How I Went From Broke To Successful In 3 Months

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Dan Vas

Yıl önce

This is my story and exactly what I did to go from a completely broke situation, having to pay $40,000 in college debt, stuck at a 9-5 job working for a big bank in Canada to successful in 3 months...

I am making this video to show to YOU that it can be done and that it's possible for anyone to completely turn their life around in an extremely fast period of time if they follow the right success steps.

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In under 3 months, I went from making $32,000 a year to $32,000 a month...

I did that through my first successful online business - Amazon FBA, where I started selling products that I private labeled, imported and sold online.

Now this happened a few years ago now... in 2017, but I remember the story incredibly vividly.

I know that many of you watching including yourself may be in some sort of situation that you desperately want to conquer and get out of...

That's why I'm sharing my story with you as well as the exact steps I took to become successful.

1. Reading books & studying success

The first thing that I started doing even before figuring out about online business is reading books....

I started to read non stop...

Here are the books that really made an impact on my life:

- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
- The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
- Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
- The Secret
- The 4 Hour Work Week

As I read these I felt my mindset and beliefs changing...

2. Change your paradigms and mindset (awareness)

-This is when you wake up from the 9-5 script...

-You realize that you want MORE out of your life... and you're ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

2) Choosing Your Wealth Vehicle

- Now you must choose your passive income business or 'wealth vehicle'.
- This can be Amazon FBA, Shopify, Consulting, personal branding etc.

3) Learning Phase

- Here you're learning everything you can about the wealth vehicle.
- You're watching non stop TRshow videos, investing in courses, mentorship, planning out your business strategy.

4) Trial and Error

- "If you don't quit you can't fail."
- Trying and trying again until you reach success.
- You only need to WIN once.


