Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

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Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

2 gün önce

You’ll like her when she’s angry.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming August 17 on Disney+.

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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad 2 saatler önce
Every Marvel show so far exceedingly outperformed their movies in Phase 4 or at least that's what I think. This show will be nothing different, already looks so freaking unique and EPIC!
RapisGames 7 saatler önce
I'm a little worried about the CGI for her, but outside of that it looks like it is going to be an absolute blast of a show. Can't wait!
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini
I hope if we do see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in this series , I hope it’s not just for a cameo here or there , he needs to be part of the story in any given way & rumors are saying he could appear in a few episodes as a guest star
Istebrak Saatler önce
Shrek 5 looks great
Julia Red
Julia Red 6 saatler önce
Correct me if I’m wrong, in the comics she needed a blood donation to live which Bruce provided, but because his blood was contaminated gamma rays she also gained his powers
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini 3 saatler önce
Although the story is about She-Hulk, I’m really hoping that they’ll show a brief flashback of Bruce’s journey before he became Professor Hulk, like him fighting one of Hulk’s villains.
JayShockblast 21 saatler önce
Looking forward to this. CGI looks a little weird but whatever I get it. As long as it's fun I'll suspend my disbelief.
ReJ 3 saatler önce
Tim Roth is back! Great to see him return after his role in The Incredible Hulk
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini 2 saatler önce
im glad that they are keeping in the humor of the comic
W. C. L. Cooke
W. C. L. Cooke 3 saatler önce
That guy at the end. It looks like he’s going into a world of pain. He’ll be happy, but he’s going to be hospitalized.
John Smith
John Smith
I honestly think they could have made her a little buffer. I hope she figures out that if she herself in human form becomes buffer, her she Hulk form will be buffer like in the comics. I also hope they do not ruin Emil, he was truly one of the better "Dark version" MCU villains.
J S Saatler önce
She Hulk always seemed like the fun Hulk.
TrueUnderDawgGaming 2 saatler önce
It's great to see Hulk jumping again
Heavy Critic
Heavy Critic 3 saatler önce
Look, I love pretty much everything you guys have put out in the MCU, but the CGI in this looks so wonky.
Matthew Muir
Matthew Muir Saatler önce
With Tim Roth returning as Abomination, I would gladly watch this if it has him tell Hulk: "Long time, Banner. Last I saw you, you looked more like Edward Norton."
Dimplemonkey 2 saatler önce
Marvel 2019: Hey, what are we going to do with all this leftover green body paint now that we're done with Hulk and Gamora?
Θάνος Τσιατούρας
Θάνος Τσιατούρας 2 saatler önce
Tatiana Maslany will absolutely kill this one, she's a pure talent. I had missed her stellar performance in Orphan Black.
John Moley
John Moley 2 saatler önce
I love Tatiana Maslany and I love She Hulk. Can't wait to see how this looks when the CGI is finished. 23 saatler önce
This is the right mix of hilarious and totally out there! And having both Hulks and Abomination in one series, that's pretty exciting!
David Michael
David Michael 3 saatler önce
I’m the biggest MCU fan and I’m still excited for this but those CGI effects are tragic and I hope they fix them up before the show comes out. I wouldn’t even mind if they delayed it to get it right because the rest of it all looks so on point and I want it to be great.