I spent a day with APHANTASICS (People without a Mind’s Eye)

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4 aylar önce

I spent a day with people w/ Aphantasia to learn the truth about living without a mind’s eye.
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AnthonyPadilla 4 aylar önce
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biza 2 aylar önce
this really hits home because i have aphantasia and i hated feeling alone
Storm Boy
Storm Boy 3 aylar önce
Katherine has an exceptional talent with all of her paintings! Keep up the hard work, Katherine!
Tubbos Bees
Tubbos Bees 3 aylar önce
Heatherfall_3 4 aylar önce
Video idea Mabye: interview people who have more than one neurological disorder. Sorry if this is a terrible idea.
foxi 4 aylar önce
Matthew Bidoli
Matthew Bidoli 17 saatler önce
Meanwhile I have a full made up show going on in my head
montse fonsecaa
montse fonsecaa Gün önce
bro... great video :0
LIGHT_it_UP 2 gün önce
well i was today days old when i found out i have Aphantasia
From mousie To MOUTHY
From mousie To MOUTHY 2 gün önce
I also always have to have the tv on or music and I have ADHD so I can't sit still and do nothing because I can't entertain myself in my head so I'm always moving !
From mousie To MOUTHY
From mousie To MOUTHY 2 gün önce
I also suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012 so that made it worse for me ! I remember some of my past but basically every day I wake up it feels like I was just born! My art comes out with everything i touch I paint everything because I can't see the inside so I create on the outside!
From mousie To MOUTHY
From mousie To MOUTHY 2 gün önce
My daughter asked me to close my eyes and visualize an apple! I could not ! I ask everyone if they see " movies " in the head and I can't believe they do and I don't!
From mousie To MOUTHY
From mousie To MOUTHY 2 gün önce
I just found out this is me at 48 years old!! It makes so much sense! I don't see anything but black!
Ayden Is Online
Ayden Is Online 2 gün önce
Michael Owens
Michael Owens 2 gün önce
I only found out there were people that couldn't imagine or think about things in their minds recently and it blew my effing mind up. I spend most of my life silently thinking things in my head. I can't imagine what life would be like without this ability.
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant 3 gün önce
This is so interesting! I always thought aphantasia was just not being able to picture things in my head. But now that I think about it, I can absolutely imagine sounds, I have an inner monologue, and I almost always have a song in my head. But I can't imagine pictures, smells, or textures
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 3 gün önce
G is an incomplete whole with one square angle drawn in. O is a whole. D is a split whole with two square angles drawn in. The word is HOLY from its abstracted shape. As we add a whole we see GOOD. As we draw in the first and last we see its beginning measurement.
alfredo pampliega
alfredo pampliega 4 gün önce
it confuses me how they are giving examples to compare when they should be able to see those examples
Meagan K
Meagan K 4 gün önce
At my university, we've been informally asking students the questions from an Aphantasia questionnaire (voluntarily, if they want to)... - and so far it tends to be 2-3 students / roughly 30 who self-report as not having a mind's eye. Once bigger, formal studies really get going, I think we're going to find that Aphantasia is far more common than just 3% of the population - maybe more like 10%. I can totally relate to thinking that other people were speaking metaphorically about visualizing things in their mind and being a conceptual thinker. "I live my life more with a compass than with a map." 💕 Yes. This. Thank you. That's such a great description. My husband is on the other end of the spectrum - we think (based on the questionnaires) that he has Hyperphantasia - and when we were talking about it, we came to the conclusion that I probably have something similar with sound. My memories are primarily auditory, and I can recall sound / voices even from childhood vividly (but no images at all). He thinks it's crazy that I generally have music, as clear as a recording, in my head all day long. I think it's crazy that he doesn't. I love that you didn't come at this video with preconceptions and just let people speak - it was so well done. Totally fascinating to hear these stories!
Kayleigh M
Kayleigh M 4 gün önce
I've always been so jealous of people who can see, feel, hear, etc in their minds. It's basically just darkness up in my head, the only thing is my own inner voice. It's odd that I have very vivid dreams. Like once I wake up I can't see it again, but I can remember what happened in the dream and what I saw and did in the dream.
Scoobit 4 gün önce
I always did those tests where its like "picture a box, ok where is the box, blah blah blah" and I was so confused because i could never see anything.
