Canadian Couple Builds Their DREAM Home with HANDTOOLS! (Tiny Log Cabin in the Forest, FULL BUILD)

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Nick and Maëla

Nick and Maëla

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This Log Cabin Project is a dream that we have had for several years that we finally decided to make a reality. We have spent the past 2.5 years building this cabin from scratch and our goal has been to use only hand tools, no power tools. All of the logs were harvested from our property. This cabin will function fully off-grid and will be only accessible by foot. The cabin is finally in a state that we can live in, so we moved in and live here full time! There is still tons of work to be done on the cabin and on our property, so be sure to subscribe to follow our journey!
Playlist Building a Tiny Off-Grid Log Cabin Using Hand Tools: • Building a Tiny Off-Gr...
0:00:00 Felling and peeling trees
0:04:39 Foundation
0:07:13 Sill log
0:10:14 First layers of logs and floor joists
0:21:36 Raising walls, windows and door frames
0:31:07 2nd floor
0:36:10 Raising the ridge log
0:43:17 Roof rafters
0:49:55 Plywood sheathing
0:57:22 Roof membrane
1:02:54 Metal roofing
1:13:31 Ground floor insulation
1:16:56 Stone hearth
1:23:27 Gable end cladding and window installation
1:33:11 Chimney
1:42:10 Stone floor entryway
1:45:50 Windows and insulation
1:47:42 Front door
1:51:26 Pine board floors
1:58:06 Window framing and gutters
2:02:36 The porch
2:19:56 Mortar chinking
2:23:07 Final product

@tashunkawitco8484 4 aylar önce
My wife and I watch this together I've watched it twice now. I worked construction most of my life mostly as a roofer. But I have framed Carried hod, laid brick poured foundations, done a little bit of everything. I am really really impressed with the job you guys did as a team together. You did it the old school way. I am 55 and I remember having to hand nail no pneumatic nailers. But you guys did it the way the Pioneers would have done it. I know strong grown men that would have been whining and complaining the whole time. You have a beautiful home now. And those wonderful memories to always share together. A couple that can survive doing that together, you all will be able to survive whatever this world throws at you. Well-done, I tip my hat to you both.100%
@michaelrooney5786 28 gün önce
P😊😊 ji
@DeadCat-42 4 gün önce
Memories, My old pals Velma And Shaggy did the same. I remember the custom painted van, my poor fashion sense ( I had a thing for ascots) and that old dog
@tashunkawitco8484 3 gün önce
@@DeadCat-42 hopefully you got a Scooby Snack
@alberteinstein9176 4 gün önce
I admire you using hand tools and taking on such an ambitious project. Not many could follow through. I've built a log home for someone as a recording studio here in Connecticut USA. The company was called "Real Log Homes" who produced the logs. I'm surprised you didn't use certain power tools even though you had power in your later videos. I've been binge watching yesterday and today. No one would of faulted you for using screw gun, and other power tools. You did use a sewing machine. Enjoy your home. Thomas Dutkiewicz, USA
@Property-zd6cn Aylar önce
The story of a Canadian couple building their dream home with hand tools is incredibly inspiring. It represents a return to craftsmanship and a connection with nature. The fact that it's a tiny log cabin in the forest adds a touch of rustic charm and a deep appreciation for sustainable living. This video is likely to captivate viewers who are interested in off-grid living, minimalism, and the idea of creating a dream home through hard work and dedication.
@donna6376 26 gün önce
Tiny?😊😅aren't they mesmerizing to watch🎉❤
@markhoffman-jh6ev 2 aylar önce
I have been building for over 45 years, and I am speechless right now. What you two have accomplished is beyond words. I stumbled across this video by accident, and two and a half hours later I am humbled by what you guys did. You should be so proud of your accomplishment. 99% of todays couples would NEVER even try something like this. Great Job, what a story for your children and perhaps grandchildren someday...FANTASTIC WORK YOU TWO!!!!!
@JamesCouch777 2 aylar önce
Make that 99.999% and it would be more like it.
@sandrahorton2956 2 gün önce
That's the percentage I was thinking of!