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Dan Vas
Dan Vas 6 aylar önce
🚨 * WARNING * 🚨 The only real Dan Vas account is the one with a checkmark beside it. There are impersonators in the comment section trying to steal people's money by getting them to contact them through Whatsapp and other apps. If you see a 'Dan Vas' with my picture WITHOUT a checkmark, it is NOT me. You'll find my real comments/replies with a checkmark beside my name. The best way to reach me is to add me on Instagram - @danvas and DM me through there. I answer DMs, feel free to send me a message/ask me anything. Have an amazing day, to your freedom and success 🚀
Suke 5 aylar önce
Dang this man beat 4 stunnas he got rich in 3 months
Jessica Doland
Jessica Doland 6 aylar önce
The checkmark, is that just for Instagram? I just watched this on yourube, absolutely.excellent but there is no checkmark beside it.
s0lonik 6 gün önce
Well, you were not broke, but you started from a low budget and went all-in on dropshipping and got money. So you were not really broke. Hate when people say they started broke when you clearly pointed out that you worked.
Jerry Douglas
Jerry Douglas 6 gün önce
I just read Rich Dad Poor Dad!!! Literally less than a week ago!!
k hanna
k hanna 22 gün önce
Dan, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Amazon tutorial. From one. Canadian 🇨🇦 to another I give you a BIG HUG! 🥰 💐🤗❤️. I am so grateful, Karen
Disguised Duck
Disguised Duck 2 aylar önce
New subscriber Thankyou for this video I’m at the lowest point of my whole life you have inspired me
Pateł 2 aylar önce
I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability.
Rodrigo 2 aylar önce
@Pateł Thanks for this I do love to reach out to her too.
Sé diferente Youtube
Sé diferente Youtube 2 aylar önce
@Pateł Thanks so much
Pateł 2 aylar önce
+ 1 5 6 1 3 9 4 1 0 3 5
Pateł 2 aylar önce
@Sé diferente TRshow You can write her a message via Wh’sap
Rodrigo 2 aylar önce
TheKader70 3 aylar önce
Thanks Dan, very motivated share :)
Jake Judy
Jake Judy 3 aylar önce
32k a year isn't bad until I heard you had to pay student loans and bills. I got denied a job at fidelity investments due to student loans in default
Mitch Raynathan
Mitch Raynathan 3 aylar önce
Wow i loved this vid
siraj-u- dheen
siraj-u- dheen 3 aylar önce
I am in the same situation, I am broke badly
George Tiberius
George Tiberius 3 aylar önce
Wise words in this video as well as in the other ones Dan.
M P 3 aylar önce
15:24 that's a bs. But everything else is alright. I have only 2 friends, i don't cut them lol. Is not like i want something from them.....that's not how friendship works. I don't see them successfull in 5 years from now, but that doesn't mean they are bad People.
Master Gynx
Master Gynx 4 aylar önce
I have been glued to your channels for the past few days now! i cannot stop watching and the more i watch, the more i want to dive in to this!
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 4 aylar önce
Force reality to catch up w/ u 🔥
Chesnu 5 aylar önce
roth iras are totally worth
Creative Jay - DB
Creative Jay - DB 5 aylar önce
✓Think like you're already a millionaire. ✓But don't spend like you're a billionaire. ✓Work like you're broke everyday . ✓Write your goals and and be better everyday from your yesterday.
Alja Klapsic
Alja Klapsic 5 aylar önce
My fav book Rich dad poor dad, and the power of positive thinking
Cute Future
Cute Future 6 aylar önce
Im 20, I failed to many times, but im sure 100% that I will be successful! Thanks for the video
Eye Movie
Eye Movie 6 aylar önce
Ultimately your mom's intuition and your hardwork makes you successful.That's why you should worship more your mom dad than god. They are the real god on human costume .Love your story bro.
Giacomo Picone
Giacomo Picone 6 aylar önce
After 1 Year this video is still my motivation.💫❤️
Caine DCW
Caine DCW 7 aylar önce
Fuck this I’m selling drugs
Walid Khalid
Walid Khalid 7 aylar önce
well done dear . we all have to take action .
Yoana Drashkova
Yoana Drashkova 7 aylar önce
a piece of advice: please talk slower so we can understand
SeanPerrin 8 aylar önce
Ya man millionaire fast lane is a red pill
A N 8 aylar önce
His videos are so easy to watch because he gets STRAIGHT to the point.
Kent Diffenderfer
Kent Diffenderfer 8 aylar önce
Huge fan Dan you have helped us with your videos.
Nick Scotto
Nick Scotto 9 aylar önce
bro you deserve an award! This is so candid and straightforward!
