Tom MacDonald - "No Response"

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Tom MacDonald

6 aylar önce

FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Connie Phillips
Connie Phillips 4 saatler önce
I’ve never really liked Rap until I started to listen to Rappers like Tom McDonald and a few others. I actually can understand what they are saying. I guess the others are what he calls mumble rappers. Reach for the Star 🌟 TM and U can own the sky.
Elizabeth Buttler
Elizabeth Buttler 8 saatler önce
First time ever hearing this guy. COLD AS FUCK!! Well done.
missy snow
missy snow 9 saatler önce
I find him intriguing and he looks like my type eons ago
missy snow
missy snow 9 saatler önce
Another good one. I love that Tom is alway producing more music for us to hear and not a 1 hit wonder. Music nowadays don't sound like this and it should. Needed something different and Tom is it. ❤
Mit mitsu
Mit mitsu 10 saatler önce
Tom MacDonald feat. Rynx for 2021 anyone?
Shawn O Mack
Shawn O Mack 11 saatler önce
"Strong on the outside, muscles with no bone mass"
Ryan Lambourne
Ryan Lambourne 11 saatler önce
Tom Macdonald great artist I support his career and his message's love his honesty shout out to dax
Kevin Smothers
Kevin Smothers 19 saatler önce
I just can't fucking believe I slept on this dude for so long.
Henry Begley
Henry Begley 20 saatler önce
Damn, dude goes full throttle. Can't believe my ears. Definitely going to see him in concert if I have to drive cross country. I'd like to see him do something with Merk
lavagalaxy 22 saatler önce
TRUTH.... Can’t be bought or delivered like Tom MacDonald delivers....
Liz Moon Media
Liz Moon Media Gün önce
What a fresh breath...mnm b gettin' tired ;-P
mamiilinylhOvee Gün önce
these are harsch wordds for me buttt... im a fan
Whiskey Tango-Foxtrot
Whiskey Tango-Foxtrot Gün önce
sick bars aside, can we just take a minute and acknowledge the production quality of this video?
Corey Keaton
Corey Keaton Gün önce
God damn bro your a fuckin savage
SJW's Suck
SJW's Suck Gün önce
The music is like a harmonic soundtrack to dystopia with that lead guitar. Fuck yeah!
Anthony Alaimalo
Anthony Alaimalo Gün önce
Yooo. I wanna do a feature with this dude.
Eddie Mcelhany
Eddie Mcelhany Gün önce
I love how he raps he raps about how life truly is rather than rapping without thinking
Christy Harling
Christy Harling Gün önce
Sarah-Jane Love
Sarah-Jane Love Gün önce
Love you
Richard Herman
Richard Herman Gün önce
Proud of you dog awesome to see you winning and pushing forward you got my support that's for sure bro be safe for you and yours much love
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Gün önce
That long breath!!!❣️❣️💗😱
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works Gün önce
Another favorite. I really think this is my favorite.b Damn These bars!!!💗💗💗💗💗❣️
Ali Craig
Ali Craig 2 gün önce
Forget pre-workout, just listen to this.
Michael King
Michael King 2 gün önce
gains the whole world yet loses his own soul.
Mr. Sean Queef
Mr. Sean Queef 2 gün önce
is this the next hopsin???!?!?!?!?
StreetWear Addicts
StreetWear Addicts 2 gün önce
no its the 1st Tom Macdonald.
camren hammock
camren hammock 3 gün önce
0:18 what about mad child???
StreetWear Addicts
StreetWear Addicts 2 gün önce
what about him? hes saying what he accomplished he did by himself..
Damian Fleischacker
Damian Fleischacker 3 gün önce
i love this guy
Alicia Griffith
Alicia Griffith 3 gün önce
This dude 😍😍😍 i dont normally do hiphop, but i love how pure and honest and out there he is! I love how he isnt rapping about fucking herpe invested whores and pimping out girls and killin fools disrespecting guys by fucking their girls, and blah blah blah. Its refreshing.
The Born Loser
The Born Loser 3 gün önce
Everyone has a voice and opinion, this man is using his.
Chris Stead
Chris Stead 3 gün önce
I can't believe how much ur music helps my mental illness im getting out of bed today because of this music
F3TUZ ???
F3TUZ ??? 3 gün önce
Shit just saying not my style and honestly didn't like to listen to you at all but Tom son of a bitch you got this i have to give respect to the art and your ability to flow with it. So hands down your doing a really good job. Keep it up
Heather Brummett
Heather Brummett 3 gün önce
Love him he's not affairs to tell the truth
DatHobo 3 gün önce
Mom I'm scared
Gamez Garage
Gamez Garage 3 gün önce
Tom your bars are SO LIT!!!
