What is the Sirtfood Diet?

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Celebrities are rumoured to be swearing by the Sirtfood Diet for weight loss - but what the heck is a sirtfood, and should you eat them too? Subscribe to Nourishable at trshow.info

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The Sirtfood Diet has been generating buzz through its rumored use to drive Adele’s weight loss. Best part - the diet encourages red wine and chocolate. The Sirtfood Diet was created by Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins. They studied Nutrition Medicine at the University of Surrey where they learned about the sirtuin proteins - sirt for short. Activated sirt proteins burn fat and preserve muscle by triggering a metabolic switch. Animals with activated sirt proteins live longer and healthier. How can you activate sirt proteins? Extreme calorie restriction or extreme exercise. Suggesting to eat a 40% calorie restricted diet isn’t going to make you as popular as suggesting to eat chocolate and red wine. Certain nutrients can activate sirt proteins, mimicking the effects of calorie restriction. I learned about these nutrients in grad school too - one nutrient in particular called resveratrol, which is found in red wine. A family of nutrients called polyphenols contain a whole bunch of sirt-activating nutrients. Who’s not going to bite at this offer? Mimic calorie restriction by eating polyphenols? That’s Aidan and Glen’s million dollar idea - create a diet based on foods with sirt-activating nutrients to burn fat and boost health. And thus the Sirtfood diet was born. What are the sirtfoods? The diet staples are arugula, buckwheat, capers, celery, chilies, cocoa, coffee, endive, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green tea, kale, Medjool dates, onion, parsley, red wine, soy, strawberries, turmeric and walnuts. Nutrients in these foods known to be sirt activating include quercetin, kaempferol, curcumin, apigenin and epigallocatechin gallate. Sirtfood green juice is made up of kale, arugula, parsley, celery, apple, ginger, lemon and matcha green tea powder. Aidan and Glen’s 2016 Sirtfood Diet book cover boldly states “clinically proven to lose 7 pounds in 7 days”[6]. That “clinical proof” comes from a pilot study that they ran with 40 members of a super posh gym in London called KX Life. There were a whole bunch of issues in this study that triggered my science spidey sense. Besides this pilot study, the only other evidence of the Sirtfood Diet is from anecdotes. Dr. Lara Science Law #1 “Anecdote is not evidence!”

Kim Nenninger
Kim Nenninger 3 gün önce
Great video. She was fun to watch and interesting to listen to.
Darren Watson
Darren Watson 3 gün önce
You can do it cancer
jhon adel
jhon adel 8 gün önce
Absolute non sense specially wine, which damage your liver
Karl 15 gün önce
BTW, I noticed this has 161,000 views as I watch it. You've got lots of other videos with less than 10,000 views, but those videos are just as good as this one. The TRshow gods are confused because your content is great. Really.
Karl 15 gün önce
I've heard of sirtuins (although I've heard it in the context of autophagy and longevity, I really don't know what it is.) I have never heard of the Sirtfood Diet before though. By the way, I watched this while having lunch, with 3 grlasses of red wine, and a 1/4 bar of 85% cacao dark chocolate for dessert, and I had a resveratrol supplement this morning. I definitely get my 30 varieties of veggies every week. I already lost the weight so no need to diet. I didn't pay anyone for funky diet food, either. Basically sounds like they promote consumption of a variety of vegetables, including an emphasis on polyphenols. Sounds logical, but not magical or proprietary.
Cheshirekat 16 gün önce
I lost 7 pounds in 36 hours once - but, I had a stomach virus.
carin robinson
carin robinson 18 gün önce
hey ANY diet that says WINE I don't care if it was fed to mice in a lab or not WINE OVERIDES MEDICAL CERTIFICATION
Nadia Elisian
Nadia Elisian 18 gün önce
I am thankful for this video. I am glad you mentioned that your not a fan of juicing because its expensive, wasteful and I wanted to add that it takes forever to clean a juicer. I had a juicer and got rid of it because of the daily 20 minute cleaning that had to happen immediately after juicing. It only works if your juicing for a whole family because keep juice in the fridge makes it all brown and even more disgusting.
