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Real Crime

Yıl önce

The first episode investigates the story of John Myatt, a painter who produced forged works of art for dealer John Drew. Lifting the lid on one of the 20th-century's biggest contemporary art frauds, it reveals that Myatt painted around 200 forgeries while Drewe managed to con esteemed experts in some of Britain's prestigious art auction establishments
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From "Conmen Case Files"
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@msdanascully11 Yıl önce
I don't mean to justify crime, but I see these two guys as extremely talented people who exposed how superficial, vain and manipulated the so called legitimate art world is. Of course they did it for their own advantage but honestly, rich people's problem. I am tempted to salute this level of talent.
@lukycharms9970 Yıl önce
When people see their career as being so above “regular people” they completely deserve to get called out. It’s ok lol, it’s not justifying crime to call out and reveal to everyone how absurdly ridiculous the art world is
@violinhunter2 Yıl önce
As do I.
@youdontseeanoldmanhavinatw4904 Yıl önce
Sure but it kinda screws over others who are innocent. That's the main bad part
@DirtySk8RatStaney 11 aylar önce
Oh my hat’s definitely off to these two.
@TheClark1205 2 aylar önce
As an artist myself....I applaud this man painting trying to support his family. Yes, the art world is a smelly heap of trash these days and the elite have grabbed it as a money laundering scam for themselves. It's sad.
@rexterrocks Yıl önce
The thing is that the art dealers absolutely loved the art until they found out it wasn't by who they thought, which proves that some art dealers are full of bollocks. Either a painting is good or it isn't irrespective of who painted it.
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
It should be that way, but unfortunately, the art world doesn’t work like that when it comes to a body of work. It’s the artist who becomes valuable (often after they’re dead unfortunately). Every artist paints at least some duds. But a dud from Michelangelo or Da Vinci still has value
@DanA-st2ed Yıl önce
there are plenty shirts with 6 on the back. There is only one that Bobby Moore wore when he lifted the world cup.
@rexterrocks Yıl önce
@@DanA-st2ed That's very true and makes perfect sense, but the difference with the art dealers/critics is that they go on about the beauty of the actual object itself. They will say how brilliant the brushstrokes are, or the way the light is captured and go into detail about what makes it special, and then when it turns out to be fake they shut up about it.
@chrsmcfrln Yıl önce
That’s not how it works. Art as an investment is defined by its providence, not by its aesthetic.
@oldschool1993 Yıl önce
I love stories like these. The art world is just one huge scam in itself, with rich people buying stuff based on the artist's name only, simply in an effort to pay more than some other rich guy.
@garybowman212 Yıl önce
@stephanemm6871 Yıl önce
Like in the world of fashion, football, pop culture, cuisine, and economy itself, money buying money. Art is just a mirror of society. I don’t see a problem in it.
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
Don’t forget there are actual artists who pour their hearts & souls into their art. And how is it different to fashion, music, acting, sport, modelling & all the other realms where people make a name for themselves & they & others make $millions off that name.
@roboldx9171 Yıl önce
I just love the way these so called experts keep circling back to the point of Drews IQ, as if that lets them off the hook for a massive display of blatant incompetence. Because of their professional lackness to detail and due diligence, somebodies hanging a fake painting they paid a lot of money for. As for John Matt...Good for him.
@frankblangeard8865 Yıl önce
Many of the art dealers who represented the paintings as genuine probably were suspicious but were willing to go along with the scam because they made money from it.
@barry5138 Yıl önce
That sums it up, they weren't fooled at all. Just expected the buyer to be foolish
@BackTheBlueTillItHappensToYou 10 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic. Any entitled, materialistic p.o.s. that spends more than $100 on a piece of art absolutely deserves to get scammed. Love these guys. Thank you for your service.
@stavrosk.2868 Yıl önce
Scamming money from rich idiots is a noble art. Well done!
@geoffdundee Yıl önce
Stavros K. ........ a fool and their cash is easily parted........most of the rich fools get their money by scamming too......they have to squander their wealth as quick as it comes in.....i feel sorry for none of them :)
@colinfarren8326 Yıl önce
Harry Enfield, a British comedian, did a sketch show of a man working in an antiques shop in London's West End. Selling utter crap to "savvy" bohemian types at outrageous prices. This reminds me of that. Their crime was to expose the entire Art World as a fraud.
