5 Common Pitfalls of Self-Taught Pianists | Piano Lesson

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Learn Piano with Jazer Lee

Learn Piano with Jazer Lee

3 aylar önce

Learning piano by yourself is definitely possible. You can easily learn chords, music theory, how to read sheet music on the internet. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for. In this video I talk about the common mistakes made by self-taught pianists and also provide solutions to solving them. Working with a teacher is still recommended.

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0:54 Pitfall 5
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7:46 Pitfall 3
10:39 Pitfall 2
12:34 Pitfall 1

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Learn Piano with Jazer Lee
Learn Piano with Jazer Lee 3 aylar önce
Which of these pitfalls can you relate to the most? 🤔🤔
Stephen 5 gün önce
My brother, who is a sound engineer, once told me that I shouldn't be practising the parts I know, I should be practising the parts I don't know. It really blew my mind at the time, but he was hearing me stroke my own ego polishing the parts I already had down to a high shine, and neglecting the parts that I couldn't already play.
Stephen 5 gün önce
@M Mar Baniang Not even - play because you enjoy it. This is all excellent advice if you want to improve your piano playing, an undoubtedly rewarding pursuit, but at the end of the day anyone telling you that you're enjoying music wrong is probably trying to sell you something.
Stephen 5 gün önce
Poor sight reading, reporting in. I can sight sing quite well from doing a lot of arranging with Musescore. But as soon as it comes to what note it what with piano, I'm back to Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit.
Agustín Milano
Agustín Milano 9 gün önce
Yeah the number one is definetly my pitfall haha. I repeat a specific bar of any piece like 1 or 2 times, and then I randombly do some scales, arpeggios or passages from pieces that are easy to me and don't really use the time I have to practice. I'm gonna try to force myself to use metronome, because it has helped me to stay more focus, and will try the 7 times method from this vid
Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 9 gün önce
@Cornelio Camacho So do I, Cornelio!
Heidi Marchetti
Heidi Marchetti 6 saatler önce
Poor fingering--most of the time I play with only the first 3 fingers on my right hand. I need to do learn how to do scales and travel up and down the keyboard with ALL of my fingers.
Marcin Hadrych
Marcin Hadrych 7 saatler önce
What I'd do, is open up Curiositystream on the tablet, start a film and practice whatever I need to practice, a one or two bars with a metronome, over the narrator, talking, sound, music for the entire duration of the film. I make sure all correct practice cheboxes are ticked and focus almost entirely on the film.
Allie Hawks
Allie Hawks 11 saatler önce
Can someone recommend a good curriculum for those of us just beginning to learn but don’t have a teacher?
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez 14 saatler önce
I am a self taught pianist as we could never afford piano lessons. I was, however, in band and played percussion for most of high school. And having learned music theory helped so much with learning piano. I’m really grateful for it.
Pro China Aotearoa
Pro China Aotearoa 15 saatler önce
Agreed Jaz entirely self taught has all the above pointers my pet hate is all of them so getting with sheet and practical aware dialogue rather then advancing plateau feeling I have hit the fan realizing have relearn the basics all over hurts but anything worth getting is going to have that element you have great channel thank u bottom of my heart
irwanap Gün önce
I have all the pitfalls. Thanks for your video
Reece Griffith
Reece Griffith Gün önce
The independence exercise... I legitimately don't think my anatomy will allow me to do that as well as you are.
Reece Griffith
Reece Griffith Gün önce
I wish I could improve on that... for 10 years I've regularly played moonlight sonata, and I cannot, for the life of me, play those little trills with the top notes in the octave chords.
BoldCautionProductions Gün önce
I think a whole lot of "learners" jump from video to video. I think using this video as a backup to just one or two of your other vids at a time until mastered keeps you from never mastering anything, just jumping from lily pad to lily pad. I am using your couple of vids where you show how to creatively practice scales, for instance.