Tasha Walker
Tasha Walker 4 gün önce
Wow!!!! 😳 I think I have this! I can’t visualize things at all. Also I’m not able to remember movies after I watch them.
christian bautista
christian bautista 5 gün önce
Now I'm obsessed with learning about aphantasia because I think I may have one 😭
trace matson
trace matson 5 gün önce
This is interesting, I can't imagine olfactory or tactile things but I can imagine outlines of things visually so nothing is in color but I can see the location of everything and sort of logic everything out
Trinity Quick
Trinity Quick 6 gün önce
I didn’t know this was a whole different thing I thought it was my dyslexia
GobLIN 7 gün önce
I dont have a hight level of aphantiasia i just cant picture exacly what people or things look like, but i have at least something close to shapes but i cant concentrate on it too long and it just goes away. But it doesnt mean you dont ‘know’. Like you knwo but cant see. I draw a lot and its such a cool expérience cause you dont know how its gonna turn out and in the end you kinda discover your drawing for the first time.
SomeRandomYoutuberHere 7 gün önce
now try to imagine not being able to imagine
Aussie Country
Aussie Country 7 gün önce
I just learned about this yesterday, I never knew there was a term for it. I havent really cognatively thought about not being able to "see" things since I was in elementry school and they would ask you to visualize something or in music class were we would sometimes listen to music and they would tell us to draw what we saw.
princebumling -
princebumling - 8 gün önce
did a vizualising meditation with my friend once. saw nothing but she can project whole movies in her head. crazy
princebumling -
princebumling - 8 gün önce
but i also feel i had more visual imagery when i was younger. faded more and more with age, trauma and depression
Josh Conn
Josh Conn 8 gün önce
These people are lucky they don’t stare at the ceiling at 3AM remembering all they’re embarrassing moments in they’re life
Saxon Vandervest
Saxon Vandervest 8 gün önce
I can barely formulate stuff inside my head
Emma McKee
Emma McKee 9 gün önce
I have extremely vivid dreams and a pretty good memory. But if you ask me to draw something I literally cannot picture enough detail to draw from imagination. But I don’t have aphantasia. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE
Naima Navar
Naima Navar 10 gün önce
It was so cool seeing this video. I try to explain it for years now to other people and never new, that there are a lot more people expirinecing it the same way and there is an actual word for this. I loved how he said it is more like the concept of the thing you imagine. That is what i feel myself too. I cant see the tree in my head, I can't feel it (smelling and tasting works sometimes). But if you tell me to imagine a tree, I do. It is like I fill up a little part of my brain with the concept of a tree. It is lik "I can not see it, but i know there is one, cause it is supposed to". I remember having a childhoof friend and when we went out, it often was hard talking about the people we met. She was a very visual person. It was always like "You saw that hot guy with the red shirt?" "Uhm.. don't know. was it the one with the very smooth voice, that was always smiling?" "maaaaybeeeee... but he had long brown hair and piercing blue eyes" "I think i know who you mean.... maybe.. He told funny storys about a roadtrip to his friend and he smelled like the ocean?" "yeah.... uhm... in the end he went to the same busstation like we did?" "yeeees that was the guy! You are right he REALLY was hot! It wasn't like one of us were not observant, we just remembered vastly different things about the same sitation. It was sometimes very funny when we tried to figure out half an hour, if we were thinking about the same person. I remember things even more different, than those in the video. I connect things to feelings. When i think about a place, i can not see it, i can not feel it tactile-wise but it is connected to a very specific emotion, i had at the moment. But wording to someone, how the apple i had "feels" is a lot harder than saying "It is round and red" I have a very good orientation, but explaining how to get some place, is a nightmare. No one could navigate with "Go down the street, then after a while (it feels kind like a nice sunny autumn afternoon there) turn right and follow the street to the door with the name at the doore (no idea what is it, but i always feel better after reading it) there you have to go left again and when you are at the crossroad that makes me feel a bit anxious, like i need to go to the dentist, but not exactly, you go left again and there you are!" What i learned after a while is remembering some things, other people won't need to, cause the can imagine it. Like the color of your husbands eyes or how long the hair of your best friend is. Just because it often feels like it isn't socially aceptable to NOT know things like this. But that is one of the things that really annoy me about it. I hope i was able to explain and share, cause english isn't my first language and sometimes i struggle a bit, if it is about more complex stuff.
