System Of A Down - Toxicity (Official HD Video)

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System Of A Down

System Of A Down

13 yıl önce

Official HD music video for ”Toxicity” by System of a Down
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You, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder?
Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, sacred silence and sleep
Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep
Disorder, disorder, disorder

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@cygnus53 Yıl önce
I never heard these guys before. As a boomer born in the early 50's I grew up on the Beatles. As a teen it was Cream, Hendrix, Deep Purple. Then moved on to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen , AC/DC and Rush. Now as I near 70, I can add System of a Down to my favorite metal bands. These guys rock. You're never too old to appreciate great music.
Muito boa!!!
I see I've already left a comment here some time ago, but this song deserves more than one, it's too awesome! 😎🤘 I recently made a medley of Toxicity with War? and I have to say respect to Serj Tankian's vocals, man that high pitch screaming is out of my league🤪
Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday... this song is masterpiece!
I don't even like metal, but this song transcends genres. I have the talent of crying automatically when a song/music is perfect and this one is fully tear-approved.
@elisabethar2336 3 yıl önce
The drummer is just pure class. He doesn't even eat seeds
I remember being a teenager watching this on MTV the first time that I saw this and I still feel the same chills down my spine everytime I hear the ending of this song.
Nunca canso dessa musica✌
Эта песня всегда будет топовой, независимо от того, когда она вышла.
@jmichaeljohnston4937 12 saatler önce
When I first saw this, in 2001, I thought it was the perfect music video.
@amarguerirem6890 Yıl önce
System of A Down is the perfect band to describe the emotion where you're angry and crying at the same time
@paolaavila9857 2 saatler önce
@battistaverardi1240 4 saatler önce
A totally unique band with their own style and sound! That is what makes a band great! Legends!
@martacadena 7 saatler önce
this is a masterpiece
@shepman2258 7 saatler önce
This video is a peace of art
@vittamarreti 4 saatler önce
All time faves🤘
It’s crazy how you can listen to their music and it never gets old
@franciscojviezl4227 7 saatler önce
me musta mucho la mezcla de esta banda de rock suave con metal
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