37 Gadgets That Are At Another Level

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Today, you'll discover earbuds that will 100% suit you, a tablet that will survive in literally any conditions, and a carabiner that will give your phone a boost. In addition, there are a couple of options to give you a boost too. But there's also something for those who, on the contrary, want to relax.
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0:00 Introduction
0:10 RYOBI Backpack Blower: geni.us/RYOBIBackpackBlower
0:52 GoSun Elcat Solar Electric Boat: bit.ly/3LEoKeP
1:27 Oukitel RT7 Tablet: geni.us/OUKITELRT7Tablet
2:08 NexTool 12 In 1 Thunder Music Flashlight: geni.us/Nextool12in1Flashlight
2:33 Orbitkey Clip Mini: geni.us/OrbitkeyClipMini
2:52 Trayvax Talon Carabiner Multi-Tool: bit.ly/3LzensT
3:02 Carabiner Battery Double: geni.us/CarabinerBatteryDouble
3:19 Velocity Etch Longboard: bit.ly/48sFAXR
4:03 Koble Frio Cooler and Speaker: geni.us/LEDSpeakerIceBucket
4:34 Lepow DualViews: bit.ly/3ES6ye6
5:09 Circle Guitar: bit.ly/3EQBLOA
5:45 Barsys 360: bit.ly/3EQbv73
Barsys 2.0+: bit.ly/3LBiq7N
6:20 King Jim Camera Mouse: geni.us/KINGJIMCameraMouse || geni.us/GeniusCamMouse (alternative)
6:48 CyberBackpack 2.0: geni.us/Cyberbackpack20
7:27 BeachBox Shower Tank: geni.us/BeachBoxShower
8:01 FUNFOR 4-in-1 LED Camping Lantern: geni.us/FUNFORLantern
8:23 Lepwings Camping Lantern: geni.us/LepwingsCampLantern
8:35 Urbanista Malibu: bit.ly/46ofPWR
9:10 Mobfree 3-in-1 Charging Cable: bit.ly/3RyI9BI
9:37 Mechanic Ring Fidget Spinner: geni.us/RingFidgetSpinner
10:02 AltDynamic The Twisted Swiss Cube: bit.ly/46fAlJq
10:24 Pocket Swing: bit.ly/45cHeu4
10:52 BOBLOV M7 Body Camera: geni.us/BOBLOVM7Camera || geni.us/BOBLOVM7ProCamera || geni.us/BOBLOVW1Camera
11:34 Gudsen Moza Moin Camera: geni.us/MOZAMoinCamera
11:59 LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker: geni.us/LandAirSea54Tracker
12:39 Generic Battery Operated Wall Light: geni.us/GenericWallLight
12:57 Revolver Wheel Metal Spinner: geni.us/RevolverWheelSpinner
13:13 MACKIE Robotic Arm Fidget Spinner: geni.us/MACKIERoboticArm
13:28 Colorpik Pen: bit.ly/453yWVg
13:59 CLIP Bike: bit.ly/3PPBVfm
14:30 Keto A.I. Smart Skimmer: bit.ly/45Yjn2e
15:07 3DMakerpro Seal Smart 3D Scanner: bit.ly/3sZwscW
15:49 Logitech G FITS Earbuds: geni.us/GFITSEarbuds
16:17 Monster XKT09 Earphones: geni.us/MonsterXKT09Earphones
16:35 HECATE GX05 Earbuds: geni.us/HECATEGX05Earbuds
16:53 XGO Mini Video Game: geni.us/XGOVideoGame
17:12 Container Power Bank: geni.us/ContainerPowerBank
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@lisasmith6271 Aylar önce
I wish I could afford to buy all of these things!!!! Oh if ONLY!!!!!!
@lindsayr9333 Aylar önce
I hate how all backpacks that have a charger in them have a USB-A and not USB-C
Like watching AirMall commercials on a flight!
@soroushmohammadi3436 2 aylar önce
Nice gadget
@EvanIsmail4115 2 aylar önce
@samrhee3880 26 gün önce
I have that exact backpack blower. It IS unwieldy and slightly underpowered. The idea is great…the execution is not.
@CyberBuki 2 aylar önce
What is the thing showing in the Thumbnail? If you could just tell me where to find that, I would be ever so very happy!
@YouFactTech 2 aylar önce
This is Logitech G FITS earbuds: geni.us/GFITSEarbuds You’re welcome;)
@RebeccaCuriosityWitch 2 aylar önce
​@@YouFactTech😎 cool
@YassinPc 2 aylar önce
انا من المغرب اتابعك من البداية اتمنى ان تشتري لي حاسوب ❤❤❤
@cofiyu-gi-ohtutorials7249 2 aylar önce
How is boat a gadget XD ?
@mikeoaklawn 2 aylar önce
these reviews of gadgets are getting as bad as those fake news videos that play videos that have nothing to do with the audio. If your going to show a item in thumbnail, might want to profile that item in your video before your videos are considered click bait. I like the videos you put out but not the deception you use to get people to click on your videos & I assume you do that just to get views of you videos just so you can get paid for the traffic to your videos. Its not accidential cause that item appears no where in the video so the owner of the video must be assigning the thumbnail. just sleasy & deceptive!
@lindsayr9333 Aylar önce
While I agree in general, the thumbnail image is of the product shown at 15:49.
@mikeoaklawn Aylar önce
well then i made a huge mistake and i withdrawl my earliest nastyness towards the maker of the video.....very sorry bout that. guess i missed it. thanks for pointing that out again my bad...=)
@Evrything2O23 Aylar önce
​@mikeoaklawn u did good
@K-Kratos 2 aylar önce
@ulyssesmelendres504 2 aylar önce
Second! ;)
@IsThatAJojoRefrense 2 aylar önce
Stop saying first plz
@uvisblumbergs8911 2 aylar önce
@William.8585 2 aylar önce
@mikebaker2927 2 aylar önce
Chapters would have been great.
@parkbruce6095 Aylar önce
아따 AI목소리 별로네.
@chronocommander007 Aylar önce
The yelling is annoying.
@ashleydowney7455 Aylar önce
Your voice annoying but I'm here for the gadgets
@artofself5324 Aylar önce
M here for the voice
@Dark_Vader171 2 aylar önce
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