Let's Build a Model Steam Engine : First Test Run!

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This episode on Blondihacks, I'm getting my PM Research steam engine running for the first time! Exclusive videos, drawings, models & plans available on Patreon!
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BEZmer2001 Aylar önce
that's awesome!!!! congratulations. I have always wondered how it gets done . you see the drawings that great but.. you never know how to accomplish the task . I have been watching all the videos in the series because I work at pm research and I work at the model division.. was super kool to tell my kids that I made that part. i packed and pour the bronze and aluminum molds. thanks agin for choosing us for your build and I hope to see you build more thanks again
BEZmer2001 Aylar önce
No we only pour bronze and aluminum We use several foundries for the cast iron pieces. Hopefully I’ll be pour bronze Monday for the 1BI and Tuesday Wednesday have to use core inserts for cylinders molds for 3 and 7 BI
luckygen1001 Aylar önce
Do you pour the iron castings as well? They look fiddly to make.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
Very cool! Thanks for your attention to detail! These are great castings.
Bluuplanet Gün önce
Have you seen hornby thompson steam kits?
Shevill Mathers
Shevill Mathers 3 gün önce
Really nice build, however, having a V10 in the 1960’s in the Uk, the casting kit came with small hex head bolts and not those cross head screws, which to my mind detracts from the engineering quality. These were the days of English BA fine thread 0 to 10 BA. All the tap and bolts sizes were the odd number BA sizes and as an engineering project, all the measurements were the in between even numbers to. I built this Stuart Turner kit as a first project using mainly a lathe (Myford Supper 7 with all its attachments, including a lathe milling attachment. I did not have luxury of a milling machine back the. Took me best part of a year -I was pleased when finished. I made the ST boiler and meth spirit burner and installed in a steam driven boat. lots fun. Enjoyed your series and learnt a lot, as I do from Joe, P, Mr Crispin and that whiz German fellow who’s name escape at the moment..... Best wishes from down under, Tasmania Australia-These are many of my building projects-large Astro telescopes and observatories-Southern Cross Observatory-Tasmania 42 South, As retired medic, I am not a machinist but self taught and work in millionths of an inch, or round about 1/10 of a Angstrom. My machine shop is a means to an end. Stay safe, Shevill Mathers esq, 👍😁🛠🇬🇧🇦🇺🦘🔭
Oldschool Iron
Oldschool Iron 26 gün önce
Thank you for posting this series Quinn! As a hobby/novice machinist, I've found your channel very informative and inspiring for my beginner-self. I like the way you show the inevitable mistakes that we all can make without editing them out, very courageous IMO. I am almost ready to attempt to take on this model kit, just need a few more supplies. This is something that I wouldn't have dreamed of prior to viewing your series on steam engine building. Thank You!
glenn moreland
glenn moreland 27 gün önce
Tom-Paul Carter
Tom-Paul Carter Aylar önce
Excellent work as always , what size of boring head do you recommend for that size of milling machine?
Sonny Rostock
Sonny Rostock Aylar önce
Why did I not train to be an engineer? It seems to be most of what I watch on here, and if anybody knows my soul it's TRshow...
Matthew Carpenter
Matthew Carpenter Aylar önce
Maybe you should make some parts with wood. You could collaborate. I know a guy.
Blake Aylar önce
Just found this channel. I love it. Great work.
a68riz Aylar önce
I luv, luv, luv your work. Im so inspired to get into machining. Thank you
WM210V & RCOG-25V
WM210V & RCOG-25V Aylar önce
Отличная работа! Лайк!
Laurent Debard
Laurent Debard Aylar önce
un super mouvement d'une grande douceur .....!
Benjamin Hughes
Benjamin Hughes Aylar önce
That’s really cool.
Fred Rosse
Fred Rosse Aylar önce
Sinking the connecting rod casting into the aluminum block is the same process used to carve out a gun stock to fit the receiver/barrel of the gun when custom building a rifle. Of course, the smith uses wood chisels to bed the metal parts, constantly coating the receiver with carbon black, test fitting, then continue carving until the receiver is fitted.
Kevin King
Kevin King Aylar önce
Oh my queen!
beautifulsmall Aylar önce
Im not clear why you didnt plunge with an end mill, it wouldnt make it oversize if you hit centre
Blondihacks Aylar önce
End mills cut oversize when plunged. They are not precision hole making tools.
Mack Avitch
Mack Avitch Aylar önce
Thread one helluva shaft blondie :)
ocAToccd Aylar önce
Nice job Quinn ! Especially assembling the connecting rod upside down ... I saw it and wondered "why is she... ?" and then I read your note 😂 Anyway ... At 15:00 to split the clamping side you could have put the cross pin in it and register the saw on the pin...
