Never In My Life - True Pizza Delivery Horror Stories Animated

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True Pizza Delivery Horror Stories Animated

Timeka Dorante
Timeka Dorante 8 gün önce
Can you react to more animated horror stories love your reactions aye! 🤣 I've been watching your videos nearly everyday now even though some of them is like months old. Haha 🙂🌺❤️
Kelby Trujillo
Kelby Trujillo 24 gün önce
Awesome videos. Luv them. But can you play them and talk at the end. I get in suspense mood ... but to much distraction of talking.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Aylar önce
I seen all these stories before but you make them more entertaining
Josh Loftis
Josh Loftis 2 aylar önce
I used to deliver pizzas. I live in a concealed carry state and I had my permit at the time. I didn't tell my boss but every delivery I went I carried my weapon. I like people but I don't trust them for nothing.
Jay Rios
Jay Rios 2 aylar önce
Check out CREEPY FOOTAGE THAT WILL GIVE YOU CHILLS --that’s SLAPPED HAM ... I swear it was funny the part where the Bus driver thought he saw a ghost 😂😂😂🤣
Jay Rios
Jay Rios 2 aylar önce
Gaming-Zombie13 3 aylar önce
That story was scary as heck Love it... But if it was me I'll be scar 4-Life...
Jody The real cool cat
Jody The real cool cat 4 aylar önce
yeah so this is why I pack when I drive and when I was doing pizza I was always strapped for the crazy mo fo's
DadePlayz 5 aylar önce
Policta delivery driver 😂
the weird kid next door
the weird kid next door 5 aylar önce
Look if that fricken stuff happens to me I wouldn't even go to the door as soon as I saw that house I would have been G-O-N-E if she slashed my tires I'm running she'll be like "how tf is she going so fast"
Lorna Lmmb
Lorna Lmmb 6 aylar önce
That was Hillary Clinton! 😂🙈😭
Minxyminx 68
Minxyminx 68 6 aylar önce
U need to do more of these videos!!
Heather Ramm
Heather Ramm 6 aylar önce
Also ALWAY TIP YOUR DRIVERS you make server wage on the road
Heather Ramm
Heather Ramm 6 aylar önce
I qorked pizza hut delivery for 5 years, i could write a book dude of stories lpl
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer 7 aylar önce
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy 7 aylar önce
I’d be a terrible pizza delivery guy, I’d be driving with someone’s pizza and end up eating it n not showing up💀🤣
Rhygar Thoams
Rhygar Thoams 7 aylar önce
Maybe bc I just smoked but I'm sitting here wondering what happened to those pizzas.
Gina marie
Gina marie 8 aylar önce
Definitely more of these!!!
Mckellan Gonzales
Mckellan Gonzales 8 aylar önce
I know some people aren't pro gun but you can't lie this whole video is one big reason to concealed carry.
Wyatt Link
Wyatt Link 8 aylar önce
Idgaf, I’m driving on the rims
OC-YT Gaming
OC-YT Gaming 8 aylar önce
Joshua Khan
Joshua Khan 8 aylar önce
You have to do more of these i loved it. Keep up the good work.
Nene 8 aylar önce
Congrats homie !!
Nikki Louise
Nikki Louise 8 aylar önce
My birthday is on the 24th October!!❤️
Fred Garbinski
Fred Garbinski 8 aylar önce
The 7 dislikes are from the messed up people he told to not get any ideas. 😂😂😂
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 8 aylar önce
Your channel is growing hella fast
Dank Dr
Dank Dr 8 aylar önce
That should be made into a movie
official ghost music
official ghost music 8 aylar önce
Ur content is so underrated
CNC 81
CNC 81 8 aylar önce
Skip to 2:00.
Jnr Jnr Boeck
Jnr Jnr Boeck 8 aylar önce
More of these pleaaaasssseee ❤️!!!
Andrew J. Plummer
Andrew J. Plummer 9 aylar önce
How much are the Shirts, & do they come the size 3xl xtall?, & would you happen to have them in the color Sunburst
Dallas stone
Dallas stone 9 aylar önce
C'mon man. He would have heard the air. Pressurized air escaping a slashed tire is loud as fuck.
Chickenkickin _
Chickenkickin _ 9 aylar önce
I was a pizza delivery driver for 5 years and this has never happened to me and never would. If you didn’t answer by the first knock it’s a carry out order now
Mercer908 9 aylar önce
AoK: 6:44 "evil people out there better not get any ideas!" Evil people watching this video to try and get ideas and the homie AoK repeats a wonderful idea.
kay 9 aylar önce
i kinda wanna see him read scp stories
Desert Kingdom
Desert Kingdom 9 aylar önce
Funnnnnnnnn vid!
