The Texas Family Farm Killings: The Disturbing Case of Robin Doan

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“Do I really need to talk about what happened?”
September 30th 2005, at her home in Pampa, 10 year old Robin Doan wakes up to a nightmare of gunshots and realizes it is not a dream. She hears her mother’s screaming, bullets shooting off, and before she could react, the heavy footsteps approaching her door. Robin’s family becomes victim to one of the most deadly home invasions in Texas, and the police officers don’t understand how they find the 10 year old girl unharmed. Her “perhaps too calm” 911 call will offer the only living testimony of Levi King’s merciless killing spree.
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Robin McInarnay
Robin McInarnay 4 aylar önce
These victims endure the most brutally horrific of tragedies. It’s nothing short of amazing that they’re able to surpass a life of surviving-living a normal life-but ultimately becoming an inspirational hope for others is truly miraculous. Their attitude is awe-inspiring.
Izzy Yarra
Izzy Yarra 17 saatler önce
I can’t possibly say this any better. 100% agree with every single word. Awe inspiring tenacity in times of unthinkable unspeakable events.
Robert English
Robert English Aylar önce
I hope this Robin Doan and family are okay Armando Lazo should not be dead
Lisa-Marie Rota
Lisa-Marie Rota Aylar önce
Wax Warrior
Wax Warrior Aylar önce
lori 💕💕
lori 💕💕 2 aylar önce
girlnextdoor0703 4 aylar önce
Whatever those parents did raising her, they made an amazing girl. She is doing their legacy proud.
Navneet kaur
Navneet kaur Gün önce
​@Sandra Schofield You are very true some day you really need to forgive people what they done to you
sadkins543210 Aylar önce
You just know they were the *best* kind of people to raise such an amazing girl.
Lynne Tazibaby
Lynne Tazibaby Aylar önce
agreed 😢
jbaby007 3 aylar önce
Robin telling 911 dispatch the miles from certain markers, what she's wearing, all of the details under those circumstances at 10?! Incredible parenting. Incredible child. May she continue to be blessed.
Naomi 10 gün önce
​@Boo Boo i know thst i definitly wasnt so smart at 10 she was very mature
Suzy Moroka
Suzy Moroka 12 gün önce
@Boo Boo Dylan Mortensen is 20 years old, she failed to do what little Robin did
KpopistAKMandy 13 gün önce
​@hexxxd!☆♤ That's usually due to parenting and the education system. Children are quite smart and can adapt quickly if given the right tools to learn and be taught well. People treat kids like they're dumb because they don't listen or talk to them seriously. They're young, immature, and can be dumb mostly due to naivety but they're still thinking and processing everything around them incredibly well. At 10 you're in middle school writing papers, reading books, making projects, possibly a presentation or 2, homework. I just don't think people make that connection of what exactly each age is doing at school. I remember in second grade I learned cursive, and made a report on komodo dragons cause I was hoping dinosaurs were alive in some way. I think we just need better education to teach valuable skills that will help them in life later on and more adults learn not to assume children aren't aware of the world around them. Cause that's what I think it comes down to, adults don't realize or recognize on some level that kids are conscious with questions and answers 😅
hexxxd!☆♤ 20 gün önce
@Maria s huh
Maymarie 3 aylar önce
The fact she forgave the killer was the most important step she took in her healing process. Forgiving is not for the other person, it's for you. She's an incredible person.
Maymarie 14 gün önce
@Antoine Foster Matthew 6:14 How many years have you been without obeying God?
Antoine Foster
Antoine Foster 14 gün önce
"Forgiveness is not the most important. You don't have to forgive people. You can have a great life without forgiving somebody. How old are you?"
Reasull 26 gün önce
@OTG Ministry God also said not to murder people and no offense but I don’t care what the bible says, Jesus doesn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge because you didn’t want to forgive the person who murdered your entire family. Honestly, it seems to me like some of you religious people worship the bible more then you worship the trinity
Maymarie Aylar önce
Parkour 3 aylar önce
I’m a 32 year old grown man, and when this poor child was sobbing and said, “I want my mom” I couldn’t help but to bawl
•Stich_L0ver• 2 gün önce
32! your the same age as my mom
Navneet kaur
Navneet kaur 6 gün önce
Where his brothers and sisters?
Navneet kaur
Navneet kaur 6 gün önce
Why do I guns existed can people explain to me????😢
rammi bear
rammi bear 7 gün önce
I almost posted the same. I miss my mom and that really got to me.
ThatGuyThai Aylar önce
31 and same deal.
Sylversyl 2 aylar önce
The fact she was this descriptive and present during the 911 call is just wow. And 15 bullet shots? how the hell did she have the presence of mind to count them?
πRaVen 7 gün önce
​​@Nila indeed. That's why there are nurses and doctors just to treat a patient's trauma. Edit: sad reality is, usually an insurance doesn't cover such a treatment unless requested by federals or in direct connection with a patient's survival. Otherwise it gies under, "treating the well-being of a patient", which is considered alternative medicine. Regardless of clear Neuro-biology facts, that it's half of the healing process nontheless.
