Dominos vs. Pizza Hut Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

2 yıl önce

Two pizza places, both alike in dignity, in fair Burbank, where we lay our scene, we're comparing two POWERHOUSES OF PIZZA. DOMINOS vs. PIZZA HUT! Who will win in this episode of FOOD FEUDS? GMM
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Danial Azam
Danial Azam 2 yıl önce
Link is a rare breed of people that know how to actually eat wings
nn nn
nn nn 2 aylar önce
some people don’t want to inhale their food
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 5 aylar önce
Can confirm I can’t eat a wing.
MrMadManMark Yıl önce
That was pro Link! Now I wanna try your way.
Wide Yıl önce
Wide Yıl önce
Captain Birch
Captain Birch Yıl önce
I love the awkward, yet wholesome story going on between the two delivery people
John Lewis
John Lewis 19 gün önce
Mike 3 aylar önce
Much respect must be given for the awkward Pizza Boy and Pizza Girl.
odibex 6 aylar önce
I sure thought she picked a booger and he ate it but I guess not
J K 8 aylar önce
it is like a classical Italian love story rite?
Marian Jane
Marian Jane 8 aylar önce
Stole the show to me
Matthew Neyer
Matthew Neyer Yıl önce
4:29 can we just appreciate the perfectly executed wing-eating technique by Link
Kudohori 2 aylar önce
Buffalo approves.
Just Bane
Just Bane 7 aylar önce
That's funny lol
Avriel Mimiga
Avriel Mimiga 8 aylar önce
@MASSACHUSETTS 500GOVERNOR none pizza with left beef
Dan 8 aylar önce
That blew my mind
The 2 pizzas with...nooooooo
That Other Boi
That Other Boi Yıl önce
there was a whole story arc between two loving pizza workers, and nobody seems to care
Andy Hall
Andy Hall 8 aylar önce
I was WAY invested in that story ..LOL
Taver Nello
Taver Nello 8 aylar önce
This is what romeo and juliet would be if it was written by a plastic pizza lover lol
ThePringleTingle 9 aylar önce
Living for it
Blaze Rivers
Blaze Rivers 9 aylar önce
I was with you until you baited likes by saying nobody cares
Garrett Reyman
Garrett Reyman 9 aylar önce
Ya I’m just here for the food. Bout to order me some Domino’s.
King Joffrey
King Joffrey 3 aylar önce
They actually nailed this. Pizza Hut has always been my go to for thin crust pizza and wings. Dominos has always been just better at pizza and desserts. Well done!
Snoopy Aylar önce
Hut breadsticks>
Hannah E.
Hannah E. 2 yıl önce
Link telling Patty, “I think he’s into you” was the most adorable, wholesome thing ☺️
Simbor Nabor
Simbor Nabor 2 aylar önce
Dominos is gross. Pizza Hut is decent with plain crust. No stinky cheese for me, mozarella only!!!
atlys 5 aylar önce
Total wholesome-dad mode ☺️
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham Yıl önce
and her reaction is funny 😂
dannysankyu! Yıl önce
xxxavier agreed
Fatima Mendez
Fatima Mendez 2 yıl önce
Yess !!
Catherine B
Catherine B Yıl önce
Link: inhales wing flawlessly in 2 seconds Me: WITCH 😧
Cringe Boi
Cringe Boi 2 yıl önce
I remember when I was in elementary school, every month, if we read books, we got this ticket that we give to the Pizza Hut employee and they’d make us a free very small pizza! It was really good and cheeeeeeesy! I remember that amazing taste!
Andy Darby
Andy Darby 5 aylar önce
I literly had my mom sign the thing even though i didnt read the book just to get the pizza lmao
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 5 aylar önce
Yup. And if you read a ton of books they gave us a ticket to six flags. It was the only way we could afford vacation growing up so I got one every year.
Dr Encarnate
Dr Encarnate 6 aylar önce
@Heaven Green You needed to read books & then claim it.
Celia-Marie Scamordella
Celia-Marie Scamordella 8 aylar önce
Pizza Hut employee here! We still do it, they are called personal pan pizzas
Malakai 8 aylar önce
Yesss mine did that too
Diandra Rodriguez
Diandra Rodriguez 2 yıl önce
Watching Link eat wings has set a new standard for my dating life.
