New Primitive Technology FISH TRAP with Fishing Kambo

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Fishing Kambo

Fishing Kambo

2 aylar önce

TNew Primitive Technology FISH TRAP with Fishing Kambo
A Primitive Technology with Survival Skills: Most unbelievable fishing skills for giant gourami fish with a survival bamboo , and cast net fishing for a lot of big fish Thank you so much for watching the video.
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Fishing Kambo

Tridib Dowarah
Tridib Dowarah 4 gün önce
''Hello guys, today we will be unboxing a river."
WWE fan
WWE fan 19 saatler önce
D Aylar önce
If you believe this, I've got a bridge to sell you.
Duck 9 saatler önce
@ScowBaDow Stone dont worry the bridge is sold to multiple people, If i remember correctly.
ScowBaDow Stone
ScowBaDow Stone 11 saatler önce
@Hoga boga dang I wanted it
Ce Ce
Ce Ce 12 saatler önce
Fish are dead yeah
HOONEH HR 20 saatler önce
Hoga boga
Hoga boga 2 gün önce
How much
MARILYN.422 6 gün önce
Now I've seen it all! Fishing with a sledgehammer! Who'd a thunk?
Yurr 2 gün önce
welcome to redneck
welcome to redneck 2 gün önce
​@Smokey Joseph no, they don't hibernate in ice like that
Smokey Joseph
Smokey Joseph 5 gün önce
Yeah fish are good at hibernation
Denji 5 gün önce
You guys think it's real?
Jameseena Coene
Jameseena Coene Aylar önce
I never saw that kind of fishing before. For a few moments, I was out of my 79 year old body and was right there with you. Thanks. It felt great.
Milk 10 saatler önce
Well it’s fake
Raj 5 gün önce
​@Manuel Arteaga guzmang
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris 6 gün önce
@Faustino Cruz you need help
Ricardo Criado
Ricardo Criado 7 gün önce
Hi 👋 Jame seena . Stay healthy and happy .
Faustino Cruz
Faustino Cruz 11 gün önce
JJ kkkj
Bingo nang buhay ko
Bingo nang buhay ko 4 gün önce
This guy is the reason why the ice are melting
RobertsDigital Aylar önce
I don't think those 'cold blooded' fishes are dead They're probably hibernating in deep sleep till the snow melts during the spring season. The only problem is that they will wake up in the afterlife...
1kSubsWith0vids 6 gün önce
Poor fish
Amporn Komolvatin
Amporn Komolvatin 7 gün önce
​@Riju Sk มีใบ ชใจ
Quinntin butler
Quinntin butler 8 gün önce
Oh your gonna hate the fact there is no afterlife.
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 9 gün önce
Sanjay m sanjay Jai ma di Jai ma di
Jameseena Coene
Jameseena Coene 11 gün önce
That's true. They are alive, but they won't be for long. They 'll be salted or fried. Yum.
Zeus 2 gün önce
This guy is the main cause of sea level rising
Jamie Eager
Jamie Eager 2 gün önce
"Freshly iced"😊
Peaches Bloom
Peaches Bloom Aylar önce
That must be the fridge. They look good but not moving.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 8 gün önce
@Canon Nalls I have absolutely no choice but to believe you, but I have never ever saw this before, neither did I know that fish / salmon even hibernate 😳 and I knew that bears hibernated, but I had no idea that certain fish did it. Ummmmmm you learn something new everyday ✌🏾 and thanks for the information 👊🏾
Canon Nalls
Canon Nalls 8 gün önce
They’re hibernating those are salmon
Berna's Fam Cooking Nature
Berna's Fam Cooking Nature Aylar önce
My god I never expected this easy to catch fish on ice! 😍
U 4 gün önce
​@michele elliott they are hibernating.
Chinhme Ho
Chinhme Ho Aylar önce
@michele elliott This is another next level of catching dead fish!
michele elliott
michele elliott Aylar önce
I've never seen fish that you take out of the pawn Ocean or wherever I never saw him when you throw them on land that they don't move those fits just lay there what are they frozen dead cuz I know this is not real it just can't be why the fish not moving when you take them out fishing swivels and swallows around
Really very nice to see the whole video and the task. Very good work done.*
Olivia Kilgo
Olivia Kilgo Aylar önce
Nice fish love have some in my freezer
Brendon 2 saatler önce
Fish look fresh
Sonja Vukasovic
Sonja Vukasovic Aylar önce
Hladan dan - dobar ulov!
