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Sept. 21, 2020 | Stephen Thompson -- We've been trying to make a BTS Tiny Desk concert happen for years now - even gaming out ways we might move Bob Boilen's desk far enough forward to accommodate the superstar Korean boy band's dance moves.
In the end, it took a global pandemic - and the launch of Tiny Desk (home) concerts back in March - to make something happen. With BTS cooped up in Seoul, the group held true to the series's spirit by convening a live band for its Tiny Desk debut, and even arranged to perform in a workspace with a music-friendly backdrop: the record store VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card in BTS's hometown.
Opening with this summer's inescapable "Dynamite" - the group's first single to hit No. 1 in the U.S., as well as its first song to be fully recorded in English - BTS leaned hard into the new track's celebratory, "Uptown Funk"-adjacent vibes. From there, the group dipped into its back catalog, seizing on the opportunity to showcase its quieter side while (mostly) staying uncharacteristically seated. The breezily propulsive "Save ME," from 2016, ultimately gave way to a full-on power ballad in 2017's reflective "Spring Day."
The latter track seemed especially true to BTS's hopeful nature: Introduced with a few optimistic words from rapper and singer RM ("It's been the roughest summer ever, but we know that spring will come"), the song reflects on a need to wait out hard times, even as the weight of present-day pain feels oppressive.
BTS had intended to spend 2020 delighting the BTS Army in arenas around the world, only to spend these last few months performing in isolation. Released on the last day of a grim season, "Spring Day" provides a nice reminder of what awaits us on the other side. We just have to get through fall and winter first.
"Save ME"
"Spring Day"
V: vocals; Jin: vocals; Jimin: vocals; J-Hope: vocals; RM: vocals; SUGA: vocals; Jungkook: vocals; KHAN: drums; DOCSKIM: keyboard; Kim Kiwook: bass; Shyun: guitar
Video and Audio by: Big Hit Entertainment; Producer: Stephen Thompson; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.

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Yj Sim
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Yj Sim
Yj Sim Gün önce
Yj Sim
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Murat Nißanci
Murat Nißanci 2 gün önce
P B 3 gün önce
Please please please add the english lyrics, they are already written all over the internet you just have to paste them. bro ill even do it for you if you open it
Rafaela Holanda
Rafaela Holanda 39 dakika önce
Save me em 2020 BTS nossa faz tempo que eles não cantam nossa choquei mais quero conher o BTS um dia 💞💞💞💞
Ezey Dyzila
Ezey Dyzila 40 dakika önce
Im falling in love with namjoon hair😭💜
namjoonsbra Saatler önce
New BTS Album "BE" coming 20th November (2PM) !!
Matias Geraldo
Matias Geraldo Saatler önce
These girls really can’t sing... Need all dat auto tune and can u understand literally 2 words. 👌🏼
namjoonsbra Saatler önce
They're men.
namjoonsbra Saatler önce
New BTS Album "BE" coming 20th November !!
Ainee Nadeem
Ainee Nadeem Saatler önce
2:42 JUNGKOOK's vocals 😮
moonchild 2 saatler önce
save me is such a pretty song
Ana Briseyda
Ana Briseyda 2 saatler önce
moonchild 2 saatler önce
moonchild 2 saatler önce
now why’d the live band snap this hard omgg
moonchild 2 saatler önce
moonchild 2 saatler önce
0:36 hobi’s vocals... jihope’s harmonization... this is perfection ✨
Netizen Asia
Netizen Asia 2 saatler önce
BTS is my escape from broken relationships
Jay 2 saatler önce
So this is BTS? This is what all the fuss is about? This sucks. You Gen Zers have no taste in music.
namjoonsbra Saatler önce
you're older than me but you're the one that needs to grow up. don't be so judgmental and just respect other people's opinions, the world doesn't revolve around you. anyways dont worry life goes on, let's live on and hope that you grow up someday👍
Ana C
Ana C Saatler önce
Just bcuz you don't like it doesn't mean others can't.. they're young talented men who can sing, dance and make meaningful and inspirational music.. grow up kid.. learn respecting others choices even if you don't like them..
river Moon
river Moon 3 saatler önce
지민이도 봄날 마지막 파트 일부러 안해서 라이브 인증??
