Morning Relaxing Music - Piano Music for Stress Relief and Studying (Riley)

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OCB Relax Music

OCB Relax Music

2 yıl önce

The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series helps you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, learning, studying, reading, thinking, sleeping, working, dreaming, traveling, etc. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded to TRshow.

Title: Riley

Music and footage: OCB Relax (All rights reserved)
Thumbnail picture licensed from hofhauser via (RI 101)

OCB Relax Music
OCB Relax Music 9 aylar önce
Many of you asked me to update my Spotify. So, I'm working on it! Until then, here you can find an "all in one" Spotify playlist but it's not yet complete! Thank you for your patience! 🙏​
Greg Baxter
Greg Baxter 5 gün önce
@imane elaasri TV
Luciene Cartaxo
Luciene Cartaxo 21 gün önce
Madam hill
Madam hill 2 aylar önce
Nice and tranquility. Something Jehovah God will give us in the near future. Thanks for sharing😊
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu 3 aylar önce
Amara and Sehaj
Amara and Sehaj 4 aylar önce
Wanda Rozwadowska
Wanda Rozwadowska Aylar önce
I am suffering from PTSD and this Music makes me calm, peaceful and helps me dealing with my disability. The music is in my day and night background. Really healing ❤️‍🩹 Thank you 🙏🏻
M Amjad
M Amjad 9 gün önce
After losing my precious time of life to anxiety and depression, I am doing my best to come back to life and live it. I perhaps can understand your struggle. Be assured we are all with you....
Relaxing Music Daily
Relaxing Music Daily 11 aylar önce
The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness
George Dass
George Dass 6 gün önce
May we all be blessed with all these
Annoymous Queen
Annoymous Queen Aylar önce
You too ❤️😣
Sensei W
Sensei W Aylar önce
You too 😊
tessy Aylar önce
You too!
You also bro
Lisa Beymer
Lisa Beymer Yıl önce
As a teacher, this is perfect for class free reading, or a well-deserved quiet time to decompress. The kids love it!
Darvey strozier
Darvey strozier 19 gün önce
Hi please join this live stream
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Shirley Bennett
Shirley Bennett Yıl önce
Sending out good vibes to everyone in the comments section who needs them :) x
Lisa Beymer
Lisa Beymer Yıl önce
@Lea Wechter No. I work in Southern Maryland.
Lea Wechter
Lea Wechter Yıl önce
Do you work at Edison
3540 Priya
3540 Priya 3 aylar önce
With this relaxing sound....a cup of coffee in hand..and sitting in front of my window.. And seeing the sun rise...heavily feeling... 🧡
Yassin Mutabazi
Yassin Mutabazi 2 aylar önce
to who ever that opened this video to help him/her concentrate on his studies or work, i wish you good luck and success in whatever you are working on. The future is better.😉😉
Ma. Josefa Abaño
Ma. Josefa Abaño Aylar önce
Thank you Sir.
Steph Anie
Steph Anie Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this music. It’s really calming and gives a great boost for the day. This helps me stay calm and ready for life. Things are kind of tough rn so it’s a pleasure to relax every once in a while. This was made a while ago, but I still appreciate the fact that you’re doing this.
FlamefireXD Yıl önce
This Music 🎶 is makeing my sister sleep happily she loves it. And the plants 🌱 are so beautiful 🤩 wow 😯 so incredible 😸.
Rosa Murray
Rosa Murray Yıl önce
If you're reading this I wish you the best of luck in life!
D Roy
D Roy Yıl önce
Beautiful music. Makes mind calm and relaxed.
Sawyer lynn
Sawyer lynn Yıl önce
Me to
Hoang Duy Musican
Hoang Duy Musican 6 aylar önce
Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested
Rudolf de Lang
Rudolf de Lang 9 aylar önce
This music is awesome, really relaxing
Dead Hungry Music
Dead Hungry Music 3 gün önce
This music help me to fall asleep every night. Calm and relaxing music thank you for making this.😍
If you are reading this, you are most likely listening to the best relax music in the world. It helps keep clam of yourself.