TheSphinx 3 aylar önce
@Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God what are you talking about?
Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God
Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God 4 aylar önce
Y'all still gonna be hella double standard 😂
Emmamlis 8 aylar önce
Cassi Devs
Cassi Devs Yıl önce
Note to self. If he doesn’t eat wings like Link. He’s not hubby material
Ra Pa
Ra Pa 4 aylar önce
@Undercover Art you definitely need to look up what shallow means lol
tylerdropemoff _
tylerdropemoff _ 6 aylar önce
@Alan Gonzalez Why?
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez 6 aylar önce
I would throw up eating like that
María Rosas
María Rosas Yıl önce
@Undercover Art no you’re just sensitive and can’t take a joke dude
Undercover Art
Undercover Art Yıl önce
pretty shallow if i’m being honest.
Nevrdai Yıl önce
You know, Rhett has always been my favourite (not including Josh, because he's awesome) just because I can relate more to the personality style... But Link gained my respect cleaning that wing like a boss.
Trillnix Yıl önce
One of the many reasons I love Rhett and link is the way they treat their staff and team (mythical crew). It’s like they’re all really good friends and they let them be theirselves
420gaiden 8 aylar önce
The two delivery icons stole the show. They are funny. They should have their own TRshow channel.
Selah Belah
Selah Belah Yıl önce
I love Emily she’s so funny 😆 the exchange between her and like at 7:08 was hilarious
Kidde 6 aylar önce
Emily looked like she was about to break character when Link said "I think he's into you", but then I remembered that it's Emily and she's just weird like that in general. God I loved this episode lmao
Miya 2 gün önce
I love the "Hawaiian" special dominos has.. everything runs together well on that pie
Burnt Cabbage
Burnt Cabbage Yıl önce
link: dips finger in icing and eats it. rhett: proceeds to dip the cinnamon twist in the same icing like that didn’t just happen. that’s true friendship 12:22
T. A. Mccurdy
T. A. Mccurdy Yıl önce
My first job was at Pizza Hut in the 80's as a waitress. I worked hard for those tips! The pizza back then was excellent. I think the sauce has changed. My favorite pizza now is Domino's thin crust chicken and bacon with alfredo sauce💜
Peri Clod
Peri Clod 2 yıl önce
Link: *eats wings* Everyone in the comments: is it possible to learn this power?
SaucyySam _
SaucyySam _ 3 aylar önce
I purposefully take small bites, I don’t want an entire wing at once
Noneya Bidness
Noneya Bidness 4 aylar önce
I grew up in a family that does this...but I have rejected thw lies of the wing guys, and am more powerful than ever!
In college he did things he's not particularly.. proud of
Evan Delck
Evan Delck Yıl önce
@Timmothy McCandless YES
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller Yıl önce
It’s the nature of dominoes, while soggy it’s so tender it creates a uniform and very easy to eat experience.
Mckay Millsap
Mckay Millsap Yıl önce
As an ex domino employee every question they asked I was involuntarily answering them in my head lol
Iman Lee
Iman Lee Yıl önce
really the funniest part were those 2 pizza workers having some connection and Rhett and Link's reaction made it more hilarious
Alex Rosprim
Alex Rosprim 2 yıl önce
Rhett: *to Link* “Why don’t you touch the sausage on your own piece” Me: *giggling*
B A.
B A. 2 yıl önce
Does anyone else remember Dominos Cinnamon Twists being Cinnamon sticks??? And looking just like the breadsticks but covered in cinnamon?? (Still delicious af though)
Todd Robertson
Todd Robertson 2 yıl önce
In 10 years of managing a domino’s I can tell you no one around here pays those prices.. everyone uses a coupon or some kind of deal lol
Arturo S.L.
