Talking to Muslims About Christ | Mohammed Hijab & Jonathan Pageau | EP 297

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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

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Dr Jordan B Peterson, Jonathan Pageau, and Mohammed Hijab discuss comparative religion, what is said about Islam versus what Islam has to say, and how the uncomfortable conversation - whether contentious or unnerving, is well worth having.
Mohammed Hijab is an author, comparative religionist, and philosopher of scripture. He is the co-founder of the Sapience Institute and is a researcher and instructor for the organization. He has a BA in Politics and a master’s degree in History. He has also acquired a second master’s in Islamic Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, as well as a third master’s degree in Applied Theology from the University of Oxford. Currently, he is working toward his PhD in Philosophy of Religion. Having completed Islamic seminary courses, he is one of very few Muslims who has been given formal permission to relay Islamic knowledge on selected Islamic fields, dealing with comparative, political, and theological issues. In his efforts, he has amassed a substantial following on TRshow, aided in part by authoring books such as “The Scientific Deception of the New Atheists.”
Jonathan Pageau is a French-Canadian liturgical artist and icon carver, known for his work featured in museums across the world. He carves Eastern Orthodox and other traditional images and teaches an online carving class. He also runs a TRshow channel dedicated to the exploration of symbolism across history and religion.
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(0:00) Coming up
(1:12) Intro
(4:16) Addressing “Message to Muslims”
(14:35) Colonial amnesia and the pattern of resentment
(15:19) Egyptian mythology and the bloodshed of the past
(21:49) Ignoring the voices of disunity
(27:53) Is there an ultimate purpose to life?
(35:42) The role of worship and ritual
(39:52) Unity is not the same as uniformity
(43:20) Belief at your own peril, deviation, and depression
(50:55) Islam recognizes Jesus, but not the son of god
(59:16) We don’t know what we don’t know
(1:08:40) Belief in word vs. belief in being
(1:10:17) Why do we connect with specific scripture?
(1:23:25) You are measured by how much you can endure
(1:26:01) Would Jordan Peterson consider becoming Muslim?
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Angel Exterminatus
Angel Exterminatus 4 aylar önce
I`d like to thank my dad for busting my balls to learn english at the age of 8, because without that, I would have never gotten to experience conversations and knowledge like this.
BahamaBartok MajestikassBiscuit
BahamaBartok MajestikassBiscuit 3 gün önce
i thank the video games that taught me english as a kid xD
Nico Liba Kasongo
Nico Liba Kasongo Aylar önce
@Robert Taylor You are right about the Qur'an. To answer your question it's YES. Now, we have one problem here: are the Iranian officials executing protesters interpreting the Qur'an to their advantage, or are they right in their understanding of the book? The Muslims that stands up to totalitarian regimes in Muslim countries, or the ones that fight terrorist organizations but still claim their Islamism, are they reading different Qur'an ? That migrant father and mother in the West who tries to stay away as possible from Mosqs politics, and sometimes see their relationship with a son radicalized by the extremists become conflictuous, but remain Muslims and even keep going to the Mosq even though it is with a bleeding heart, which Qur'an do they read? I'm Christian and I hate those who take in the bible by verses instead of reading it like book is supposed to be read. In Islam that is also the practice of many. Your statement about Muslims are never straight forward or honest is erroneous in its structure and target. There are many different sort of Muslims, but the ones we know are the extremists, activists, and politicians because they want to make a statement. Christianity went through what Islam is going through, but you can see that people are beginning to affirm another statement in many parts of the Islamic world. The protesters in Iran are Muslims...
Dave C
Dave C Aylar önce
One of my best friends in the world, who died tragically a few months ago at the age of 41 was Muslim. I still cry every time I think of him. We were two opposites, yet…we were brothers. In the truest sense of the meaning. The debates we had were epic. But at the end of the day. We were brothers and and best friends. I miss that about him. What I would give to have him here to engage is this type of conversation again. This discussion should be cherished as a reminder that friendship and brotherhood transcends geography and faith.
Borsho 22 saatler önce
That doesnt have any sense. You are friends, later if they believe in a fictional character, thats ok. But still you both are human and friends.
kolo Gün önce
@Ali Assem we can live in peace though that is what the Bible teaches. Amen And God bless.
kolo Gün önce
@Ali Assem also respectfully you have commented on other spots while calling someone a bum in regards to Islam. No the TS is entitled to their voice and the truth. Although it isn't about refuting it's about showing the truth of Christ who gave salvation and that you cannot earn salvation by your deeds.
kolo Gün önce
@Ali Assem well they are opposite of each other. And you will perish if you don't know Christ.
its Gün önce
Rest in peace, to your best friend. Conflicting ideals does not negate humanity
Shakur Sayed
Shakur Sayed 12 gün önce
This type of conversations is very neccessary for the humanity! We have learned so much and the amount of knowledge and wisdom between all of them was phenomenal! I would love to see dr Jordan peterson debates dr Zakir naik . That would absolutely epic! Greetings from Afghanistan
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst 9 gün önce
Son of God does not mean that God has a child in Christianity! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!* Son of God is a title referring to the Word of God!
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst 9 gün önce
Hebr 1,2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, *by whom also he made the worlds;* as everyone can see the term Son of God refers to the Word of God = god himself! For through that God created the worlds! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!*
Elaine 14 gün önce
To be sitting in my living room and as a Christian in the US and listening to this amazing give and take conversation with Jordan, Mohammad Hijab and Jonathan on their religions is so heart warming. Having real conversations is what is going to help us all to live and work together as well as learn to respect one another for our differences. God Bless all of you all.
Lisa C.
Lisa C. 3 gün önce
@Naji Alaeddine your blasphemy is not against me it is against the one true God. I posted my belief as you have yours. Only, my comments have only been about the panel discussion and to people who claim to be Christians but are not stirred by this blasphemy. You replying to me in your way reveals you. We each will answer for ourselves. We live, investing our lives in something. I invest my life in growing in grace and knowledge. There's no laughing emoji for that. Salvation through Jesus alone. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me," Jesus. "Take up your cross and follow Me."
HZ JC 3 gün önce
@Naji Alaeddine Qte: (65) chapter: ...Narrated Aishah: I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them. - Sahih al-bukhari 232, book 4, Hadith 98 (103) chapter: whoever had sexual intercourse with ALL HIS wives and then took ONE bath ONLY. Narrated Anas bin Malik: The prophet used to pass by (have sexual relation with) ALL HIS wives in ONE night, and at that time he had NINE wives. - Sahih al-Bukhari 5215, book 67, Hadith 148.
