100 Years of Steakhouses Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Aylar önce

Today, we're taking a deep dive into the history of steakhouses! GMM # 2197

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Brian A
Brian A Aylar önce
Link’s jeans make him look like the cool single grandma about to hit the garden to get some turnips.
EmmaTheBacon 19 gün önce
Tim Cook
Tim Cook 28 gün önce
Yeah, Link and my grandma have remarkably similar senses of style
Charlie Mcgrew
Charlie Mcgrew Aylar önce
What? Lol how do some of yall come up with this stuff lol
Sarah Bitz
Sarah Bitz Aylar önce
@DonnieDip that’s exactly what I came here to say😂 big Pooh vibes
John P
John P Aylar önce
Lmaoo grandma jeans! Gottem, straight roasted her
Jen Klen
Jen Klen Aylar önce
I love it how Rhett was DYING in the corner when Link called his dad. That’s what I was feeling too 😂😂🤭
Groovy Tasia - IngenuityFortress Productions
Groovy Tasia - IngenuityFortress Productions Aylar önce
I literally started crying from laughing
Amber Ison
Amber Ison Aylar önce
Charles' attitude is refreshing. Very "idk what's happening but I'm happy to be included".
ssgorik Aylar önce
@Julian Edelman Is A Goon I read your comment and this popped in my head the way Rhett makes the occasional rough joke. Link : he’s like a golden retriever Rhett: do golden retrievers leave their families?
Julian Edelman Is A Goon
Julian Edelman Is A Goon Aylar önce
hes pretty much a golden retriever
Anne F
Anne F Aylar önce
I’m not mad at Link’s dad at all. We tell folks not to trust random numbers and he was right to be skeptical. Love it, lol.
Aidanj Timm
Aidanj Timm 26 gün önce
@j j what does that have to do with anything wow
j j
j j Aylar önce
i dont even think his dad has a college degree, lmao. he seems slow af tbh.
C Molloy
C Molloy Aylar önce
@Mi p It's a phrase, it just means "I don't disagree with what he said" or whatever. It's supportive, but not intensely.
Sevilay Kel
Sevilay Kel Aylar önce
why would anyone gets mad about it. and i totally agree with u btw
QuantumBraced Aylar önce
Totally. Can't be too careful these days.
Crabby Aylar önce
Reading their shirts like a conversation has me cracking up. Rhett: Be nicer to people. Link: Trying my best.
Waterpassion Aylar önce
I read both shirts and I didn't even put the two together until I read your comment. 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️
Frenchtoast Aylar önce
@L dude I noticed that and got so excited
L Aylar önce
@jordanjones that's Jarvis Jhonson merch
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Aylar önce
I need links shirt! Haha it’s perfect!
Patrick McDermott
Patrick McDermott Aylar önce
I just thought of this, that’s hilarious!
Sid Connole
Sid Connole Aylar önce
Honestly, good for Link’s dad for being skeptical. There are so many scammers that target the elderly who pretend to be loved ones.
taysha amya
taysha amya Aylar önce
no dude fr. i always tell my parents don’t get scammed dude. ppl are ruthless 🙄🙄🙄
Pucknuckle Aylar önce
Shoutout to Links dad for getting the right answer to a question he wasn't even asked
wordsinahandle Aylar önce
70s is one of the best decades...
Maggie Davis
Maggie Davis Aylar önce
I literally love links dad he’s so funny without even trying to be
First Aylar önce
Seems link inherited that
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart Aylar önce
That's the reason he got a podcast! LOL
Kayla Riley
Kayla Riley Aylar önce
“I ain’t real sure about this if yew ma son” 😭😂 Links dad is the best kind of funny where it’s all natural and they’re not trying to be funny
deprofundis Aylar önce
The way you recreated the accent in text is just *chef's kiss * 😂
Quinn Aylar önce
Must be where link gets it haha
Megan Aylar önce
I love how unnecessarily complicated this has become.
Robbi Lichota
Robbi Lichota Aylar önce
Link is so good when he’s not in his own head lol, that last shot was beautiful. So good seeing him confident
deprofundis Aylar önce
Right? 😂❤️🤗
Demitrius Smith
Demitrius Smith Aylar önce
Link's guesses were top notch this episode! He needs to go first more often. He gets SO influenced by Rhett
renslo689 Aylar önce
I've said this when they do the international food dart game, Link should go first.
jan may
jan may Aylar önce
Link is totally played by Rhett
FramesPerSecond Aylar önce
That’s his own fault
Maeve Kirkland
Maeve Kirkland Aylar önce
he second guesses himself. its not Rhett's fault
Daisy Aylar önce
I'm cackling that Link's dad still wasn't sure it was his son after he asked him to promote their podcast
Ashley Bruss
Ashley Bruss Aylar önce
Link’s dad is my favorite. He’s the best😂😂😂 What a freaking character.