GorillaRiotGames Aylar önce
As someone with PTSD, these sort of details stick with you forever.
Nila Aylar önce
the brain processes trauma VERY differently than regular memories
Hafi Renggayuda
Hafi Renggayuda Aylar önce
Some people process traumatic event more vividly than normal event. I myself can still recall how I almost drown by strong current, which happen decades ago.
Rebecca 2 aylar önce
It's possible that she wasn't counting as they went off, but replayed the memory and counted them later. Sound can live in the memory like that.
Cindy Cockerham
Cindy Cockerham 3 aylar önce
I met Robin shortly after this horror, and I met her father recently. She was expecting her first child and is doing well. He is so proud of his daughter for being the strong, brave girl and woman she has become.
mandy edwards
mandy edwards 2 gün önce
@Black Gown i understand that. I lost my dad 15 yr old brother and both maternal.grandparents at 14.. long story... poor mum was broken so I was the "good girl" who kept strong.. then 6 years later all hell let lose ... for a while... however Robin has a quality... an inner strength ... sonething tells me shes gonna get be ok.. but Its jusr a feeling. I do agree it ao importabt to release grief..... I held onto unforgiveness... something I couldnt share and 36 years later... my back was literally broken...I had a spinal cord injury.. was in a wheelchair for a while ... and 20 years on I still have weak legs ... Sounds crazy I know but pain finds a way.. Im sure of it...
Sarah 6 gün önce
Beetlejuice 18 gün önce
I moved to pampa a couple of months before this happened it was scary I'm glad she's doing good bless her and her family
Olivia O
Olivia O Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this, this is important 🙏
D A Aylar önce
She would be 27 by today, right? About the same age as me. I can't imagine going through that at 10 yrs old. I would be too scared.
Rachel R
Rachel R 3 aylar önce
The fact that little Robin, after being present during the murder of her entire family, just wanted to feed her animals with the officer after being rescued… that just shattered my heart. What an incredibly loving, kind child she was. What a beautiful, selfless, loving young woman she’s become.
Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear Aylar önce
@PeskyPenguin That's only a small part of it. The greater part is that she has been taught to think of others before herself. Notice when she describes hearing, finally, the cold fact that her family was dead. She didn't dwell on how she received the news; her concern was for others: "It broke the officers' hearts to have to tell me."
Christy Adcock
Christy Adcock 2 aylar önce
I actually seen this. So horrible, the officer helped her do her chores. 😢
Hyperr 109
Hyperr 109 2 aylar önce
@Jokerkat I can agree. When I was in middle school I witnessed my dad have a seizure and almost die when it was just me and my brother at home with him. After the whole situation, not knowing if I'd ever see my dad alive again. The first responder made a little joke about, "how'd the floor get so dirty, you should clean that up," or something like that after they left a bunch of boot prints through my kitchen to pick him up. After they left and my mom was outside just getting home, I legitimately grabbed a mop and just started cleaning the floor. My mom kind of laughed and was surprised that I was cleaning the floor, but now reading this it makes a lot of sense. I just wanted to do something normal when I was extremely distressed. I thought nothing of it at the time, thanks for helping me understand that👍🏻
Hoa Tran
Hoa Tran 2 aylar önce
That is so sad for what happen for the little Robin family !
Jokerkat 3 aylar önce
When you experience that level of trauma, you grasp on to any kind of normalcy, any kind of routine, anything you can have control over. The cop did her a huge service walking with her to complete that routine so she didn't feel completely lost. I think that helped her keep it together enough to convey what happened. She wanted so badly to stop this person, to help her family get justice. Even though the world around her was in shatters, she wanted to do something, anything, to help her family the way I feel she likely wished she had been able to when it happened. It's not always logical, but I get it, and my heart breaks for her. She had no one she knew in that moment and had to trust complete strangers when a complete stranger had done this to her family and she had to feel so, so alone.
ASMA SULTANA 3 aylar önce
When Officer Chad said that she invited him to her 16th birthday ...he stops for a while being emotional ..this shows that how much he became her loved ones
TheBestDog Aylar önce
@Sahra please delete this…. it’s not funny at all and this isn’t the place for that. you’re playing around on a video about innocent families who were massacred. it’s not ok.
Laurie Rice
Laurie Rice Aylar önce
@Zen Agree with you completely.
Zen Aylar önce
@Sahra Not funny. This is a murder case, if you're going to joke about this situation I suggest you to delete the comments and leave the video. Thanks
Sahra Aylar önce
Sahra Aylar önce
Alice Ayres
Alice Ayres 3 aylar önce
Stuff like this puts things in perspective. I'm sitting here crying because a thief drained our bank account today. This girl had her family drained from her. What a brave kid.