Arturo S.L. 7 aylar önce
RxckIxss 7 aylar önce
Lol fr. When I heard 7.99 for the wings I instantly thought, should’ve got all mediums and no more than 5.99 a pop
UniversalUnibrow69 8 aylar önce
@Todd Robertson nice profile brotha. Huge fan of billiards. Please keep playing
SAIL HATIN 8 aylar önce
dominos and little Caesar's both practically give pizza away
Aisha M
Aisha M 8 aylar önce
True we always use coupons at dominoes 😂 and also domino’s has the best pizza 🍕
Gerald Clark
Gerald Clark Yıl önce
Link is a rare breed of people that know how to actually eat wings
Erik Yıl önce
GMM, now: Domino’s vs Pizza Hut: pizza taste test GMM, in 2 years: Turkey Hill vs store brand: flavors of milk taste test GMM, in 30 years: Michelin vs Goodyear: car tire taste test *The material is endless*
Emmamlis 8 aylar önce
Car tire taste test 👅
Senor C
Senor C Yıl önce
Link is a rare breed of people that know how to actually eat wings
Erik Yıl önce
Chacha Jones underrated comment
Chacha Jones
Chacha Jones Yıl önce
Erik Dyrli Michelin is an obvious shoe in, they give the Michelin stars, so they would obviously make the superior tasting tire. I’m calling it now.
Iam ThereforIthink
Iam ThereforIthink 9 aylar önce
those two doing the deliveries were awesome. well done!
Samster Yıl önce
Link: Eats wings Everyone: *Teach me master, I need to know how to learn and use such power.*
Nate Conley.
Nate Conley. 2 yıl önce
My man link inhaled that wing. I've never been so surprised to see someone eat a wing that clean
Nate Conley.
Nate Conley. 11 aylar önce
@Jace Peterson well I've never seen you eat
Jace Peterson
Jace Peterson 11 aylar önce
Really because I do that all the time eating wings
Joker !!
Joker !! 11 aylar önce
Massimiliano Giacometti
Massimiliano Giacometti 11 aylar önce
Papa johns is better than both dominos and pizza hut
ShinobiChris 95
ShinobiChris 95 Yıl önce
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 yoooo dude cleaned the bone hahahaha
Ayden Beck
Ayden Beck Yıl önce
i like how everyone is talking about how link just inhaled that chicken wing
Bree Jenkins
Bree Jenkins Yıl önce
The commitment to the characters in every episode of this series is amazing
Nhật Anh Trần
Nhật Anh Trần Yıl önce
Emily's so awesome I just love her so much.
Sabrina Marie
Sabrina Marie Yıl önce
We need more of these with these characters lol
Danni Ta
Danni Ta Yıl önce
4:30 Can we just talk about how impressive Link ate that wing
Exia Yıl önce
Best part of this episode is the two pizza delivery people and their interactions
NanoSync 2 yıl önce
I used to be a delivery driver for a good pizza place. The 3 toppings I was told to avoid from cheaper places were sausage, pineapple, and ham. Just keep that in mind. Those are the cost saving areas
Milky being
Milky being 2 yıl önce
They should do popeye's vs. Kfc
dragonl0l 10 aylar önce
Didnt they do that already
Matthew S
Matthew S 10 aylar önce
@IpudI I have a girlfriend
Pierce Galvan
Pierce Galvan Yıl önce
They did 😃
Fedora Yıl önce
@Arda Normm Texas Chicken is actually called Churches Chicken
AshDoesArt Yıl önce
@C j they already did kfc vs popeyes
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Darkness 2 yıl önce
At this point the title should be "we found another way to pretend we're doing an episode so we can just eat pizza" 😂
Emma Lee
Emma Lee Yıl önce
Rhett and link don’t come up with the concept of the episodes it’s the writers lol
Inktears11 2 yıl önce
Lady of Darkness lol yes
pepeg 2 yıl önce
@Obese Garfy Shes most likely a fourty year old mom on the internet
Obese Garfy
Obese Garfy 2 yıl önce
Angie Autio-Mowrer Why’re you commenting this here? They’ll never see it here comment this not in a chain of comments so they’ll actually see it.
Angie Autio-Mowrer
Angie Autio-Mowrer 2 yıl önce
I'd love to see you guys do something besides this food vs that food for awhile. Also, where is Cotton candy Randy? I miss him.
dkelly387z 3 aylar önce
Still my favorite series of GMM!
Beaver PortHole
Beaver PortHole Yıl önce
You guys have to really start doing these skits again. That was really funny
steven bullard
steven bullard Yıl önce
The fact you guys know how to eat a wing made me feel better about how much I've binge watched you, again.
Cozinha Do Daniel
Cozinha Do Daniel 4 aylar önce
Two years go by and I still don’t know why do I love this crazy couple so much. But I do!