Live 4 Life
Live 4 Life Aylar önce
5:06 Dr Jordan: “I’m actually not here to be tolerant” WOW i give him a lot of credit for being brutally honest & sticking to his beliefs, & showing guts!!!
GarageStudio Saatler önce
​@Hannes TV Exactly!
Ahmed Jones
Ahmed Jones 2 gün önce
@El Pibe One calls for peace and understanding... one spouts hate and insults a fellow monotheistic religion that has the vast majority of principles in common. I tried. Peace...
El Pibe
El Pibe 2 gün önce
@Ahmed Jones may you find the Truth of YHWH and stop following your pagan moon god, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ AMEN.
El Pibe
El Pibe 2 gün önce
@Ahmed Jones personal attacks, the favourite of Muslims...
Ahmed Jones
Ahmed Jones 3 gün önce
@El Pibe thank God the christians I know are far wiser and noble then you. I hope you heal soon.
Richard Wallner
Richard Wallner 4 gün önce
Imagine if leaders from all walks of life and all religions could have intelligent, calm and respectful discussions like this each day how wonderful this world would be
Robotz Comix
Robotz Comix Saatler önce
@Leela "disagree" are just a word for u to make him look bad? people have their own belief, perspectives, theory, and anthing that is different since we are human and by u mean disagree does'nt mean he is ignorant, he makes his points and eloborate it rather than being (like u) no offense. a man who did'nt like to be disagreed by.
Richard Wallner
Richard Wallner 3 saatler önce
Nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone for whatever you believe. I’m a Christian in training, wasn’t raised as a Christian, didn’t go to church, didn’t know God, just started about 4 years ago. I listen to all view points. Because of my experience 4 years ago with God and things God has shown me these last few years I know Jesus is not only my savior but God. I live by 3 rules (and probably don’t do them well). First I love God first, All other humans second, and I try to apply the Fruit of the Spirit to every conversation and everything I do. Communication is extremely important whether we agree or disagree, otherwise we have issues, communication is not trying to better someone or change someone THAT IS God’s plan and job. I’m an old guy and God didn’t need to use me until I 60. Sorry for the long conversation.
Leela Gün önce
Respectfully, the Muslim was not calm. He was there to refute Christianity, and Mr. Peterson was there to discuss their common beliefs, but the Muslim kept saying he disagreed with almost everything that Peterson said.
Vincent Jiovenetta
Vincent Jiovenetta 3 aylar önce
Its amazing how much more effective talks like this are without an audience interrupting every 5 seconds
HZ JC 10 gün önce
holey “science “ of Islamic book: Qte: Sahih al-Bukhari 3870: Narrated Abdullah bin Abbas: During the lifetime of allah’s apostle the moon was split (into two places). Chapter (18) Surat I-Kahf (the cave): Till, when he (the traveller Zul-qarnain) reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it going down into a muddy spring, ... - Sura Sura 18:86 unquote. Qte: *the traveller Zul-qarnain, according to Islam, was Alexandra the great, who was a Muslim, according to Islam! 😂😂 The fact is that Alexandra the great was a greek pagan during 356 BC-323 BC, while Mohd lived during 570A.D. - 632 A.D. Islam was NOT established until the 7th century!😎
@James Conner Your question has very a complex answer in Islam. Islam has a very unique point of view of your question. You can prefer a video of Dr Zakir Naik titled "Islam and Christianity in the light of the Science." And also "Similarities between Islam and Christianity" by Dr Zakir Naik. Hope this will help you to find your answers.
James Conner
James Conner Aylar önce
@ROHAN RAHMAN i value your answers and the videos you guided me to. I think the problem with any set of beliefs would be that some believers are always saying "some parts of my beliefs are so perfect, the entire set must be perfect". And further, "if this set of beliefs is perfect, any other set must be imperfect..and imperfect will be called evil".
@michael eddy Ich denke, unser Ziel ist es, nur einen wahren Allah (Gott) anzubeten. Frieden finden und ein friedliches und wahrhaftiges Leben führen. Danke schön.
michael eddy
michael eddy Aylar önce
@ROHAN RAHMAN ich glaube wir reden an einander vorbei
Miky Miky
Miky Miky 15 gün önce
Congrats for all the 3 gentleman. This is educationalist inspiring and, motivational towards learning more about all the other 21:51 halves. Muslim and christian and catholic ideologies working and showing what they stand for. Indeed, all defend good and fair things that can do much for everybody in the world. This is brilliant
Tabbs Smith
Tabbs Smith 3 gün önce
An amazing conversation! Always easy to listen!
Rafael Mugnaini Martins
Rafael Mugnaini Martins 5 gün önce
Find one person in the world who's trying like Mr Peterson to understand humans like he does. Thank you Jordan Peterson my sons will learn a lot about you Sir!
Tintin17 Nick
Tintin17 Nick 26 gün önce
Brilliantly done guys,and I do believe we all want love and peace in the world no matter what we believe in,harmony takes effort and patience to I as fellow man regardless of their belief,I'm a Christian but love all mankind and respect everyone's right to believe what they wish without hate x God bless you all 🙏
Mike Gowdy
Mike Gowdy 3 gün önce
I love mankind also, that's why I follow the words of Jesus Christ and go out in the world and preach the word of the GOSPEL God the Holyspirite and Jesus Christ Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah 🙌
Beet Zuma
Beet Zuma 17 gün önce
As a Muslim I completely agree, I love mankind and hope we can live in peace and respect each others rights to believe what he will. God bless humanity 💜
Byron Hand
Byron Hand Aylar önce
One of the best talks I've ever heard I think, I love how intricate the knowledge of all sides of the discussion were. More people need to be recording moments of clarity, unity and constructive discussion like this.
Farsider 5 aylar önce
I love how Jordan is completely open to talking and trying to understand anyone. More discourse like this is needed. Finding common ground.
Hussite Wagoner
Hussite Wagoner 11 gün önce
@The muslim student Fear, anger and denial is all that exudes from you. Your scripture provides nothing but distortion, hate and slavery, as mathematically shown , islam the abomination of desolation, satan it’s author and mohamed it’s prophet. Ask your heart, is “you must submit” theology or “love your enemy” theology from the Creator. “Choose this day whom you shall serve” Joshua 24:15 Seek God with a repentant heart , the demons will flee ! I am still praying for you !