Jennifer Griffin
Jennifer Griffin 6 gün önce
Just because she had it worse doesn't mean you can't experience hardships and feel angry and sad over what is happening in your life. But I can understand how it can put it into perspective
Bloom 16 gün önce
I'm 😔
ami 22 gün önce
That’s awful, I’m so sorry to hear that. But just like Robin, YOU WILL SURVIVE. I hope that you and your family recover ❤️
Pamela Turdo
Pamela Turdo Aylar önce
@Norman Kelley the my to be back
Laurie Rice
Laurie Rice Aylar önce
What you wrote is so true! It really does put things in perspective. Material things can almost always be replaced, our loved ones cannot💔
Strifentine44 3 aylar önce
These videos usually don’t choke me up, but The deputy going to help her feed her animals got me. Their lifelong friendship is so sweet.
The Cochrans
The Cochrans Aylar önce
I live about 45 minutes from Pampa and this young woman came to speak at our school where I took at a forensics class. She is absolutely incredible after what she’s been through. I got to speak with her personally. She now has a career helping to catch other pure evil people in this world.
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez 3 aylar önce
Her powerful words got me in tears: "When I hug him, every time I see him, it's that same hug I got the day that he came and he was the first one to me, it's like a safe place."
BB 3 aylar önce
You can tell she was raised by a good family. Even under those circumstances, she still managed to even be polite to the dispatcher, addressing her as ma’am. Very sweet and inspiring young woman. ❤
offlinegamer 2 aylar önce
Shes sounds so smart for a 10y.o kid
Lotus Flowerbomb
Lotus Flowerbomb 2 aylar önce
@Angie M Houston ppl are very sweet and polite I'm from LA and have visited a few times nicest ppl I've ever encountered way more polite then los Angeles people that's for sure.
Michele Smith
Michele Smith 2 aylar önce
She was a very smart,polite,brace girl.So glad she survived and is so strong.
Michele Smith
Michele Smith 2 aylar önce
@Angie M It's def.not a Texas thing,I & others are not from Texas an no matter what we say ty,yw,please,may I,excuse me,sorry so on & so to much.Its like no control,it's how ones character is also how ones raised.Its more then just a habit.I don't feel rt.not using manners less it's a have to,telling someone off.Can not always do that in a polite way depending.
Angie M
Angie M 2 aylar önce
That's how Texans are raised. It's a habit and it just comes out. Unless you're from Houston. They have no manners.
Bhavika Sicka
Bhavika Sicka Aylar önce
My parents and my pets are my life. Whoever stole this little girl's life from her is a monster. But she built another life because she's a brave little girl. Very articulate and aware for her age, and I'm sure she's grown into a kind and intelligent young woman.
Kimi Sorensen
Kimi Sorensen 2 aylar önce
Omg that 911 operator deserves a medal!! Thank you ma’am for being so wonderful to this shattered little girl.
Love, Lana
Love, Lana 3 aylar önce
That child has seriously advanced verbal skills dang! Her directional description of her location in the 911 call too. Brilliant little girl ❤️
Kirsten Dieker
Kirsten Dieker 2 aylar önce
I never would've imagined that I would find myself smiling as this episode ended. As horrible as I feel for all involved I also feel uplifted and inspired by Robin and her story. I have spent the last two years feeling bitter and angry about a personal matter. But I pledge to take Robin's words and attitude to heart as I move forward in love and light rather than the crippling grief I have experienced. If she can get through her horrendous situation with such positivity and grace, I can move forward too. Thank you, Robin. God bless you and keep you!
Kirsten Dieker
Kirsten Dieker Aylar önce
@Simone Thank you. I needed that today! ❤
Simone Aylar önce
I wish you well on your healing journey and road forward. Many blessings.
Zaddy Holmes
Zaddy Holmes 3 aylar önce
I’m bawling my eyes out what an incredible person Robyn is. She is a testament to her wonderful parents. I’m blown away by her strength, resilience, emotional intelligence, integrity and her heart. I’m heart broken that she lost her family it’s just so unbelievable how a random evil took that away from her. Wishing her nothing but the absolute best for the rest of her life, she sure deserves it. I hope she is happy and lives a life of peace and laughter and love.
Zaddy Holmes
Zaddy Holmes 3 aylar önce
@Linda Stephens autocorrect fail Linda
Linda Stephens
Linda Stephens 3 aylar önce
mariyaa111 3 aylar önce
Oh my goodness when that poor baby said, “I think I’m the only one alive, I want my Mom,” my heart broke for her. 😢😢 The fact that she continued to say “Yes Ma’am,” and remain so articulate is unbelievable!!!
Jayne Kennedy
Jayne Kennedy 3 aylar önce
I soooo agree with you all - I sobbed watching this and I agree that she's an amazing person.....I couldn't have been so eloquent and so very brave all thru the agony of all this. She definitely did her family proud. Now a beautiful lady - inside and out - I, like so many other people, wish you well darling & wish you the long and happy life your family would have wanted for you xxxs
Mewse 3 aylar önce
@Princess Star Peach I did cry. She made me cry several times
Mewse 3 aylar önce
Mine too. I'm crying here.
