Therapist Reacts to A SILENT VOICE

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Cinema Therapy

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Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright explore the themes of depression, the need for social connections, and more from the anime film A Silent Voice. They talk about the impacts of bullying, healing relationships, and finding forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Note: Apologies for the subtitles. We know they're missing the last letters of some lines - we tried everything we could to fix it, but alas... the universe was apparently working against us.

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Cinema Therapy is:
Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright & Alan Seawright
Edited by: David Sant
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis

Crazy Shadow
Crazy Shadow 3 saatler önce
Today is one of those days, I found a gem on TRshow in a long, long time. I really like the concept of your Channel. Movies and TV-Shows can be so much more than entertainment and this is something people often miss. I'm shure I will start binging your Videos on the next few days. And if you again will watch and react to something out of the Anime-World, may I recommend you a few things? "Words Bubble Up like Soda Pop" (Movie), "Your Lie in April" (Show) and most importantly "Violett Evergarden" (Show) But anyway I am excited to see more of your reactions and analysis. See you in your next video :)
Daze G
Daze G 4 saatler önce
100% recommend The Violet Evergarden series and movies after this its soo beautiful
Fadel Rama
Fadel Rama 4 saatler önce
I am been Sota, and Nishimiya, right now i still see the X, but i try to get better on my way.
Frostyknight627 5 saatler önce
Next video: Therapist reacts to Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion.
doublelightangel 5 saatler önce
As someone from the UK, I laughed out loud when Jonathan said 'they gave us a nice thing, they gave us America" 🤣 you guys are great on so many levels x
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal 6 saatler önce
Fuck me, this is me. I was a bully in 5th grade, was bullied in turn when I stopped bullying and then I actually switched schools for academic reasons and because of that and now, more than a decade later I still make amends. Not to the specific people, because I bullied indiscriminately...but to all my current and future connections. They just think I'm being somehow altruistic, but I need to somehow get the guilt out, and when I am doing something nice...I feel whole.
Nakano simp
Nakano simp 7 saatler önce
If you want to watch this show i recommend watching it in Japanese dub, the sound quality is superb.
Bishwarup Mandal
Bishwarup Mandal 7 saatler önce
Do watch I want to eat your pancreas too. It's a great anime too.
Elif Aksu
Elif Aksu 7 saatler önce
Now i wonder their reaction to Banana Fish or Given
ain't the best but trying
ain't the best but trying 8 saatler önce
I accidentally found this film and it made me feel things again. A must watch.
Cat named Feneuch
Cat named Feneuch 9 saatler önce
Bro I'm just crying right now because of the fact I can't experience highschool fully, 1st year was the time i met most of my friends, 2nd year some of us got separated but we still chat time to time, and c#vid struck last year and now I'm just realizing I'm almost leaving highschool and alr graduating to senior year Time flies so fast ):
Man of Culture
Man of Culture 11 saatler önce
My tear ducts dried after watching this masterpiece and fuck you oscars.
That uncanny
That uncanny 12 saatler önce
how about a take on "anohana: the flower we saw that day"
Kim 12 saatler önce
In the middle of crying TRshow: plays adds
kierbzkiesese Roldan
kierbzkiesese Roldan 14 saatler önce
One of the wholesome anime movies I loved.
Green Crewmate07
Green Crewmate07 15 saatler önce
If anyone ask me a movie about bullying, I'll straight gonna recommend this if anyone ask for a movie who's talk about depression, this one is my top list recommendation.
Anny_Grimes 15 saatler önce
I really loved that movie... need to see it again 🤧
OK 16 saatler önce
😑 I can't take tragedies. Life is already full of them. Why should I feel bad by watching? I don't understand the heart wrenching entertainment. Doesn't it feel masochistic?
Emma Bunch-Benson
Emma Bunch-Benson 19 saatler önce
I love Alan so much, what a sweet sweet soul, I’m always crying too when he is. I cry a lot at movies. And Anime is one of my favorite genres ever it’s so special
Kry S
Kry S 19 saatler önce
Can you react to “March Comes in Like a Lion” please? It’s a really beautiful anime…
Allison Shu
Allison Shu 20 saatler önce
silent voice is SO GOOD
Khalid Lemrhari
Khalid Lemrhari Gün önce
I dont think we have that time of peapke traying to change after being that type and in our communite we dont have pure peaple like that
SabiLewSounds Gün önce
Thank you for reviewing this. This is a movie that means a lot to a friend of mine. 💚
SabiLewSounds Gün önce
What you guys noticed that was special with the pacing and small details about this film is actually very common in anime :)
SilverNote 8
SilverNote 8 Gün önce
You know what is interesting? Apparently it is based off a true story, but the ending in the movie is different than the real life story.
