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00:00 Jørgen Dahl Moe - Dancing In the Dark | The Voice Norway
02:22 Steven Helhammer
02:35 Matthias Nebel - Bed Of Roses | The Voice of Germany
05:44 Sheldon Riley - Frozen | The Voice Australia
07:40 Bogdan Ioan - Earth Song | The Vocea Romania
09:47 Mo Adeniran - Iron Sky | The Voice UK
11:36 Nina Kraljić - Wicked Game | The Voice of Croatia
13:38 Juan Geck - Anyone | The Voice of Germany
16:07 Jérémie Makiese - Jealous | The Voice Belgium
18:28 Bella Taylor Smith - Ave Maria | The Voice Australia
20:37 Cris Rellah - The Kill (Bury Me) | The Voice Germany
22:25 Lisandro Cuxi and Soprano - Mon Everest | The Voice France
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jaymante 2 aylar önce
As a big Bruce fan, I gotta say that this version of Dancing in the Dark was spectacular!
RowenMyBoat 2 gün önce
Better than the original. Have to say it’s the first time I’ve liked it, but actually I LOVED it!
jfreder424 15 gün önce
Gave me the goosies. He is fabulous. I am a massive of Bruce S.
leviathan32 22 gün önce
I agree
LA Hawk
LA Hawk 29 gün önce
Totally agree! A fan of Bruce and love that song....this guy knocked it out of the park. Bruce would be jealous to hear that version. I would buy that.
Rian van Lier
Rian van Lier Aylar önce
@Ano Niem lll
Brandon Dill
Brandon Dill 28 gün önce
The first guy has got to be one of the best ever on one of these shows. He owned Bruce's song. Great singing is one thing, but to remaster a song in your own style this magnificently is super talent!
Pbotsfordslayer 5
Pbotsfordslayer 5 6 gün önce
Man I may only be 23 but I grew up in the backseat listening to my mom's cd's and Bruce hit hard
Luis Guimaraes
Luis Guimaraes 9 gün önce
shari sayed
shari sayed 2 aylar önce
The Dancing in the Dark is mind blowing. I do love Springsteen and considered him one of the best song writers ever. But turning his songs into beautiful ballads really propels the songs into another stratosphere.
GMAMEC 11 gün önce
He updated the song to meet the 2020 standards of music. Song styles evolve over time. Music in the 1980s had a different sound.
Patricia Seaton
Patricia Seaton 27 gün önce
I totally agree. And, this fellow’s version was stunningly beautiful.
Tabatha Evans
Tabatha Evans 28 gün önce
I agree love some Bruce. This was a amazing way to do this song. I have never seen such a beautiful outcome with such a drastic difference.. I love how he did it. 💯❤️
TheBobFath3r 29 gün önce
It really is. Absolutely beautiful rendition
Surya Yoga com Solange Lima
Surya Yoga com Solange Lima Aylar önce
Ben howards version he is doing
Entyty 9 gün önce
Damn Zelensky really killed it with that earth song cover
esther wairimu
esther wairimu 2 aylar önce
Bella's version of Ave Maria is both magical and heavenly. Goosebumps every time.
Liana Baddley
Liana Baddley Aylar önce
@donaldnicholas194 nicholas YES she did! And she totally deserved it! They had an absolutely amazing season and she was head and shoulders above everyone else!
donaldnicholas194 nicholas
donaldnicholas194 nicholas Aylar önce
Did she win
António Lisboa
António Lisboa Aylar önce
Disney voice! in a very good way!
ajun karyadi
ajun karyadi 2 aylar önce
she's has a angel voice
DEVO karla
DEVO karla 2 aylar önce
I would be damn happy to have her singing this unique version of AVE MARIA for my wedding, it just make me dream
Anthony Armento
Anthony Armento 2 aylar önce
That dancing in the dark cover is the best I have ever heard. you can really feel the emotion in that song and the coaches could as well
Thomas Hammer
Thomas Hammer Aylar önce
@Jorge Garcia, He is Jørgen Dahl Moe
Michelle C
Michelle C Aylar önce
It's better than the original, that's just my opinion.
Anthony Armento
Anthony Armento Aylar önce
@Jorge Garcia same
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Aylar önce
That made me CRY. I'm not joking and I'm man enough to admit it. AWESOME COVER WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!
