NEW Mercedes EQS Review: REST IN PEACE S-Class? 4K

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3 aylar önce

The Mercedes EQS, aka the all-electric version of the S-Class, is here! Rory tests it back to back with an S-Class, specifically the big-dog S500, to see whether electrification brings benefits to the luxury car sector. Can it defeat the king?

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Blinded Bliss - Diana
Blinded Bliss - Diana 19 saatler önce
What does the 450 stand for? Lol.
Dreddi 3 gün önce
A touch of Citroen C6 about the proportions, or is it just me?
Sajjad Ayub
Sajjad Ayub 4 gün önce
Hyper screen option not available in the UK yet.. Nor the rear wheel option.. Both coming Q2 next year on EQS 580. Two tone version looks more impressive. As you scan the multiple reviews on EQS on TRshow you begin to appreciate its unique features.
Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas 6 gün önce
Great review 👍
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 gün önce
Excellent review. An electric S-Class would be nice, the EQS looks too weird.
Sebastian Daniels
Sebastian Daniels 7 gün önce
Here's what people should do: Buy the S Class with all its optional extras, but fit 2 bespoke options from the EQS, the Hyperscreen and the Comfort Doors, THAT'S MY IDEAL COMBO.
Sebastian Daniels
Sebastian Daniels 7 gün önce
To be fair, I love the look of the EQS, it has grown a lot on me. Although, the LOVELY LOOKING S Class looks GALAXIES better!
Nicolas Braschi Lehmann
Nicolas Braschi Lehmann 8 gün önce
Am I the only one who noticed that this guy is wearing his watch upside down?
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh 9 gün önce
The best thing about Electric Cars is that all the Cars From Small Cars to Hypercars All will have High Range And The cost of Fuel For sports Cars Would not Be a Problem
Kialeskins Skinner
Kialeskins Skinner 9 gün önce
Doesnt look like an s class. Looks dreadful on the exterior.
Aidan Begovic
Aidan Begovic 10 gün önce
7:47, I wonder how many people realised his watch is upside down lol
Mike S
Mike S 10 gün önce
Lost me with the windshield washer fluid port in the fender. Why aesthetically ruin a body panel for such an insignificant task. Seems there must’ve been a more discreet location to place it.
Marco Antonetto
Marco Antonetto 11 gün önce
Great video, ugly car 🚙
greggy weggy
greggy weggy 12 gün önce
I have a Mitsubishi minicab Miev EV delivery van, it is quieter and smoother than my last car.... It was a BMW 735 Li. That's Progress.
Danny Donohue
Danny Donohue 13 gün önce
Wow! The new EQS is UGLY! Having the best drag co efficiency have to mean ugly? And the use of all screens with no internal buttons feels like their skimping us. When driving in the real world it’s hard to put you’re finger on a screen and adjust something… I love new ideas but this is just ugly the front part especially. That huge “grill” that’s not a grill and the curved lines going down making the headlights expand just looks horrible. I would never buy that.
Colin Hare
Colin Hare 13 gün önce
And they go and sling an old man's ball bag over the head rest. That together with that glare panel dazzling you at every opportunity makes this a design fail.
Anton Roux
Anton Roux 15 gün önce
It looks like a Citroen C6 from years ago
Know It All
Know It All 17 gün önce
I want one! I have no money!
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 19 gün önce
Lowest Coefficient Drag Cars CD: 0.19 - 2015 VW XL1 🤲🏿 CD: 0.20 - 2022 MB EQS 🤷🏾‍♂️ 240mpg vs 97mpge We also have the largest touch screen ever in a car, it's a 56in Touch screen 🤦🏾‍♂️ but it's actually 3 separate small screens 🤣 but more MARKETING BS!!! 😭 we are Mercedes-Benz b**** where we call sedans coupes 😨 This is an amazing design, one that we took from Honda. Yes, you are driving the world's most expensive Honda Insight, Honda Fit crossover. Oh let's get as many celebrities to say this piece of garbage is amazing and we can be more like the Toyota Prius but less reliable and efficient. But we have touch screens 🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm genuinely curious, why wasn't the concept made into production? It literally just needed reflectors. This car is so disappointing it's not even funny anymore. 😟
OzzyMD 20 gün önce
why these electric cars ugly as fuck?
dougie miller
dougie miller 21 gün önce
Looks like a cross between a Honda Insight & a Honda Legend! Nice inside though.