Rider Strano
Rider Strano Aylar önce
Great to see the live steam hobby getting some love on the internet! Maybe your next project could be a Stuart 10v and reversing gear?
Cougracer67 Aylar önce
That "sprue" is actually a balancing pad; at least it is on full size engines. It gives you some metal to play with to compensate for casting variations.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
On this engine it’s just a sprue. The drawing is clear on that
RVJimD Aylar önce
Quinn, can you help me understand what purpose the inboard head is? I’m checking my assembly to find a tight spot and just curious. Not sure I will need to, but what if the center hole in the inboard head was reamed a bit larger? The gland packing is the pressure seal correct? Thanks for all the help from the series! Jim
RVJimD Aylar önce
Thanks, that makes sense.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
The inboard head ensures concentricity of the piston rod, because it has the registration shoulder with the cylinder bore. These features could be in the base, but that would be very difficult to machine, so they add that little piece in there. Opening it up a thou to relieve a tight spot won’t hurt anything, if needed. Try to be sure that’s where the tightness is before you do it though because the crosshead might get crooked if the piston rod isn’t running true.
Robert Hawtin
Robert Hawtin Aylar önce
Hi, you've probably thought of this. An in-line oiler in the air line would be a useful addition. A bit like using steam oil in a locomotive. Well done, especially with the rod recovery. We all make mistakes and it is so very helpful to get ideas about how to recover from them. BobUK.
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly Aylar önce
Great effort, but just looking at the precision you have available makes me wonder how Stephenson managed to build the Rocket with the technology of the time.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
Steam engines can be quite poorly built and still work. That’s what is great about them. Higher precision makes them more efficient.
Luiz Fellipe Carneiro
Luiz Fellipe Carneiro Aylar önce
Hey Quinn, I love your videos, is so good to see you machining things and you explain things in a very good way. I never machined anything and probably will never have the chance to get myself a machine shop, but I find this fascinating. On the other hand I know you do some electronics projects. This kind of stuff I can (and sometimes) do. Would you not consider every now and them make a video about fixing a device, soldering a board, such electronic DIY shenanigans? I bet you can negotiate the rights with Sprocket!
Malteser 02
Malteser 02 Aylar önce
I suppose you're still trying to find the perfect cutting fluid. I can really recommend minimal amount lubrication (compressed air&coolant) with a cutting oil and alcohol solution. I suppose the oil&alcohol mix should work well without the air as well
bluforcemotors Aylar önce
great that you show all the things that do NOT go straight, and that there is always some trouble that has to be corrected.....everybody of us with the machinig hobby knows these moments...... that makes you sincere and genuine.... love it ...check my channel/videos if you want, i am using my hobby machines to modify real car engines.... :) example.....building an air intake for my EFI on my Ford V8 engine....trshow.info/watch/XNDt2rdkvL0/video.html (machining begins at 7:30)....cheers from germany :)
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis Aylar önce
Congrats! 👏
Mohabat khan Malak
Mohabat khan Malak Aylar önce
Its all about perfect circles and straight lines. Like your attention to detail and knowledge on machining and looking forward to seeing it run on steam. Cheers.
Mr Jerry
Mr Jerry Aylar önce
Thank for sharing 👍👍
eifion jones
eifion jones Aylar önce
congratulations , well machined. an impressive job so far , thanks for showing
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins Aylar önce
Hey Quinn, I bought an old southbend 9 lathe and was wondering if you had any tips on modernising it
allbeit Aylar önce
Runs beautifully.
Godfrey Poon
Godfrey Poon Aylar önce
Rumour has it the cross head was no longer cross after realising the good job Quinn did.
KiwiShamoo Aylar önce
Taunter22 NIL
Taunter22 NIL Aylar önce
Beautiful save on that bore Quinn
Patrick Aylar önce
I love the fact that you took the time to go back and fix that crankshaft journal, rather than take the alternative!
Paul Devey
Paul Devey Aylar önce
These engines are surprisingly complicated and yet imprecise requiring engineering knowledge to resolve. Great Videos
PGS Aylar önce
Nice recovery. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Peter
Ch34pskate 1
Ch34pskate 1 Aylar önce
Mmmmm. Just back from the cabin and this is literally the first thing I watch once wifi connected. Great stuff girl!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
gm6hgw Aylar önce
Quinn, As a retired marine engineer with some experience in steam, (turbine) I’ve really enjoyed your series on building a model steam engine. I’m of a generation that recalls the transition from Imperial to metric measurements in the UK when a “few thou”, equated to a decimal. Should you ever find yourself in Scotland, please consider me as your personal guide to Scottish engineering heritage sites. The birth place of the Watt steam engine, which gave rise to the industrial revolution. Here’s a clip to one of my steam engineering champions: trshow.info/watch/OyBOj9m15Ls/video.html Kindest regards, Colin.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
Thank you Colin! My generation was the transition in Canada. We were the first to be taught only metric in school, but grew up with both in the world. I’ve found it useful to be “bilingual” in more ways than one!
