"We have been stationed on the Moon since 1988, There's a reason it is kept a secret" Creepypasta

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The Dark Somnium

7 aylar önce

This is a new long creepypasta story from nosleep, written by RichardSaxon, make sure to check out the original story and support the author! www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/gh65hx/we_have_been_stationed_on_the_moon_since_1988
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The Dark Somnium
The Dark Somnium 7 aylar önce
Hope everyone has a good weekend! heres a new hour long video for you, let me know what you think! and remember to like and share (if you want to) Also, i was testing out a new visualizer for the intro, idk if ill use it for the full videos, still deciding if i should switch or keep using the one i have been, what do you think?
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion Aylar önce
The moon is home to the People of the night
Joanna Smith
Joanna Smith 2 aylar önce
L Loredana
L Loredana 2 aylar önce
@Nathan Carlson Yes a very Hypnosis voice aswell, love it♾️💞💫
Louisiana Gutteridge
Louisiana Gutteridge 2 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing, I love these stories and ive got my sons to listen too as it there awesome 👌. God bless and Keep Them Coming 🙏
Paul Weisgerber
Paul Weisgerber 3 aylar önce
@Joseph Caesar Padrón Who told you we can’t travel through the Van Allen belt?
Daniel Ash
Daniel Ash 17 saatler önce
The reason we didn't go back is because there was no way to pay for it from government and Tax payers each state was so devoid of what was returned to earth the rocks and dust showed a false researching and said it wouldn't be profitable But it was so wrongly reported due to the wealth of valuable resource the rich denied us this to keep there little-known powers to control nations.
Anthony Tapia
Anthony Tapia 23 saatler önce
I love this story they should make this to a movie
Genk Gün önce
The next episode : "Im a Vlogger who get a free touring ticket to the moon, im fucked...."
Mark Ellison
Mark Ellison Gün önce
Stop doing LSD, and smoking weed, you" LL come back down to earth!
Cl0ckw0rk Gün önce
Published 7 months ago Me: HAHA yeah we're gonna die.
Callie Dan
Callie Dan Gün önce
FICTION should be within the title.
Barry Froelich
Barry Froelich 2 gün önce
👍No ads. great show.
areon 2 gün önce
Guns don't work in space that's why the alians don't die
Eirik-E Lorentzen
Eirik-E Lorentzen 5 gün önce
You are my favorit anxiey provider! I have legit gotten Astrophobia from this and some of your other videos about space. Fuck you, you’re doing a great job, your very talented, keep going!
Garand Son
Garand Son 10 gün önce
No like girl voice
Ian Rowlands
Ian Rowlands 12 gün önce
This is bullshit ...you people buy this crap
richardscathouse 2 gün önce
Why should aliens be any different than humans?
Velvas The Crossfox
Velvas The Crossfox 12 gün önce
This feels like the War of the Worlds radio drama from the 1930s. Easy sub from me.
Kaiju 12 gün önce
49:59 best quote
Rhizaldy Manalo
Rhizaldy Manalo 14 gün önce
Hollywood absolutely has to make this into a movie.
richardscathouse 2 gün önce
They'd just screw it up
Filip Dienstpier
Filip Dienstpier 15 gün önce
None of the supposedly "elite and well prepared" crew/garrison there act anyhow prepared at all lmao.
Steve Colton
Steve Colton 16 gün önce
Thank You!!!! I love this type of shit!!!!!
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 16 gün önce
Seems like they wasted a lot of time and money with no results, I mean they're still using modern firearms? No research into new weapons and only one kind of defensive technology? What were they doing up there? Lol. But presumably by employing high caliber weapons and not relying on radio communication Earth itself will have better results? After all the aliens seem to rely on radio and touch to transmit suicidal/homicidal impulses with no long range personal weapons described in the story, so take them out at a distance with the aforementioned high powered firearms...
Jonas Eriksson
Jonas Eriksson 16 gün önce
Wait... the moon was supposed to be a secret?
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 17 gün önce
The complete berry physiologically enjoy because lunge atypically detect amidst a crooked twilight. juvenile, naive beautician
Tammy Fenk-Long
Tammy Fenk-Long 17 gün önce
This was a good story but I've EXTREMELY annoyed they never mentioned or used the helmet touching trick to talk all while the MC whines that they have no way to communicate!
Sephlock 17 gün önce
"With soiled pants and fading mind" will be the subtitle of my memoir.
Nathanael Amante
Nathanael Amante 18 gün önce
Just shove stuffing up their ass and eat them for thanks giving
Wooly Babooshka
Wooly Babooshka 18 gün önce
total immersion/atmosphere.
