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I spent a day with people who have received the COVID-19 Vaccine to learn the truth about this vaccination process.
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AnthonyPadilla 7 aylar önce
come back later this week for *I spent a day with COMA SURVIVORS*. -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
Agnieszka Cendrowska
Agnieszka Cendrowska 4 aylar önce
Did you get it alreadyyyy?? I got mine and I'm so happy
Cheesebeer 7 aylar önce
What if you did an interview with people who don't believe in covid
Riccardo Muzzioli
Riccardo Muzzioli 7 aylar önce
Hey Anthony !!! Great video about the COVID Vaccine !!! Are you planning to do a video of COVID vaccine recipients after the second dose of vaccine?? Btw great job with all your video !!
M C 7 aylar önce
Please do "I spent a day with Holocaust survivors"
winterprism 7 aylar önce
I'm happy for those 3 people. Not my experience and not the experience that multiple co workers had (all women of child bearing age, I might add) . We've only had the 1st shot and are all incredibly anxious about the second one. I'm not even sure that keeping my job is worth it. So, glad these 3 did great but they do NOT represent everyone.
Coreylynn Branscomb
Coreylynn Branscomb 11 gün önce
I would love to see an episode where you spend the day with survivors of domestic violence If you need a guest, let me know! I’d love to share my story of hitting rock bottom, to rebuilding my life from nothing💕
Leona C
Leona C 12 gün önce
I'm sad that womens health got looked over in this, every female I know who got the vaccine had their period affected, I have a brain disorder rooted in my menstrual cycle and looking up people with my condition (pmdd)'s experience with the vaccine their pmdd effects lasted a month rather than a week and this is something that if I didn't know could really mess me up :(
C Wild
C Wild Aylar önce
So interesting. Would love to see an updated version of this as a lot more of the world has been vaccinated now.
Indiana Olson
Indiana Olson Aylar önce
As of August 3, USA is now at 49% fully vaccinated and 57% with at least one dose. Halfway there.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
@Indiana Olson it’s sad it takes them to getting hospitalised to realise how serious this is
Indiana Olson
Indiana Olson Aylar önce
@Bring on 2021 Yeah, it is going to be pretty annoying to connvince the other 40% that it is safe, they won't get autism, and nanobot trackers aren't being put in them. Colleges and a lot of businesses are going to require that anyone attending/working there be vaccinated so hopefully that lights a fire under them. They're going to have to be dragged kicking amd screaming to do something so simple for their own good. Unfortunately the people who refuse to vaccinate are also the ones who refuse to wear a mask. Edit: America's percentage may also be lower since it needs to vaccinate 290 million more people than the UK. UK has 50 or so million of 68 million vaccinated while USA has about 187 million vaccinated which is 2.5% of the world's population.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
Well done 👏 In the uk we are now at 90% of the adult population have had their first, 77% have had both!
Josephine Chapelan
Josephine Chapelan Aylar önce
i got the pfizer vaccine (both doses) and everything went well go get vaccinated if u can!!!
Helmi Aylar önce
I just got vaccinated today!!!
Life is a Adventure
Life is a Adventure Aylar önce
This video needs more likes 👏🏻👏🏻
lokismilinguido Aylar önce
Great and informative video!! How about "I spent a day with a aromantic person" just a sugestion, it would be cool in my opinion
Kinfolk 215
Kinfolk 215 Aylar önce
Nobody hear them calling it a study and trial they lab rats 🐀
paige murray
paige murray 2 aylar önce
my mother gave me my vaccine at a hotspot in a FOOTBALL STADIUM
sir talkallot
sir talkallot 2 aylar önce
Vaccine is your God and savior
Murkwood Aylar önce
Lucifer take the wheel!
Ms Black Barbie
Ms Black Barbie 2 aylar önce
Wow what about the people who died, got heart inflammation, blood clots, Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s and the numbers of women who miscarried after getting the vaccine. How funny that this is promoted and the people who had bad side effects are silenced. Even Facebook has admitted to censorship of anything negative about the vaccine. Boy, good luck. I am all for freedom of choice, but please give both sides a chance to explain their experience.
