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2 yıl önce

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New Year, New Tricks. Scottish Trials Bike legend Danny MacAskill shows us in his new film ‘Gymnasium’ that there are other ways to make your mark in the gym. Not a regular gym-goer by his own admission, TRshow sensation Danny stars in his new film and attempts to show the world that staying in shape doesn’t have to be daunting.

In his latest return to our screens, Danny seeks refuge from the ‘New Year, New Me’ craze by creating his personalised fitness playground in a long forgotten hall at his local sports complex. Even though performing a perfect bar routine while still on two wheels isn’t for everyone, Danny has found that it’s a case of no chain, no gain as he’s able to do what he loves and stay in shape at the same time.

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Song: “I’m On My Way” performed by The Proclaimers

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Red Bull Bike
Red Bull Bike 2 yıl önce
Name your favorite segment, GO 👇
Rohan Davies
Rohan Davies 7 gün önce
The bit where he's doing tricks with his bike 😂😂😂
krasat 10 gün önce
The Front bike flip over the goat
TRIBE FPV 2 aylar önce
The exercise bike , I was like what's he doing on that , then snap so funny luv it
Amber Palomeque
Amber Palomeque 2 aylar önce
@Wesselized, 21ap
Pip Bip
Pip Bip 2 aylar önce
needs more outtakes.
khan fux
khan fux 2 yıl önce
I just feel like this guy would win ninja warrior on his bike
NikephorosPhokas 6 gün önce
No. That five minute clip probably took days of filming and it was mostly fluff. Even the pros have to miss a trick over a dozen times for it to land once on film.
silver dove
silver dove Yıl önce
He’d jump over the top
AMAZING TOP 06 Yıl önce
trshow.info/watch/3pCeXk1RN4c/video.html legends are can watch this
sneakers Yıl önce
Don’t give him ideas
silver dove
silver dove Yıl önce
Cyberguy42 2 yıl önce
I'm glad they included a few bloopers at the end, it makes the whole thing more real and even more impressive
uswdkb Yıl önce
Me too, it shows that healing happens, then you learn to minimize injury when you crash, and laugh/walk it off... and keep trying until you stick that landing
Nishan Singh
Nishan Singh Yıl önce
Korz Bro
Korz Bro Yıl önce
His fails are more impressive than my whole biking skills ;)
strixcz Yıl önce
3:48 Hands down the best moment! I mean we all know Danny can do insane variations of the tricks others do but I loved that this was a completely unique trick that nobody's probably ever done before (even though it might have not been the hardest or the most daring one in this video)! :)
Dino 2 yıl önce
I love that they show the fails too. A reminder, that this type of ability/skill doesn't come easily. Amazing stuff.
John Mcaulay
John Mcaulay 11 aylar önce
He just makes this look so easy. Great to watch Danny doing these tricks in any environment. Thanks Danny, really enjoy watching your videos. Totally Awesome.
Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer 2 yıl önce
Love the video Danny! Congrats! 👊
Hamilton Taylor  2004
Hamilton Taylor 2004 7 aylar önce
@Jamie Ayling. Very very late reply but I think Fabio is very fantastic
Dark King DK
Dark King DK 11 aylar önce
jo danny ist echt krass :)
Maurice Garin
Maurice Garin Yıl önce
haydar göksülük
haydar göksülük Yıl önce
I'm love 💝
Jamie Ayling.
Jamie Ayling. Yıl önce
@Hamilton Taylor 2004 he knows he can’t.
sibrilliant 2 yıl önce
Danny casually letting everyone know nobody’s better than him at this
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 3 aylar önce
@Rufus Hayday And all in the same handwriting
Rufus Hayday
Rufus Hayday Yıl önce
Anyone else spot the names on the gym list at 0:13
Nawabkhan001 Khan
Nawabkhan001 Khan Yıl önce
2wsedfhj6c wssw 2eez,,, jl
Mrj4xk 2 yıl önce
Always a pleasure to see this man at work with a huge smile on his face! Thanks for such a cool video!
Reece Brown
Reece Brown 2 yıl önce
this guy is not even human on another level absolutely sensational
DB 192
DB 192 2 yıl önce
Simply amazing skills, always love these videos. His face when he goes in the spinning studio!
Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill 2 yıl önce
Cheers for the comments folks! We really had the best time making this one!!
Jen 2 aylar önce
binging all your vids everywhere crush... i mean u crashed all 💥 love... i mean i love your vids 😅 stay safe 🙏🏻💗
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services 4 aylar önce
Love the gym concept quite a unique! Your athletic abilities to do what you do is absolutely amazing. Most of the time when observing tricks being performed it's almost always using large amounts of momentum. But when you ride and do similar tricks as a motorcycle trials Rider. You're doing it with the energy potential from your body and not the assistance of a motor. In my mind much more difficult. The gymnastics part of the gym really drives home the fact that those who compete in freestyle Sports are as much gymnasts as they are competitors of their sport.
beryl gilligan
beryl gilligan 4 aylar önce
You are absolutely brilliant Danny 😎❤
백Lion 5 aylar önce
@beepbeep jeep 77
Tafsir Alom
Tafsir Alom 7 aylar önce
Rrritutgmmkmrkfytjidulou1kh, Jxkhfmhjk Jjg.dhl
Seth Gilbertson
Seth Gilbertson 2 yıl önce
In the out-takes, you can tell Danny has fallen A LOT cuz he knows how to bail from some crazy stuff pretty safely. That was hilarious!
The Bearded Explorer
The Bearded Explorer 2 yıl önce
Absolutely brilliant loved it Dan! 👊🏽🤟🏽😎
Pants Yıl önce
I always stop what I’m doing to watch Danny’s videos, he is so talented and entertaining!
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries 2 yıl önce
I choose to believe you had to get him to intentionally fail to get the bloopers after he flawlessly nailed it on the first try.
Spencer Foresman
Spencer Foresman 2 yıl önce
This video is incredible!
Jordan Larson
Jordan Larson 2 yıl önce
Yo Spencer you should definitely do a Danny Mac inspired video of weird and creative trials riding.
Pieter Possenier
Pieter Possenier 2 yıl önce
spencer, where is your next video? you can do stuff like that!
Android480 Yıl önce
Thats all-time the most impressive trials video I've ever seen. I love the campy feel too.
Aus Crankster
Aus Crankster Yıl önce
Danny brings a smile to my dial everytime I watch him ride.
Russell Allan
Russell Allan 2 aylar önce
love this - so creative and looked like you were genuinely having fun there :D ofc crazy skills
Rafa Ramirez
Rafa Ramirez Yıl önce
All of his videos are amazing he’s very talented keep it up👏
Reza Akhmad
Reza Akhmad 2 yıl önce
The level of creativity and the quality of production are insane. good job Danny, hope to see more stuff in 2020
Muddy Funker
Muddy Funker Yıl önce
This guy is just determination and precision personified. Amazing. Love how he includes all the times he smashes himself to bits trying to get the shot. You'll pay for it later in life Danny 😂 Good on ya.
origin33 2 yıl önce
Amazing fun! Never left 2 comments on any video but this one pulled it right out of me! Laughed so hard during lunch break.... made my day!!!
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the perfect music always matching his performances. It's not obnoxiously distracting from an absolute perfect performance.
mystuff Productions
mystuff Productions Yıl önce
Very nice video, it's inspiring. The best at least: Danny, you have an incredible personality. In my eyes you a person, who never give up and who knowns always a way to achive something, even if there is no one. 👍
Štěpán Fojtíček
Štěpán Fojtíček 2 yıl önce
He just keeps improving like how is that possible
Rich Williams
Rich Williams 2 yıl önce
azonicrider32 2 yıl önce
Because, he keeps trying.
Wojtek Krzykwa
Wojtek Krzykwa 2 yıl önce
shouldn't he be getting old by now? :D
DieselDabz710 2 yıl önce
Jayteeex 2 yıl önce
@Mentho101 no one is comparing tho.... ??
Santi Meek
Santi Meek Yıl önce
I never thought gym equipment could be this fun! Looks brilliant!
brido77 Yıl önce
This is brilliant Danny! You should see my wee boys face watching this, he loves your videos! Great ambassador for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 keep up the good work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Airnix Yıl önce
You are the Grand Master Danny! Thank you for the inspiration!