Cash Carti
Cash Carti 3 aylar önce
@mobates89 same I’m crying
Flaming Phoenix unknown
Flaming Phoenix unknown 2 aylar önce
Poor Robin it must’ve been so hard I can’t even imagine the pain of losing your parents, brother, and dog I hope all of them are resting in peace. She’s too kind I can’t believe she forgave him I wouldn’t have.
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson 21 gün önce
She healed faster because she could forgive.
Kimberly Piasecki
Kimberly Piasecki Aylar önce
I feel so bad for her. But I give her a lot of credit because she's so strong and very well mannered. Her mama was doing a great job raising her. Her family didn't deserve this
Slimothy James
Slimothy James 3 aylar önce
That poor girl. She sounded so grown up, mature and intelligent during that call despite what she just experienced. They did a fantastic job raising her, I just wish this would've never happened to her or her family. I hope she's somehow found peace in her life ❤️
K Dawson
K Dawson 2 aylar önce
What that poor child had to endure is absolutely devastating. The fact she had time to think about her animals and feed them shows this sweet child’s true nature. ❤ Her parents are surely very proud of her.
Diana F
Diana F 3 aylar önce
I love that she won’t even give that man the SATISFACTION. He didn’t take everything away from her. She is grateful and will live the best life she can.
Laurie Rice
Laurie Rice Aylar önce
Well said.
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 4 aylar önce
I can’t believe a ten year old was able to say “I forgive you” to her family’s murderer in court. She’s amazing, and he doesn’t deserve that. I’m literally crying rn.
Uni Corni
Uni Corni 4 gün önce
​@TrumpHasBeenIndicated exactly, you dont have nor need to forgive them, to keep going forward, but everyone has their own grief, so if she decided to do so, well, thats her desition
Uni Corni
Uni Corni 4 gün önce
She wasnt ten, she was a teenager she had to wait 4-5 years for the trial, horrible either way
Westerly Winds
Westerly Winds 5 gün önce
@Luna Wolf Don’t do that. I’m older, like 6 decades. I drive buses and deal with international people daily. I know what you mean, but you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater I think. I don’t like society either, but I do like the individual person. There’s a difference. Get to talk to a stranger, and quickly find out you’re not that much different than they are. Give it a try. Works wonders. We all have a story to share.
Luna Wolf
Luna Wolf 5 gün önce
@Westerly Winds welp guess that’s to late for me life made me hate society and kinda most people
Meiaixin 7 gün önce
She is insanely strong for her age! I am so happy she made it alive and she was to strong standing up to him and moving on with her life to become a greater person. Her family would be have proud.
Ashley Dunstan
Ashley Dunstan 3 aylar önce
Wow! Her call to the 911 operator was so articulate, mature and calm, considering she was only 10 years old, and what she had just gone through. That was amazing. I’ve heard a lot of 911 calls watching true crime documentaries , and some of the adults that ring can’t even string two words together properly.
Farah T
Farah T 3 aylar önce
Her parents had raised a wonderful daughter. The part where she said that she forgave him made me tear up. May you and those people who had helped and support you be bless with happiness and love throughout your guys life.
Marissa H
Marissa H 17 gün önce
WOW what a story! This is just heartbreaking I can’t imagine how she must have felt but God bless her she is strong!!! I’m so proud of you Robin, you are incredible and your story is so inspiring! God bless you girl! Your family and God are always with you and I pray you reach all your dreams. 🙏❤️
Samantha B.
Samantha B. 3 aylar önce
Literally had tears rolling down my cheeks listening to Robin as a young girl telling investigators what had happened. The tears came more at the end listening to Robin as a young lady talking about how she's not going to let him take her power away from her. Truly a strong woman & to forgive the man that took everyone she loves most away from her, speaks volumes in itself. Thank you for sharing 🪶 Much Peace & Love ☮️💟
Jacqueline Kehoe
Jacqueline Kehoe 3 aylar önce
The juxtaposition in the 911 call between her being wildly mature and articulate, telling them what she’s wearing and what’s happening, and her just being a 10 year old girl that’s obviously terrified wanting her mom and blanket is so heartbreaking* wow
Sarah Aylar önce
@Parkour read a book I beg of you
Gülşah Kara
Gülşah Kara 2 aylar önce
@C B beautifully put!
D. L
D. L 3 aylar önce
@Jacqueline Kehoe 😂
Jacqueline Kehoe
Jacqueline Kehoe 3 aylar önce
@Parkour Lmao imagine telling everyone else they need to dumb it down because you don’t understand something 😂 Google is free bruv
Uapa500 2 aylar önce
She doesn't want people to pity her. Pity her?! She's such a brave, wonderful person, with high morals and dignity, if something, she's an example 💖
Antoine Foster
Antoine Foster 14 gün önce
"Congratulations to you, young lady. For coming so far. Your parents are proud of you. And I think the world LOVES you. Thank you for sharing your story. And the person that put the video. I salute you. It has to be emotionally draining to cover so many sad stories. Big ups to you."
kinsey leeper
kinsey leeper 2 aylar önce
The ending was so inspiring for me. I love how she forgave him. I feel as if I would never be able to do so. I love that she can tell her story with full confidence in what she's saying. Very, very inspiring.