Terje Aylar önce
Love it !!!
Diederik van de Dijk
Diederik van de Dijk Aylar önce
deweys Aylar önce
I'm really sad to see this project coming to an end!
Blondihacks Aylar önce
It’s far from over!
Ponkkaa Aylar önce
Excellent!! I actually cheered when it started to turn. 😊
D B Aylar önce
Impressive! Running pretty darn smooth on 4 psi... very nice job..
Patrick Aylar önce
Jeff Moss
Jeff Moss Aylar önce
Greetings from the Principality of Wales. Congratulations on your great channel. I build gauge 1 locomotives and an old pal who was a toolmaker gave me a tip to use soft solder. Once the cut has been made on the crank clean the surfaces and solder together. It's surprising how strong the joint is and you can drill and ream accordingly . All one has to do to complete is warm up the the work separate and clean. Perfect alignment. This is no criticism just another way of doing things. Again Great channel.
Tinker Aylar önce
Happy new year to you. Nice video and a very well made engine.
Ron Rawald
Ron Rawald Aylar önce
Wow, very cool!!
debon h
debon h Aylar önce
one word - Nice.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Aylar önce
So elegant. A joy to watch. Can’t wait for the steam.
Kim Jeppesen
Kim Jeppesen Aylar önce
Congratulations on the running engine Quinn! Looks absolutely beautiful!
Joe Romanak
Joe Romanak Aylar önce
Excellent detailing and problem solving as is the custom! I stated catching your act back at cat toothbrushes. You’ve covered a lot of ground in between and I like it all. Anxious to see this engine all detailed out in final form so keep em coming. 😎👍 🐱 🪥
MyLonewolf25 Aylar önce
The inner gear head in me is just screaming “Mooore boooost! MOOAAAR BOOOOOST! Just one more PSI it can take it I promise!” lol
Herman B
Herman B Aylar önce
Trevor F. Smith
Trevor F. Smith Aylar önce
ironhorse18 Aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful machine !! Very good work !! Very good !
Paul N
Paul N Aylar önce
Hi, At 16:00, when the big end doesn't quite fit on the crank journal because of the lip, rather than face down the whole face of the big end another option is a 'generous' chamfer in the big end hole. I think in your case, you did the right thing - but a chamfer is quick and easy!! I've just made a little Stuart 10V steam engine and I had a similar problem, but it was due to a small radius in the corner not a lip. I didn't want a really sharp radius (stress raiser) so I used a chamfer instead. Love your video series, Regards Paul in NZ
Blondihacks Aylar önce
The lip was halfway up the crank web. We were way out of chamfer territory.
Ignasio Esteban Gonzalez
Ignasio Esteban Gonzalez Aylar önce
This project is so amazing in so many levels... just a joy to watch! congrats on the test!
Randy WL
Randy WL Aylar önce
We have different opinions of what constitutes scrap aluminum. 😁 There's going to be a lot of satisfaction watching all that work come to life.
Randy WL
Randy WL Aylar önce
Yay! The Little engine that did.
Mika Majlund
Mika Majlund Aylar önce
Now you has to build a lokomotiv to the engin 😘
Nicholas Stahl
Nicholas Stahl Aylar önce
Andy Irving
Andy Irving Aylar önce
This would have been a good use for a 3D printed jig instead of making that aluminum one. Maybe?
David Streeter
David Streeter Aylar önce
And another example of 2+ century old technology chuffs to life. Congratulations, Quinn, for the successful completion of a complex machining project.
Martin Heermance
Martin Heermance Aylar önce
Nice looking engine.
Addison Gardner
Addison Gardner Aylar önce
Unbelievably cool, Quinn! Thank you, so much, for taking us on this steam engine ride! :)
Dean Giacopassi
Dean Giacopassi Aylar önce
What about using a low-melting-point metal metal to make a fixture?
Phil Moberg
Phil Moberg Aylar önce
Well done! Having worked on steam back in the '70s, I have an idea of your satisfaction. Be careful about these little steamers: they can be hsbit forming 🙂
DGreco63 Aylar önce
Very cool! I've been following this build series since the beginning. I really enjoy seeing it stay to come together. And my Dad used to say, "You can tell the level of skill of a craftsman (craftsperson?) by how well they deal with problems". You handled that out of round bore superbly.