@WaifuVideoGamer Yıl önce
Harry and Paul are great. Love the football sketches like the locker room languages and Jose Arrogantio.
@roscommonman7459 Yıl önce
The shop is called I saw you coming 😂
@blacktoothfox677 Yıl önce
mwah mwah Oh what are theeeese? (picks up wellys) "about two grand" for the pair? "each"
@MathijnvanderHeijden Yıl önce
it reminds me bit of beltracchi theres at least one or two documentaries worth seeing about him if u into this stuff:P I think this broadcast only shows one side of it or emphasizes it to much at least.(not gonna go into it to far because it doesnt belong here)
@chuth2768 Yıl önce
John Myatt is one of the most important conceptual artists of the 20th century.
@HKSAR55 Yıl önce
A beautifully executed, cunning plan! A punch on the nose to the often pretentious art world 🙂
@shicruisin7004 Yıl önce
LooooL!!! Love this!! And this is not the 1st or only time the so-called genius art critics have been made to look the ego-driven clueless fools that they are! :'D They don't even need to be fooled by a genius! There have been experiments where they were presented with "priceless works of art by art geniuses," where it turned out the these "geniuses" were, in one instance, an elephant, in another, a 2 yr old baby, scribbling on paper on the kitchen counter, as a distraction to keep him busy while his Mom was cooking the dinner for the family! The so-called highly experienced and -qualified art critics, all gathered in a room, oooh'd and aaaah'd & got very excited that they'd discovered these new mysterious art geniuses! Hahahahaaaaaa! They valued the paintings at millions! It was later revealed to them who the artists actually were! :'D Were they red-faced!! I love that this real genius took them for that fabulous ride! LoooooL! If I had the talent or genius, I'd do exactly the same, just for a really great laugh!!
@michellephillips3655 Yıl önce
This reminds me of those pompous types that taste 'esquisite' wines and champers and pick the supermarket brand... Pompous idiots indeed.. All the see in Art is money.
@geoffreypiltz271 Yıl önce
@@michellephillips3655 I was going to post that!
@QueenBee-gx4rp Yıl önce
These “experts” should be shown the door. To pass on house paint is incredible!!! What about brush work, etc.?!
@myunknownland9272 Yıl önce
@@QueenBee-gx4rp he explained this too
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
John Myatt seems like a really nice guy at heart. A conman, but a naive & easily manipulated, nice one.
@tamarrajames3590 Yıl önce
I love the way the “experts”, in retrospect, instantly denigrate the skill and talent of the forger. When they believed the art to be authentic, these same people waxed poetically on how marvellous the “newly discovered” painting by X artist was, and how exciting it was to have it in public view at long last. Lol🖤🇨🇦
@jackspring7709 Yıl önce
It doesn't take a cunning genius to fool the art world - it's the only world where you could throw a tomato at a canvas and sell it for millions.
@Aquariuswonder86 Yıl önce
@wendyerskine6951 10 aylar önce
Such a gracious, talented artist and a very clever man. I can't feel sorry for the rich and the hangers on of the art history world. I can't compare what they did to murder or the royal family stealing from the average, hard working person.
@julienotsmith7068 Yıl önce
I’m glad Myatt can still paint with a smile. It looks like he was the first person who got conned by Drew.
@jckdnls9292 2 aylar önce
He didn't get conned... Don't be naive
@2msvalkyrie529 Yıl önce
One case where the criminal is more likeable than the so called " victims ".
@clownworld5474 Yıl önce
I hope John Myatt is doing well. He seems like a nice guy really and his arm was twisted somewhat. He's obviously very talented. The real deception and fraud was committed by the other guy
@garybowman212 Yıl önce
John Myatt is genius. He even outfitted you into believing him. I love the Human Mind.
@elduder2530 Yıl önce
Disagree, in a way these people are worse because they have a conscious which they ignore
@orionxtc1119 Yıl önce
Seems John Myatt conned you too... that is they way con men act... they ACT very nice etc to take people in,..
@clownworld5474 Yıl önce
@@orionxtc1119 yes I'm sure he's pulled multiple cons their his life 😂😂
@julesarthur4362 9 aylar önce
He got a program on the bbc teaching amateurs to copy famous artists works. Was really good only 6 episodes but he's doing good I think.