Nina 1995
Nina 1995 10 gün önce
I really can't understand. How can you NOT imagine stuff? Wow. (No hate of course.) When it comes to one of my phobias I really wish I had that 'disability' to stop imagining stuff that is making me faint.
Linnéa Thunberg
Linnéa Thunberg 10 gün önce
I Still have No idea if i have this or not...
Lauren 10 gün önce
I like how Anthony made the comparison to “there’s this extra color!” 😂 I am an unconfirmed tetrachromat. There have only ever been 2 actually confirmed tetrachromats in the world. Nobody knows what my experience of life is like.
•Casual Cozycat• comix
•Casual Cozycat• comix 10 gün önce
waitt... people **literally** see things in their minds????
Kiemi 11 gün önce
then theres me, an artist, who cant start a drawing without fully picturing the complete thing in my head in great detail and memorizing it to be able to draw it out. honestly gets kinda frustrating when i just want to start drawing but my brain holds me back until it feels fully prepared
Dominique 11 gün önce
I just realized I had this, I always thought I wasnt imagining hard enough or it just wasn’t in my thoughts,. Like when I tried to imagine 3 spheres, it’s like nothing,
David 11 gün önce
No counting sheep never worked for me
RC 12 gün önce
i cant actually see things in my mind like no images can be in my head
Ecem Önel
Ecem Önel 12 gün önce
Sooooo interesting
Chiara Mariani
Chiara Mariani 12 gün önce
I probably wouldn’t have a job if i had that. I’m an artist😭
Annie Russell
Annie Russell 12 gün önce
Rant warning This isn't normal?! I thought picture something in your head was just something people said. Wait like what is it like to see pictures in your mind? Like I can think about memories but like I can't see them it's like a page instead of picture but if you tell me picture an Apple I have to ask what color it is and what size. But I can imagine touch and smell, smell is very promanate. I'm! Sorry for telling rant
Melon Cloud
Melon Cloud 12 gün önce
I’m somewhere in the middle, closer to having aphantasia than not. I can..sense images.. ? Like if im reading, rlly invested in listening to a story, or daydreamingi can still be teleported to another world, but i cant rlly see it at the same time? But if im told to close my eyes and imagine an apple, it’s just dark everytime. It’s like i have to be feeling something in order to visualize concepts, and if im not invested my mind is like nah. It’s like i have to be in a very passive state to visualize better when awake, if i try it gets harder to see. It’s very hard to explain, I’m just wondering if anyone else experiencing it can help put it into words. I always have way too many words for what ppl can say concisely djsndh.
Manasi ARMY
Manasi ARMY 12 gün önce
I don't understand animators with aphantasia. Cuz usually before I draw, in my head, I have an image that I want on the paper. Even if I start drawing a line, I have a picture in my head about how I want the line to turn out which is why I angle my hand in a certain way so that the line could be drawn just like I want it to be. I first learned about aphantasia way back when I watched Amy's video about it. These people are seriously amazing.
sapphicsweaters 13 gün önce
Amy's video is exactly how I realized I had aphantasia I'm so glad I found out about it.
Zakaruah Bones
Zakaruah Bones 13 gün önce
I have aphantasia. Memories are like reading tedious legislation, it's like a boring list of attributes. Projecting future events (predictions) are also emotionless. This kinda let's me live in the moment, I only feel emotions about now. I dream about once a year, and they are more feelings of being in a scenario than visual or tactile hallucinations.
Naima Navar
Naima Navar 10 gün önce
It is crazy how different we are. I also can't see things i imagine, but it is tied very closely to my emotions. So i really more FEEL like SEE things i remember or imagine (emotional not tactile). It would drive me crazy not being able to relive some moments. But if my mum remembers the same moments, she sees the weather or the place or clothes, i just feel like i felt at the moment, remember what was said and such stuff)
Ravyn Gosnell
Ravyn Gosnell 13 gün önce
Wait your supposed to see what u think?