Anthony Armento
Anthony Armento 2 aylar önce
@Nikola Chernev agreed
rie20100 2 aylar önce
All these singers are amazing! The singer that touched my heart & the song that keeps coming back to me over & over is MATTHIAS'S Bed of Roses. Much love to all!❤️
LA Hawk
LA Hawk 28 gün önce
Yes, all were amazing. I usually prefer to hear the original singer but these voices were SO good!!!
LA Hawk
LA Hawk 29 gün önce
WOW!! That was amazing!! Another song that is better than the original and that is one of my favorite songs. Just WOW!!
peteka16 Aylar önce
I love his cover of Bon Jovi, personally, I think I actually like it better than the original. I would have loved to hear him sing the entire song… or a bunch of big-hair ballads. His voice and range is just amazing!!
henry mcvey
henry mcvey Aylar önce
Bella from Oz was miles above the rest.
Vicki 2 aylar önce
Bed of Roses was done so meticulously. Couldn't tell it was being sung by non other then Bon Jovi. The guy should have won on that song choice alone, and of course his singing it was spot on and probably better. Seriously though Jon could never be replaced and would be great if Richie came back. Just not the same anymore 😪
Robson Soares
Robson Soares 4 gün önce
Caramba. tô com um monte de coisas pra fazer , más não consigo sair desse vídeo. Meu DEUS um melhor que o outro , más nenhum é pior que ninguém. Deu pra entender??? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
RLC Residences The Realtor DJ
RLC Residences The Realtor DJ 2 aylar önce
cannot get over with the Dancing in the Dark cover! so soothing to the ears!
Kim Louise
Kim Louise Aylar önce
I NEED an album from Jørgen!! Dancing in the Dark has never sounded so beautiful! 😍
darvoid66 2 gün önce
Matthias has some of the finest tones to ever come out of the human body.
Ashley T
Ashley T 2 aylar önce
The Jealous version was absolutely beautiful!!!! So soothing and emotional.
Cinzia Valotti
Cinzia Valotti 13 gün önce
The best. Meraviglia
Danilo Pedron
Danilo Pedron 22 gün önce
God, I think the same
Victoria Agyepong Skills Dev
Victoria Agyepong Skills Dev 17 gün önce
Gosh the first guy left me smiling like a fool...such a heartwarming rendition
Eat.Sleep.Symphony 26 gün önce
That ave maria was absolutely sublime… wow
Raph 2 aylar önce
The woman who sang Wicked Game reminded me of those Cirque du Soleil’s ethereal songs, that can transport you to a different reality
Ducksim123 18 saatler önce
She almost sound like she’s doing some Mongolian throat singing. Sounds lovely
HollyCat77 2 gün önce
I just googled her name and she has her own Wikipedia page so she’s pretty famous now. It says she won the 1st season. So I think she was there just doing a special performance or something.
Jane Moreira
Jane Moreira 21 gün önce
Ou um filme medieval uma coisa floresta mística Alguém, por favor, pode me dizer o nome dessa pessoa, ser ? Essa linda!!!??
Kev Mac
Kev Mac 26 gün önce
@Jason Robertson think this was the season after she won it. Winner comes back and sings again. If you notice, all the judges are already facing the front.
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson 26 gün önce
But why was there back up singers in it?
Theophilus Darko
Theophilus Darko 2 aylar önce
There is something unique about the Scandinavian and their voice. Just beautiful and soothing to the ear.
James Crawford
James Crawford 2 aylar önce
All are great, but only "Dancing in the Dark" stole my heart and soul! It got me tears an goosebumps in a good way. ✌️💓🇺🇸
martha spurlock
martha spurlock Aylar önce
When I saw Springsteen in 1984, he didn't even look like himself--all pumped up and, with his teeth all shining in the dark--someone convinced him to lose his charming malocclusion. He did not look like the same guy who sang Thunder Road or E-Street Shuffle. Dancing in the Dark was corporate rock. Bruce sold out on the Born to Run album and tour. He was ON FIRE in the 70s. The 80s he started hanging with Hollywood. My point is this kid with the guitar reminds of the Boss in his prime--beautiful, lyrical songs about real Americans. I miss Springsteen from Born to Run, hanging in the mist over the boardwalk Jersey shore, not mugging it up on that shallow, fake-disco version of Dancing in the Dark from the 80s. The kid telling the truth. Bruce should hear the kid's version.
John Panggabean
John Panggabean Aylar önce
The vocal is spectacular!!
Ury_labby 2 aylar önce
Same here! 🇵🇭 🤎
xISnJIx Aylar önce
That micheal Jackson Audition is absolutely incredible. I got goosebumps whilst listening. It’s frightening how similar they sound!!
