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Spyder 6 aylar önce
I can't wait to tell my grandkids this was the greatest youtuber of my time.
RoadtoGold3516 14 gün önce
PAPA JDAWG 15 gün önce
400th comment
Queenin çikolatalı sütü
Queenin çikolatalı sütü 28 gün önce
​@Just Ghaque etgggm
Alphabet lore channel
Alphabet lore channel Aylar önce
Las aventuras de Chía
Las aventuras de Chía 2 aylar önce
SMToon Türkçe
SMToon Türkçe 17 gün önce
*Shawn definitely earned it. Good on Jimmy for visiting him time and again.*
Dumb Comments
Dumb Comments Aylar önce
definetely the craziest challenge mrbeast has put someone through, what a resilient man
Tài Nguyễn
Tài Nguyễn 2 gün önce
@Amina Hosen 0
Amina Hosen
Amina Hosen 5 gün önce
Melissa Monnes
Melissa Monnes Gün önce
Congrats to the winner honestly🎉🎉🎉 He doesn't just want the money, He wants it for his family.❤😊
Pink princess Rose
Pink princess Rose 22 gün önce
I just love his kindness, any other TRshowr would have made this really difficult
Sabira Cafarova
Sabira Cafarova Gün önce
Alena Kam
Alena Kam 8 gün önce
yeah he is so kind
George Kanyoni
George Kanyoni 2 gün önce
I can't get enough of these videos. 😂 so fun to watch
Ant 6 aylar önce
this man is a true legend
Steven faizey
Steven faizey Aylar önce
slay queen #ytaboneçekme #bpbestgg
slay queen #ytaboneçekme #bpbestgg Aylar önce
yes he is perfect
Misty Trussell
Misty Trussell Aylar önce
I watch your vids
🥊mii brawler 🥊
🥊mii brawler 🥊 Aylar önce
@Poopy_guy you dont have to the 💀 what you have a hater?
johnny 5 aylar önce
Allan Steve
Allan Steve 29 gün önce
Se ve un buen hombre de familia, se lo merece ✨
Erick Jise aquino
Erick Jise aquino 4 gün önce
Claro ceve res ponsable
TaelynnCoco 19 gün önce
that_ gurl210
that_ gurl210 20 gün önce
lamata et papa et maman
lamata et papa et maman 24 gün önce
 10K Challenge With 0 Video
10K Challenge With 0 Video Aylar önce
Huge props to whoever set up the last scene with the smoke and all the people, it's chaotically extremely beautiful
Diário de um casal
Diário de um casal 15 gün önce
Do seu fã eu sou inscrito no seu canal eu queria ver se você pudesse vir para cá para lá para cá juiz Aí você procura o valdeni Peço pela casa dele aí você vai me encontrar com a sua filha dele
Galaxy 20 gün önce
Idk what to say
Flor Arriaza
Flor Arriaza 23 gün önce
Hülya AYDIN Aylar önce
@BenicioTV lol
BenicioTV Aylar önce
Mr Beast I am you fan
I animated it
I animated it 4 gün önce
the sheer dedication of this man is insane
Ray 132
Ray 132 Aylar önce
Мужик молодец! Переживал за него больше чем за себя, герой своей семьи)
GgEnos 6 gün önce
да он легенда
м̷е̷р̷т̷в̷ 27 gün önce
Это дааа =]
Алена Вовк
Алена Вовк Aylar önce
Согл молодец
Fooligan 6 aylar önce
As a dad, I couldn’t imagine being away for 3+ months. Besides prison or military deployment this is insane 😟 HERO for his family!