@mohammadmostafaii7535 Yıl önce
I liked the painter, who ended up being an honest painter and (wisely) grabbed the second chance very well. That's the difference between wisdom and intelligence. The convicted guy was far more intelligent , but not wise.
@prestonhanson501 Yıl önce
BTW same goes for the wine world. They had expert wine tasters blindfold tast test cheep wine but put it in expensive bottles. And they were raving about how exquisite it was. Then told it was 2 dollar walmart wine lol
@sueferris3685 9 aylar önce
I've fooled vodka snobs with the same kind of test! They couldn't tell the cheap stuff from their pricier brands. Loved it! I'm a vodka drinker, and I know that once you add a mixer, you really can't tell the difference between brands.
@prestonhanson501 9 aylar önce
@@sueferris3685 and neither can I tell the difference. All tastes the same. Like booze
@nlocnil3602 Yıl önce
All this exposes is how shallow and baseless a lot of the value of art is. It's a rich people problem and the rest of us don't care for their tears
@cassiereroni Yıl önce
Well said.
@SimonSimon-rn3tm Yıl önce
This is ignorant nonsense.
@true_crime_official Yıl önce
@HopsinThaGoat Yıl önce
Lmao this statement is ignorant as hell “hurr durr rich ppl r bAd!”
@gabinelson Yıl önce
Reading all the comments below: NOBODY feels sorry for the "victims" here. The art world has been shown for all the world to see that they are fools.
@ulutiu Yıl önce
The only victim is the art itself. Maybe one in many thousands of artists achieves fame and his work sells for good money and the rest is forgotten.
@paulcross635 Yıl önce
Crypto currency is the art world for the poor
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for the victims - well some anyway. It takes a huge amount of work & effort to become an expert in the art field & being conned like that would be so damaging to their reputations & careers. And then there are the people who use art as an investment not just something to sprinkle $millions on. They would have just lost that money. Then there’s the damage done to genuine artists & collectors whose art is called into question because of this. We might not feel sorry for the uber wealthy who won’t miss the money, but the ripple effect would have had a real impact on people who actually work hard or invest money that they would miss. It’s like saying “who cares if people shoplift from a big chain store”. Down the line, there’s always people who suffer as a result. They’re not victimless crimes.
@kerreckt Yıl önce
I have no problem with art fraud. No one forces the purchase of these pieces. Bless John Myatt.
@juanitaschlink2028 Yıl önce
@@mohammadmostafaii7535 mate, I'm an artist, I love art fraud. If your stupid enough to fork out thousands on a fraud for clout or a tax dodge, buyer beware. It's only worth what someone pays for it after all. Also mr shouty man, match fixing is rife, if it's an entertaining game, who cares?
@mohammadmostafaii7535 Yıl önce
@@juanitaschlink2028 You care when you ended up in jail.
@hurdygurdyguy1 Yıl önce
@@juanitaschlink2028 and that's why professional wrestling is still big, it's all show, it's all rigged and scripted but who cares because it's great entertainment...
@johnallright6847 Yıl önce
The buyers were happy, the auction houses were happy,the artist was happy, the document forger was happy,where is the con.
@tumezedawayaminyoo8727 Yıl önce
Everybody's day in the transactions was happy, happiness everywhere
@mikejones-go8vz 8 aylar önce
Well, that’s a con
@phillipvietri8786 Yıl önce
The critics, who seem to be mostly self-important poseurs, were made fools of by these two men. How have they handled it? By calumniating Myatt and Drew in order to try and redeem their own tattered reputations. But it hasn't worked, has it? No matter what the criminality of Myatt and Drew, they still made fools of the critics, who were the victims of their own pretentiousness. From self-important critics and overbearing "experts", good Lord, deliver us!
@andrewmacdonald1904 Yıl önce
This may sound slightly perverse but I probably have more respect for Drew, and what he did than I do for a lot of corporate leaders, and politicians. As for the artist, well, he deserves his success and second chance.
@AnAeijingBuffoon Yıl önce
Expensive overpriced art collecting is scammers passing money between scammers who know each other and have each others backs. Like an oil slick on water, only it’s money, very slippery money. Ripping them off is the ultimate scam.
