Making of futuristic motorcycle - I Modified Scooter to the two-wheeled vehicle

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Meanwhile in the Garage

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Greetings dear friends,
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In this video, I will share with you one of the most challenging projects I have ever done.
I will show you how to make a futuristic motorcycle made from a regular scooter.
When I was still young, I had the idea to make this particular vehicle.
And all after I, as a student, went home by bus and through the window I saw one motorcyclist driving all wet in the mud.
A thought crossed my mind, it would be great if he also sat in the cockpit and could enjoy the ride, and not fight the cold and the inconvenience of the rain.
I think almost all motorcyclists will agree with me.
There is no comfort, and besides, it is dangerous.
Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and the idea remained in my head to live.
Honestly, many of the machines that I made and showed you, I made precisely in order to build this futuristic motorcycle (Future Motorcycle).
By the way, I have not yet decided on the name. I think I'll have to ask you to help me.
Please tell me what to call this two-wheeled vehicle.
The name that I like the most, I will leave it.
In order to build this two-wheeled vehicle, I bought and disassembled a scooter.
By the way, the engine of this scooter matched the power of my project, namely 125cc.
I would like my futuristic two-wheeled vehicle to be not only visually beautiful, comfortable, but also economical in terms of fuel consumption.
Fortunately, all my expectations were met, and the result even exceeded my expectations.
Another long-standing goal has been fulfilled, which means that the next more significant projects are in the queue.
I have long dreamed of building an aircraft, and I am more than sure that the realization of this goal is not far off.
Once again, I want to thank my family and friends for their support.
Special thanks to the RocketCars team for their help in filming the final tests.
I look forward to your comments.
See you soon!
Yours sincerely,
Meanwhile in the Garage


Joe Coupon
Joe Coupon Dakika önce
Febya Achmad Rizky
Febya Achmad Rizky 5 dakika önce
nice project,, hope you can improve it with front tilt steering and suspension, so it can be ride without the additional wheels on the back,, if it happens will be perfect,, salute for you bro,, :)
Henry Gultom
Henry Gultom 10 dakika önce
Good job...👌👌👌
neural beat
neural beat 20 dakika önce
tiene muy poca estabilidad
Alexandre Custódio
Alexandre Custódio 25 dakika önce
Essa cara é um gênio
one VvVibe
one VvVibe 26 dakika önce
If u put a fat wheel in the back you will have more stability
M N I D Darr Diaries
M N I D Darr Diaries 41 dakika önce
MashahAllah very very nice
Ramla Shams
Ramla Shams 41 dakika önce
Best motivater super work
iBlink TechX
iBlink TechX 41 dakika önce
You want to sell?
Mallekedi Pawan
Mallekedi Pawan 58 dakika önce
Elino Rodrigues
Elino Rodrigues Saatler önce
Muito bom
Celia Carranza
Celia Carranza Saatler önce
Fabuloso muy bueno ingenioso , la plata argentina
Erwin Novero
Erwin Novero Saatler önce
This is so amazing! Just an opinion, it's better if you will use the original position of the motorcycle handle bar, so arms and hands is much more relaxed. You can put your arms at rest when u are not speeding up. Does it have an aircon too? Thanks for making this wonderful creations!! More power!!
Денис Иванов
Денис Иванов Saatler önce
Слов нет! Мужик! От Дани крастера привет! )
Alkohol Buhalovich
Alkohol Buhalovich Saatler önce
Респект Брат! Талантище🤝
ura grabovski
ura grabovski Saatler önce
проэкт супер. но у него оборудования бльше чем на некоторых автозаводах.
neural beat
neural beat Saatler önce
почему у них нет звука
Nên bỏ 2 bánh xe phụ, lắp 2 bánh xe chính ở phía sau, nó sẽ an toàn hơn
Siti Rohani
Siti Rohani Saatler önce
I thing japan motorcycle factory must bee make some like this
Donaldo Trumpie
Donaldo Trumpie Saatler önce
Donald Trump can make this too.
Kalikot Sangalang
Kalikot Sangalang 2 saatler önce
Great work but lots of improvements must be done.scape plan when fall down.
Yojan Martin
Yojan Martin 2 saatler önce
Alv, pues si no te mojas jajajaj
Hidayat D Al-Ashfar
Hidayat D Al-Ashfar 2 saatler önce
Maen temenan ,, gawe kaya kie neng banyumas nggegerna sewilayah..
Huy Hiệp Huynh
Huy Hiệp Huynh 2 saatler önce
Chiếc máy dọn vệ sinh sàn nhà, bạn mua ở đâu?
windblower 2 saatler önce
I like it👍
DEVENDRA BHOJANE 2 saatler önce
Side wheel width is inviting accident Please work that remaining design is extremely good. Please adjust wheel within framework.