Nourishable 18 gün önce
YES I totally agree! When I have juiced I always felt compelled to keep all the pulp to do something with, and ultimately those thoughts were just aspirational and I'd end up throwing out moldy pulp from my fridge.
Maria G
Maria G Aylar önce
"Sirten nutrients can activate search proteins"
Chelsea Dodge
Chelsea Dodge Aylar önce
I’m new to your channel and I love how you present scientific info while also including a bit of humor!
AxelSituation Aylar önce
The real take home message isn't the diet, its the fact that science is taught at a higher level in Europe than it is in the USA. The author claims, 'oh yeah I learned them too' but I can guarantee that it was at a lower level without much emphasis than it is abroad.
DeJarre Vu
DeJarre Vu Aylar önce
You'd have to drink gallons of red wine to get enough resveratrol to be of any benefit.
teresa olofson
teresa olofson Aylar önce
arugula, buckwheat, capers, celery, chilies, cocoa, coffee, endive, olive oil, garlic, green tea, kale dates, onion, parsley, red wine, soy, strawberries, turmeric walnuts
sweetpetuniafarm 2 aylar önce
Well, I am doomed to be fat. I don't like wine or chocolate.
Hom Tom
Hom Tom 3 aylar önce
you can just compare the result yourself using a blood test and some patience. 6w this diet, 6w healthy reference diet. repeat twice or 3 times to control for life episodes and you know. if you care about your health enough to know what sirt you are probably doing this kind of thing anyway. (and blood testing is free in many countries)
Starlightwalk 4 aylar önce
Good PR campaign from these doctors. I like that she showed the real scam with this diet. Also, soy is very inflammatory.
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 4 aylar önce
I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn't know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called Agoge Diet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips ;) check it out
Nina Schaefer
Nina Schaefer 4 aylar önce
Now that you say that, it sounds shady
Shar Roon
Shar Roon 4 aylar önce
Lucky me the sirt foods are some of my faves!
Kenneth Fleming
Kenneth Fleming 5 aylar önce
Thank you! You're are such a doll!
Ginyu 5 aylar önce
My fatass read “stirfood diet” 😂😂
Mário Petrík
Mário Petrík 5 aylar önce
Omg this needs more likes, the best video I've ever seen about any diet. Good job, keep it up! Easy to follow up. I subbed.
Theunpopularmom 5 aylar önce
I’m looking into this! Might start it
Fletcher Morales
Fletcher Morales 5 aylar önce
Anybody tried the Okibetonic Secrets (just google search it)? I've noticed many amazing things about this popular fat loss system.
Adam Purcell
Adam Purcell 5 aylar önce
Losing 7lbs In 7 days is not safe or sustainable if their claim is true. That's water weight and lean muscle mass saying goodbye. And if you are training cardio and resistance you sure ain't gonna lose 7lbs in a week either. Remember people body transformation doesn't happen over night. Slow, steady progress is safe, sustainable and you won't look like a talking corpse by the end of it either.
Tulani Graham
Tulani Graham 6 aylar önce
Why don’t you go over the carnivore diet?
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas 6 aylar önce
What is the best way to lost a lot of fat? I read plenty of great opinions on the internet about how Okibetonic Secrets can help you lost lots of fat. Has any one tested out this popular lose weight method?
Élie Oliveira
Élie Oliveira 7 aylar önce
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing all that valluable knowleage!
Curtis Dawson
Curtis Dawson 7 aylar önce
Interesting video!
Severinsen 7 aylar önce
It seems there's a lot of good in this, but more research is needed to say anything for certain. I think this might make a good lifestyle change for many. I'm considering to try something like this, because I've always felt like it was so hard to choose *what* to actually eat, because there are so many healthy things to choose from.
Hey There
Hey There 7 aylar önce
Best explanation video out there! Awesome job and TY🌸
RL 7 aylar önce
This is literally the mediterranean diet ?