Entisar Mubarak
Entisar Mubarak 9 aylar önce
I was really focused on what you had to say until you said "the lie of the power of compound interest" now that just sounds borderline stupid. You're telling me that investing consistently over the years and having your money multiply exponentially is a lie. Of course there's appreciation and purchasing power shifts of money but when you have millions it's tough to be poor.
Xtremecarfan101 9 aylar önce
I love my close friends to death, they are my brothers but they need this mindset. Half of them work in Amazon Warehouse. I am sharing this to them!
its me
its me 9 aylar önce
Great video! That sounds like me The difference is that you took action and I have not taken action yet I have all the tools in my hands There are no excuses If you can do it so can I 👍🏼
Rue jules
Rue jules 9 aylar önce
The thought that 32k a year is considered "broke" to some people is baffling to me!
Munna 9 aylar önce
Powerful stuff man really glad I found your channel. I’m literally where you were years ago. I worked up the corporate ladder at a top 5 bank in Canada and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time. I’m researching every day about amazon FBA and I plan on making my move ASAP. You’ve inspired me!
Esther kimpa
Esther kimpa 9 aylar önce
What is your email? please get back to me.
Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes 10 aylar önce
You’re on fire here Dan👏🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chernelle Eliard
Chernelle Eliard 10 aylar önce
If I was his neighbors, I’ll set my alarm and sit on top of that gate with a pen and notepad 🥴
Bruno Sánchez
Bruno Sánchez 10 aylar önce
I wasn't financially stable until I got help from an expert trader, because of him I'm earning $3800 every week
Michael 6 aylar önce
Richard Laatita
Richard Laatita 10 aylar önce
Okay thanks
Bruno Sánchez
Bruno Sánchez 10 aylar önce
Bruno Sánchez
Bruno Sánchez 10 aylar önce
Talk to my trader personally
Richard Laatita
Richard Laatita 10 aylar önce
Help me
Jean Tubbali
Jean Tubbali 10 aylar önce
Hi Sir I’ve been trying to reach you. Having a hard time to enroll on your course. I hope I can get a reply sir. I also message you on Instagram. Thank you sir
Business Guide
Business Guide 10 aylar önce
Really like your videos!
Alisa Anderson
Alisa Anderson 11 aylar önce
it's amazing how I got $32,000 directly into my account via cashapp flip through Hackkits,uk without stressing they're awesome
Nancy Annabel
Nancy Annabel 11 aylar önce
I never believe it works this way,I was doubtful about trading and investment after been scammed severally.i decided to waste my $1500 with Mrs Katherine Nora when I saw testimonies of people on how good she is. I was very skeptical but she proved me wrong with and I'm so happy I found her bye bye to fake broker she's a super professional and different from other broker out there.
Tatiana Nikolaeva
Tatiana Nikolaeva 11 aylar önce
Who so ever that is reading this comments should try and invest with her platform then thank me later for referring her platform.
James Johnson
James Johnson 11 aylar önce
Katherine Nora has proven to be a trustworthy manager with the best strategy to earn money online.
Joanna Mckenzie
Joanna Mckenzie 11 aylar önce
Stop saving your pension money invest today and get rich tomorrow because investors never lack. I'm now living a good life with my family.
Sarah Samuel
Sarah Samuel 11 aylar önce
What I love the most about her platform is that she don't delay in withdrawal payout and she gives full access to monitor your account.
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 11 aylar önce
I'm here to testify how profitable trading with you has been to me especially this time things are hard everywhere.
Ibrahim Azim
Ibrahim Azim 11 aylar önce
200 books a year?
Loli Panda
Loli Panda 11 aylar önce
I did be happy now to get a 9-5 job. So unemployed
Faith Andrew
Faith Andrew 11 aylar önce
I am glad that I met Mr @Carlos_1uptrades on Instagrām. he has the best strategy to make you good money every week like $8,090 weekly depending on your investments
Michael 11 aylar önce
You know what real broke is? You will not have time making videos and you dont have money to buy a cemera for these videos.
Michael 11 aylar önce
Every guru says they went from broke to success.........
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Yıl önce