Tony bilco
Tony bilco Yıl önce
This guy is super human amazing skill and dedication..just goes to show when you have passion skill and dedication you can do ANYTHING..best wishes Danny love your videos
Adam Kraig
Adam Kraig 2 yıl önce
The 360 on the balance rails...literally made my jaw drop!
Anne Braun
Anne Braun 2 yıl önce
Adam Kraig
Adam Kraig 2 yıl önce
@Rowan Haha I've been tryna cure lock-jaw all day :)
Adam Kraig
Adam Kraig 2 yıl önce
@Flipse10 Yes!! That was insane!!
Adam Kraig
Adam Kraig 2 yıl önce
Cool... I just got heaps of likes and a heart from Red Bull...that pretty much means that I'm sponsored now right...?:):)
Rowan 2 yıl önce
My jaw dropped with fweekin everything
Sofa-Lofa Yıl önce
Always a joy to watch! The 360 on the parallel bars was mad
Dean Powder
Dean Powder 2 yıl önce
I LOVE the way you guys did the names 0:14 on the member sign in sheet, that was funny as hell!! Plus this guy is a freaking monster on a bike, he smashed every jump!! Way to go Danny!
Marcos Bahia
Marcos Bahia Yıl önce
Cara vc é um magico foda d+ técnica apuradissima
greengonzonz 2 yıl önce
Great work Danny and crew. Is there a chance you'd get back on a trials specific bike? Inspired by Ali's latest vid. 👍🏼
Jack Britton
Jack Britton 2 yıl önce
I'm starting to think Danny can do whatever the hell he wants
dakine808shooter 2 yıl önce
Yup...this guy is definitely super human!
12 34
12 34 2 yıl önce
Peter Nemere
Peter Nemere 2 yıl önce
Gravity seems to apply differently to him
Gustavo Abreu
Gustavo Abreu Yıl önce
This made my day! Danny, you are the best!
krabo83 2 yıl önce
how can anyone not like this video??!!! great job danny as always :)
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique Yıl önce
Man, this is impressive... Danny really is the best!!!
Sam Zafris
Sam Zafris 2 yıl önce
Came here after a friend sent me the link. I was feeling down and this inspired me to keep honing my craft! Props to Danny for giving of years of content displaying his gift!
Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet
Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet 2 yıl önce
I love how much he loves doing this.
BowlG Official
BowlG Official 2 yıl önce
isnt this literally what hobbies are about?
tsmace05 2 yıl önce
Totally mental! Defying gravity! Good to see all the practicerun too!
Rohan Davies
Rohan Davies 7 gün önce
This guy and this video are the best, amazing, what ever you want to call it. I love the out takes at the end.
Steven Croasdale
Steven Croasdale 8 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant as always! 👍🏼😃
Salvador Ruiz
Salvador Ruiz 2 yıl önce
Ha sido IMPRESIONANTE!!! A pesar de que hayan momentos que no salieran a la primera, ver lo que has hecho es genial! Enhorabuena
Wilson Henley
Wilson Henley 2 yıl önce
He's more stable on a bike than most people on their feet
kanisha noel
kanisha noel Yıl önce
@Andy C ldmdojdkndkjmsmmso
Spencer Ingles
Spencer Ingles Yıl önce
very true. He is probably on a bike more than people are on their feet
Wilson Henley
Wilson Henley Yıl önce
@DualDesertEagle LOL true
jhon jairo vega sandoval
jhon jairo vega sandoval Yıl önce
Puedes venir a Chile
DualDesertEagle Yıl önce
That's an understatement of an understatement of an understatement!
Dougie Banks
Dougie Banks Yıl önce
Amazing skills, jumping across that power rack was insane!!
l S
l S 2 yıl önce
blown away by DM's skill as always, but I got to show my love to the soundtrack (even the ambient elevator music in the corridor is nice touch)
Rakarov Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing movie mates!!! Well done for the hard work 😎☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Harry Hulme
Harry Hulme 2 yıl önce
This man pushes the limit always doing something no ones done before! Truly incredible
senni bgon
senni bgon 2 yıl önce
In the out-takes, you can tell Danny has fallen A LOT cuz he knows how to bail from some crazy stuff pretty safely. That was hilarious!