@coloneled2080 Yıl önce
I think I might have missed something here, but how was it that no one asked how John Drewe was finding/ acquiring the works of art? Surely somewhat suspicious to turn up two or three times every month for eight years with lost masterpieces?
@orionxtc1119 Yıl önce
hey I have lots of lost masterpieces... found them in a old cellar.... how much will you give me for each one mate?
@biebel1963 Yıl önce
The art world has been conned by its own greed. 😏
@me-cq7wv Yıl önce
I admire them. They are true ARTISTS.
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
Interviewing John Drew with an IQ that high, a good memory & a likeable nature, would have been an exceptional challenge. But him deciding to defend himself was an error.
@baronmeduse Yıl önce
Nice to see art-dealers and 'experts' being outclassed and shown up as the blind leading the blind. when I hear that a 'dealer' (a person who only deals in 'commodities' and jacks up prices) I just smile.
@geoffreypiltz271 Yıl önce
The money men of the art world NEED paintings to make their money. Myatt and Drew were just supplying what the dealers WANTED. Is good art determined solely by the reputation of the artist and not the work itself?
@cgirl111 Yıl önce
He was caught because of greed. If he had stopped at a set limit and found another scam they would have walked away clean. Scams against an industry can't go on forever, they have to have a closing date.
@christoph404 Yıl önce
The artist here, John Myatt, he comes across as a decent likeable guy, in many ways he was conned and duped himself into providing forgeries, seduced if you will, into making some bad decisions to get involved in criminal forgery, yet he never seemed comfortable with it, it went against his true nature I think....glad he is now making an honest living out of his paintings.
@morganosborne9258 13 gün önce
Such talent, but also a reminder to listen to your inside voice or your gut. Love the Genuine Fakes. That is a great way for him to channel his talent and acknowledge the ability to stay on the right side of themlaw.
@danny-li6io Yıl önce
I love seeing social and financial elitists getting ghetto winked! It defines poetic justice. 🥳
@stoicheincat1090 4 aylar önce
Love the art gallery type's saying how the guy was just to smart. Meanwhile the painter is just like how the hell did this work? Also love the part where they were like think of the billionares. LOL
@mariapilarme Yıl önce
The art world needs to find real artist as experts. If not this would continue and put the investment on art at risk. You can memorize all you can but if you never done a lithograph it would be hard to explain to others and to understand yourself. Universities contributed to this misshaped. It’s a shame. I am graduate from Art Studio and Art History, I see many teachers shouldn’t never teach. We need to separate the artist from the art historian, there’s two different worlds. One is the executor the other one is the accountant, see it that way!
@frisbeetarian34 Yıl önce
Art dealers pretending they're wholesome people are my favourite people.
@annemiura7767 Yıl önce
The art dealers are arrogant money grubbers who have no understanding or love for painting. As Myatt said, anyone should have been able to see the paintings were fake. All the dealers were looking at were the lables and provenance. Not the artwork.They make millions off the backs of artists by inflating prices and charging huge commissions. That’s what Banksy was trying to say.
@redbutterfly88 Yıl önce
People who call forgers a con artist should face the mirror and ask that maybe u are the real con here. This forgers work of copying the worlds most expensive paintings are indeed piece of art. The fact that they themselves do it they are creating a copied art and just like any celebrated rennaisance artist they are in the same level of talent. I cant call them a criminal because they are not. the criminals are those corrupt people who avoided paying tax, enjoy life while they making other lives imposible. These forgers selling their copied paintings in millions because they dont want to be vincent van goh who live in poverty and cant pay doctors when they are living on earth but sky rocketed the price after they are dead.
@corinnelsmith Yıl önce
What? No, a forgery is a crime. A literal crime. So you think it’s okay for someone to forge your name on a check and cash it and that’s ‘art’? Okay.
@fredkraze1997 Yıl önce
​@@corinnelsmith I think they are just talking about art forgery, both are still illegal, but with art the victim isn't necessarily robbed, they are scammed since the buyer willing made the transaction and knew the risks, this difference does also have some legal presence with art forgery not being taken nearly as serious as other forms of forgery, it really is treated like more of a white-collar crime in comparison.
@jspaingreene6350 Yıl önce
@@corinnelsmith That's very naive. There are actually artists that have done exactly what you mentioned. The modern art market and wall street are long con games of proportions beyond signing a little old check....
