The Most Powerful Fighter in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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So Yeah! This is just for fun video

Hyphy 11 aylar önce
The fact that Argus is one of the strongest character lorewise but in this experiment, given that he didn't even attack he was considered the weakest
Balmond could've won if it was a beauty contest
Vanya Kelly Cheng
Vanya Kelly Cheng Aylar önce
Yes very smegsie balmond 💯
Zacch TV
Zacch TV Aylar önce
Cursed Ambush.
Cursed Ambush. 2 aylar önce
Alu couldve won lol
christine allen
christine allen 3 aylar önce
Y'all are look at his abs
Quqqo 4 aylar önce
@kae 🥵
Intricate Yıl önce
Badang ult needs to be facing the wall to maximize his damage
Honorstealer Aylar önce
@Khryzz Yvan Leseniana she has like 35% extra damage on knocked up enemies
Infal Mehar
Infal Mehar 5 aylar önce
@A n i s i agree guinevere and badang are good
Clover Gram
Clover Gram 11 aylar önce
Si badang ung never naging meta pero ang beses nanerf. Pati item nanerf pa.
LucasChills Yıl önce
@Intricate people just don't want badang to out damage their main
Intricate Yıl önce
@UCGapHwW7YhFTX_y6q-f9ndg How many times do I have to explain he doesn't need a wall from his s2? Just using normal wall on the map could trigger the extra damage, it's part of his ult.
Haiqal Jailani
Haiqal Jailani Yıl önce
I hope you can rank them by using their combo. So we can see the total damage each hero. Waiting yr next video
ytfuckingboringclickbaits💬 9 aylar önce
Ron Jacob
Ron Jacob Yıl önce
The fact that badang's damage is the highest when his fist reaches walls.
Dyrroth's Ult Is Powerful Depending On The Lifebar Of The Enemy Dyrroth's Ult Uses +80% of The Enemies Lost HP As + Damage
Helios 4.2
Helios 4.2 8 aylar önce
Also Balmond
Masud Rana
Masud Rana Yıl önce
Damage is not everything with ulti, but it is all includes passive, 1st+2nd skill, stun power everything together makes a hero special to one. Just keep practicing which hero you love to play with. Good Luck!!!
Miraie Aylar önce
Every fighter is strong, it depends to how skillful the user
leo Aylar önce
If its overall then dyyroth wins
RYAN ANGELO 2 aylar önce
I Agree bro
Zenucard 6 aylar önce
Bmk 8 aylar önce
U shud maximize their ult power,like combo dem ,the way they shud b used correctly.dis cud b fair enough
Disappointed Ramsay
Disappointed Ramsay Yıl önce
The Phoevus ult dealt only like 3k damage, you included his 2nd skill dmg too.
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗 7 aylar önce
@Acuspir yea
Acuspir 7 aylar önce
@𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗 Let's not forget that the creator also included Phoveous's 2nd skill in his damage.
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗 7 aylar önce
@Acuspir she means they need to blink but the creator's enemy is a bot that cant move so the creator had to use the second skill so the bot would somewhat blink so the creator could use the ulti, i hope u understand now :)
Acuspir 10 aylar önce
@Crimsonzifx so you're saying that heroes like lancelot, Benedetta, chou, wanwan, need Phoveous' 2nd skill to dash? Everything makes so much sense now
Crimsonzifx 10 aylar önce
Phoveus' ult needs to be activated using a blink move so yea.
Neylor. sports fanatic
Neylor. sports fanatic Yıl önce
If you continue basic attack while zilong's utli still activate I think his damage will be the highest
Shovit Adhikari
Shovit Adhikari 2 aylar önce
Same with sun
Abdallah El3ameed
Abdallah El3ameed 4 aylar önce
I agree
ANIME KINGDOM 4 aylar önce
Tru . With Inspire , its on another lvl
rintu Mech
rintu Mech 5 aylar önce
@William Mouthfitondeeznutz actually u cant exactly measure the damage with damage bot couse it has a lot of health and DHS does more damage when there is a lot of health so it isnt exactly accurate
Carmina Vicente
Carmina Vicente 5 aylar önce
Sykenn Yıl önce
Hope next time you include all their skills and passive
Balkasin Manda Sangma
Balkasin Manda Sangma Yıl önce
@Kenji hello mortals what about immortal like argus ultimate😆
AHGoliath Yıl önce
@WhoamI Justanobody no, he literally said at the start of the video he’ll only be using ultimate
Adv G22
Adv G22 Yıl önce
@Sykenn They were talking about the guy who posted the video
Ellen Joy Cordero
Ellen Joy Cordero Yıl önce
@Kenji .