DJ MARSHMELLO FAN🌌 13 gün önce
Мирбек Секенбаев
Мирбек Секенбаев 18 gün önce
​@ryann ои
Patricia Amaral
Patricia Amaral 27 gün önce
Bui Bui
Bui Bui 29 gün önce
Caroline Hadfield
Caroline Hadfield Aylar önce
estamos juntos...seu fã do Brasil, seus vídeos são emocionantes, seja por ficar alegre pelas brincadeiras ou emocionantes por ver você realizar o sonho de alguém....e você mostra como a vida pode ser maravilhosa....seus vídeos transmitem felicidade...você transforma vida...parabéns...💰💰💰
Наталья Эндырова
Наталья Эндырова 10 gün önce
Я одна руская
Lanna Carvalho
Lanna Carvalho Aylar önce
​@Batuhan Aydın robux 123aefg
Batuhan Aydın
Batuhan Aydın Aylar önce
Çok güzel yazmışsın 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
 10K Challenge With 0 Video
10K Challenge With 0 Video Aylar önce
He deserves way more than 500k, what an amazing guy
MOLNIA PLAMIA 2 gün önce
Анастасия 5 gün önce
Lol Lol
Johnny D
Johnny D 11 gün önce
Monica Cocarico
Monica Cocarico 27 gün önce
mr be
IrishIris Aylar önce
Ella Chandler
Ella Chandler 5 gün önce
This dad is the best dad you will ever meet, i did the maths and for each day he was in there he made 5,000. emotions were so raw and real at the end this man deserves the world
Skromple 3 gün önce
"I did the maths"
Charliekatchat 4 gün önce
The most difficult math of all time
ok 5 gün önce
Bro really had to do the math for tht 💀
Smart Investing 101
Smart Investing 101 Aylar önce
you are a blessing to the world, mr beast, admiration always!!
Sebastian’s boy
Sebastian’s boy 10 gün önce
We all know he’s gonna keep someone in a circle for a year
Sebastian’s boy
Sebastian’s boy 3 gün önce
@Rikus Fourie yeah
Kayson Hartle
Kayson Hartle 3 gün önce
Ticu Mihai Adrian
Ticu Mihai Adrian 7 gün önce
Dm me and let’s go
Rikus Fourie
Rikus Fourie 7 gün önce
I'll do 365 days for a mil...but would l9ve some books and a chess set. Perhaps a pool table or darts...
Ares ThatNerdChris
Ares ThatNerdChris 6 aylar önce
"I'll be Jacked and $500k richer!" Jimmy: "...Your wife is gonna love me!" 😆
عرفات الحرازي
عرفات الحرازي 13 gün önce
​@Mbita Acoustic جج
Noor Karim
Noor Karim 15 gün önce
Олександр Кула
Олександр Кула 18 gün önce
Дай містер пі голди
Jinx 21 gün önce
He doesn’t have a wife
Ickabodxx Aylar önce
When you have a family, you'd do anything for them. That $500K would help anyone's family and no challenge would be too much to take for that. Kudos to him for earning it.
indigenous and exotic flora
indigenous and exotic flora 18 gün önce
You and your team is excellent in organizing every event .
Sanya Srijumlong 003
Sanya Srijumlong 003 2 gün önce
Woahhh i couldn't imagine him losing this happy he won. So fun to watch.
krisan bhattacharjee
krisan bhattacharjee Aylar önce
His willpower is unimaginable. Salute to u man
Gabby Lopez
Gabby Lopez 6 gün önce
Mr. Beast is a wonderful person! Shawn is a wonderful father and person! His daughter saying, "Are those my drawings on the fridge?" was so adorable and sweet, that it just melted my heart! Great job y'all!!
Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass 6 aylar önce
You’re the goat bro… Always making the best videos! 🔥
Сергей Рябков
Сергей Рябков Aylar önce
noahdonatesu 2 aylar önce
Rebirth1 6 aylar önce
@☠︎ arggg ☠︎ lazy comment aint a lazy youtuber
VJ 6 aylar önce
@☠︎ arggg ☠︎ says the guy who is missing an eye.
Kyle Dreibelbis
Kyle Dreibelbis 6 aylar önce
@☠︎ arggg ☠︎ he can buy your family
Scis Te Ipsum
Scis Te Ipsum Aylar önce
As an introvert, I'd love to do such a challenge but for a whole year.
elias gabriel
elias gabriel 5 gün önce
@Ashk0p nah
Ashk0p 21 gün önce
You're underestimating just how hard lack of interaction can hit.
pa maj MARTINI VAN MAN 24 gün önce
@TheAquarius He had 3000 calories worth per day, more than enough.
Guylaine Laroche
Guylaine Laroche 24 gün önce
​​@TheAquarius as an extreme introvert myself that would be fine ...just need to don't know what can be eaten until you do a survival camp would be disgusted haha lots of protein down there ;)
TheAquarius Aylar önce
Except u need to maintain the available limited food xD
MC Football HD
MC Football HD Aylar önce
We made the right person famous. This man is a great man.