Alligator Snake
Alligator Snake 22 saatler önce
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
SillieSimma :/
SillieSimma :/ 2 aylar önce
@Ms Black Barbie sure will
Ms Black Barbie
Ms Black Barbie 2 aylar önce
@SillieSimma :/ you can get on telegram and search my name @MsBlackBarbie or Instagram @MsBlackBarbiegram I will help you out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ms Black Barbie
Ms Black Barbie 2 aylar önce
@SillieSimma :/ there are, they just get censored hard.
Lisa B
Lisa B 2 aylar önce
"That could lead to the destruction of humanity"...and he's talking about VACCINES-It was just such a weird sentence to hear in that context.
rockchickparamore 2 aylar önce
I had both of mine in the UK, the first one gave me a dead arm for about 3 days, the 2nd dose gave me have flu like symptoms for 3 days, and I felt really lethargic for 5 days, but I'm glad I have had both doses, I work with some elderly people, so I feel a bit safer working around them :)
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator 3 aylar önce
You know the video's going to be good when at 0:30 Anthony's narration matches with the man on screen.
3 aylar önce
I wonder how these people are now...
ms. nobody;
ms. nobody; 3 aylar önce
Lmfao I had covid
Al Tom
Al Tom 3 aylar önce
I know people are gonna be like u fucking conspiracy theorist but it’s not a vaccine because of all the things people are getting from it and also that how quickly it came quickly with out that much testing. I’m not getting it any time soon.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
‘All the things people are getting from it’ Source? It would be useful to read some literature on this. And the ones I’ve looked into have gone through all testing
Zach A
Zach A 2 aylar önce
@Al Tom yes it is...
Al Tom
Al Tom 3 aylar önce
It’s not even fda aproved
Al Tom
Al Tom 3 aylar önce
@GamerPepperPig99 ?
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
quick doesn’t mean you cant trust it just because others take longer doesnt mean this is because they didnt test it a pandemic would 100% make the vaccine creation go so much faster my mom took it months ago and she was always fine its your choice but that choice could seriously harm others
Jupiter 3 aylar önce
Okay In all Seriousness… PFIZER GANG 💪🌝
BlinkinFirefly 3 aylar önce
For those of you still moping around, GET YOURSELF VACCINATED! Let's wrap this up for the health of America. To confirm my experience, I also got a sore arm from both doses. It sucked but I dealt with it. That's all pretty normal for any vaccine. I felt sore again mildly under the weather after the second vaccine. It only lasted a day and then I was feeling back to normal like a day or so later. But better to have a little soreness than to have contracted full on COVID and risk the devastation it can cause to your body or even death. It is so much more worth it to just get vaccinated.
Moira Menzelli
Moira Menzelli 3 aylar önce
Big difference between this vaccine and other vaccines is that it doesn't actually prevent you from contracting nor spreading the illness. It just makes the symptoms not as bad for you. Saying this as someone who went, got the vaccine, actually read the handout and asked questions to confirm this information with the doctor. I still got it because I'm in the immunocompromised group however it doesn't sound like this is a vaccine where "herd immunity" would even help since it can still be contracted and spread despite recieving the vaccine. What people actually need to do is actually stay home unless necessarily to actually quarantaine this shit out of existence instead of continuing to go out when they feel ill or want to hangout in public with their friends because they can't stand to be alone with their thoughts for a day, let alone several weeks 🙄😒
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
@Moira Menzelli I haven’t particularly looked into moderna as we aren’t really using it where I’m from, although from what I understand it uses the same technology and similar method as the Pfizer vaccine so I don’t see why it wouldn’t have a similar outcome with regards to reducing infection and transmission
Moira Menzelli
Moira Menzelli Aylar önce
@Bring on 2021 I received the Moderna vaccine
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
@Moira Menzelli I’m not sure what vaccine you received but the ones I’ve read up on (Pfizer and Astra) both reduce the risk of contracting and transmitting the infection (by 40-60%). Although you are correct, they also do reduce the severity of symptoms if you do catch it
Moira Menzelli
Moira Menzelli 3 aylar önce
@GamerPepperPig99 read what i said. It doesn't do *anything* to prevent nor lower your chances of contracting it.