U victim u just said u couldn't make money in real estate cause it was too competitive, u couldn't make mony in the market cause u we're too broke, u r a victim with the face of a 4 yer old, get sum life under your belt braa
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Yıl önce
What? Its incredibly difficult to yeid 7%in the stock market?? This guy is a blow ass he either understands nothing or dsnt edit his videos
Dee038 Yıl önce
My first financial book was Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.
Raja Hassan
Raja Hassan Yıl önce
Brothers you don't even know what we will do with amazon FBA
Joseph Brolly
Joseph Brolly Yıl önce
Respect Dan! Great advice and congrats on making it
Paolo Tresoldi
Paolo Tresoldi Yıl önce
I like "Act as if you already successful and force reality to catch up with you“... it’s the best attitude!
13hubi13 Yıl önce
That's the first book I read too man 😅 I found out that I have a rich uncle, but I don't know him because he lives in New York. Would love to learn some skills from him 🙈
Alexandria Yıl önce
Hi, good video!;)
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez Yıl önce
You're an amazingly wise and intelligent young man!!!! So enthusiastic and generous with your knowledge! May God continue to bless you. 👍😁👍
tashara waller
tashara waller Yıl önce
Child I don’t have any friends I’m too nice
Oussama Haddadi
Oussama Haddadi Yıl önce
you think broke means making 32k per year ?! dude you have no idea what really broke people have.
In Out
In Out Yıl önce
Smart talk ❤
Filip Belciug
Filip Belciug Yıl önce
I have a very SIMILAR story. Except that I was literally broke. I had debt, I was sick, I almost ended up on the street etc What I did was to DECIDE to stop sabotaging myself and to become successful. It took me 8 months to get rid of debt, regain my health, quit my bad habits and become more disciplined. After another 2 months I got a bit slowed down and started to lose my momentum. That's why I'm here. But I got really inspired by your discipline and work ethic. Thank you, man
Tia TX
Tia TX Yıl önce
To be fair a month seems like a year when you're doing ecommerce
NO one
NO one Yıl önce
Best channel in TRshow ever
Daniel Vale
Daniel Vale Yıl önce
I'm home... Finally
Bence Dulai
Bence Dulai Yıl önce
Is this work in gta v ?
Nancy Nguyen
Nancy Nguyen Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing your story, I can 1000% relate and you give me hope. Subscribing, Brilliant!
"You have to have French on the label" Oh canada
EnigmaMachine Yıl önce
Came here for tips on how to make money. Left here with tips on how to improve my life.
Astrid Yıl önce
Thank you! So motivating!
Let's Get Cheeky
Let's Get Cheeky Yıl önce
His Shopify video around 2.5 hours long is excellent. I can’t remember the name but have a notebook ready. Best free info ever. Great video
Believe me of my heart
Believe me of my heart Yıl önce
Bbbrrrroooooo my husband isss tttoooooooooooooo the extreeeemmmeee negative.
Solomon Iuliana
Solomon Iuliana Yıl önce
I am reading all this comments and i am like: I found my people 😍😍😍 For sure, i have those problems for years
Digital Avanii
Digital Avanii Yıl önce
If you could do it.. so could I
hermano soldado
hermano soldado Yıl önce
yo i just learnt how to make 16k usd with just 2k usd and 40k usd with just 5k usd. its amazinggggggg!
Micah Brimhall
Micah Brimhall Yıl önce
Yoooo I just got read rich Dad poor dad and have been watching dropshipping videos
ladychips Yıl önce
wow, thank you so much for this! I'm not even stuck at a 9-5 job because I have no job :( thank you for all your tips and book suggestions!
Melokris Yıl önce
Hey Dan how much money should i have to start amazon fba excluding buying the course?
Relebohile Pheko
Relebohile Pheko Yıl önce
Thx man, I'm 17 and I live in South Africa and u just helped me figure things out a bit more
Tay y
Tay y Yıl önce
How are people disliking this video?
Thanks man, this means a lot.
Arron Barclay
Arron Barclay Yıl önce
I'm here at 401k views 😉
Are you the kid from the sandlot?
Julien Poupard
Julien Poupard Yıl önce
The only thing that pushed me from broke to successful was crypto trading and I'm so grateful to my expert trader Tom Harris, he helped me change my financial status
Antony Andrewson
Antony Andrewson Yıl önce
@Andrés Guardiola wat was your initial investment? And who's your broker??
Alex Guimarães
Alex Guimarães Yıl önce
Julien Poupard
Julien Poupard Yıl önce
Yeah sure
Alex Guimarães