ابو ابراهيم
ابو ابراهيم 2 saatler önce
يشكر على تعبه وإبداعه طبعا الفكره موجود ولكن أين اهل الكلام والتنفيذ . هذا عمل احلال نفس الشي ولكن بفكره وشكل آخر . للأسف يوجد ناس عباقره جدا ومخترعون افضل من الشركات العالمية وعندهم القوه والإبداع بعملهم وهم غير مشهورين امام العالم ولا يعلم احد عنهم ولكن ينقصهم المعدات او الدعم وللأسف كثير منهم مهمش ولو وجدو الدعم واحتضان الافكار ..سوف ترى العجب..العجاب منهم.
Bungomedia 2 saatler önce
woooow godjob
Manoel Oliveira
Manoel Oliveira 3 saatler önce
Ótimo trabalho parabéns👏👏👏👏
Loki 3 saatler önce
Красиво, но при ДТП шанс улететь и спланировать соплями в мох-нулевой. Зато паштет будет знатным. Тяжелый стал для двигла мопеда.
Neftali Vazquez
Neftali Vazquez 3 saatler önce
Se ve muy futurista y tiene buen diseño solo que lo veo muy peligroso por varias razones
gerard calero
gerard calero 3 saatler önce
MAGNIFICENT, what a great adventure .... gérard
Langsa Langsa
Langsa Langsa 3 saatler önce
Gak ngerti
KİNG PLAYER 3 saatler önce
bravooo :D
عباس الشمري
عباس الشمري 3 saatler önce
ماكو واحد عراقي لو بس اني 😅
Azman Abubakar
Azman Abubakar 3 saatler önce
So hot aircond no Window...
Abhi Raut
Abhi Raut 3 saatler önce
Parthi S
Parthi S 3 saatler önce
Really innovative future model bike if we get the same in India 🇮🇳will very much help ful to all aged people who need connectivity with out side word.Really appreciate your innovative ideas sir.This bike car will be applicable for all climatic condition in India.Also safety for even aged as well as ladies.Hope our Indian companies will manufacture some innovative this bike car in to indian roads.Thanks sir
꧁༒Junior do Grau༒꧂
꧁༒Junior do Grau༒꧂ 3 saatler önce
Miftahul Ulum
Miftahul Ulum 3 saatler önce
Punten mang eta barapoe damelna?
snugraha boyke
snugraha boyke 3 saatler önce
That is a good idea!!! For more stability you could make a three wheels in a front (look rwin development in TRshow)
Игорь Гордеев
Игорь Гордеев 4 saatler önce
и сколько он теперь весит? вопрос к колесикам боковым... не спорю,отлично сделано но не ударю я этими колесиками машину сбоку?
Kang Nzen
Kang Nzen 4 saatler önce
if the state of the trip is jammed / congested how is it ..?
Duda Black Night Oficial
Duda Black Night Oficial 4 saatler önce
Sensacional, parabéns!
Marcos Zambrano MZ 80s
Marcos Zambrano MZ 80s 4 saatler önce
Te quedó chévere la moto mi pana 👍 pero creo que en un lugar donde haya bastante autos y tengas que parar por ejemplo en un semáforo las ruedas traseras que le kncorporastes te darán problemas porque podrían chocar con los otros autos.
ch290416able 4 saatler önce
KYMCO is from my country, and we don't like it. Also SYM... In my country, YAMAHA is the only one,But it's too expensive. we really don't like KYMCO or SYM cause those price well same as YAMAHA... With no quality, bad life cycle, and bad components... My bike is 20y old SR125_YAMAHA, it still functional and great performance.
Oscar Daniel Lopez Estrella
Oscar Daniel Lopez Estrella 4 saatler önce
GIRI KESAPRAGADA 4 saatler önce
How many days it took time for that work Sir?
Meanwhile in the Garage
Meanwhile in the Garage 3 saatler önce
More than 3 months
Aiman Jahari
Aiman Jahari 4 saatler önce
ni kalau kat malaysia memang jpj cari ni
Baris Gursoy
Baris Gursoy 4 saatler önce
Helal olsun
Atila Güneş
Atila Güneş 4 saatler önce
Can you improve the side wheels? They should be short to pass between cars in traffic jam. Also they should have strong spring in bad roads in low Speeds. These are just advice, not critice. Well done, your work is fantastic.
Hisnu 99 Hisnu
Hisnu 99 Hisnu 4 saatler önce
Motooor kok di rubah2, coba bekarya sendiri merk motor sendiri. Jgn yg sdh ada di rubah2 gak unik nambah jelek aja nih.