Maria Magalhaes
Maria Magalhaes Aylar önce
Esses peixes estava todos mortos
PiggyJain 4 gün önce
Bro didn’t want to give up faith in the scooper, instead of throwing the fish onto the ice directly he instead put it back ton to the scooper to then fling onto the ice 🫵😂
Ahnaf Tahmid
Ahnaf Tahmid 2 gün önce
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Aylar önce
Excellent vlog
Naz Nash
Naz Nash 3 gün önce
James Blume
James Blume Aylar önce
What 😂 a way to go fishing in winter ! Shooting fish in a barrel ; to going getting fish out of the ice ?! Just fantastic ! Adding this to my survival training ! Thank You 😊 so much ! Who said Frozen Food is not fresh !!! LoL 😂😆🤣
Jimbo legato
Jimbo legato Aylar önce
José Carlos Da Silva
José Carlos Da Silva Aylar önce
Aqui no sul do Brasil quando dá muito frio , pegamos robalos encarangados. Não precisa nem congelar.
Tham wai
Tham wai 3 gün önce
Catch fish so easy .
Shirina Begam
Shirina Begam Aylar önce
Wow .... ❤️❤️❤️
Rosa Iris Torres Umaña
Rosa Iris Torres Umaña Aylar önce
Que hermoso una bendición pescador de Hombres
Jimmy Rice
Jimmy Rice Aylar önce
Does he need a license to get fish or a game warden to send this clown a ticket for illegally fishing
Ginllort Aylar önce
Where do you think this is located?
Makka Valley
Makka Valley Aylar önce
Was the net really necessary at that point?
dahane elbouzidi
dahane elbouzidi Aylar önce
Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Greetings
Ingenuine Sky
Ingenuine Sky 2 gün önce
I love how he just fucking grabs the damn fish to put it on the net XD
Dimas Rodriguez
Dimas Rodriguez 7 gün önce
This guy picked up the fish w his hands, put it in the net then threw it on the floor🦷
Juanita Aas
Juanita Aas Aylar önce
I love fishing . ❤️
Dillon Boren1
Dillon Boren1 11 gün önce
Dillon Boren1
Dillon Boren1 11 gün önce
@Shawn Kincheloe Sr yeah they eill
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 11 gün önce
@Dillon Boren1 That is awesome Dillion Boren1 and I just don’t live around a body of water 🤷🏾‍♂️ and I don’t even know how to truly hook a fishing line up, but the few times that I went, it was a whole lot of fun. I caught a few catfish, and I don’t know what the name of the other fish were, but those catfish ( they will mess your line up ) and they put up a good fight lol 😂
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 21 gün önce
I only been about 3 times, but it is fun & also challenging ✌🏾
md meno
md meno 17 gün önce
So easy fishing
Maria Amália Gonçalves
Maria Amália Gonçalves Aylar önce
Os peixes estão mortos, ou congelaram dentro do rio?
Tony Astill
Tony Astill Aylar önce
Hey yeh Brooklyn. I've never fished like that before
Шамшипану Абенова
Шамшипану Абенова Aylar önce
Рыбы дохлые,не шевелятся
Maya Aylar önce
Татьяна Борунова
Татьяна Борунова Aylar önce
Basudeb Das
Basudeb Das Aylar önce
Very nice
Kash Kelly
Kash Kelly Aylar önce
How did this happen? Are the fish still good?
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Aylar önce
I guess so & I was wondering that very same thing 😳
Susan Lee
Susan Lee 9 gün önce
Ummm fish❣️😊😋
Euphemia Robinson
Euphemia Robinson Aylar önce
What a great ideas
Paul Lozy
Paul Lozy Aylar önce
Now that's the way to do it
Veronica Zapata
Veronica Zapata Aylar önce
Que bién pesca
Sahrul Munir
Sahrul Munir Aylar önce
mudahnya mencari ikan
Patty langel
Patty langel Aylar önce
You go girl!! That’s the freshest seafood ever!!
Andrea manyang Manyang
Andrea manyang Manyang Aylar önce
Maia Brito
Maia Brito Aylar önce
Elaine Griffin
Elaine Griffin Gün önce
Today we will be making polar bears feel uncomfortable
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez Aylar önce
Smart cookie very smart enjoy them
Herminia Santos
Herminia Santos Aylar önce
look at those beautiful fish!!
Tuyến Phạm
Tuyến Phạm Aylar önce
Hú mở
Funny Bones
Funny Bones Aylar önce
Those fish were really hibernating
Neide Costa
Neide Costa Aylar önce
Que legal essa pescaria
Ольга Речкунова
Ольга Речкунова Aylar önce
Вот это рыбалка, и я понимаю! На такую рыбалочку я бы сходилаааа!! Со всей душой! ❤😅
Ange Tan
Ange Tan 29 gün önce
, R. In NJ by at all z see my my freea
Ольга Речкунова
Ольга Речкунова Aylar önce
@елена нагорных замёрзли. Без движения!!! Замороженная рыба - это же отлично! 👍🏻 Ой! Мне очень нравится! Быстро! Много! И сразу-же свежезамороженная рыбка! Ещё бы была потрошеная! Вообще мечта любой хозяйки! Правда же?! 😁💖🌹✌🏻
людмила смурыгина
людмила смурыгина 26 gün önce
Рыбы толстые и вкусные!
