I spent a day with people w/ ADHD

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I spent a day with people with ADHD to learn the truth about this highly misunderstood disorder (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).
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AnthonyPadilla 7 aylar önce
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William Maier
William Maier 2 gün önce
Please do an episode with just Jessica! She's amazing and has the language/science around ADHD that a lot of people are able to relate with and change their understanding of ADHD from the cliches to the facts. She has changed so many lives!
Kelsie King
Kelsie King Aylar önce
Hiii Anthony Idk if you will see this but could you possibly try do an interview with people with epilepsy
bobby reyes
bobby reyes 2 aylar önce
Just wanted to thank u for posting this. As someone with ADHD it gets hard to constantly be behind and ppl getting angry with u for not catching up. So I tend to place a ton of burden on myself for not reaching my potential.
Vinzy Lu
Vinzy Lu 3 aylar önce
Hey can you do one with ppl who have little space. I feel like more ppl should know about that. It's a great coping mechanism for trauma and mental stress.
AJR kid
AJR kid 4 aylar önce
Are you on google podcasts?
Tay 🍄🌿
Tay 🍄🌿 13 saatler önce
Emily Burnett
Emily Burnett 14 saatler önce
the irony of me only half-finishing this video bc i immediately got distracted by binge-watching jessica’s content 😩
Madificent 17 saatler önce
As a 28 year-old who just recently found out I've had ADHD, I thought a lot of what I was doing was normal or maybe I was just not that intelligent. I didn't realize that most of why I didn't do well in school was because of ADHD and not because I was lazy and uncaring. I genuinely could not focus and retain information. I wish my parents had the knowledge we had today about ADHD and took me to see a doctor because I feel like my life would've turned out very different had I done well in school :\
J B 3 saatler önce
Homeboy I can relate to this so much, I could never focus in school unless it was a subject I really liked, like history. Loved me history but everything else was a struggle, it was a struggle to start early on things and even stay consistent with stuff. In college I would heavily procrastinate because I'd be walking around the city just being stimulated by my environment. Even today I still have problems focusing and staying constant with things. About the wishing your parents had known better, God I can so resonate with that too. But as much I wish they had known, unfortunately I can't turn back time. I just gotta use the cards I'm dealt.
RedEyeDingBat Gün önce
I have adhd and this hit me hard When I was put on pills as a kid it worked u till puperty and because of all the hormones I tried to commit suicide Not because I was depressed but because of the way the pills was effecting my already changing hormones at that time I'm not on them since then but just wanted to share this Thanks for reading
BlackCube OfSaturn
BlackCube OfSaturn Gün önce
ADHD was invented to push amphetamines legally. No such thing as ADHD you are being hooked on speed and justification for that is ADHD which doesn't even exist.
Zen Pie
Zen Pie Gün önce
Me being typical ADHD: Trying hard to focus on what is being said but being distracted by the shiny, green lava lamp in the background :(
Esmeralda Hernandez
Esmeralda Hernandez Gün önce
I got diagnosed this year at 24 years old 🙃
Trev Gün önce
I’ve had adhd my whole life got diagnosed about 4 years ago, throughout my life i’ve realized not many people with adhd have the same symptoms at all, but some how we can always point each other out, it’s a like a cult or sum idk , but i really appreciate this video & wish more people would discuss the conversation of adhd because it is a very serious thing that is always overlooked !
I was diagnosed a while ago when i was young. Recently i thought that it didnt exist it was just my doctor saying that i was rowdy. Now i know that people dont normally have random thoughts of slapping people....
SalmanderTV 2 gün önce
Pidge is in this, you guys
Sarah 2 gün önce
I remember testing myself in class at secondary school to concentrate really hard and listen to the teacher for 10 minutes and then remember what they said... I couldn't physically do it!! SOoooo many people telling me I'm 'too sensitive' and I just need to work faster and listen more... make more notes. How trying to write a meal plan and shopping list for the week ends in anger, tears and a blank list.. Oversharing with people I have just met because I wish they would like me and because I'm so socially anxious that I feel I cannot think of things to talk about so I talk about myself and just ramble until I go off track and sound like an idiot... and then if they like me I just bail on them time after time because I cant handle keeping up with text messages, phone calls and meeting up and then feeling rejected and lost because I have hardly any friends... UUUUUhhh it's EXHAUSTING!! and thats a fraction of it!