Polly Kenna
Polly Kenna Aylar önce
What a beautiful statement by JP “Because rationality should be subordinated to something above it.” The human mind and logic is a construct of the physical world, yet to believe in God is to acknowledge that God is not constrained to the physical world and operates outside the limits of our 4 dimensional universe. The rational mind can only take us so far in our understanding of a creative force, that’s what facilities the element of mystery in our faith.
Chandra Lukito
Chandra Lukito Gün önce
Oluwayanmife Israel
Oluwayanmife Israel Gün önce
Beautifully said
Darius 2 gün önce
Well said, Polly.
Nicholaus Barnett
Nicholaus Barnett 6 gün önce
This was an amazing conversation by all 3 of these scholars
Mr. Handy
Mr. Handy Aylar önce
We need more of this! We have more in common that should connect us rather than differences that should cause violence!
Louisa Wade
Louisa Wade Aylar önce
A great enlightening, grown up conversation, debate so good to watch. Pity there is not more of this. I am richer for watching & listening.
Onelove 27 gün önce
These conversations are great ❤
Sue Lambert
Sue Lambert 2 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is so open and humble. A man of integrity. Canadian government needs to appreciate and be proud of this man!
HZ JC 10 gün önce
Would JP learn: (12) chapter: ...Narrated abu sa id al-khudri: The prophet said, “isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “this is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.” - Sahih al-Bukhari 2658, book 52, Hadith 22.
T S 15 gün önce
Hebr 1,2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, *by whom also he made the worlds;* as everyone can see the term Son of God refers to the Word of God = god himself! For through that God created the worlds! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!*
T S 15 gün önce
Son of God does not mean that God has a child in Christianity! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!* Son of God is a title referring to the Word of God!
Rukiichi 16 gün önce
@T S it's quran* not koran perhaps try to read more instead of posting around absurd statements
The Muslimah ♡
The Muslimah ♡ Aylar önce
Mohammad Hijab is an educated individual and he knows what he brings to the table, with a background of firm knowledge, I'm proud of him he has shown strong arguments, which shows you don't have to be tolerant all the time but rather understanding and respect!
Ryo JS
Ryo JS 14 saatler önce
Agreed he is very much on point
Ryo JS
Ryo JS 14 saatler önce
@steve lovett lol no he isn't watch the video
steve lovett
steve lovett Gün önce
His a Hypocrite
Brian Howard
Brian Howard Aylar önce
“What do you mean by do… I’m more interested in what you do” man thinks of word choice in impossible ways. Loved this discussion, thank you to everybody who helped up it together
Reno Laringo
Reno Laringo 28 gün önce
WOW! This was the most interesting and profound exchange I've seen so far ! THANK you all the three of you! The 'Music' was indeed present and it is so refreshing. Music is the sacred langage of the vibrationnal Universe. It's about solos, chords, progressions, construction, harmony, sharing of emotions, mutual listening and also .... Silence. If we humans would understand we are God's instruments to play the Universe symphony, and that we have to play our part in the construction of our own reality, we would probably be trying to be better musicians. Your dialogue is the perfect demonstration of that! Thank you so much for the present !
mhi zummy
mhi zummy 13 gün önce
I love this man l always listen to him and he talk as a father to me may God bless you ❤️🙌🏾✝️
Carson Mendez
Carson Mendez 14 gün önce
i love how he can take grown men who feel as though they are at the near peak of they're intellectual society and turn them into boys sitting around the camp fire growing and maturing. i don't know how much time anyone else has spent trying to get grown men or women to mature but it is a difficult process and he has it down pat as well as anyone i have ever seen.
B 5 aylar önce
I am a uneducated American currently residing temporary in Dublin Ireland and I have long conversations with Pakistanis, Brazilians, Greeks,Romanians, YOU NAME IT! Point being most people from anywhere around the planet are willing to have interesting conversations of respect and abundance. Never believe the social media hate and divide.
Komal Siddiqui
Komal Siddiqui 2 gün önce
Love from a Pakistani here ♥️👍
LeoneJ 6 gün önce
HZ JC 7 gün önce
holey “science “ of Islamic book: Sahih al-Bukhari 3870: Narrated Abdullah bin Abbas: During the lifetime of allah’s apostle the moon was split (into two places). Chapter (18) Surat I-Kahf (the cave): Till, when he (the traveller Zul-qarnain) reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it going down into a muddy spring, ... - Sura Sura 18:86. Qte: *the traveller Zul-qarnain, according to Islam, was Alexandra the great, who was a Muslim, according to Islam! 😂 The fact is that Alexandra the great was a greek pagan during 356 BC-323 BC, while Mohd lived during 570A.D. - 632 A.D. Islam was NOT established until the 7th century!😎Unqte
CUBS 2016
CUBS 2016 Aylar önce
Learned so very much 💓 Thank you for talking & having a discussion with no haste. The world would be better if most of us could listen & hear the other person.
CHINNIE Richardson
CHINNIE Richardson Aylar önce
Thank God for Jordan Petersen. I love his comment on how does imperfect man implement God’s perfect rules. He has so much humility and wisdom.
Caleb Ferguson
Caleb Ferguson 25 gün önce
“ and lesser so the Protestants “ - My favorite line. Hahah! I really enjoyed this discussion! Being a Christian, I find myself trying to draw commonality among faiths quite often. But it is crucial for any true believer of any faith to not live in compromise and increasingly wane with our own convictions. There is too a compelling passage in Revelation Ch. 11 that talks about the two prophets of God that challenge “ The Beast”. How when they are killed in Egypt, their bodies are laid out for 3 days. It goes on to say how “all the nations “will see these bodies and rejoice over their death, because they had caused many plague on the Earth as punishment. In terms of proof of this happening, I would say it still hasn’t, but of the the technology that would be required for “ All nations “ to be able to see these prophets slain in the streets. We have that today. Compelling for a text written 2K years ago…
GarageStudio Saatler önce
Very well said. Plus the technology that would be able to allow people around the world to buy and sell with a "mark".
Muxammad Ali Madaminov
Muxammad Ali Madaminov Aylar önce
Of course, it's an amazing conversation because of their knowledge👏
Tyler Freitag
Tyler Freitag Aylar önce
I vote on a Netflix series with you 3. Wonderful to hear.
Nick 488
Nick 488 5 aylar önce
This conversation could have gone on for 6 hours and still be fascinating.
