Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli - Time to Say Goodbye (1997) [720p]

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In November 1996, Andrea and Sarah Brightman were invited to perform the duet 'Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò)' at the farewell contest of the German World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion, Henry Maske. A national hero held in unrivaled esteem, he is known for his love of selecting entrance themes to his bouts. Sarah Brightman, the internationally renowned soprano and friend of Henry Maske heard 'Con Te Partirò' in a restaurant while dining with her friends. Entranced by the singer and the song, Brightman made contact with Andrea. Andrea and Brightman re-recorded 'Con Te Partirò' as the duet 'Time To Say Goodbye' with members of the London Symphony Orchestra.

This live version is from Brightman's first full concert recording, "Sarah Brightman: In Concert", from London's Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paul Bateman. Guest artists include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Adam Clark and Andrea Bocelli. The concert was released to video in 1998.
The concert was directed by David Mallet.

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agnieszka tokarska
agnieszka tokarska 33 dakika önce
Przecudowni, brak słów by wyrazić uznanie dla tych niewiarygodnych talentów..
Laima Dvarionas
Laima Dvarionas 2 saatler önce
Skaists skaņdarbs un debešķīgs izpildījums!!! Paldies!!!
Kevin Pourmostofi
Kevin Pourmostofi 2 saatler önce
I'm jealous of the singers that they got to be in the other's presence and perform onstage with them.
David CS
David CS 3 saatler önce
she is beautiful
Shane Long
Shane Long 4 saatler önce
Get yourself someone that looks at you the way Sarah looks at Andrea in this video.
Maschenny H
Maschenny H 4 saatler önce
Gila sih lagunya sampe skrng gue denger masih aeee ttp merinding ama suaranya
Kathie 5 saatler önce
zum Sterben schön!
Mariana Ibrahim
Mariana Ibrahim 5 saatler önce
Divine! In 2021 as always...
Galina Mashkina
Galina Mashkina 6 saatler önce
Вот это пение!!!
Miriam Perusso
Miriam Perusso 7 saatler önce
Svetlana Momcilovic
Svetlana Momcilovic 8 saatler önce
Prelepa muzika I Moja omiljena pesmavolim da slusam Bo celija I saru Predivan par I glas !!!!
Barbara Miodońska
Barbara Miodońska 9 saatler önce
Someone listen it 2021?
Joan Sun
Joan Sun 9 saatler önce
민주아빠 11 saatler önce
SouthernSun 11 saatler önce
I adore this song ☀️
dennis wanamaker
dennis wanamaker 12 saatler önce
Марина Максимова
Марина Максимова 13 saatler önce
Vicente Garica
Vicente Garica 13 saatler önce
Thank you Maistros. My Gratitude 🙏 to you all who have shared this master piece of music, making it possible for all of us to enjoy now and forever. Love ❤️ you all.🥰
Арсен Арсланбеков
Арсен Арсланбеков 13 saatler önce
На на на на на нааа
Under Wheel
Under Wheel 16 saatler önce
If you are here in 2021 you have excellent taste in music !
Yanelis Schiering
Yanelis Schiering 18 saatler önce
Quien 27 nov 2021 escuchando esta preciosa canción ❤️
Belinda Loux
Belinda Loux 20 saatler önce
Alexander Urroz
Alexander Urroz 21 saatler önce
Luiza Cleide Lorang
Luiza Cleide Lorang 22 saatler önce
Lindos, duas pessoas abençoadas. Amo!
Danny 22 saatler önce
Best song
hirop 23 saatler önce
hazel king
hazel king Gün önce
I want it played at my funeral
Jxhh Hfhy
Jxhh Hfhy Gün önce
Someone in 2021🖤🖇
Hilde Gottschalk
Hilde Gottschalk Gün önce
einmalig ich höre es jeden Tag
Superbes voix mais un peu trop de maniérisme dans la façon de la chanter. La tête sur l'épaule entre autre. Ce n'est pas de l'opérette à 4 sous.