DanIel Gonzalez
DanIel Gonzalez 3 gün önce
I wish instead of at the age 18 just being taken off medicine and moved along, I'd like someone to have given me this information and guidance to cope and work with it.
Franci_Anci210 3 gün önce
I have ADHD so right when I saw this video I clicked on it lol
Danone 3 gün önce
i felt like i found people who would understand me
Danone 3 gün önce
i have symptoms (not by this video. it's a thing I have been wondering for months now) my mom and my brother have symptoms to and my mother is ALWAYS the one to be like: "adhd doesn't exists that's a personality trait" like... seriously? me, my brother and her have symptoms but noooo. it's a personslity trait.
IronVigilance Paintball
IronVigilance Paintball 3 gün önce
I'm being represented in a Anthony Padilla Episode 😍😭🤝
Dalen Jurgens
Dalen Jurgens 3 gün önce
1645... potential, and working so hard to catch up in life. I have felt this exact way in the last few weeks.
Agave the furry
Agave the furry 3 gün önce
Oh, can you pleaaaaase do 'i spend a day with people with MCDD' next pleaaaase?
The Gaming Machine
The Gaming Machine 3 gün önce
Dang I couldn't even concentrate on this without doing something else
Mathilde Doyon
Mathilde Doyon 3 gün önce
What not a lot of people now and is wone of the mand rezen that less girls are diagnosed with ADHD is becouse the online look at the boy symptomes like verf hipper and extern but gurls Often have intern symptomes and are often ignord or not receniesd
mindy lou
mindy lou 4 gün önce
I have ADHD bi polor manic depression cronic anxiety disorder and PTSD. Im on disability for it. It frustrates me so bad because im very intelligent and hard working mental illnesses can rule your whole world it sucks
Rainbow Boi
Rainbow Boi 4 gün önce
I have inattentive adhd and theres a huge list in my head if things I need to get done, and I completely forget what they are throughout the day, and when I go to bed, I feel like shit because I didn’t do any of the things i needed to do. I also buy planners to write on and then completely forget that I bought a planner to write on. It’s become kind of a joke because anytime anyone says “Can I tell you a secret?” And I say “Sure, I’m probably not gonna remember it anyways”
Ott 4 gün önce
i was diagnosed with adhd last march and finally having that diagnosis that allows me to get accommodations for school is fantastic. love this video ❤️
sourpatchkitten 4 gün önce
recently when to a psychiatrist to see if I could be test for adhd and my male doctor refused to test me bc I did good in elementary school, its insane how even in 2021 this is still happening. I just wanted to be tested to maybe answer some questions, that's all.
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson 4 gün önce
My brother and I both have ADHD, and we agree that the worst part of having ADHD is that ignorant people speak to us in a very condescending way because they think we’re less intelligent.
Louie10 4 gün önce
Legit what Jessica said makes sense. I just now realized I have adhd. I was always told I was hyperactive as a kid and a distraction for my classmates but never understood why. I always find my self tapping and not being able to sit still or space out 😂
Alana Harbin
Alana Harbin 4 gün önce
The way I relate so much to these stories😭 so many realizations that I’m not “crazy”🥺🥺
Maj. Degtyarev
Maj. Degtyarev 4 gün önce
I don't have ADHD just ADD
The Dovahkiin
The Dovahkiin 4 gün önce
I watched this like 8 minutes in at some point and I don't remember when but I'm pretty sure I probably got distracted. Well I'm back now so I'm gonna try to finish it 😂
The Dovahkiin
The Dovahkiin 4 gün önce
I made it to 14 minutes, I'm gonna crochet
Nessa ForReal
Nessa ForReal 5 gün önce
Holy moly I got a lot of info that I wouldn’t get at a doctors appointment in a million years! Thank you for opening up!
Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch 5 gün önce
I was on concerta for 8 years, started having suicidal ideation in 5th grade because of it :( so sad, just wish my brain worked correctly
Artist Alex
Artist Alex 5 gün önce
I started watching this a few months ago and am barely finishing this lmao
He has met Jared guys
He has met Jared guys 5 gün önce
I thought I had adhd until I got deeper into it. My situation is not nearly as bad as this, I feel really bad for them. Adhd should be taken a lot more seriously and treated better, I feel bad for self diagnosing. Please do not self diagnose serious things, if you have a lot of symptoms, please go to your doctor to get diagnosed or seek for professional help! :)
Jessica Laurin
Jessica Laurin 6 gün önce
ADHD symptoms yep 👍🏻 all of them! Diagnosed @ 36… Me in school ummmm yeah I was there I graduated… I explain I was there, I sat in class but checked out how the hell I passed grade to grade besides being held back in 3rd I have no fing clue. Me in 20’s no clue how I made it through. Me in my 30’s I mastered how to mask at work. Started college at 36, struggle was beyond so I went to a shrink that I was told by a co-worker 7 years earlier that if I didn’t go she was gonna kick my @ss. He diagnosed me and my life completely changed. I’ve been unmedicated since Jan 2017 because my Dr retired (he was #3 and all 3 bastids retired so well I can’t figure out how to get my records) Dr.’s are hard af to find. I’m finally looking again. Oh and Adderall is the only drug I’ve ever taken it was amazing and that is why my life changed! ADHD is a super power and a pain in the @rse!
クリス龍Chris Dragon
クリス龍Chris Dragon 6 gün önce
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 14. And listening to these people talk about their experiences all I can do is nod because I feel it. The part that got me the most was when Jessica talked about potential. As someone who is 34 and still not feeling like I've reached that that really had me crying because I know exactly how that is. And growing up with Neurotypical siblings, it was hard because other people like our teachers, our neighbors, and early on my own father was always comparing me to them. My father is no longer like that, he did educate himself when I was diagnosed and it took him a while to accept it. My family does help me out now, mostly my mom but my siblings have pitched in as well. My dad does have a harder time other than being super stubborn, he does make an effort to talk to me about things that interest me in order to get my mind calmed down. With ADHD being genetic, and by observation. I have a feeling that my dad is the one who's undiagnosed. I was gonna say more but it's slipped my mind >_
Elizabeth Slinger
Elizabeth Slinger 6 gün önce
Joyner Lucas -ADHD USE UR WORDS IN HIS SONG 👀👀👀 my adhd told me this words were familiar
Olivia Nichole
Olivia Nichole 6 gün önce
I relate so much to Jessica. Like nearly every single thing she talked about. Also, so weird, i totally thought i was 'normal' my entire life and then i was diagnosed & started doing more research and i realized that everyone else's brain worked differently than mine and that was kind of a shock, i just had no idea that i was the different one lol
Olivia Nichole
Olivia Nichole 6 gün önce
This is insane. I watched this 7 months ago when Anthony posted it and i remember thinking "wow, a lot of this sounds like me" but not really thinking much of it... fast forward to now, I'm 19 and was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. Feels like so much of my life makes sense now. Re watching this video, i still relate to so much of what they're saying, its just crazy knowing that i am one of them, if you will, haha. What a wild existence!
temetnosce888 6 gün önce
Wow, this is powerful. I'm a woman with ADHD inattentive type, officially diagnosed only like a year and a half ago (I'm 31). I'm pretty sure I've never related to anything so much. This is, hands-down, the best representation of ADHD I've ever seen. It also hits some really sore spots, not in a bad way, but in an empathetic way. The sense of pain around self-worth is very accurate.
trollkid of luck
trollkid of luck 6 gün önce
I have adhd and this is true I get in trouble at school from not sitting still and also at daycare it’s so retard I try to tell them it’s adhd but they say exucese it’s sooo so so retarded
Michele Glass
Michele Glass 7 gün önce
Not to take away from those with ADHD, but having daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD because she had manic symptoms of bipolar but she was 5. She has a mood disorder and asd due to the she has a genetic disorder at 14. None of the ADHD meds worked for her.