@CountDoucheula Yıl önce
What a smoothbrain take. Unsurprising, really
@willshedo Yıl önce
Beltracchi in Germany did a better job in forging art. He used canvas and paint from the original period when the artist was working, so masterful it even fooled xrays and chemical testing. His ultimate downfall after years and making millions was a sticker on the back of his paintings not fully thought through. Beltracchi also gained popularity after serving his sentence and now everybody is proud to own a real Beltracchi.
@ClassicRiki Yıl önce
I really watch these “victims” and want to let them know how much I support the other guys and not them. Just look at the comments…you don’t get these comments in romance scam episodes and such…but this one we basically all don’t see them as victims we care about. What really pisses me off is that people are getting murdered and all sorts but these rich wankers use police time for their scam industry. Edit: I mean the art world scam to be clear.
@terrytowelling1807 Yıl önce
Art experts had clearly lapsed into a lazy culture of merely glancing at the paperwork, rather than examining a painting and its provenance thoroughly. They weren't fulfilling their premise as purported experts and they rightfully got exposed. Instead of damaging the art world, John Drewe's greed has held them to account and maybe now art experts will do their jobs properly. Not that I care though, anyone who pays 12k for some paint on a bit of cloth is a c=~t
@kennylong7281 Yıl önce
If the fakes are that good, why not let them go as authentic? Their existence only enhances the Art Market. I say: Give the collectors, speculators, and dealers what they want: More products to buy and sell! Art is art, no matter who paints it! A good fake, is every bit as valuable as an "original"; especially when it comes to modern, and abstract pieces. These two Johns, did the Art World a big favor!
@trentriver 19 gün önce
About 120 of Myatt's works are still circulating as genuine, He refuses to divulge where/who has the fakes because he sees no point in it.
@schockmaster Aylar önce
The real scandal to me is the incompetence of the auction houses who get paid fortunes while not being able to spot fakes.
@trickeyt.v96 Yıl önce
Most art experts know more about "fine words" than they know about "fine art ".....!!!
@BOB-wo2nb Yıl önce
Funny how the one person who actually looked at the damm painting and not just the crap on the back immediately suspected it. Proof that art authenticators are just a bunch of cronies who couldn't give two sh!ts about art. Kinda makes me nauseous cause I really appreciate nice looking art. I could care less who made it or what it's worth long as it looks pleasing to me.
@normasouthwood3182 Yıl önce
I remember a very similar case inbthe North West of England, (Bolton I think.) The guy was making antiques and artwork in his garden shed, using things he bought at B and Q!!! He fooled so called experts at the British Museum and other great institutions. He was helped by his elderly father. Their names escape me but I do remember that they lived in squalor. There was a programme on T.V. about them but I don't remember which channel. (I am getting old, lol.) I would so like to see it again.
@geoffdundee Yıl önce
Norma Southwood ..i remember a docu on tv about them - laughed my head off
@normasouthwood3182 Yıl önce
@@geoffdundee I was more fascinated than amused. What a pair, good for them! Stay safe.
@normasouthwood3182 Yıl önce
@@geoffdundee I just remembered the name of the forger. He was called Sean Greenhalgh. He seved I think 4years in prison.
@geoffdundee Yıl önce
@@normasouthwood3182 ...thanks Norma
@normasouthwood3182 Yıl önce
@@geoffdundee you're welcome. I found the docu on utube, it's called the Artful Codgers. Sorry I can't send the link, am not computer savvy, but you should find it if you search on utube. Stay safe.
@lostmojo 8 aylar önce
I envy these people so much. I'm not intelligent and all my life people took advantage of me, so in a way scammers are doing to few what many did and do to me
@wildyblissjazz Yıl önce
This is like conning a used car sales man. The only criminals are the "experts"
@presidentxijinpingspoxdoct9756 Yıl önce
This would make an excellent movie.
@SophyaAgain Yıl önce
I know they are criminals but still ... I'm smiling.
