🐖 How a Chinese Chef Cooks Pork Chops (煎豬扒)

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Made With Lau

Made With Lau

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Watch Daddy Lau teach us how to make pork chops. You’ll be able to bring the taste of a Hong Kong diner straight to your dinner table with this easy recipe!
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00:00 - Prepare & tenderize pork
01:12 - Marinate pork
02:20 - Prepare aromatics
03:06 - Coat pork
03:31 - What is Paa?
04:02 - Start pan-fry
06:12 - Pork chops in the HK diner
06:40 - Add aromatics & final seasonings
07:15 - On cooking wine
07:51 - Plate & serve
#porkchops #porkchop #porkchoprecipes #porkrecipes #chinesechef #chinesecooking #porkrecipe
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Produced by Randy Lau, Grace Phan-Nguyen
Edited by Willard Chan, Nicole Cheng
Translation by Arlene Chiu, David Loh
Intro Flute Music - Performed by Daddy Lau
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@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
Join the Canto Cooking Club: bit.ly/3p4Er6Y Get the full recipe: madewithlau.com/recipes/pan-fried-pork-chops
@gregjones3660 3 aylar önce
How a Chinese Chef cooks Pork Chops? With his Chinese electric scooter.
@tony6012 Aylar önce
@@gregjones3660what did you say ?
@gregjones3660 Aylar önce
@@tony6012 Chinese electric scooter is FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥
@littleprincessnene Aylar önce
@@gregjones3660 that is freaking racist...
@littleprincessnene Aylar önce
Used this tutorial plus a few tricks of my own, omg, so good, juicy yummy pork chops! Thank you Mr Lau.
@fedupwelsh7211 5 aylar önce
I just love the way everything is explained. The reason WHY something is done is so essential for those who want to learn and improve. Everything I’ve made from this channel is just so delicious. Thank you from the country of Wales.
@chloetham1193 5 aylar önce
I really enjoy watching your channel. Not only do I learn how to cook from your dad, it's also like a trip down the memory lane. And your interactions as a family is just so heart warming. Thank you for doing what you do and please let your dad know that many happy bellies are very appreciative of the knowledge he imparts.
@mamafrazz 5 aylar önce
First of all, thanks a lot for making this channel. I love watching your family interactions and traditions that help mold who you are now. Also, this is my go-to for Chinese dishes. I love how easy your dad makes it😊 Does your dad make Chinese steamed pork/chicken buns or Bao buns? It would be interesting to watch his take on it. Thanks for uploading 😊
@user-sp7ck4nz6v 4 aylar önce
Love how your dad probably stepped out of his comfort zone to be so precise with his ingredients. Asian cooks usually go by feel and instinct. But love how he chose to play along and have audience awareness.
@kyrastuart1920 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing Daddy Lau and his recipes with everyone. He is a treasure.
@Pd69bq 5 aylar önce
man, I have so many memories of those Canton/Hong Kong style fried pork chops. I remember when I just graduated and got my first job, I wound go to the Cha Chaan Teng and order one fried pork chop rice every time I received my salary, and changed the plain rice to fried rice to celebrate
@HRHDMKYT 3 aylar önce
I love all the “why” questions answered in the voiceover. I find I better remember the technique if I know why it’s necessary and what it will achieve. This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe 😊
@junyaowang4585 5 aylar önce
My dad is no cooking expert nor do I live with him anymore, apart from the amazing recipe this video offers, that feeling of living with your family attacts me as well. As someone who is thousands of miles away from home, I wish one day I could bring my parents over to my place and hopefully then I can cook some food for them everyday.
@leslovesart 3 aylar önce
This was excellent, you’re both fantastic teachers. I will definitely be trying this recipe it looks so delicious!
@samanthawright3653 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for all the amazing detail that you and your Dad are sharing…. So appreciated 😊
@deedo1352 3 aylar önce
Just made these and oh man they were a 10 out of 10! It was better than any takeout we have around here. Thank you!!