Juliet Zamel
Juliet Zamel 3 gün önce
Beware: Truth found here!!!
Orange Crush
Orange Crush 3 gün önce
Who the fuck is better than this dude? Ultimate mic drop shit.
Aplolow YT
Aplolow YT 3 gün önce
Toms the type of guy in this song who eats black and white smarties
Babydoll C.
Babydoll C. 4 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣 nice!!! One of the many things we just love about you!!! Your are a LOUD truthfull voice!!! Much love man thank you!!!
DR.Who1 4 gün önce
keep making music you're awesome and no one deserves to be hated on for spitting facts
Ol Breeze
Ol Breeze 4 gün önce
Gotta throw you a prayer bro. All Father keep Tom's eyes open...sharpen his tongue. Give him full sight. Show him the picture. Sharpen his blade, open his heart. Keep him close to humility. Keep him within arms reach. Lift him up. Hold him steady. Tom I respect you bro. Be alive. Be focused bro.
MERCED CA. 209 4 gün önce
💯 YEEE 👌
MERCED CA. 209 4 gün önce
✔️ 2020 ✔️
MERCED CA. 209 4 gün önce
Ol Breeze
Ol Breeze 4 gün önce
Tom. I gotta tell you bro...your music changed my perspective. I'm a metal head, never been big on rap...always felt like it was fake, I'm never gonna wake up in a new Bugatti. Your music is original and WHITTY. I love watching an original artist love his dreams. You're a beautiful example of the goodness that still lives. Be real. Be honest. Be what the world needs, a man unafraid of what the unknown holds. Thanks for being real. *signed* a metal head
Patrick Searles
Patrick Searles 4 gün önce
Love the bass at the end of this song. It's fire man. I wish you would do a song with that bass line. It's killer
Kyle S
Kyle S 4 gün önce
He is a christian?
Jonathan Donnchadh
Jonathan Donnchadh 4 gün önce
well Tom I'm glad someone is say'n it ...Keep up the good messages!
Melanie W
Melanie W 4 gün önce
Brian Barnett
Brian Barnett 5 gün önce
Love it, man!! Weird question, what are using for a DAW if anything? Also any recommendations for drum loops?
AJAY Upadhyay
AJAY Upadhyay 5 gün önce
So much for just maclethal ?? I mean he didn't even put 10% of this into his video or lyrics
Gaius315 5 gün önce
I just wanted to revisit this track, 'cause listening to it on Gravestones, I'm constantly picking up on something new I didn't catch before. This song's so full of savage burns you can't catch them all in a single playthrough. I also came across Novatore, or whatever the fuck his name is, after watching this video. And, man, his shit is WEAK. But, after listening to his diss, I caught onto another one of Tom's burns: The clapping verse, just nailing home how off beat Novawhore was in his diss. Such a deep burn I felt it over here. I love how the dude trying like hell to act hard but everybody knows he's just a little Antifa bitch. But, Tom knows his fans. As he says in several of his tracks, including Lone Wolf, My Fans, I Hate Hip-hop, and others: His fans have got his back, and there's some savage motherfuckers in HOG. Because Tom's real, and real knows real. These fake ass posers have fake ass poser fans. But a lot of us, like Tom, have had to live lives most of them couldn't handle. We've seen shit they've only seen in movies. Lived as outlaws, in fear every time you hear a siren or a gunshot. They bitch on Twitter. Tom's absolutely right when he says, "My fans will fight back, beat you with the keyboard you been using to write back" as well as, "Prolly heard that my fans'll buck, their straps are tucked, they'll blast you up," and, finally, "Blood on our hands don't bother us, we bathe in blood."
Easton Cowger
Easton Cowger 5 gün önce
Rappers call me gay cuz my brain is not BIG its HUGE good job Tom
Caleb Browne
Caleb Browne 5 gün önce
Yo, Tom... don't let all the views go to your head..........5million were from me. lol For real tho, you are my new favorite rapper. I FUCKIN' LOVE THIS SH*T YO! KEEP THE FIRE COMING! Hands down, the best rap song of 2020, I am Bangin' this everywhere.. doesn't matter who likes your music 5 thousand watts in my trunk says they gonna hear the shit whether they like it or not!!