Ellen Joy Cordero
Ellen Joy Cordero Yıl önce
Seems Overseas
Seems Overseas Yıl önce
You should use their best build respectively to rank them like that. Full BOD on Zilong or Argus will put them on disadvantage.
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗
𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒 𝚔𝚞𝚗 7 aylar önce
Its for fun man, and they SAID specifically that those items would be used..
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Yıl önce
Inconsistent experiment, if this is truly an experiment for fun but you're only testing Ultimate damage, please don't title the video "The most powerful fighter in mobile legends" because Ultimates alone can't rank the true strength of these heroes. Just title it "Which hero has the highest Ultimate Damage" Flaws in your experiment: -Using other skills other than Ultimate skills alone and using that data -Did not account for skills that take other stats into accounts such as lost HP or max HP when you're using a 80,000HP Damage bot -Some fighter heroes deal extra or less damage based on certain conditions of their ultimate -Accounting passive damages into your data such as YuZhong's passive and Thamuz's passive -Although some heroes have really high DPS on their ultimate, sometimes they can't even land all of their hits such as YuZhong, Badang, and etc
Lungjangliu Pheiga Gangmei
Lungjangliu Pheiga Gangmei 4 aylar önce
I agree with you
Gamer for all
Gamer for all 11 aylar önce
John Pureza
John Pureza Yıl önce
__Dracz Yıl önce
@Hello Goodbye "some flaws" my man wrote a whole essay
wopn ezung
wopn ezung Yıl önce
@Anurag Vishwakarma what's wrong with you? He just stated the fact. There should be a little logic even when making a fun videos.
Akane 10 aylar önce
Martis deal true damage only by his ult when enemy less than 50% hp.
Content Deleted
Content Deleted Yıl önce
Lmao Argus is a basic attack based hero, you cant one shot enemies with his 2nd skill, Argus can literally 5v1 enemies
Implied_Spaces 3 aylar önce
I don't know why Argus is so controversial these days, Moonton predicted exactly how Argus would perform, and their predictions are spot-on. He isn't "unbalanced" at all, heck I'd say Argus is actually one of Moonton's most successful revamps. He's not freaking Lucifer coming to mow you, you base, your teamates, and whole life down anymore like he used to be. But he's also not so weak that he's hopeless as long as you build him correctly.
Implied_Spaces 3 aylar önce
@Shawn Angelo Lee Have you ever heard of baiting or Kiting? If the Argus is smart then he can easily counter all that, and stomp Aldous(if the Aldous is dumb and doesn't escape course)
Implied_Spaces 3 aylar önce
Also it's all about skill LMAO unless you're Rafaela main or something like that, then it is pointless to discuss which fighter is the strongest, they can all kill each other if given the opportunity, and believe it or not even Johnson can straight up beat the pre-nerf Aldous in 1v1. MLBB is (despite all the memes)pretty decently balanced for the most part.
Implied_Spaces 3 aylar önce
Argus is all about expectations, if you're expecting a very well balanced hero, that needs good planing, good building, and good strategy to be effective in combat, then you're straight up correct with your expectation. ...If you're expecting an unstoppable, unbeatable, unkillable, and invincible One Fallen Angel Army that can solo stomps in a 1v5 situation though...then I'm afraid you're gonna be disappointed.
Xander PH
Xander PH 4 aylar önce
@shaan saikia so many player do that to me but they failure when you comback to me when my ultimate is over INSPIRE IS WAVING BABY
ピピヅヅカカ Yıl önce
You counted Yu Zhong's passive as ultimate but not put Badang near a wall to use his 😩
Honorstealer Aylar önce
well good luck not activating Yu Zhong's passive when using ult 😂😂😂
Kian Chester Merano
Kian Chester Merano 2 aylar önce
this is for fun okay so why are you sad
ピピヅヅカカ 10 aylar önce
@2061 maka Chozah That's a fair point but Yu Zhong's ultimate form when he knocks people does in fact do damage. Low, but it's definitely there
2061 maka Chozah
2061 maka Chozah 10 aylar önce
...he said all ultimate except the ones that do no have ultimate damage..plz read what he's saying carefully
Chicken Yıl önce
Same with dyrroth he didnt use the technique
Artic Yıl önce
in Zilong you only attacked once but on others you did the duration of the whole Ultimate...