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
that is actually how other vaccine works like the flu vaccine it doesn’t prevent it but it makes it alot less likely
ShyAnn291 3 aylar önce
I’ve gotten both shots!
Morgan Field
Morgan Field 3 aylar önce
I got my second dose four days ago!!! Lets beat this together!
William Rolle III
William Rolle III 3 aylar önce
At this point in Florida, at least in Broward you don’t have to sign up for the vaccine no more, you can just walk-in to a spot that gives it and receive your shots
simplylinn 3 aylar önce
I love Anthony’s videos, but I’d love to see an interview from people on the other side. From the people who won’t take it because they’re sceptical. Just because those three vaccine recipients are fine, it doesn’t mean plenty of people are dying from getting the vaccine, or having serious side effects. Look at different websites and research: what happens in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? - the answer is always: it’s still too soon to tell. I’m not gonna be sceptical in 5 years, 10 years or whatever. But right now, less than a year after it’s been created, that vaccine is not entering my body. I’m not downplaying the big tragedy that happened around the world. But more people die each year from the regular flu than due to Covid-19. And if you’ve lost someone to covid I truly am sorry for your loss. I had covid and it was like any other cold, except I lost me my sense of smell. So the lack of knowledge of what’s gonna happen in the future, is enough for me to say: I’ll pass for now, maybe in 10 years ✌🏻
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
But doesn’t the same apply to Covid? We don’t know what affect Covid will have on you in 10 years time
S C 3 aylar önce
My mom recently got the vaccine. She was absolutely miserable for a week and a half. She said she never felt so awful in her life. But she’s fine now
Katelynn Tull
Katelynn Tull 3 aylar önce
I got my second shot todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Marina Mitjanit
Marina Mitjanit 3 aylar önce
Congrats! I'm getting my second shot in two weeks^^
Banish for Cost
Banish for Cost 3 aylar önce
Why didn't he have the people who contracted Bell's Palsy on? Weird :/
TessaB lol
TessaB lol 3 aylar önce
I got my first and second dose (moderna) free and my local Walmart. Mainly the only thing that irratated me was the day right after. My arm was so sore , I felt just drowsy and sleepy . Other than that I am fine 🙄 idk why everyone is freaked out and this is coming from someone who is Scared Of Needles 🤣
Story Time With Bianca
Story Time With Bianca 3 aylar önce
I got my first dose and I had couple of the side effects: Drowsiness, headache and soreness in my arm.😄
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez 3 aylar önce
I got my first dose about a week ago. I only had a sore arm and it felt fine on the third maybe fourth day
Roland Ortega
Roland Ortega 4 aylar önce
My dad got the vaccine and yet he didn’t forget the fact of hitting me with the belt so no brainwash there
the game ranch
the game ranch Aylar önce
@GamerPepperPig99 huh
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
i think the needle wasnt a covid vaccine
• HersheyCoveredZoey •
• HersheyCoveredZoey • 4 aylar önce
Ds Coeur
Ds Coeur 4 aylar önce
6:15 " this girl"?!? I hope that was a nurse. Why is she refering to a nurse that way.
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
because wamen
Hello world
Hello world 4 aylar önce
In a few years, this video will have the same energy to people as "I spent a day with PEOPLE WHO'VE DRANK WATER"
Little Duckyy
Little Duckyy 4 aylar önce
Do anti-vaccinests next
wrestlingismyaddiction 4 aylar önce
He's like me really wants to yawn but tries to hide it and nods his head incase people think he's being ignorant yawning lol
Yolanda Williams
Yolanda Williams 4 aylar önce
I would have been perfect for this one!!!!