Tae's Missing Bag
Tae's Missing Bag 14 gün önce
I didn’t even know this existed
ender 15 gün önce
i *can* visualize my thoughts in some way but for an example the test about the dots/balls i cant see that in any way, i guess i just feel like i have to see the stuff irl so i actually see the stuff in my head (i think)
Genevieve Lawson
Genevieve Lawson 15 gün önce
Great. I have another diagnosis now
Kata Frncz
Kata Frncz 15 gün önce
Actually I realized I have it after seeing the video mentioned. It totally blew my mind and to be honest it wore me down (actually I wasn’t even able to finish it, and it was kind of hard watching this video too) now when I tell people i have this i try to laugh it off and joke about it but in reality i kind of feel something is wrong with me and that i’m missing out. But it helps to know that i’m not the only one like this :)
Naima Navar
Naima Navar 9 gün önce
do not be sad. it is just more a way of seeing the world, like having a diagnose of something bad.
Kayla R.
Kayla R. 15 gün önce
I think writers also write in a way that they assume their idea of the thing is going to be the same for everyone else. This is why I am discouraged from reading. A lot gets lost in translation. Novalist who heavily relies on the reader to do the heavy lifting in scene description loses me everytime.
Smylie 16 gün önce
If this guy can not visualize things, can he draw on paper? Like any kind of picture? Because a drawing is a visualization projected into the real world
A Mango
A Mango 16 gün önce
I didn’t realize till recently, I remember one time when I was really young I remember getting really upset because I couldn’t picture a swan in my head and I was wanting to look at a picture to draw. My mom had said something along the lines of just look at it and then go from your memory or picture it in your head. The realization now was interesting, as a person I knew was actually astounded I couldn’t picture things in my head. They quizzed me that night. I find it really interesting and sometimes I’m envious as I am an artist. I go off instinct when I’m painting or drawing. I just find the entire thing interesting.
A W 16 gün önce
My girlfriend has this thing where if I say imagine a Toyota Camry she can’t
jibblejabble224 16 gün önce
the painting from the girl with the glasses at 15:35 is litcherally so pretty i want to buy that
Batzy 17 gün önce
Omg I am so happy you made a video talking to people with this. I found out I had it about two years ago from amy’s video on it.
Pearsz 18 gün önce
This video is so good I didn’t realize people have the same thing I do
quixand 18 gün önce
I feel like people with aphantasia are more artistically skilled because that’s the only way you can rlly visualize something (I’m pretty sure I have it lol)
toiletbread 19 gün önce
Always when a teacher said, "close your eyes and visualize this scene," I would always be very mad because I would sit there trying to think as hard as I can about it and nothing would ever pop up.
Ashish Gairola
Ashish Gairola 20 gün önce
It is the opposite for me i daydream so much that it looks like i am drunk
Naima Navar
Naima Navar 9 gün önce
i also do, but without the pictures ;)
Deadleaves 20 gün önce
Good job merica you got so many ppl confused. No peoples cant see images when they close eyes.
minitumen 17 gün önce
Are you saying aphantasia deas not exist? There are scientific studies on this.
Emily Louden
Emily Louden 20 gün önce
She said this sounds like something you see on psychedelics ... so she can picture things in her head, she just needs some help with shrooms
Noah M
Noah M 20 gün önce
I've always been a little unsure if I had aphantasia mostly because I've always been able to visualize while dreaming. Now I know that I do have aphantasia!
Katherine Bell
Katherine Bell 20 gün önce
I think the compass and map analogy was a super good way to put it
Cherryclonck ——-
Cherryclonck ——- 21 gün önce
I didn’t know that I had aphntasia (I don’t know how to spell it) until I watched this
Mackenzie 21 gün önce
i thought visualizing things in your head was a joke everyone made up as a kid 😃
colleen spahn
colleen spahn 21 gün önce
That is so sad because correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that make learning an instrument almost impossible?
minitumen 17 gün önce
I don't think muscle memory is affected by aphantasia, so probably not
Bushiroad hell
Bushiroad hell 22 gün önce
I thought everyone was like that
Maya 22 gün önce
I’m sorry but it’s actually so impossible for me to understand how people don’t see things in ur mind. How do u think about things without actually visualizing them ??
Maya 13 gün önce
@Gina Miranda I can see pictures like when I think of something I can picture an image or like “video” of it in my head. How do you visualize with no image are you just thinking of the description of something ??