HZ JC 10 gün önce
M hijab a hypocrite: (12) chapter: ...Narrated abu sa id al-khudri: The prophet said, “isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “this is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.” - Sahih al-Bukhari 2658, book 52, Hadith 22.
Ryo JS
Ryo JS Aylar önce
@pain in the knee he definitely is *missionary*
pain in the knee
pain in the knee Aylar önce
Hijab is definitely not telling all truth.
King Alaric
King Alaric 2 aylar önce
@James C In the world that these men live in, people will always twist and warp their words to suit narratives. That's why they have to be very careful about what they say and provide much clarity. People fucking suck
James C
James C 2 aylar önce
@King Alaric clarification on every word and preposition? Lmao
SKYWOLF GBM Aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant conversation 👏
DC 1265
DC 1265 Aylar önce
Listening to this is a breath of fresh of air. ❤
Plant Based Well-being
Plant Based Well-being Aylar önce
This has to be one of the best inter-faith debates I’ve watched. Beautifully done, it ended too soon. 😢
Mark A
Mark A 22 gün önce
two extremely intelligent people conversing. I wish I was on that level. it was enjoyable to watch and a challenge to keep up.
Dont mess Strike
Dont mess Strike 16 gün önce
Im loyal to christansty follower of Christ i read Bible everyday! On aramic and English ✝️🛐 im proud to be christ dotter✝️💞 bud i respect Jordan and this man beacuse i love see people can talk without kill. God bless you all 🛐✝️🙏
Yr 4 was cg33
Yr 4 was cg33 5 aylar önce
This is what the world needs. I appreciate Dr. Jordan Peterson, Jonathan and Mohammed Hijab sitting at the same table and having a Real Talk, to an extent in which they have talked in this video. We need more of this! Not only from these fine souls, that are in search and pursuit of remedy, but from many others.. on all levels. This is the way forward. Bless to all
Juicebox 01
Juicebox 01 2 aylar önce
@Robert Percival you learn islam from anti Muslim websites 🤡 🤣
Juicebox 01
Juicebox 01 2 aylar önce
@Robert Percival who gave any pope the right to send people hell ? 🤣 🤣 🤣 That is so stoopid 🤦‍♂️
JClar72 25 gün önce
This was very interesting and enlightening, Thank you Dr. Peterson and guests
From The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture
From The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture Aylar önce
First thanks for your videos Mr Peterson, I enjoyed watching many of them so far, for this video I just wanted to say that "listening and allowing the other to talk without interruption is an art not everyone can master" !!!!
Brian Farley
Brian Farley 7 gün önce
Petersen is brilliant. I’m a Catholic and have been trying to dive more into my faith and Petersens insights are quite brilliant.
Spangler 15 gün önce
Thank god for the wisdom of JP the world is in dire need of the hard truths that he has shared will the world ❤
Reborn 777
Reborn 777 8 gün önce
"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jesus 🙌
Reborn 777
Reborn 777 7 gün önce
@Nestechen Amen to that Nestechen✌
Nestechen 7 gün önce
Yeah that’s metaphorical. No one comes to the father, except if you live a life of forgiveness and love like Jesus did.
Irfan Azemi
Irfan Azemi 4 aylar önce
This is how a debate should unfold literally and not screaming and interrupting one another and not be able to speak, this is education at its finest, just beautiful for the ears.
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst Gün önce
​ @Kazooha Kazoo Exactly! the Koran writer didn't even know what Christians believe! The writer of the Koran didn't even know that God became man according to Christianity! The writer of the Koran did not even know the most important foundations of Christianity!
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst Gün önce
why are you running away?? The topic is what Allah believes what Christians believe! Which is completely wrong! the topic is not what Islam teaches about Islam!
Kazooha Kazoo
Kazooha Kazoo Gün önce
​@Hanna Wurst its amazing how you distort quran words. When God asks jesus if he asked the people to worship him and his mother as deities He will answer, “Glory be to You! How could I ever say what I had no right to say? If I had said such a thing, you would have certainly known it. You know what is ˹hidden˺ within me, but I do not know what is within You. Indeed, You ˹alone˺ are the Knower of all unseen. What the hell does this have to do with the trinity?
Kazooha Kazoo
Kazooha Kazoo Gün önce
​@Hanna Wurst because jesus was never pierced. God gave another one his image while jesus was taken to the second level of heaven. The man who died was the only one willing to die when jesus asked would. The fact that jesus is not dead and still living in the second heaven is the reason why the "reincarnation of christ" talk is even relevant. Because jesus is still in the second level of heaven and will be back to unite the believers when the great test comes
Pablo Echevarria
Pablo Echevarria Aylar önce
I think the most important part of a heated debate is joking. Joking with a peer, enemy, friend. Doesn't matter whom to alleviate the stress or anger and bring a common laugh or love. I see it in this interview. Tension forgotten by love or laughter
Norma Breazile
Norma Breazile Gün önce
While speaking in a depth conversation with someone you never take a drink of water( or any drink) bc this shows that you’ve it a nerve( something that they didn’t like). God bless all these men on helping each other the real truth. Love and respect one another and Jesus Christ is Lord! 🙏
shane boutilier
shane boutilier 18 saatler önce
you can drink water. it is good for you
Keith Francis
Keith Francis 5 gün önce
As much as I know it would never happen due to the amount of energy they had to expend working with each other instead of against or away, I'd love a podcast of these three comparing the big three, I haven't ever seen a show dedicated to that. It would be nice
kall_me_krazi 10 gün önce
Jordan, thank you for being morally rich! God bless your pure heart and good intentions. Thank you for sharing your passion, wisdom and purpose with the world! Sending you, and everyone loving energy! 🤍🙏
Samson Moore
Samson Moore Aylar önce
Wonderful! I'm happy to have watched and listened.
ThatOneGuy 2 aylar önce
“What you need most will be found where you least want to look” such a powerful quote
Uther the Lightbringer
Uther the Lightbringer Aylar önce
@Rainfeather Tate the human trafficker?
himura haibara
himura haibara Aylar önce
@Rainfeather you can't look for good example of one group on social media because their purpose is getting attention for the wrong reasons controvercy is the most common tool for that. If you have the time try to look at the muslims around your environment. They're just living their life not trying to bother other people's businesses.
holyfuknmolymyshitstinks Aylar önce
Gawd I love Jordan’s ability to neutral mind. Puts himself in someone else’s shoes like none other I’ve ever heard, personally
TRUCE Aylar önce
My mind cant understand them, but can never mimic the way they explain things. such intelligence.