Azarel 4 aylar önce
How about a talk on male to male rape survivors...
Lixa Doot
Lixa Doot 4 aylar önce
Or just male rape survivors
My Nickname Is Keno
My Nickname Is Keno 4 aylar önce
For those looking to get the shot in the rear end, I highly don’t recommend it lol unless you don’t want to sit down for a couple days after the shot. (For the record I got my shot in the arm and it felt REALLY sore the day after, but went away a couple days after.)
Kayleigh 4 aylar önce
I would've really liked to have had someone on who'd experienced the symptoms of the vaccine though :/ I was floored the day after my vaccine and honestly it was probably one of the worst 2 days of my life - had all the symptoms(which may be because I was given the AstraZeneca jag which is no longer going to be given to people under 30...joys)
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 Aylar önce
That’s a sign it worked tbh- it was your immune system firing up that made you feel bad. Paracetamol certainly helps
Kayleigh 4 aylar önce
@Jade I feel that, but I think it's also important to show that it's not going to be all sunshine and daisies and actually talk about some of the symptoms of the Jag because it can feel like absolute hell incarnate and people need to be prepared for that, yknow?
Jade 4 aylar önce
Yeah I was bed ridden after my first one for like 2 and a half days. Third day I was tired, low energy, pains all over my body, joints mainly. Muscles were weak. Due to get a second jab in june which I will get but apparently the symptoms are worse on your second so i'm looking forward to that. It's just something we should all do though, it's for your own and other peoples safety.
kyaryponponpon 4 aylar önce
I got my pfizer vaccine a 2 weeks ago and i felt fine, little tired and my arm hurt -normal reaction to a vaccine - having my second shot end of may :) there is so much info about these vaccines especially from politicians and that is what's scaring so many people.
• HersheyCoveredZoey •
• HersheyCoveredZoey • 4 aylar önce
Hope your second shot went well ☺️
I Am Zachary
I Am Zachary 4 aylar önce
I’m definitely wary of vaccines because as a baby I got a vaccine and was very sick and my mom got scared because of me going silent and high fever it was a horrible time for my mother and me and she doesn’t like the whole vaccines because of that I can get why you want to get vaccines but I’m not going to because I’ve never had a problem with those sicknesses
the game ranch
the game ranch Aylar önce
You still spread disease even if you don’t have symptoms
Draven Last name
Draven Last name 5 aylar önce
Please do the exact same video with possibly the same people in a year or so when they are at least a little more than a month into the 2nd shot or ""full dose"" and can give more accurate information.
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
my mother got it super early because shes a er tech and she only had a bit of a sore and wasnt felling to well for about a day but other then like a week after she was perfectly fine
Ellie Bellie Boo
Ellie Bellie Boo 5 aylar önce
My grandfather died after getting the vaccine but he was very old and ill
GamerPepperPig99 3 aylar önce
oh im sorry for your lost good luck to you and your fsmily
Banish for Cost
Banish for Cost 3 aylar önce
@Jonathan Martinez keep that energy when it comes to Covid deaths 👀
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez 3 aylar önce
Then it was not because of the vaccine
shain126 5 aylar önce
We will see how many of these people already vaccinated will their bodies react in 10 to 15 years. There is no prove of the long term effects but if there is , I'm pretty sure the government and the health officials will throw it under the rug and excuse it with other things ... I don't know at what point they will stop pushing the vaccine or stop making us wear the masks, or stop with the you can't go to the museum, or park or you parent's house, or be at the church, or school, oh but yes you can go to Disney, Walmart, target, airplanes ... ridiculous ...