Faenor Gün önce
My practice is crazy inefficient, not only am I bad at reading notes but i tend to not play in small sections even though i should, i often find myself just getting carried away and playing from the beginning because I enjoy it so much
Larry Graham
Larry Graham Gün önce
Thank you Jazer. I'm self taught on piano and must say that I'm guilty of all the bad habits you mentioned. Now that I'm aware of them I will take time to correct these nasty bad habits. I really love the idea of breaking things into smaller segments and repeating them seven times. So glad you have these wonderful videos to help all of us who are struggling with the bad habits that must be unlearned !!!
Zio Matthew Bari
Zio Matthew Bari Gün önce
As a big advocate of online pianist this spoke straight to me 🤣. I owe most of my motivation for piano to synthesia and I don't think I could have got this far without it. I love rock and metal and it is just too hard to find and afford the sheet music so with synthesia and online pianist I could learn all of my favourite songs. After a few years though you hit a wall where you can't improve because the pieces don't just need practice and repetition they need higher theory and technique. So now I have gone back to traditional method books and a teacher and study pieces from sheet music and use online pianist for fun or to play stuff which is a bit too hard to read yet and that is working really well and keeps me motivated but also keeps me improving.
Yeriah-The-Hittite 2 gün önce
What if you were taught the basics at age 5 and continued till you were 8 but then quit for 4 years until you randomly gained motivation again at 12 and started using a teaching app for 1 year than quit that and now just play through TRshow tutorials?
K M 2 gün önce
You're the best
Sword and Shield
Sword and Shield 2 gün önce
Constantly record yourself...the great way to reveal
Kaya Jackson
Kaya Jackson 2 gün önce
I’m self taught and I recently started taking lessons. My teacher was shocked by how well I play. He says I have a gift. When I was teaching myself I pretend as if I had a teacher and I would tell myself things a teacher would say.
Carlos Kusnier
Carlos Kusnier 2 gün önce
I haven' t money to pay a profesor. Nobody can listen me. I play with earphones.
Valdemar Pultz
Valdemar Pultz 2 gün önce
All of Them 😉 awesome channel!!! Thank you very Munch for this video
David Ongaro
David Ongaro 3 gün önce
14:10 please don't play the Appogiatura in bar 8 like a grace note. That is just inappropriate in Barok. In this case it should be played like a quarter note. The notation just indicates that it's a suspended note in this harmonic context. Of course you are free to add or change trills in this and other places.
George Lim
George Lim 3 gün önce
I have problem with my fingerings, can’t really get them to work as intended. Any good practices that I can do to help train the my fingers? Thank you.
furlongfurlife 3 gün önce
Great video! I did have a question about fingering patterns though. Sometimes when playing through a piece that has fingering included, I feel like it’s meant for hands with a larger span than mine. Any guidelines for tackling finger patterns when your hand(s) feels too small to play the notes as effortlessly and easily as possible?
Andrea Benfield
Andrea Benfield 3 gün önce
Hi , I´m a self-thought pianist and I would really want to star learning how to read sheets . Do you have any tips?
SteffiHu Arts
SteffiHu Arts 4 gün önce
I have been playing the flute for 19 years now. So I am pretty used to coordinating 10 fingers doing different Things and I am as fluent as you can probably get in sight reading, at least the treble clef. Not So much the Bass clef. I logically CAN read it, (slower the treble but still...) but as soon as I start playing the piano I cant process both treble an bass at the same time and get all jumbled up. Do you have Any Tipps for me?
Kayz! 4 gün önce
I already knew my first piano teacher was bad... But really, he taught me some of these pitfalls as the right way of playing.... I never learned sight reading and we hardly did any music theory at all.... I only started doing that years and years after I stopped taking lessons (because I wasn't improving anymore.... no wonder!). Fortunately he did teach me the correct technique and fingering.
Gilligan 4 gün önce
My biggest pitfall is that I have zero desire to play any of the music in most piano lesson books so I end up just learning tv/movie/video game theme songs with synthesia. I don't even play the video I just skip ahead and pause it where I can see what's coming and memorize from there. If it's a song I already can recognize I just get the ball rolling like that, then keep guessing and checking until it sounds right. I understand this isn't ideal, but it's enough to satisfy my curiosity. We got this thing for the kid anyway.