Gina Miranda
Gina Miranda 13 gün önce
I’m kinda confused on this, do you actually see pictures in your mind ? I can visualize but I don’t actually see it, If you know what I mean or do I have this 😭
Shy 22 gün önce
I just learned about this and I'm still baffled that people can visualize all or most of the senses in their mind? I thought it was a metaphor
Naraka 23 gün önce
Wait, so when people say picture an apple, they can actually see an apple when they close their eyes and not just dark??
minitumen 17 gün önce
Yeah, as I've come to understand, aphantasia is more or less like that. I suggest you check out "AmyRightMeow"'s video on the matter
Naraka 19 gün önce
@Deadleaves What is it I'm so confused.
Deadleaves 20 gün önce
Meredith 23 gün önce
I honestly think I might have anphantasia
Taco girl •o•
Taco girl •o• 23 gün önce
Wait people actually can see an image when they visualize it, whenever I think of an object and close my eyes I just see black, nothing
Deadleaves 20 gün önce
like everyone else
Kikigrey 66
Kikigrey 66 24 gün önce
if you have this do you just see black bec i think i might have it?
Aaron Barnett
Aaron Barnett 24 gün önce
Idk if I have this or not but maybe it’s why I never thought of not because I may have it and I don’t even know but In school they’d say something like picture yourself in 10 years what do you think you’d be doing never could get a mental image until recently I still can’t get an image but only what my goals are books are very boring to me because it’s just words on a page for me I can’t read a book and picture what it looks like I just go off the description of what is said about it and keep it as that a description not an image I used to draw but I could not draw from my thoughts only references I could see and usually just ended up recreating a picture I made one original Pokémon but it was an eeveelution that was mainly umbreon with dragon attributes I may not have this but being 4 minutes into the video it is very possible
r/suddenlyL 25 gün önce
14:00 holy shit they were the one who made me realise that I've got aphantasia
c0ld s0up
c0ld s0up 25 gün önce
it’s really weird to me that i can remember things in such vivid detail. i could tell you that i had a cake with a lion in it for my third birthday. that i spent a recess inside playing legos with a boy with a broken leg when i was 5. i have weird memories idk, i can see them really well.
Cloudbear AJ
Cloudbear AJ 26 gün önce
So I also have aphantasia and it’s interesting to me because I can hear my voice in my head when I’m thinking or reading something so vividly!! I can’t see images but damn I can hear anyone’s voice if I pay attention or remember it. My mom can’t, she can see images but can’t hear the voices lmao
Cloudbear AJ
Cloudbear AJ 26 gün önce
It’s nice knowing I’m not alone
Memes Jr
Memes Jr 27 gün önce
I can’t really visualize pictures, I tell stories in my head and see like blurs of what should be physical and isn’t. Like if I was trying to visualize walking in a park, I’d think about the senses and specific things I’d do on the walk but I couldn’t see like colors or anything. It kind of sucks, but I do have a really good memory so I guess there’s good and bad things in my head lol
LØL 27 gün önce
ah yeah pronouns, they/them she/her and *tom*
Dargo 28 gün önce
ok wtf im aphahtasics this is weird
Mariana Portillo
Mariana Portillo 28 gün önce
I remember when I was young my therapist used to tell me to form a happy place in my mind and she would say a beach or mountains and I thought that was weird bc when I closed my eyes it was all black and I saw nothing so I would just agree with her when she asked if I could see it. I can remember memories but it’s like a book where I can’t see it but I know what it is supposed to be so I say it as if reading a book. I can’t see anything with the Apple or sphere test. I need more contexts and even then if I close my eyes I can’t see anything. I can see more with my eyes open than closed.
lovey news
lovey news 28 gün önce
Amy so cool they’re literally why I’m here
devany attard
devany attard 28 gün önce
i have maladaptive daydreaming so this sounds very odd to me but very cool
Your average viewer
Your average viewer 29 gün önce
Well this gave me a lot of clarity about my life... If someone asks me to picture a butterfly I obviously know what it looks like because I've seen them in the past but I cant picture a butterfly flying in a field or something. For me its like I can draw a basic image and describe it but I cant see it in my head, but that could vary between people. I don't know if I have aphentasia but I have something similar if its not it.
InfernalMoon 29 gün önce
OH I have that
The Weird, The Lonely!