ßeautifulChaos 3 aylar önce
This girl, now women is such a beautiful strong soul. To have her whole family, 5 poor lives taken & to stay strong through it at 10 yrs old is incredible. She handled it better than most could. I am so glad that she’s not letting that horrific thing that happened to her define her life. Her family is very proud of her, and I love that she kept in contact with the cop.
DaughterOfLust666 3 aylar önce
Clearly this girl was raised by a loving and supportive family. Kudos to her parents!
Zephi 4 aylar önce
Thats one smart, articulate, well-adjusted 10 year old. She’s grown up to be such a success, despite her entire family being murdered.
The Lastminmom!
The Lastminmom! 3 aylar önce
@Cheryl McGuire my thoughts exactly. It takes those formative years in the very beginning. Her parents did a wonderful job. She was so well adjusted when this all happened, she was able to cope. Strong mind, and a big heart. So happy for the ending to this story.
The Lastminmom!
The Lastminmom! 3 aylar önce
Unreal how amazing she is. Her parents must have been really really good. I’m so happy she’s not letting this ruin her whole life. She is an inspiration
Zephi 3 aylar önce
@Clorox Bleachman I say the same thing! I only have one child. If I had more I’d have to fight through it to be there for the other kids but since I don’t, I don’t think I would, that would just be it for me. And if someone sexually assaulted him or murdered him, I think I’d have to murder them myself, on my way out. It’s so morbid when I say it out loud but I know it’s 100% the way I feel! I know people who grew up in what most would consider the perfect household, and they are nowhere near as well-adjusted as Robin.
Cheryl McGuire
Cheryl McGuire 3 aylar önce
A testament to how loving and supportive her parents were to her.
Zephi 3 aylar önce
@Clorox Bleachman same, I have a 10 year old son, trying to imagine what he would’ve done, he probably would not have played dead, and gotten himself shot. She must’ve had one hell of a support system.
Artorias the Abysswalker
Artorias the Abysswalker 2 aylar önce
Dude, she's unreal! How on Earth can a girl having her whole family murdered in cold blood find the strenght to move forward like that?
Kai 2 aylar önce
Poor woman, that's incredibly unfair for someone to have to suffer and she seemed like an incredibly sweet kid who loved her family. She's so strong for remaining as calm as she did
JennyfromtheBlockOHIO 3 aylar önce
I can’t even begin to imagine what a traumatic and horrifying tragedy this little girl went through. But I truly believe God protected her to bring Justice for her family. Even though she has to live with these terrifying last memories of her parents and brother being murdered, she was able to bring justice for their lives being taken away so carelessly and for herself as well. And she is letting god help guide her on the road he has willed for her and it looks like it is a beautiful one. God Bless her 🫶🏼💜👑💯
Ellybean 4 gün önce
As a Mom, hearing that little girl say she wants her mom, just makes you want to hug her. As a nurse, I hope she made it to become a nurse, because she will be a great one
pineconebliss 14 gün önce
What an incredibly inspiring being. May Robin continue to thrive and help others in this life.
radioactive 4 aylar önce
Wow. They weren't kidding when they said she's articulate. Robin is extremely smart and aware. What an impressive girl. Hope she's find peace in her life.
Francine Latorraca
Francine Latorraca 3 aylar önce
Me too. My God what a nightmare
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard 3 aylar önce
Sarah Rachel Powell
Sarah Rachel Powell 3 aylar önce
He drove 14 hours to murder again. It’s so weird that he just came upon their house and decided to kill them. They went to bed not knowing that their murderer was on his way to kill them.
Kyle vanwerkhoven
Kyle vanwerkhoven 3 aylar önce
Wow I am so happy someone else thought the same. What an impressive little girl
Jessica Dutridge
Jessica Dutridge 3 aylar önce
This video broke me and I can't stop the tears. I'm a 44 year old adult, and I don't know how this young girl has such strength, wisdom, and courage. I doubt she had any other choice but to travel that troubled trek. I don't often pray for people, but I pray for her. I know she doesn't want pity, but I would be honored if she could accept a hug from me.
mandy edwards
mandy edwards 6 gün önce
Robin you are an extraordinarily compassionate life giving woman. Your young life was touched by unbearable suffering but in turn as you move forward into your adult career your life will touch others in a profoundly positive way. You honour your family each and every day Robin by being you.. Bless you Robin...
Ashley Zerone
Ashley Zerone 3 aylar önce
Wow..Robin is truly a inspiration 🙌 The pain she endured at such a young age I can't imagine..especially when she had to lay there for 2 hours while the man who just killed your family and tried to kill you is just lurking around the house, many people wouldn't be able to truly move on with life after that, alot of people would give up but not her!! It's so amazing how she is not letting the worst situation that could have happened in life not hold power over her! RIP to the family, Keep going Robin God got you 🙏
Aubrey Terry
Aubrey Terry 3 aylar önce
Him taking her to feed animals was so sweet
Sad Lad
Sad Lad 3 aylar önce
Just hearing Robin say I want my Mom, honestly it hit me like a ton of bricks. Really heartbreaking.