T0x!c_Wast3 7 gün önce
Bex is actually an actor/actress! Idk what the pronouns for an actor can be
MT Gaming
MT Gaming 7 gün önce
thnksnfor this
Carmen Pettersen
Carmen Pettersen 7 gün önce
I LOVE JESSICA! Her channel is super awesome and as someone with ADHD I have found it super helpful ❤️
Robin 8 gün önce
I got diagnosed with ADHD and my mom put me on meds for it (because I wanted them, of course) and against popular opinion, it wasn't that it made me not feel like myself, but rather, like I was having a migraine while someone was stuffing my head with cotton and it was pushing my eyeballs out of their sockets. Also I couldn't think straight and made almost no sense when trying to communicate with people.
Ellie Pilkington
Ellie Pilkington 8 gün önce
when I got diagnosed by mum described it like this; imagine you are climbing a ladder, another person climbing that ladder would just climb it, a lazy person wouldn't bother, and would just sit down half way through. a person with ADHD will climb it, but there might be some rungs missing, sure you can just climb past them, it's just harder. eventually, you will come to a gap that has to many rungs missing, you can't climb past it. you will sit down and look like the lazy person, but are not. the next step is to ask for help, sure you can stay there, or try to fix it yourself, but if you ask for help, someone can come with the missing rungs, and help you install them. then you can continue climbing the ladder. she also gave the perspective of; if someone was in a wheelchair, people would give them a ramp so they could get to the top, but having something like a leg missing is a physical disability, so you can see it. ADHD(and other mental disabilities) are not physical, so if you ask for a kind of ramp to help you get up, or at least a different ladder, the person will question why. you have your arms and legs being perfectly functional, so you should be able to climb a ladder. but what they don't look at is the brain, and how that will affect how easy that ladder will be to climb. that is how society is structured, to accommodate for the majority(most of the time it's the majority, theirs of course stuff like; white privilege, men "being superior" and stuff like that). the ladder of life for people who have "normal" brains, the workplaces for men, etc. hopefully one day their will be ladders and ramps for everyone. the explanation kind of sounds stupid, but so are all the people who run the world, so...
Graffiti Baby
Graffiti Baby 8 gün önce
Goodness for a long time I thought ADHD was a new made up diagnosis of just people who like to have fun. But man finding out........it explains a a a l l l l o o oo. O o o. T T T t t t t 😱
Haley Weatherford
Haley Weatherford 8 gün önce
When you were so gifted of a student you weren't diagnosed until 23 and your own mom didn't believe it for 6 months
Alexandra González
Alexandra González 8 gün önce
A doctor told me I can’t have ADHD because I have good grades and I was already a teenager
xEmpty.Abyssx 8 gün önce
17:33 I felt this to my core.
Hajar Abdelmaged2
Hajar Abdelmaged2 8 gün önce
i’m 16 and i got diagnosed with adhd i don’t know what to do everything i do i notice now why i have adhd and it all makes sense and then i just stress out
thelaziestdev 9 gün önce
Lmao I need to know how many other folks with adhd have paused the video multiple times and got distracted by other things
Braeden Lemon
Braeden Lemon 9 gün önce
I literally hate having ADHD. I get paranoid and gives me anxiety to the point where I amscared in my own home. But as someone who has ADHD, I really like this video. It lets me see other people’s perspectives
Just Because
Just Because 9 gün önce
Well also because timid shy and quiet is the ideal student at younger ages. Being hyperactive and energetic is considered a bad thing at schools.
Catherine DePrez
Catherine DePrez 9 gün önce
I didn't get diagnosed until I was 30... that was eye-opening and definitely explained a lot of things.
