THE BLAZE - Virile (Official Video)

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THE BLAZE - Virile (Official Video) out now.
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“You call it madness, but I call it Love”. It’s this phrase by Nat King Cole opening the video of French artists The Blaze. And there is something magnetic and almost ethereal in their music. Something like the smoke lingering in the room where the video was shot. The Blaze escape space and time and spread confusion with their fascinating and mesmerising “Virile”.
It’s night and so many lives and lights are still turned on in one big suburban building. World is flowing, inside and outside our bodies. Beats and heartbeats are melting.
We will find some love, we will find some light. We will never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright.
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Daniel Hidalgo
Daniel Hidalgo Gün önce
Love the track, men and marihuana
Daniel Hidalgo
Daniel Hidalgo Gün önce
Love the track, men and marihuana
gnegne gnagna
gnegne gnagna 4 gün önce
I don’t like gay moments
KI 5 gün önce
0:08 what langauge are they speaking??🤔❤ thank you
KI 4 gün önce
@Cowlor can you subtitle the dialogue?
Cowlor 4 gün önce
They speak French :)
Ewald Bervoets
Ewald Bervoets 5 gün önce
Gast wtf is dees voor vetzakkerij
Edwar Robert Huanca Farfan
Edwar Robert Huanca Farfan 6 gün önce
Peru tiene el placer de poder disfrutar de estas musicas 🇵🇪
Dylan GR VM
Dylan GR VM 8 gün önce
03:11, what a shot
Shay Patrick Cormac
Shay Patrick Cormac 9 gün önce
I want see series about this guys with same energy like in this clip.
Sandrine Bréni
Sandrine Bréni 9 gün önce
Михаил Мазан
Михаил Мазан 10 gün önce
Хорошая песня, греет душу , красавчики)
Ahmet Mümin Birgin
Ahmet Mümin Birgin 10 gün önce
sevdiğim kızın sevdiği şarkı ben ona aşık o şarkıya
Vegan Patriote
Vegan Patriote 10 gün önce
Paris city ! Viva french music !
l SkidPan Sam l
l SkidPan Sam l 11 gün önce
This goes out to my my best friend, you won't ever know I wrote this about you, because honestly I'm too scared of telling you, but I fucking love you, wholeheartedly and unconditionally. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, we've had our issues before but I don't fucking care you mean everything to me, I write this crying my eyes out of the thought of losing you, please never fucking leave me cos I don't know what I'd do without you, this song is the embodiment of what our friendship feels like to me and I wouldn't change that for a thing in the world and I mean that. I'm sorry I could never muster up the courage to tell you this, I need my loneliness, but I'm lost without you
Dinom Moss
Dinom Moss 11 gün önce
i dont care about what anyone is sayint on the comments, this is a gay, music-loving couple
Naomi 12 gün önce
Masculinity at its finest. Pure love.
creep2891 13 gün önce
this is one of the best videos i have ever seen! i am coming back every month to watch it again and again!
Uğur Can
Uğur Can 13 gün önce
9 Ocak Cumartesi 🙏🏼💵
Anthony 14 gün önce
que des camer chez the blaze on fumes et on se cherche belles représentatif du pays moyens orient
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 16 gün önce
I got emotional
michel-ge-gr 16 gün önce
Looking at the starsLooking at the sunLight is still the sameWhen it comes to warm usSometimes there's no wordsBut silence is still talkingWe look so different firstThen we start to believe in somethingOh come with me we gonna burn a sunsetJust take your lighter, sky will be better in redWe will find some love, we will find some lightWe will never be alone, 'cause everything will be so brightSo let's quit fooling aroundI'm into youTaken by the sound'Cause you're the love I foundOh I need my lonelinessBut I'm lost without youI'm feeling so fearlessWhen you give me the proofThat my dream is so trueWhen you hold me I'm alive…
Sergio Lorenzo
Sergio Lorenzo 17 gün önce
Felix raimundo Consuegra cepeda
Felix raimundo Consuegra cepeda 17 gün önce
🇨🇴 🇨🇴 🇨🇴
lakilleuse13 19 gün önce
Good Guy Biker
Good Guy Biker 20 gün önce
We close our eyes and wake up in 2021
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 20 gün önce
fench and arab guys in general are pure love with the guy crew
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 20 gün önce
love this bromance. straight guys that reach this level of friendship with another male are usually the best guys ever. big hearted guys.