만수류 5 saatler önce
보조 바퀴가 불안해서 못 보아 주겠내요... 보조바퀴 보강 요망. 수고 하셨습니다...
nick abidesi
nick abidesi 5 saatler önce
Cocpit super cobra helicopter
Byu Aregson
Byu Aregson 5 saatler önce
Vex_xdax 5 saatler önce
Godo troppo
Vex_xdax 5 saatler önce
Doveva esplodere
Zulkarnain Zul
Zulkarnain Zul 5 saatler önce
Wow 😮 the best
STREET TERRIER 5 saatler önce
洪瑋 6 saatler önce
看到台灣的光陽機車 有種莫名的感動
levix hyuni
levix hyuni 6 saatler önce
This is actually so freaking cool, it is way more safer than the normal motorcycle. Just thinking about how many lives that this motorcycle can help to prevent motorcycle accidents in the future
Mark Noble
Mark Noble 6 saatler önce
Great innovation....
michael parone
michael parone 6 saatler önce
is not safe thats my opinion
Mohd Fadzil Affendy Bin Badarudin
Mohd Fadzil Affendy Bin Badarudin 6 saatler önce
anyone use 2x speed?
Bichitra Roy
Bichitra Roy 6 saatler önce
Could u take my cycle and return sth special!!
Mark Noble
Mark Noble 6 saatler önce
Mahboobaalam Mahboob
Mahboobaalam Mahboob 7 saatler önce
Very good sar
MinGyu Woo
MinGyu Woo 7 saatler önce
바퀴가 문제인듯... 4바퀴가 아닌 3바퀴였으면 좋았을듯...
Rasyid Rizal
Rasyid Rizal 7 saatler önce
Brooow habis duwet berapa kamu buat motor bagus lo
BM ANS89 FF 7 saatler önce
wow 😮😮😮😮
pothuluri ashok kumar
pothuluri ashok kumar 7 saatler önce
I request you to add a wiper to the front mirror, it is useful in rainy season
박숙자 8 saatler önce
음...옆바퀴는 옥에티네요 차라리 앞바퀴를 2개로 만드시지 오토바이 잇점은 자동차간 이동이나 갓길 주행인데...ㅋ
Đức Minh MTV ADiĐàPhật
Đức Minh MTV ADiĐàPhật 8 saatler önce
Beatyfull Ok Thanks 😘
صابر ابوااعزم
صابر ابوااعزم 8 saatler önce
الله ينور شيء مدهش وطريقه فنيه
Andi Bondet Channel
Andi Bondet Channel 8 saatler önce
Hussain J
Hussain J 9 saatler önce
Beck wheel heavey installed working not tention 😷😷😷
Teras Biker
Teras Biker 9 saatler önce
Awsome Project Bro.. Cool!!
Meanwhile in the Garage
Meanwhile in the Garage 9 saatler önce
Gandhi Baskara
Gandhi Baskara 9 saatler önce
IN INDONESIA its say Bajaj
ekko von Lol
ekko von Lol 9 saatler önce
I hate the looks of scooters so much, but he made it look pretty nice
Leizy Sado
Leizy Sado 9 saatler önce
미래형이면 전기인데..
Sheetala Gupta
Sheetala Gupta 10 saatler önce
Foxy RED
Foxy RED 10 saatler önce
Золотые руки у парня. Но мне кажется слишком тяжелая конструкция в итоге вышла. Движок мопеда быстро сдохнет))
Riski Amanda
Riski Amanda 10 saatler önce
Ribet Klo di lampu merah, seharusnya roda belakang di bikin 2
Srini Seena
Srini Seena 10 saatler önce
Superb, Total cost how much bro........?
ERDO Butan
ERDO Butan 10 saatler önce
Wow.... 🎥🎥🎥🎥👌👍👍👍🇲🇨
Maisada Zona
Maisada Zona 10 saatler önce
Super 👍
morro castro
morro castro 10 saatler önce
excessive publicity 😑
Grace Han
Grace Han 10 saatler önce
Ronald Aym
Ronald Aym 11 saatler önce
Great vehicle u did man !!! I would like to see something like that maybe for 2 people and using a bigger motorcycle engine. Maybe to make long trips and prepared for rainy days. And a radio :-)
Abdul Aziz Norman
Abdul Aziz Norman 11 saatler önce
can it handle a sharp turn? so far so good in straight line
Raju Khan
Raju Khan 11 saatler önce
Amar Kalbag
Amar Kalbag 11 saatler önce
That's cool but don't you feel suffocating n hot inside. There's seems no ventilation?
Chiranjeevi Ikkurthi
Chiranjeevi Ikkurthi 11 saatler önce
khúc hát đại ngàn về đất mẹ
khúc hát đại ngàn về đất mẹ 11 saatler önce
Very gut🇻🇳
Santhosh K
Santhosh K 11 saatler önce
Good .....
Erick Rudi
Erick Rudi 11 saatler önce
Gooood 👍👍👍
PapiChannel Official
PapiChannel Official 11 saatler önce
Its amazing brader . I'm from INDONESIA
Justine 12 saatler önce
U r guys such a true from Indian....I really love this
putra nakai
putra nakai 12 saatler önce
Wow ...❤ 🇲🇾
Đình Đình
Đình Đình 12 saatler önce
Good Video next time you should try speakers and radio CD?
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