Russ Aylar önce
You are an amazing person! Keep up all your great work!
Andrey Merka
Andrey Merka 5 gün önce
чел так хорошо отдыхал, а ему взяли и семью привезли. Как по мне самый сложный день в его жизни.
Moose 6 aylar önce
The ending hits the feels
kediler günü
kediler günü Aylar önce
Jesse Lira
Jesse Lira Aylar önce
@Javier Herrera 🎉😂
Moose Buckle
Moose Buckle Aylar önce
Hello fellow moose
Jaksa Aylar önce
Ducking so if distinguishable wolfram Moby bicyclists cup hip dump dump coho cry hip diffusers
Jaksa Aylar önce
@Landorantom shd
Quotes Pocket
Quotes Pocket Aylar önce
Absolutely amazing work and great job with this project you are doing very nicely and it looks great 👍
Randy Ventura Ruiz
Randy Ventura Ruiz Aylar önce
De locos totalmente increíble eres una de esas personas que mejoran aunque sea un poco el mundo. 😍
Guadalupe Soruco Baldiviezo
Guadalupe Soruco Baldiviezo 2 gün önce
Randy Ventura Ruiz
Randy Ventura Ruiz Aylar önce
@Shanks ?
Shanks Aylar önce
Sim ?
Mayron Cesar
Mayron Cesar Gün önce
Meu sonho participar principalmente nessa situação em que meu país está 😢
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams 23 gün önce
Dude 500k is everything paid off and you have the rest of your life to enjoy using your earnings from a regular job to do whatever the hell you wanna do, congratulations man, that was an amazing show of willpower.
MoreWitLess TV
MoreWitLess TV 21 saatler önce
This is crazy😂 I don’t know if I could take being filmed that many days
4baadimh01 6 aylar önce
May , June , July , August 🥶🥴 This man stayed in from May 12 - August 19 That's crazy insane I'm glad he won that $500K
Momchil Andonov
Momchil Andonov 4 aylar önce
How is it insane? Do you have any idea how easy it is?
Brielle Angelie Tibor
Brielle Angelie Tibor 4 aylar önce
@James Husentoff Oh
Marthina Or Chichi
Marthina Or Chichi 4 aylar önce
Shane is brave he did get 500K money
Las aventuras de Chía
Las aventuras de Chía 4 aylar önce
Carmelo Martinez
Carmelo Martinez 18 gün önce
I would so do that for my family before i die for sure! amazingly inspiring!
Bruno López
Bruno López Aylar önce
His family is blessed. He is very good on managing his resources.
Flory Jane
Flory Jane 7 gün önce
If i would be offered to this i'll definitely survive 🤣
Король и Пешка
Король и Пешка Aylar önce
Amazing! MrBeast delights and inspires us to new challenges!!!
Amy Yip
Amy Yip 4 gün önce
Watching from Malaysia....I'm proud to say to my children and grandchildren about the greatness that you've done.❤❤❤❤❤
William Flahive
William Flahive 6 aylar önce
It's unbeleivable the sacrifice he's making for his family. Someone get this man a medal.
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta 3 aylar önce
he got 500k.
Peaceful Nature
Peaceful Nature 4 aylar önce
Ford 4 aylar önce
He usually writes carefully and thoughtfully in class to avoid makingerrors.
UwU 4 aylar önce
Elliot Pischke
Elliot Pischke 4 aylar önce
For real
TRAPLOVE Aylar önce
He deserves way more than 500k, what an amazing guy @@@@@@
Davut Kişi
Davut Kişi 22 gün önce
türkiye'den sevgilerimle her akşam aile mi bilgisayarın başına toplayıp senin videolarını izliyoruz durmadan usanmadan sen izlenmeyide begenilmeyide ve abone olunmayı da hak ediyorsun oyüzden ailece aboneyiz ve sana hayranız bizi hiçbir zaman göremesende sen bizim herzaman kalbimizde ve evimizdesin bu arada chrıs selamlar
Stellathebella 6 gün önce
That was so heart warming I cried at the end❤❤
gorka732 Aylar önce
Increible como siempre🎉
Āłî Ľõ
Āłî Ľõ 17 saatler önce
This man is a true legend!