Jervi Lopez
Jervi Lopez 4 gün önce
I'm 27 years old and I play with Suzuki Method. Since I'm already at a certain age, I had to learn to sight read. For small children, they are taught to play by ear and focus on technique, then after they finish the first book they are taught how to read music.
Kurtis Mitchell
Kurtis Mitchell 4 gün önce
this is great man!
Stephen 5 gün önce
If you're practicing for a recital, practice the whole thing from start to finish. Sitting down, setting your music, adjusting the chair, then playing the whole thing from start to finish. Then stand up (practive your bow too, a well executed bow makes you look fly as hell), and start again. It's very hard to fool yourself into thinking you know a whole song when you really only know 80% doing this. This is just another way of saying don't just practice piano, practice _performing_.
Stephen 5 gün önce
Awesome channel, thanks man.
Bruce Attilus
Bruce Attilus 5 gün önce
I’m self-taught I’m going to try to follow these tips
Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris 5 gün önce
Very good video, ive been chipping away at that Bach peice for about a year, my problem is ive learn't sections of it and not others. The bits i know i neglect to read the music properly and then come to halt when i reach the bits i don't know. I'm not reading music as I play.
The Gerny
The Gerny 6 gün önce
I’m self taught and can play some kind of difficult pieces such as maple leaf rag, fur elise, etc. however, I’d like to get a teacher because I can’t read music very well. I spend hours learning pieces when it could take half the time if I didn’t have to look up the notes.
John Mcguigan
John Mcguigan 6 gün önce
Good advice Jazer. I’d probably add that slow practice means very slow so you make no mistakes otherwise people still tend to try and play too quickly. I have played flute and classical guitar for many years, but now at the age of 60 I’d like to play piano. I read treble clef pretty well but I’m really struggling to get used to reading bass clef notation. Any advice? I’m so used to reading treble clef it’s proving a real pain. Perhaps I’m too impatient. Thanks for your great lessons which are very helpful.
a person
a person 6 gün önce
I play a bunch of instruments so including drums so I'm pretty good at tempo and I learnt how to read music pretty early on but I defiantly fall into number 2 I really need to work on my fingering
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan 6 gün önce
Regarding the last tip, I've found it very helpful to practice from the last bar backwards. It means you are always playing into a part you're confident with, instead of decreasing in confidence as you progress through the piece. (to be clear, get bars 7/8 down, then 5/6, then 3/4 etc. At each point you'll be able to play to the end with confidence.)
Lynda Gruen
Lynda Gruen 6 gün önce
Hi, Jazer! I'm 40, and I'm learning keyboard for the first time. I used to play flute and have dabbled in guitar. Wow, that is pretty fantastic advice! I have definitely noticed it to help when I stop and work on short sections at a time. As for the sheet music: that makes a lot of sense. I grew up learning multiple languages. Especially when I was studying Mandarin Chinese in college, I found learning to write the characters - and matching them with their pronunciation / proper tonality - to help a LOT with being able to remember their meanings and read texts written in characters. Since we're learning the layout of a piano / keyboard, we might as well learn sheet music at the same time. I'll have to see what I can find. Thanks! = D
Asdfer411 6 gün önce
I love how my finger independence is so much better on my left hand because of all the time I've spend playing guitar hero :D:D Just got my first beginner piano yesterday and my finger independence on my right hand SUCKS soooo much :D
duck 7 gün önce
me when i here fur elise the 29449 simply piano ads flashbacks: hello there
Christopher 8 gün önce
"this is how 99% of the world communicates in music" *Classical music. Plenty of people in the world of modern music (pop, rock, hip-hop, etc) can't read or write sheet music. And if I'm looking to play e.g. a piece from a video game soundtrack or, let's say, a NIN song, I'm about five times as likely to find that as a synthesia representation than as (accurate) sheet music.
Dom TT
Dom TT 8 gün önce
I want to start learning piano and this has been helpful.