JD Shellnut
JD Shellnut 6 gün önce
Are bonita fish big?
Какая хорошая рыбалка !!! 👍💥🔥😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Cherik Arengh
Cherik Arengh 2 gün önce
Wow the fishes are so happy to be caught they didn't even move
Super Speed
Super Speed Aylar önce
anaconda na mil jaay😅
TORCH LIGHT💡 Aylar önce
Fish are deeply frozen but not dead Keep them in warm water heart n other functions will start again
สร้อยสุดา บุญธา
สร้อยสุดา บุญธา Aylar önce
Norm Aylar önce
​@Lance Hobbs They look dead not frozen
Hasan Avalo
Hasan Avalo Aylar önce
Bonita pesca
u Aylar önce
Salmon fish
Dana Burkhart
Dana Burkhart Aylar önce
I'd have to say very interesting definitely never seen that type of fishing before
Arjun Paswan
Arjun Paswan Aylar önce
Ian Tebbutt
Ian Tebbutt Aylar önce
That makes three of us
julien rockingham
julien rockingham Aylar önce
That makes two of us
Wolf_teamL Tanks
Wolf_teamL Tanks Aylar önce
Это дохлая рыба !!! Обычно медведи едят после спячки но опять же пока не окрепнут а так это рыба ....
Jon Friedman
Jon Friedman Aylar önce
What is the "trap" part?
maria santos
maria santos Aylar önce
Que maravilha essa pescaria, dá trabalho quebrar o gelo, mas daí compensa pegar os peixes congelados. Lia Moreno a poetisa do amor Ananindeua Pará Brasil 07/02/2023
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros Aylar önce
Prosperidade paz saúde
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros Aylar önce
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros Aylar önce
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros Aylar önce
@Delia Alfaro Blz ✌
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros
Cesar Augusto Soneghet Barros Aylar önce
@Delia Alfaroa
Chantelle Aylar önce
Polar bears been doing this since the beginning of time
Misty Rivers
Misty Rivers Aylar önce
Frozen fishing?
Braeutchen Aylar önce
2 please.....🤭☺️
Shahariars Days Out
Shahariars Days Out Aylar önce
She's fishing all dead fish. 😆
Orangutancuber 6 gün önce
Those fish seem very alive
Ilda Rodrigues
Ilda Rodrigues Aylar önce
Que Geladeira maravilhosa.
Ирина Воропаева
Ирина Воропаева Aylar önce
Рыба то дохлая.Вкусная дохлятина.
Keith Fritz
Keith Fritz Aylar önce
How many fish did he catch?
Rac Rbiba
Rac Rbiba Aylar önce
Рыбак от Бога! Век живи, век учись рыбачить. Я тоже так хочу!
Rohit saini
Rohit saini Aylar önce
Bhai vaise hi glacier warm ho rahe hai this effect dangerous to us please don't take this step
Светлана Гончар
Светлана Гончар Aylar önce
Рыба не шевелится, дохлая?
Humble Maid
Humble Maid Aylar önce
다만, 추운 어름을 깨야하는 그의 노동이 안쓰럽네요! 그러나 좋은수확이 보람있고 저 분 생활에 도움되기를!
ELKA 18 gün önce
Romanos:10:9 😅bendiciones y muchas Gracias por compartir feliz año y siempre ❤😊😊amén
ines Nilda rakuscek
ines Nilda rakuscek Aylar önce
Acaso ves algo mas que pueda hacer para comer en ese lugar
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Aylar önce
Wow Amazing Beautiful.Video
alice matos
alice matos Aylar önce
Peixe fresquinho,congelado
Любовь Aylar önce
Летом-рыбалка, зимой-рубалка.
Neelam Sinha
Neelam Sinha Aylar önce
Very difficult Life and very hard life Bahut bahut thak you for your strength really you are. Brave and laborious person
jabrix 7 gün önce
Tanu Das Tanu
Tanu Das Tanu Aylar önce
এটা কোন দেশ বরফের মধ্যে মাছ
Анна Aylar önce
Подскажи, дружок, местечко! Такое ощущение, что рыба была оглашена взрывом и даже не трепыхалась. Моя интуиция меня не подводила.
Татьяна Санталова
Татьяна Санталова 3 gün önce
Лёд сходит, рыба полувялая в полуспячки вода ледяная, сазан карп карась телоловодные пока вода не прогреется они вялые как не живые 🤔🤔🤗
noname Aylar önce
​@Игрок😎 на продажу сойдет🤣🤣🤣
La Lam
La Lam Aylar önce
Paulette Tidwell
Paulette Tidwell Aylar önce
The fish are frozen.