SabiLewSounds Gün önce
Correction the whites stole the Americas from the Natives
Lorenzo Guerrero
Lorenzo Guerrero Gün önce
Since A Silent Voice is here, can you do one on Violet Evergarden and PTSD?
Noahgee43 Gün önce
did anyone else start crying at 18:32 or was it just me?
bad matter
bad matter Gün önce
this will always be one of my favorite films, just so beautifully done and touching
Udith Praveen
Udith Praveen Gün önce
this has so many spoilers for those who havent watched the film pls watch the film first before watching this video
Jack Vue
Jack Vue Gün önce
Therapist react to the Chinese movie "Better Days"
KonaKona Gün önce
Redemption for everybody is a bit of stretch but I understand
Fuine Amiwa
Fuine Amiwa Gün önce
Fact:my birth date and shouko birth day same date and same month
Adarsh Singh Raghuwanshi
Adarsh Singh Raghuwanshi Gün önce
Try Your Name as well, the anime lovers would love to see that too :)
a veronica simp nothing special
a veronica simp nothing special Gün önce
This anime made me realise ending my life wasn’t a good idea I’ve stopped s/h in September, stay safe everyone
RSGXYT10 Gün önce
React to Neon Genesis Evangelion
RagePlayz Gün önce
I've been bullied and betrayed so much that my mind made a personality to cope with my sadness and loneliness, from time to time all my pent up emotions come all at once and crying alot makes feel better.
Lee Raymond
Lee Raymond Gün önce
In future dont watch studio ghibli movies...dont do it..🙏
Mj Hedgehog
Mj Hedgehog Gün önce
I hope you guys will react to violet evergarden
Mj Hedgehog
Mj Hedgehog Gün önce
American cartoons can not make anything like this this is why I love anime because it explains things much more differently person has so many different types American cartoons try but they fail
Mr_ Emoticon
Mr_ Emoticon Gün önce
The Garden of Words is also a vary emotional movie and I would almost like to see them watch it also 😅
Ryan Caballero
Ryan Caballero Gün önce
hhhmm.. for beginners, I think it is sad but when you watch other dramas in anime you will feel more heartbroken and at the same time, you will learn a lot. 😊😊 I wish you can review more anime
Princess Cotton Candy
Princess Cotton Candy Gün önce
Definitely a huge tear-jerker 💗
Craze Insane
Craze Insane Gün önce
Please, please, please watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. The complexities and depth of character throughout the entire series is absolutely astounding. You could make a series on the show and believe me it will not disappoint. Help me get his comment popular so we can get the absolute best show the recognition it deserves!
Chilled Bacon
Chilled Bacon Gün önce
I will always recommend this movie... its just SO GOOD
전원우 Gün önce
This should be interesting, I LOVED this.
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Gün önce
The last scene makes me cry everytime. I don't relate alot to do with the meaning but it had a different meaning for me just to be accepted by people for being so different with my Autism I just felt like seeing him accept love from others made me feel like when I feel accepted I feel the way he did in that moment.
Its_Mikey_T Gün önce
Yall gotta watch orange
sabrina marie
sabrina marie Gün önce
This film is a masterpiece. One thing that you guys touched on but didn't fully talk about is the way Japanese culture views "being an inconvenience." The worst thing possible is to inconvenience other people or become a burden on them, which is a huge struggle for Nishimiya because of her disability. Just by existing she is "inconveniencing" everyone as they have to adapt to her.