@anthonypingatore2681 22 gün önce
I'm 63 now, but when I was 25, my young bride and I finished built a 3 bedroom 2 bath modular home. I will not say I only used hand tools. Due to the fact it was not a log home we were building. But yes, it's a long process. I remember the plumbing being one of the biggest challenges. But these two kids are amazing, especially the young lady. The pride you gain and the money you save is incredible. I applaud these two. I hope they have a long, happy, and peaceful life filling their beautiful home with children.
@user-ch6sh4ib7e 28 gün önce
Сколько нужно терпения, силы и здоровья, чтобы построить этот дом! и главное: без электроинструмента. Респект!
@juliejones7358 5 aylar önce
Well guys. I’m from the U.K., I’m 60 years old and I’ve just sat and watched this 2.5hr building marathon and couldn’t stop watching. You both should be extremely proud of what you’ve achieved here. Even your parents and families should be proud too. Nobody since a long era ago have built houses with hand tools. I admire you both for your stamina and the duration this build must have taken. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. I look forward to seeing the day you hear the laughter of children too, enjoying the fruits of your hard labour. Well done again guys
@hkguitar1984 5 aylar önce
Ditto, I'm 61 from Northern Michigan. I do agree with you Julie, they should be very proud of their efforts and accomplishment. They remind me of "My Self Reliance", Shawn James' TRshow Channel. Truly amazing what a determined person can achieve, these people should be an inspiration to all of us.
@tinwizard6447 5 aylar önce
@@hkguitar1984 I'm 81 from Oregon. Very nicely done, kids. I agree with the reference to Shawn James, been watching him for years.
@hkguitar1984 5 aylar önce
@@tinwizard6447 👍😉
@seanadamson257 5 aylar önce
I have to ask where did you learn this skill? Very impressed with your work, both of you. I live in Canada and always wanted to build a log cabin.
@enchantedmountain5354 4 aylar önce
I’m 60 and also enjoyed watching your video, you guys are amazing
@reneleeuwendal8937 26 gün önce
I have just discovered you and I'm mesmerized by what you are doing. Total admiration for the quality of your work and the sheer willpower and effort that it must take to accomplish what you are👏👏👏❤️❤️
@bobbiewanish998 4 gün önce
What an awesome experience to have! You guys sure are hard workers too. Thank you for sharing with the world. God bless!
@backwoodsblades9280 Aylar önce
I was a carpenter and builder for years from ground to roof and everything in between. I am extremely impressed with this build not to mention that it was all with non electric hand tools. Outstanding job guys
@wimwesterbaan6466 Aylar önce
Toyta 0:40
@dottiebaker6623 Aylar önce
I don't know what impresses me more, the off grid build, the cinematography or the amiable way you two work together. Well done!!
@mountainwoodsman8116 2 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing! I love how you keep each step in the process simple, and you don't over-complicate anything. Makes me think I could do something like this. You both have much to be proud of.
@chriskilgour5576 4 aylar önce
Thank you for not putting loud useless music in your videos. It’s such a pleasure being able to hear the sounds of the Forest and the sound of your hand saw cutting into the wood. How quietly you work together your like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.
@charles11ification 4 aylar önce
Absolutely agree about not having intrusive, loud muzak in the videos. Let the sounds of nature reign!
@TubeScrewed 3 aylar önce
And also, for not having an Intro.
@mikezeestraten7000 3 aylar önce
Yes about no music, intros and such makes this vid a masterpiece in the YT genera.
@user-ml7mb4zx2i 3 aylar önce
Меня тоже раздражает музыка в таких видео, а ребята молодцы, привет из России
@user-em6lg6kt3f 3 aylar önce
Они рубят здоровые, живые деревья, не сухие, не упавшие, разве такое можно???
@gjd1942 Aylar önce
Amazing woodworking skills as well as overall work ethnic and process.
@capilopez2006 Aylar önce
Excelente trabajo, dan ganas de hacer una cabaña , pero muchísima paciencia y pasión. FELICITACIONES
@user-nz2yd9gr5b Aylar önce
My husband and I just watched this beautiful young couple building their dream home. You guys work so great together. I wish you a long and prosperous life in the woods of Canada.
@salvatoremesa630 Aylar önce
Down to the smallest detail. Extraordinary work by this couple.
@donnester5657 2 aylar önce
I loved this! I’m an old wood shop guy and the whole process was captivating! My wife was equally impressed how both of you worked so well together!
