How to lose weight or how to gain weight? Master Mu Yuchun.

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Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu

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In this video, Master Mu Yuchun tells how to lose weight and how to get fat, and in other words, restore your body. We often don’t think about what harm we do to ourselves when we start to eat little or sleep little. When we eat little, we lose weight, but dangerous diseases approach us. How to be? What to do? How to restore harmony and be yourself.
Master Mu Yuchun shows stomach exercises and very effective points for losing weight or gaining weight. Master Mu Yuchun always says that one should not believe, one should do.

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Zhen Gongfu Tradition and Culture Association of China.
Mu Yuchun is its founder, a master of traditional wushu - indoor styles. Lives in Ukraine for over 29 years. During this time, a large number of seminars, master classes in wushu, gong fu and calligraphy, as well as festivals and other events were held, hundreds of students were brought up.

Mu Yuchun - often sought after as a master from China Mu Yuchun, Chinese master Muyuchun, martial arts master Mu Yu Chun, Mu Yuchun zhengongfu muyuchun 穆玉春 Master Mu, Master Mu Zhen Gongfu.

Today we will consider one problem together with you. Many overweight people ask my students how to lose weight. They think to themselves that if they do not eat or eat little, they will certainly lose weight. And they stop eating at all or eat little. Or, to lose weight, they start sleeping a little. Or they start to load themselves with different jobs. These people are very smart, but they do it all wrong. Subsequently, they will definitely lose weight. But this will happen to the detriment of your health, loss of your energy. This is called losing your health. Of course they will lose weight, but this is dangerous weight loss. New diseases will begin.

God gave us life on Earth. God gave each of us his mission. Whether you are fat or thin, it doesn't matter. It is important that there is a lot of delicious food to eat :) But when you have eaten a lot of delicious food and say that after that you have grown fat, this is not true. Why isn't it true?

Look, I'm not fat. I eat a lot of food every day. I am eating a full bowl of rice. I eat half a kilo of rice right away. For rice, I eat some kind of grass, for example, cabbage. And I'm not fat anyway. But other people eat like me, or eat less, but still fat. Why is this happening? Because they are lazy. They ate and immediately go to bed. Lazy. Woke up and eat right away. They don't want to be healthy.

Of course, then health issues arise. When you are not eating, the stomach narrows. There is always bile energy, liver energy and stomach energy in the abdomen, which interact with each other. When there is less food, then this energy is consumed less. Without a load, the internal organs stop producing energy and, as a result, can lose their function or their purpose. Because of this, the body as a whole weakens and becomes vulnerable to disease.

If these diseases begin, then they are difficult to treat. This is a complex problem, not just a stomach problem. People think they are fat due to stomach problems. You are fat because you are lazy. There is a lot of fat around the intestines. Fat closes your path to health, closes your meridians. A lot of problems begin.

But how can these problems be solved? You can eat whatever you want. If you like meat, then eat meat. If you love bread, then eat it. Eat and get some rest. Don't start working right away. A little later, start spending energy: walk, do exercises or self-massage, do various things.

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анатолий любанский
анатолий любанский Yıl önce
Мастер, спасибо большое за то что делитесь с нами знаниями.)))
Rosa Maria Andreu Canoura
Rosa Maria Andreu Canoura
Muchas gracias, Maestro Mu. Este ejercicio del ombligo es muy efectivo. Me ha curado el estreñimiento crónico que padecía desde hace años. Con sólo 2 minutos al día, adiós al estreñimiento. Gracias, Maestro. Que la paz y la vida sean con usted y los suyos. Saludos cordiales.
Alla Fedotova
Alla Fedotova Yıl önce
Смотрю и восхищаюсь этим великим человеком, сколько полезного, а главное это всё действительно помогает, испытано на себе, открыла для себя этого человека, сколько ушло боли и мучений, огромная благодарность и самые добрые пожелания,
Irene Bezerra
Irene Bezerra
Quanto ensinamento em um só vídeo!!!Parabéns Doutor!!
Р С Yıl önce
Спасибо за видео!!! Мастер объясняет все очень четко и понятно! Благодарю Вас за то что вы есть и что делаете для нас ❤️🙏
Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson
Thank you so much . I had a pinched nerve and my shoulders were in a lot of pain . Yesterday, I did the massage between my thumb and point finger and today I am free of pain . Thank you so very much . I’ll be doing this massages for weight loss now .
Ina Steinhauer
Ina Steinhauer Yıl önce
Большое спасибо за то, что дарили здоровье всем людям.❤️😊
Waleska Silva Pomagerski
Waleska Silva Pomagerski Yıl önce
Muito obrigado Mestre!!! Minha saúde está sendo restabelecida com os seus ensinamentos.
Как же повезло тем, кто может присутствовать на ваших уроках
Elena Lucenko
Elena Lucenko Yıl önce
Обожаю ваши уроки и мне нравится подход китайской медицины, надо искать причину, а не лечить уже следствие, толку мало, всё вернётся на круги своя 👏👏👏👏🙋🙋🙋🌈🌈🌹
Irina Elisova
Irina Elisova Yıl önce
Удивительные видео. Я относилась к ним недоверчиво.Пока не вылечила за неделю себе плечо,просто массируя точку,которую Мастер показал ... А в травм.пункте направили чуть ли не в операционную.
Oksana Vasylieva
Oksana Vasylieva Yıl önce
Спасибо большое, мастер, ваши советы очень помогают! Всё понятно рассказываете! русский язык сложный, а с возрастом учить сложнее(булимия,анарексия, застой кишечника, термины мед. конечно сложно для любого иностранца) , вы уникальный! Благодарю вас, замечательные уроки самомассажа!
Olga Olga
Olga Olga Yıl önce
Спасибо вам Мастер.
Юлия Гукова
Юлия Гукова
Спасибо, Мастер! Всё понятно и доступно. Долгих лет Вам!
Марина Артуровна
Марина Артуровна Yıl önce
Спасибо бошьшое,уважаемый!!! Все советы очень полезны!!Смотрю все видео!!! Потихоньку выполняю советы из многих видео,состояние улучшается.Низкий вам поклон и здоровья на многие годы!❤
Corvus Lysithea
Corvus Lysithea
Thank You, Master! I am chubby, a bit fat. And i have chronic pain in that point on my palm! I always massage that 2 points you show, one on the palm and other on the arm - because i feel the NEED of it! Thank you for explaining, why!
C. Lorenz
C. Lorenz Yıl önce
Z głębi serca dziękuję Mistrzu Mu 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼Życzę zdrówka i radości 🍀
Elżbieta Daniłowicz
Elżbieta Daniłowicz
Ludzie bez studiów medycznych mieli zdrowie bo mieli wiedzę i mądrość i pomagali wzajemnie sobie. Obecnie liczy się teraz tylko szybko zdobyć pieniądz. Pan mistrz uczy podpowiadając jak sobie ulżyć a następnie pomaga wyzdrowieć i za dobrą pracę należy się dobra płaca. Dziękuję bo kiedyś były mądre 'babcie"
Nelli 🐞
Nelli 🐞 Yıl önce
Владельцы канала! Делайте пожалуйста синхронный перевод, когда серьёзные и нужные темы! Невозможно: читать, смотреть и повторять! Ещё и реклама каждые три минуты!
katnatchris Yıl önce
Brilliant! This has come just at the right time as I am trying to lose a few pounds🤔 Well a bit more than a few 🤭 So far found all your advice priceless and am starting to benefit through practice. Thank you so much. Take care. Stay safe.