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S 2 aylar önce
Forgiveness of others for evil intentionally done to them, is spiritually & emotionally THE HARDEST thing for human beings to do. What an Incredibly heartbreaking yet inspirational story.✝
Sea_bassy_cat 3 aylar önce
I cant imagine the fear she was going through... I would never be able to forgive someone who did that to my loved ones but I'm proud she was able to push herself to keep going and live for her family.
Ash 2 aylar önce
I got to meet robin irl!! She came to speak at my school a few years ago. She was so open and easy to talk to. A truly strong woman. I cried when she spoke about all these tragic events. She was so strong being able to relive it ❤️
Grape Ape's
Grape Ape's 3 aylar önce
My God this story is heartbreaking. And for her as a child to pretend she was dead is just amazing. I know damm well I wouldn't have thought to do that, much less to do that at age 10. She's the definition of a strong willed woman. I'll definitely say a prayer for her before I go to sleep tonight. 💔
Peace, Love, and Groovy Stuff
Peace, Love, and Groovy Stuff 3 aylar önce
What an amazing young lady, to be doing so well after all of that! Her family would be proud! ♥️ RIP to all the victims, including the family dog. 🙏
Blank 4 aylar önce
From a woman of her mothers age I can’t help but think how proud her mother, any mother, would be of this incredible young woman. Strong and brave no doubt, but she has also managed to keep her compassion for others. That’s not easy to do in the face of such unfair evil visited upon you. I hope Robin has the most loving and peaceful, long life possible.
RationalSkepticism 3 aylar önce
YES.. my god, that poor baby girl.
Jodie Findlay
Jodie Findlay 3 aylar önce
Well said God bless her xx
C Brown
C Brown 3 aylar önce
I felt the exact same way. Her Mama must be so proud of her up in heaven!
Amanda Jay
Amanda Jay 3 aylar önce
Wow! This girl is such an inspiration to me. If a 10 yr old girl can forgive a monster like that, I can forgive those who have hurt me! This amazing, compassionate girl will be a phenomenal nurse! Godspeed, Robin!
Kooriko Cosplay
Kooriko Cosplay 3 aylar önce
Wow. She's such a strong an inspiring girl. I love how strong she's become and that she decided to not be bitter of her loss. So much ppl should learn from her nice and lovely personality and the world would be such a better place
Autumn O'Day
Autumn O'Day 3 aylar önce
This story was heart wrenching. I don't cry to true crime very often, it's quite rare indeed, yet I was crying for her loss through so much of it. Yet, she turned out so strong and inspirational. She's a wonderful young woman.
Ava_P4L Aylar önce
Poor little girl, she lost her family to 15 gunshots and made it out alive safely. It’s so heartbreaking how she explained it perfectly to them and was not afraid to speak for herself. And how the cop took close care of her while they checked the house for any evidence. If he left her alone she could have been attacked by the shooter again. This cop and little girl are such amazing people. God bless them all.
xDeadEyeZ 24 gün önce
Robin is so brave... Congratulations to her for surviving and moving on!
Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner 3 aylar önce
To know the mom was pregnant made me bawl even more The fact,that a 10y old child is so articulate and can keep her cool being so afraid is very impressive I hope she finds healing
Melissa Nicole
Melissa Nicole 3 aylar önce
Ikr. I was impressed with her ability to explain things so accurately. She must've had some awesome parents. Such a tragedy 😔
pmfmpls 3 aylar önce
So sad. Tragic. I feel the same. When a mom excited to have another baby is gunned down... how can we find peace with that? I wish only happiness to that sweet girl.
Maribel De Leon
Maribel De Leon 3 aylar önce
She has.
Miranda McGuire
Miranda McGuire 3 aylar önce
I can not believe how mature and articulate she is. My 10 year old would be a mess. Probably just screaming I want my mommy over and over.
Stuff YerMa Says
Stuff YerMa Says 3 aylar önce
Chills. To go through that at ten…poor child. Appears to be well-adjusted, so I’m sure her family is beyond proud of her. More love, less hate💞
Livia 3 aylar önce
She is such an impressive, smart, articulate young lady. I’m so so sorry this happened to her family.
Dee 2 aylar önce
Parents raised her to be a smart and reliable girl. She spoke very clear and gave the important information effectively to the dispatcher, even at her shocked state. Wish her a very good life to go.. I can't get why that man had to shot random people to release anger. Just go to the forest and shot the trees as much as you like 😭😭
Chen Yuehan 4817
Chen Yuehan 4817 6 gün önce
Yeah❤she give the exact details so smart
C Couch
C Couch 3 aylar önce
What a strong beautiful young lady. To go through all that & face that monster, & forgive, speaks volumes about her mom, dad, & step dad. They raised a awesome human being that's going to go do great things. I hope her next chapter is full of so much happiness. I know her family is proud. Keep shining bright.