Alex Teo
Alex Teo Aylar önce
He did win the contest :)
QUEEN ITA Aylar önce
ELENA Aylar önce
He is Romanian!
Backschollerboy Aylar önce
His version of Dancing in the Dark is truly amazing!
Becky Logan
Becky Logan 2 aylar önce
Bed of Roses is my favorite ever! He gave me full body chills
Katja Styrishave
Katja Styrishave 7 gün önce
i agree. He sang it out of this world
PrincessReese Aylar önce
Who is it?
Ellect Khosa
Ellect Khosa 2 aylar önce
Bella hitting unbelievable notes with a smile making singing looks beautiful♡ She is magic
Judette 2 aylar önce
Beautiful rendition of “dancing in the dark”
Florence Deang
Florence Deang 2 aylar önce
Monkeyman5550 Aylar önce
Holy crap the first guy is just absolutely insane, the control he has over his voice blows my mind
Kim H
Kim H 2 aylar önce
Matthias is his singing. Move to the U.S. he'll be signed instantly.
Kim Marie Faber
Kim Marie Faber 2 aylar önce
The girl who sang Ave Maria was phenomenal!
Mark Goodwin
Mark Goodwin Aylar önce
Bella got all the way to the final, she was amazing
Tadas Jancys
Tadas Jancys 2 aylar önce
I don’t believe in perfect but this was it)
lisasbooklife -Lisa Hennessey
lisasbooklife -Lisa Hennessey 2 aylar önce
Dancing in the dark is so beautiful. But just SLIGHTEST above that, the cover of Jealous is by gar one of the best versions ever and someone literally singing every emotion of every word. Absolutely soul piercing beautiful.
Nicolas Smith
Nicolas Smith 2 aylar önce
Hi pretty lady. How are you doing today? And how is the weather over there?
Ne Han
Ne Han 2 aylar önce
Nina's voice i love the most.. So unique and the guy who sang anyone is incredible
AJ 2 aylar önce
I never knew half the words to dancing in the dark until the first guy. He has voice that makes people just forget what they are doing and stop and listen.
LA Hawk
LA Hawk 12 gün önce
Instead of the rough, raw sound of Bruce this guy has the clearest, cleanest vocalization! Just WOW!
Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly 2 aylar önce
Same I was like ahhh they're the words....
Emma Adamyan
Emma Adamyan 2 aylar önce
He gave a second birth to this song. Great voice and energy indeed
Daniel Sousa
Daniel Sousa Aylar önce
Nina was so spiritual. An Angel singing. I felt the energy taking control of my body and soul.
Michelle Boussiala
Michelle Boussiala 2 aylar önce
The contestant that sang “Jealous” on The Voice Belgium absolutely paralyzed me in chills. And Bella, I mean does anything really need to be said if you heard it
nurex 90
nurex 90 2 aylar önce
Same here, I felt that in my bone marrow
Solon De almeida
Solon De almeida 2 aylar önce
São muito bons!!! Parabéns ao talento e trabalho de cada um. Sucesso!!!+
Brian Grill
Brian Grill 3 aylar önce
Bella is in a category of her own. Her voice is flawless and angelic.
Edson Dos Reis Carvalho
Edson Dos Reis Carvalho Aylar önce
YES! OMG I'm speechless 🥹🤯😭
Tamara Roberts
Tamara Roberts 2 aylar önce
Sussan Oplekwu
Sussan Oplekwu 2 aylar önce
Hanlie Singh
Hanlie Singh 2 aylar önce
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 2 aylar önce
I do agree on Bella 100%
Akka Velli
Akka Velli 15 gün önce
Chandler Bing did dancing in the dark justice 👌🏻
LenzafromSeattle 2 aylar önce
The Voice Germany really sounds like Jon Bon Jovi , beautiful voice😊
Miemie Nang
Miemie Nang 26 gün önce
If I were asked to line up my (7) favorites, it would be : - 1. Mo Adeniran - Iron Sky | The Voice UK 2. Jørgen Dahl Moe - Dancing In the Dark | The Voice Norway 3. Jérémie Makiese - Jealous | The Voice Belgium 4. Matthias Nebel - Bed Of Roses | The Voice of Germany 5. Bella Taylor Smith - Ave Maria | The Voice Australia 6. Juan Geck - Anyone | The Voice of Germany 7. Nina Kraljić - Wicked Game | The Voice of Croatia
Jenny Delantar (jennyonnie)
Jenny Delantar (jennyonnie) 19 gün önce
@Miemie Nang i love it🤭❤️
Miemie Nang
Miemie Nang 19 gün önce
@Jenny Delantar (jennyonnie) Hope you will enjoy.