@MarcGoudreau 3 aylar önce
Tried Daddy Lau's recipe for pork and it's really fantastic, the marinade really adds some serious flavor while the cornstarch and tenderizing really helps preserve the texture of the pork . I may have used too much garlic this time round but that's an easy fix. Many thanks :)
@yourmomlol3083 5 aylar önce
I did a test run of 1 chop tonight to see how it would turn out and it was fantastic so tomorrow I'm making them for dinner. So crispy and all the juice gets locked in cuz of the crust. I subbed vermouth instead of cooking wine simply because it's shelf stable and can be kept around a long time and none goes to waste.
@fannyfong6286 5 aylar önce
Este canal es un tesoro, todas las recetas de mis raíces, lo amo. Gracias por esfuerzo ❤
@HRHBoof 5 aylar önce
Chef Lau, you've outdone yourself. Your pork chops look so delicious! Mmmmmm, now I'm craving your cooking. Thank you, Sir. ❤😊
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
You are so welcome!
@Dei_Chi 5 gün önce
Tried this and my husband and kids who are picky eaters loved it! This recipe was so delicious. Your father is a gem!😊
@jschaeffer8135 3 aylar önce
I love this channel and am so happy I found it. I made the pork chops for my wife. They were not as perfect as your Dad's (did not get that perfect crispy coating) but she declared that they were the best tasting chops ever, and I "can make these anytime." When I hear that ...
@tommyg5346 3 aylar önce
Wow that was a great production. Definitely going to make these. I loved seeing the family enjoy his delicious cooking. Thanks for sharing your very important family time with me. Loved it!
@trishannbell5508 4 aylar önce
You're dad is AMAZING! He seems like such a great person. Kind and nice to be around🤗😉
@GB-vz8qw 4 aylar önce
I made this last week and now my wife wants it for her birthday dinner - very tasty and simple
@curtrochon2732 3 gün önce
Just made these tonight. They were fantastic! Thank you for the recipe!
@elanad7356 Aylar önce
Your Dad is an amazing cook!! I would love to know his recipe for egg rolls. Not so much the ins and outs for assembly and so on, but the ingredients for very a dense egg roll with very fine sprouts (I guess) I'm going back to a restaurant that I was taken to as a kid,in Massachusetts . Ive never had an egg roll like that since..lol...40 years ago!!
@miaththered 5 aylar önce
While watching your videos has certainly made me a better cook there is a joy in just watching your dad work. Seeing a master at their craft just instills a joy in me. I aspire to those knife skills some day.
@liammcooper 5 aylar önce
cornstarch is the secret weapon to frying -- also really enjoyed the language lessons too
@cr0wdedteeth Aylar önce
my yeye makes a similar dish and ever since i moved out of my parents house I really miss it. I will be testing out this recipe tomorrow and hopefully I can experience that fragrant porkchop flavor again !
@KL-qr8gy 5 aylar önce
Request: Could you please show us soup recipes? There are so many Cantonese soups to explore. From the herbal healing soups, soups cooked over a low and slow fire, quick and easy weeknight soups, and sweet dessert soups!
@debwilson5236 5 gün önce
What a lovely man your father is bless him I’m going to try this recipe, thank you give him a big hug ❤❤❤
@Juicypaint 2 aylar önce
I think I'm starting to learn some Chinese language watching/hearing your channel. Today I make your egg drop soup, spring rolls, and fried rice ❤
@SpaceMonkey23101 3 aylar önce
Really interesting tip about the oil/fat and water emulsifying properties of the cooking alcohol. Never thought of this, but of course it makes perfect sense! Thank you.
@dellalegrec.6144 2 gün önce
I'm a helper here in HK and watching your dad's videos helps me a lot in preparing dishes for my employer and they love it...thanks for the good videos..
@kajerlou 5 aylar önce
I love how often I see Daddy Lau throwing a plate full of onions into a pan of whatever he is cooking. Onions are so versatile and delicious.
@Ididntwantayoutubehandl 5 aylar önce
And good for you!
@walastikdingruth 5 gün önce
Looks tender and juicy, this is crispy and delicious Pork Chops recipe, thanks for sharing!
@bluestarzy1767 5 aylar önce
I am so happy how far youve come! Thank you again for all the recipes😊❤❤❤
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much!