Miguel 20 gün önce
Palestine and her neighbors become the blaze
KrautKorn 20 gün önce
This is how beautiful masculinity can be without toxicity. So pure.
Andrea Canini
Andrea Canini 20 saatler önce
Most level headed guys are actually like this. On the other hand, it would be nice not to constantly hear that masculinity is "toxic" by media heads and people online who drink the kool aid and haven't got a clue about human behaviour. Think about what you say and write before you do it. Beautiful track and video, by the way.
Ian Diniz
Ian Diniz Gün önce
@Verbunden art is also political, stfu
Verbunden 3 gün önce
We are trying to enjoy art. Can you please get lost with your political intentions? Thanks.
Krishna Priya
Krishna Priya 10 gün önce
7 is
Matthew P.
Matthew P. 21 gün önce
Music video kind of reminds me of quarintine, beautiful video and song.
Beto Bustamante
Beto Bustamante 21 gün önce
La conocí en el 2016 y me hizo llorar... 1 de Enero del 2021, la estoy bailando. Fe!
Geckuno 24 gün önce
I realized just now, that the black jacket dude was not the one who says he'll smoke the joint later. I always found it weird that he started smoking first. Silly me :D
Deevoonaa 24 gün önce
I don’t get why everybody’s talking about whether this is gay or not, and nobody talking about how trippy and awesome this beat is. (Tip: listen while stoned or on xtc, thank me later.)
itsblitzzz 27 gün önce
The internet would be a better place if all human interaction on social media embodied this energy.
Verbunden 3 gün önce
The internet WAS a better place before social media was created. Until the late 2000s the internet was just a place nerds would use for small individual communities. Normal people joining the internet ruined it.
migaczone kanał
migaczone kanał 6 gün önce
Interned was great until it started to be moderated by few
Clare Colvin
Clare Colvin 26 gün önce
Thank you for introducing me to my new fav youtube video!!
Diana M
Diana M 27 gün önce
Maximilian T
Maximilian T 27 gün önce
The actors are really good. Whats their names?
Long Khan
Long Khan 28 gün önce
A la verga.
Florentino Aylar önce
The most clear example of manly behavior you'll see today!
Geovany CC
Geovany CC Aylar önce
DAMN 🔥❤️🇲🇽 just love this! LOVE A TODOS 🙌🏽
Geovany CC
Geovany CC 27 gün önce
@Dulce Zacarias R saludos bella🕺🏻🔥
Dulce Zacarias R
Dulce Zacarias R 29 gün önce
Saludos. ✌🏿
Do-re-mi-yav ——
Do-re-mi-yav —— Aylar önce
Çokkk iyisinnnn kırallll
Дмитрий хз
Дмитрий хз Aylar önce
zolbad juanrico
zolbad juanrico Aylar önce
North African Music has just turned a corner...immense Talent,,Love this
Efrem Hebrews
Efrem Hebrews Aylar önce
What is tis the song is all about...?
Ari Chama
Ari Chama Aylar önce
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Gelu Chisleag
Gelu Chisleag Aylar önce
best dance coreography, simple and natural!
Lucas Diaz
Lucas Diaz Aylar önce
Fua amigo, es gracioso y muy bonito porque casi todas esas boludeces las hacía y las sigo haciendo con mi mejor amigo :,)
Carl Keelee
Carl Keelee Aylar önce
Andre the giant on the mic?