MY$TERIXU$ 18 gün önce
BirdBox ?
P, B, and C
P, B, and C 19 gün önce
This is what the happening should have been
Shadowcub69 20 gün önce
The moral of this story? Don't give live ammo to people at the moonbase.
Nunya Bizness #1
Nunya Bizness #1 20 gün önce
Good vid, but the last line sounds like communist propaganda ..
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz 20 gün önce
Why don't they stop the charade and use the Anti-grav
Theoverrighter 23 gün önce
This is awesome but mostly reminds me of among us lmao
NO NAME 23 gün önce
This should be a vr game id loved to experience this story
Subject OR36942
Subject OR36942 24 gün önce
Watch 1999 Event Horizon
Malkeus Diasporan
Malkeus Diasporan 24 gün önce
Could you raise the volume on your stories? Compared to most videos on youtube, your content is whisper quiet. I have to raise the volume to listen which leads to something similar that obnoxious situation I thought I'd left behind with cable television...whatever plays next will be waay too loud. This is literally the 9nly c9mplaint i have, your voice work and audio additions are superb, easily on par with any audi9book ive heard. Thanks for ever6thing. P.s. sorry, i justnoticed all yhe typos...blame the on screen keyboard
The Dark Somnium
The Dark Somnium 24 gün önce
thanks for letting me know! ill work on that!
gunraptor 24 gün önce
Do I hear Watch's voice actor from the "SCP Sedition" series?
gunraptor 24 gün önce
Why didn't they just touch their helmets together to talk?
gunraptor 24 gün önce
Who wrote this? This is fantastic.
Bk H
Bk H 25 gün önce
We have never been to the moon.why u think we havent been publicly back😂everyone on planet would watch that shit😂😂😂😂
Sebastian Bravo
Sebastian Bravo 4 gün önce
Cause everybody turnes gay they rather watch the Kardashians the geek path is a long lonely journeys with little reward
IHeartCryptoverse 26 gün önce
This was a fascinating story and the big fight is still ahead. Thanks!
A Channel
A Channel 26 gün önce
To be honest it seems expected for the 3020s
Brady Butler
Brady Butler 28 gün önce
Loved it!
CarlosP 29 gün önce
So, DeadSpace...
Taylor Armour
Taylor Armour Aylar önce
Bulshit they will know Landon the Moon Landing 1988
richard martinez
richard martinez Aylar önce
great suspensful story
Stormrider Aylar önce
Russia is on the plans too for some kind of weapon. So at this point we know how things move in the background.
Ant Filssof
Ant Filssof Aylar önce
Spoilers alert! Speed that they walk with is kind of strange for the moon gravity. I wonder how they were going to prepare for these things in 5 years. gravity is mentioned at 10:42 and 52:30 is it only me or there are different gravities each time? aliens can affect brain via sound - well, fine. but by touching spacesuit? well, they are OP. We do not know heck about aliens, but here in this room we are absolutely sure that their maddening signal can not reach us. Alien scout party was for the moon? Why did we need this long rookie guy introduction?
IRONMAN ! Aylar önce
Holy shit that was boring .....
Gareth Standfield
Gareth Standfield Aylar önce
22:11 "Stop drop the screw driver!" Proceeds to shoot himself in the leg. Really mixed messaging from that guy. I guess cant get got... if you get yourself. Well played.
smol Aylar önce
I'm listening to anything I can find. But this,this is is nice. I think I'll listen to it again
Tristan Bahm
Tristan Bahm Aylar önce
i'm getting hella bird box vibes
YuriTheImmortaL MMA
YuriTheImmortaL MMA Aylar önce
Can you post my history?
Bro I don't know why there's not more among us jokes in the comments
CeeCee Black
CeeCee Black Aylar önce
Great story, definitely realistic enough to terrify the imagination, and ignite any fears that I’ve never thought to dwell upon, before now, of the many possible ways our planet/lives may become annihilated. Truly genius vision here. Loved it
M.C. Schock
M.C. Schock Aylar önce
Overweight astronauts, inexperienced rookies and life long one way missions with the MC having "experience" there already. Is this a secret comedy?
Rowen Akers
Rowen Akers Aylar önce
Maybe this is why Trump stopped the wars? First American president to end wars and start none in a long time.