TK Aylar önce
I love these conversations. Has anyone here studied "The Law of One" (the Ra Material) or "A Course in Miracles" ? Those 2 transcripts have spoken so much truth and understanding to our highest questions (where are we? How did we get here? Where are we going?) And they also shine a beautiful light of interpretation onto the traditional scriptures. I am not an expert on the traditional scriptures , but "the Law of One" material in my opinion is the thread that stitches all religions together and shows that they are all pointing towards One truth. Thank you for this conversation, and if anyone has explored the materials I mentioned above leave a comment here:)
Michael C.
Michael C. Aylar önce
What a great conversation starter, for believers and non: You wake up on a boat, and see people there eating and living, and what questions do you have? Wonderful.
ehinomen oseghale
ehinomen oseghale 5 gün önce
Its either jordan peterson is completely insane or he is a genius of unimaginable proportions. I believe Jordan peterson is one rare brain of complete unquestionable genius. I am absolutely in awe of you @jordan peterson. I will make it my life mission to follow and buy all your books. You make me think like no other human being has. God bless you. God bless you. May the universe bless you. May God cause his light to shine on you
Unintelligent Lifeform
Unintelligent Lifeform 4 aylar önce
Such a great discussion. I hope these 3 men can have more discussions in the future and with more time.
HZ JC 10 gün önce
… “You son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, full of all deceit and villainy, will you not stop making crooked the straight paths of the Lord? (Acts13:10)
Ryo JS
Ryo JS 2 aylar önce
Muslims literally *ruled the world through excellence* Always remember these two names ***Ibn Sina***, 9th century muslim Founder of 1. Light being a finite wave 2. Objects having their own personal gravity 3. Father of Medicine, (before this point people in the west used chinese type medicine. "So if you look at jupiter you might have excessive bowl movement today") A. Invented numerous medical equipment we use to this day such as scalpels etc 4. As if all of that isnt enough. He postulated about the Big Bang (from the Quranic Verse ofc but he brought it to the realm of science and human attempted understanding) The rest of which Im still discovering about him as its a pain to find info on him And ***Ibn Al Haytham*** 9th century muslim 1. ***Founder of Science*** 2. Founder of Optics, refractions, the camera etc 3. Founder of the unbiased experimentation method (repeated experiments to get less bias? Thats this guy) 4. He also wrote on Gravity like Ibn Sina Here's the kicker and pin this ** 1687 Isaac Newton (read criminal) Had a copy of Kitab al Manazir Source: Islamic Era Scientists: Muhammed Hamza El-Saba (Professor Engineering) Sept 2021 "Ibn Al Haytham did a whole series of experiments, with darkrooms with pinholes (like camera) and other devices, to prove that Light Rays enter the eye from the outside. And he founded the Theory of Light Refraction and Reflection. This work of Ibn Al Haytham, based on experimental observation in the year 100-" I think they meant 1000, "represents the birth of Scientific experimental method. His approach was translated into Latin and taken up centuries later by Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and Galileo.** ___***In 1687, Isaac Newton Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica[1], in which he formulated Newton's laws of motions and Newton's laws of gravity, after centuries of their discovery and publishing, by Islamic era Scientists!"***___ Christians Atheists only thro genocide, colonialism, Nazism, r9pe and cheating in various forms Then stealing Muslim advancements Christians do what they do best At least he had the *audacity* to signage the magnificence "We stand on the shoulders of giants-!" My butt What he means is "We stole your stuff again Muslims"
Faysal Saad
Faysal Saad 6 gün önce
Props to Mohammed. He really tested Jordan theories profoundly. You could see JP reacting extremely philosophically to seem to give an adequate response..
NIKHIL G Gün önce
he stayed quite the whole time ! had no answer! just provocative
Azel Patrick
Azel Patrick 8 gün önce
When two cultures meet, there is always a clash
Michael C.
Michael C. Aylar önce
23 minutes in and I think the conversation is stimulating. I like the intelligence, and I love the understanding of history, as one-sided as it may be.
Red 5 saatler önce
pls explain. I felt like he just read the quran and the other 2 sat there.
Granny Annie
Granny Annie Aylar önce
Granny speaks re: present discussion i was born with "love" , no knowledge of fear, envey, no negative emotions, pure love and as I aged I learned unkind words and decided to choose "love-kindness", I am 76 year and I continue to believe eternally!
AcE 18 gün önce
I❤Peterson for being a humble and straight gentleman he is and meant no offense to others religious beliefs🙏🎉
Tony Binder
Tony Binder 5 aylar önce
Imagine a world where our political had conversations like this. Thank you JPB, Pageu, and Mohamad
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 3 aylar önce
@Bruce Wayne wdym?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 aylar önce
@Muhammad Khan jpb
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst 3 aylar önce
John 1,1 -3 + 14 confirms the creator of all creation became human! = YHWH! as everyone can see the term Son of God refers to the Word of God = god himself! For through that God created the worlds! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!*
shredseeker 3 aylar önce
@Hanna Wurst Jesus! Stop posting the same comment under every comment. You clearly have a natural disposition to cause argument.
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst 4 aylar önce
Hebr 1,2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, *by whom also he made the worlds;* as everyone can see the term Son of God refers to the Word of God = god himself! For through that God created the worlds! *what a mistake in the Qur'an!*
Agent Fundacji
Agent Fundacji 29 gün önce
Jonathan is practically a counselor to Dr. Peterson. He talks rarely but when he does it's worth hearing.
LeoneJ 6 gün önce
He just observed the whole time
Anonymous145 19 gün önce
I respect Jordan for listening and trying to view this from another perspective.
SemiMono Aylar önce
25:55 Agreed, we should not judge an idea by looking at a single person who holds it.
INC3NSUS Aylar önce
I am Agnostic, and yet this is powerful and amazing conversation. I went to Afghanistan and have friends I made there but struggle keeping an open mind about Muslims. Thank you for this!
Stephen 10 gün önce
@Hamad Al Khalifa xD
Hamad Al Khalifa
Hamad Al Khalifa 10 gün önce
​@Stephen What a racist
Stephen 15 gün önce
@TONI_KROOS I live in a Muslim majority country, not that your friendship circle has anything to do with facts.
TONI_KROOS 15 gün önce
@Stephen do you even have a muslim friend?🙄 You just assume humility wont be returned?😑
Stephen 15 gün önce
And why should you keep an open mind? I don’t feel you should when such humility is not returned.