Ben North
Ben North 2 yıl önce
Danny Mac: doing stuff on a bike you can’t do on your legs, since forever.
AMAZING TOP 06 Yıl önce
trshow.info/watch/3pCeXk1RN4c/video.html legends are can watch this .
@Rohan Scott 🧲l 🥼🍒🍒
Umme Mateen Umme Mateen
Umme Mateen Umme Mateen Yıl önce
Please add to me your friends I am your fan
Steve 2 yıl önce
Proof that red bull does give you wings
Rohan Scott
Rohan Scott 2 yıl önce
I genuinely think he cant tightrope/slackline on his feet
Anton Grobler
Anton Grobler Yıl önce
Well done to Danny and the whole team great video.
kuki_868 2 yıl önce
Sick video! Keep it up Danny and Red Bull team! ❤️
AcroMatFPV 2 yıl önce
Dude...This Is Insane!! Love it! ♥️🤘
John Smear
John Smear 2 yıl önce
That was so much fun. Loved it!
Shaneil Patel
Shaneil Patel 2 yıl önce
Everyone: “I’m getting in the shape of my life this January” Danny MacAskill: 'Hold my bike’
360° Sport & Health
360° Sport & Health 2 yıl önce
Just awesome :)
ki113rkkr clips
ki113rkkr clips 2 yıl önce
Or redbull
RAPTOR3270 Yıl önce
when you realize that danny is more capable on a bike than you are on your own feet
M T 11 aylar önce
Now that is what I call a propper gym workout 👍🏻
skeenster 9 aylar önce
Thanks Red Bull for making this awesomeness happen
joe prinsen
joe prinsen 8 aylar önce
so damn good. how is half of this even possible? truly amazing
Jesse Dulaney
Jesse Dulaney Yıl önce
Danny makes everything look so easy!
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services
farmnranchapiary bee Hive services 3 aylar önce
Excellent concept highlighting mind blowing Talent!! Thanks for showing the bloopers at least I now know Danny at least superhuman. Capable of making a mistake, but also capable of getting up and trying again.
Aaron LM
Aaron LM 2 yıl önce
3:52 is the craziest thing on two wheels i've ever seen. Amazing Danny. Keep up!
Milk Milk
Milk Milk Yıl önce
Milk Milk
Milk Milk Yıl önce
aclassmedicine Yıl önce
Thanks for showing attempts !! Then there was more amazement at the very end💪🏼
Hyperline Art
Hyperline Art 2 yıl önce
I like how he cant balance on the slack like without the bike but when he‘s on his bike, he jumps from line to line.
Fiachra Ó Braoin
Fiachra Ó Braoin 2 yıl önce
He's one with his bike!
Zacharias Starlid
Zacharias Starlid 2 yıl önce
That was incredible! All of you, WELL DONE!
Dave Mennenoh
Dave Mennenoh 3 aylar önce
Brilliant. Love watching Danny ride.
Lukas Brandt
Lukas Brandt Yıl önce
I’m gonna start taking my bike to the gym now! Looks like fun 🤩 😂😂
Dabz Miniaturas
Dabz Miniaturas Yıl önce
Me encantan los vídeos de este tío. Es el mejor.
Schelli 2 yıl önce
Video: Shows Danny struggling with the slackline on his feet Next shot: Him casually jumping from one to the other on his goddamn bike And that bike frontflip was one the most creative tricks I've seen so far
František Švaral
František Švaral 2 yıl önce
Trey Ingram
Trey Ingram 8 aylar önce
This is so cool! We have been trying to jump and we have got really good!
Aidan Wengel
Aidan Wengel 2 yıl önce
Wow, just Wow. Danny MacAskill never disappoints!
Richard Stoddard
Richard Stoddard 2 yıl önce
Unbelievable!!!!! Fantastic skills but love the honesty in the outtakes. Congratulations on an amazing film!!!!