Emma Pile
Emma Pile 5 aylar önce
Please do I spend a day with people who have dyscalculia! I have it and nobody really knows what it is
Emma Pile
Emma Pile 4 aylar önce
@Liam Dowell me as well
Liam Dowell
Liam Dowell 5 aylar önce
I hope more people see this comment
Carmela 5 aylar önce
And I'm here, 27 yo, and watched the Covid survivors and this one while getting a nebulization for my asthma afraid of going out, still with no date for my vaccination. Stay at home people, take care of yourselves and others. We should be a team.
Medium Jimmy
Medium Jimmy 5 aylar önce
I already saw this video but I’m rewatching it since I’m getting my shot tomorrow. I’m so nervous 😬 I have a bad fear of needles 😅 but I’m excited to get it✌️
Medium Jimmy
Medium Jimmy 5 aylar önce
@mickey is scared I ended up getting my shot delayed (was gonna get the J&J one but then they stopped giving it literally the morning of my appointment) so I got the Moderna one yesterday. I forgot to try to relax my arm before they did the shot so I was really tense due to my needle fear and I’m definitely more sore than my partner who got it at the same time as me, but I’m feeling fine :) just like any other shot. Good luck to you with yours 💜💜
mickey is scared
mickey is scared 5 aylar önce
same lolol, good luck Brodie :)
Masha Chan
Masha Chan 5 aylar önce
I’m getting my Pfizer vaccine this Monday. I’m not scared of the shot I’m super scared of the needle 🙃 wish me luck
Masha Chan
Masha Chan 5 aylar önce
@mickey is scared thank you ☺️
mickey is scared
mickey is scared 5 aylar önce
me 2 good luck
Matthew Kendall
Matthew Kendall 5 aylar önce
Keep up the content Anthony! Very intriguing stuff!!!
Kylie H
Kylie H 5 aylar önce
My parents got the vaccine and they can relate. Their arms were very sore for the first 3 days after they got the shot. When they came home they made a joke saying “Say hi to Bill Gates!”
Ⳑ𝓐ƊエƐS CԊOエCƐ 5 aylar önce
_you should document your self and show us if you plan to receive the vaccine so we can see the actual experience receiving the shot._
Oscar Davis
Oscar Davis 5 aylar önce
my grandad is very angry as he has to go to our yorkshire rivals stadium for his vacation
🧿 Pauline Adele 🧿
🧿 Pauline Adele 🧿 5 aylar önce
I just got my second dose today! It’s almost been 5 hours and I’m very slightly sore so far. 1st one I was just sore on my left arm. It was more sore the day after but got less sore day after day and barley felt a thing. Still waiting it out now after the second one lol. It’s different for everyone but we always wait 15 or more minutes after our vaccine if we have any bad side effects or allergies and nurses are with us. Even a lady next to me is allergic to a lot of things she brought her pen just in case and she was waiting 30 minutes. I left early since I had to go but if she can do it everyone else can.
Anon13X 5 aylar önce
I personally dont gaf about getting the vaccine. If you get it, good for you. If you dont, good for you. Stop trying to pressure people to get the vaccine, or to not get the vaccine. Our bodies, our choice.
Gerwulf 5 aylar önce
Since I am between 20-49, I have a 99.98% chance of not dying to Covid-19 if I contract it, which is 20 people for every 100000 people, so I am not going to get the vaccine.
AnthonyPadilla 5 aylar önce
do you ever interact with a person who interacts with a person who interacts with a person who interacts with an older or higher risk person?