TheMomentMVM Yıl önce
Calm and serene ambience, thanks for sharing!
punpunz gc.
punpunz gc. Yıl önce
It helps me a lot when im doing my homework and it helps me to be calm and relaxed!
Hadia Behairy
Hadia Behairy 9 aylar önce
I am enjoying every moment 🙋🏼‍♀️ it’s so beautiful ☀️thank you for sharing
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Harmony Meditation Relaxation
Harmony Meditation Relaxation 9 aylar önce
This is so peaceful and beautiful❤️ God bless the people who are creating such beautiful music for us and also who are appreciating & listening to this music❤️
Beautiful City Visits
Beautiful City Visits 10 aylar önce
Such wonderful and inspiring music! Life is good listening to it! We really hope to find a normal life and better days in this year 2021! 😀
Aanya’s Vlogs
Aanya’s Vlogs Yıl önce
It gives my mind relaxation and after hearing lots of smile 😃 on my face
Free Relaxing Piano
Free Relaxing Piano Yıl önce
I feel this music is so beautiful, it helped me relax. Moreover, the natural scenery is so beautiful that I seem to be in the heaven. It is really peaceful here.
JdM 10 aylar önce
This is so relaxing 🥰
Vaf Dad
Vaf Dad 9 aylar önce
This music is awesome, really relaxing
Relax Nature Lab
Relax Nature Lab Yıl önce
I love this channel for the good vibes it gives off, thanks for sharing. I wish you all an excellent day, health and prosperity friends
Jewel Kulitzki
Jewel Kulitzki Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this❤ it helped me focus on studying and less stress❤
SL 2 yıl önce
Love the music and video. Def a stress reliever and studying tool. Thanks!
Rohit Dureja
Rohit Dureja Yıl önce
I have trouble sleeping at night and this music really helps thank you!
Relaxing Music VM Channel
Relaxing Music VM Channel Yıl önce
Beautiful peaceful music ❤
Lynn Badran
Lynn Badran Yıl önce
I love this relaxing morning with this relaxing music :(have a good morning ❤️
ItzatypeofQwerties Yıl önce
maher badran,me too
Mary Ann Dull
Mary Ann Dull 2 yıl önce
A much better way to wake up and start my morning. Thank you!
vicky वत्स
vicky वत्स Yıl önce
Ooh really miss beautiful
Ava Kraatz
Ava Kraatz Yıl önce
You guys, I’m playing this to my little sister and she FINALLY fell back asleep! 💕😂
W1CK3D_ W1Z4RD1NG_ W0LF Yıl önce
It so calming and makes me want to rock a baby or sleep more
VASA Relax and Rejoice
VASA Relax and Rejoice 6 aylar önce
It's very relaxing and calming. Good work!!
Physics Flux
Physics Flux Yıl önce
Such a positive place. Thank you for this peaceful music.
Música Medieval
Música Medieval 10 aylar önce
Thanks, very delightful n peaceful to listen this, best elegant classical music. Sounds of silence, peace and calm the mind n heart. Profoundly healing anxiety and brainwave.Infinite love!🙏🎶
Oli Suj
Oli Suj 10 aylar önce
Really really relaxing music, I love it
Erin Fitzgerald
Erin Fitzgerald 7 aylar önce
Amazing!!! Love putting it for my kids in the classroom, love it great tunes!!!! Much Love !!!
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Skal 2 yıl önce
Best relaxing music ever!
Holidays Music
Holidays Music 3 aylar önce
we may all speak different languages, but music is the language that we can all understand
DREAMS Foundation of Acadiana
DREAMS Foundation of Acadiana 7 aylar önce
This is so peaceful. Love it!