Llama 10 gün önce
I hate how much this is relatable. Do I have ADHD-
I am curious
I am curious 10 gün önce
I always thought of ADHD as having barely any RAM: If we have the same number of processes running as someone neurotypical, the processes keep overwriting each others memory space. If we do only focus one one thing the base processes like "stop when hungry" have to be suspended. Also, if you don't save memories on the hard drive they will be overwritten real soon.
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng 10 gün önce
Please some help me this describes me so perfectly help I'm serious help
Lily 9 gün önce
If you're really serious maybe do more research and if you still feel you might have it and it is making day to day life harder, if you're under 18 maybe talk to your parents and get them to talk to ur doctor (if you're over 18 do it yourself) idk what country you live in 🤷‍♀️
Infinite Midnight
Infinite Midnight 10 gün önce
Watching this because I suspect I have ADHD, am already working on getting it diagnosed. Literally cannot focus on one task at a time. I have major executive function problems. Literally watching this at 5 am because I can't stop. I literally can't put my phone down. Also I literally have to do two tasks at once. Oh no I relate to all of this and want to write it here. I shouldn't do that
Rikka Takumi
Rikka Takumi 10 gün önce
Just watched this now, and got diagnosed last March. Just like Jessica, everything made so much sense. I cried on the spot.
Maria Briley
Maria Briley 10 gün önce
Doing better socially after starting Adderall? Yeah, ya think!? Lol
sandollor 10 gün önce
Hey dude, my daughter has ADHD and she shared this video to me to watch as she felt it really exemplified her experiences; similar to those of your guests. My background is in psychology so I understand the academic and therapeutic aspects well, but videos like this (and Jessica, whom she loves) are helpful in giving people a voice that find articulating their experience to others difficult. And, we must not forget the human aspect of dealing with disorders; these are people's lives and they aren't just their diagnosis. So, thank you for this, keep up the good work.
zztailsMKW 10 gün önce
I ahve A the H d
Solargress 10 gün önce
I honestly think my ADHD benefits me quite a bit. I can easily hyper focus on my passions which makes me really good at them, but I am absolute GARBAGE at staying focused on school or long papers without wanting to do something else.
Ashley 10 gün önce
Wait Bex is sooooo funny. They need a channel fr
Anime is life
Anime is life 10 gün önce
I have ADD 🤪
Madame Dragon
Madame Dragon 10 gün önce
To all my fellow ADHD friends: 💜
Amyna S
Amyna S 10 gün önce
Starting 1 page of a memoire at the beginning of the year to only do the rest 5 days before deadline at the end of the year for example
BrotherGrimmy 10 gün önce
What REALLY fucking sucks, is being a super introverted person with ADHD. I was in denial for a VERY long time, I was diagnosed when I was 4 or 5 (I can actually remember the doctors name), but into my teens I felt it was wrong, and how could they possibly diagnose a post-toddler with that? In my head it made sense that children just have a ton of energy in general. What's even worse is having adhd, and having ptsd, which when paired can often be misdiagnosed as bipolar. But there really isn't a set cure for ptsd... and pot is legal here, and it helps with both. Still take my meds, but added medicinal (cardholder) Marijuana into the mix. Doesn't fix it, but it helps My parents were dead set against putting me on Ritalin or anything, so I guess I was left untreated for almost 20 years XD Also I've only ever had a benzo once... felt amazing after I slept... for 44 hours... apparently benzos hit me stupid hard Also Also, needing my hands be constantly busy is why I started really growing my Mohawk out. Twirling my hair with my finger is fucking cathartic Edit: me watching videos at 1.5x speed so I can move my attention to something else faster
Deltaverse Comics
Deltaverse Comics 10 gün önce
I am 45. In Elementary, after the school became worried about my acting out. Our school was one of those classes without walls. Just a huge area where we were divided by rolling bookshelves. I would get angry because the teacher wanted me to work. The thing is, all of it was easy at the time. I just wanted to sit by myself and look at the plastic-colored shapes we used up at the lights. I wanted to watch movies on the fisher price mini projector cartridge things. I had been known to push over the bookshelves and distract other kids. Then and all the years after I just thought it was because my mom was an addict and because my stepdad was beating her. The school psychiatrist diagnosed me with ADD. But this was the 80's and we knew very little compared to now. My mother thought it was just a growing phase that would pass. Years and years went by. I made stupid mistakes, forgot details, made bad decisions, and daydreamed entirely too much. It wasn't till just last month that I went in and got the ADHD diagnosis. My daughter has been doing things I do and I realized that maybe she has it. It wasn't even until then that I remembered I had the ADD diagnosis 38 years ago. By now I have screwed my art career...then a music career...then mistakes as a father. I'm on Bupropion and it has helped. But now it feels like it's not working much at all. My art is crazy good considering I've had a 20+ year hiatus. So much so that I am getting commissions. It's surreal.
