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3 yıl önce

Watch America's best mind reader Colin Cloud on America's Got Talent 2018. Is it real magic? What did you think of his mind reading auditions and all performances?? Let us know in the comments below...

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Tracy Nguyen
Tracy Nguyen
He’s not a mind reader, he’s a mind controller.
Anyone wondering why he hasn’t got the golden buzzer? He totally deserves it
I can just imagine him in the street, walking up to a random person, and saying, “Forgive me if im wrong, but have you committed tax fraud recently?”
This man is amazing. Saw him in Vegas, extremely funny, knows how to improv so well. And his tricks, magic and mind reading are ALL amazing. He is crazy and so entertaining. Saw Shin Lim too. Both the best performers I have ever seen.
David B
David B
Damn it sucks that he probably lost to some singer with a sad backstory
Chencho Bidha
Chencho Bidha
He is literally my favorite magician or mind reader... He's absolutely fantastic and I can't believe he is so magical..
XxxRe250xx Re
XxxRe250xx Re Yıl önce
This man probably won every among us round
Hunter Is Short
Hunter Is Short Yıl önce
He got straight A’s he read the smart kids mind.
Zaara Hossain
Zaara Hossain Yıl önce
let’s admit, he’s literally the sherlock holmes of our generation
The prediction with the cat was actually pretty easy to figure out, but the body language reading was actually pretty impressive.
Khen Pedraita
Khen Pedraita
Imagine him being your chess opponent
This was such a cool video. One would say " I wish i could do that" Do you realize the dedication he must have gone through to make this night happen???? Performers make it look so easy, that's part of the game. BTW....David Blain is still the GOAT for this stuff....
ARIES Yıl önce
Imagine two people like him playing rock paper scissors
- MisterChief -
- MisterChief -
He could have randomly picked those names without listening to the audience, but it’s crazy that he still guessed which coin was in which hand
deep cure
deep cure
the last trick is pretty impressive. the fact that everyone have a different cards with like 10 different answers on each and tell 2 judge to pick most cards as possible in a certain time and then get another judge to mix them all and get the final judge to pick one of thE card and one of the 10 answers and guessing it right is just wow. hes either somehow powerfull or the judge arent legit
Small Habibi Decisions
Small Habibi Decisions Gün önce
The blonde lady he picked was just so gracefully played. He tried to force it and it almost failed 3 times. He slowed down when he got there, then he stopped at her and told him to pick tonight, then he went very quickly back to the left (right) and very quickly back to the right where the blonde lady was, then slowed down again. Very very slick.
Lyn Yıl önce
Him as a father: “I know exactly who took the last cookie!”
Nati Gefner
Nati Gefner
This man is a certified genius
Hawaii Productions
Hawaii Productions Yıl önce
This guy probably hasn’t lost a Rock Paper Scissors game since infancy
Willingkevbro Yıl önce
I love how she immediately stabs him as soon as he said to stab him
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