Dimples D
Dimples D 7 aylar önce
Breakfast oatmeal with blueberries and mango, lunch cooked cabbage and grilled fish, dinner roasted asparagus with roasted chicken, snack mandarin orange and almonds. And I didn’t have to join a fancy London gym to loose 80lbs. Great video
Sharon Chant
Sharon Chant 7 aylar önce
RoxXxoR 7 aylar önce
How do you only have 10k subs? This is very good info! +1 👍
everyday learning
everyday learning 8 aylar önce
Shop for the ingredients & have only these ingredients at home, which will motivate you to eat these foods through necessity & desire. Good luck 👏
everyday learning
everyday learning 8 aylar önce
Minus the Wine, sounds good
Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Cook 8 aylar önce
So No Cheesecake EVER? Nope, cant do it!
The Butterfly
The Butterfly 8 aylar önce
Wow it’s so important to get clarification all the way around on any diet and you did a great job thank you 🍷 🍫
Myles Tvedt
Myles Tvedt 9 aylar önce
I read a lot of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has any one tried using this popular lose weight diet plan?
Justine Lahm
Justine Lahm 9 aylar önce
Its still amaze me just how some people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets although a lot of people using it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about this. I've lost a ton of weight.
Dariel Navarro
Dariel Navarro 9 aylar önce
Love your videos so much! All the hard work you put in really shows. Thank you for this informative video and am very grateful for your content
Noob chillz
Noob chillz 9 aylar önce
I have a hard time believing that people are dropping major weight eating so often in one day
Hannah Xpress
Hannah Xpress 9 aylar önce
I had been trying this in the past month. I only lost few pounds because I'm having hard time following the calory restriction. Although, my skin did glowed up. My skin looks younger. Although, I feel gassy as well 😂 My bf is already complaining with my gas but he did complimented my skin 😂😂😂
Alisa harris
Alisa harris 9 aylar önce
Try upping your ginger intake it helped me with the gas.
Omi Lacoi
Omi Lacoi 9 aylar önce
3 days of juicing is not gonna kill you
Safak Oz
Safak Oz 9 aylar önce
So this is basically another way of saying eat more vegetable
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 9 aylar önce
Good nice
Tiange Wu
Tiange Wu 9 aylar önce
Hahaha, you are so funny! Thank you for teaching us! Is this close to whole-food plant-based diet (depending on the brand of the wine) with restrictive calorie intake then?
Navy VyNa
Navy VyNa 10 aylar önce
very good
7Gen171 10 aylar önce
Lmao, everyone will lose weight if you restrict to 1200 calories. The first week is an average of 1200 calories. People normally lose 10 pounds, but on this diet it’s 7, because anything below 1200 slows your metabolism. So the first 3 days you are slowing down your metabolism.🤦🏻‍♀️
barnchak Aylar önce
3 days will not permanently reset your metabolism . Your metabolism resets after 14 days .
Misha Harris
Misha Harris 10 aylar önce
This video was so well done . Just the perfect amount of visuals and verbally explained facts and she didn’t bash the diet and wasn’t condescending
Callist Mabonesho
Callist Mabonesho 10 aylar önce
Very well
Heer Srivastava
Heer Srivastava 10 aylar önce
But if u Vegan?
truepeacenik 10 aylar önce
Use legumes over flesh, skip eggs.
misstery25 10 aylar önce
Thanks for this video! I’m looking for overall healthy yet delicious recipes that aren’t all about exclusion and wanted more opinions about this new trend. I see these diets as guides rather than doctrine. So, yay! Buckwheat noodles, here I come! 😄
Dione Newman
Dione Newman 9 aylar önce
Actually the Sirt Food Diet is amazing. I’m finishing phase one and I am eating so much food full of fiber, vitamins, and most importantly flavorful! The recipes are ridiculously delicious. This is an extremely healthy diet that I can follow for life. If folks read the book, you would learn you are not restricted by any means. Give it a go you will not be disappointed.
SUNNY SIDE 10 aylar önce
Ay. I did this 10 years ago, there wasn't a name for it. Mainly at the time only full contact mma fighters were suggested by their doctors as the use of prescription diet meds were illegal before fights.