ShootAll Ballers
ShootAll Ballers 2 yıl önce
That little look over when he wheelies on the treadmill 😂
Rafael Soriano
Rafael Soriano Yıl önce
This guy is incredible!!! Love it... :)
tejaK 7 gün önce
Wow, this is beyond measure! On my way to this gymnasium. :)
joesufg 2 yıl önce
i usually don’t sit through adverts, but i’ll always watch the entirety of this one omg i love it.
InThisTogether Yıl önce
Danny's videos are always inspiring. I got hooked when I first saw "Danny MacAskill - Epecuén - 2014" trshow.info/watch/PiF5HHkHvX0/video.html I rewatched that video a countless times.
BravoNineThreeTwo 2 yıl önce
Danny Mac just inspired me to give up on all my New Year’s Resolutions
mr_euc 2 yıl önce
@dannymacaskill @redbullbike Its the pace in which your videos are done which makes them relaxing pieces of art. Like Dannys day out, nice leisurely pace with HIGHLY technical MacA-Skills! We need to ride together someday💯
kevindc18181818 2 yıl önce
You deserve this Danny. You may have had the talent early on, but youve put in the work to earn your sponsor.
Chris Hitchcock
Chris Hitchcock 2 yıl önce
It’s in the same vain as imaginate and both are beautiful mixes of artistry I love that you put that failed attempts in the videos to make it more accessible. Basically I love 99% of your videos and great to see you again
Pedal Crusaders
Pedal Crusaders 2 yıl önce
Making everything look easy. As usual. Danny Mac you're friggin SICK!
roi k.
roi k. 2 yıl önce
Genius! ,Can’t imagine how many times he tried all this.
ezcape 2 yıl önce
roi k. especially the signature scene, damn
Brendon Kelly
Brendon Kelly 2 yıl önce
@Michael Davies I see what you did there. Brilliant!
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 2 yıl önce
Trial and error...
STOKED! MTB Yıl önce
TBH Danny’s standing jump looked to be about 7 or 8 feet high on those boxes. 😲 that’s INSANE!!!
Shyamal Sinha
Shyamal Sinha 2 yıl önce
As always... absolutely amazing...keep it up my friend
Wayfaring Overlander
Wayfaring Overlander 9 aylar önce
Insane hopping up so high in that weight rack. The whole thing was unbelievable. I also liked the ghost ride, front flip catch thing you did.
Trish Morton
Trish Morton Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing. I thought it was a trick until I saw the end credits. OMG!!!!
Endurorodzndubz 2 yıl önce
Even the bike on its own, has more skills than me😂
Derek Jones
Derek Jones Yıl önce
What im wondering is who disliked this? This was amazing!
Harris777 2 yıl önce
The whole thing was awesome but for me was the belt hop... crazy balance and perfect execution. Your the man danny 😎
EZEdits Yıl önce
I love how Danny picks the most relaxing songs and makes it fit into his riding
Míssil Peludo
Míssil Peludo 2 yıl önce
Someone: Gymnastics athletes are incredible Danny: hold my redbull
2WheelBiker 8 aylar önce
best comment ever
Teknakill Yıl önce
@dueeh nyyu Hold my lifetime training award that no one will give a crap about in 40 years.
Screamn’ Eagle
Screamn’ Eagle 2 yıl önce
Best comment!
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 2 yıl önce
CrazyPTV 2 yıl önce
To anyone who thinks of giving up remember there was a day when this man was learning to balance a bicycle as a kid :) Happy new year people ✌️🙏❤️💪😀
Durrant Miller
Durrant Miller 2 yıl önce
Not to mention that the bike flip and catch took over 700 attempts
Kristopher Wilson
Kristopher Wilson 2 yıl önce
Danny rides better backwards that i can just ride. Love his vids!
forsteve 2 yıl önce
In my opinion your talent is unrivaled globally and for as long as there's been bicycles. You're the G.O.A.T.💪🙏
Dean Castillo
Dean Castillo Yıl önce
Incredible. Great work out. Must Try.
Gaming boy
Gaming boy 8 aylar önce
Amazing mind blowing stunts 🔥
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