Игрок😎 Aylar önce
это точно дохлая рыба🐠🐋🐟 😀
Johpa Atktw
Johpa Atktw Aylar önce
Alguien dice: " Buena pesca" - Cuándo sacas un pez de su elemento, lo q esperás de él, es q se mueva, q este vivo. Yo en mi ignorancia pregunto ¿ Por qué razón, los peces, ESTAN MUERTOS ? . - Ningún signo vital, no se mueven, no colean. ¿ Qué les ocurrió?
ΒΙΚΥ ΠΑΠΑΓ Aylar önce
Πεθαμένα είναι τα ψάρια? Δεν σπαρταρανε καθόλου?
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Aylar önce
Those fish already look dead, but I guess the icy temperatures preserved them 🤷🏾‍♂️
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 27 gün önce
@Arthur K yup and you are so so right & I have only been fishing 3 times in my life 🤷🏾‍♂️ so I am no expert when it comes to fishing
Arthur K
Arthur K 28 gün önce
Almost forgot, always, no exception, do the smell test! That's actually the reason we've got a nose, in the first place.
Arthur K
Arthur K 28 gün önce
@Shawn Kincheloe Sr I'd certainly eat them. As long as they're properly cooked, fried, heated there's no issue. Unless, while cutting them open and cleaning, you find some wire worms in the flesh. Remove them all and the flesh is still edible. Sometimes, I get them in shop bought fish, but never had any issues with the fish after removal.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 28 gün önce
@Arthur K yeah KingArthurk but they are still edible aren’t they ? 🤔
Arthur K
Arthur K 28 gün önce
Similar to freezer fish at the shop..
Tajudin Dada
Tajudin Dada Aylar önce
Wow super
Mukta Akter
Mukta Akter 14 gün önce
Malik Hampton
Malik Hampton Aylar önce
Only fish I've ever seen that don't move when their caught! 😂
Armando Aylar önce
كن مع الله
كن مع الله Aylar önce
Because the water is frozen
Richard Yeager Jr
Richard Yeager Jr Aylar önce
They are frozen solid.
Yvonne Robinson
Yvonne Robinson Aylar önce
They froze to death.
carmen guerrero
carmen guerrero Aylar önce
Ese pez está muerto por el exceso de hielo 🤯🤯
WHITE_DEVIL114 Gün önce
This look fun
Rose Fetchko
Rose Fetchko Aylar önce
What kind of fishing is that? By the way , the fish are lifeless (like as in dead)!
Susan Swaby
Susan Swaby Aylar önce
Thank GOD for men, for their strength and their knowledge.
sad romantic
sad romantic Aylar önce
Thank God for the women who bear them and everyone else.
Jorge sá
Jorge sá 28 gün önce
Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson 3 gün önce
He had to of stuffed those fish under there with a long ass stick before the axe came into play hahahahahaha
Chuck Stockford23
Chuck Stockford23 Aylar önce
Those fishies were just sleeping.
Matt Aylar önce
sinar alif
sinar alif Aylar önce
Taurus 43
Taurus 43 Aylar önce
Dr. Night Owl
Dr. Night Owl Aylar önce
He caught 20 fish altogether (I watched the clip 10 times) 😃
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Aylar önce
@Jacqui Danielle "
Linda Smith
Linda Smith Aylar önce
Because they are dead, not able to swim away !!!!!!
Jacqui Danielle
Jacqui Danielle Aylar önce
Pointkr Aylar önce
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott 25 gün önce
That's a new technique for fishing. They must be frozen to death.
Polly Smith
Polly Smith Aylar önce
Nice job
Katie Evans
Katie Evans Aylar önce
Since they froze to death, they're good to eat.
Aprajita singh
Aprajita singh Aylar önce
Yes I agree I hope not they are suffering outside in cold and no water and he's butchering him
Asher Wozny
Asher Wozny 17 saatler önce
Bro was standing on another fish💀💀
Hasta Bahadur
Hasta Bahadur Aylar önce
Super 💕💕❤️❤️ nice 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
RayoAzul Aguilar
RayoAzul Aguilar Aylar önce
Pawan Patil
Pawan Patil Aylar önce
O L 💖
Maria Milanski
Maria Milanski Aylar önce
Audit Recon
Audit Recon 6 gün önce
Nice fish.
ADI_GAMER 29 gün önce
The man is saving the fishes from cold 🙏
Jason 19 gün önce
in boiled water
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 21 gün önce
Amo peixe que delícia um peixe frito com carros e bastante salada de alface.
Никита Морозов
Никита Морозов 22 gün önce
эти рыбы все, кончились, спасать некого.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 28 gün önce
Lol 😂
Земля-наш дом
Земля-наш дом Aylar önce
Каша из топора-знаю. Но чтобы удочкаааа...???? Первый раз вижу
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