Martyna 4 saatler önce
Their music cheers me up during the pandemic. They bring me some positive energy. Thanks. Greetings from Poland
Duh its Trustie
Duh its Trustie 4 saatler önce
Jimins voice broo!!!
ka fonnti
ka fonnti 4 saatler önce
Taehyung: ARMY, you hear me? Me: of course beb❤️i hear u alwys big baby 😭😎😀
Andria Drica alves
Andria Drica alves 4 saatler önce
sugaaaaaa why are you so beautiful
Kim Quinones
Kim Quinones 4 saatler önce
I wish they could've performed in DC at NPR's headquarters. I would've had a chance to see this live. 😭
jhope said to stan ateez
jhope said to stan ateez 4 saatler önce
“Music truly transcends all languages. We really believe that.” - Kim Namjoon (RM)
liz fernan
liz fernan 4 saatler önce
I enjoy listening to this video so much. I had no idea they sang so pretty😊
moonchild Saatler önce
Aww, glad you liked it 💜💜
Who_Are_You 66
Who_Are_You 66 4 saatler önce
I cant believe i still see comments that say BTS were use autotune🙄 I dont really know about autotune, but i mean, autotune not always that bad and i believe that the one who add autotune was the editor and i also believe BTS sing live here, the editor use autotune to add some little effect and i think its okay. I dont mind if you haters still dont like BTS even after this amazing performance, its your bussines after all, just stop to spread hate here by saying BTS use a lot of autotune and saying they can't sing live.
Who_Are_You 66
Who_Are_You 66 26 dakika önce
@moonchild true
moonchild Saatler önce
I think this performance especially you can hear them clearly live. The people saying it’s autotune are in denial honestly
Romina Can
Romina Can 4 saatler önce
Te amo suga 😍😍
JOURI 7 5 saatler önce
I'm still stock here , i love this preformance :(
Matias Geraldo
Matias Geraldo 5 saatler önce
Auto. Tune. All. Day.
Matias Geraldo
Matias Geraldo Saatler önce
@Jennifer Green with auto tune. I’m a musician. Professionally. The girls can barely sing. And this is full of auto tune. Your taste in things is terrible.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 4 saatler önce
Live vocals all day.
Loveis 5 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#222
리코RIKO 5 saatler önce
- blue child -
- blue child - 5 saatler önce
No se como te llamas chico de pelo azul, pero dejame decirte que te amo 😔✌✨
moonchild Saatler önce
RM o Namjoon (su nombre real) :)
Mary Mamni
Mary Mamni 6 saatler önce
Ayeza Milen Flores
Ayeza Milen Flores 6 saatler önce
RM what was the reason
Asal 6 saatler önce
Glad to see BTS gained lots of new. fans cause of this, welcome to the fandom guys 🥺💜
Rocio Martin
Rocio Martin 6 saatler önce
namjoonsbra 7 saatler önce
BTS new album "BE" is coming 20th November!!
Delzuita Barreto
Delzuita Barreto 7 saatler önce
army seu geitinho Brasileiro mandando muito bem ❤️ arebentando ❤️😘😍✌️
Christian chimchim
Christian chimchim 7 saatler önce
I want them to do more stripped down version of their old songs. They sound sooo good💛💛💛
Christian chimchim
Christian chimchim 7 saatler önce
This must be a piece of cake for them. Singing easily while sitting. No dancing
Candy Goh
Candy Goh 7 saatler önce
RM sounds so sexy when he speaks English 😭
Zec Tv
Zec Tv 8 saatler önce
Love yourself.