Madison Rehrman
Madison Rehrman Aylar önce
I’m soo happy Rhett commented on how the steaks were cooked they looked so dry 😭
GroanyGus Aylar önce
And then asked who was responsible for the order. I wonder if he asked them politely, yet firmly, to leave. :P
James Aylar önce
Boiled for safety.
incredibleflameboy Aylar önce
I can't wait for dispaches from Myrtle beach. When one of the hosts doesn't even know what it's called you know it's going to be great.
incredibleflameboy Aylar önce
@Its Zee you'll have to let me in on the inside story in that case
Its Zee
Its Zee Aylar önce
I live outside of myrtle beach
Meghan Scully
Meghan Scully Aylar önce
I love that Link’s dad answered an unknown number with HUH 🤔
Meghan Scully
Meghan Scully Aylar önce
@John Bennett h3h3 crossover
Meghan Scully
Meghan Scully Aylar önce
@John Bennett hahahahaha
John Bennett
John Bennett Aylar önce
@k keel he read it in a book? Huh?!
k keel
k keel Aylar önce
@John Bennett a phone CALL HUH?
John Bennett
John Bennett Aylar önce
Emily Cowles
Emily Cowles Aylar önce
“The board is going fast today!” - Link literally every single time they ever play this game
Kimmy Italiana
Kimmy Italiana Aylar önce
I absolutely LOVE link's dad! His responses have me dying laughing at 6 in the morning lmao
LittleRedHaired Girl
LittleRedHaired Girl Aylar önce
Credit and likes, too!
magicalmissfitz Aylar önce
Kimmy Italiana
Kimmy Italiana Aylar önce
@Lisa O I know, so ridiculous 🙄
Lisa O
Lisa O Aylar önce
A bot stole your comment and it's at the top. 🙄
Matt 2011GT
Matt 2011GT Aylar önce
Link's outfit is something I would have worn in 5th grade in 1990 😂
runawayfae ?!!
runawayfae ?!! Aylar önce
@Carolyn Kennedy thank you! I had to look much harder than expected to find a comment about Winnie the Pooh 🤭
CatsAndPokemon Aylar önce
exactly. thats the look.
Winona Rose
Winona Rose Aylar önce
@Breighlyn LeBouef Its Jarvis Johnson merch, i dont know if it’s still for sale tho
Breighlyn LeBouef
Breighlyn LeBouef Aylar önce
But where is his sweater from?? I love it!
Sid Connole
Sid Connole Aylar önce
@Carolyn Kennedy I thought the same thing when Tommy Bowe from Smosh wore it, it’s giving Winnie the Pooh HARD🤣
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight Aylar önce
MORE Episode Idea: Ringing your parents from ghosted CallerID locations and seeing how sceptical they are that it's actually you calling
mEEp nope
mEEp nope Aylar önce
BRO! you're a genius!
KiChan 6
KiChan 6 Aylar önce
XD I'd love to see that, them ringing a few of the crews parents even! Josh, chase, possibly Steve's too
Ginger Knight
Ginger Knight Aylar önce
@Mi p Link's dad was confused by the call location and almost needed proof it was Link - let's say they ghosted their location to Wyoming and rang Rhett's dad in another episode
Mi p
Mi p Aylar önce
Ball D. Gull
Ball D. Gull Aylar önce
my parents would never answer lol
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
2 seconds after Links first shot Link: now see you've got an advantage because.... Rhett: I haven't even gone yet and he's coming up with excuses why I'm winning
Funny Looking
Funny Looking Aylar önce
From the overly dramatic scroll to the suspicion from Link's dad, this episode was amazing beginning to end.
Queen B
Queen B Aylar önce
Link is looking so COOL in his Jarvis Johnson merch! Yes, he is trying his best! 😄👍
Grogu Aylar önce
@zip zip Dopethrone 🤘
zip zip
zip zip Aylar önce
@Shanine Edwards lmfao
Shanine Edwards
Shanine Edwards Aylar önce
Link is 100% cool. And adorable
Mekhakreature Aylar önce
I was enjoying to look today too!
oathkeeper65 Aylar önce
For those curious, a porterhouse is essentially a bigger T-Bone. So it’s part New York strip and part tenderloin. The difference between the two is the thickness of the tenderloin.
jdub1371 Aylar önce
That was a pretty sad looking Porterhouse - should be nice and thick.