Adrian Youl
Adrian Youl 21 gün önce
Great review but just wondering how does he read his watch upside down?
Ed U
Ed U 23 gün önce
what a con from merc. In the Uk the dash is completely different. Its just a S-class looking dash. merc ripping off uk customers again.
Daraius Murrell
Daraius Murrell 24 gün önce
Still, the EQS does not come close to matching the presence of the S Class. The best combinaion would be a car that looks like the S, and has the battery tech of the EQS.
talal aldossary
talal aldossary 26 gün önce
Is this color nautical blue ?
Despera2 Oficial
Despera2 Oficial 26 gün önce
Stephan Kyle
Stephan Kyle 28 gün önce
Every electric car review ever done: "sPaCesHiP"
Firas Hassoun
Firas Hassoun Aylar önce
07:59 - This guy’s got his watch on upside down🤦🏻‍♂️ Great review though
Firas Hassoun
Firas Hassoun Aylar önce
Correction - The watch is on upside down for the whole video😂
Josef Holzer
Josef Holzer Aylar önce
I always wondered when cars were going to do that with the rear tires.🙄
This C*nt
This C*nt Aylar önce
This EQS model will end up another popular executive taxi. I am calling it!
Tom Aylar önce
I wonder if this new merc is smart enough to have lights on at night? After the driver forgets to switch them on as the dash is lit up?🤔
Jeff Hamler
Jeff Hamler Aylar önce
The EQS has potential but I still like the previous version of the S class, for now. Great review. Appreciate you 😎
East India Company
East India Company Aylar önce
Over £100k, oh hell to the NO !!
Yakonyako Jennings
Yakonyako Jennings Aylar önce
Ha ha looks like a Toyota Corolla
Tony Paca
Tony Paca Aylar önce
Ugly fucking exterior. I take the s class all day/night
Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards Aylar önce
Will it go round bends with passengers without body roll?
Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards Aylar önce
the question i have to ask will it remember all road conditions that i have driven over or is it limited to say five road conditions to adjust its suspension in its memory?
Nick500 Aylar önce
He keeps on comparing the EQS to a spaceship. Can’t find that review anywhere?
Julian Ball
Julian Ball Aylar önce
Why does Rory wear his watch upside down?
de Cugnot Detailing
de Cugnot Detailing Aylar önce
Ugly car
BeautyGame Love
BeautyGame Love Aylar önce
I actually like the EQS. It's very discrete on the outside. You wouldn't really know it's a luxury car unless you really looked at the logo symbol.
Kreptoi Aylar önce
There are no elektric power for heavy loads. Going elektrik; s back to future.
Sealegs 44
Sealegs 44 Aylar önce
The EQS is nice, it's just missing a throbbing V8 or V12.
S3rs3 se
S3rs3 se Aylar önce
Bad environment like ... SLOUGH ahahahaha
Bart Z
Bart Z Aylar önce
360 cameras to help u park? where are people nowadays parking they need cameras???? ON DEATH ROAD IN COLOMBIA????????
Nerdy XRPanda
Nerdy XRPanda Aylar önce
EQS looks like a German verison of Acura or Honda civic. 😂
Kryojenix Aylar önce
Think I'd rather have a Splaid. Has Rory reviewed Teslers?
dave watts
dave watts Aylar önce
Brilliant review marvelous car but 6 figure prices ouch!!