Nikki 333
Nikki 333 4 aylar önce
Finally, a competent 911 dispatcher. Poor girl, this is horrid. 😢
VicRo 2 aylar önce
@Erica Elaine I fail to see what my living situation has to do with any of this. Don't be mad at me cause ya'll feel personally attacked for doing exactly what I spoke of. 😂
Jux Tanner
Jux Tanner 3 aylar önce
@Suzanne Nichols another one ive seen in youtube is the guy who helped rescue a woman who is with an abusove husband. She couldnt tell the dispatcher what was happening exactly because she was with her husband and so pretended she was ordering pizza. The dispatcher realized whats happening and did his job well.
Suzanne Nichols
Suzanne Nichols 3 aylar önce
That's what I came to comment as well. To be clear I thought this was an excellent 911 operator. I have heard some that were REALLY bad.
Zoey Ro
Zoey Ro 3 aylar önce
She needs to work on her tone tho…
Dominic Mcfeeley
Dominic Mcfeeley 3 aylar önce
@VicRo 🤫. Please don’t be a child.
LJ  aka LaTonia
LJ aka LaTonia 2 aylar önce
The 911 call was chilling and I couldn’t stop the tears. No one should have endured such a horrible loss. Robin is so very brave.
kath oakes
kath oakes 3 aylar önce
What an amazing strong young lady. Her parents must have been brilliant people to bring her up to be such an amazing person. God bless her.
Catherine Jennifer
Catherine Jennifer Aylar önce
When she said " i forgive you . Levi king. " I got goosebumps. She is indeed an angel and a fighter. God bless her❤️
indie lala
indie lala 2 aylar önce
wow what an inspiration, her mother and stepdad did a phenomenal job of the short time they had with her and raising her with the best morals, i’m sure they’re looking down so proud of their little girl ❤
G D 2 aylar önce
It does mean nothing to compare him and how his siblings turned out. Every human react different to trauma. He went through a lot himself but it does surely not excuse his gestures and anger toward those 2 innocent families. I am glad the little girl became a beautiful, strong and happy young lady. She is not like everyone, she is special and God bless her ♥️
DeeDee Dee
DeeDee Dee 3 aylar önce
I can’t stop crying. That poor baby. I know she survived but I cry for that little girl. No child should ever have to go thru that. Her poor brother. The dog. Unborn baby. Parents. The level of evil that walks amongst us is just………heartbreaking.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Aylar önce
I cried for her, also. But at the very same time, there 7 other children who lived in squalor with an evil man. They may or may not have gone on to be murderers, but rest assured, none went on to live a decent life.
s 👻
s 👻 3 aylar önce
Perfectly said
Facts Matter Always
Facts Matter Always 2 aylar önce
She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I can tell her mom, step dad and brother carries her though this world with strength and I’m so glad she turn out to be such a beautiful soul that wants to help others!! God bless her!!
That_Pan_Chick 2 aylar önce
I was 5 years old when this happened and lived less than an hour away in Amarillo Texas. It’s so scary to know this was so so close to me. And that I was half her age when I happened. All my love goes to her, she’s older than me, but I’ll always remember this scared little girl, who could have been me.
Nichole Ayt
Nichole Ayt 2 aylar önce
Wow. Robin is an incredible human being. Such a heart breaking story but she is just incredible!
Charlie's Mom
Charlie's Mom 3 aylar önce
This girl is an absolutely amazing human being! WOW! Her parents are undoubtedly SO proud of her and so am I! ❤️
Vermont Mom
Vermont Mom 3 aylar önce
What an amazing young lady! She is definitely meant for big things! I pray she keeps on keeping on and living her best life for herself and her family! 💜
kayceejay 3 aylar önce
Her mom, step-dad, & brother would be so immensely proud of her.
Inferniiia 2 aylar önce
Never forget the poor dog
Mayra Aguiar
Mayra Aguiar 2 aylar önce
Don't forget Molly the dog she died too
Purse_Daylight 2 aylar önce
And mollie😢😢
InTheLandOf MoreThanSmall
InTheLandOf MoreThanSmall 3 aylar önce
I thought we were going to get to see Levi Kings reaction when he found out he didn't kill all his intended victims. That would've been satisfying. But I was impressed with how composed she was. This girl is amazing! I've never heard of any other witness who could recall accurate, factual information about the crime like she did. Especially at her age. And especially in the moment when it's so fresh. Usually the adrenaline fogs your mind. But not Robin's. Way to go, Robin! You didn't just survive... you figured out how to thrive! You're officially one of my heroes now!
judy morgan
judy morgan 3 aylar önce
This girl has the courage of a giant !! how heartbreaking, she will make it , love and prayers to her !!
MiSs G
MiSs G 3 aylar önce
I can't believe a child goes through all that & still grows up to be a lovely young woman.such an inspiring story & im sure she's doing her family proud
Politipups Politics with a twist
Politipups Politics with a twist 15 saatler önce
I have never seen anyone with more strength and the ability to overcome adversity and thrive after such a horrific ordeal. I know that her family is looking down from heaven on this amazing young woman with so much love and pride! I don't care who you are but don't for one moment think that Robin is a victim. She is the very embodiment of a Victor! She may be the most remarkable person I've ever seen! God bless you Robin. Go and live for your family. Your achievements are their achievements.
