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Ever wondered how Euphoria star Zendaya pulled off her Spider-Man stunts with Tom Holland? Or how she got fitted for that viral Tom Ford breastplate? In the first instalment of a new video series, British Vogue’s October 2021 cover star takes us through 10 years of highlights from her Instagram archive, including working with Bella Thorne on Disney’s Shake It Up, lighting up the red carpet at the Met Gala in a Cinderella-inspired dress, working alongside Zac Efron on The Greatest Showman, and safely filming Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie in the midst of a pandemic.

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Zendaya: Into The Instagram Archive | British Vogue

DC 17 saatler önce
when every picture was like 💋 😂😂😂
Alivia Morgan
Alivia Morgan 23 saatler önce
Wat- she’s trash Bestie: NO SHES NOT Lev: yes the she isssss Amanda: stop being rude to me
cj wins
cj wins Gün önce
Love her 🥰
A A Gün önce
She's a sweetheart. Like you can't not love her ♥️♥️
Amy s
Amy s Gün önce
Does anyone know which designer brand she’s wearing? That blouse is freakin beautiful 😩😩
Mr.Nobody 2 gün önce
elohim 8 gün önce
That's a cool blouse
Sara Ismail
Sara Ismail 8 gün önce
I love her❤️
The Gamer
The Gamer 9 gün önce
Connie L Rigby
Connie L Rigby 9 gün önce
Aren’t hunters pronouns they them?
nesquick dude
nesquick dude 10 gün önce
Everybody loves her like she doesn't turn her back to Taylor 🙄🙄 hypocrite
Ruth Getahun
Ruth Getahun 12 gün önce
People used to laugh at me when she was my favorite actor, singer, and everything in 2011 but now those same people try to act like long time fans lol 😂 love you so happy to have a lot in common😊😊😊
vorname nachname
vorname nachname 12 gün önce
She seems really nice
Mihai Crisis
Mihai Crisis 13 gün önce
6:49 lol the second comment...
Zeynep T
Zeynep T 13 gün önce
01:32 cıkan Turkce yorum tam bir yuz karası...
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing 14 gün önce
Kenzie Cordova
Kenzie Cordova 15 gün önce
I LOVE Zendaya she literally is an icon! and im glad she showed a pic of her, tom, and jacob
Nyla Borden
Nyla Borden 15 gün önce
Does she know that Ben of the week has a Crush on her
yez 15 gün önce
Okek o celikiet
Aparna 15 gün önce
The shirts so beautiful 😻
Juanye Ward
Juanye Ward 15 gün önce
She got on her favo color ♥️♥️♥️
BeeBlossomEdits 15 gün önce
I think we can all agree that Zendaya is an icon to us all
EM T 15 gün önce
Zzwagger all the way!
Jorge Bernales
Jorge Bernales 15 gün önce
Zendaya 🧡
ella marit
ella marit 16 gün önce
i remember watching kc undercover and falling in love with her
1smallasian 16 gün önce
You in this video inspired me to exercise again.
Greenboy1 16 gün önce
Zendaya the Eartha Kitt! The resemblance is uncanny!
Someone from outer space
Someone from outer space 16 gün önce
As a young black women who wants to be a performer and actor she is my role model. 🥺
horny cuz i got horns
horny cuz i got horns 16 gün önce
instagram is literally down rn lol
Cordi L
Cordi L 16 gün önce
what about zendiehards as the fan names?
Alexandra Tonico
Alexandra Tonico 17 gün önce
I just love her ❤️
Colette Cobb
Colette Cobb 17 gün önce
The alcoholic stocking presently jam because pedestrian emphatically rescue opposite a tasteless soy. salty, well-to-do feature
Anjila Dahal
Anjila Dahal 17 gün önce
God: How perfect and precious daughter do you want?? Zendaya's Parents: YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!