@connieparker8896 23 gün önce
It looks as though this is not your first build,, you are to be very proud of your achievements and owning what you have accomplished, this was one of my very best watched videos,, I pray a long and very blessed life, God bless you both, what a beautiful home, I am now a true fan, keep the videos coming…..
@kharakim 5 aylar önce
Your teamwork is a model for every couple. Your planning and quality of construction will doubtlessly enrich your own lives but also, if you raise a family, the lives of your children and your grandchildren long after you're gone. Blessings on you and them for sharing your experience with the rest of us and brightening our worlds.
@NickandMaela 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the kind words! We also think our future kids will have a great life here 😊
@doorkeeper4872 5 aylar önce
@patsyjenkins4053 5 aylar önce
Absolutely ! Thank y’all for sharing this 👍May The Lord God Almighty be with you and Bless you. Y’all done a wonderful job ❤
@user-pk2cs3cg6m 5 aylar önce
Чушь это все но все таки вы молодцы
@humphreycrichlow3132 5 aylar önce
Love your UNITY, God said let her be your HELPER. Well for me she more than a helper. She aquired all aspects of carpentry, masonry ect ect. She will be proud of him as a man, and visa versa, and of course their home. She has a legacy. May God keep HIS BLESSINGS and GRACE on them and family, I pray in Jesus name. HalleluYah Amen .🙏🏿❤️
@Maha-Shakti 12 gün önce
Your videos and projects are so beautiful and inspiring!!! I also find them incredibly relaxing! 🙏🏼🤍
@genxstrong5645 20 gün önce
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your home !!! You did what I wouldn't have done... When we built our cabin the first thing I bought was a generator for the power tools 😂. But we had our 1500 sq ft cabin built in 6 months dried in. Another 6 to 9 months finishing with solar and septic
@carmenbeatrizquiroga3674 28 gün önce
Amazing work, guys!!! I love your beautiful cottage and your hardworking spirits working together!!! God bless you!!! Carmen from Buenos Aires, Argentina ❤
@marklandon9058 Aylar önce
J'aime surtout comment vous travaillez si bien ensemble!
@phencas 3 aylar önce
This is amazing in so many ways. I thought I was doing a lot renovating my condo by myself, but this is next level. You guys are very inspiring.
@wendyhannan2454 4 aylar önce
I’m a 76 year old women, and I loved watching these two amazing young people, working so hard. And what a fabulous job they did. So far removed from the way cabins and houses are built today. It looks beautiful, you should both be very proud of your selves. Such hard work without power tools. 💪💪 Watching from Australia 🇦🇺🐨
@thenewmdzak 4 aylar önce
I am 24 year old man and I am jealous of you since you got to grow up in a very good era. I despise what the world is going towards. But these videos do give me some peace.
@frederickporter2077 4 aylar önce
​@@thenewmdzakI am 84years old and enjoyed every minute of your build
@NicolaMs007 3 aylar önce
I absolutely 100% agree,
@deborahhenderson149 2 aylar önce
Absolutely agree with you. BRILLIANT WORK!.
@deborahhenderson149 2 aylar önce
From north east of England . X
@keithm1987 24 gün önce
Your build and knowledge, creativity, beauty and so much more is perfect. I would not change anything. Thank you for sharing Kirsten. I love your videos. ❤ I am in San Diego CA. And it's so hard to do anything with approval. Love the life you live and live the life you love. ✌️
@scotfly4172 Aylar önce
Well done guys, Beautiful work.👍
@rabh6746 2 aylar önce
I have no idea how I received this video as a recommendation but I'm glad I did, that just blew my mind guys! The precision and the work you put into that was just incredible, I am in awe of what you guys achieved using just handtools👌
@scruffydude1 Aylar önce
Outstanding job ! Great craftsmanship ,nice place that will be around for many many years.
@macnammy6916 29 gün önce
Great video guys. Such a laborious project, doing the whole thing with hand tools, but it is obviously a labor of love. Finished project is very nice. There are some details I would probably do a little differently, but that's just personal preference. The one area I did have an actual problem with, is the wood burning stove. I did not notice use of flue sealant in the install. Also, the silicone boot used over the chimney pipe, should not be pressed inward like a bowl. It should also have a hood installed over the boot. Lastly, I did not see cement board installed on the walls around the stove, as a firebreak....hate to see you guys jeopardizing all the hard work. Impressed with the way you guys work as a team. Best of luck to you both.