Dean Steenkamp
Dean Steenkamp Aylar önce
Simple exercise...take the current designs and prop batteries in to the car. You keep that design that everyone likes, but you still go EV. They really trying to hard with these new designs, looks cheap from the outside .
KarlRossmann1900 Aylar önce
EQS is just a 1990 Toyota. Ugly to make sure the S Class will keep selling.
M H Aylar önce
Hi what color is the interior of the EQS is it Macchiato Beige or MANUFAKTUR Neva Grey, I am assuming the exterior is Nautical Blue Metallic, thank you so much .
Oliver Wabwire
Oliver Wabwire Aylar önce
No way!!....even the three pointed star is gone?? 😳😳😳. I'd trade an LPG range extender on the EQS... for the presence of the 'ICE' S.
Mohammad Ayub
Mohammad Ayub Aylar önce
I can imagine in 10yrs time the doors will most probably break and cost u a small fortune to fix nothing changed there then
joão Maxado
joão Maxado Aylar önce
Do you know if Mercedes plan to build an EQX, like X-Model ? If they will, Tesla will have the 1st truly opponent.
Jack Mott
Jack Mott Aylar önce
Jack Mott
Jack Mott Aylar önce
Keep in mind when big cars brag about their drag coefficient, that is a value that you multiply by frontal area to get the total drag. So a huge S-Class or Corvette with a low CD, does still push more air than say, a prius, because a prius has much less frontal area. etc and so on.
bmwman1981 Aylar önce
The eqs needs a boot not a hatch as it looks odd and not attractive at all. Apart from that on paper it looks good and they need to offer a long wheel base version
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger Aylar önce
only to be expected .. a brilliant presentation . you are the man when it comes to reviewing motors .
Dani H
Dani H Aylar önce
That ,,hyper screen,, is 8k extras ! …thanks but no thanks
Richard Stone
Richard Stone 2 aylar önce
I am a double Mercedes customer... Too little... too late.. too expensive...
Anthony Badger
Anthony Badger 2 aylar önce
You had your watch on upside down, I'm not sure how much I can belief your opinion.
Charlzhen 2 aylar önce
It looks like an Opel Astra 4door from the side.... @ 2:47
Isaac862 2 aylar önce
EQS looks like the generic car driving around in the background of a futuristic videogame or anime
terrificFrogg 2 aylar önce
18:40 PiRaCy!!!
Ntombikayise Mposwa
Ntombikayise Mposwa 2 aylar önce
I agree with Rabel
Neil L
Neil L 2 aylar önce
I will never buy an electric s class and I’ve owned many. If you love cars, you know that electric powertrains are without soul and emotion. It’s that vibration, feel, and “unrefinement” as you say that makes cars enjoyable to drive rather than just fast go-carts. Any journalist that prefers an electric vehicle over one with internal combustion should not be taken seriously. You won’t hear this garbage from Chris Harris or Henry catchpole
Neil L
Neil L 2 aylar önce
I hate these modern cars with all these digital screens and this new Eqs is ridiculous. It might look futuristic now, but within just a couple of years will look completely dated and obsolete. What happened to actual metal physical buttons and workmanship?
Igor Koske
Igor Koske 2 aylar önce
It’s a Honda lookalike With Mercedes logo and hefty price tag 🏷
P K 2 aylar önce
Love it inside and out, weirdly from the side profile it reminds me of my '06 Honda civic type s, it's almost like the same line. ?
Bongz Mnisi
Bongz Mnisi 2 aylar önce
Just take interior of eqs and slap it in the s class
Mehran 2 aylar önce
I know it's the future... :( ..... But i hate your existence for liking electric cars :) .... I'm just sad and aggressive :(
Andres Chung
Andres Chung 2 aylar önce
wtf looks like a honda civic lol
Pavel DR
Pavel DR 2 aylar önce
I just hate does screens in a car!I got tv at home!!!
Jesse Z
Jesse Z 2 aylar önce
"let's find out if he loses a leg"
Oneel Spence
Oneel Spence 2 aylar önce
Ugly! Ye gads!