D.mafiaPlayz Gün önce
Akima ga kill the ending .. nearly made me cry 😭....I had to hold it back
Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva Gün önce
Seeing humanity in everyone, especially in those who hurt or have hurted you, is one of the most difficult things to do. Forgiving may seem easy, but true forgiveness is hard to achieve. Speaking from personal experience, I have been a victim of bullying many times from many different people, and I cannot picture myself hanging out with those people nor anything of the sort. I feel sick to my stomach just imagining seeing those people ever again. I know that it is unhealthy and I am trying to go on with my life while leaving and accepting my past, even so, there's too many emotions bottled up inside for me to be able to truly forgive them...rage, disgust, frustation, sorrow, hatred, too many things to describe and many answers left without an answer. I wish I could have a conversation with them to understand why them did those kind of things to me, that still haunt me every single day. Every single day I'm affected and reminded of their words and actions even if I don't realize it. I just wish I knew why they did it... Forgiving is hard, forgetting is impossible and healing the wounds they gave me is even harder. Many years have passed since it all happened and I still remeber it vividly, although I bet they don't even remember my face anymore... For anyone who's reading this, wow, I'm impressed you're still reading it, but thank you if you did. To finish this looong vent, I just want you to know and remember. Words have an incredible power, beyond what you can imagine, they can heal and help, but they can also hurt and destroy someone. So please, be careful with what you say to others. Don't say things you know can hurt someone. We all have problems, we all deal with our own demons, no one has a perfect life, even if it seems like they do. All of us want to feel loved, feel like we belong, but it doesn't have nor should be through the cost of others hapiness. Be kind to the ones you know and don't know, treat others how you want to be treated.
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 2 gün önce
Welp... the algorithm got me. Ive known about the manga and this anime for a while but it never hurts to understand the world needs a bit more empathy.
Sandile Mlambo
Sandile Mlambo 2 gün önce
Please react to the Your Lie in April anime
Raynor 2 gün önce
As much as I love this film, I also hate it because there is not a single bit of mental health treatment in it. They get treated for their injuries but at the end of the film, they somehow pull themselves by their own bootstraps on the mental department. And it is not that the author of the film forgets to put it in it, it is the reality in Japan and many countries, where you seek mental help and doctors just tell you "Be Happy". It is really sad.
DJR99 2 gün önce
why the last alphabet on the subs is always missing lol
Terry Bytes
Terry Bytes 2 gün önce
the other 4 kids that also bullied nishimiya didn't earn forgiveness. for an author that can write such amazing characters, they really can't write good characters
Oshinoh 2 gün önce
You never see ishida’s sisters face. You see everyone involved in his life and then everyone except his sister. It’s just something that’s always stuck out to me. But yeah this movie made me sob pretty hard it hits really deep in a painful but good way that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced I’ve seen hundreds of anime but this movie was easily the most impactful one.
RandomPerson 2 gün önce
i know there's someone who already commented about this , but i'm just extremely pissed off and i can't stop thinking about the fact that boss baby got an oscar and this did not.
RandomPerson 2 gün önce
the green shirt guy is a true man of culture...he cried at the end too,along with me
usercin 2 gün önce
i still get chills at the end
usercin 2 gün önce
a great film, didnt make me cry as much as j thought it would but damn i kin ishida, its also rly sad to know its inspired by a real life story and that "ishida" didn't actually survive :,(
May May
May May 2 gün önce
I have rewatched this film countless times, its so greatly relatable from my past. I have received help from amazing people and gotten to see so many bright faces now. This film is definitely one I will keep in my heart forever.
Tama 2 gün önce
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Koijoy 2 gün önce
I think they should play this movie in high schools, I think it would make a difference for all sorts of people dealing with things
Brian Zimmerman
Brian Zimmerman 2 gün önce
I remember driving my butt from Knox to Louisville to watch this film without even changing into normal clothes. By the end, my grown ass OCP wearing butt was bawling in the theater by the end. KyoAni always knows how to hit you right in the feels.
IT'S ME KENNETH 2 gün önce
This movie makes me cry every time I watch this
Chummycarcass2 2 gün önce
You should review Anohana
Jose Vizcarra
Jose Vizcarra 2 gün önce
"I can see the difference, it's way better in Japanese." Sub wins again. lol
Cyber Runner
Cyber Runner 2 gün önce
As soon as I saw the opening of you guys crying I knew I HAD to go watch it first before continuing the video, and oh my gOd- 10/10 would recommend. I cried multiple times😭
uncle star
uncle star 2 gün önce
Sally Berry
Sally Berry 2 gün önce
The manga that it is based off of is even more amazing.
Zeeon Summer Sagaral
Zeeon Summer Sagaral 2 gün önce
I just love how they also cried the way how we all felt when we all watched A SIlent Voice
Edmund Huang
Edmund Huang 2 gün önce
You guys should watch Violet Evergarden! I'm certain there will be very in-depth analyses of emotions!
Thalo 2 gün önce
I have never felt this mix of emotions while watching a real life movie, it is just something special about japanese anime, its power to deliver the mood and emotions of the protagonist so perfectly through a beautiful color pallet, music, characters and storytelling while keeping everything in 13 fps... wow.
