It’s like you were born with the knowledge of what you do. And you are make sure every detail is perfect. I would love to hang out with you guys for fun and to learn from you both. The villain acting daddy with the masks he wears and the dancing mommy that shakes her booty and do splits. Love you guys 😊
@yvesstocky9936 2 yıl önce
Amazing handcraft skills and great video editing! Biggest respect to the whole family!
@stevensgoldenjr 9 aylar önce
You all should be MULTI MILLIONAIRES, with this skill set!! This house is absolutely gorgeous!! Blessings to you and your family!
@mendesmarcasepatentes4071 4 aylar önce
Ótimo trabalho, depois que assisti seu vídeo, me deixou mas feliz para fazer a reforma aqui em casa.❤❤
@gilbertopaz7224 5 aylar önce
Son espectaculares estimados ante todo se les nota la felicidad y la armonía en familia da gustó verlos bendiciones desde Guatemala!!!!
@BrimstoneMoth 11 aylar önce
This was a really good built house
@januariodiniz 11 aylar önce
it's a beautiful house. Your family is amazing. Congratulations!
@Elpianoazul 2 yıl önce
Can we just appreciate the fact that they made this gorgeous house with their kids ❤️❤️❤️wow
@tetedepoulet8651 2 yıl önce
Kids didn't want to be homeless any longer
@shelleylindquist9452 Yıl önce
@@tetedepoulet8651 sure sure whatever you think!!
@YalisCommunity 8 aylar önce
Wow definitely a labor of love. The walls look spectacular!
@Collidedatoms 8 aylar önce
I LOVE the kids room! 🤩 I wish I knew how to build stuff like that. That huge window on the corner too is just... *chefs kiss*. The bunk beds are awesome!
@stephaniecallahan8576 9 aylar önce
Fantastic work! I love watching both of you work together, so light-hearted & fun. You are a very skilled craftsman. What a beautiful home for your beautiful family.
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