Eugen Kotek
Eugen Kotek Gün önce
I'm here in 2021
Andrew M
Andrew M Gün önce
Nedroj Gün önce
Just fantastic.
odete Buzana
odete Buzana Gün önce
Como eu amo vcs ❤❤❤
Ortansa Gherman
Ortansa Gherman Gün önce
Maravilloso ❤️
Luiz Conceicao
Luiz Conceicao Gün önce
Que canção linda, sou do Rio de janeiro Brasil
황돈벼라 Gün önce
Александр Иванов
Александр Иванов Gün önce
2021 yes she is
Laetitia Cléo Fleury
Laetitia Cléo Fleury Gün önce
Михаил Харламов
Михаил Харламов Gün önce
Через 10 лет после своего "Лайка" решил оставить комментарий. Дуэт Андреа и Сары просто фантастический.
Sofía Arancibia
Sofía Arancibia Gün önce
En italiano por favor
Sofía Arancibia
Sofía Arancibia Gün önce
Yo quisiera cantar la cancion de andrea bocheli en caraoke por favor
birdlynn 2 gün önce
Wow! 😍
Henrique Freitas
Henrique Freitas 2 gün önce
Alguém vendo em 2021?
Faith Dehi
Faith Dehi 2 gün önce
Tomasz Sarnecki
Tomasz Sarnecki 2 gün önce
I'm from Poland 2021!!!
greta pola
greta pola 2 gün önce
Beauriful song! Thank You!😘😄❤
Ik Har
Ik Har 2 gün önce
WHat a voice.. I bought my mom a cd of them back then^^
Кира Жасмин
Кира Жасмин 2 gün önce
как красиво!
Nora Durand
Nora Durand 2 gün önce
Wonderful ended
Sam-Ndubueze Chidi
Sam-Ndubueze Chidi 2 gün önce
Wow just wow
Tzila Hachamoff
Tzila Hachamoff 2 gün önce
מקסים בכל פעם שאנו רואים
chche azimut
chche azimut 2 gün önce
que hermosa melodia de estas dos grandes personas¡¡
nicola cipollaro
nicola cipollaro 2 gün önce
Due voci fantastiche
Alex Martins
Alex Martins 2 gün önce
LETRA Quando sono sola Sogno all'orizzonte E mancan le parole Sì lo so che non c'è luce In una stanza quando manca il sole Se non ci sei tu con me, con me Su le finestre Mostra a tutti il mio cuore Che hai accesso Chiudi dentro me La luce che Hai incontrato per strada Time to say goodbye Paesi che non ho mai Veduto e vissuto con te Adesso sì li vivrò Con te partirò Su navi per mari Che, io lo so No, no, non esistono più It's time to say goodbye Quando sei lontana Sogno all'orizzonte E mancan le parole E io sì lo so Che sei con me, con me Tu, mia luna, tu sei qui con me Mio sole, tu sei qui con me Con me, con me, con me Time to say goodbye Paesi che non ho mai Veduto e vissuto con te Adesso sì li vivrò Con te partirò Su navi per mari Che, io lo so No, no, non esistono più Con te io li rivivrò Con te partirò Su navi per mari Che, io lo so No, no, non esistono più Con te io li rivivrò Con te partirò Io con te
Amarjit Singh
Amarjit Singh 2 gün önce
Graves Weeping under the Snow (A tribute to the Indigenous children who died in Canadian residential schools) O sweet children under the weeping graves! These are not just your graves These are the graves of your mother tongue Graves of the lullabies that you couldn’t listen Graves of your mothers’ unsung songs Your tiny feet dancing in your homes They are buried in the the same soil The wings and feathers that you used To dance like birds They too are buried here. By taking you far away from your homes What lessons were they teaching? You cried when you saw the big walls devoid of love Sitting quietly in the classroom Tears flowing over the faces Holding heads in your hands You remember your homes. The backyards from your naive memory Were being forgotten daily In the falling snows Standing quietly and watching tall trees You must be remembering your mothers How could you know where was your home? And how far away you have come The home seemed to be hiding behind big trees Sometimes it seems to be across the clouds In the shadows of the clouds The faces of your parents seemed visible A far away white cloud looked like grandparents. Who were those teaching you? Sometimes they seemed like teachers Sometimes as executioners Strange words of our so-called civilized people Pierced yours hearts Your cries reached your homeland far away Reaching out to your mothers Creating nightmares and darkening the sky When you felt homesick You may be saying prayers in your mother tongues Or your lips freeze and eyes become stones. Your every innocent game we killed! What you considered a playground Was actually your graveyard, o children! We were killing you word by word The decorated wings on your heads and shoulders We were plucking out one by one Who could have tended to the lashes on your body If not mothers? Dear children! To our hazy eyes You merely looked like objects. From your silently weeping graves We have even taken away the stones There is a grass now and few trees You have become like grass You have become like trees Now the grass and trees Became the stones of your graves. From your sleeping graves The wind blows past As if you are