@rexmccomb7589 5 aylar önce
It’s awesome to watch a couple work together as a team and build their dream
@sittingpretty64 4 aylar önce
They are so skilled. They make it look easy😊
@sittingpretty64 4 aylar önce
Great teamwork.
@eezeedoesit 4 aylar önce
ts even better t watch em run with the next forest fire!
@PendeltonWhiskey 15 gün önce
@@eezeedoesit I hope that never happens
@eddiestafford3313 25 gün önce
Fantastic job by a very resourceful couple. Your hard work and skill levels are out of this world. I started to watch this and couldn`t stop until the end. Much better than a lot of films and the usual TV content. Very very impressed by your gorgeous cabin. Well done to you both.
@LDSloan 11 gün önce
Very impressive. You two work very well together. Congrats on a job well done. :)
@greenplants1065 3 aylar önce
What an awesome job! It's so good to see a married couple working together as a team to make a dream come true!! Keep it up!!!!
@kinerskorner1 2 aylar önce
What an incredible job you both did!, I really enjoyed watching and as a few other have mentioned I really enjoyed it because there was no background music! What a beautiful cabin in the woods you built together!!
@larryjefferson2146 Aylar önce
I’m 72 years old and have just watched one of my dreams come to fruition vicariously through you guys! Wonderful video and the appearance of soul mates at work. Keep the love and let us enjoy your ventures. From eastern Kentucky, bless you!!
@bobflores 5 aylar önce
You should be very proud of yourselves and what you've accomplished. If your relationship survived this build then it should survive just about anything. Looking forward to future projects on the property.
@NickandMaela 5 aylar önce
We do believe you are right!! Thank you so much :)
@cloewilson68 5 aylar önce
Yes totally with them only using hand tools and not electric tools amazing craftsmanship that both of them are doing because people this age would not be doing this kind of work today and most people this age wouldn't be thing or doing this themselves they would pay someone else to do it for them these two here have amazing work ethic that most people doesn't have these days.
@susanthursdays5008 5 aylar önce
@surinderthapa4204 5 aylar önce
@golfish8589 5 aylar önce
​@@NickandMaelaIs Maela ambidextrous? If so. Does she struggle with left and right? Nice job
@user-xu1ix3vi6z Aylar önce
Wow I sure love the togetherness of these two wonderful people, you are an inspiration to many who watch the whole story. I sure loved it.
@scatterbrainxpress 27 gün önce
the progression of how you guys handle those tools, from being ackward on the way you use it to a seasoned user. it's amazing.
@worshipGod001 2 aylar önce
You both look so young, yet you built an awesome house together. The young lady is such a good partner. You both deserve accolades, well, well done.
@philtravers5552 Aylar önce
Sorry about your father. Love the work. Everything looks great and functions the way you designed it. I would definitely like to see more content. Love tiny houses,cabins,and vans or buses. Gives me ideas for my own future projects and is a learning experience. Great job man!
@TWTexasA1 4 aylar önce
These two craftsmen have done a job second to none…some of the nicest and most precise building of a log cabin I’ve ever seen. The dedication alone it must have taken is amazing…..I’m just totally in awe of what they’ve done…👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@cindysimone1426 18 gün önce
watching from Michigan. My husband and I have been watching your progress. I am so very proud of you and what you have accomplished. ITS BEAUTIFUL! Great teamwork. I cant get enough of watching you two create a beautiful home. Congratulations you two!!
@ghd1959 11 gün önce
My dad and I stumbled onto this video while visiting him. We have been watching for 4 nights and are absolutely amazed at the precision this wonderful couple achieves. The tongue and groove is so perfect as well as everything you both do. Such a wonderful positive story everyone needs to watch.