Lizard 2 yıl önce
I love how they always have some sort of subplot with their "servers" in the food feud episodes
Kim Raudenbush
Kim Raudenbush Yıl önce
Plot-twist: dirk & patty really ARE in love.
Kimiko Watanabe
Kimiko Watanabe Yıl önce
Gee rated13
Gee rated13 Yıl önce
For those who don't eat the crust. Pizza Hut has the stuffed crust pizza. I'm just saying and that's pretty bomb. That's the only way I eat crust
weeaboo jones
weeaboo jones Yıl önce
I only eat the crust tho thats my problem
MMAS Yıl önce
Judging by reactions I think they should have given the PH Thin Crust an extra point . And I think Link was just over the top giving the Dominos Dessert a 10
Fahmina Zaman
Fahmina Zaman Yıl önce
They should have done pan pizza for both...Pizza hut would have beat Domino's for that category for sure!
Jared Shaw
Jared Shaw 8 aylar önce
When I first saw this, I completely missed Link saying “big crust energy.”
digfidge 2 yıl önce
Seems incomplete without doing a head to head with the breadsticks.
Vert Yıl önce
And the Pizza Hut pan pizza vs the dominos deep dish. Needs to happen!! I love both of those pizzas BTW
Doomsday DeathByte
Doomsday DeathByte Yıl önce
Agreed Especially when they didn't even mention the pasta either
ghud11 Yıl önce
Jakob Anderson I disagree I think Pizza Hut wins hands down. Dominoes is way to greasy and garlicy.
Tanner Widstrom
Tanner Widstrom Yıl önce
@feuto p dominoes is all fresh never frozen dough. All the ingredients are never frozen either
Tanner Widstrom
Tanner Widstrom Yıl önce
@feuto p pizza hut is all frozen not fresh dough
07barryr Yıl önce
Coming back to this video to experience the wholesome love story again, can't get enough. We need updates!!!
ScubaDaveGSXR Yıl önce
Ex dominoes driver here. The trick with the wings is to ask them to run the wings through the oven with the sauce on them already. They normally put the sauce on after cooking, and it doesn’t taste as good.
Lerm 2 yıl önce
Pizza Hut has a crispy bubbly almost deep fried like crust which is so increadibly awesome
BonurChamp69 5 aylar önce
I work there it all comes from frozen dough disks
leosolean 28 gün önce
10:53 Rhett and Link are such a genuine dynamic duo
Gentry music
Gentry music 2 yıl önce
Watching this while eating Papa John's feels like walking in on a party I wasn't invited to.
딸기 가 좋아
딸기 가 좋아 Yıl önce
Quentin snow your judgement is flawed
HayHayASMR 2 yıl önce
Ranstone papa johns is cheapest compared to dominoes and pizza hut so i cant afford them lol at least where im from
Killinqsworth 2 yıl önce
@Quentin snow Little Ceasars tastes like the box it came in. But hey a 5$ pizza is a 5$ pizza
Daniel 2 yıl önce
Quentin snow little ceasers is the most disgusting pizza
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez 2 yıl önce
I'm eating domino's right now haha
uplate57 Yıl önce
The two actors who portray the delivery people are great! If you want truly good thin crust you have to come to the East Coast, anywhere between Maine and Philly. Every city and town has two or more family run pizzerias.
Jackson McGrady
Jackson McGrady 11 aylar önce
Rhett and link are some of the only TRshowrs that didn’t change through 12 years
MyOwnVoucherEverywhere 11 aylar önce
NigaHiga too, kinda
Charles Long
Charles Long Yıl önce
Academy award for the delivery drivers. Epic
Lipsy Yıl önce
The wing bowl is meant so you can toss your wings again and get the sauce on them. Years ago they used to be in foil in a cardboard box and they haven’t changed one but
SgtByrd93 2 yıl önce
10:56 is the sweetest friend moment ever. I've seen every single episode of GMM and, through all the times they've synced up while talking, the way their voices rang together in tandem (and the story after) was beautiful.
Ella Merrithew
Ella Merrithew 2 yıl önce
Those moments make me love the show that much more
fushiashade5 2 yıl önce
Sgt James Byrd I LOVE these moments! They make my whole day
Johnathan Rhoades
Johnathan Rhoades 9 aylar önce
Papa John's hands down... Also, I love the crew in these videos!!!