Abizard Fahry
Abizard Fahry 6 aylar önce
*This man's love and dedication for his family is unreal*
destroy 5 aylar önce
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 5 aylar önce
don't read mY NAME
RoyalSimp 5 aylar önce
HarryPotterFan14 5 aylar önce
Rehan 5 aylar önce
robloxi_craft Aylar önce
what you are doing is amazing, keep it up!
Lucas Soares
Lucas Soares 6 gün önce
Jessica Lay
Jessica Lay Aylar önce
I could stay there even for 3 years I love being alone as long as I have foods 🤣 Great Videos MrBeast! You are totally Amazing! Much love from 🇵🇭🤩
Henrique Silva
Henrique Silva Aylar önce
Jayant YoGi
Jayant YoGi Aylar önce
This is what i want from a legend HUMANITY ❤️ Welldone Jimm🌼
Faela Pujoni
Faela Pujoni 11 gün önce
Com certeza aceitaria esse desafio ❣️
Widodo Muji
Widodo Muji 8 gün önce
Sudeep 6 aylar önce
The quality has improved massively. Also Shawn was one of the best challengers ever seen in these
Ford 4 aylar önce
He loves when he uses new words he learned in class.
davin keller
davin keller 6 aylar önce
Do you mean of all time
Willker Aylar önce
Uau que demais ! Seria ótimo se eu tivesse uma oportunidade desta ! Mudaria para melhor a vida de minha família 🙌
AlkaedasTV Aylar önce
Encontrar a MR. BEAST en la vida real es una bendición ojalá lo vea algún día.:(
Jerónima Rostran
Jerónima Rostran Aylar önce
Si mr beast es una alegría para nosotros
trap music remix
trap music remix 10 gün önce
Прикольно ❤ вот б по чаще таких челленджей. Если если и в других странах делал было б супер. Спасибо мистер бис ❤.
Smile Tv
Smile Tv 24 gün önce
Я от души рад за него ☺️
Александра Сзаботойодетях
Александра Сзаботойодетях 10 gün önce
Sandry Escobar
Sandry Escobar 3 gün önce
Mí infancia ❤
Abizard Fahry
Abizard Fahry 6 aylar önce
Good for Jimmy for allowing him to see family on Father's Day that was a great touch that a lot of people many have overlooked
Ford 4 aylar önce
He is able to read at a speed that is ideal for his learning.
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 5 aylar önce
don't read mY NAME
Fierce Automotive
Fierce Automotive 6 aylar önce
I wouldn’t last a day without my family. No money will buy it
PurpleSpeedy 💜
PurpleSpeedy 💜 6 aylar önce
Mrbeast really tried His challenge is always challenging
TDM BRIDGE 6 aylar önce
yeah fr
drinny26 Aylar önce
I would be able to spend years in that circle. I love when people leave me alone. 😂
Carly _Jay
Carly _Jay Aylar önce
This challenge is insane! But I’m up for it! 😮
Āłî Ľõ
Āłî Ľõ 17 saatler önce
You're the goat … Always making the best videos!
MR, Weber
MR, Weber 23 gün önce
Meu sonho participar do seu programa!
AlePlay 5 gün önce
Éste tipo es sencillamente increíble
Redacted 416
Redacted 416 6 aylar önce
This has got to be one of my favorite mr beast videos, this guy seems very deserving of the money. So happy for this family, Jimmy you are such a blessing to so many people. From the joy you bring from your videos to the lives you change on a daily basis. Mr. Beast is the best TRshowr on the face of the world. much love Jimmy.
BeastyMan 5 aylar önce
MrBeast makes the best videos
full darawni praful Dave
full darawni praful Dave 6 aylar önce
wow your popularity lol
jjones___ 6 aylar önce
Jimmy could have easily made this into an 8 episode reality series on Netflix
Keegan Mulroy
Keegan Mulroy 6 aylar önce
@Allenmation ohhhhh
Full Swing TV
Full Swing TV 23 gün önce
This is amazing 👏 Mr Beast at his best 👌
I'm Brazilian and I accept this challenge or any other, I found it all very easy and I really enjoyed the content, congratulations for the work!
Chaoschild 5 gün önce
Props to this great man and dad
Nikolay Midlife
Nikolay Midlife Aylar önce
Дядь ты очень крутой, узнал о тебе от детей, увидели твою помощь людям. Респект
сухарик:) Aylar önce
Его того, бородой коричневой зовут бист
HourOwn Auto and More! BaseballJ
HourOwn Auto and More! BaseballJ 6 gün önce
Awesome, this is paying it forward!