Thumper A Sasha
Thumper A Sasha 10 aylar önce
Let's enable people to ne an alcoholic. Like what in the actual heck idea is this.. kinda messed up.
C 10 aylar önce
Well, if seeing a diet with alcohol makes someone become an alcoholic, that’s pretty weird. I guess some people are addicted easily...
Charlotte T.
Charlotte T. 10 aylar önce
So basically a reduced calorie plant leafy green based diet with a dash of red wine
Gabriela Elsa
Gabriela Elsa 11 aylar önce
"Intermittent fasting (coffee in the morning eating at noon) 3 meals: Light Breakfast, Lunch and Light Dinner More veggies and cooking at home Eating when hungry stopping when I reach 70% Full Taking my supplement from Vanguard Formulas before my meals Drink plenty of water Weight Loss: 25LBs in Month and Half Loving it! "
Sekretna Czytelnia
Sekretna Czytelnia 11 aylar önce
We don't succeed in losing weight because we don't know how to start. Here is some tips to help thetouchofsun-my-cheetah-website-1.free.builderall.com/
Reanna Villarreal
Reanna Villarreal 11 aylar önce
Seems like the KETO diet that is super popular here in the States. :/
hazel tate
hazel tate 11 aylar önce
Yeah alcohol Toxic but watever
K D 11 aylar önce
My first time watching and I thought this was going to be really cold and clinical but I was pleasantly surprised by the fun bits. You are a joy to watch and your smile really lights up the screen! Thanks for all the great info!
FancyThat 10 aylar önce
Totally agree
Sugar baby68
Sugar baby68 11 aylar önce
Say it 3X's fast...I can't say it one time slow!
Benyam 11 aylar önce
I appreciate how she touched upon all the relevant points without bashing the diet too hard. Any diet is bs anyway.
D D 11 aylar önce
Guess these sirt diet is not [easy] for people with hyperuricemia...
Celina Ebrahimian
Celina Ebrahimian Yıl önce
I ordered the book I can't wait to get it.
Anabelle Charles
Anabelle Charles Yıl önce
thank you so much! Nutrition student here learning about sirtuins:)
Tylisha Reed
Tylisha Reed Yıl önce
Super Informative! Thanks 🙏🏽
Therese Nydahl
Therese Nydahl Yıl önce
Excellent content but it's lost - please use your natural voice and way of speaking instead and your message will be more successfully received. Relax and do you and not what you think people will like, there's power in you being truly you🌷🌷🌷🌷
Carla Arce-Chua
Carla Arce-Chua Yıl önce
I subscribed owing to the way she referred to a wine refill as resveratrol.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Yıl önce
Sounds like a whole food diet to me. Lmao.
Have A Good Day
Have A Good Day Yıl önce
Well Adele looks incredible so she's living Proof
qthoshi Yıl önce
Ok nm just fast forward to minute 6
qthoshi Yıl önce
Deb Z
Deb Z Yıl önce
Thanks for the info. Smart and funny! 😁
Money 365
Money 365 Yıl önce
Gus Yıl önce
If you limit your intake to 1000 calories a day, you'll lose weight, no matter what you call the diet.
Janet Pattison
Janet Pattison 11 aylar önce
Not true. I did it. Was fastidious About counting calories. 1000 per day, absolutely zero cheating, & lost nothing.
GozerTheGozarian 11 aylar önce
@MAELY HNEINE Great. You'll gain back all the weight you're losing now (and then some) once you start eating a normal number of calories again, plus there's a good chance you'll have sustained damage to several of your internal organs including your brain by then, depending on how long you fast - fun!
Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter Yıl önce
Amen brother
qthoshi Yıl önce
mima Yıl önce
Lol yess.. anything below your BMR 😅
Herma Zimmerman
Herma Zimmerman Yıl önce
Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear lots of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).