Amir BENYETTOU Aylar önce
لا مافية يا دلالي🤣
Симка Телефона
Симка Телефона Aylar önce
Только про траву все клипы?
mr geofreeze
mr geofreeze Aylar önce
Wouah le meilleur son que j'ai pu entendre cette année et le clip est magique aussi ;)
Florent Bod.
Florent Bod. Aylar önce
Rasheed Rachid
Rasheed Rachid Aylar önce
Close your eyes And enjoy the music All the lov frm morocco 🇲🇦
Nindi Aylar önce
I wish every homophobe and toxic people of the world to experience such a friendship.
You F'coffee
You F'coffee Aylar önce
Is this a gay smoking ad?
Dancing pineapple
Dancing pineapple Aylar önce
Why is everyone discussing if this is gay or not, that's what makes this mv beautiful, we don't know anything about those two men, they're in love if you want to, they're just friends if you want to, believe what you want that's why it's so beautiful
D S Aylar önce
French Redban
rzadigi Aylar önce
Gay or straight, it’s a beautiful relationship
Bondii B
Bondii B Aylar önce
I'm lost without you.
Rafael Loreto
Rafael Loreto Aylar önce
Just found this song randomly! Woahh so nice and I really liked it. btw, who are the two guys? I thought they were blaze lol
Wisepatrolpeace Aylar önce
I don't like the mv but this music is something else. It could use a nostalgic cinematography instead of two men dancing, no offense.
Королевский орел
Королевский орел Aylar önce
100% zwamel
arcxi tekt
arcxi tekt Aylar önce
If you don't have real friends you can think that they're gays but it's wrong
Timberwolf Mountaineer
Timberwolf Mountaineer Aylar önce
One thing that's never missing in a "Blaze" video - a blunt. :) Oh yes also beautiful music, awesome visuals and a touching story. Every. Single. Time.
DJ SIN 20 Aylar önce
Camila De Sá
Camila De Sá Aylar önce
James Cornes
James Cornes Aylar önce
'I need my loneliness But I'm lost without you'.
JoCP Aylar önce
This is perfection ♥️
MIXA Aylar önce
any Moroccans here ?? khasek chi jwan ola lah y3fo
Королевский орел
Королевский орел Aylar önce
Bubblegum Bitch
Bubblegum Bitch Aylar önce
Alex Bolgar
Alex Bolgar Aylar önce
Привет из 2020! Классный трек и душевный клип!))
- ThaRealMusic -
- ThaRealMusic - Aylar önce
Still love u
Fernando V.
Fernando V. Aylar önce
Allez... S'ils auraient envie de finir par baiser ensemble... c est pas grave.
X D Aylar önce
I love it! Greatings from Poland🇵🇱❤️
mrsFaites duBruit LaLanterne
mrsFaites duBruit LaLanterne Aylar önce
Soooo Cool !!!!