Zenucard 6 aylar önce
Shaziya Sayed
Shaziya Sayed 11 aylar önce
Right zilong good hero
Tragic Tale of Failure
Tragic Tale of Failure Yıl önce
yeah, zilong could've done much more if he continued attacking while the ultimate is up. and badang also
Armond Amandy
Armond Amandy Yıl önce
balmond actually has a powerful ult cause it can 1 hit enemies with hp lower than 20% in early to late game but it was nerfed cause now when its used against lord or turtle its maximum dmg is only 2500 dmg lol
Nabila_1813 Yıl önce
Dyrroth: Should've let Thamuz teach you how to fight! Also Thamuz: 7:35
Nabila_1813 Yıl önce
@Seth Jereza thanks for correct it
Seth Jereza
Seth Jereza Yıl önce
Should've let Thamuz teach you how to fight!" Thats the real quote
Levi 11 aylar önce
Mashas 3rd skill dmg does 35% of the targets hp as dmg, what in this case is 35% of the bots hp. But the bot does have a lot more hp than a hero
HIRO Kun Yıl önce
Its funny how argus is in the last place when he can defeat masha easily XD
Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung 5 aylar önce
Are you out of your mine wtf trash talk argus even defeat some fighters.
1bobby_ 6 aylar önce
Argus has no ult damage Just a buff
Jaybez Hedocil
Jaybez Hedocil 6 aylar önce
@kwthar debbarma haha who cares🤣🖕
John steven
John steven 6 aylar önce
LoL if Masha use winter truncheon while argus has ultimate, masha easily Burt down argus
Chicken Yıl önce
Dyrroth can deal much more damage if the enemy have less hp his ultimate can deal extra damage if you manage to drop the enemy hp by 20%
William Mouthfitondeeznutz
William Mouthfitondeeznutz 9 aylar önce
Balmond ultimate will be an instant kill if the dummy target HP drops below 20% which is around 20k HP
Chicken Yıl önce
@Yoshitaka Putra yeah his 2nd skill makes it more dangerous
Yoshitaka Putra
Yoshitaka Putra Yıl önce
I try it in custome mode, skill 2 + ultimate and the bot hp is 3000 dyroth can deals 40000 damage
Arpokdr DeplokTom
Arpokdr DeplokTom Yıl önce
Just tested badang ult against a wall damage is 13550 same build and emblem, I did this because in the video barat was allowed to ult against the wall.
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Yıl önce
1:19 i was laughing so hard hahahahaha
Diovani Yıl önce
James Noel Pitogo Pitogo
James Noel Pitogo Pitogo 11 aylar önce
We all know that Aldous is the most op fighter
Shafayet Hossain Tohan
Shafayet Hossain Tohan Yıl önce
Using the leomord's Ulti was unfair! You should have use the proper ulti! 🙂
Not Real 784
Not Real 784 6 aylar önce
Altho it's just for fun, you shoul've considered passives. For ults like Zilong, Argus, you can keep basic attacking till ult ends.
Curiosity24 Yıl önce
Poor leomord only his horse did DMG😂😂
Pravesh sharma
Pravesh sharma 10 aylar önce
r12j Yıl önce
Poor zilong, freya and argus who's ults don't directly do any dmg😂
Let's Play Let's Play
Let's Play Let's Play Yıl önce
Yeah but atleast his horse damage more than balmonds ult
Lynxandor_ Yıl önce
It's more depending how the hero works and how you use them overall.
Charlie James Iguana
Charlie James Iguana 10 aylar önce
Siverow Yıl önce
Alucard has literally balanced life steal and damage
Ryan Canada
Ryan Canada 7 aylar önce
Freya, Aldous, Guinevere and Leomord are the strongest for me.
Zachary Henzhon
Zachary Henzhon Yıl önce
Balmond's ult can literally subtract have the life of one player if he just keep using his 2nd skill
bruh Yıl önce
@Santa Claws people die when they're killed
TWELVE Yıl önce
Yu zhong can counter Balmond
Santa Claws
Santa Claws Yıl önce
And the floor is made of floor
Senpai Rakin
Senpai Rakin Yıl önce
Wait ,roger dose not have any ult .. Ot is his transformation..
smaraš. Yıl önce
this just proves that even if you use hero without insane level of ult damage, you still can win, bcuz it's all about strategy and positioning. Argus can easily kill X-borg and the other way around...
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Yıl önce
vysterious 8 aylar önce
If only he remember how Balmond ult's works.
Ain Joevick Sapinit
Ain Joevick Sapinit Yıl önce
Masha's ult is based on enemy base hp while Balmond and Dyrroth's ultimate is based on enemy's lost hp
Lt Zauva
Lt Zauva Yıl önce
Let argus use his passive instead of 2nd skill
Obeka Swu
Obeka Swu Yıl önce
But the real deal is that those three at the last are the strongest among all the fighters and most picked by mythic players and above.