GrandmazSlippers Aylar önce
do you put these on spotify? (if you dont, you totally should)
Love 1234
Love 1234 Aylar önce
Stupid video or narration even with 5g technology how much time would it take to reach your relay to earth take more physics lessons even a 3 grader knows
Michele Mcguire
Michele Mcguire Aylar önce
Tanner Barnes
Tanner Barnes Aylar önce
That Half Life vibe is pretty nice
Richard Herman
Richard Herman Aylar önce
Is this shit real or is it just a made-up story
Whats Up
Whats Up Aylar önce
How short sighted, they should have taken the monsters to Earth so humans would stop fighting among themselves earlier.
The Portrait Dude
The Portrait Dude Aylar önce
Fantastic read and sound work as always! I truly appreciate the extra work you out into these
WheatThinGames Aylar önce
The tasty congo surprisingly rescue because yoke thirdly wash like a sassy trip. fragile, accessible van
Michael Kottler
Michael Kottler Aylar önce
This is a well-intentioned but sophomoric, derivative, clichéd, poorly-researched, hot fussy mess of borrowed ideas and the worst possible dialogue. Seek the assistance of an editor, writer, or English professor and try again. Better luck next time! An A for effort, at least.
Michael Kottler
Michael Kottler Aylar önce
In addition to the two recent NY Times articles proving irrefutably that we've we've been recovering & studying crashed UFOs for decades and the US Navy's admission that UFOs are real & allowing top officers like Lt. Commander Chad Underwood to publicly discuss their in-flight encounters with extraterrestrial spacecraft & its ramifications for humankind, books like the late Col. Cursoe's The Day After Roswell make the true and rather chilling nature of the Moon clear. Read the Lunar appendix and prepare to have your mind blown far more than this well-intentioned radio drama of R. Saxon's work can ever hope to achieve. The truth is stranger than fiction indeed, especially sophomoric, ill-informed, incorrectly-written third-rate pulp fiction like this. None of the characters are written in a believable manner, more like a young person's imagined idea of what an astronaut might be like. All highly derivative and completely unoriginal. I love the convenience of the entire story. Like the handy sedative in his kit (as though non-medical personnel carry medical kits) and so much more. The language is juvenile. the story a hot fussy mess. "His last statement piqued my morbid curiosity", like his statements wouldn't have piqued any astronaut's interest, morbid or not. This is honestly so bad I can't believe it was produced. Every character is so poorly-portrayed I'm embarrassed for the author. This was clearly written by a middle-schooler, and that excuses all of it. A for effort, kid. But if this was crafted by an adult, please do us all a favor and research the science of space flight and the language that contemporary astronauts utilize. "Jennifer, what happened?", I asked in shock. It was a futile case and I knew from private experience he wasn't going to make it." "How many?" "37." "Jesus Christ!" "Rick?" "Yeah, it's me.". Yes, that's just how college-educated, highly-trained astronauts speak to one another. The examples are endless. I like the genre and what you were going for but wow, this is terrible and you need help learning how to write. And yes, I can provide you with the very highest possible level of proofing, editing, and ghost-writing if you're serious about wanting to improve your level of writing from high school level at best to something approaching professional. Because this is so so soooo bad! The writing, the character development (absent), the science, the dialogue, the list of problems is endless. ("You idiot, why did you do that?" "Why? Because it was fucking loud!" - so bad aside from being a sideways rip-off of 2001) You contradict your own writing so many times it's embarrassing. I'm sorry. I am not hear to boast my superiority, I just want you to be able to improve your writing skills because this is just...terrible. A 7th-grader wrote this, clearly. And kudos to you, but: "Death had quickly become a fateful companion on our mission, but if we could warn Earth, it would be worth it." Really? Long story short is, this entire production is a hot fussy mess of derivative, juvenile clichéd work and the author requires guidance in order to reach a mature and capable level of ability. Please let me help you or get to a college-level English class ASAP. For your own benefit. Good luck.
Skyra Hope
Skyra Hope Aylar önce
Wow! You had me hooked on this story!♥️👍
Wesley Wright
Wesley Wright Aylar önce
I'm a flat mooner
TJ Worker
TJ Worker Aylar önce
I’ve read fictional books with such heart stopping drama. The fact has come to the surface. We’ve never been to the moon! However, people have been to low earth orbit. Van Ellen belts won’t allow us to get there. Unless the moon is closer than what they’ say!
Cpt. Commando Cienfuegos
Cpt. Commando Cienfuegos Aylar önce
Better scripts than Hollywood
Jimmy L Needham
Jimmy L Needham Aylar önce
this is stupid
Zethera Demonica
Zethera Demonica Aylar önce
:V I hope there is a part 2 for this! :3
Richard Dean
Richard Dean Aylar önce
Pandasareawesome Aylar önce
Among us, but irl
Zethera Demonica
Zethera Demonica Aylar önce
how was this video uploaded in June 5 2020.. its December o.o
Cyphey Aylar önce
?? You good bro
Karen Dodge
Karen Dodge Aylar önce
Hope everyone has a good weekend! heres a new hour long video for you, let me know what you think! and remember to like and share (if you want to) Also, i was testing out a new visualizer for the intro, idk if ill use it for the full videos, still deciding if i should switch or keep using the one i have been, what do you think?