Business Future
Business Future 9 aylar önce
He needs 500k, he is a god
TLee 9 aylar önce
Why would he get out the car? That was dumb, just like the horror movies. He runs into the dark woods.
Wama 101
Wama 101 9 aylar önce
Nini 9 aylar önce
Omg, I would’ve told them, “Nope, get out.” These stories are wild!
The Smug One
The Smug One 9 aylar önce
Another great vid, keep up the good work my man
Darcy Doucet
Darcy Doucet 9 aylar önce
This is why i drive a 6.7 powerstroke and not a pinto, do what you will, flatten my tires. Im powering through it with sheer torque and scared shitlessness.🤣
Ruben Mendez
Ruben Mendez 9 aylar önce
Joshua Crispino
Joshua Crispino 9 aylar önce
My man! Long time subscriber ☺ You deserve the best in life.
Bode Greene
Bode Greene 9 aylar önce
Love your video
Bobby19xx 9 aylar önce
Yeah.. cause you wouldn't hear air escaping from a slashed tire, in the middle of the night, about 20 feet from you. Let alone f*cking four of them 🙄
Dough Boy
Dough Boy 9 aylar önce
Can i please have it ive never had merch.😭🙏
Glitter Pancakes
Glitter Pancakes 9 aylar önce
I am a horror fanatic i love watching these stories 🖤
The Hickory Tree Band
The Hickory Tree Band 9 aylar önce
You're the man!!!
Too Much
Too Much 9 aylar önce
i love abandoned homes tho
Austin Wolfe
Austin Wolfe 9 aylar önce
You should definitely check out some more of these types of videos especially by Llama Arts there's some hella creepy ones out there
Roronoaeg1994 9 aylar önce
MORE OF THIS BRUHHHH. Go check Corpse Husband, Let's Read and CreepyFox!!
Crystal Wood
Crystal Wood 9 aylar önce
He done dropped all them pizzas at the door!!! I hope to hell they were paid for!!! Poor dude already out the tip and now he’s out four tires and got damaged rims for his efforts!!! That’s messed up!!!
Mac Gonzalez
Mac Gonzalez 9 aylar önce
Congratulations on ur channel bro. I love these reactions. Keep up the great work. Much love
Jim Ooijevaar
Jim Ooijevaar 9 aylar önce
Greetings from The Netherlands
Nic Jan
Nic Jan 9 aylar önce
I would yell at the woman "YOU NEED JESUS IN YOUR LIFE" showed her middle finger and fucking ran away
Lonnie Smith
Lonnie Smith 9 aylar önce
Aks new joint Let Loose is amazing! Dont sleep to long. Lol
JCB024 9 aylar önce
People really don't get how dangerous being "The Pizza Guy" can be, You're driving around with a giant sign on the car that basically says... "Hey, FREE FOOD! and Possibly Money if you have a weapon!" Pizza delivery guys are NOT allowed to be armed, I don't know of a single company that allows that. Pizza Hut had a manager almost get beat to death in TX and the only reason he survived was that he Did carry on the clock. He shot the robbers, and Pizza hut fired him on the spot.
Deathwishgames 9 aylar önce
That's sad
Melissa Rieger
Melissa Rieger 9 aylar önce
Yes theses stories are the best but creepy as hell the crazy shit people do man
Nathaniel Denny
Nathaniel Denny 9 aylar önce
Nah bruh this why I stay strapped slash my tires I split ya wig
Tom Rose
Tom Rose 9 aylar önce
Not sure if anyone said yet, but Llama arts is a female (she does the animations) and she is married to Mr. Nightmare, the guy who narrates these videos. Live your reactions, keep them up
ethan gray
ethan gray 9 aylar önce
So i work at Pizza hut as a driver. I see some shit. The worst thing that happened to me is this, I was heading to a house in the country side. It was hunting season so gun shots was going on all day and night ,cool but when I pulled in to the driveway my car was shot!! Then all I hear is "OH SHIT ARE YOU OKAY!!" dude accidentally shot my car with a .45 rifle it left a huge dent.