Autumn Walts
Autumn Walts 2 yıl önce
That intro makes me lowkey want Dan and Phil to be on GMM now
anthony addario
anthony addario Yıl önce
The delivery people ❤️❤️❤️ best part of the episode lmao
Gurnoor Gaming
Gurnoor Gaming Yıl önce
If they had a mukbang channel it would awesome.
Ryiu 2 yıl önce
I was actually weirdly intrigued by how link ate the wings. It was too smooth. Learn something new everyday I guess lol
Raging Panda
Raging Panda 2 yıl önce
They talked about it in a video
singingfan 2 yıl önce
Ryiu it’s the right way
Marion Pitaro
Marion Pitaro Yıl önce
I’m eating dominos while eating this so I’m really rooting for them ... 😂
on the roofs
on the roofs Yıl önce
Good girl
mikewabrown 10 aylar önce
Those pizza workers acted that role to perfection
d.ronzo17 Yıl önce
4:30 the way link ate that wing made my day. thanks.
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs Yıl önce
making me crave these foods
jen law
jen law 2 yıl önce
I love how links childhood is literally rhetts childhood it’s so wholesome
jemma louise
jemma louise Yıl önce
it’s so wholesome
Wisanggeni Kertya adi
Wisanggeni Kertya adi Yıl önce
@Thwomp I have a feeling that is her point
em Yıl önce
how are people not understanding what your point was.
Duh Its Felicity
Duh Its Felicity Yıl önce
Well, Plot twist. Rhett’s childhood is like links’s childhood.
Thwomp Yıl önce
wow, it's almost like they're childhood friends
Vianey G
Vianey G Yıl önce
I'm in love with the dominoes stuffed cheesy bread. They overload it with cheese and i'm living for it. Lol
Haylie Claire
Haylie Claire Yıl önce
Can we appreciate how talented Emily is?
TheSphinx 3 aylar önce
@Damien Leigh the only woman in the video lol
Damien Leigh
Damien Leigh 8 aylar önce
Who's Emily?
Im Chase
Im Chase Yıl önce
As a guy that works a Pizza Hut I still have a hard time determining who’s better 🤣 Pizza Hut has a sweeter taste and Dominos has a darker taste
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot Yıl önce
I don't know how this happened. Pizza Hut is far superior to Domino's. I thought this was a widely accepted fact!
Bakhtiyar Guseinov
Bakhtiyar Guseinov Yıl önce
Pizza Hut is ass; dominos is better
Little Timmy
Little Timmy Yıl önce
Nah domino's is better
Nightsky_87 Yıl önce
Pizza hut is gross...
Catra Loves cartoons
Catra Loves cartoons Yıl önce
It depends
Samuel Magcalas
Samuel Magcalas 2 yıl önce
One of my favorite things about GMM is when they just randomly bring up an old friend/classmate/acquaintance and just begun to tell a story
Dale Smith
Dale Smith Yıl önce
I wanna see more of the delivery guys... how is there relationship now!?
Bobbi Holmes
Bobbi Holmes 22 saatler önce
Forever a Domino’s girl! Pizza Hut makes my stomach hurt
silver2therescue1 Yıl önce
This video makes me wanna have all that pizza and wings and dessert.
DaltonStoverPhotography Yıl önce
For the wings the tin foil has nothing to do with the cooking part they are placed in after to keep in the heat. Also the globe is so the wings can be shook to be better covered in sauce.
Winter 2 yıl önce
Emily nails every role she does on the food feuds 😂😂
Xelous Yıl önce
As a delivery driver, I feel attacked 😂😂😂
Calvin Simpson
Calvin Simpson Yıl önce
Former Pizza Hut driver: our wings were absolute dumpster juice, and no pizza chains have great wings.
Karmen Pass
Karmen Pass Yıl önce
Love pizza hut crispy thin pizza,reminds me of an authentic Italian pizza restaurant
internet_user Yıl önce
i love how analytical they get
C B 2 yıl önce
Emily is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.
Jamie Barrett
Jamie Barrett 2 yıl önce
C. Babs irritant
KG Yıl önce
honestly i feel like they needed another just plain cheese pizza as well as the pepperoni in the beginning, not necessarily thin crust, but i feel like a normal no fuss cheese should have also been included.
dxvid_ Yıl önce
As a Dominoes employee.. It's a pain to get a good amount of sausages so it's either too many sausages, or not enough.. I vote smaller sausages.