@dytran14 5 aylar önce
What a beautiful family 😢❤ I’m a Vietnamese born speaking broken Cantonese. I recently have just discovered daddy Lau amazing cuisine and I have been watching most of his videos and of course I’ll be watching all of the past ones too. I must say one video has brought me to tears; no, actually I was crying my eyes out. Randy and Maya, when you welcome Mai Ji, daddy Lau cooked the pork knuckle with ginger! What a beautiful father in law he is! My Chinese name happens to be Ji too.. I just loveeeeee your family❤❤❤. Thank you Daddy Lau for sharing all your knowledges and cooking skills. I’m hooked to cooking now because of you 🙏🙏🙏. I wish you all the health and happiness in the world🧡🧡🧡
@krishachu-yu5665 5 aylar önce
I love watching your videos. I married into a cantonese family and had to learn their dishes coz my husband loves cantonese food so much. and while learning cantonese dishes I also get to learn basic cantonese words! maybe you can also do a channel teaching cantonese 😅 Id be your top follower lol,
@toppersundquist7119 2 aylar önce
Made this tonight. The final steam softened all of the nice crisp, but they looked amazing and all my kids said they were the absolute best. Definitely making again. Many times.
@ThePankaye 5 aylar önce
I made this earlier today following the recipe and oh my God. mid blown. it was fantastic. simple and easy to follow. thank you for sharing
@sbrown6434 5 aylar önce
I love this channel. What a great family and excellent production.
@MsKleinlaut 5 aylar önce
Great recipe and I appreciate the little tips and tricks that make the chop taste more flavourful. Thanks.
@mapascua 5 aylar önce
This is so cool this is not just a cooking tutorial also a chinese language tutorial as well! Thank you , You are awesome! Keep it up and i hope your channel will have more subscriber and views!
@andrewrodriguez5274 5 aylar önce
Your dad has reignited my passion for cooking at home thank you so much!
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
That means so much to us! And we're so excited to be a part of the journey :)
@rustyfan89 5 aylar önce
The ingredients and cooking method is very similar to the chicken thighs, not that that’s a bad thing just an observation
@angelaaquino7904 3 aylar önce
Great video! I truly enjoyed your dad. He sounds like a great dad& person. 👍🏻
@melspoon 5 aylar önce
Your video has inspired me what to order for the next lunch 🙌🏻🥳 thanks for sharing and breaking down the recipe so clearly 🎉🙌🏻
@celesteortiz6261 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much Lau family for sharing this pork chop recipe. I will try it soon! 😊
@thatstrami 5 aylar önce
Oh you should see the picture of this dish I just made thanks to you all. It would make you proud tasted so delicious Oh my gosh can't wait to eat more. ❤️ Thank you so much
@tyronevaden2289 Aylar önce
I did this recipe and it came out amazing. Thank you. This was the first video I ever seen and I'm def a fan now lol
@bobsweigart7190 3 aylar önce
I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious. Thank you!!
@pathiggins4455 4 aylar önce
I made this tonight. Rave reviews from the family. I particularly like the idea of tenderizing using the spine of the knife. Using my usual method with a mallet makes the meat too thin, like a cutlet. The knife method allows you to keep some thickness but still tenderizes the meat very well.
@ragingsilver 3 aylar önce
My dad makes pork chop this way, I thought it was his unique way of doing it as I've never had it made this way from anyone else. Sometimes he changes the flour with knock off KFC style seasoned flour you can buy in some places.
@evahori7986 26 gün önce
Finally bought some more Shaoxing wine and made these tonight. Big thanks to Papa Lau-- these were some of the best pork chops I have ever had!! Great depth of flavor :)). XOXO from Maryland, USA
@tonyn152 3 aylar önce
Looks very similar to the pan fried chicken thigh recipe you just posted, which I made and was very good!