Jeffrey Nunez
Jeffrey Nunez Aylar önce
There should be 0 reasons to keep this a secret even above other cover ups that excuse we do this to stay ahead of the enemy....? Then why people are getting hurt still to this day and the frist thing you think of is Barry it 🤔 🙄 😒
James Sorason
James Sorason Aylar önce
Bruh 666k views, aiight that’s cursed
Jade Brackett
Jade Brackett Aylar önce
Man Space Force is brutal.
sneed Aylar önce
666k views by the time of writing this comment
Terry's Theories UFO Sightings
Terry's Theories UFO Sightings Aylar önce
Great story man thank you, I love it!
Ben Fry
Ben Fry Aylar önce
some conspiracy theories claim we never made it to the moon, others say aliens killed us on the moon, now we were there all along. guess someone must be correct
CLARK ORTIZ Aylar önce
Dang internet connection! Good stuff though. Thanks
Evelyn Garrison Robertson
Evelyn Garrison Robertson Aylar önce
How did the earth turn into a little dot when it’s bigger than the moon? Photos from the moon say otherwise
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee Aylar önce
SPACE....MADNESS. If you get the reference, congrats.
steven kyle
steven kyle Aylar önce
I'll give you the answers so I don't get double vision from chronic social isolation and not be to subjective to suicide because people worked out the submission to sound could lead to suicide. But any way Yes I could help put rejected piolets fucked over by their own military, Into space for a hopefully good out come. The problem is this. some one wants to help who doesn't give a fuck past sharing an opinion that leads to millions in innovation Section five of space station code name for Aries For broken battle harden tormented Submarine interrogated, same side military Hallucination sessions. Yes sound can make a fucking person be level 2 concern responsive if the person is fucking tormented enough and has black out dissociation. Drill training on the space station What did you get from this graphic story? That starts with twins one who could have been sweating. But the slimy body is that like genetic mutation made by submission Doctors with infused Antenna for better brain damage. But how do I not understood a twin prospective to how I could be confused about radio silence not radio silence obedience? How the fuck does my prospective tell me this is multiple but mostly just one bigger story in amoungsts a couple others.
steven kyle
steven kyle Aylar önce
Head fuck badly. Try this, the isolation so intense double vision is the consequencs Some even hope to view the river But the headfuck Fixing a mind who was supposed to go to space being made to eject Uhmm.
[MGP] Mister K
[MGP] Mister K Aylar önce
this is an extremely high quality and well put together video, it reminds me of the volguns videos but for creepypastas, amazing job.
Wallace Galloway
Wallace Galloway Aylar önce
Very realistic. Nice!
김상협 Aylar önce
Hope everyone has a good weekend! heres a new hour long video for you, let me know what you think! and remember to like and share (if you want to) Also, i was testing out a new visualizer for the intro, idk if ill use it for the full videos, still deciding if i should switch or keep using the one i have been, what do you think?
sandra reed
sandra reed Aylar önce
What in Merry Covid Christmas is going on around here?!? Two Dark Somnium narrations in the last 10 hours?! DS: single-handedly bringing the country together since right the hell now!
Quantum Aylar önce
Nah this is too good to be true, No Ads? This is why we love you
crackamanDan Aylar önce
So, is this fictional?
BlownAwayGamer Aylar önce
Aaaggghhhh.... I've just finished recording it and will be putting it out tonight :)
Anglo Australian
Anglo Australian Aylar önce
Well narrated, good on U mate 👍🏻
dabloks72 Aylar önce
This would be an excellent premise for a horror survival video game
Louie Delouie
Louie Delouie Aylar önce
Wow you guys still think we went two moon good luck whith that
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion Aylar önce
Weight quick question whose bases this American resin???
the new lunar religion
the new lunar religion Aylar önce
Nightmare moon's night is Beautiful
KEZ Aylar önce
"They're here!" Creeped me out! Just found this channel and I'm hooked!
Dano Fermoyle
Dano Fermoyle Aylar önce
Loved it!
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg Aylar önce
I fell asleep listening to this, and then awoke in that odd gray twilight between dreams and reality for the entire rest of the story, and it was an experience and story and I’ll never forget for that reason...the kind of chills and creepiness that is hard to explain...
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