Colin mckinley
Colin mckinley 9 aylar önce
I'm a pizza delivery guy I have some crazyyyy stories
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 9 aylar önce
Love your video's bro, I watch u every chance I get cause u always keep it real. I will always be a loyal sub. Keep up the fantastic work
Ben green Hot wheels and videos
Ben green Hot wheels and videos 9 aylar önce
Dang that shit flew by lol
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins 9 aylar önce
React to AK - Let Loose!!!
skoalrng03 harbert
skoalrng03 harbert 9 aylar önce
If you like Adam and Upchurch check out Levi Todd
the white tigger fam. Carrie and Cynthia
the white tigger fam. Carrie and Cynthia 9 aylar önce
That was pretty creepy keep them coming..
ZaneTv 9 aylar önce
I worked part time delivering pizza for many years along with Uber, favor, and catering orders in Texas and I have a story that still feels out of a freaky movie, I hadn’t thought of that night in so long, and my hair is standing up on my arms, it’s 6am in the morning and I feel sick, hit me up on Instagram for the story if you want
my guy 21
my guy 21 9 aylar önce
this man makes me question why people are racist like he’s awesome
You should watch the smiling man by llama arts
Hidden_ip 9 aylar önce
This is why I illegally carried when i was working for dominoes
andrew oneill
andrew oneill 9 aylar önce
Have you heard dkrapartist pain I think you should check it outa
Salohcin 04
Salohcin 04 9 aylar önce
If you want some real scary stuff, CryptTV is awesome.
Dustin Gordon
Dustin Gordon 9 aylar önce
They already do and then they rob you. That's why I don't do that no more, I got out without incident. Don't need to push my luck.
Aj decosta
Aj decosta 9 aylar önce
can u react to polo g new album. every song is fire
Josh Parmentier
Josh Parmentier 9 aylar önce
You should do antagonist by lil dicky
Alex Outplayed
Alex Outplayed 9 aylar önce
4:30 “and that’s how to get free pizza”😂
Jake Fearing
Jake Fearing 9 aylar önce
Do more bruh
Bardock 9 aylar önce
I need to stop watching these at night🤣🤣🤣
Nick Henrich
Nick Henrich 9 aylar önce
Please react to AK- let loose
debonat0r 9 aylar önce
happy 355k! you definitely deserve that 1mil plaque
Bradley Rawlins
Bradley Rawlins 9 aylar önce
The original story is by Mr.Nightmare
Pam Ingles
Pam Ingles 9 aylar önce
My shirt and hair oil is in that pile! Well was because it's in transit to me 🤩
Cruilion 9 aylar önce
happy anniversary The sirens were emitted by Siren Head.
MrBlueyes02 9 aylar önce
React to top5 scariest videos of 2019.
Po 9 aylar önce
1 mill before oct watch
Po 9 aylar önce
this man better be blowing up
MrKeebuto 9 aylar önce
Y'all know what time it is?!
Camster 513
Camster 513 9 aylar önce
Nice video👍
Neglekt Official Channel
Neglekt Official Channel 9 aylar önce
If y'all like scary stories check out.. be busta, slumber reads, let's read, mortis media n being scared. Specially if you have trouble sleeping.
Cameron Gizzi
Cameron Gizzi 9 aylar önce
Ak “ let loose”, you won’t be disappointed
The Cosmic Geek
The Cosmic Geek 9 aylar önce
yo wasup, much love from Checago. keep it up wit dem good vids
JEZUZ SM 831 9 aylar önce
Broo I watch these stories everyday. I actually got a playlist that got over 80 videos of this type of content. They’re all really good ones.. You should check out this other horror animated story by this guy and he explains his stories so good and it got great dialogue.
James Weiser
James Weiser 9 aylar önce
Checkout AK's 'Let Loose' Congrats on your numbers!
john johnson
john johnson 9 aylar önce
What day is ur bday bubba lol mines the 26th of October
Tootall Smith
Tootall Smith 9 aylar önce
Reaction to 100kufis dis to 645AR
BIG EDDIE GREEN 9 aylar önce
bruh hit me up I want to talk to u about promoting your merch real talk I did promo, marketing, an did all the Utah street team myself for Strange Music for 9 Years an for the past 10 I've been promoting Yelawolfs Slumerican & My Brother Rittz & Clintel Crew! Mae logos as well I ain't tryin to get paid I do it for folks I feel have somethin others don't drive, passion, originality, creativity and a vision hit me up
WHODATCountry 9 aylar önce
One job I'll never do is deliver pizza or be an Uber driver. To much crazy shit goes on.
Baby Jazzy
Baby Jazzy 9 aylar önce
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