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Four different experiences of how it feels to kill another person.
- OFill Allen, who murdered a man and was jailed for 12 years
- Jacob Dunne, who accidentally killed a man with one punch on a night out
- Bobby Cummines, a former London gangster
- Craig Harrison, a former sniper in the British Army
These interviews are taken from episodes of our Minutes With series.
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The old man is the definition of "never underestimate an old man in a profession where people usually die young"
jjkracha 14 saatler önce
I can’t imagine the level of confusion the one punch guy had to deal with, trying to understand that you took a life with one hit must have been so difficult to comprehend
Jack Crater
Jack Crater 21 gün önce
"I'm not a criminal. I'm a business man, and my business is crime" I personally love that quote so much almost like a quote you'd hear from a movie.
Unholy_Batman 4 saatler önce
Hearing Craig tell his story really hits home for me. My childhood best friend served, and when he'd talk about his tours of duty he had the exact thousand yard stare. He wouldn't really talk about it a lot, but when he did you could always just feel the pain shaking behind his voice. It'd been about a year after he was relieved of duty when he took his own life. Not a day goes by that I wish I could've done something more to help relieve his mind from the darkness that followed him home.. Its been a year since he left, and I'm not sure life will ever feel quite the same. Hopefully peace finds Craig, welcome home brother.
Vas Happenin :D
Vas Happenin :D 14 gün önce
The sniper guy with PTSD brought tears to my eyes. I hope he recovers from all of this and lives a peaceful life with his family.
A Human
A Human 16 saatler önce
To the sniper- my family and I are refugees from the Bosnian war. I can’t imagine how painful it is what you had to do for your job but you helped save innocent lives. Without people like you, my family and I may not be here today and the war could have gone on for much longer. I hope you find peace and know that you are not a bad person, the people that you were commanded to kill needed to be stopped.
Gangsters are scary, but an very old, living ex-gangster who sits there in a suit and calmly describes how he puts a gun in another's mouth to teach him a lesson is absolutely terrifying.
NOVA 229
NOVA 229 14 gün önce
Maybe it was accidental but the thumbnail design is brilliant,
Jauphrey 9 saatler önce
Julia Mameli
Julia Mameli 9 saatler önce
the one punch killer story made me tear up, you can really hear how remoseful he is
violetninja 16 saatler önce
I feel the most for Jacob. I got into fights all the time coming to the defense of my friends when I was young. I moved around a lot and always being the new kid sucked but what friends I made I cared deeply for. I never really wanted to hurt any of the bullies who taunted me or my friends, just tried to make them leave us alone by seeming like we were more trouble than we were worth.
sgsellsit 21 saatler önce
I have seen Craig in a lot of interviews. He shows that soldiers, no matter the training, the size, the bravado and fierce fighting characteristics, they are human first and foremost. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who fought and their families. So many of our men and women in uniform struggle with the memories of war and so many have been let down. Their war never ends. We have lost more soldiers to suicide than we have lost in the history of the entire middle east conflict. God bless our military men and women.
The one punch killer had so much pain in his eyes. He unfortunately has to live with that for the rest of his life. That hit me the hardest.
Neil Murray
Neil Murray 14 gün önce
The sniper guy was pretty heart wrenching, an otherwise good, solid, stand up nice guy broken down by the experiences of war. He didn't want to kill, he wasn't a bad person, he had to as it was his duty. Veterans, we hear very little from their personal experiences and stories and it was something different to hear it honestly spoken without any bravado from a man who has served his time and has the experiences to tell others and warn people who will listen.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 2 saatler önce
I was moved by the snipers story. I respect the strength of that man and I'm glad he's still with us.
Thank you to the makers of this powerful video and to all four of the lads who taught each of us hard lessons, for we all could have been in positions where we , willingly or unwillingly, could have caused serious damage to others, including deaths.
UPurKILT 14 gün önce
Craig harrison had the longest recorded sniper kills (killed 2 machine gunners) at one point at 2475m just over 1.5 miles and saved 12 mean in the process. And he is haunted every day by what he has done. His book is amazing his story is amazing. 👍
The Only Alex Ryder
The Only Alex Ryder 12 saatler önce
First sniper guy is a strong strong person. To be able to go through mental hell and be able to both calming explain it while still showing emotion and vulnerability, hats off bro.
Connor Iquada
Connor Iquada
The guilt behind the one punch guys eyes is immeasurable. He really didn’t wanna kill anyone. Just wanted a bar rumble