@candykane4271 9 gün önce
I just finished my chops following dad’s recipe ….amazing
@hollyfirefly1 3 aylar önce
Every single recipe I’ve tried hear has been amazing. ❤
@hellfish2309 5 aylar önce
Been working on these myself; tinkering with different thicknesses to get the ideal texture and keeping them juicy
@cynthianichols1194 4 aylar önce
Your mom always looks like she's listening hard to make sure he says it right! ❤
@pork_friedrice 3 aylar önce
You have a beautiful family, I like how you all dine as a family, as it should be. Keep up the great work
@liammooney2539 5 aylar önce
Hands down your father is my favourite chef to watch and favourite recipes to cook every thing is amazing looking and so tasty thank you so much I couldn't cook b4 I started watching your channel thank you very much your a master at you craft and videos are so informative great job guys keep the goodness coming
@happinessruns6383 3 aylar önce
Tried this recipe! They were the juiciest most flavorful porkchops I've ever made. Literally!
@ksjanna 3 aylar önce
I replaced with boneless chicken thigh. It was AMAZING!! Thank you for this recipe
@andypandy8569 5 aylar önce
Great stuff. Thank you for sharing your Father’s knowledge and skill.
@k0a_la 4 aylar önce
Thanks for putting these videos together. This is the best way to keep chinese culinary culture alive for us ABCs. :)
@theenlightenedone1605 3 aylar önce
I love watching your father cook! The best is seeibgvyou all aroubd the table ready to eat! Such a beautiful family. Im going to try the pork recipe this week.
@jrmint2 5 aylar önce
I love the nerding out explanations of why chinese cooking combines the ingredients it does and in which order...🤩
@clee230 5 aylar önce
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
@questionmark9819 4 aylar önce
Delicious food aside, your dad and family in general are all so lovely.
@peaceonearth1971 5 aylar önce
this is not just about cooking, also about togetherness
@davestier6247 5 aylar önce
No matter what style of cooking, you can always detect when you're viewing a master by their knife work and the effortless manner. No wasted movement.
@jackwan358 5 aylar önce
Your dad is a truly treasure!
@yilei3563 5 aylar önce
It's really really good!!!! I always hated pork chops and but this one!!! So good I'm having it again tonight!!
@francogerio3656 5 aylar önce
Im a great fan of your channel!! Kudos to your dad!! I’m think you guys should setup a high pressure gas system!! It would be great to see your dad in action 😊
@theguynextdoor4978 5 aylar önce
Also, many restaurants won't admit it to our faces. But they do add just a little sprinkle of MSG into the seasoning. That's why many of us felt that "hmmmm something is missing" sensation in our mouth when avoiding it at home. Will definitely give Daddy Lau's pork chop a go.
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
MSG is amazing!
@theguynextdoor4978 5 aylar önce
@@MadeWithLau Yup! Our bodies are even producing it naturally, and those people who say "I don't eat or add msg". They may not add it, but it definitely prexists in a lot of the foods they consume. Even western.
@kajerlou 5 aylar önce
@@MadeWithLau @TheGuyNextDoor You guys should try mixing a little bit of Sodium Inosinate and Guanylate with MSG sometime. It is downright magical.
@clv603 5 aylar önce
can always had fish sauce to the marinade and final aromatics for a boost of umami
@NoMoreIllegal5 5 aylar önce
Uncle Roger loves MSG as well...
@user-ny2bx8ez1c 4 aylar önce
All the Asian dishes, that I have tried from youtube, have been fantastic. I'm trying this one tomorrow. It looks mouth watering.
@Atylonisus 5 aylar önce
Lau starts a recipe, all the onions in the house start sweating (which incidentally, makes them cook more evenly 🙃)
@sadieluck 5 aylar önce
Made this tonight and it was pretty good. Thank you. Also, do you refrigerate the Shaoxing wine to keep it fresher longer?
@coffeefromhell3206 5 aylar önce
Those close-ups and slight panning of Daddy Lau slicing are so soothing to watch even for those few seconds. A montage of them would make for a therapeutic ASMR.
@DianeRoma1 5 aylar önce
Everything I have done by following your dad’s instructions have been delicious. You’re so lucky to have him cook for you. Thank you so much for sharing ❤
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more! Thanks for trying our recipes!
@HienPham-bg6cs 5 aylar önce
Love this Chanel 😀 Not only learning about how to cook but also learn more a Cantonese language. Thanks
@matthewsermons7247 3 aylar önce
I love watching someone who knows what they're doing, who just happens to be in front of a camera.