Richard Conn
Richard Conn Aylar önce
Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess.
Ryo JS
Ryo JS 14 saatler önce
To God and God Alone not a man named Jesus AS For even he says the Greatest Commandment is the First
Ramona Keyes
Ramona Keyes 15 gün önce
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
HVAC-R STRONJAY 5 aylar önce
As a christain I have made respect for all 3 of you. This was a FASCINATING discussion such professional people politely disagreeing and having the most intelectual discussions. BRAVO
HZ JC 10 gün önce
laundry instruction by holey book: (65) chapter: ...Narrated Aishah: I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them. - Sahih al-bukhari 232, book 4, Hadith 98
Mu R
Mu R 3 aylar önce
@Sushi Uchiha you asked if muslims will see heaven. Their literature (not sure if it's called hadith) says they will first be sent to hell and must walk on a thin line (thinner than the thickness of human hair) above the raging fire of hell, if they don't fall into fire then they will go to their heaven. Another source says that their sins would be heaped on Christians and Jews so they can escape hell.
Puerto Rican Prince 🇵🇷
Puerto Rican Prince 🇵🇷 4 aylar önce
@Wesley Jakesta That doesn't even make sense. How does another man's work make you righteous ? You got to put in your own work. That Jesus Doctrine is just another way to avoid accountability for your sins. Stop using Jesus as a scapegoat. Jesus himself said keep the Commandments
Wesley Jakesta
Wesley Jakesta 4 aylar önce
@Puerto Rican Prince 🇵🇷 We are not righteous by ourselves. Only Jesus allows us to be righteous.
Alan J
Alan J Aylar önce
It's a good start, a fair stumble into a hopeful dialogue. Bravo!
HorseHead Nebula
HorseHead Nebula 13 saatler önce
Dr Jordan, intellectually out shine them all, more realistic and factual. Why your story is better than my story,applying psychology to theology speechless.
Mazen Maye
Mazen Maye 17 gün önce
Thank you for this great reference about comparative religion
HITCH SLAP 29 gün önce
Wow very intelligent and civil conversation
Waybac Inc
Waybac Inc 22 gün önce
From ghana and what he says is true. I be doing salat in my Christian friends room. I even get escorted to the mosque sometimes by christians
Richard Amin
Richard Amin 5 aylar önce
I do love the way they find pockets of moments to laugh, joke and bring levity in their discussion of serious topics. Laughter definitely brings people together
Perry Griffin
Perry Griffin Aylar önce
Urgh jealous bickering well done guys
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed 4 aylar önce
@clacsonornamental We love the Prophet more than our families and mothers. What’s is you expect?
Stef Kourakis
Stef Kourakis Aylar önce
" Love can attain what the intellect can not fathom" Meher Baba
DreamMasters The Hotrod Shop
DreamMasters The Hotrod Shop Aylar önce
Truth is deeper than you can imagine! The agreement to honor and respect another ones position in what theirs to be is a powerful foundation for peace as long as it is truth and not delusional
Ryan McChesney
Ryan McChesney 17 gün önce
Fantastic work, all three of you. We dont all have to convert to muslim to get allong..
Pablo Echevarria
Pablo Echevarria Aylar önce
Wow at 1:17 he said something I never understood. I love horror movies because I know the pain of life. It's gripping, it teaches and it reminds me that life can be cruel.
Damon Beddingfield
Damon Beddingfield 21 gün önce
Being humble is one thing, being humble with those who think you are trying to seem humble is work. Not trying in the world is absolutely selfish. Sometimes loving, caring and understanding does not come natural. Put fourth the effort. Humanity as a whole depends on it.
Lauren C
Lauren C 5 aylar önce
As a Christian I found this absolutely fascinating. Thank you for this conversation!
MoMo 24 gün önce
@SY hijab was talking more than listening? Man peterson talked like triple as much as hijab.
SY 4 aylar önce
@K B thanks for the offer. But no thanks! Sorry, but There is no Al-Lah and there is no truth in Islam. I have the truth and will confess that until my last breath. and because we love you, we all pray that God remove the scales from your eyes that you too may enjoy salvation and eternal life with Christ. 🙏
abdelnour tedjani
abdelnour tedjani 4 aylar önce
@lifeonthelake 4367 I didn't understand what you have said
Poptart 81
Poptart 81 26 gün önce
Love each other, except when they are trying to hurt you. Defend, and then forgive. This is the lesson I've taken away.
Benny Backflop
Benny Backflop 22 gün önce
As much as I love JP I found his responses in this interview could have been more concise.
Philosophical Tendencies
Philosophical Tendencies 29 gün önce
I'd have an idea what could be a good "unity" that we could believe in and I think a sentence from the yogis describes this best: Conceive the godliness in you. I'd change the sentence in "Conceive the godliness in the human species". Wouldn't it be a nice idea to unify under this mantra? I'd love to see that. Love from Austria to both participating communities.
kingdom come
kingdom come 2 gün önce
I'm pretty sure that is what people are doing, whether they know it or not. "Godliness" seems to be a subjective term. That uniting phrase works well for Yogis because their environment and teachings are very similar and controlled. Maybe something a little simpler would be better like: "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or the ten commandments seem like a Great starting point.
James Raj
James Raj 22 gün önce
Grown up discussion...need more of it.
GrahamGreene Aylar önce
I love Jordan Peterson's Honesty. True Norman. He just came out with it straight up. Lets get this right or hell will be unleashed.
Sandra Pendleton
Sandra Pendleton 3 aylar önce
This is what happens when you have a difference of opinion, get heated, STAY in the room and LISTEN to the others WHY. Loved this.
Faiza Faiza
Faiza Faiza 10 gün önce
@HZ JC Prophet Muhammad PBUH wasn't like pedophile church you consider Joseph 90 a pedophile who married Mary 12? Or Issac who married 3/6 years old Rebekah???
HZ JC 10 gün önce
holey Mohd, child sexual abuser:Mohd, child sexual abuser: (36) chapter: ...narrated Aisha: allah’s messenger said (to me), “you were shown to me in a dream...” - Sahih al-Bukhari 5125, book 67, Hadith 61. (10) chapter: ...Narrated A isha: A isha reported that allah’s apostle married her when she was six years old, and he (the holy prophet) took her to his house when she was nine, and when he (the holy prophet) died she was eighteen years old. - Sahih Muslim 1422d, book 16, Hadith 84.