Anton Alderliesten
Anton Alderliesten 5 gün önce
Dam son. Rap i can resonate with. Bangers
TunechiFlow 5 gün önce
0:56🤦‍♂️ rappers call me gay Cuz my braids pink BRUH
DEE 300
DEE 300 5 gün önce
Keep er lit kid. All u need is the 2 off ya x
Bill Dehner
Bill Dehner 5 gün önce
This song hit so damn hard. From the bars to the Erie beat and hooks. Can't wait to see how he beats this song next.
Br Mu
Br Mu 5 gün önce
Love how you say this stuff but is bast on real life
David Darko
David Darko 5 gün önce
Damn.....this dude gets me going's time folks. IT'S TIME! FUCK A LABEL, A MANAGER, AN AGENT, A PRODUCER, ECT.......DIY!4LIFE
Ashlinn Bernard
Ashlinn Bernard 6 gün önce
Lyrics: I'm the rapper that these other rappers jealous of I made more off CDs than rappers who are selling drugs True story, every single aspect independent I got texts from presidents and major labels I ain't read yet Told my manager I'd knock him out, and he was like, "The homie?" Then I fired him, if you're watching this, I'm sorry, dawg, au revoir I don't need nobody's help, it's me and Nova by ourselves "Come here, babe", this is the entire team, nobody else I conceptualize, produce, and write like every record Me and Nova work the hooks, then they're mixed and mastered by Evan This is homegrown, shout out all the rappers who have thrown stones I'ma die rich while your casket full of broke bones I ain't gon' respond to all your disses, look, I get it Your videos get no views, you say my name, and people click it But I'm different, you need clout, and you're desperate to make a living But my bank account already full, I counted seven digits like Fuck y'all attack me with disses, attract all the critics I laugh at predictions, surpass all the limits The wacker the rapper, the more he's angered by the fact that I'm winning I'm stacking the millions, it's tragic to witness like cancer in children Aye, no playlist, no paid clicks, no fake shit Rappers call me gay 'cause my braids pink Your main bitch, go crazy, so wasted Front row at my show, I'm her favourite I'm famous, they basically hate that I made it Get paid more in a day than they claim on their paycheck I'm patient, but say my name again, I ain't playing, I'll buy the place that you're staying Then raise the rent to the space and your parents' basement is vacant They call me privileged, y'all can't admit that I'm gifted I did it without a label's assistance, I made the business decisions I overcame the addictions, lived in the streets, got evicted Kicked it with killers and strippers, but still my vision was different I bought a mic, started spitting, produced the beats and I mixed it I turned my hand into a fist and flipped a bird to the system I prayed I'll finish my mission and keep my image consistent I fixed the parts that were missing and switched the gas and the pistons It's mathematics and physics, I had to travel the distance I had to add some ambition and then subtract my suspicions I wanted castles and riches, headed for caskets or prisons I battled glasses of liquor and cabinets packed with prescriptions And still these fucking rappers wanna sneak diss All over my Facebook, always tryna tweet shit I ain't gonna keep this a secret, my marketing genius The algorithm triggered by exploiting your weakness And y'all can call me clickbait and gimmicks, I call me rich A million monthly listens on Spotify, suck my dick I'm about to drop a couple million dollars on the crib Quarter million on a whip, I just sent my mom a grip And first of all, I heard it all, I could write a perfect song I Google the net worth of rappers hating, and I don't respond Middle finger from a private jet, I don't give a single flying fuck Every single person I have met, pussy in person, on Twitter they tough Yo, if rappers wanna beef, I got the roast pan Put 'em in the dirt like a fucking UFO crash Double time rappers mad, I murder it with slow raps All they do is go fast, turn 'em to some ghost with the most facts Slow clap, pulling triggers quickly with no blowback Cracking under pressure like a cold glass, no fence Jealous that I rose fast, y'all are on the rollback Look at your career, it's a joke, man Promise that I won't laugh, say you got the smoke, can't afford gas Oh man, so sad, you record your album in a closet full of clothes with a notepad Strong on the outside, muscles with no bone mass Let's look at me for a second, man, I was deep in depression Making me weak and pathetic, I thought I needed their blessings It leaves an impression, I feel the infection repeating the lessons Would only lead to me, and that's a lethal injection And I was chasing the dragon with no medieval invention I go to sleep and dream my life would be for me if I catch it I let my demons possess me 'til I woke up in a wreckage And realized that I destroyed a whole cathedral of blessings It's like my feet were magnetic, the street was steel, we connected I couldn't seem to reach the