E Bolds
E Bolds 8 gün önce
Great tips! Thanks👍🏽
Prelude C
Prelude C 8 gün önce
I tend to rush and try to learn too much at a time and end up not letting the music sink in and becomes my subconscious, which consequently makes my practice hard to keep at a fixed tempo. Thank you so much for the tips🙏 Will break down to smaller segments and do more repeatations before moving on. I only started early this month, a very new newbie😊 Wish all my adult fellow learners the very best! Enjoy✌
Aching Piano
Aching Piano 9 gün önce
I came here thinking "Probably doesn't apply to me". But I'll consider getting a teacher. Well made video. I make a lot of my own music, but I never actually read or write sheet music. The fing ring (cause I can't say that ^_^) I was called out on very long ago, which helped me learn to play better. So I got that solved. The practice in smaller sections I've been doing pretty much exactly as you mentioned in the video. But on the other hand when I make my own music. 90% of the time it's pure freestyle for 2-20 min. But sometimes I get something really good for 20 sec, and i incorporate that into something and eventually get closer to creating something great. Great video!
Sean Ferris
Sean Ferris 9 gün önce
Been playing for two years by ear, progressions, tutorials and synthesia. Never liked sheet music. But not I guess I have to learn it.
fazioli fairmont
fazioli fairmont 10 gün önce
i kinda disagree with these tips... about the metronome, its gonna make you a machine. Never ever practise with metronomes, instead try to learn to be conscious when playing. Focus 60-70% of your focus to hearing, and actually listening and feeling your music. Maybe even dance your expressions with it, as it helps you be conscious big time. but please never use a metronome. Your not even supposed to have a beat. Your supposed to variate your tempo all the time, its part of the interpretation of music. about the technique, and finger indepence.. uhm, i suggest the opposte. learn to make your fingers one. Connect fingers into movements. Remember the movement, not the independend fingers. Especialy when you want to play very fast pieces, memorize how your hand moves, and not individual notes. I never spend time on finger independence, and i have never truly missed the nail.
Mike Houghton
Mike Houghton 10 gün önce
I sight reading a lot of songs everyday because I love to challenge myself. My downfall is that I only have two songs memorized and only a few measures of a few songs. I start to memorize a song but I want to play it completely through and never get it memorized. I have also about ten songs I work on daily too. Thank again for your learning tips.
Amu 10 gün önce
I can definitely relate to the synthesia one. At some point I was very bad at sight reading so I went for the more comfortable option which was Synthesia. Felt comfortable for a while but the longer I played the more it seemed like being able to read a sheet would me much more convenient. Please if you play piano, try to never rely on Synthesia.
gani 11 gün önce
That last tip is such sound advice (no pun intended). I think the brain naturally likes partitioning / sectioning things as a sort of survival skill when we used to hunt and gather. So if you section a piece of music into bars you learn separately, then when it comes time to gather all of them in one place it just comes naturally. Excellent video!
Tiger Carpenter
Tiger Carpenter 11 gün önce
going to start learning by myself today as soon as my 1st ever piano arrives. that's a great tip about repeating small chunks (1-2 bars) many times. I'll do that, and I'll also do that on the guitar. have you composed your own pieces yet? if so, where can we listen to it?
Zakar Leo Zayin
Zakar Leo Zayin 11 gün önce
Wonderful tutoring.
Quinten Boosje
Quinten Boosje 11 gün önce
yeah but litterally instead of that watch you can have your phone vibrate exactly the same way in your pocket with an app. i'm sure there is an app for that.
Tera Allas
Tera Allas 12 gün önce
Brilliant. 100% spot on.
Hoa Sivilay
Hoa Sivilay 12 gün önce
Thank you. This is great and all the same great tips our classical piano instructor told us to do with our son, who is 6! The nightly practice routine is not my most favorite thing to do but I can already see much improvement. Thanks for all your informative content.