Alex Guimarães Yıl önce
Wow! Nice to meet you 🤝 can you recommend me to your trader?
Julien Poupard
Julien Poupard Yıl önce
Yeah I'm Portuguese, I'm from many people here are into this crypto trading and it's really helping
Michael Straughn
Michael Straughn Yıl önce
Good Advice, thank you.
Charles Garrett
Charles Garrett Yıl önce
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Felipe Pedroso
Felipe Pedroso Yıl önce
A video to see, again and again.
张文静 Yıl önce
I am a victim of these miserable circumstances, i wanna jump out the comfy,just realised i am scard of changing , scard of the failure. After watching your video, I just understand ..what else I gonna lose if i am still being like this! Thanks a lot for this video!
세상에서 가장Wow
세상에서 가장Wow Yıl önce
What an energy he is giving away
sohfi hamid
sohfi hamid Yıl önce
Great Advice.. very real!
Pínned by Trey's Tràdes
Pínned by Trey's Tràdes Yıl önce
Really terrible for me when I was broke, but got back to my feet after a came across cryptocurrency, I gave it a try never regretted it.
Antony Andrewson
Antony Andrewson Yıl önce
@MF Frost imagine if they are bots lol
MF Frost
MF Frost Yıl önce
These bots going crazy right here
pinned° Chris Sain••
pinned° Chris Sain•• Yıl önce
All that matters is getting a good broker that can make huge profits, Mr Jeffery is the one.
Ivan on Tech
Ivan on Tech Yıl önce
I enjoy Mr Jeffery profit today, took one of my best decision in life by investing with Mr Jeffery
Crypto News Alerts
Crypto News Alerts Yıl önce
His very reliable and safe.
Isa Hassan
Isa Hassan Yıl önce
Brilliant !
LeGM Yıl önce
This is full of bs. Cheers
Apple Dough
Apple Dough Yıl önce
BLM = Victim Mentality
Nicholas Lawrence
Nicholas Lawrence Yıl önce
Very well put together video I'm 27 years old and have found myself in the same boat u were once in im a very hard worker person that works 50 plus a week and is just not getting me to were I wanna be I found ur video very information and would like to start my online career as well is there anymore in formation u could help me with to get me going and get me to that place we all wanna be any help at all will be great thnannk you
Winnie Ahabwe
Winnie Ahabwe Yıl önce
great video! The only strategy that earned me real c@sh from day 1 & is worldwide simply Google excluding gaps *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Khihmanhring Pashel
Khihmanhring Pashel Yıl önce
I love ur video it was so inspiring knowing dat even u have went through a lot similar to every normal person
Mike Lozano
Mike Lozano Yıl önce
The first person I think and feel is real. Coming from the frustrations of having to deal with a stupid boss with a stupid job. Thank you for being real and expressing your genuine frustrations and successes.
ㄡSaberㄡ Yıl önce
That's called sucess. Keep doing what you are doing because you're going your best path❤️
Joel Manu
Joel Manu Yıl önce
Trading should be transparent I'II rather leverage on the service rendered by recommended experts in trading,I invest with a financial advisor to achieve the best.
Bryan Louis
Bryan Louis Yıl önce
@Sophia Henderson That's Awesome
Sophia Henderson
Sophia Henderson Yıl önce
Thanks to Alec,I got my payouts today!!! Hoorah
Alexander Rowan
Alexander Rowan Yıl önce
Amazing trader, its been nothing but gains for the past year and half.
Veronica william
Veronica william Yıl önce
He recently lectured me on averaging down and actuarial analysis. There's no way i'm not turning pro before th years end.
Joel Manu
Joel Manu Yıl önce
I got him on box
SHaDoXzz Yıl önce
How do i sum this up.. Just, thanks a lot for your advice.
Guided Biz Growth
Guided Biz Growth Yıl önce
If they can do it so can I. Great! @guidedbizgrowth
Christine Joy Rufino Pagay
Christine Joy Rufino Pagay Yıl önce
i literally broke right now. how to make money?
Nate Yıl önce
I am Successful..!!! My wallet- no you're not
Miss Og Ikoya
Miss Og Ikoya Yıl önce
There was a certain doubt about my fiancee faithfulness to me. She uses a verified account and it happened that I decided to watch a video on Instagram when I came across @ jack.smith_07 Got conversing and in no space of time sent me screenshot of disloyal discussions on her verified Instagram account . It was real , I was anxious for more and I got it all. For real. Jack is all I got for now
Nate Yıl önce
My girlfriend is a loser as well maybe I should can her
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