Hanna Wurst
Hanna Wurst Aylar önce
Education helps! There are 2 different titles Son of God! One relates to creation (humans, angels, demons) One relates to the Word of God!What your book doesn't know
Ws BST Aylar önce
30:56 - 31:40 Jordans so accurate on the topic trying to be a (courageous knight) of ones faith especially Christianity for me, it's true it's hard to be properly humble or follow all the guidelines in ur faith all the times in whichever faith or religion u believe, it just shows us how flawed us humans are, God bless Jordan Peterson
Dylan Heinrich
Dylan Heinrich 28 gün önce
Thanks-- needed to hear this conversation!
Peter Jarnes
Peter Jarnes Aylar önce
This was terrific and one of the most powerful statements was "don't ask me if I believe in God watch me." 🙏 Testify.
Cameron Shane
Cameron Shane 20 gün önce
no dude hes dancing around the question. hes not a Christian. hes an Atheist who believes religion is good morally for a society. thats it.
Dani Roy
Dani Roy 29 gün önce
All of this discourse can go on and on forever. All we need to know is that we each come from the same source - and that we each return to the same source - everything that separates us is just semantics, as we are all just meat suits having spiritual experiences. We all come from love, and we all return to love. And the entire point of being here is to love one another, and use Love as the main anchor and point of reference - to make each and every single decision during this tiny blip in time. It’s that’s simple.
Lance G
Lance G 3 gün önce
@POSSESSING FAITH Who is the naive one here?
Naive thinking here…
Donald Pruett
Donald Pruett 22 gün önce
"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible".
Tyrel 5 aylar önce
What a great conversation. The fact they are all disagreeable makes for a deeper dive into discussion. And the fact they are not offended to the point of anger or resentment makes for a stable conversation. Firm yet respectful is what is lacking in this world today.
Merrie Merrie
Merrie Merrie 3 aylar önce
On the contrary Peterson and Pageau were not disagreeable. Humility is Truth.
Annam 4 aylar önce
Well put
abdelnour tedjani
abdelnour tedjani 4 aylar önce
Aslamualaykom brothers and sisters, we are in a special time , we are in the time of Jesus PBUH, and Mah. di PBUH, and daj. al . There are very great things are coming like the very bad things will happen in the USA in the coming months ( the next Ramadan inchallah) . We expect it is very probable 2023 is the start time of the events like the gold mountain . The start is with a star will get close to earth , Now it's very probable a star that you can see right now in the sky . Firstly turn the east of the sky . It looks closer than other stars and the next months you will see it get bigger. In Ramadan , it will appear clearly ( like the moon ) and it will effect the Earth with great effects _ Probably it will be the cause of the end of America . then after that Mah. di _who will establish khilafah _ is a matter of time ( months). Mahdi will appear in warfare in mekka ( Saudi Arabia) as mentioned in ahadith after a King's death ( Salman) . Ramadan inchallah is a time of that warfare. Ramadan that year will be great guys. Firstly you need to know that we are in a period called jabri ( military) rule . But this period has other names like the rajaa period. This period started in mekka in 1344 . One asked the prophet Muhammad PBUH: how long the rajaa of your ummah . The prophet Muhammad PBUH didn't answer his question until the third time . The third time he said 100 years Narrated in Mustadrak ala al-Sahihain. Even if it is not sahih . There are other two ahadith cross at the same point , with different start-poionts . So they strengthen each other 1) The prophet Muhammad PBUH said: People will swear allegiance to a man between the Corner an Maqam , and no one will fight in the house except his people , if they fought in the house don't ask about the doom of Arabs .... Narrated in Fath al-Bari Sharh al-Bukhari We saw the doom of Arabs after the refugee. He is a man called Muhammad bin Abdullah and his brother in law Juhaiman in 1979 , you can search for it , it's a long story, we saw the doom of Arabs: wars, Alaqsa , Syria, Iraq ..... Another similar hadith.The prophet Muhammad PBUH said : A refugee will seek refuge in the (sacred ) house ( for baiaa : allegiance) and he will be killed.then people will live a borha of their time . Then another refugee will seek refuge . If you attended to his time don't invade him it's the khasf army . Narrated by noaim bin hammad in his book al-fitan The killed refugee is Muhammad bin Abdullah Borha in arabic is a period of time . But the scholars of the language found that it's mostly used between 40 and 50 years . Now 2022-1979 =44 Khasf army is Ma. hdi's army because there is Sufiani army who are Muslims(at least most of them) ,they will try to invade Mah..di's army _when they know the baiaa is done _ but Allah will do khasf for them . (The Earth will open with a big hole while they are walking.)_ Khasf is a sign for the true mah..di . 2/ There is fitna called the blind fitna in the Sham (Syria ). The prophet said : its first is kids playing. And we saw in Syria events which started in 2011 . It started with kids writing on the wall phrases against the authority A hadith says that its period is 12 years and another says its period is 18 years. 12-year-hadith crosses with 100 years . 1444 = 2023 It ends when the gold mountain appears . Which will happen in the same year that Mahdi appears. If you found that helpful . Take a screenshot and share it . In Facebook groups
Abdullah Masood
Abdullah Masood 4 aylar önce
Carol Leathers
Carol Leathers 9 gün önce
I am no intellectual but I know in my heart that we were designed to be reconciled to God (in relationship with Him) and to extend love and kindness to others, as an example, so others will want a relationship with God, also. None of us know the absolute truth until we stand in His presence. Do good.
Hector Miranda
Hector Miranda 28 gün önce
Wow, what an amazing presentation.
MAKAROV M 21 gün önce
I Think i need to be reborn study and research better just to grasp this conversation... Holly Molly! this is like the highest degree in philosophy and spirituality for me.