Xi Yu Khoo
Xi Yu Khoo 11 gün önce
you'll never know how many times i got distracted during this 20 min video ;)
Fransisca Beecher
Fransisca Beecher 11 gün önce
I'm always up for learning more about ADHD because my husband has ADHD He's very impulsive, it's hard for him to pay attention and remember things, he's always fidgeting, and he has problems falling asleep. I'm always down for learning how I may be able to help his ADHD have less of an effect on his daily life/ finding plans and things that may help work around his ADHD
sofia 11 gün önce
I'm trying to get diagnosed at the moment. I'll find out hopefully soon.
Sarah Day
Sarah Day 11 gün önce
My first therapist told me that kids with ADHD can’t have good grades. Looking back it probably set the standard for me pretty low it was around that time a lot of adults in my life instilled in me that I wasn’t doing enough and did not nurture my growth and confidence since I wouldn’t be enough for them. My therapist definitely didn’t see what she was doing or enabling and I wonder how many parents and children she reared away from diagnosis. The psychological world is often centered around not being enough in one way or another diagnosis wise it’s very toxic
Baldski in a TV
Baldski in a TV 11 gün önce
If Anthony interviewed my 8 year old self. I think that conversation will just last less than a minute.
Cheacky Bee
Cheacky Bee 11 gün önce
>>> Gimme that dopamine > I'm craving some dopamine right about now (as it's 12:03am)
Cheacky Bee
Cheacky Bee 11 gün önce
I love this so much. *crying* I've been struggling with ADD my whole life. Parents say "don't blame it on ADHD.''" You don't have ADHD cause you aren't hyperactive, that's literally what the H stands for." I'm just here wanting to flip them off so bad. ADD doesn't exist any more, it's just called ADHD now. There are 3 types to it, Hyperactive-Impulsive, Combined and mostly Inattentive (sometimes called ADD). Yeah I have ADHD with a layer of anxiety and depression on top. I'm so glad you did a video on this. @AnthonyPadilla
toiletbread 11 gün önce
My work made me a server ,even though I signed up to be a helper, anyways I mess up and forget to put something in or I forget to bring something and when I get asked about it by someone else, I get really mad at myself, or when someone ask me to make something I pretty much forget immediately and have to ask them 2 to 3 times before I do it, and when I was in school when they were teaching something I tried to focus so hard but I couldn't and I would get upset because I have no Idea what to do, I'm sorry for babbling.
StarGazer 11 gün önce
ADHD is less of "oh I can't focus this sucks" And personally like hyperfocusing on my flaws and and overwhelming feeling of dread, just wanting to be normal y'know
chicken rat soup
chicken rat soup 11 gün önce
this is so relatable and bex is so cute!
Priyanjali Sachdeva
Priyanjali Sachdeva 11 gün önce
The fact that I can't even watch this video without zoning out multiple times is kinda concerning.
ikaramelya 11 gün önce
When you space out during an audio language test 🙃 they don't play the audio twice
Leona C
Leona C 12 gün önce
Jessica's story is so relatable and I hope she knows she isn't alone, the amount of things I've missed out on or trully messed up because I couldn't answer a message or open mail or fill in something I needed to fill in, the domino effect of that is just awful and I have to just not dwelll on it or think about it. As a female I spent my whole life thinking I had autism but maybe it is ADHD.