Майра Омарова
Майра Омарова 8 saatler önce
Jimin 😘😘😘😘
Shakira Naleer
Shakira Naleer 8 saatler önce
Jimin :" We havE diFfeRent cLoThes" Jhope and jungkook's coat :
#이또 8 saatler önce
아니 왜 맨날 CD틀고 라이브라고 하나요? 애드립도 다양하고 스크레치도 들어가는거 보니 방송전에 매번 녹음하고 트는거잖아요? 그렇지 않으면 이게 말이 되나요?? 흥 자랑스럽네요
Jana Valleser
Jana Valleser 9 saatler önce
kim taehyungkoIloveyou😍!!🥰
LoveYouir 9 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#127
Ulfah Farida
Ulfah Farida 9 saatler önce
Outfit nya keren semuaaa...
Chloe Amparo
Chloe Amparo 9 saatler önce
I love this song
lady j
lady j 9 saatler önce
Love how they couldn't stay seated!
Azka Rafa
Azka Rafa 10 saatler önce
I like ol bts
kayanna kagurazaka
kayanna kagurazaka 10 saatler önce
Can’t take my eyes off jungkook
Azka Rafa
Azka Rafa 10 saatler önce
Azka Rafa
Azka Rafa 10 saatler önce
Im like jimin end v
Azka Rafa
Azka Rafa 10 saatler önce
Im suscribe chanel bts
Azka Rafa
Azka Rafa 10 saatler önce
Army kenapa bts pada ganteng ganteng ya
А Пп
А Пп 10 saatler önce
Шугу хочу вечно слушать
JM 10 saatler önce
1:15 jimin💗💗
Nqobile Eland
Nqobile Eland 11 saatler önce
I love how they wanted to get up and dance when performing Dynamite
Anggitia Anggitia
Anggitia Anggitia 11 saatler önce
Daebak😳 taehyung very handsome 😭
Ovvo Est
Ovvo Est 11 saatler önce
They can sing really good live!
trisia bangsawan
trisia bangsawan 11 saatler önce
Suaranya cakep cakep ya,sama kayak mukanya cakep cakep semua,BTS the best dah👍
Chantal Melrose
Chantal Melrose 11 saatler önce
Time stamps Dynamite 0:00 Save Me 4:16 Spring Day 8:23
이하니 11 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#122
은하군 11 saatler önce
홉님 봄날 보컬 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠ
으으 11 saatler önce
다이너마이트 음 진짜 높다 ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대단한걸
Dean Mc
Dean Mc 11 saatler önce
Cheesy 🧀
Diah Aulia Zahra
Diah Aulia Zahra 12 saatler önce
I'm really enjoying this, I'm coming here again and again, their voices freaking good!!!!
Keisha G
Keisha G 11 saatler önce
If you haven't seen it I recommend the ARMYPedia performance for the same acoustic vibes.
J Lee
J Lee 12 saatler önce
하루 종일 듣게 되네요. BTS dynamite 이 라이브 버전 bts 모든 영상들 중 가장 좋아요. DNA, IDOL도 너무 좋은데, 다이너마이트 같은 밝은 느낌의 곡들이 앞으로 더 많이 나왔으면 좋겠어요.
elaine Francisco
elaine Francisco 13 saatler önce
Look at the band members smiling while watching them. :)
NGEATS 13 saatler önce
wow jimin’s voice is unreal and so unique. he literally sounds better live than the studio versions
Hanifah Rahma
Hanifah Rahma 13 saatler önce
nergiz penahova
nergiz penahova 14 saatler önce
I cried spring day part. Really have been long time. This song is the best around the world for me🖤💜🌸💙💜🌸💙💜🌸💙💜🌸💙💜🌸💙🇦🇿🇦🇿
이미희 14 saatler önce
아...진짜 노래 넘 잘한당ㅠ 이건 다른 그룹이 부르면 그냥 그럴것 같은데 방탄소년단은 각각 마다 음색이 있으니까 그게 합쳐져서 저런 아름 다운 노래가 나오는거 아니야ㅠ 해체 하지 않으면 좋겠당ㅠ
chuch Ree
chuch Ree 14 saatler önce
BTs ❤️
Soraya Yaya
Soraya Yaya 14 saatler önce
I like you bts, I LOVE YOU BTS. me ARMY forever😘😘😘😘😘
Panda 14 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#122
Niki Reyes
Niki Reyes 14 saatler önce
BTS is going to release their new album which 'BE' on Nov. 20 at 12AM EST | 2PM KST. It's a self-directed album! The new album delivers a message of healing to the world by declaring, ‘Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on. 'BE' reflects the thoughts, emotions and deepest ruminations of BTS, who have been actively involved in all aspects of the creative process for this record.