@curtsmith7699 3 aylar önce
first time viewer of this channel... this is an amazing post!!! just the techniques your dad shares is worth the watching! i feel like i had a professional cooking lesson after watching this......im glad you have decided to post these and i see you have other posts..... i will be watching..... THANKS AGAIN ♥♥♥
@unclestuka8543 5 aylar önce
Daddy Lau, you are the Tops, You have let us in to the Chinese food Temple of secrets, Thank you for your teaching.God bless.
@jeno3398 4 aylar önce
Just made this recipe! So good! So easy!!! Thank you! Love it!
@ascricco987 3 aylar önce
I love your channel, I have learned so much! Thank you 🙏
@VRodz-11 29 gün önce
Chef Lau should have his own line of cookware and knives 😊
@ComradeCole 5 aylar önce
That looks amazing! Definitely going to have to try this.
@Lifeisaboxof 5 aylar önce
Your dad remembers me of when I used to go over to my friends house and her dad would cook for us. Such a great memory
@wooklim9440 5 aylar önce
Amazing! Experience shared and articulated so well. Thank you.
@berniezhong 5 aylar önce
Definitely gotta try this recipe next time 😊
@loisjohnson7272 20 gün önce
I ❤so much,,,Love watching this wonderful chef,,I have already learned to cook my chicken wings from him, ,.they are tender, delicious and have so much flavor !,,Now, I bought pork and will learn to cook it by watching this chefs video,, , Thank you for sharing your family and cooking ideas with us, we can come back here , anytime we want and learn from a real Chef ! How convenient and marvelous for us ! ❤thank you Chef and thank you, his Son , from East coast America,with love❤
@bpw681 5 aylar önce
Such a wonderful family!
@Blue_Neptune13 4 aylar önce
I have all these ingredients, all I need is pork chops! This looks delicious
@Memoly 4 aylar önce
Wow ! Looks so beautiful if your dad is cooking mate... lovely. he knows what he do. Its my first video i am watchin. im gonna watch more :)
@Anna-if6ii 5 aylar önce
I’m going to try this tonight!! Thanks ❤
@WakeUpSmellTheCoffee Aylar önce
Oh, you and your wife have a daughter now! So awesome. Congrats!
@TheJq32 5 aylar önce
Hi long time watcher here, love the recipes! Does Daddy Lau know any “cold noodle” dishes or generally cold dishes that are good for these hot summer months? 🥵
@bobbylane589 3 aylar önce
Made this recipe last night. The flavor was great, but mine stuck to the stainless steal pan so they weren't really crispy. I think next time I'll just go with non-stick.
@randybourdon2791 5 aylar önce
Your dad is one amazing guy!!
@phukitkuzitzn0timp0rtant 5 aylar önce
I wish i had someone close to me like your father, to share and teach me the ways and recipes they learned throughout their life. I am truly thankful for your channel.... Somehow It fills that empty gap, kinda feels like im part of your family, watching and learning from our elders. Thank You All for sharing your content with us. Many blessings to you and your family.
@MadeWithLau 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the kind words 🙏🙏🙏 we are so grateful that we get to share a part of our life with you and share our traditions!
@mixwell12333 5 aylar önce
This I feel ❤❤❤
@Clarence_13x 5 aylar önce
You will be a great father. What you didn’t have growing up, you can never take for granted. Your soul won’t allow you to not notice. You are a good person, not broken from lacking family, you will make your own. I too have no family, they tried to kill me when I was young.
@phukitkuzitzn0timp0rtant 5 aylar önce
@@Clarence_13xdamn.. what type of sorcery is this?! idk how u.... i needed that Brother. Appreciate it. And i hope you find the family you deserve, even if they're not blood.
@TheBigSXC 3 aylar önce
Me too.
@hanoverhome8727 5 aylar önce
I love your channel daddy Lau. Looking forward to your video on how to make crispy french fries. That will be a good video.👍
@wnose 4 aylar önce
Ethan chlebowski has an excellent video on French fries
@sadieluck 5 aylar önce
I love this. Can't wait to make it.
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