Devine Ross
Devine Ross Yıl önce
I really love your relaxing music and help me calm down when I feel Mad thank you ❤️
Devine Ross
Devine Ross Yıl önce
I feel so calm
Andrew Lowe
Andrew Lowe 11 aylar önce
Aww, that’s nice to hear. We are all important and valuable, and it’s a wonderful day. Thank you for the beautiful music and words ❤️
Pinkymisy Yıl önce
I wake up and I hear birds chirping 💕.... And I smiled and thinking "wow how beautiful nature and animal is" And I listen to this music and made me calm, relaxing, and smiling 😁
Anku ù
Anku ù Yıl önce
Have a great day! And remember no matter what,never lose the little kid in you!💖✨
Ana Gheorghe
Ana Gheorghe 11 aylar önce
Relaxing and beautiful!
fernmere 2 yıl önce
This is beautiful music! I love it, it helps me read! Thank you so much!😁
Fat Fairy @ TenaZ
Fat Fairy @ TenaZ 2 yıl önce
Thank You this is great music for relaxing, I use this to make my 8 year old son calm... He battle to sleep, but since we use this music his sleeping partern already improving!
Turquoise 8 aylar önce
Beautifully done! The Nature footage is absolutely lovely. The music is gentle enough that it facilitates concentration on my work rather than hijacking my brain. Thank you so much, OCB Relax. What a gift you have given the world.
Aayusha Chaudhary
Aayusha Chaudhary 3 aylar önce
I am hearing this for my exams 😭 💔 why doesn't it work for me.....
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
WALKIRIA Agnieszka Kudlak
WALKIRIA Agnieszka Kudlak Yıl önce
przepiękna muzyka z rana na rozpoczęcie przepięknego dnia, dziękuję ;-)
Lestari Betta
Lestari Betta 10 aylar önce
music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life 💚💙💙
RELAXING - 힐링트리뮤직 Healing Tree Music
RELAXING - 힐링트리뮤직 Healing Tree Music 5 aylar önce
Awesome! This is really amazing. This is very relaxing and refreshing. Thank you so much for this video :)
ElenaMemole 2 yıl önce
Love this music! Blessings for helping me find the peace 🙏
AestheticWaif 2 yıl önce
I agry wow
Jann Gail
Jann Gail 9 aylar önce
It kind of upsets me that people can give this beautiful presentation a thumbs down. How could anyone do that? If it isn't quite their type then they could just move on and not be mean. For the rest of us and those who LOVE beautiful things this station is beyond wonderful! Thank you for making it and thank you to all those with a beautiful heart who wish others well on here. God bless you!
Lisa Banks
Lisa Banks 9 aylar önce
I agree with your comment. This is beautiful.
Pedro Alves dos Santos Filho
Pedro Alves dos Santos Filho Yıl önce
Música maravilhosa, relaxante e inspiradora. Utilizo sempre para fazer minhas orações. Obrigado ao Canal por esta preciosidade.
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Joanne Legros-Kelly
Joanne Legros-Kelly 8 aylar önce
Beautiful. Excellent background for yoga and meditation. Thank you. 🙏 😊
Nay Yunita
Nay Yunita Yıl önce
Very beautiful sound...❤🌺🌺❤ love it!
j00Ls j.
j00Ls j. 2 yıl önce
I cannot love this enough. After endless searching, it immediately calms my anxiety and rapid heartbeat. Lulled me to sleep quickly. Thank you.
Varenne Duvar
Varenne Duvar 2 yıl önce
j00Ls j. Very calming and relaxing, indeed
Lucky-chan 4 aylar önce
Thank you for uploading this beautiful music video!! It helped me a lot to feel better when things do not go on smoothly.
Blue Relax - Relaxing Music 🌊
Blue Relax - Relaxing Music 🌊 3 aylar önce
Nice Piano music that relaxing our mind and body. you all hear these kinds of music to relax when you are in depression.
CKT Music
CKT Music Yıl önce
Thanks for giving us such a beautiful & soothing music😊😊
Ni- Naadje
Ni- Naadje Yıl önce
I love this! So calm and beautiful. 2 days ago when my husband was so restless in te hospital, I was searching for calming music. After trying a few I came across this one. It calmed my husband instantly. He even had to cry and let his emtions flow. This is so peaceful. Thank you so much for uploading it. This music also reminds me of "Droomvlucht" from the Efteling in the Netherlands. Very nice.