B 5 aylar önce
I got the Pfizer vaccine. I felt soreness in my arm. And about 2 hours later, I felt by body getting warm. I took a Tylenol as a coworker had recommended and it went away within minutes. I did feel soreness like a hard/tough workout for the rest of the week I'm due for my second vaccine in the second week of April. I'll update my comment for then
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith 4 aylar önce
How did your second dose of the Pfizer vaccine effect you? About 95% of all my friends, family and even acquaintances who have gotten both doses seem to have had a reaction to the second dose. They all got achy, tired and run-down with a low grade fever. They’ve all said it’s a bit worse on the second day after the second dose but all felt better by the third day. Did you have the same reaction? My daughter and I both caught COVID-19. She had it in September of 2020 and I had it in February 2021 (this year). My daughter has been suffering from “Covid related illnesses” for eight months now... She just can’t get well. The doctors and nurses at the ER told us that MANY people are having all types of bad Covid related after effects. Our family PCP told us the same thing. I wonder if anyone is ever going to talk about this problem? I hope you didn’t have any negative side effects and that you and your loved ones are staying happy and healthy! Love from Texas ♥️🤠🌴
Guida Senshi
Guida Senshi 6 aylar önce
The theory of that girl just doesn't make sense... if she was brainwashed, she would go get the vaccine and say its ok, no? xD
MylesGamerPlays 6 aylar önce
That guy who said he feels much safer for his family lol the jabs don't even stop transmission
Kiki Mincks Roten
Kiki Mincks Roten 6 aylar önce
Today is vaccine day for me!!!!
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté 6 aylar önce
Oh man. I don't want to get it just because I don't know how long it lasts... But I don't want to be part of the problem 😫 I didn't know that 50% of adults weren't getting it.. oof
bang turden
bang turden 6 aylar önce
"for the sake of other people" 💜 leading by example
KirstenNotFound 6 aylar önce
My grandma got the vaccine and said that the next day she felt like she had COVID again. She got the second round and said she felt like that again
anna sidorenko
anna sidorenko 6 aylar önce
As an Israeli I feel like we live in different worlds currently lol, the phaze when people were afraid of the vaccine is pretty much decreasing, since people started to actually educate themsleves wether they should take the vaccine or not, I can't say there is no antagonism about the media and everybody pressing on getting the vaccine, but overall people want to get this horrible virus out of the way and have a peaceful life. And of course to make sure less people who for example can't get the vaccine to be able to live not scared for their lives.
Eva Herr
Eva Herr 6 aylar önce
As someone who's already received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine, I can say I had a very similar experience to these people. I got it because I work at a hospital. I felt NOTHING after the first shot. After the second one, I felt soreness, I was somewhat tired just like the beginning of a cold, and a little pain in the arm where it was administrated, but all that, lasted for A DAY. That's all. PLEASE get the vaccine when you can. Do not reject it. It's there to help and to protect yourself from the virus, even to protect others around you if it turns out that we can't be contagious. Please get vaccinated if you can.
Andrew Evenson
Andrew Evenson 6 aylar önce
Shoulda got a military member in there to talk about their experience. I got the moderna vaccine being in the army national guard, and its a much different process and environment than the civilian process. Its also interesting to note most people I know in the army refused to get the vaccine, putting me in a spot where I’m kinda abnormal. Just in case anyone is curious, this was my process. 1. There are a lot of people in the army, and despite covid, we are put in close proximity with each other. I’m talking less personal space than most people had pre-covid lol. Didn’t bother me personally, everyone keeps their masks on and I don’t go out ever so I’m not worried about spreading covid around if I happened to get it. 2. You fill out some standard military form, and on it you consent to get the vaccine, and an officer (who I think was a medic) signs off on it. 3. Wait in line to get your shot. They put it in your left arm, you don’t get a choice. I’m sure they would switch arms if you asked but if you don’t say anything it’s left arm. The shot itself was less painful than the standard flu shot (for me), and I didn’t experience any side effect, however my arm was super sore from the shot, and my arm doesn’t typically get sore for shots. 4. They give you a vaccination card with which vaccine you got, a serial number for the shot, and who administered it. They tell you to wait 15 minutes but it’s just honor system, they don’t time you or closely observe you. 5. For my second shot, the shoulder soreness was about the same, and still no symptoms (it’s been like 2 weeks since I got my second shot). Other than that it was the same process for the second shot as the first. To be noted, medics administer our shots, not nurses or doctors. They must be briefed on the vaccine cause they always ask if we have questions and offer to answer any questions about the vaccine.