Charizard Y
Charizard Y 4 aylar önce
Hilda can deal a lot more damage if you second then ult
Amongti Tz
Amongti Tz 9 aylar önce
As a Sun user for me Sun is the strongest fighter ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Meh Yıl önce
Aldous? He's 1 shot can deal 7,000 damage
Johannes Penera
Johannes Penera 9 aylar önce
All heroes in the game are strong, It's just based on its user..
Iqiyi 1
Iqiyi 1 11 aylar önce
Pretty sure Freya can outdamage them all if use the 2nd skill correctly. How about try to use all skill just once
Effat Hazmi
Effat Hazmi Yıl önce
"you can leave, then make a new one to satisfy yourself" 🤣 1:20
Shodono🇵🇭 Yıl önce
I see it :)
Shodono🇵🇭 Yıl önce
Ms agust 23
Ms agust 23 Yıl önce
ho say that?
ShokoyYT Yıl önce
Alpha CAN Kill all of the fighters (not all at once) IF you know how to use it.
jomar alnor
jomar alnor Yıl önce
Balmonds health need to be so low so he can get extra damage
Daniel#Go 6 aylar önce
Chou ult : 6k damage. Chou "pro players in YT" : 10k damage 1 item
Dale Austin Art Vlogs
Dale Austin Art Vlogs Yıl önce
it depends on the strength of the user of the hero
Daren Franco
Daren Franco Yıl önce
In the Lore, Martis is the Strongest. Like he said 3000 worlds not a single worthy foe. XD
很勇的阿伟 10 aylar önce
So basically argus' ulti deals no damage but why is he on the board showing his 2nd skill damage
『Sig.Shadow』 9 aylar önce
Well for those who say a certain heroes need to have a proper place and build to bring the best out of them, its true but to make it fair every heroes will have the same circumstances and build
Lt Zauva
Lt Zauva Yıl önce
Let phoveus use his ulti repeatedly like yu zhong
Zovi Fanai
Zovi Fanai Yıl önce
The zilong bot cant dash
AppuKarthuJaanu 11 aylar önce
Aldous first skill will break this chart.
Alio Ngullie
Alio Ngullie 9 aylar önce
All the weak heroes shown here are the most picked fighters in high elo! ALUCARD, Silvanna, Balmond , paquito, Barats, Leomord, Ruby, Roger etc as these heroes have incredible mobility and sustainability as well as dmage which is pretty much balanced in all aspects & proves a plus point with a proper gameplay provided with a good draft team!
Prabhuvansh 6 aylar önce
It actually depends on the player who is playing with the hero..😂You just need experience and skill..damage doesnt matter..
Joseph Lalremruata
Joseph Lalremruata 7 aylar önce
And silvana can defeat masha and argus easily 🙌
Pop Cat
Pop Cat 3 aylar önce
my fav character is miya i get in every match "triple kills,maniac, savage"
Leonil Aswer
Leonil Aswer Yıl önce
Bruh 500 stack Aldous does deal super damage so Aldous will be 2nd to sun
THE CUPU GG 6 aylar önce
If we talk about the Hero story, maybe martis Will easy defeat them
James Schwarzkopf Rama
James Schwarzkopf Rama 2 aylar önce
No one will beat suns damage ever especially with full item no running and just head don
Gabriel Ryan Zane
Gabriel Ryan Zane Yıl önce
Sun, aldog, and argus are the strongest fighter for me
TRIVIA TV Yıl önce
Every hero has a unique power it is depend to the user😄👍
TRIVIA TV Yıl önce
@Legends never die When the world is calling you exactly
Legends never die
When the world is calling you
Legends never die When the world is calling you Yıl önce
But the damage of skills does not depend on user 😁
ApostleRDR2 10 aylar önce
Martis ult damage increases if enemy lower than 50% hp
Bruh argus can reach 30000 or over damage with basic attack
batoy ysulan
batoy ysulan Aylar önce
this is why my favorite character is monkey king he can clone himself
Darknight DeMON
Darknight DeMON 4 aylar önce
Balmond mist hav been happy as he wasn't the weakest of them all😂😂🤣
KAIZO 6 aylar önce
Dyroth ult damage depends on the hp
RPGila GameDev
RPGila GameDev 9 aylar önce
We know ultimate with utility had lower damage than plain damage ultimate. This is fun overall. Dont refer to this. I warn it.