Jane Moreira
Jane Moreira 21 gün önce
Vc não é minha alma gêmea KKK a que eu gostei em primeiríssimo tú gostou menos kkkk
Jenny Delantar (jennyonnie)
Jenny Delantar (jennyonnie) 23 gün önce
i try to listen to them🤭
Mark Canon
Mark Canon 2 aylar önce
They're all superb but Jorgen stole my heart to its core, wow oh wow! More than angelic voice I'm in tears. Bruce must be very proud and happy that his song makes good singers out there. I love Bruce, I'm a fan.Thanks for this post and God bless everyone 🙏❤♥
Keith Stevens
Keith Stevens 2 aylar önce
The thing for me was not only a great voice but with singing it slower I can hear the lyrics clearly and it gives it a whole new meaning to me.
chicagofan76 2 aylar önce
Love this version of Dancing in the dark
Susan Maxwell
Susan Maxwell Saatler önce
I love the judge...he's so connected to the music ..😍...Matthias , Sheldon..all of these performances are the best of the best....❣️❣️
Tribes Gaming
Tribes Gaming 2 aylar önce
Jorgen dahl dancing in the dark......literally the best version of tgis song ive ever heard. Ive had it as my ringtone for months now. What an absolute belter. Thank you for the times this has helped me through. I hope you succeed in life
Rebecca Codner
Rebecca Codner 2 aylar önce
I loved his version of Dancing in the Dark. ❤️
nichola blacklaws
nichola blacklaws 2 aylar önce
Check out Sam fenders
Ian Withers
Ian Withers 2 aylar önce
This young man clearly has a lot of singing potential but great talent, I hope that he finds his future within the music industry because this man will make a massive impact.
Realmasterorder 2 aylar önce
Amazing renditions of great song,all of them are great and special but the first one from Jorden and also Bella stood out for me they are just sooo very nice and beautifull,bed of Roses is also amazing great job !
Reylyn Loto
Reylyn Loto Aylar önce
For Me, the closest to the original are the covers of Bed of Roses, Earth Song and Jealous 💖❤️❤️
Kathy Chavez
Kathy Chavez 2 aylar önce
That was the best version Dancing in the Dark! His voice was so beautiful
QueenEsther Victory Emmanuel
QueenEsther Victory Emmanuel 19 gün önce
Bodgan from Norway literally brought MJ back to life with that voice, he sounded so much like MJ
Alexandru Duminica
Alexandru Duminica 14 gün önce
He is from Romania
Kornelia Madsen
Kornelia Madsen 19 gün önce
He was not from Norway
Ivan Guilherme Morales
Ivan Guilherme Morales 2 aylar önce
gosto de todas essas musicas a unica que eu nao havia escutado e que eu curti o garoto cantando foi essa 22:25 Lisandro Cuxi and Soprano - Mon Everest | The Voice France e o garoto mandou bem demais
Melissa Balagso
Melissa Balagso 2 aylar önce
Grabi yong "gone to sone" by Michael Jackson.. kuhang kuha😞 Michael Jackson is my favorite singer...
david david
david david 2 aylar önce
Nice collection! You've showcased some great talents and great performances. What a wonderful world we live in!
Angie Fowler
Angie Fowler 2 aylar önce
Angela E
Angela E Aylar önce
The two guys at the end, they were really awesome, the young man singing is just phenomenal, both were just amazing performers!👏👏😊
Massive Socks
Massive Socks 2 aylar önce
Wow, completely different from the Boss' version but if I didn't know what the original was, I would have thought this was it; he put so much soul into it.
English Learners Here
English Learners Here 2 aylar önce
Their voices are really mind-blowing!
Bans Biong
Bans Biong 2 aylar önce
damn that number one guy killed it, best cover ever.. been listening and watching him 100 times... PERFECT..🥰🥰🥰🥰
Gloria Lizty
Gloria Lizty Aylar önce
I love Nina, she has a unique voice
Shinglai Jr
Shinglai Jr 2 aylar önce
The first guys singing Bruce song like that is diamond in this era…. You the gem…
Lucio 2 aylar önce
Matthias excellent rendition. Excellent version!
kambo 2 aylar önce
Dancing in the dark singer stole the show. Simply amazing n incomparable. Awesome beyond words.