Andrea Ruiz
Andrea Ruiz 13 gün önce
I loved this. I’m learning with Simply piano and so far I can read and have my fingers move around but I do feel I’m too tense :/ what I’m doing is having a mirror next to me to see but I loved the advice of having the meaty part of the hand technic. Also the practicing by sections just makes sense! I will apply all of these. Thank you for the advices
Alma 13 gün önce
man im just tryna noodle on my fm synth on not black keys lmao
Trevor James Consideracion
Trevor James Consideracion 13 gün önce
#5. ✅Definitely, usually happens when I try to play faster pieces. Still trying to remove my tension when playing fast octave movements #4. ✅Not as blatantly obvious as yours but yes, my rhythm is very poor if you play a metronome. #3. ✅Yep. #Synthesiagang. (Although, I think Synthesia covers with the hands are more famous now than pure Synthesia videos.) #2. ❌My finger placement doesn’t feel that poor tbh. #1. ✅Yep, this is also the reason why I could play the beginning of a piece perfectly then fall off in the later parts due to either lack of memorization or lack of practice. 😂 You really nailed it! lol
Vicki G Solomon
Vicki G Solomon 13 gün önce
My fifth finger, especially on the left hand, loves to fly up above the rest. We're working on that.
Victoria Connolly
Victoria Connolly 14 gün önce
THANKYOU makes alot of sense and encouraging I have dabbled with piano but want to really learn it.
Diorno Senpai
Diorno Senpai 14 gün önce
I taught myself fur elise only problem is my hand placement
Lostar SM
Lostar SM 14 gün önce
My fourth finger is soooo weak D:
Sleep 14 gün önce
surprisingly. Other than reading sheet music as a (kind of) self-taught pianist (I went to a piano class for like 2-3 months and I was not that good for them to cover fingering and techniques). I dont know how but ive developed these techniques over time by my self. I was very surprised that I learned how to do these things correctly without a teacher (except ofcourse reading the sheet music). But Im working on that.
Ashton Sprunger
Ashton Sprunger 14 gün önce
Hello! I've been playing piano for 10 years (self taught) and have fallen into just about all of the pitfalls you mentioned! (except the synthesia one) I'm interested in getting a piano teacher but have no clue where to find one. Could you point me in the right direction or give me some advice on finding one? Thanks!
Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 14 gün önce
Jazer, my admiration for you is boundless, but "synthesia" is infinitely more difficult and confusing than learning musical notation, IMHO. If you read the whole thread of comments here, it appears I am not alone. I'm deriving great pleasure and benefit from your videos!! Elliott in Manhattan
Eric Bertilsson
Eric Bertilsson 14 gün önce
I'm producing music with FL Studio and I'm looking to improve playing the piano. This video was great, thank you! I got this quite random idea at the last pitfall you talked about, I think it'd be fun to see you learn playing songs for the first time and see your process mastering it. I don't know if there's anyone else who would be interested in this or if you done it already? Just an idea, I think it'd be interesting :)
Elliott Humrich
Elliott Humrich 14 gün önce
I wish you lived in New York City so you could mentor me. Or do you ??
K J 14 gün önce
I started learning piano about a year ago and am presently working on ‘Reverie’ and ‘To a Wild Rose’. Will try to apply the seven time technique to these pieces and see if I’m able to work through them more efficiently. Thank you!
rhys roberts
rhys roberts 15 gün önce
I’m a 16 year old self taught pianist, been playing for 10 years. I can’t read sheet music at all (I can read a stave and that’s about it) but I have perfect pitch and quite an amazing ear. I looked at your video wondering if any of my problems I face as a pianist would come up on this video, and surprisingly they didn’t. The problems I face as a musician is my improvisation, especially on keys, is too dull, as apart from opting for my own scale, close to a dominant Phrygian mode, but modified, I normally play minor pentatonic just like a guitar, with very little to no chromaticism, Ive been trying to teach myself to input it into my improv but I’m struggling. Is there any place or any methods I can use to help myself get better at it or learn anything more to help me? :)
x EthannDontTryMe イーサン〜
x EthannDontTryMe イーサン〜 15 gün önce
10:41 I really just accidentally paused it there. Looked at the title. Looked at his fingers. And imagined something way off topic. I need help.