@64TMS 3 aylar önce
Great stuff ! This is my favorite video of a cabin build. You both worked so well together. Any Building Contractor would have two excellent employees if you were working for someone else. Your mate is a great helper and compliment to the male who is not trying to take over the more difficult jobs from the female. Such a fantastic example of a working team. A very capable female. WOW !!! I loved watching you both for every single minute of the video. WOW AGAIN !!! You guys are to be praised. Now live in it and enjoy what you've done 🎉
@d.a.c.m8658 2 gün önce
Blown away guys, amazing work. You should feel so proud of your selves. You've definitely earned a new subscriber. Looking forward to more
@heather2493 4 aylar önce
My precious late husband and I built a screened in porch on our house many years ago.. the price quotes we got for someone else to build were outrageous, so we decided to do it ourselves! It’s not quite as impressive as this beautiful cabin you have built ✌️ But I still sit on this porch and am amazed that we made this… cherish each other, what you kids have is amazing ❤🥰
@jazzyjess12 2 aylar önce
This comment touched my heart. 💜
@ClaudioFiore 2 aylar önce
A labour of love. Your "tiny" cabin is bigger than my house! Beautiful work, looks so fulfilling. Well done.😍 2 aylar önce
A house doesn‘t have to be big for being a nice home
@brookeezlosingit4836 3 aylar önce
Great work!🎉 You two should feel so accomplished and proud. Loved the fact that there was no unnecessary music playing and you guys weren't talking...watched the entire vlog. Somewhat similar to ASMR...😂 lovely seasonal scenery too.
@bsenalaska 2 aylar önce
You and your wife are definitely “Master cabin builders”! Very impressive and very inspiring 💯👏🏻
@Annapeach83 3 aylar önce
This was amazing to stumble across, love to see how you both with your teamwork build such a dream home….so jealous!! 😍🥰 And the old technique you use and the fantastic logs! I can’t understand how you too had the strength to build like this, just amazing!! I love that you not using any music so you can peacefully just here the sound of the tools and nature! I’m a big fan of you now 🙌🤗😍 Love and hugs from Sweden!! ❤️
@cindysimone1426 18 gün önce
Yes, The peacefulness of the project was amazing. No music and hearing the Crows and the Frogs. I loved that.
@pauletteapril-criddell6346 Aylar önce
HGTV can’t complete with how satisfying watching you build this beautiful cabin! All while watching I was saying to myself, I wonder how much they would charge to make me a log cabin🤣. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed! You should be proud of yourselves. Well done!
@NickandMaela Aylar önce
Wow, thank you! Glad we're entertaining :)
@mikebrown4526 Aylar önce
A real work of art. You two work wonderfully together and should be proud of your home . Well done.😁😁
@vickiostler4685 Aylar önce
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy to have seen this video of your beautiful home build! The work, planning creating and accomplishing this goal of yours is incredible. I’m very happy for you. The stories you will share with your children and grandbabies will be wonderful. Enjoy the work of your labor!
@user-pg5iv2wb9j 2 aylar önce
i couldnt stop watching , it was so envigorating to watch a young couple do such a magnificent job well done to you both have a great life
@Thomas-ii6ky Aylar önce
Wonderful work done by you both. It's very impressive. The video was done perfectly as well. I enjoyed watching it. Did you guys have any previous experience building log cabins before you started your build?
@MsMegil 5 aylar önce
As I discovered your videos more than half way through your build I have not had the time to go back and view them all from the beginning. This look back at the entire build was perfect and I’m even more impressed with you both. Thank you.
@NickandMaela 5 aylar önce
That’s exactly why we made that video ahah glad it could bring you back to the beginnings :)
@danshepler9933 Aylar önce
At 79 and in a power chair to get around I obviously can no longer get involved in this type of thing, but I watched every minute of your video and am astounded at the work you have done. You have crafted a beautiful home that you have every right to be proud of.
@jazztbonist Aylar önce
What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations--beautiful job!
@joshwestegard599 Aylar önce
You guys make a great team!! You are a lucky couple
@candacecarl7187 2 aylar önce
Awesome Job! You two work together so well. It was a pleasure to watch you both build your home. I am Canadian living in the USA!
@larryg9137 3 aylar önce
I am very impressed with the craftsmanship you two have in the building of your cabin, especially the young woman. You both should be celebrated for your endurance and fortitude! Good Job, Well Done!.
@Geardog361 4 aylar önce
I give you two much respect for the hard work and dedication you put into this house! In today's modern technological society everyone has become lazy and forgotten what hard work is! Thank you for sharing your hard work and determination to accomplish such a beautiful home and using only hand tools! Much respect to the both of you and many happy and joyous years in this awesome house!