Advanced Aesthetics International /Hydurage Ltd
Advanced Aesthetics International /Hydurage Ltd Yıl önce
i dont agree with a word of this. Green Juice can help many things including cancer patients, just as you are not a fan stop putting your opinion which is wrong onto others. amateur video
Raining Storm
Raining Storm Yıl önce
bur i want to try this diet but i dont drink any idea ???
mini Yıl önce
I'm all plant based. 3 months down. Eat lots of veggies, rice, potatoes, legume, I've lost 5 kg. I follow high carb Hannah. Kikiplantful. Please give it ago. It's sustainable and healthy x
nina brey
nina brey Yıl önce
so no chiken!!thanks i'll pass .....
jdmInteriors Yıl önce
Thanks for your detailed information, your smile and ability to review the pros & cons. Very helpful. Going to go make a smoothie now! :)
Becky Cantrell
Becky Cantrell Yıl önce
So basically Adele is an extreme vegan 🌱
Melissa Streeter
Melissa Streeter Yıl önce
Straightforward delivery of the details appreciated.
thongstealer Yıl önce
15 second commercials , not subbing you thief
KY Ip Yıl önce
Love your videos, thank you!
Silly Yıl önce
ah,.....resveratrol,......you would have to drink 20 l of vine per day to get something out of it,......i stoped watching
Mel fierce fitness
Mel fierce fitness Yıl önce
I so much believe in the long term
Lost Sol
Lost Sol Yıl önce
1k calories doesn’t sound like it’s restrictive
Ash G
Ash G Yıl önce
This was super informative and well done! Thank you definitely subscribing!
SHE Yıl önce
Why would you eliminate phase 1? Your body needs to cleanse. No diet or lifestyle change will give proper results and weight loss if you don't clean out your gut. You need to move your bowels, i.e. POOP.
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness Yıl önce
Plant Based Whole Food
Becky Ricketts
Becky Ricketts Yıl önce
I'm just reading the sirt food diet book and it's genuinely really interesting!
neonrain Yıl önce
Dark chocolate has also been shown to block myostatin, which is a chemical that prevents your muscles from getting too large
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis Yıl önce
do you have to do the phases? can I just insert the diet into a healthy routine and lifestyle?
Val Williams
Val Williams Yıl önce
Did you watch the video??? She said skip the phase 1 and go straight to phase 2. Then it is pretty much just go back to normal with phase 3 but instead with more leafy greens than before.
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Yıl önce
*here because Adele followed this diet to glow up.*
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister Aylar önce
Actually, Adele was hot no matter what. 😍🥰
hugh janus
hugh janus 11 aylar önce
Me to😢
Sacha Michelle
Sacha Michelle Yıl önce
Same lol 😂
Michelle Yıl önce
@Advanced Aesthetics International /Hydurage Ltd Kelly did, not Adele.
Advanced Aesthetics International /Hydurage Ltd
Advanced Aesthetics International /Hydurage Ltd Yıl önce
@Kitten Lyric can you show me the links that prove this?
Sven Huber
Sven Huber Yıl önce
They made a KETO diet in their study, in fact what they do is a clean eating low carb diet, like Paleo or others, so actually bullshit
Jnana Shakti
Jnana Shakti Yıl önce
This is literally my basic diet and I'm still a chonk. But... I do look like I'm in my 20's when I'm actually 40...
Lindsey Harper
Lindsey Harper 6 aylar önce
@C. W. get soy out of your diet that will help
Severinsen 7 aylar önce
@Rubisco Talks 15 kg in a month? Are you *insane?*
Soleil Magica
Soleil Magica 7 aylar önce
You should try keto + fasting
Jennifer 8 aylar önce
Benefits of a fuller face! You will look much younger
Rubisco Talks
Rubisco Talks 9 aylar önce
I'm gonna be 28 next month..want to lose 15 kgs before my bday 😅
Darling Dear
Darling Dear Yıl önce
With respect to juice vs fiber. It is only 3 days. You can get your fiber for "overall health" after these 3 days. 3 days are not going to make weather in terms of fiber, but they will kick start whatever they need to kick start. And then you load up on that fiber
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