Pearl Lee Rodgers
Pearl Lee Rodgers 2 aylar önce
Dancing in the dark did it for me. This Jorden is an incredible singer. I could listen to his version over and over. All of the other singers were fantastic!
Kevin Ballack
Kevin Ballack 2 aylar önce
I thought as much about Jorden .He is an incredible and wonderful singer .
Venita Sheppard
Venita Sheppard Aylar önce
Goosebumps with dancing 🎶 in the dark. Bravo 👏👏👏
Lj Mallari
Lj Mallari 2 aylar önce
that "bed of roses" judges' reactions 😊💕 so fun watching them 📺💓
mralexlex 2 aylar önce
Actually their reaction is very disrespectful to performer...
Lj Mallari
Lj Mallari 2 aylar önce
@GERRIE oh thank you, i was guessing its south america 😊
GERRIE 2 aylar önce
@Lj Mallari South - Africa 😁
Lj Mallari
Lj Mallari 2 aylar önce
@Nicole van de Walle thank you :-) ... i also thought it could be south america 😀
Nicole van de Walle
Nicole van de Walle 2 aylar önce
@Lj Mallari South Africa 😉
Nael Mohammed
Nael Mohammed 27 gün önce
So awesome how Boy George instantly recognized Sheldon’s voice.
Lou 2 aylar önce
Even without ever hearing the originals, these performances definitely stand on their own!
YYC403NOYP 2 aylar önce
That's how COVERS should be done. Making it their OWN. You should check KZ TANDINGAN from the Philippines who participated in Singer 2018 held in China. Jessie J was there too. She showed what "making it your own" covers mean.
J A 2 aylar önce
There is nothing better than the original Michael. The Dancing in the dark is out to this world though.
souvik dutta
souvik dutta 2 aylar önce
Nina sang the "wicked game" in an angelic divine elvan tune
edith elizabeth mella nuñez
edith elizabeth mella nuñez 2 aylar önce
Sublime la re interpretación de "dancing in the dark". "Escribió" una nueva versión de un gran tema.
Rocky Rodriguez
Rocky Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
I love that wicked game song, the lady has the originality.
Jane Moreira
Jane Moreira 21 gün önce
Esse primeiro teve a audácia de ter a voz muito mas muito mais parecida com o Lucas Graham!!!❤️ Sananda Maytreia VOLTOU? KK
John A. A.
John A. A. 2 aylar önce
Holy sh*t! The Springsteen cover was extraordinary! If you listened to him and weren't moved check your pulse because you're dead. Wow - brought to tears.
dar nelson
dar nelson 2 aylar önce
Best rendition of Dancing in the Dark ever!
Gandhi 13 gün önce
Jorgen Dahl’s Dancing in the Dark tops the lot. Mon Everest song also very stunning.
Eliza Le Roux
Eliza Le Roux Aylar önce
Never listen to all the words of Dancing in the Dark.. This was mind blowing beautiful.. Bruce is a deep thinking writer of songs about life.. Loved it!
J P Aylar önce
Dancing in the dark was awesome! Bed of roses was wonderful ! Jealous of the way incredible! Great channel ❤❤
Geolykos 2 aylar önce
I swear that judge in Norway cries in every video I've watched. Seems like a nice guy
Lynne Cox
Lynne Cox 5 saatler önce
@lesha1492 I think there's nothing more beautiful than a man who can show his emotions especially when they come from a place of love and/or joy etc . We need more men like him, and btw; anger, hatred, jealousy and pride or envy are also emotions.
Mathews Mutumba
Mathews Mutumba 5 gün önce
I have noticed that as well
TexasPoonTappa 5 gün önce
Suzette Bavier
Suzette Bavier 5 gün önce
@Valerie Grosvenor Me too
Suzette Bavier
Suzette Bavier 5 gün önce
@علی Me too
LoveKatz 2 aylar önce
The guy who sang Bed OF Roses gave me the CHILLS! OMG, yes better than the Bon Jovi original. (Even if he did sing bottle of WODKA instead of VODKA)
2pe 2 aylar önce
Better than bon jovi? You're kidding right?
Ange 17 gün önce
Loved the guy who sang "Anyone", beautiful tone of voice
Ms Amber
Ms Amber Gün önce
This is the comment I was looking for.