howling When it rains The water pours down As if you are crying. On this earth o children! The graves are everywhere Some are the graves of mother tongues Some are of the buried songs Some are of the cultures crying profusely. Under our big national flags Hidden are the graves of children's ribbons In our great history books Hidden are the words stolen from your tongues Genocide is not just of humans It is also of language Of culture and civilization Of decorated feathers on your heads. Schools may also be concentration camps Can be like gas chambers Any of us at any time May become a Nazi Our integrity dies very quickly. O Children! For you and your parents The roads became impassable The news channels died Homes worn-out while waiting for you Mothers kept crying while waiting to have dinner with you Parents have been sitting in your path all their lives Yet they could not bring you home Every season they frozen and melted like ice. O Children! Your innocent graves Will rise some day You will wake up slowly To write down our dark deeds on white snow The white snow will then melt And become tears of humanity. O innocent children sleeping in weeping graves! Please forgive us We can’t give you the lullabies Nor mothers’ love you missed We can never give you the childhood Or the folk songs you can sing Can't give you the feathers we took from your heads Nor the first words that your mothers taught. Those who survived our culture wars Get up and stone the the collapsing buildings And the lessons taught in these schools For all these have been the devil’s work Throw some stones at us too For we kept on pushing our language On the young souls Detached from their mother tongue We kept loading our heavy religion On your innocent heads. The earth of your graves Ate all the evil words we taught And all the immoral prayers we made Now you are completely divine You are as pure as the mother earth You are now meeting your homeland Meeting your parents. After killing flower-like children We have now lay flowers on your graves Some tiny boots and new clothes You stayed without them for too long While snow continued to fall Rain continued to pour The leaves kept falling from the trees The seasons kept changing You have been forced to live in the dark for too long We have now lit a few candles for you How can we apologize to you? O Children! We've now become even worse We are clearing up forests Strangling the Mother Earth We are making a lot of bullets Building a lot of tanks Making deadly bombs To kill more children And those who aren’t even born yet The children killed with these weapons Won’t even find any graves Earth scorched by the heat of bombs Will become grave stones for them And none of us will survive To tell what else is buried With these innocent children! -------- Amarjit Singh Amneet, Punjab, India +918872266066 Translated by: Davinder Singh Garcha, Virginia, USA
G Gonzalez
G Gonzalez 2 gün önce
Música Del Buen Dios
Música Del Buen Dios 2 gün önce
Si pudiera me quedaría un diá entero disfrutando todas estas bellas melodías. que Tranquilidad, son maravillosas!💖💖💖
Loli Bedia Trueba
Loli Bedia Trueba 2 gün önce
A estos Artistas nadie los superará....son Únicos los dos a cada cual ,tienen unas voces que se acoplan ,,como no hay otros ,ni los habrá en años ,pues tienen una Unión ...y cantan con un amor ,,,,envidiable todavía en los años que se han pasado ...siguen siendo Únicos ....Un abrazo Sarah y Andrea .desde España.
カイワレダイコン 2 gün önce
なう(2021/11/25 21:17:49) こんばんは。音楽に時代や国境は関係ない。 めっちゃ綺麗な曲
Rüzgar Mehmet ER
Rüzgar Mehmet ER 2 gün önce
Loli Bedia Trueba
Loli Bedia Trueba 2 gün önce
Sarah has demostrado ser Única x algo te escogieron ,para realzar a Bocelli x todo el mundo ,,,querían una Soprano conocida a nivel Mundial y x eso te escogieron a ti .....y no a una Italiana........x no hay ninguna con el tono de voz tan linda ,has dado la vuelta al Mundo varias veces ,no hay Continente que no allás cantado x eso Bocelli te aprecia x que él sabe tú tralleztoria impecable bravo
Серик Макзумбеков
Серик Макзумбеков 2 gün önce
Самое лучшее исполнение
vla flores
vla flores 2 gün önce
Divinos. No hay expresiones más inmensas que den el valor real de lo que estas personas han dado al mundo. Son increíbles y emocionan totalmente. Grácias!!!!!
silvana santos
silvana santos 2 gün önce
Amo 😍😍
Павел Суевалов
Павел Суевалов 2 gün önce
баба огонь и мужик тоже
Isabel Cristina de Almeida Campos
Isabel Cristina de Almeida Campos 2 gün önce
William Bigatti
William Bigatti 2 gün önce
Thank you so much. Incredible joy this music has brought to so many people. Keep up the good work.