Klambucha Aylar önce
Pozdrawiam Polaków
bbr Aylar önce
Guzioor xD
Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel Aylar önce
Perdi o meu melhor amigo por causa desta musica. Nem entendi porquê
Munyyr Aylar önce
can someone recommend me similar songs? thanks tho
Mustafa Muhalab
Mustafa Muhalab Aylar önce
Looking at the stars Looking at the sun Light is still the same When it comes to warm us Sometimes there is no words But silence is still talking We look so different first Then we start to believe in something Oh come with me we're gonna burn sunset Just take your lighter, sky will be better in red We will find some love, and we will find some light We will never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright So let's quit fooling around I'm into you Taken by the sound Cause you're the love I found Oh, I need my loneliness but I'm lost without you I'm feeling so fearless When you give me the proof, that my dream is so true When you hold me I feel alive When you hold me I'm alive And I'm sure when I say You're the best friend of my life
Melon d"Eau
Melon d"Eau 2 aylar önce
I watched this 4 years ago and somehow still think back to this video sometimes. So powerful and so full of love
cristiano 2 aylar önce
Voglio un appuntamento così
Sena Izmir
Sena Izmir 2 aylar önce
Both Territory and this song gives me the urge to close my eyes and dance -and don't know why but also to scream- without thinking my moves or anything
Vincenzo Varchetta
Vincenzo Varchetta 2 aylar önce
That’s incredible! I love the blaze!!😍
Dileep Vidyadara
Dileep Vidyadara 2 aylar önce
You call it Madness. But I call it Love
tattle e
tattle e 2 aylar önce
Love 💜 from lebanon 💫🍀
Al Bredman
Al Bredman 2 aylar önce
I feel like only americans find this gay
RUFUS OCK 2 aylar önce
Contro la mascolinità tossica , solo amore , fumo , musica e grande amicizia 💪
Hipatia 19
Hipatia 19 2 aylar önce
Yo quería escuchar y bailar esta canción con mi mejor amiga, pero ya no lo somos. Todo se terminó y cada una tomó su camino, aún la recuerdo con nostalgia.
Letitia Snyderman
Letitia Snyderman 2 aylar önce
Hypnotic, tender, human beings, connection, movement. I'm here for all of it joyously..
kal mokoko
kal mokoko 2 aylar önce
haha gay
Ayşe Deniz Mese
Ayşe Deniz Mese 2 aylar önce
Who is the director of this clip? He should get a prize or smth
Joey Kost
Joey Kost 2 aylar önce
Yeah it's gay so what..The Blaze have a gay following a lot of other artists do to..Music has no judgement if it did a lot of us wouldn't be where or what we are today..Music has given me a lot of courage to do thing's I never could back to the video..first of all it reminds me of when I was 21 and living in a different city by myself and the first person I met was this badass guy about 10 yrs older than me who drove a motorcycle and had some bad habits I was infatuated with him and we had the same kind of fun sexy bromance like in the video. .so yes it was it is and thank you The Blaze for making this video it is beautiful ..and it does celebrate those gentlemen in countries where being gay is against the law so if there is any agreement what is gay or not I am the gayest 50 years of it
Anxs Sabr
Anxs Sabr 2 aylar önce
I can't left to listen it, lovely
laina kro
laina kro 2 aylar önce
best friend is the best you notthink about bad stuff just enjoy to be together is also not sexuel is just have trust like 2 children beautiful vieo
Ben C
Ben C 2 aylar önce
We need more love in this world.
Dimi Bevi
Dimi Bevi 2 aylar önce
If i may the translation of the first sentence is quite wrong i heard : " allez un petit joint ?" which means "go for a joint ?"
steven lopez
steven lopez 2 aylar önce
I'd wish you could know how you make me feel whith youre music. I feel infinite
Ayşe Deniz Mese
Ayşe Deniz Mese 2 aylar önce
Does anyone know where is this place in the video?
Ayşe Deniz Mese
Ayşe Deniz Mese 11 gün önce
I knew it!
Giannis K
Giannis K 28 gün önce
@Ayşe Deniz Mese Right! It is written by the guy who plays in the video in a comment here
Ayşe Deniz Mese
Ayşe Deniz Mese Aylar önce
@Giannis K These are the appartment near to Schaarbeek right?
Giannis K
Giannis K Aylar önce
fabursoul l
fabursoul l 2 aylar önce
I'm trying to have an open mind here but...i mean the way they look at each makes me kinda ship them lol
martin dejesus
martin dejesus 2 aylar önce
إيمان إيمان
إيمان إيمان 2 aylar önce
Great song 👌
Old FacKz
Old FacKz 2 aylar önce
Good old days smoking a joint.experimental hahaha helicopter joint was fun to.
Gustavo VaAl
Gustavo VaAl 2 aylar önce
Oskar Thiman
Oskar Thiman 2 aylar önce
What these guys have, have nobody
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