Keith Robertson
Keith Robertson Aylar önce
Very interesting Thursday my curiosity I might just have to look into that thanks 🤗
Janion Makes
Janion Makes Aylar önce
Love that sound to round off the video
Mike Windsor
Mike Windsor Aylar önce
Nice save
jaysen2200 Aylar önce
Nice save . Problem solving is one of the best skills to have
Steve White
Steve White Aylar önce
Pretty good! I have been following your project progress while setting up my workshop.
SteveD Aylar önce
Congratulations great to see it running well done ! A really good project nicely built.
Hans Aylar önce
Beautiful Model. I wonder if anyone in the history of model steam engines did this well with their first attempt.
Steinmar Gunnarsson
Steinmar Gunnarsson Aylar önce
You made a very good holder out of that piece of aluminum; I realy liked that move.
bryans fam time
bryans fam time Aylar önce
Hey Blondei, I love your vids, is this something you really enjoy? Are you planning on any more builds such as these? Thank you for sharing.
Blondihacks Aylar önce
Yes, there will be lots more steam content for sure
slypig24 Aylar önce
Get work to machine and assemble the whole steam engine. Great to see it running. Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺
Scott Rowlings
Scott Rowlings Aylar önce
Thanks for showing the “oh crap” moments, and how you rectify the problem. Awesome content as always, thank you!
Matty’s Workshop
Matty’s Workshop Aylar önce
Absolutely awesome Quinn, runs like a dream
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts Aylar önce
I found your channel about a week ago. I'm really pleased to have found you. Fantastic work
Sam Coote
Sam Coote Aylar önce
awesome setups quinn, and ugh that souuuund when it starts running, that beautiful *puff click puff click* sound so good, ahhh its finally running :D
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan Aylar önce
Waiting for todays Mustie1 video and I see the "Will it run" thumbnail - video starts and a realise I'm getting two great videos today!
jimW133 Aylar önce
That slitting saw arbour might have been made for the job. ;-) Good to see it all running.
Raphaël Havranek
Raphaël Havranek Aylar önce
Bonjour Quinn, Had you any doubt ? When I see your skillness and the smart way you do things you need, I had not :+) Steam is the final test but running on air at 5 PSI is a very good beginning. Besides this, a mirror to control your work ? I am sure you also use it for your makeup :) Amicalement, Raphaël
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
In my experience from my youth, the reciprocating feed pumps we used for starting and during emergency feed were extremely reliable and easy to operate. The turbine driven feed pumps had governors and automatic controls, so they were easy once they were in automatic, however they were way more expensive and required more procedures to start them and you had to have a steady steam pressure to keep them going. Also the turbines had to have dry steam. The reciprocating pumps would operate on saturated steam and even work with a bit of condensate in the steam... =D However bullet-proof, they would make quite a racket at higher speeds. trshow.info/watch/ksqZiELHdO0/video.html good memories. =D
Malc Ellison
Malc Ellison Aylar önce
Brilliant. I loved watching that.
Davo’s Shed
Davo’s Shed Aylar önce
I love my boring head. It’s every drill size I don’t have :)
WhitwellMike B
WhitwellMike B Aylar önce
I loved watching this, my daughter is right, I'm a nurd!
Go Create Hobby Machine Shop
Go Create Hobby Machine Shop Aylar önce
Finally the music of motion. Fantastic!
wayne a Caron
wayne a Caron Aylar önce
its alive! Its Alive!! ITS ALIVE !!! poppy's workshop says HI
lesstoneuk Aylar önce
I love it when you set things up by eye. I've been doing that for way too many years, so much so that I came up with an official, scientific name. It's setting up using an analog Noomani.... Might take a while to understand it... 😁
Roger D Deane
Roger D Deane Aylar önce
Great job Quinn , I guess J P will finish his now that you have shown him how.
The Wild West Workshop
The Wild West Workshop Aylar önce
Congrats Quinn. I gasped as you fixed the crank. I measured the same way and had the same clearance problem and (just last weekend) trashed the crank and crank end of the rod. Oh well the journey not the destination right? So I’m really happy that didn’t happen to you too.
slashmaster2 Aylar önce
Congrats Quinn!... Impressive!!... Thanks for not letting a pretty boy wait!.. Maybe you've got a shot at someone hot like me after all!... :)
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Aylar önce
i,d like a small engine on my desk some are exspensive $ getting older times running out looks in ebay xd
Daniel Pirone
Daniel Pirone Aylar önce
Have I said you are tooling hero ?
Vic Miller
Vic Miller Aylar önce
Now that is some fantastic progress...Woo Hoo.
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