Loli Bedia Trueba
Loli Bedia Trueba 3 gün önce
He estado escuchando la Biografía de Sarah x todo el mundo y me he quedado alucinada .....todos los premios x todo el mundo varias vueltas ,que ha dado la primer mujer que se preparó para subir al espacio a la estación de Rusia a cantar tres días ,menudo historial ,claro Bocelli se le ha quedado pequeño
Суровый 3 gün önce
О Боги,благодарю вас за это волшебство
Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair 3 gün önce
Stick your messages UP your arse
george k
george k 2 gün önce
in yours will fit better
Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair 3 gün önce
You got 30 mins then i leave with that rope I got yesterday DO YOU understand
aarón_jfz 3 gün önce
Someone in 2021?
Linda Congdon
Linda Congdon 3 gün önce
Wonderful music never let it die. Music is the food of live.
avijit lahiri
avijit lahiri 3 gün önce
No I am only watching in 2031, deaf...
Андрей 3 gün önce
James Andrews
James Andrews 3 gün önce
Just been given few months to live ill fight all the way cancer is a nasty disease and the effects are not effecting me yet good living I ain't done I've been a wreck head partied all my life but hey gave up ten years ago so I worked hard all my life kids and family all good just pain I have in heart is watching my mom hurt over me sad but people all I say is live and live
James Andrews
James Andrews 3 gün önce
This is song that God gave me so that enough for me
Maria Figueiredo
Maria Figueiredo 3 gün önce
Loli Bedia Trueba
Loli Bedia Trueba 3 gün önce
Sarah es una Gran Diva ,mal que les pese algún envidioso ,son dos Artistas lo mejor que hay ,y hacen una pareja Única .....bravo bravo lo que tenéis que hacer es volver a cantar juntos otra vez , una pena que haga ocho años ,que no lo hacéis.
Monica Cannata
Monica Cannata 3 gün önce
Love U
Ó'Donnchada 3 gün önce
Ankit Kshatriya
Ankit Kshatriya 3 gün önce
Seems like they are lip syncing
María Luisa Lassalle
María Luisa Lassalle 3 gün önce
Gracias, bellas voces ,es un regalo para el alma!!!
Géssica Nieskier
Géssica Nieskier 3 gün önce
Юрий К
Юрий К 3 gün önce
хуйня какая-то, мерзость
Allan Hargreaves
Allan Hargreaves 3 gün önce
Beautiful, so emotional I find myself crying, but happy
Rudy Jr
Rudy Jr 3 gün önce
Insert Marcelito Pomoy
Maggie fraz
Maggie fraz 3 gün önce
He got more handsome the older he got . What a wonderful voice . She has a wonderful voice too . Great duet !
Michael Lazzeri
Michael Lazzeri 3 gün önce
Folks, this is the Mt Everest of Duets ; the finest, ever. ----------EVER.
James Hugh Boyle
James Hugh Boyle 3 gün önce
dude this guy's voice is op asf
Arnela Strikovic
Arnela Strikovic 3 gün önce
Andrea and Sarah's coooooooool!!!
Stenia James
Stenia James 3 gün önce
Tania Espinoza
Tania Espinoza 3 gün önce
The voice of angels
John Bazham
John Bazham 3 gün önce
not offence but why she ugly in close up shot
Luis Diego Díaz m
Luis Diego Díaz m 3 gün önce
Maria Del Carmen Moyano
Maria Del Carmen Moyano 3 gün önce
Magnificos!!!! No me canso de escucharlos!!!!
Benitho 3 gün önce
benita p2000 criminal
Р Ф 4 gün önce
Вот это голоса епаааа
Loli Bedia Trueba
Loli Bedia Trueba 4 gün önce
Le llevaría e!N lo más profundo de su corazón....
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