Mamo 15 gün önce
moi guys
Mamo 15 gün önce
jzr here
Magda Delicia
Magda Delicia 15 gün önce
I always find your videos so insightful! Thank you for the high quality sharing! Practice in smaller section is such a wonderful tip, as I usually got frustrated on longer bars
Evil Dog Films
Evil Dog Films 15 gün önce
His pickup line: "I will use much smarter and more efficient fingering"
Thecrasher 96
Thecrasher 96 16 gün önce
ive been self taught for a very long time and i can play rondo allka turca and some parts of la campanella and 1 months ago i started with a teacher, i feel so rare starting over the beginner sheet reading since ive never read a sheet before when i can play really hard things
SouthPark 15 gün önce
@Thecrasher 96 Also --- if you have time ..... you can even load some samples of your playing ..... for us to listen to. This allows us to check out aspects such as nuances ..... soft and loud. Accents etc. Some people are very good at including details like that into the playing. And - one extra aspect of piano is music theory. Did you learn much music theory before? As in - understanding and applying counterpoint - and understanding how note patterns played (sometimes independently with the left hand) fits nicely with notes played with the right hand (or a combination of both hands). That area can really add dimension and expand horizons in music.
SouthPark 15 gün önce
@Thecrasher 96 It could be a combination of factors. It can also depend on the natural abilities of individuals. Out there in the world - as we know - there is always going to be variations among people.
Thecrasher 96
Thecrasher 96 15 gün önce
@SouthPark im learning surprisingly fast to read músic maybe is because i can play the piano Well already
SouthPark 15 gün önce
@Thecrasher 96 Nice one! There are certainly different paths that people can take to play the piano. And this is one of those pathways. And those methods can then later be complemented with other methods --- such as you're now learning to read music. And people that have the ability to adapt, which is what you're doing - it all comes out very nicely with time. Combining experience from various areas certainly can work - and work nicely.
Thecrasher 96
Thecrasher 96 15 gün önce
@SouthPark tutorials and synthesia and a lñot of time playing each part until my figers felt faster and without noticing i was coordinating hards little by little by playing it slowly and increasing speed as well learning the piece by muscle memory
Ray 16 gün önce
Instead of falling notes, synthesia can show the music sheet too if you want. It has metronome too. They're all configurable. Very good (imo) for casual, play-for-fun, visual learners. But having a teacher is of course always better esp. to teach self-discipline.
The Piano (cover) Man
The Piano (cover) Man 16 gün önce
I like what you're saying.
SouthPark 16 gün önce
Self-taught will have various levels associated with it. Various aspects to be considered - such as whether self-taught really means absolutely nothing to go by -- no books, no tutorial sources ---- only the person and the piano --- with no other input. But - in general, self-teaching is expected to involve some input - from at least one or more sources - such a book, or some books, and youtube lesson videos etc. And the progress probably also depends on the individual - as some people may have a very good understanding of what they need to do, or where they need to get to, and know what their own capabilities are .... and many other aspects (which might include their own ability, capabilities, perspective, attention to detail among other attributes). Videos such as this ------ is definitely beneficial. The points are good ones, and can certainly be taken on board - for the benefit of everyone to consider in their musical development.
Nelson Guedes
Nelson Guedes 16 gün önce
Number 1 is definitely the only one I have trouble with. My memory is not great and the pieces I play have tons of notes. I try to remember all the notes consciously but it's super hard....
Lucy L.
Lucy L. 17 gün önce
Thanks for Your tips. 🌼I’m 53 now and I’ve been learning piano by myself for a year. I find your advice very useful esp. that about practicing short items. I’m thinking🤔 about a teacher of course, but… you know … always lack of time😀 . Regards from Poland P.s I’m fond of your films✌️✌️👍👍
Ngọc Nguyễn Lê Minh
Ngọc Nguyễn Lê Minh 17 gün önce
thank youuuuu
Abiel Algravez
Abiel Algravez 18 gün önce
Hi Jazer! I'm used to using sheet music and memorizing it without been able to sight read. I started using Synthesia a couple of years back and I connect it to my digital piano using MIDI and display it on my TV on top of my piano. I like the feedback it gives so I know 100% that I'm playing the right keys and it's the first time I trained myself to sight read (and not look at my hands the whole time). However, I would like to keep using sheet music so I can also use it as universal language and read the piano dynamics while playing.
Reel500 18 gün önce
No pitfalls. Only if you play for money which majority don't.
Jakob H
Jakob H 18 gün önce
Great info! 🔥🔥
Endiii Galactiiic
Endiii Galactiiic 18 gün önce
How did the first pianist find their first teacher?