FoxMcCloudFF7 2 yıl önce
Dominos used to be my all time favorite but now I can hardly stand their pizza (recipe change?) I can take or leave Pizza Hut but it would be my last choice (even after Little Caesars) Now Papa Johns is my go to! Gotta love the complimentary garlic sauce and heck I even eat the pepper!
lily paramore
lily paramore 2 yıl önce
I work at Pizza Hut and have for over 2 years. I regularly order from dominos if that says anything lol. I will say I’ve worked at a few places that serve wings and I really prefer Pizza Huts wings they have good sauces and really good wings especially when you get them fresh.
Scott Christiano
Scott Christiano 2 yıl önce
"These are cinnamon sticks." "cinnamon w h a t?" "sᴛɪᴄᴋs"
Jaxen Dieterle
Jaxen Dieterle Yıl önce
Ostrich oh ok
Ostrich Yıl önce
@Jaxen Dieterle there is an application for that
Jaxen Dieterle
Jaxen Dieterle Yıl önce
My god how do u do dat?
Dylan Gilman
Dylan Gilman Yıl önce
@Jaxen Dieterle s̵̟̪̦̊͂́t̷̘̮̜͛̓į̴̲̱̺̹͒͋̆c̷̤͍̿̇k̵̨̫̭̽̍̋͐͝s̷̤̝̼͖̿
ɥɐəʎ Yıl önce
@Jaxen Dieterle 𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐𝑘𝑠
Vintage Souls_26
Vintage Souls_26 2 yıl önce
I worked dominos delivery for awhile and yeah you guys are right, everything at dominos is made in the same big ol pizza oven
Todorac Yıl önce
Food Reviewers: *Explains exactly how it tastes in more than 10 minutes* Me: "That's good ngl"
Jenny Olson
Jenny Olson Yıl önce
Former Hut employee - the supreme pizza has sausage and beef on it, so is it possible they weren't experiencing all of the meaty flavors?
James Lofgreen
James Lofgreen Yıl önce
Wow that's crazy. I can't stomach Dominoes pizza The desserts are awesome but not the pizza
Katie Burts
Katie Burts 2 yıl önce
GMM staff: “how can we create an episode that also allows us to get pizza?”
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 yıl önce
Neolexious Neolexian
Neolexious Neolexian 2 yıl önce
Rhett and Link: "How can we turn this episode into getting a -free lifetime supply of pizza- "sponsorship" from the best pizza chain?"
Eternal Sky
Eternal Sky 2 yıl önce
How? Easy.
Jay kay
Jay kay 2 yıl önce
hahahahaha so funny !
Anastasia Busacco
Anastasia Busacco Yıl önce
😂😂😂😂😂 I freaking love the love affair we have with Patty and Dirk throughout the season's 😆
Emma Fooshee
Emma Fooshee Yıl önce
0:40 “that’s some big crust energy right there” 😂😂
ChrisBourque48 9 aylar önce
Wish y’all got lava cakes, marble cake domino’s and stuffed crust, cookie from Pizza Hut
Asher’s Life
Asher’s Life 2 yıl önce
I work at dominos and we have a Pizza Hut almost next door, we regularly deliver to Pizza Hut. And toppers. It’s very awkward sometimes
itsmejordank 2 yıl önce
You guys should pair Papa John’s and Little Ceasar’s, and whoever wins should be paired up to go head to head against the winner of this episode!
Nathan Beard
Nathan Beard 2 yıl önce
@Rick Gonzalez Papa was looking rough
Rick Gonzalez
Rick Gonzalez 2 yıl önce
Adam Porter
Adam Porter 2 yıl önce
Little Caesars can barely be classified as food. Papa Johns is near the top of the pizza chain.
Nathan Beard
Nathan Beard 2 yıl önce
@Frequency 369 it already did in their blind taste test........ Lol
Frequency 369
Frequency 369 2 yıl önce
No way papa John don't stand a chance vs these titans
Benji Vickery
Benji Vickery Yıl önce
if you watch any video link smiles everytime after the intro
Joe Kazinsky
Joe Kazinsky Yıl önce
I love pizza hut; definitely my favorite pizza idc if they like dominos more lol
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