Basic_ 6 aylar önce
Seems like he’s pushing the vaccine huh👀👀👀👀👀👀. Maybe there’s something wrong about it that we don’t know of 👀👀👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
khimmy alfie
khimmy alfie 6 aylar önce
Please try "I spent a day with veterans"
Cool 6 aylar önce
my friend and i got our vaccines and we were getting rude stares because I’m younger and people judged me until i told them i was a student teacher and my friend works in the icu at a hospital
Chelsea Newman
Chelsea Newman 6 aylar önce
So I’m scrolling through videos trying to see if I missed one and realize I hadn’t seen this one. And I look and I’m like ‘uggg coronavirus, I’m sick of it, I don’t wanna hear it. I’m gonna get my vaccine, but I don’t want to spend my time watching this right now.’ I look up and down a few days and look at the views... Looks like a lot of people don’t wanna hear it xD After thinking about that, now I’m like fuck... I should watch it and add my view in support of the message that people need to see.
Sara M
Sara M 6 aylar önce
So the people that are already vaccinated still have to distance themselves? Ruins the point, doesn't it?
Sara M
Sara M 5 aylar önce
@Nand Anon Right! Millions of people already have antibodies without the vaccine.
Nand Anon
Nand Anon 5 aylar önce
Why is everyone forgetting about natural immunity and putting all their eggs in the vaccine basket? Here in Sweden the government put up a statistic January 2021 that 40% of people had antibodies, and back then we had just started vaccinating and ONLY the elderly. So no, it's not necessary.
Sara M
Sara M 6 aylar önce
@DCM There is a lot of information that you seem to not understand and I don't hold that against you. But it's not appropriate to say that unless every single person is vaccinated then we are doomed. It's not true. Herd immunity is reached at a certain percentage. Some people are advised against vaccination for their own personal health. It's true and should not be some sort of fine print disclaimer.
DCM 6 aylar önce
@Sara M everyone will at some point, unless you are allergic to the vaccine, which there isnt much people that are. If everyone is not vaccinated, this pandemic will never end
Sara M
Sara M 6 aylar önce
@DCM Not everyone can or should be vaccinated.
ZoeyLuvCat 6 aylar önce
I got both my shots. Been two weeks since then. I am alive XD
Minecraft247 6 aylar önce
Somebody in my family died because of the vaccine
Minecraft247 6 aylar önce
My mom gives covid vaccines
Jae D.
Jae D. 6 aylar önce
Conspiracies on covid be makin me lose braincells. I went out to eat and a lady behind me was complaining about having to have her mask on for literally 5 minutes, until she gets to her table. People are saying that it is fake when it is not fake, My family had the virus and when my step dad died we couldn't get an autopsy because he still had it in his system. We don't know if it was the virus or something else. Please people this virus is very much real, you are just too naive and uneducated to realize it.
draagonlavndr ♆
draagonlavndr ♆ 6 aylar önce
spending a day with stoners or marijuana activists would be a fun video!! while there is a more positive public opinion of weed in the us, there’s still much negative stigma/stereotypes clouding pot smokers, pun intended ;p
Username 6 aylar önce
Ok so... im apparently allergic to the vaccine???💀 I-
Mergo aka Jeezabel16
Mergo aka Jeezabel16 6 aylar önce
You apologized to Trisha yet?
Jordotron 1001
Jordotron 1001 6 aylar önce
I got the vaccine and I can assure you I've had no symptoms but soreness due to the shot, soreness is with every shot tho
Suany Mendoza
Suany Mendoza 6 aylar önce
Sorry but nah lol I’m not getting the vaccine, I already had covid & I only felt like shit for 5 days. I recovered quickly due to natural remedies. I rather not be a guinea pig for this vaccine & not have any chance of getting those horrible side affects. If it’s my turn to go then that’s Gods plan.
Aquarose5249 6 aylar önce
It would be cool to see a video on trypanophobia: the fear of needles, since it's especially relevant right now!