David Pearson
David Pearson 19 gün önce
Remembering is a real big factor. I have watched several people online. trying to find the one that fits is the most difficult. Some go to fast and I cannot keep up. I do know I do not have the fingering down. My playing is choppy instead of flowing up and down the key board. Plus, I want to play gospel and any given song in different keys.
Jeremy DM
Jeremy DM 19 gün önce
With the wrist one. I used to take piano lessons but my teacher told me to place my fingers elevated from the keys not aligned with it? Something about using your wrist for power
amarissimus29 19 gün önce
I'm fortunate in having many years of training, yet my killer is the memory. I can sightread with ease, but take my music away and my brain shuts down. Even pieces I've played for decades. ForScore and AirTurn are my crutch. Eh, worse problems to have, I suppose. Good point about the fingering. I can't count how many times I've encountered people who didn't even realize it was right there in front of them. And I'll second breaking up the piece into more manageable parts. And the metronome!
466 963u75654
466 963u75654 19 gün önce
Peter Lawrence
Peter Lawrence 20 gün önce
I'm no longer a beginner, but still have to get out the metronome to smooth out just about every new piece I try to learn. For me the three most important things in playing the piano are metronome, metronome, and metronome !!!
bsinatra145 20 gün önce
As a beginner, what should I practice to get better? Fyi I can't afford a teacher. I have gotten as far as learning major scales with fingering.
SouthPark 16 gün önce
Just practise according to the various great youtube lessons for beginners. You'll just keep improving the skills and experience --- with time.
robo fish
robo fish 20 gün önce
my ring and little finger or stubborn, its the same with guitar (being self taught), i have probably only played under a months worth of total hours on piano but i have memorised a handful of songs which was something i didnt think i'd be able to store long term...i'm grateful for the aid because i'm reluctant to do monotonous tasks from time to time...the finger task you just showed me has definitely shown me how tense and sloppy i am
Tom Pirtle
Tom Pirtle 21 gün önce
Thank you for teaching your piano skills.
Tom Pirtle
Tom Pirtle 21 gün önce
I like the small bits piano practice advice, one of my piano teachers said the exact same thing BUT start from the last bar of the song.......both great advice, practice
Henry Lam
Henry Lam 21 gün önce
Hi Jazer, Thanks for the great video. I struggle with pitfall 2. How do you approach working out efficient fingering?
D Mills
D Mills 21 gün önce
Good tips Jazer. After more years playing at the piano than I care to admit, I recently got an instructor. We are working on every one of the things you mentioned, except tension. The only reason we haven’t talked about tension is because I think she doesn’t want to overwhelm me, because I have that challenge too. Thanks!!!
ReNae S
ReNae S 21 gün önce
All of them. You have changed my practice methods. Im a ReLearner. I played and took lessons as a young person. As a retired adult i thought sure i can sit down and just play WrOnG.
ReNae S
ReNae S 21 gün önce
All of them. You have changed my practice methods. Im a ReLearner. I played and took lessons as a young person. As a retired adult i thought sure i can sit down and just play WrOnG. I almost threw in the towel thanks to you I am improving 1% at a time and I’m practicing and focusing much better thank you thank you thank you
Sam Babu
Sam Babu 21 gün önce
Sight reading is my weakness... I am practicing from zero with the sheet and second one is fingers position....
#TopKoality 21 gün önce
Wow! You are sooo good at explaining! I learned a lot just from this video! Thank you!
Piddeaux 21 gün önce
All FIVE!! Well . . maybe not hand position. I think I have that down pretty well. I could use some help with the "tension" thing though. I never seem to be able to get to the point where my "playing" sounds pretty and I'm wondering if that is the reason? A light bulb sort of "went off" when you talked about and demonstrated that.
SearchBucket2 22 gün önce
Great video thanks. My only push-back is that Stevie Wonder and Derek Paravicini have no problem playing despite not being able to read sheet music!
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 22 gün önce
On fingering: 11:50. I'd do it your way b/c I hate that weak lazy little pinky. Ha
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 22 gün önce
If you can speak it but not read/write, you're still illiterate. By definition, yes?
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