The Weird, The Lonely! 29 gün önce
I have something along these lines. I can't hear or see things in my mind, but I can see a picture of something. Think of my mind having a camera to take photos of things I need to remember; so instead of remembering how to spell this word, I'd remember a picture of the entire sheet, with the word on it. This is something with art I do too, since I can't envision what I want to draw everything I draw is improv. So I have no idea what I'll end up with, its like a random wheel for every drawing- its funny because when it comes to reading, ill have no idea what the characters look like (I cant hear or see the characters) besides the base traits like brown hair, green eyes. I say most of my thoughts out loud too, so not much of an inner dialogue here. I'm not sure if this is common, but I figure who knows! Maybe someone else's brain works kinda the same
Suha Rehan
Suha Rehan 29 gün önce
Forever Fawn
Forever Fawn Aylar önce
I had no clue that this was a thing but this is so good to know
Jildou Schievink
Jildou Schievink Aylar önce
My niece has this and it made learning certain things a lot harrder for her
Cassowary Aylar önce
Do they dream?
Jules Aylar önce
I’ve been telling people for years that I cannot imagine anything like the rest and I always thought I was the only one until I saw this video pop up. Can you self diagnose yourself with this or do you have to see a professional to get diagnosed?
nymiee Aylar önce
Can they dream?
saltyzy t
saltyzy t Aylar önce
uh i think i might have this
Elijah Stormblessed
Elijah Stormblessed Aylar önce
Wait so y'all *aren't* exaggerating?
Elijah Stormblessed
Elijah Stormblessed Aylar önce
*trying to figure out if I have aphantasia or not* 😰
Elijah Stormblessed
Elijah Stormblessed 25 gün önce
@pey awesome, thank you so much!
pey 25 gün önce
@Elijah Stormblessed Yeah, I guess there's the issue of whether you genuinely visualized a red bowling ball or whether you knew to come up with a size and color for the ball. But also, aphantasia is on a scale, so it could be less severe or more severe depending on the person. But judging by how Anthony answered the sphere question in the video, I'd say if you weren't able to describe the image/scene you saw in your head automatically with a similar level of detail, you're probably aphantasiac to some degree.
Elijah Stormblessed
Elijah Stormblessed 25 gün önce
@pey oh I totally misread that lmao. The questions I indicated where the ones I *didn't* have answers to. My answers were that the ball was red and about the size of a bowling ball
pey 25 gün önce
@Elijah Stormblessed What were your answers though?
Elijah Stormblessed
Elijah Stormblessed 25 gün önce
@pey Questions 2, 3, and 5 (although even the other ones, I can't tell if I knew to anticipate the question which is why I had an answer, or if I actually did come up with it before thinking about the question xD)
myforever13 Aylar önce
if i put great effort into it i can construct vague images in my minds eye. but its certainly not automatic. i have low visualization ability i guess
KaCee Is Bored
KaCee Is Bored Aylar önce
I didnt know this wasnt normal until I was in college. I cant see anything in my head and I never have.
wandering chicken
wandering chicken Aylar önce
I cant visualise, but i aslo dont see my dreams, i alwas was confused when people discribed what things looked like
wandering chicken
wandering chicken Aylar önce
Damn now im really wondering what its like to visualise things. It sounds like a super power
Allison Grannary
Allison Grannary Aylar önce
😳😳 just learned that people ACTUALLY visualize
I spent a day with people w/ TERMINAL ILLNESSES
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Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert 24 Eylül 2021 Cuma
Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert
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İbrahim Tatlıses'ten 12 yıl aradan sonra ilk konser
Demirören Haber Ajansı
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Veli Erdem Karakülah - Vuruldum Ölmedim (Official Video)
Veli Erdem Karakülah VEK
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I spent a day with EX-MORMONS
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görünümler 1 Mn
I spent a day with EX C.I.A. AGENTS
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I spent a day with people w/ ALBINISM
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I spent a day with NON-BINARY PEOPLE
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Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert 24 Eylül 2021 Cuma
Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert
görünümler 649 B
İbrahim Tatlıses'ten 12 yıl aradan sonra ilk konser
Demirören Haber Ajansı
görünümler 85 B
Veli Erdem Karakülah - Vuruldum Ölmedim (Official Video)
Veli Erdem Karakülah VEK
görünümler 59 B
Baht Oyunu 15. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı
Baht Oyunu
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ITZY “LOCO” M/V Teaser 2
JYP Entertainment
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جاوبت على اكثر سوال مدايقني..
Yargı 2. Bölüm 2. Fragman
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Uzi - Topic
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Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert 23 Eylül 2021 Perşembe
Müge Anlı ile Tatlı Sert
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