Grt Tyo
Grt Tyo Yıl önce
Escape Stories
Escape Stories Yıl önce
OMG this is really soothing. I was looking for a good music that can heal me and landed here. Really beeautiful.
Rae Z. Avinger
Rae Z. Avinger 9 gün önce
Thankful for this music. It helps when reading my Bible in the mornings. I also play it at work and it helps provide a calming day.
Zen Sounds
Zen Sounds Yıl önce
To anyone who comes by this: *I wish you help through your struggles and send all of the love possible. Hopefully these calming sounds can help you find peace with your current situation, and help you move over the bumps on the path to fulfillment.*
Shatow Hasan
Shatow Hasan 2 yıl önce
Amazing relaxing music
Duong Tran
Duong Tran Yıl önce
I listen to the music watching nature in its full glory. I feel calmer and calmer. Everything around me is slowing down and flowing like fluid. Each sound is penetrating and talking to me personally, communicating, telling me wonderful stories, the wind swaying the grass mesmerising...Nature is embracing me with its loving arms calling me to wake up to its call more because its there always, its just me that forgets. I am so grateful to Existence that has given me so much without me even asking..
It's Ramyyy
It's Ramyyy Yıl önce
I was feeling down, I needed to listen to this! Thank you, it’s so soothing!!!
Pureza Siason
Pureza Siason Yıl önce
Beautiful instrumental songs.Soothing to the soul. Thank you so much
Miku 2 yıl önce
note to self do not listen while having fan on, you will immidiantly fall to sleep 10/10 relaxing music
Michelle Grace
Michelle Grace 7 gün önce
Inspiring and relaxing music ! 🌸
Vilavi 2 yıl önce
Beautiful music and amazing pictures that captured nature. Thank you for sharing.
Sylhomeo 2 yıl önce
Thank you, beautiful person, for this experience. Very generous of you to share this! May peace with you and all of us in this chaotic world.
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Menee Em
Menee Em 4 aylar önce
Such beautiful music 💚
CALM PLACE 5 aylar önce
Wishing everyone who is listing to this in the morning a beautiful and peaceful day.,
Tsin butterfly
Tsin butterfly 6 gün önce
I really love listening this kind of music very calming i enjoy so much...feel the presence of nature the beauty of nature
Camila Sofi
Camila Sofi 2 yıl önce
super relaxing and it helps my mom not be stress out ill put this song on when my mom is stress out thank you
vicky वत्स
vicky वत्स Yıl önce
Ooh really mam
Relaxing Nature Music - Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxing Nature Music - Relaxation and Meditation 10 aylar önce
Relaxation, calming music, soothe your mind 😎
Robin Carretti
Robin Carretti Yıl önce
Peaceful in this day and evening time we all need a peaceful quality of music life
Лариса Семенова
Лариса Семенова Yıl önce
Моя самая любимая , гармонизирующая музыка!
Ankita Shah
Ankita Shah Yıl önce
A tip for anyone if you live alone and feel alone leave all worries and listen to this. Breath in and out. Have a great day! :)
Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank Yıl önce
f you read this, doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy peaceful life where all your dreams become true. 🙌❤ Wishing you this from Belgium
Kelly Jayleen
Kelly Jayleen Yıl önce
Your music is amazing. Its make me relaxing and help stress relief. THANK YOU
mg h
mg h 2 yıl önce
The sounds of nature mixed with the piano are an amazing combination keep up the good work
Elizabeth Rees
Elizabeth Rees 6 aylar önce
Wow this is so beautiful thank you. I feel instantly relaxed.
Aishee Roy
Aishee Roy Yıl önce
Dear You, Sending a lot of warmth and love your way. May you feel the calm of this music and realize that there are more beautiful things in life apart from the ones you've known. May you feel at peace with yourself, with your loved ones and with your life. Thinking of You, in all goodness. 💛
Peggy Tay
Peggy Tay 2 yıl önce
Beautiful and calming. Thank you.