sky no matter how far I'm stretching And I was beaten to death and screaming for help for a second Now I put everything I bleed into completing my records I can't compete with my past, but I'm still seeking the relics And I believe with every breath I breathe, the sequel is better No fear or surrender, I'm clearing the pressure The tears I remember will never let me forget I was near to the devil I never claimed to be holy, but I got angels' protection I got a barbed wire halo and devil horns I don't mention Yeah, the Lord is my saviour, but shit, revenge is so tempting I don't expect to see heaven if that's the case, I respect it 'Cause I tried to cage the beast, but it's woken up the broken locks I'm crushing everything I see like empty cans of soda pop You titties on your knees like a grandma who don't own a bra Put a bullet in your head like words you only spoke to God I'm rowing through an ocean all alone inside an open box Frozen from the blowing snow and soaking through my only socks Y'all noticed me and chose the heat, so now the waters boiling hot You hoped I'd croak, I'm dope, and coke don't crack and turn to solid rock Ay, I ain't talking to you losers like you know the cops I'm rich, and that ain't bad for a kid who couldn't hold a job Budget brand rappers all that Gucci fake, I own a lot You can't afford the way I live, you trying to control the cause Whoa, I'm in solo mode, your promo won't affect the drop Artists that you promo don't have clout, the photo lights are bought Try to put me in the dirt, I'll thrive like you are growing pot You prototypes are hurt, y'all need work, let me open shop Y'all don't understand me like a burner phone, it's coded talk Don't ever see my POV like you don't know the Go-Pro off Make sure that the drone is on slow-mo, so when y'all get shot The footage captures every single moment while your corpses rot Shoot it all on Rokinons, touch it up in Photoshop Upload it to TRshow with a donate button for your mom So alarmed, y'all could never reach me with those broken arms Untouchable as alcoholics' wallets at an open bar Unbreakable Da Vinci Code embedded in like my most my songs Gang is full of animals, you'd think my home is Noah's Ark Past is full of broken hearts, opponents that I've blown apart My logo on the stove, I let it smoulder till they know the mark While y'all were finding Nemo, I composed a team of total sharks Hid inside the reef and chiselled teeth 'til they were oversharp Y'all fishy rappers went to sleep to dream of coral seas and stars We silently and violently reminded y'all the ocean's dark Lordy, I really feel sorry for your corny bars Maybe you'll improve, and this is setting up your story arc I am more like Iron Man, you are more like Tony Stark You're human, I'm a Robo suit equipped with guns and poison darts Choking y'all to death like I am Homer home alone with Bart I wish, I wish, I wish you fucking would on every glowing star Core as hard, high-performance parts from a pro garage All I see is smoke and sparks every time your motor starts What more you got in store for me? Your death threats were ghost stories And what's next gon' be painful Gravestones
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 gün önce
You're the man brother! Love listening to your new art that comes out quite frequently! Couldn't ask for more from an awesome dude...
Brad Parker
Brad Parker 6 gün önce
Love all your music man ❤ need to get some CDs
David Beaton
David Beaton 6 gün önce
Been a long ass time since i last hured somone with somthing to say ... dude donno if your gonna get this but i never say jack.. im taking the time to say your fucken awsome keep it up brother
just needed good musi today
timechanges everybody
timechanges everybody 6 gün önce
The more lyrics I listen to and every video I watch he just gets sexier or is it just me
shawnwhite08sw 6 gün önce
Make one track with eminem. That alone is big money.
Cassie Blah Lane
Cassie Blah Lane 6 gün önce
Dude Tom dude im speechless so fucking hard your my hero Nova you rock beautiful!
Vicki - WelshBlonde
Vicki - WelshBlonde 6 gün önce
Thankyou Tom, not normally into much rap but boyho, keep doing what you do & to your misses for writing your raps. Boy, she's good, you got a good en there. So thanks to your both for your awesome words,, i look forward to your new releases every week & share far and wide. I'm 49, from Wales UK and got my 2 boys 12 & 15 into your music too. X x
TryinToJudgeYoEngineByYoPaintJob 6 gün önce
@4:33 "I voted to TRshow a donate button for your mom". Lol.😂
pictogram jones
pictogram jones 6 gün önce
This is one of the most badass tracks ever. Long live Tom and Nova. #bendtheknee
Daniel Seaburg
Daniel Seaburg 6 gün önce
idk what's more impressive, the lyrics or the beat. Tom is a pure mofeckin genius. (lyrics and flow are amazing. But man, have YOU ever tried to make a beat?....sheit, Tom is next level.), p.s 10k snowflakes disliked it.