Angel E. Perez
Angel E. Perez Aylar önce
And that tenderloin part, for people who know very little about beef, is where the filet mignon comes from. So the big part is the strip and the smaller part is the filet 👍👍
Nalia Danger
Nalia Danger Aylar önce
Rhett dying during Link's call with his dad is everything
N. Aylar önce
Love Link's dad 😄 it would be amazing if Markiplier's mom and him did a podcast together 😂 I'd never stop laughing
sanriocorez치코 Aylar önce
@Mi p embarrassing asf LMAOOO
Mi p
Mi p Aylar önce
@sanriocorez치코 What am I even on about? Start making some sense yourself, Weeb. I comprehended just fine thank you.
sanriocorez치코 Aylar önce
@Mi p they didn’t say using proper grammar was ableist… you clearly lack comprehension skills because if you didn’t, you would’ve understood the point. But again they didn’t even say that so what are you even on about
Kelli Billings
Kelli Billings Aylar önce
I was just thinking the same thing! They'd be hilarious together!
Unholyspirit Aylar önce
@mason zeo that's crazy xD I can't believe someone who's not a b has over 1k comments ON 1 CHANNEL?!?!?!
tehbakinblack Aylar önce
the amount of happiness and strange pride link's face showed when he got that ribbon...just great.
Jason Scherer
Jason Scherer Aylar önce
OMG, this was priceless with Link's Dad. Great episode :D.
kayleighthepisces Aylar önce
Charles is truly the funniest person in the world. I have never laughed so much before. He is such a character I adore this man
Chris Illig
Chris Illig Aylar önce
17:10-19:00 might go down as the best 2 minutes on TRshow hands down. I've replayed this clip probably 30 times today just dying of laughter. We need more Mythical dads in the videos.
deprofundis Aylar önce
Right?? I can't remember the last time I replayed a clip that many times because that entire conversation was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. 🤣
Aly Aylar önce
Link seriously looks good in anything and everything he wears. Such a beautiful and stylish man!
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Aylar önce
What a way to be greeted by your dad... "I ain't real sure that you're my son..."
Alare Aylar önce
You know it's going to be a good day when Link wins. I can now approach the day knowing anything is possible.
Xander Aylar önce
I LOVE Link's dad. Absolute legend.
Rachel Aylar önce
Link's dad is genuinely amazing to listen to
Katelyn Sabler
Katelyn Sabler Aylar önce
Link’s dad is the best thing that’s ever happened to this show. 😂
Megan Lowe
Megan Lowe Aylar önce
Links dad literally had me crying laughing now I have to listen to the podcast
JamBruss90 Aylar önce
I enjoy Charles so much I loved even tho he wasn't sure it was really Link, he still was kind, friendly, answer a decade (even when he wasn't sure for what, or why). 🤣
Uniquely Neek
Uniquely Neek Aylar önce
Links dad is a comfort human for real. Makes me smile every time
Ish ha'elohim
Ish ha'elohim Aylar önce
Stevie's "beep boops" are adorable and hilarious!
Erin Richard
Erin Richard Aylar önce
Rhett: He's wearing birks with socks Link: he can do anything why is this such a sweet thing for Link to say about Trevor :')
abslol1 Aylar önce
Guys, genuinely, if you havent listened to Links dad's podcast please do, it's amazing
Karyll Aylar önce
@mason zeo We shouldn't give that user the satisfaction of calling what they're doing 'their thing." 😅 It's not even a thing 'cause it's only commenting some negative stuff...just sad.
mason zeo
mason zeo Aylar önce
@Christine C. Why is commenting your thing though? Like seriously, why?
Christine C.
Christine C. Aylar önce
Nah, I'm good. Podcasts aren't my thing.
Zoe Aylar önce
We need to protect Link’s dad at all cost. That was too precious.
Nemacyst007 Aylar önce
Links dad is comedy Gold every time
Karyll Aylar önce
Genuinely, y'all need to listen to Link and his Dad's podcast if you want a laugh!
Shelby Beard
Shelby Beard Aylar önce
They have a podcast???