Princess Manigos
Princess Manigos 14 saatler önce
tettyi poerba
tettyi poerba 15 saatler önce
Firdha Rahayu
Firdha Rahayu 15 saatler önce
being an army is the best decision i've ever made.
Firdha Rahayu
Firdha Rahayu 15 saatler önce
this is one of best performance by bts
wlnsr _99
wlnsr _99 16 saatler önce
Can't stop listening this song
Faza Ografi
Faza Ografi 16 saatler önce
i'm a blinks and watch this honestly make me fall in love with bts omg, especially V😂😂😂
Rohan Saroj
Rohan Saroj 16 saatler önce
Love bts and being proud to be army
조성진 16 saatler önce
Ammit Mishra
Ammit Mishra 16 saatler önce
Astried Wina Agustine
Astried Wina Agustine 16 saatler önce
Taetae 😍😍
Calm down, Calm down My Daughter
Calm down, Calm down My Daughter 16 saatler önce
Bogo shipda, manhi manhi 🥺💜
m 16 saatler önce
Calm down, Calm down My Daughter
Calm down, Calm down My Daughter 17 saatler önce
*ALL ARMY's begging NPR to put the legit english lyrics here on captions coz the lyrics is the Apex and true strength of Bangtan*
aman 17 saatler önce
i'm so happy they made it
Tony Juan Pailos
Tony Juan Pailos 17 saatler önce
it sounds like playback, too perfect, am I trippin?
alex 7 saatler önce
@Tony Juan Pailos It's live but the type of mics they use can add effects to their vocals in real time, which is what they used to give that autotune-y sound in Dynamite (you can hear this better in the video on BTS' youtube channel of their Dynamite performance before post-production). The vocals in Save Me and Spring Day sound clean to me, but some parts in the choruses of both songs have a little bit of backing track underneath the vocals to make their harmonies fuller. I hope this helped!
Jjarina2 8 saatler önce
They are really that good singing live. They hv certain tells in their voices that only appears when they sing live. Eg Jimin w the way his voice hv a sharp upward inflection in the end of his phrasing. This inflection don't appear in the studio version.
Tony Juan Pailos
Tony Juan Pailos 9 saatler önce
I just can't believe they could actually song like this, it sounds autotuned, even tho i'm not sure it is, are they *that* perfect?
Ana C
Ana C 9 saatler önce
It's not playback at all.. they're singing live and they're really good live.. but if you carefully listen to the original songs and these songs you'll be able to easily tell it's live..
Navv Baaw
Navv Baaw 14 saatler önce
It really isnt if u listen to original version of songs you'll see they sound a little different and besides u can legit hear it's them singing live
Loveis 17 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#117
Sintya Kim
Sintya Kim 19 saatler önce
Tarekk sessss...........🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
xoxoHoran 19 saatler önce
Honestly, no one gets into the songs as much as Jin 😂 He really gives it his all!
Lenny Marlina
Lenny Marlina 19 saatler önce
nathanafi 19 saatler önce
Loved this so much!!!! So many beautiful voices and personalities and swag overload
가은TV 20 saatler önce
Nafisa Mou
Nafisa Mou 20 saatler önce
"Army, can you hear me?" V😍💓💓
Denika Joudi
Denika Joudi 21 saatler önce
Panda 21 saatler önce
Love yourself Relay#112
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