@kyupark647 Aylar önce
I couldn't find a good words to express how much I like your video clips and builds.
@user-gq7vc9wf1q 2 aylar önce
it was so envigorating to watch a young couple do such a magnificent job well done to you both have a great life
@michaellee8198 3 aylar önce
Extraordinary effort by both of you. The record of your journey so far (the video) is a joy to watch! You should both be very proud.👌👍👍
@debprather4214 2 aylar önce
OMG, I couldn't stop watching! Where did you learn all of these skills? You both are so young, talented and work together perfectly! I was totally gob smacked. And I noticed you didn't use any electric or battery operated tools. Wow, you should teach your craftsmanship to others. Totally amazing. Whoever shot your videos is top of the line! I seriously enjoyed every second and will watch every video you make. So impressed, outstanding job you two!!!!
@Maddogg1869 3 aylar önce
Great video and awesome work, all hand tools…. Very impressive. Nice tight joints on the logs too, that was the most impressive part. I know you both are proud of your accomplishment and you should be. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
@shawnhulke7385 4 aylar önce
Very nice precision work with only basic hand tools. And I must say that the gal could outwork most men. This is just outstanding work from both of you. I am a 25 year carpenter and I’ve seen a lot of people who could not build this cabin ,this nice with power tools. Kudos to you both!
@Countrylifevloginchina 4 aylar önce
@larrykelly2838 Aylar önce
Just saw your video, what a wonderful cabin you two built, congratulations.
@velebithost 2 aylar önce
Glad to see young family do it together. God bless you kids 🥰😊
@williamwylie2962 2 aylar önce
I'm a retired 65 year old man and a master Carpenter, and I'm very impressed! Especially with hand tools and no power! I know talent and a gift when I see it! Unbelievable!
@tashunkawitco8484 2 aylar önce
I could not agree more. I was a roofer most my life and I was a carpenter for a while, but just a stick framer. I didn't even do the Punch-Out work. As a Master Carpenter you're doing precise stuff that requires craftsmanship and taking carpentry to an artistic level. Not just throwing a bunch of 2x4's together like me when I was framing. You know what you're talkin about my grandfather was a master carpenter too. So I know exactly what those two words entail. You're an master of your craft and an artisan and artist. Not just a construction worker.
@WeeShoeyDugless 2 aylar önce
Stunning, simply stunning. Admiration for you both in bucket loads, well done👍👍 Towards the end when you were trimming the trusses, your rip saw reminded me of my grandads' Henry Diston, which is about as half as big again, and must be over 100 years old now and still razor sharp and in it's original leather case! Fascinating video, thanks for sharing. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧
@billross3923 3 aylar önce
Your unlimited skills and phenomenal physical endurance is beyond remarkable Excellent The world needs more people like you two Well done!!! 💪🏻
@boonedog1457 4 aylar önce
You two are spectacular! What a great husband and wife team. I'm impressed by both of you. Your wife is as tough as ever! What you built is stunning and is a hand crafted masterpiece. Congratulations! A job well done!
@NickandMaela 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much!
@anthonymiller3310 2 aylar önce
What an absolute incredible job! Thanks so much for sharing this Masterpiece of a Cabin! You are an inspiration and an incredible team! This was so Awesome to watch! Thanks again! Hard work from Start to Finish! ❤❤
@danielgonsalves5302 2 aylar önce
Congratulations guys, there aren,t many talented people like you in the world 💯
@MERCFANS 2 aylar önce
Nothing brings people together like teamwork. Very nice.
@jpv6060 Aylar önce
You two are amazing! Extremely impressive! Where did you get all the know how to build this beautiful home? Great video!
@razim.blakley5651 2 aylar önce
So incredibly impressed by you guys, absolutely amazing, great job.
@robertchester2801 3 aylar önce
Y’all are both incredible people and I loved watching the build. Very nicely done!
@user-ul7ry3tm1e 2 aylar önce
Была не сборка, а строительство.
@davidcharles66 24 gün önce
Love it. The two of you are awesome. ❤
@chadwickducharme1194 2 aylar önce
Outstanding. The details and time to do it right is so satisfying to watch. Thank you both for sharing. Beautiful job and a great memory for you both. Cheers
@jonathanevansvo7 2 aylar önce
I’ve noticed not only are you both hard working .. but the health benefits .. you not only built a log cabin but you guys put on some muscle mass .. what a transformation .😊
@thomazneto58 2 aylar önce
Parabéns ao casal pelo belíssimo trabalho e parabéns para ela. Isso sim é uma mulher guerreira e companheira para toda obra . Um grande abraço deste inscrito aqui do Brasil.