Sheyla Abarca
Sheyla Abarca Aylar önce
I thank God for touching Mr.Peterson's heart with the Holy Spirit, so that He in His wisdom knew that Mr.Peterson would know how to word and explain Jesus's life , work and miracles in such wonderful ways that his platform has made other men and women into Jesus Christ believers. God is the One and Only who sacriced His only son, Jesus Christ to redeem us from our sins. Blessed be His holy name. ✝️🛐🛡🗡👑🕊🙏
Neon Aylar önce
"The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills - let him believe; and whoever wills - let him disbelieve." Al-Kahf, 29 (Quran)
Damienne Bateman
Damienne Bateman 3 aylar önce
I've been waiting for a conversation on this level for 3 decades. It would be helpful to all people regardless of religious persuasion, for atleast a part 2 and more, for us all to develop understandingand acceptance of each other and self. Thank you to all sides for letting us in on this discussion
nicolvin zz
nicolvin zz Aylar önce
@HZ HZ even if he is a thug, he still managed to make some interesting points. For example his challenge to Jordan about the “why” was quite interesting. I used to be Christian, am now atheist but this challenge seemed accurate to me. As an atheist for me to try and be the best version of myself I have to think of a bunch of attributes that I think are good and then aspire to live up to that. This version of myself is going to be limited because I may not know what the best attributes are and even if I did maybe this is still a weaker approach. A believer on the other hand is aiming at divine infinity. They don’t even have to know the list of things they are aiming for because the belief that they cannot fully grasp perfection is already built in. They can aim to be the best version of themselves still knowing that compared to the divine they are not even close so there’s always more they can be doing. It’s a much higher goal and also more humble because it means putting the ideal so far away from yourself that you could never become arrogant. This was some of the wisdom I took away and I want to figure out how to have this type of divine inspiration without being a religious believer
Last Testament
Last Testament Aylar önce
* Quran confirms who Jesus really was. When Jews refused Jesus, Allah/God sent down Quran through prophet Muhammad. * *Allah's message to Jews:* Jesus was really a God's prophet for Jews /Israelites. Jesus was sent to purify & enforce Torah Law that was neglected by most Jews at that time. But most Jews rejected him and accused him of claiming to be God (Quran 5:116,117). * *Allah's message to Christians:* Jesus was a God's prophet for Jews, but Jesus was not God incarnate, nor sin atoner / sacrifice on the cross. It wasn't Jesus who was crucified (Quran 5:72, 4:157). In the Bible itself, *God forbids human sacrifice* (Jeremiah 32: 35 & Leviticus 18:21 & 20: 2-5).
سعود المقبلي
سعود المقبلي 2 aylar önce
@T S ماذا تقول انتر😂
Samandmckenziedoes 2 aylar önce
@Sione Nuku hey brother , thanks for the response .. cp is worth the dive , shouldn’t take more than a day of watching or listening since his identity has never been revealed but he has stated he is the highest level scholar of Arabic .. doesn’t matter and it’s ancedotal coming from me anyway .. hard to listen after some time as he seems to stir up certain Indonesian Muslims to fury and it gets rather funny in my oppinon but at the end of the day It gets redundant .. I’m no scholar in these matters but the Bible not being available in my oppinon supports my claim of the Quran being a loose retelling of the Bible and it shows in its incompleteness.. I’ve only heard versus or read them but they just seem like retelling of Old Testament stories .. New Testament is the same way , almost a butcher job and the Muslims view of Jesus actualy is a bit laughable … so Jesus was not divine , just a man who will miraculously come back to life do some stuff but then get married and die normaly ?? And he wasn’t crucified but his body exchanged for another ? No one is buying that ,it sounds pretty elemantary ? I think hadiths are similar to the church fathers .. oppinon and perceptions of the scriptures , and I’m ok with that for fun and learning but I won’t use them as any defense or attack of any part of the cannon we have .it seems the difference being , manh Muslims don’t speak Arabic so it’s a disadvantage to argue the text when a person can’t actualy read the text and only the Arabic is considered authentic ? The Talmud seems to be in a category all by itself as it in my oppinon is filthy , extreme and in my oppinon written by demons and evil men ! I find Muslim people to be very intelligent , dedicated and extremely disciplined which many if not most Christians could and should learn a thing or two from . I also find Muslims to be very spiritual which I like but somehow they tend to get very materialistic and legalistic when confronted with the trinity or any thing related to creator God , His spirit and His word all of which I find basic and easy so it confuses me … I might also add CP shows very solidly in the Arabic text the full support of three yet one … like I said I personaly don’t know becaue I don’t speak the language but this view is supported by many Arabic scholars so I tend to believe it , the same argument can be found in Jewsish scriptures as well and they donot support the notion of Jesus being the Word of God or the Son of God or the implication that Jesus may also be God … my reading of the Old Testament fully supports these claims and the earliest manuscripts also support this untill the masoretes altered the text with markings That only they can understand which makes me automaticaly not trust ? For me all we as regular humans can do is love God wirh all we have , love our neighbor as we love ourself and treat people how we want to be treated ! And yessir much love from the very red state of Alabama. Always wanted to visit Australia , an amazing country from the videos I’ve watched but corona virus changed all of that … I’ll stay in Alabama and watch videos 😉 Hope I don’t offend you sir I think Christian’s , Orthodox Jews and Muslims could all learn alot from each other
simbad909 16 gün önce
When intelligent diverse ppl can check their vanities at the door ..we get a very cool long discussion as this. Very enjoyable.
Shafie Hassan
Shafie Hassan Aylar önce
Honestly its crazy how intelligent those guys are you can really tell how much superior in knowledge they are to everyone
Ryo JS
Ryo JS Aylar önce
They read
James Cameron
James Cameron Aylar önce
The wisdom of men is foolish to God .....
Filthy Heathen
Filthy Heathen 9 gün önce
Jordan sure is starting to talk a lot more without saying much
larry lee
larry lee 4 gün önce
pwn600 6 gün önce
Probably because of his background as a psychologist which requires you to make objective observations about human behavior. The other speaker is trying to get Jordan to make subjective judgments about human behavior but his psychologist side always guards against making those kinds of absolutist statements. Jordan typically tells you: historically, this is how we looked at it and then this is how we look at it now and then continues to question it as if he is asking the viewers to ponder on it before deciding it for themselves. What you call dancing around the issue he might call searching for the objective truth via dialogue and healthy questioning of the validity of theories and observations. People are just so accustomed to blindly accepting the political absolutism and dogma fed to us by the media, books, and world figures, which put us in a flight or flight, tribalistic frame of mind, that they cannot possibly understand why somebody would want to stop and ponder about something for long periods (introspective reflection and dialogue) and then, unbelievably, engage in dialogue with people with opposing views (extrospective dialogue) with the aim of achieving compromises and peaceful solutions. His own thoughts or judgements about others are materially irrelevant in his pursuit of finding peace and common ground. Objectivity as defined by American Psychological Association n. 1. the tendency to base judgments and interpretations on external data rather than on subjective factors, such as personal feelings, beliefs, and experiences.
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