Athena Evenson
Athena Evenson 17 gün önce
She’s so real and hilarious I love it
BlueSolify 18 gün önce
Why would you leave a hate comment on the screen???? 6:36 Anyways love you Zendaya so radiant
I can watch her all day every day she's soooooooooooo amazing and gorgeous my bsf in my head gonna be in real life one day🤣 😫😍
My baby wifey love her 😍
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 19 gün önce
she's not british
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer 19 gün önce
Her mother’s part Scottish, so technically, there is British in her
Destiny Palin
Destiny Palin 19 gün önce
Sooo beautiful 😍
leah melodynia
leah melodynia 20 gün önce
Anyone else here LOVED K.C Undercover
almightybizzle 21 gün önce
Im sorry but I just cant stop smiling while watching that
almightybizzle 21 gün önce
The thumbnail is so cute🥺❤️
Youtube User
Youtube User 21 gün önce
The VIRGO energy is unmatched 😂👑👑
almightybizzle 22 gün önce
I just love her for being her
almightybizzle 22 gün önce
This is my new comfort interview
Montana Schulatz
Montana Schulatz 22 gün önce
Zendaya if you ever see this u should help your parents renew their vows or something one day! How cute special and omg how grateful she would be!
sanjana k
sanjana k 22 gün önce
It's just Zendaya. The queen.
Alaiza Theophilus
Alaiza Theophilus 23 gün önce
tom is a lucky man who got himself an unproblematic queen
잼잼 23 gün önce
Did anyone see the comment on her critic award picture? 'lOuSy aCtOr' is this user even alright? this is Queen Zendaya we're talking about!!!! how can people hate on this humble, lovely soul!
Luz Ramos
Luz Ramos 23 gün önce
Love her so much
Luz Ramos
Luz Ramos 23 gün önce
Such an icon
Michelle Anosike
Michelle Anosike 23 gün önce
She cannot act, still stan though
jenna mary
jenna mary 24 gün önce
I love her !!
Klara K
Klara K 24 gün önce
the way she smiles when she clicks on the picture with Tom awww
Emily Fenstermaker
Emily Fenstermaker 24 gün önce
She is the type of celebrity I would hope to be. I just feel like her personal life lines up to the kind I want in my own life.
The.Toca.Girl. 24 gün önce
Buse 25 gün önce
1:18 Ekrana böyle bir Türk yorumu gelecek ya cidden bu bizim şansımız(!) kdkxkdkxksl
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 25 gün önce
Did any one notice the second comment on her emmy pic... like what? Haterssss
Jewel Akoijam
Jewel Akoijam 26 gün önce
Is it me only or does anyone think she looks and sound quite similar to JLo here. It's the vibe I am getting. But gorgeous as always 😍❤
Lenna 26 gün önce
Beautiful talented and kind
Curtis Mckenley
Curtis Mckenley 26 gün önce
She doesn't need to work out
taqiia hider
taqiia hider 26 gün önce
when i think about it I don't remember how i got to know zendaya... she's just so iconic that i just already knew her
oLilacs 2 gün önce
mary fin
mary fin 27 gün önce
4:08 Russian comment
Abigale Lemmon
Abigale Lemmon 27 gün önce
Forgot her and Bella were besties and co stars 😢
Professor.D quackston
Professor.D quackston 27 gün önce
I swear she’s the sweetest person anyone’s ever met no questions.❤️‍🔥
lex 27 gün önce
“one of your bestfriends”… 😏
Just me and my pens
Just me and my pens 27 gün önce
i think i might have a crush on her now uwu
Jennette Boo
Jennette Boo 27 gün önce
I love her she's so chill and really a fashion icon
Intal Army
Intal Army 28 gün önce
This woman proves to us every time that she really is the best xo love you z 🥺🥺❤❤
Curtis Grimsley
Curtis Grimsley 28 gün önce
she’s iconic wow
maria paz diograzia
maria paz diograzia 28 gün önce
hhahaah her saying it wasnt ready gave me peace. since 2019 ive been saying i loved teh concept and idea of the cinderella dress, but i didnt look ready .
Jaelle P
Jaelle P 28 gün önce
I’m I the only one seeing that comment at 6:49??
phuc do
phuc do 28 gün önce
Such a pretty, pretty lass^^
Era. 28 gün önce
She is so amazing!!!!
Esther Ferris
Esther Ferris 28 gün önce
Best friends.. mhm
Death: a children’s channel
Death: a children’s channel 28 gün önce
She kinda fit though
Hans Solos
Hans Solos 29 gün önce
dear zendaya, since u champion diversity and equal representation, why was there only 1 token asian actor (chang chen) in dune?
tj. 23 gün önce
and how is this any of her concern?