StressedVulture 12 gün önce
When you watch a video on adhd and have adhd and are just unable to focus on the homework on the other screen. Edit: Not really loving some of the opinions expressed in this episode
Depressed Candida
Depressed Candida 12 gün önce
ADHD makes us superheroes ✌️⭐
Annaliese Armstrong
Annaliese Armstrong 12 gün önce
Thank you for this video! I am a 23 year old woman who was diagnosed with ADHD in 8th grade. There are people out there who will listen to you!
Jessica Zuccolotto
Jessica Zuccolotto 12 gün önce
My watching this video thinking I have ADHD... *zones out* ...Fawk.
Naomi Hallcro
Naomi Hallcro 12 gün önce
AFAB!! Oh my GODDD. So I've been explaining myself as a person "socialised as a woman" because I identify as a non-binary woman and I didn't know the term AFAB existed!
MicheleGoodeye 12 gün önce
Great content yet I'm guessing many people had to speed up to 1.5 halfway through.
Melon Cloud
Melon Cloud 12 gün önce
Tbh, i spent most of my life…. Trying to be nobody. Idk when, but at some point i just.. felt like any expression of myself was wrong and embarrassing, to the point i still hold back every emotion i have and…. I have no idea who i am or how to act like my true self. Im too afraid to take up space, that I now am.. nothing but an anxious failure. I cant focus on a hobby unless i get pleasure from it, so ill jump from watching one show avidly.. stop 2 seasons in and i may never continue it again. And that shit applies to all my interests, meaning i havent developed any skills in my lifetime and only tiny bits of knowledge of things, nth well enough to communicate well with others about things. Idk, i just got to the part of masking.. and realized, im such an “expert” at masking my identity that idk if i’ll ever be myself. I cant even mask that well to function in society either, my masking is rlly just suppressing all my emotions and thoughts. I cant even tell ppl my opinions on things anymore, bc i never allowed myself to talk about anything i liked. When im asked something my mind goes blank as if every answer i have is probably going to be judged, so my mind doesnt give me anything to work with. I haven’t been to therapy and idk if i’ll ever afford it lol, so I’ll likely never know how to be me n realizing it kinda sucks. It’s ironic how much I think introspectively, and still dont know who I am or what’s wrong with me lmao.
Canal do Miau!
Canal do Miau! 12 gün önce
ADHD gang. Yes, I also have ADHD, for those who are always seeking for my comment in any video.
ɪᴛᴢ_ʙᴀɪʟᴇʏɢᴀᴄʜᴀ. 12 gün önce
I suffer with very SEVERE adhd so I really like this episode
cassidy rose
cassidy rose 12 gün önce
I did terribly in school and am taking years to finish my degree. With an ever-changing major. I was finally diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of this year. I wish that someone had taken the time to pay attention instead of just calling me lazy. I really think that had I been diagnosed as a child and given medication that my life would be different.
{ tjpjrun }
{ tjpjrun } 12 gün önce
I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5 6 or 7 can't remember but I can get straight A's and keep my room clean its just I have to make it seem fun to alter how my brain sees it and then bam-unless I can't and I end up on the floor crying
Ambipan 12 gün önce
I feel like I might have ADHD but I don't wanna self diagnose ( _because that can be offensive and just a crappy thing to do_ ) I'm scared of doctors and if I bring it up to my parents they might'nt take it seriously or they'll just be really concerned or something
Patrycja Krauze
Patrycja Krauze 12 gün önce
Wait where's Gabbie Hanna in this?
f4ngsy 13 gün önce
I contemplate if I have adhd every single day
Loony Link
Loony Link 13 gün önce
i really sometimes wonder what part of me is ADHD. and then i realise that I have a math test to study for rn but a bunch of people talking about a mental disorder THAT I HAVE, is more important than the math test worth 45% of my grade.
Grey matters
Grey matters 13 gün önce
Wait. Is it not supposed to be normal?!?
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