@michaelbradford4444 Aylar önce
4 short floor joist will support the weight of stove . Wouldn't hurt to add vertical supports and a few more short ones (in between) all around the floor. It's referred as (beefing) and it'll save you a lot of grief in the future. 2 most important parts of a house, foundation and roof. Also, one leak can eventually destroy an entire house. Good luck and good job to the both of you!
@peterabot4455 17 gün önce
Amazing endeavor! Great teamwork! More power to both of you. I’m from Sacramento, California and I truly admire your building prowess.
@ofeliaalvarez7108 4 aylar önce
Wow! That is a beautiful dream house! You guys did such a wonderful work! Congratulations!!! ❤️
@masroorhussain6222 2 aylar önce
Absolutely stunning. This is really the incredible job I had personally thought of earlier in my younghood, but unfortunately could not materialize it. Hats off to you two young people who did it.
@joebacarella2829 Aylar önce
I just found your channel, I subbed, what an amazing power couple, unbelieveable the team work, each person knows what job has to be done, can`t wait to keep following along on the journey, all the cuts and chiseling was incredible, and everything was a hammered in fit, it`s beautiful.
@keithkniskern277 20 gün önce
What an adorable home. You work together so cohesively all while barely communicating. Sealing the roof on the porch before adding the metal was a great touch, adding protection to the wood. The stone work for the wood stove turned out beautifully. The entire build was very inspiring. My husband owns a paving company (the account I'm using) and he plans on purchasing land in Maine and building a log home. Though he has heavy equipment to do so, it's still going to be a lot of work as the equipment doesn't help much when it comes to the actual building, just digging (he wants to use a container or two and build an underground bunker and storage). The only thing that would've made this video even better would've been a showing of the inside completed. I'm always so amazed by tiny living, minimalism and how people make it work. Everything turned out beautifully. You both did an amazing job!
@user-rp1rl9iv2e Aylar önce
Very impressive, your work has paid off and the result is stunning! just a question: is that the regular kind of foundations for log cabins in that area? we always use footings in my region, but maybe the soil is very hard and stable in that part of Canada
@frederickmoller 2 aylar önce
Wow, that's really impressive, what a great job! It seems to me that Canadians are top notch log cabin builders, like You two, Shawn James, The Outsider, Traplines and Inlines, and of course Jimmy McQuatt on White Otter Lake in the Ignace Ontario area at the turn of the built a three story log castle all by himself, and like You two with-out power tools...Thanks I really watched and enjoyed the whole build!👍👍👍
@jameswulzen590 5 aylar önce
I don't know what I would do without my table saw and chop saw, battery powered hand tools and so forth, more power to them creating a beautiful home by hand !
@alexa.davronov1537 4 aylar önce
I think it shouldn't be hard really. I think nails are used most of the time for wood-based building. You don't need powered tools for that. But the rest yeah, impressive.
@bearwilkey6507 Aylar önce
You guys are absolutely amazing that was a lot of hard work anyone that has worked with wood knows how hard you two worked ... congratulations 👏👏👏... Job very well done 👍👍👍.. I'm praying for you two to have a long and happy life enjoy...
@jeanpierrelabonte2868 Aylar önce
Félicitation à vous deux. Merveilleux, vous faites preuve tous les deux de courage de determination et votre adresse votre art fait de vous des artistes hors pair. Documenté votre accomplissement devrait sévir de documentation dans les classes cegep et université. Bravo je suis fier de vous.
@user-kx9lw7lr8x 3 aylar önce
Amazing job, the house looks wonderful
@marcialittle7893 Aylar önce
That was very impressive! You guys did a fabulous job, just beautiful!
@1029tbarton 2 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful, start to finish. Best wishes to you two. 🤗🙏🏼♥️
@CarlAtkinson-zu1zh 4 aylar önce
You two are amazing, loved your attention to detail, I especially admire how you both worked together to create such an amazing home together, all the best in your future adventures 🙏🙏🙏
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