Seggs 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Seggs 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Yıl önce
Masha deal percent damage cause u used zilong she deal huge damage
Muante Hauxel
Muante Hauxel Yıl önce
It's not only ulti it's depends on combo
divino rey santos
divino rey santos Yıl önce
all of them are powerful, your game play and expertise will be the difference
John Pureza
John Pureza Yıl önce
Alternative title: highest damage by the ultimates of fighters
Vampire Yıl önce
Aldous can 1 hit with ult
Sky 6 aylar önce
Argus ult doesn't deal any damage but it's a bloody scary ult
jash mystore2
jash mystore2 Yıl önce
Tips:Moonton will never add ulti to Roger
Alli Kombat
Alli Kombat Yıl önce
Damn, Sun... Pun intended. Imagine 3 clones with that damage.
Khaelza Grey Agang
Khaelza Grey Agang 11 aylar önce
D R E X Yıl önce
Now Argus strongest Fighter in ML Dumb Players think they can run away from Argus pro players😂 I am 3 years+Argus user lol
Guko Sensie
Guko Sensie 11 aylar önce
Me too
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 10 aylar önce
It's Funny how my Freya can kill sun easily
Eljun Vincent Pepito
Eljun Vincent Pepito Yıl önce
Most powerful fighter "BASE ON THEIR ULTIMATE" in mobile legends. This should be your title bro.
Kemson Olarte Bezarte
Kemson Olarte Bezarte 11 aylar önce
But in real game, those hero thats in the lowest are really strong and insane...
cheene mae deocampo
cheene mae deocampo 23 gün önce
Dyroth would have won if the enemy is 1 hit with ulti it surpass damage 27,000
Zoyes🪕 10 aylar önce
Beatrix can easily kill x Borg becuz of Beatrix sub machine gun
Acuspir 10 aylar önce
I lnow you said that this is just for fun. But instead of just using the ultimates, you should instead do the fastest time to kill an enemy. No items, just Levels and damage. So the ranking won't be so rigged. (Like seriously you combined Phoveous' 2nd skill damage with his ult.)
Your Tako Bro [MARCeronii]
Your Tako Bro [MARCeronii] Yıl önce
Argus Be Like : No Damage to You ? Ok No Damage To Me Then 😜😜😜😜
DDG  Digz
DDG Digz Yıl önce
Well you cloud done it with full potential basic attac when need like on argus, thamuz, leo etc this way only few of them got the full ammount of ulti
• Çhâñ • Lùü
• Çhâñ • Lùü 5 aylar önce
Full hp enemy ,dyrroth ultimate deal more than 1500, but if the enemy hp is 1% and there is full hp mm on the back, it deal 4000damage to the 1% hp enemy and the mm on the back just receive 3000 damage , dyrroth the only hero that can one shot with just his ultimate
Arhumiihie Nyuthe
Arhumiihie Nyuthe Yıl önce
Badang needs DHS it's his main damage
Eric Bergonio
Eric Bergonio Yıl önce
Argus ult can dominate every hero..!
suyy._ Yıl önce
What do you expect from a hero who can end the game without minions
J Yıl önce
It really depends on ur base skill level
Ashley 11 aylar önce
no zilong were harmed during the making of this video
eggo supriyanto
eggo supriyanto Yıl önce
Ultimate phoveus damage is 3737, 5857 it is combined with skill 2
Addz Yıl önce
Phoveus ult can deal more since his ult can be triggered 10 times
m Yıl önce
We all know aldous is a god
Risky Maretha
Risky Maretha 6 aylar önce
But in fact Argus ulti is the most thing you're scared..
Salman Saifurrahman
Salman Saifurrahman Yıl önce
if the hero has the most powerfull ult it doesnt mean that the hero is good like if yuzhong vs marsha in early game yuzhong will win
Muhammad Aiman
Muhammad Aiman Yıl önce
All fighter with All Skill & Combo, please❤😍
Bane's ultimate using magic damage.......why you use physical damage to him? Bane's skill damage: First skill: physical damage Second skill: magic damage Ultimate: magic damage Passive: physical damage
VinDamme Yıl önce
Wow!! Mashaaa🤩😍... That's a lot of Damage🤣💪🏻💪🏻
Baba Sütü Gibi Tertemiz
Baba Sütü Gibi Tertemiz Yıl önce
Argus can beat everyone
Metpai Wangsha
Metpai Wangsha Yıl önce
Balmond can kill sun easily
Joshua Nora
Joshua Nora Yıl önce
Remember there is no trash fighter it always depends on the player and the team comp
Honorstealer Aylar önce
it's just about ult damage anyway
Jamaluddin Kasim
Jamaluddin Kasim Yıl önce
Immortality or death argus really strong
Real magic 🤣
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