Complete Construction of a Modern Getaway Home

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Perkins Builder Brothers

Perkins Builder Brothers

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This video follows the start to finish construction of a small, but very stylish, vacation home for one of our clients. We are calling it The Modern Mountain Getaway, and it features vaulted ceilings, a huge wall of windows, and lots of outdoor space for the owners zen garden! In this video we will highlight building techniques, building codes, order of operations, cost, building materials and tools used, and also even talk about the problems we run into during the build! This is going to be good fun.. And the best part is that you can rent this home for your own mountain getaway!!
This video is a very condensed compilation of a video series that we previously released comprised of 26 longer videos adding up to about six hours total content. This is a great way to catch all of the highlights in about a quarter of the time!
**Plans sets are now available!! (Includes pdf, .plan, and .dxf files) Start Building your own Modern Mountain Getaway!
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one of the coolest videos i have seen in a long time
henry Clifford James
henry Clifford James 2 saatler önce
I think a housing crash will happen because all those people who bought homes over asking price, although it was at a low interest rate, they are over their heads. They have no equity if the housing prices continue to go down, and if for whatever reason they cannot afford the house anymore and it goes into foreclosure because even if they try to sell, they will not make any money. I think this will happen to a lot of people especially with the massive layoff predicted for the future and the cost of living rising at a high speed.
clarisa ck3
clarisa ck3 12 saatler önce
So impressed with your incredible video’s Perkins brothers!. I don’t think alot of people realize how much work it is to record and edit everything. Let alone focus on the construction. So well documented, uplifiting and valuable information.
Future Eon
Future Eon 7 saatler önce
👏🏠🚧 Absolutely inspiring! It's refreshing to see the transparency and honesty in showcasing the initial inspection failures and the subsequent steps to rectify them. This level of vulnerability and willingness to share mistakes not only builds trust but also provides valuable insights for viewers. The dedication to delivering a high-quality modern getaway home is commendable. This video serves as a great learning resource, reminding us that mistakes are opportunities for growth and improvement. Kudos to the team behind this construction project! 🌟🔨🔍
Terry McDonald
Terry McDonald
Your level of professionalism and detail is second to none. All the construction tips are like gold. You packed so much information into a couple of hours. Well worth the watch. I wish all homebuilders would take pride in their work as much as your crew takes.
John Kinnane
John Kinnane 4 saatler önce
G’day and greetings from Tasmania Australia 🇦🇺 I really enjoy watching your building blogs it’s great to see that you all get along so well and I think humour is terrific. Your buildings are built very well and you take a lot of pride in what you do, some of the products that you use I have never seen before and it’s fantastic what you have to build with and lastly you explain very well in why you are doing things in certain ways. I have subscribed and look forward to more builds take care kind regards John Kinnane
Jim Shumway
Jim Shumway 14 saatler önce
Did not think I would watch this whole video but it was amazing. Your attention to detail in every aspect of the build is really amazing. Thank you for being awesome!
Gilder Turpskadey
Gilder Turpskadey
I was really impressed by the "here are the parts of the initial inspection we failed, and here's how to fix them!" I always love when people show their mistakes and how you avoid or fix them. Really impressive.
Andrew Feldman
Andrew Feldman
Compressing months and months of work into a 2-hour video that isn't boring, clunky, or lopsided is genuinely impressive.
David Chillton
David Chillton 4 saatler önce
I was always curious if people ever use trusses on shed style roofs cool to see it is possible
Maverick Jones
Maverick Jones
Jim Lang
Jim Lang
For the drain knock-out. I've run a screw through it before knocking it out. Makes it easier to hold onto so it does not go down.
BobTheBuilder Yıl önce
I'm only 13, but I want to be a builder when I'm older, and this is giving me a good look into what it's like. Thank you. Great vid
LBBOYZ Productions
LBBOYZ Productions 14 saatler önce
It amazes my how small the lots look until everything is there. Truly amazing
Beverly Ann Taylor
Beverly Ann Taylor Gün önce
Love your enthusiasm and approach to life! especially loved your pictorial depiction of house construction! 😊 💜
tony metro
tony metro
You guys did an Amazing job. Striving to be as skilled and crafty. Also awesome attitudes and cohesiveness between crew. Good help is priceless
C.A. G.
C.A. G. 19 saatler önce
Said it before, say it again: love the long complete build videos, Erik!
George Streeter
George Streeter
Dam, I watched this whole video, and I found myself saying to myself, "I would love to have a home built exactly like this one", and I would love for the same crew to build it. I'm impressed with your home building skill's. You guy's are funny too :>) Once I began watching this video I couldn't stop till the end, it was very fascinating to me!!
Alex Cook
Alex Cook
Wow. 2 Things, I will always envy some of the vistas you guys have over there in the US. What a view. Also, this is honestly, one of the most interesting videos I have ever seen. 2 hours long, yet I never felt bored. All the right bits of information for things I have never understood about building houses, as well as in depth knowledge on why you chose specific materials. Thank you so much for this! Can't wait for your next movie on building houses!
Lex J
Lex J
A good portion of this went over my head, but I can appreciate how detailed oriented y’all are. I’m sure the home owner appreciates it as well.
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