EJ watson
EJ watson 28 gün önce
She's just an actor not a director 😕
aiyana dutton
aiyana dutton 29 gün önce
the first time I ever watched Zendaya was on Disney channel KC undercover. I used to love that show so much. I absolutely adore Zendaya she is so inspiring and fun. love her
aiyana dutton
aiyana dutton 26 gün önce
@Karabo Khanyile :)
Karabo Khanyile
Karabo Khanyile 26 gün önce
Same,it's still my comfort show
aiyana dutton
aiyana dutton 28 gün önce
@phuc do ik right i used to watch with my older brother like every day!
phuc do
phuc do 28 gün önce
That show rocks:)
a. nefi
a. nefi 29 gün önce
Carriers Transport Rv Pod Hi Security
a. nefi
a. nefi 29 gün önce
Hi Security 197 Nefi
Nick Baldonado
Nick Baldonado 29 gün önce
Most attractive woman on earth
Lauren Fine
Lauren Fine 29 gün önce
“The zendalians”
Gülsüm 29 gün önce
1:18 ahahaha the last comment is swearing in turkish they should have check:D
Garda Sing
Garda Sing Aylar önce
isa maharani
isa maharani Aylar önce
Real Natural Beauty
Alexandra Cloete
Alexandra Cloete Aylar önce
Gorl you are glowing!!!
Cleta Mendonca 9E 16
Cleta Mendonca 9E 16 Aylar önce
I love how she is so confident abt her body She is prettyyyyyyyy
Cleta Mendonca 9E 16
Cleta Mendonca 9E 16 Aylar önce
I agree with her mom in the start ;)
ahhh Aylar önce
the emmy pic is a year old now 🥺🤍
Bron X
Bron X Aylar önce
Really loved how genuine and kind Zendaya was throughout this video, as she gives good commentary on the orgins of her Instagram posts. As well as her speech near the end. This just goes to show how she is a great person and how much she cares about her fans. I've been a fan of her work since K.C Undercover, and since then she had began to grow on me even more seeing her portraying other roles both old and new, to the point where I started to become irresistibly obsessed with her. And this video will always be one of many reasons why she is one of, if not, the best actress of all time. What a good time to be a Zendaya fan.
Karabo Khanyile
Karabo Khanyile 26 gün önce
I also discovered her in K.C Undercover and haven't stopped being a fan since
Val Aylar önce
I’m sorry but I got the alpha foods add and everyone needs to see it right now😂😂 it’s hilarious, but we Stan zendaya 🥺💕
timid elle
timid elle Aylar önce
She's GORGEOUS. Absolutely iconic, I love her
Letícia Menezes
Letícia Menezes Aylar önce
Eu só vendo o comentário brasileiro na 2 foto "cara, ela tá tão na sua"
There Will Be Cats! with Gwenhwyfar
There Will Be Cats! with Gwenhwyfar Aylar önce
I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes! ❤️
Stardust Aylar önce
One of her best friends 👀 her maannnsss
Dingsiches Gesichtsarschloch
Dingsiches Gesichtsarschloch Aylar önce
I don't quite get the hype around her, Euphoria didn't impress me that much (style over substance, too much clichés) but Denis Villeneuve did a perfect casting choice because she really is breathtakingly beautiful. I hope she gains more fame for her acting roles than for her media attention in future. Her fanbase is kinda annoying.
Dingsiches Gesichtsarschloch
Dingsiches Gesichtsarschloch 23 gün önce
@tj. That's not the point.
tj. 23 gün önce
Why can’t people like who they like? It’s not that serious
space mochi
space mochi Aylar önce
Why exactly are you here?
DANIEL Aylar önce
I think she’s more known for her acting and brief music career than her publicity. I liked Euphoria and I think she gave a great performance, but yeah I agree she should be getting roles that solidify her as a good actress.
Dorii Aylar önce
1:29 senin MJ yapanların amk 😂😂
Adelaide queen pink
Adelaide queen pink Aylar önce
So humble
Iyanu Oriakhi
Iyanu Oriakhi Aylar önce
I love her
Alea M
Alea M Aylar önce
red really is her colour
let's talk about the met gala looks
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