Robert K
Robert K 6 aylar önce
Mad respect to him for sticking it through and remembering the end goal and how much he wanted to make his family happy. He killed that challenge 🙌🏽.
Crzy_Chkn 3 aylar önce
@zeko gishin uhh what abt them what u want us to do?
Sara Morin
Sara Morin 5 aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture lol
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 5 aylar önce
don't read mY NAME
sammi 5 aylar önce
@Perry Stuart you really think staying somewhere while given food and whatever you need, getting paid crazy money everyday for doing basically nothing, is torture lmao
Ambitious Radio
Ambitious Radio 5 aylar önce
My music is better 🌪️💯📌
Carolayne Maria
Carolayne Maria Aylar önce
Como faz pra participar? Nós brasileiros podemos também? Rs 😍❤️
M. Aylar önce
Sick!! Respect for this guy, damn🎉
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 7 gün önce
Jimmy does anything to make us happy
pablo salas
pablo salas Aylar önce
Yo lo haria por mi familia mas aun! Eso ayuda mucho aqui en venezuela
DHVANI 5 gün önce
Woahhh i couldn't imagine him losing this happy he won yeaa yea ✨
Bruh669 6 aylar önce
Props to this guy! He managed to stay so dedicated throughout the entire challenge. I would say he definitely deserves the $500,000!
Patrick & Françoise Bowering
Patrick & Françoise Bowering 2 aylar önce
@MrBeast 16:07
Rami Mahjoun
Rami Mahjoun 2 aylar önce
Mrbeast hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rami Mahjoun
Rami Mahjoun 2 aylar önce
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 5 aylar önce
don't read mY NAME
SolomonWyt 6 aylar önce
I agree!
allan wesley
allan wesley Aylar önce
this made me tear up lol mr. beast you're an amazing person.
Howard Davis
Howard Davis Aylar önce
I would do 200 days for a full million dollars with similar circumstances.
kevinco Rt
kevinco Rt 8 gün önce
Se ve un buen hombre de familia es genial
Hustensaftvernichter Aylar önce
He even has a house with electricity and everything... This is a luxury lifestyle, plus 500k! Would have agreed on a heartbeat!
habram melano
habram melano 15 gün önce
Que humilde 🥶🥶🥶
Tyler Crockett
Tyler Crockett 6 aylar önce
This man went through so much for this, he honestly deserves more. Mad respect.
Sakura 3285
Sakura 3285 5 aylar önce
He Realy dose
Jenny Santana
Jenny Santana 5 aylar önce
Evitar decir eso cuando veo alguien que amo pero bueno carbón me perdonas que usted
Thai 5 aylar önce
@Popcorn Maker lol you would say that till you actually tried
Popcorn Maker
Popcorn Maker 5 aylar önce
i would have done this for $500
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 5 aylar önce
@Jr Perez bro he was put away from his family.
Nhạc Xinh
Nhạc Xinh Aylar önce
Amazing challenge! I love your content so much Mr.Beast. Best wishes for u
ต๋องแต๋ง Story
ต๋องแต๋ง Story Aylar önce
Just 10,000 dollars is already a large amount for me. You are an amazing person, a really good person.👍
Le Cobra
Le Cobra 11 gün önce
Where's the challenge? Staying indoors for months is my base regiment.