Beautiful Relaxing Music
Beautiful Relaxing Music Yıl önce
Beautiful sound, is very relaxing .
Nga Rabalais
Nga Rabalais 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much for the music. It's so peaceful!
Mary simon
Mary simon 2 yıl önce
The sleep music is peaceful
telepathicmagicshop Yıl önce
Sending out good vibes to everyone in the comments section who needs them :) x
lamarroquina Yıl önce
Yashvi Singh
Yashvi Singh Yıl önce
I am listening this song.. I am forgot my all problem and tension... only enjoy this music.. Awesome.. I love it..💞💞💕😘
Fashion With Purpose
Fashion With Purpose Yıl önce
Very calming to listen😃
Manjari Shukla
Manjari Shukla 2 yıl önce
Soothing music 😊💟
vicky वत्स
vicky वत्स Yıl önce
Like u miss
Choden Namgay
Choden Namgay 2 yıl önce
Thank you for compiling such a beautiful music. 🙏
Ibobi Singh
Ibobi Singh 2 yıl önce
So calming, snoothing music.. making my day more Lively..happy thank you for making this wonderful piece
Relax Sound
Relax Sound 4 aylar önce
Hi . Please go to the channel to listen to music to support me. Thank you very much. Have a nice day
Music for Relaxation
Music for Relaxation 2 aylar önce
Thanks for your beautiful playlist. I listend to it in the morning and it fits so perfect! 🙏
Harmony Relaxation
Harmony Relaxation 7 aylar önce
Perfect for relaxing :) Keep up the great work!
Healinghut 7 aylar önce
If you read this, doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful day and a happy peacfull life where all your dreams come true. ♥️♥️
RELAX MUSIC TOP 14 gün önce
Thank you so much for this❤ it helped me focus on studying and less stress
Misuri 2 yıl önce
This music, healed my soul. Thank you. ❤️
Bee Wise
Bee Wise 2 yıl önce
Soothing Souls
Soothing Souls 6 aylar önce
I hope even if it’s just 1 single person that sees this, that they have an amazing day and an even better future!!!!
kyletronic 2 aylar önce
kyletronic 2 aylar önce
Anwesha Das
Anwesha Das 3 aylar önce
Thank you
MrLeo - Relaxing Music Healing
MrLeo - Relaxing Music Healing Yıl önce
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: it doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful day and a happy, peaceful life where all your dreams come true. You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
MAR WA 6 aylar önce
i wishe you a good life
Dingala Hass
Dingala Hass Yıl önce
Just when I saw this I thought to myself that:”If anyone who think’s negative think positive, meditate, be present in the world, and let the world know who you are 🥰😇.” And I love being relaxed so I really enjoyed it :)
Dingala Hass
Dingala Hass Yıl önce
KIM SOO-IN김수인 💎💎🥰🥰💎💎🥰🥰😍😍😇😇😍😍😇😇💎💎😍😍🥰🥰😇😇💎💎
KIM SOO-IN김수인✨💜 Yıl önce
@Dingala Hass ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍃🍃🍃🍃🦋
Dingala Hass
Dingala Hass Yıl önce
Yes and you should always enjoy the best moments of your life and keep them in your Soul like a memory book 📖 Best wishes to everyone who is struggling during pandemic 😷 and hope your struggles will eventually heal 🥰😇
KIM SOO-IN김수인✨💜 Yıl önce
Love your self Never think negative The life always gonna throw challenges ❤️💕💕 you need to be strong if you want to live 💕💕💕💕💕🦋Life is beautiful if you look at it with optimism💕
Dingala Hass
Dingala Hass Yıl önce
Believe me myself I think that being present has never been greater :D
Sound of Japan
Sound of Japan 11 aylar önce
Beautiful music. the footage is also great!ステキ💓
Augusta Neumann
Augusta Neumann 2 yıl önce
Beautiful music that accompanies me while I am walking. Thanks a lot.🌷🌈
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