@maxdavis5382 Yıl önce
This taps in to the perception that is marketing. It’s a ploy, same as any brand or make of wine/clothing/cars etc. people see the bullshit and go for it. They exploited peoples greed, lust and egotistical nature. I say well done. We’ve all walked in a Gucci, marks and Spencer’s or a top class hotel and just thought, I can get this same stuff in primark, Lidl and travel lodge for 1/10th of the price without the badge - simple as that. Keep up the good work gents I say 👍
@fromthepeanutgallery1084 Yıl önce
The art world loves the con as long as they have customers and no one complaines. One sells it to the next and so on till the last one holding the bag can't sell it and figures it out.
@Elizabeth-yg2mg Yıl önce
The other guy, John Drewe, conned a retired teacher out of her house and $710,000 and went to jail for 8 years in 2012.
@faerienightingale9100 Yıl önce
You can't help but like the artist chap!
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
Well, to be fair, with an IQ of 165 he was indeed a cut above most people he would have encountered. Unfortunately, he obviously needed the thrill of the scam to feel fulfilled.
@robbryant52 Yıl önce
The art world been turned inside out and proves these so called art dealers are not so expert as they would like us to believe
@aurorincorporated Yıl önce
Now that's a proper narcissist, if i ever heard of one... Also, i appreciate the second chance story shown. :)
@wayneandrews3128 Yıl önce
Love how you refer to these guys as Art experts. I think I'm more of an expert than these fools are. They exposed themselves in this buy buying these fakes. What a sad pathetic affair. I don't think I'd buy a packet of cigarettes from the likes of Peter Mahun. Art dealer and expert?
@hettybl 3 aylar önce
Sometimes the art is knowing when to quit while you're ahead
@christopherjameslee3341 Yıl önce
A con man will tell a lie for long enough and it will eventually become the truth. The art market is no different.
@sam-fc9ky Yıl önce
The ‘art’ of the con and politician
@theokatman Yıl önce
good on him , it shows how little the so called experts know
@peterhall6656 Yıl önce
Blockchian was conceived to minimise this type of fiddle with the source of "truth". The art world is full of serial toss pots and hooray Henries and you can tell he had visceral contempt for them. He understood their hubris hence the 25,000 to the Tate Gallery to sucker them. He just understood human psychology well. There are many people who do this type of thing on lesser scales every day of the week.
@GuitarRyder11 2 aylar önce
Mary Leisa Palmer was the only person who could see that one of these paintings was a fake. She had to go out of her way to show the other 'experts' that they had no idea of what they were on about.
@allisonjames2923 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for the victims - well some anyway. It takes a huge amount of work & effort to become an expert in the art field & being conned like that would be so damaging to their reputations & careers. And then there are the people who use art as an investment not just something to sprinkle $millions on. They would have just lost that money. Then there’s the damage done to genuine artists & collectors whose art is called into question because of this. We might not feel sorry for the uber wealthy who won’t miss the money, but the ripple effect would have had a real impact on people who actually work hard or invest money that they would miss. It’s like saying “who cares if people shoplift from a big chain store”. Down the line, there’s always people who suffer as a result. They’re not victimless crimes.
@manvieduprogrammes5682 Yıl önce
"Con expert" sounds like he's a conman himself! Funny indeed!🤣🤣
@jonathanmann5227 10 aylar önce
I admire them. They beat the experts!
@blacktoothfox677 Yıl önce
Slash has a favourite guitar, a Gibson Les Paul. When it was scanned by Gibson, to create hi signature model, they discovered... It's NOT a Gibson. Hilarious, especially being the iconic guitar that saved the company in the 90's when |Les Pauls were out of vogue.
@anthonypk7281 Yıl önce
Lots of scams in the art world. Least talked about scam is that anyone calling themself an artist bullshiting about what they have done.
@elizabethbrauer1118 Yıl önce
Wow - this story really brought out the trolls and so much more.
@em84c Yıl önce
Yea everyone saying this proves art is elitist bullshit. But conmen can fool people in every industry. Im poor but I love art and going to galleries. Just because these guys can copy an artwork doesn't mean the art is worthless. The artist came up with the whole idea and composition of the painting. There are thousands, or even millions, of people in the world who have the technical skill to just copy it. The hardest part was how they faked the paperwork, giving the art providence. There is a good British show where people have a painting and are trying to get it authenticated.
@FC-hj9ub Yıl önce
So many excuses 🤣🤣 "he was conned in to accepting 12k pounds" he said himself it was not worth that much and he said himself it was an imitation painting
@artkahn597 9 aylar önce
The reason why this con was successful is because the dealers looked either way. They don’t make a buck if they say it’s fake.