Lena Pham
Lena Pham Aylar önce
Totally agree. Yesterday’s episode was hilarious
Valerie M
Valerie M Aylar önce
link did so great this episode, and his dad was hilarious as always 🤣
Kiersten Tharp
Kiersten Tharp Aylar önce
Link’s dad. 😂 Bless his heart.
Minal Patel
Minal Patel Aylar önce
I love how every time Link is winning the rules change! Lolol - Rhett should’ve gone first for the advantage in the last round lol
SevenMillionHobbies Aylar önce
“I’m not even sure you’ my son.” Has Link’s dad have that problem happen before??? 😂😂😂
Less Than Three
Less Than Three Aylar önce
GUYS! I’m speachless! This week’s ”sufficient GMM subtitles” results are in. And guess what?! QUEEN SWEEP! 🥳 I’m both happy and proud that EVERY episodes this week had great subtitles! KEPP IT UP, CREW! 🍹❤️
Jess Leeper
Jess Leeper Aylar önce
I loved the phone conversation between Link and his dad. Too funny 🤣🤣
XianHu Aylar önce
I've never heard of Fleming's. Also I think it's interesting that several of them were founded in a year that ended in 8.
Alex Rayburn
Alex Rayburn Aylar önce
This game has become more competitive than the countdown game. I love how Link genuinely does not care for the scroll at all, while Rhett loves to consult it. That bit had me dying!!
Caleb Locklear
Caleb Locklear Aylar önce
I love how happy link looks when he wins. It's like he's never won before. Which isnt far from the truth lol
Jake Reno
Jake Reno Aylar önce
Links dad was by far the best part of this episode. Too funny!
Allison Pari
Allison Pari Aylar önce
I thought that the dad phone calls might be pre-recorded... until I saw Rhett dying laughing in the corner. Best part of the episode!
Bluexmoth 28 gün önce
Honestly I can't express how much you guys have helped me! I've been having a rough month and watching your videos help so much! Thank you! 😊
Nautical Sandwich
Nautical Sandwich Aylar önce
It may be a little early but happy father's day to both of you Link and Rhett. You both deserve the best.
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen Aylar önce
Rhett being all salty bout the steaks being too done at the same time I am saying to myself how delicious they looked not being rare!😂
J 22
J 22 Aylar önce
Love links dad. That made my morning lol
BlueberrySkygod Aylar önce
I love how much Link and Charles manerrisms are to each other 😂
Vicki Gibbs
Vicki Gibbs Aylar önce
LOVE the new podcast! Dispatches from Myrtle Beach, Link's dad is an absolute legend!
Rebecca Navarro
Rebecca Navarro Aylar önce
Links dad had me laugh crying man 😭 can’t wait for their podcast
Fatal Axecident
Fatal Axecident Aylar önce
Idk why they're giving Link a hard time with his suggested rule. It makes total sense to me.
Ha_T_Ha Aylar önce
This is by far my favorite game y'all play. We need a multi-crewmember teams tournament of some type
[Tia]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
[Tia]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Aylar önce
Link's guesses were top notch this episode! He needs to go first more often. He gets SO influenced by Rhett
Links Dad is just so effortlessly funny, everytime he's on its a treat
Frosty Fyre
Frosty Fyre Aylar önce
Link’s dad made the episode, I can’t stop laughing 😂
MBOZKYOW Aylar önce
I like how Link says “Niney” instead of “ninety”😂
DrBrennan Aylar önce
Actually the Haily Mary back bounce has actually been achieved once, successfully giving Rhett himself the win after being the loser going into the final round. It was in the IHOP episode.
Willow Spector
Willow Spector Aylar önce
I absolutely love the new podcast with Link's dad, super funny, can't wait for the next episode!!
Seashine Sarah
Seashine Sarah Aylar önce
Immaculate Taste on Link’s Part in this episode 👌 love to see a fellow jarvis fan
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Aylar önce
"I ain't real sure if you my son" Links dad is amazing 😂😂
DontReadThisComment Aylar önce
that was the best podcast promotion ever, perfect example of how good its going to be 😂
audrey mishca
audrey mishca Aylar önce
Love Link's dad ... he is so genuinely awesome!
88thStreet | Jasper K
88thStreet | Jasper K Aylar önce
Link's dad brought tears to my eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joy B
Joy B Aylar önce
LINK CALLING HIS DAD omg I couldn’t stop laughing haha imagine having a dad like him oh my lanta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J Perez
J Perez Aylar önce
I love links dad. dude is just so naturally funny
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes Aylar önce
Absolutely love Trevor's character today. Would hope to see that more
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