Rainbow 6 aylar önce
I also took the vaccine, both doses, no side effects other then my hand hurting
TheSpiritualSaiyan 6 aylar önce
So many 🐑
Meg Scott
Meg Scott 7 aylar önce
It's very irresponsible to make this all look fun and safe. It's not safe or fun or neccessary for a flu with a 99 percent survival rate unless you're over 70. You're the guinea pig, this mrna mutatator is being tested on you. The fact that there is no liability for vax companies tells you everything. The long-term side effects are limitless and unknown. This is all about money, the flu vax took 10 years to develop. Wake up, this is population control. A tracking device? Not at all....just slow kill poison to get rid of the useless eaters.
o0K3K3870o 7 aylar önce
I once heard that it will change your dna like seriously just stop people
Atara 7 aylar önce
Hi could you possibly make a video for people with emetophobia :)
Phoebe Lambert
Phoebe Lambert 7 aylar önce
My nan has her second dose next week. She's been fine so far 🤞🏻
Sop!! 7 aylar önce
To be honest, this was my least favourite epsode of this series so far.
Ro0ky 7 aylar önce
I have a fear of needles
dollop_of _gubbinsly
dollop_of _gubbinsly 7 aylar önce
I’m surprised this hasn’t been canceled yet
Andreea Valeria
Andreea Valeria 7 aylar önce
Anthony, could you do “I spent a day with health anxiety sufferers”? It is very debilitating and I’m sure a lot of people are suffering from it, especially now since the pandemic. :)
Kirishima's waifu
Kirishima's waifu 7 aylar önce
The intro never gets old :0
Sarah 7 aylar önce
I just got my second vaccine today!
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 7 aylar önce
My main question is if it’s okay for people with autoimmune diseases. Mainly because of the white blood cells attacking an organ or a part of your body. How would it affect you if you do have autoimmune diseases?
Pluto 7 aylar önce
Vaccines protect YOU, masks protect OTHERS. Both are very important to getting through this
David Alexander
David Alexander 7 aylar önce
My mum got the oxford astra zeneca vaccine a few weeks back and because she is her immune system is heavily compromised due to cancer and other things I wont say, she was in agony for 4 days straight but she is more or less fine now. I think people should definitely take the vaccine however beacause it will prevent you from getting covid , and its not only good for you, but also all those around you.
Zach A
Zach A 2 aylar önce
i'm sorry your mom has/had cancer
Spring Simmer
Spring Simmer 7 aylar önce
I just got round two of Moderna today. Round one my arm was a little sore but, it wasn't real bad or anything. However, later that night I felt pretty fatigued and had to sleep a lot. Round two stung going in and my arm was sore and still is. I felt the fatigue again tonight, and general aches and yuck feeling though not unbearable. I've been told many didn't show full symptoms until like 1 am or so the next day. It's almost 11pm now and I feel more or less like I'm in the pre phase of getting sick. Generally, all of my co-workers recovered in a day, though I've heard it could go up to a week in some rate cases. The process is pretty quick, I would advise showing up early.
Layne Bottom
Layne Bottom 7 aylar önce
I'm in the process of getting mine rn from the state (my job allows me to be the second group of people that's able to get them). I've only had the first dose so far and aside from my arm being sore for a few days, I'm all well otherwise, and even then, having a sore arm is normal, so I don't really mind
Selena Smith
Selena Smith 7 aylar önce
I already had covid most likely. Along with my husband and in-laws. I caught it from them (since they didnt understand the concept of quarantine) and it wasnt bad for us. The only thing that sucks is that my sense of smell is fucked up. I smell differently and i cant even explain these new senses because ive never smelled something lile them before. And a lot of them are bad smells
JamesSoDifferent 33
JamesSoDifferent 33 7 aylar önce
Do you have to do this qna? Like seriously, COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient? Are you part of those anti vaccines civils??
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