Stephanie Coffee
Stephanie Coffee Aylar önce
Bed of Roses was spectacular!!!! ✨
LInda Jakuboski
LInda Jakuboski 2 aylar önce
Actually Bella is beyond incredible!!
Plain Jane
Plain Jane Aylar önce
Dancing in the Dark was beautiful. Who knew it was a.ballad? So beautiful.
Christy Annalisa Carson DeFelice
Christy Annalisa Carson DeFelice 2 aylar önce
OMG Matthias SLAYED Bed of Roses!!!
Syli DeCosta
Syli DeCosta 2 aylar önce
That kid that sang Jealous was fantastic!!!! Wowowow
Cassandra Toppino
Cassandra Toppino Aylar önce
Not a huge fan of Bruce, but this guy blew me away. Fantastic!!
Marissa Chenery
Marissa Chenery 3 aylar önce
i love the way he sing ..dancing in the dark.. I watch this maybe 100 times
Nightfox 11 gün önce
The Kill is one of my personal favorites, glad to see someone sang it
polly welch
polly welch 15 gün önce
He blew the roof off the place. HE IS A STAR,
Elaine Foran
Elaine Foran 2 aylar önce
Okay, I know I'm nuts but I have to share, when I saw 'EARTH SONG' guy at first with the mike covering his mouth, I thought he looked exactly like Volodymyr Zelelensky! Actually had to a double take. They were all fantastic. Would like to hear more.
Ryan Neuberger
Ryan Neuberger 2 aylar önce
Dancing in the dark was incredible! After listening it also let me know it was something I could play on the guitar!! Win win!!!
Roderick Westwood
Roderick Westwood 3 aylar önce
Glad to see Cris Rellah in here. I don’t think Bella’s cover was better than the original. It’s great interpretation, but I wouldn’t say it was better.
Meo Zac
Meo Zac 2 aylar önce
That Jealous cover got me soulful ❤
Godwin Etim
Godwin Etim 28 gün önce
That Romanian dude singing MJ Earth song kills it for me
Allan Macalalad
Allan Macalalad 28 gün önce
the "wicked game" nailed it! 👏👏👏👏👏
Bēla-Sofia 2 aylar önce
Juan Geck is the gem here. He looks so much like his elegant and beautiful family member shown when he is singing too!
Math Anatan
Math Anatan 2 aylar önce
His voice is a definition of voice quality…very clean and smooth.
Linda Ibarra
Linda Ibarra 3 aylar önce
Wow!!!! Dancing in the dark!!!! Awesome job!!!!
Janna Brooks
Janna Brooks Aylar önce
The Dancing in the Dark and Jealous performances were phenomenal!
G.Skillz Aylar önce
They all do justice to the originals with these exceptional covers
Andrea González
Andrea González 2 aylar önce
El cuarto participante, suena como Michael. Maravilloso, cantó magnífico!
The guy who sang Michael Jackson was increrible! ! He singing looks like Michael Jackson, for real!
Phoenix Power
Phoenix Power Aylar önce
Is from Romania!
Omega Aylar önce
Zelensky also sings????😂🤣🤣😂
Асен Цветков
Асен Цветков 2 aylar önce
Прилича на Зеленски
ng. drillerX
ng. drillerX 2 aylar önce
If you just close your eyes.. damn!
vanessa cort
vanessa cort 2 aylar önce
Such a beautiful version of Dancing...
David Kettell
David Kettell Aylar önce
Bogdan was amazing. Nina had unbelievable voice control.
QueVa Aylar önce
He won.
Terri Davis
Terri Davis 2 aylar önce
Cris Rellah has a phenomenal voice! I think he is professionally trained. He has an amazing range.
DeiGail 2 aylar önce
Amazing!! Specially "Dancing in the dark" 😍😍😍
Cornelia howard
Cornelia howard 2 aylar önce
Dancing in the dark most beautiful. Such a beautiful voice.
Hardy Watkins
Hardy Watkins 12 gün önce
All of them absolutely amazing but damn that first guy was incredible and the woman with the high notes .. phenomenal! What crazy planet do these people come from!?
Most ICONIC Blind Auditions of The Voice Australia EVER 🤩
The Voice Global
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Tuzlu kahveyle imtihanım..
Berk Çiçekgil
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Kısmetse Olur: Aşkın Gücü
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Top 10 Vocal Auditions of all time
Pyro International
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OCCUPIED #shortssprintbrasil
Natan por Aí
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Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert | 24 Mart 2023 Cuma
Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert
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Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi - 32. Bölüm
Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi
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