Christopher Cabrera
Christopher Cabrera 3 gün önce
Oscars is rigged asf
i don't need ur respect
i don't need ur respect 3 gün önce
The manga of this movie is also a nice addition to read, since it potray chracter better. The movie is surely more enjoyable though.
B. Murphy
B. Murphy 3 gün önce
I started reading this years ago and it just WRECKED me. I was so happy to see it become a film, and I'm joyous to see you reacting to it.... Okay, now I'll watch the vid.
Melon Tart VA
Melon Tart VA 3 gün önce
What I appreciate about the dub is that Funimation hired a deaf girl to voice Nishimiya. The sub didn't do that.
・Princess Luna・
・Princess Luna・ 3 gün önce
I love this movie! I did cry not going lie
Fiona Pang
Fiona Pang 3 gün önce
A slient voice is one of the few movies that amde me cried more then once
tsengel erdenetuya
tsengel erdenetuya 3 gün önce
ishida and subaru (from Re:zero) they are both just want validation from others, they are so relatable and they are both struggling internally mentally
Carmen R
Carmen R 3 gün önce
I’m gonna go watch it again 🤍
Ethan French
Ethan French 3 gün önce
That line “Things would be better if I were gone.” That hits hard and it hits true. Looking from the outside it’s completely not the case. But the people who wrote this dialogue have obviously been there or at least worked closely with someone who has. I had no idea that this film existed and I wish I would’ve known about it earlier. It would have opened my eyes to a lot of things a whole lot earlier in life. Thank you guys for what you do. Also, that’s an adorable Malti-poo. I normally listen and not watch so this is the first time I’ve seen them.
Sneupi 3 gün önce
yess!!! real glad you 2 reacted to this, recently saw it myself
Keyzor 3 gün önce
Puppy :)
Biorby 3 gün önce
You guys need to do I want to eat your pancreas if you enjoyed this film
Angharid Reed
Angharid Reed 3 gün önce
Can you do a video on March Comes in Like a Lion?
bret 4 gün önce
Please make this available on spotify Love to listen while driving to work but i dont pay for youtube for it causes some problems
MittelEgo 4 gün önce
Awesome review!!! We want more!
Numbskull 4 gün önce
He also cried like us... Us moments
Felicia Nordström
Felicia Nordström 4 gün önce
One of my favorite details in this movie is how Ishida sometimes don't hear what people are saying, instead he hear his inner demons and what he think they are talking about. There is some girls talking and giggling among themselves but all he see is them laughing at him and thinking he is a lone loser. I connect with that, it hits me like a truck.
flame dragon
flame dragon 4 gün önce
Even seeing the scenes cut up makes me cry, this movie is beautiful and I was a mess while watching the entire thing
Maru Murry
Maru Murry 4 gün önce
Of all I hate kawaii ( blonde hair girl ) I hate her character always acting as a victim yet gaslighting everything ... It all started with her big mouth girl who only think of herself and thinks she is not at all to b blamed or more like the lesser at fault ... Shitty people like her exist in real ... As a victim....... Of all I can forgive all but not someone like her who puts the blame on others .... And not accepting the fact that she herself is a bully too ..
Marjolie Pacifico
Marjolie Pacifico 4 gün önce
do Graveyard of the Fireflies !!
Afiq Danial
Afiq Danial 4 gün önce
it is sadder to think that real world isn't like this, someone who hurt you will never own it. you got no one to support you tbh i do and always wanted to die. my emotion has long derive and the only thing that kept me running is "what happens if my parents sees my dead body how are they gonna feel" but then i also started thinking "what happens if my parents died before me what else can keep me going do i really still want to keep living?"
Anissatu Rokhmagfiroh
Anissatu Rokhmagfiroh 4 gün önce
19:36 ❤️
Pandemera 4 gün önce
Wolf Children and Your Name are two other absolutely MUST SEE anime movies.
eternallyidyll 4 gün önce
i appreciate your videos so much because it allows me to see beautiful things in all the small details of movies that i dont notice when watching by myself, and it allows me to love and appreciate the movie so much more because it means so much more than i initially thought, and i just love seeing all the tiny details that are actually taken into account when making a film that carry so much meaning. it lets me feel the movie more and i absolutely adore that. i love movies
Grizz7034 4 gün önce
Try watching anohna it’s a show but there’s a lot of trauma and emotions in the show it’s really good
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