Mike Boswell
Mike Boswell 6 gün önce
Much respect
Galixygirl Nine
Galixygirl Nine 7 gün önce
God this is soooo good!!
Michael Oliver
Michael Oliver 7 gün önce
Tom wen are you going to come to Arkansas
Limitless Mind Designs
Limitless Mind Designs 7 gün önce
Oh he spazzed spazzed😂😂🔥🔥okurrr now😎they werent ready no doubt💯💯😂😂keep letting em know who you iz tom...teach him that unnderrated dont mean you cant be ontop of things😉😂
Edogg 7 gün önce
shits fire that's all
EFF SUPORTER 7 gün önce
slow down M&M
Tiny Savage
Tiny Savage 7 gün önce
Speechless 👀❤
A1 M
A1 M 7 gün önce
i dont believe this guy is worth 7 figures, maybe he was able to get a down payment on a house in LA and thinks what he owes on the mortgage is part of his net worth.
Ms Dash
Ms Dash 7 gün önce
Luv your music its real .
Michelle Hicks
Michelle Hicks 8 gün önce
Piggers71 8 gün önce
This man is an A-10 WartHOG spittn FIRE!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT
TryinToJudgeYoEngineByYoPaintJob 8 gün önce
As a fan of the show Supernatural too, I love that you go with the demon black eyes when you go into angry rap mode.
Snap Crackle Pop
Snap Crackle Pop 8 gün önce
PREACH brotha✌❤
Cassidy Miller
Cassidy Miller 8 gün önce
Something about Tom reminds me of my big brother. I don’t see him anymore. For many years now and he is very sick recently. Watching toms videos for some reason is comforting
melisa beard
melisa beard 8 gün önce
Wow! Kill it darl!! Screw the haters who've sold their souls for fame. Bravo that you put yourself here! Just bravo!!! I can't wait til shit gets normal. I'd actually leave the house to see you live. And that says a lot since I have agoraphobia!!!!!
Johnny Z
Johnny Z 8 gün önce
Jacked SO MUCH flow from Madchild. Even the accent kinda lol
c jennings
c jennings 8 gün önce
Simply Masterful!!!!!!
Jeanne Hendrix
Jeanne Hendrix 8 gün önce
One of my favorites !! Love the patty cake 😂😂 made me laugh...keep up the awesome work !!
Rachel Forbes
Rachel Forbes 9 gün önce
Hey Tom. I've been trying to sell me art to make a living. Covid put our state on lock down and I was wondering if you could just do a shout out of my art. If not its cool 😎
Philip Erickson
Philip Erickson 9 gün önce
Ok your message is true... so you a devil rapper... like GOD is nothing he just one of those things... ok ... disagree... but you famous... who cares bout me ... I’m nothing ... you proud ... look at the crowd... you convinced... many no GOD... good job ... I should be impressed... but yet I think you missed ... the gospel and faith and the real ness... Work it out work it out there’s nothing to you say it now I see it now before it’s too late or maybe with your talent you got time to wait
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 9 gün önce
Dude you an Tech N9ne probably do a great song together
Mark Cerundolo
Mark Cerundolo 9 gün önce
Metal head here.... can respect the shit out of this.
Tempo Thump
Tempo Thump 9 gün önce
He’s actually at 8 digits now, I Googled it
Brad Blackmore
Brad Blackmore 9 gün önce
that's funny . lol
Luis Villalta
Luis Villalta 9 gün önce
Damn this dude actually better than every rapper except 2pac! I can see why ignorant rappers get offended by this guy. Stupid ppl don’t know their stupid!
Errki Laine
Errki Laine 9 gün önce
sick good, love from sweden!
Jason Hembree
Jason Hembree 9 gün önce
I have every single song on my laptop you have ever released
Jason Hembree
Jason Hembree 9 gün önce
The message you have, more people need to know, you know the truth and we need to hear it.
Chad Kooiman
Chad Kooiman 9 gün önce
I am not one to post on some 'fan boy shit', but damn; I'm a fan!!! Production with layers, execution with tension and dramatics, bars for days, content that fits, bars for days. I have spent the past 48 hours non stop listening to this song and watching every reaction I can find on it. You music is hitting, in every sense. Great work!
Angry Wife
Angry Wife 9 gün önce
Based Hotep
Based Hotep 9 gün önce
came here wanting to hate, ended up loving it!
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