Crazy Monkey
Crazy Monkey 6 gün önce
*takes roof off* shawn: its supposed to rain tomorrow.. jimmy: *good.*
SuperMario Andres
SuperMario Andres 6 aylar önce
" I rather die than give up" This man is the definition of determination. He deserved that money
Pixel Saidon
Pixel Saidon 4 aylar önce
"money is the thing we trade our life for"
ludovic breze
ludovic breze 4 aylar önce
@Ishaan no money = crappy life Money = decent/good life
Ishaan 4 aylar önce
imagine caring about money more than your life-
SuperMario Andres
SuperMario Andres 5 aylar önce
@(Moved) GamingSebastianCalvinoAnimationMaker4958 to mrbeast? Good job
PurpleSpeedy 💜
PurpleSpeedy 💜 6 aylar önce
Mrbeast really tried His challenge is always challenging
Cavs Fan / Dallas Fan Since February 6, 2023
Cavs Fan / Dallas Fan Since February 6, 2023 27 gün önce
I’d do this for $50k , so imagine how eager I’d be for $500k 😂😂
Егор 13 gün önce
Я вообще ни разу в жизни не видел настоящего долора но вижу рубли
Flag & Play TV
Flag & Play TV Aylar önce
I admire your content Mr Beast
命运Hayabusa 7 gün önce
That's a father spirit... He can do everything to family
Rodrigo Pereira
Rodrigo Pereira 22 gün önce
Cara vocês são geniais, espero um dia participar, me chamo Rodrigo do Brasil
Everywhere ME
Everywhere ME 3 gün önce
I’m ready to stay there for 200 days for 500k
red panda
red panda 6 aylar önce
“I think I’d rather die than give up” the words of a father who wants only the best for his family and won’t stop till he gets it. Respect
Don't read my profile picture
Don't read my profile picture 5 aylar önce
don't read mY NAME
PurpleSpeedy 💜
PurpleSpeedy 💜 6 aylar önce
Mrbeast really tried His challenge is always challenging
SG 2048
SG 2048 6 aylar önce
@Robin Skull I went on a journey today. Up the mountains, through the seas, down the valleys, around the world. Built a spaceship through the stars, across the galaxy into endless space. Explored the solar system and everything surrounding it. Found alien life to help me on the search, and kept searching forever and ever. Beyond the superclusters, into the void, past the universe and even beyond, layers of space time we got through, breaking physics and creating paradoxes. All of reality ended up searched, every edge, corner, the middle and more. Every point of possible space. Every point in all of time. Every point in literally everything. And yes I wrote this poem just to say I couldn’t find anybody that asked.
SuperMario Andres
SuperMario Andres 6 aylar önce
@Mikeyoshi820 wow that's crazy, I'm just looking for whoever asked
SuperMario Andres
SuperMario Andres 6 aylar önce
What a good dad
AZAT Aylar önce
İnsanlara para kazandiriyorsun bu çok iyi bir şey inşallah daha çok kazanırsın ve daha çok yardım edersin 😊☺️
24 Gonzalo Hernández
24 Gonzalo Hernández 5 gün önce
que bien disfrutalo amigo
Antony hb
Antony hb Aylar önce
Siempre cambiando vidas como desearía que cambies la mía felicitaciones por todo lo que haces.... Soy de Perú... Cdte.. quizá en algún momento me toque a mí
Толеген Ямагулов
Толеген Ямагулов 7 saatler önce
アイススピリット 11 gün önce
Ryan Agrey
Ryan Agrey 6 aylar önce
Absolutely loved this episode. I am so happy Shawn made it. The commitment and determination was inspiring. Also props to Jimmy for making the most entertaining show in the world while helping people that totally deserve it!
Remix Masti
Remix Masti 6 aylar önce
Subscribe karo du
Remix Masti
Remix Masti 6 aylar önce
Remix Masti
Remix Masti 6 aylar önce
Remix Masti
Remix Masti 6 aylar önce
StarKiller00 6 aylar önce
This challenge was pretty easy tbh.
Esteban Gonzalez
Esteban Gonzalez Aylar önce
thank you for helping so much mrbeast I hope I have the same luck as those people
Реналь Махмутов
Реналь Махмутов Aylar önce
Круто то что ты делаешь для людей!
100 Girls Vs 100 Boys For $500,000
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$10,000 Every Day You Survive Prison
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Dünya'nın En Pahalı Otomobili!
Buğra Akpınar
görünümler 279 B
Veda Saati
Sefo - Topic
görünümler 70 B
I Got Hunted By The Military
görünümler 144 Mn
I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day
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I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber An Island
I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower
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I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica
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Hydraulic Press Vs Lamborghini
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Last To Take Hand Off Jet, Keeps It!
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Neden kızdı sizce ?:)
Hazar Yılmaz
görünümler 7 Mn
Teşkilat 68. Bölüm
görünümler 1,2 Mn
Spider🕸️ 🤣 #filiz
Filiz Kemal
görünümler 2,7 Mn
Spider🕸️ 🤣 #filiz
Filiz Kemal
görünümler 2,7 Mn