Samin Emini
Samin Emini 2 aylar önce
Sweet and generous gentlemen, often well-dressed in choice shades of black and blue, are going to really enjoy softly explaining all the neat new technology to their graceful companions, while en route to nearest overnight accomodation. And when accomodation is not near enough and things can't wait, that extra leg room in the back and those curtains are going to come in handy. I'm not sure those bright and young engineers understand who actually buys these cars.
Patrick Chebos
Patrick Chebos 2 aylar önce
S Class PHEV any day .. and every day.
SmashEX Entertainment
SmashEX Entertainment 2 aylar önce
Why not simply make electric S-class without inventing the whole new car? If you're planning on wasting so much money on driving car yourself, get EQS. If you wanna stay comfy and focus on important things in a back seat while private driver takes you wherever you need to be, S-class or Maybach. Btw, your 116621 is upside-down.
Scott Hanley
Scott Hanley 2 aylar önce
Batteries will become the new plastic pollution of future
zaq 2 aylar önce
no car beats S-Class maybach
Kalle 2 aylar önce
I don’t get it, why can’t any manufacturer make an EV that looks as god in the interior and exterior as there ICE counterparts, having a leather panel with an iPad doesn’t look as good as the beautifully designed interiors of ICE cars and why do they have to be all weird coloured or look like the most run of the mill thing on the road, why is it impossible to make an normal looking and feeling car but electric
Brian LEE
Brian LEE 2 aylar önce
Too many screens .... made me feel uncomfortable for EQS
francowabongo 2 aylar önce
Nice work my brother but I want to see you compare this to the Tesla plaid. Where the Tesla fanboys at !
World Wide Music
World Wide Music 2 aylar önce
Toyota Corolla has better exterior than the EQS, it looks so cheap why would anyone will choose it over the S-Class (or any other high end car)
Nick S
Nick S 2 aylar önce
This guy is really good
Andrea 2 aylar önce
Then we complain we don't have microchips , lol this car is a huge computer/screen.
Andrea 2 aylar önce
EQS looks like the handicapped S class cousin
Kwofi Quartey
Kwofi Quartey 2 aylar önce
Is it just me or mercedes evs are downright ugly?
Barack Trump
Barack Trump 2 aylar önce
Interior is awesome, the rear quarters looks like a 90s Saab.
kiran sandeep
kiran sandeep 2 aylar önce
Presenter name please
Mr High Value Himself
Mr High Value Himself 2 aylar önce
Put the EQS interior in the S class. To me, the EQS interior is what I envisioned the current S class would have been.
Lifestyle Genius
Lifestyle Genius 2 aylar önce
S Class 👍 EQS 👎
Christian Held
Christian Held 2 aylar önce
The EQS also shows traffic lights and video in Realtime when you're at a traffic light. Not sure if this is in the UK but in Germany it works
Garrett Dodson
Garrett Dodson 2 aylar önce
The eqs looks like an old Chrysler Concorde. It’s ugly AF period of story andhopefully before long the end of the eqs.
Вам понравится
Вам понравится 2 aylar önce
Very very good review though.
Charles Okonta
Charles Okonta 2 aylar önce
One thing I don't like about the EQS is the hatchback. It is a downer for me ! Hatchback for a flagship ?? I hope Mercedes comes up with an executive sedan that is the signature of the "S" Class design.
wozzont123 2 aylar önce
We want loafs of miles from the electric car, so let's make everything heavy & electric that should help save battery power.
James Rapp
James Rapp 2 aylar önce
Cheers for the video mate 😎 👌
John Varoutsos
John Varoutsos 2 aylar önce
Great video as always, just wondering how no one noticed you had your watch on backwards the whole time😂 All kidding aside, love the videos keep them coming!
Hugo S
Hugo S 2 aylar önce
That large combination of screens look annoying. I would rather drive a car than a video game.
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