Ethel Heller
Ethel Heller 3 aylar önce
This young woman is amazing. Your parents must have been the greatest people ever. Your well spoken and very detailed in your words . You were raised right. You can tell. I'm sorry for your family.
VidHoard 4 aylar önce
She is... an incredible soul. What a beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken young woman. This story is just beyond horrifying, but she is such a shining beacon of hope and joy in all these shadows.
Marta Womack
Marta Womack Aylar önce
Her parents raised her right. She can pass that love & strength onto her own family one day. She's braver than she knows.
Richard Shelton
Richard Shelton Aylar önce
Robin is an extraordinary human being. Talk about a 'profile in courage'! Unbelievable bravery, stunning poise and intelligence, and not the slightest hint of self pity - even though she was more than entitled to it. God bless her!
Uncle Timmy
Uncle Timmy Aylar önce
Amazing fortitude this girl has! A rare type of person. She persevered through that nightmare and somehow managed to keep herself together where a lot of people wouldn’t be capable of that. What a horror story!
FreedomsPromise 3 aylar önce
This young lady is a special human being. I pray her dream of becoming a nurse came true!
Smita Majumder
Smita Majumder 2 aylar önce
Her determination and courage to face all of these at such a young age is really something that inspires other... My heart goes out to the family who raised such a pure soul 🙏
Katrina Combs
Katrina Combs 3 aylar önce
That cop feeling like he couldn't get there fast enough and hugging her back when she ran to him is everything. 💕 i love how gentle the 911 operator is with her while waiting. The responders were wonderful to her .... i wish all were like these
πRaVen 7 gün önce
​@Regina LaPlante (proudly enough this young girl did better than most adults with responsibility)...
πRaVen 7 gün önce
​@Regina LaPlante how u wanna tel adults differently? "Could you please take a deepbreath and go within yourself find zen mode peace to answer in this crucial time as calm as possible."..? Or how would u do it? When every sevond counts, it's not smart to spend too much time in comforming an adult, who is aware of, keep it short, honest and direct. That's the most efficient way.
Regina LaPlante
Regina LaPlante Aylar önce
I appreciated the 911 operator, she was compassionate and calm. Didn't tell Robin to " calm down" like you usually hear.
jiujitsuhairdontcare 3 aylar önce
This really got me. Rest peacefully to all the people this monster hurt. I cant imagine. All the best to her for not letting this tragedy destroy her and allowing herself to live a good life. Would have liked to see Molly added to the list at thend of the video. She looked like a sweet furbaby. Rest peacefully Molly. Run free. ❤️
Donna Morgan
Donna Morgan Aylar önce
I’m blown away by Robin’s courage in a hard situation. She did her family proud justice by facing him in Court. By the grace of God his bullets missed her. Robin’s one really smart young lady
Peach 2 aylar önce
What an amazing woman. A beautiful living testimony to how wonderful her family was and those who stepped in to continue to raise her. An incredible human being.
Xaraxania, Wight Gold
Xaraxania, Wight Gold 2 aylar önce
what a wonderful young lady, her family obviously brought her up well, they would be so proud. sending love Robin. x
Darren Payne
Darren Payne 3 aylar önce
Just a minute or so in and tears are flowing. That girl is incredible! After all she had gone through she was still able to think clearly enough to make that phone call, to give such incredibly detailed information about how to find her, even down to what she was wearing! Then the first thing she wanted to do was feed her animals!!! The strength in her is inspiring. My heart goes out to her
lon don eli
lon don eli 3 aylar önce
I love how his past doesn't excuse his actions, but it explains why. I love how this sympathizes with the abused child but NEVER forgives the disgusting murderer. I love your channel!
Luke West
Luke West 3 aylar önce
@lon don eli yeah his upbringing definitely affected his phyce but doesn't excuse his actions. They never mentioned if the death penalty was on the table in this case?
lolly 3 aylar önce
lon don eli
lon don eli 3 aylar önce
@Briana Honeybee Totally agree! Other kids come from horrific abuse but most all of them don't turn out to be sick murderers.
Briana Honeybee
Briana Honeybee 3 aylar önce
Like the one guy said all of his siblings when through the same trauma but they didn't become spree killers. Having ASPD would explain why he became a spree killer but still not an excuse for it.
Save The Animals #shorts
Save The Animals #shorts 2 gün önce
I have never encountered a more strong person, ever. She is so proud, strong, and overall an amazing person, and I envy her for that. Keep going strong, keep living, keep trying, because one day, your gonna wake up, and not have the chance to anymore.
I Don’t Talk To Cops
I Don’t Talk To Cops Aylar önce
What an amazing child she was, and an incredible woman she has become. Her family did an amazing job raising her.
Nicole Ross
Nicole Ross 3 aylar önce
Wow this young lady is absolutely amazing. She has a beautiful heart and soul. I hope all of her dreams come true. I cannot imagine the pain she went through.
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