@gilessteve 10 aylar önce
If any of the paintings on my walls turned out to be by John Myatt their value would actually _increase._
@peterbradshaw8018 Yıl önce
John Drewe robbed a teacher of her saving and got convicted in 2012.
@cchavezjr7 Yıl önce
"If you can draw well, you can paint"....That statement is probably even a bigger fraud about art lol
@garethjones8047 Yıl önce
Shaun greenhaus conned the dealer in the glasses also, so much for an expert
@TheRoon4660 Aylar önce
The art world depends on fraud. Art dealers and auctioneers don't care if the things they sell are fake.
@hurdygurdyguy1 Yıl önce
In the high end Art Market rich people buy paintings mostly for bragging rights ("we had a new wing added to the villa to show our Picasso/Matisse/Rothko/Whatever!") and/or an investment hoping the painting will get more on the auction block down the line. For a person who loves art and the work turns out to be a forgery, well who cares? But, if the person's only interest was bragging rights or investment, well tough nuts, dude, ya burnt!! 😆
@Tina06019 Yıl önce
I think I want to buy one of John Myatt’s “real fakes,” but I don’t have a spare $2000 to $5000. Maybe someday. I am glad his crime made him famous, and that fame allowed him to make a great post-prison career for himself.
@brianrichards7006 Yıl önce
This tells you a lot about the "experts" at the major auction houses.
@motty420 Yıl önce
Mastermind criminals with no street smarts. NEVER tell your girlfriend/wife and never EVER write any of it down.
@noneofyourbizness Yıl önce
17:12 "The problem was that people were no longer looking at the artwork, they were instead looking at the often very large sums of money that they otherwise would have paid in taxes had they not bought the pieces ! " FTFY YW
@HO-bndk Yıl önce
35:35 Folding over the corners of pages in books is a heinous crime all on its own!
@johnniethepom2905 Yıl önce
I also thought that . A year for the forgeries and two years for crimes against books would have been fair .
@anrit5972 Yıl önce
The real scam was the 4 million pounds the trial cost.
@Pe6ek Aylar önce
Just comes to show that it's all an illusion. You gotta love the "experts" scrambling to save face, though 😂
@USMCasper Yıl önce
Art is just a way to launder money. I am not saying that there isn't some amazing works. Just that for the most part what they call art is garbage.
@TahtahmesDiary Yıl önce
This part! As someone who makes art, it was such a disappointment to realize it's just a way for rich people to launder money. It could be so much more, instead they spend money on the most absurd things and laugh at us plebs as they do it.
@johnmc3862 Yıl önce
@@TahtahmesDiary lol, They can spend their money non what they want! Who cares!
@thecowfy Yıl önce
Drew convinced of his own superiority? No, no. The experts, so called where the ones convinced of their's. What a bunch of self important quislings.
@qwertypumpkin 6 gün önce
John Myatt is making a fortune now from his paintings, they go for up to £35,000 each. Happy for the guy.
@kimthreadgold2755 Yıl önce
What are museum archives and how did he infiltrate then without being discovered.
@Crossword131 7 aylar önce
This whole show seems set up to vilify Drewe and vindicate Myatt.
@Yaz-pn9py Yıl önce
The art world is there to launder money.
@davevansega1771 Yıl önce
I watched this with a smile on face.
@chappochapman9818 Yıl önce
Even a posh copper is head of the art crime squad, he’d fit in with all the other posh art snobs
@stevenmccart5455 Yıl önce
The downfall of almost all criminals...they get greedy
@donaldknowles9640 Yıl önce
Greedy and jelousy about money
@timothykangethe7700 Yıl önce
Reverse Serendipity...Glad things worked out for John Myatt following his gallery exhibition 👏
@HO-bndk Yıl önce
He could do a good sponsorship deal with Dulux too.
@timothykangethe7700 Yıl önce
@@HO-bndk Well said 👏
@urmelausdemeis4743 Yıl önce
beauty always is in the eye of the beholder.... and it always is a matter of price... I personally do not care... nice to look at (not always) but not a must-have (at least for me).... And spending millions for a painting does simply not make sense to me.... especially when there are so many poor people on this planet not knowing how to survive!
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