Two Stretches to Heal Plantar Fasciitis

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Bob & Brad

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Two Stretches to Heal Plantar Fasciitis

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Bob and Brad demonstrate two stretches to heal plantar fasciitis.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:18 Topic
1:02 Plantar Fasciitis
2:41 Big Toe Stretch
4:09 Calf Stretches
6:26 Massage Gun For Plantar Fasciitis
8:41 Giveaway

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Some of our astute followers have noticed me slurring my words. I am not drunk but working with Brad it would be justifiable. I had 6 infected cysts removed from my mouth (noncancerous) and I have residual scar tissue and numbness. I will try to do better. Thanks Bob.

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52Mirza 6 gün önce
I'm suffering from pain in my heels feels like heel spurs could it be the same. Trying your exercises. I can't barely walk with so much pain.
Miss Sarah
Miss Sarah 10 gün önce
With gratitude in my heart I wanna say a very big thank you to Dr ogogo on TRshow for helping me eradicate the genital warts permanently
Josee Noel
Josee Noel 29 gün önce
Scammer right below!
Michele Leaye
Michele Leaye Aylar önce
Thank you for the useful information for PF.
Awry Stoic
Awry Stoic Aylar önce
Where can I buy the rolling chair that Brad sits in?
Timothy Gallagher
Timothy Gallagher Aylar önce
I have a really sharp pain in the base of my heel, is that also plantar fasciitis?
pauline Woods
pauline Woods Aylar önce
They talk to much get to the point
Lyk Oe
Lyk Oe Aylar önce
How do they knooooow
NOSMO king
NOSMO king Aylar önce
I have this right now on my left foot. I'll try these stretches. Have you done a video explaining why it happens ?
Jody Chance
Jody Chance Aylar önce
Thank you so much! I have been doing the stretches 2-3 time per day but still have pain. Was wondering if a massage gun would be OK to use. All I could get was a solid “maybe” from ortho and a PT.
A H Aylar önce
I developed plantar fasciitis a couple months ago, and started researching it online. Wow, there’s quite a variety of theories of the “real” cause of PF and thus there’s a variety of exercises, stretches, and other modalities and tools to address it. I’m trying them all! It’s improved, and still getting better, but it’s really frustrating.
James Schlueter
James Schlueter Aylar önce
We have the large massage gun and the “ball” attachment works great on the arch and calf! Thank you for great products!
wardn53 Aylar önce
Hello, Do you have a video for the top of your foot pain? I get it sometimes after playing golf and the pain is right where I tie my shoes.
aroundandround Aylar önce
What amazes me is that even for something so common as Plantar Fascitis, we really don’t know of a way to quickly cure it. Seems like sometimes it simply just takes months or a couple years and that’s that, which is depressing to think when you get it.
I have purchased an accupressure massage ball andwhat I do before and after bed is that I stand on it and flex all toes up. When my fasciia gets exposed/tightened I roll my feet over with pressure on the ball. It hurts like hell but after 20-30 secs my sole muscles feel super relaxed.
matrixrory Aylar önce
I have a Question. Would Arch support insoles help with Plantar Fasciitis? I keep seeing them advertised to me but I am unsure if they are effective or suitable if you have Plantar Fasciitis
stormysocks Aylar önce
Easiest way I've found is stand on a bottom step with only the ball of your foot up on the step, raise and lower yourself many times. Also there are solid heel cups that can give your heel support in your shoes so your heel doesn't spread
Zizo68 Aylar önce
I have something that feels like a spike going into my foot at the exact same spot every time I walk. Is that what this thing is or.. is that something else?
Zizo68 Aylar önce
@Chandra Baalika that's probably what it is
Chandra Baalika
Chandra Baalika Aylar önce
Heel spur?
Marta Godoy
Marta Godoy Aylar önce
I have terrible pain on my right foot ball it just keeps picky picky picky what can I do for that
JAY ALEX Aylar önce
Perfect timing, I think this is what I'm suffering from for the past 4 days. Morning soreness in my right foot
Lori 360
Lori 360 Aylar önce
Can you please do a review on the Foot Gym? I see it advertised on sites for dancers. Wondered it if would actually be beneficial.. Thanks!
Rukaiyat Abdullah
Rukaiyat Abdullah Aylar önce
Thanks to Doctor oseiwe on TRshow for curing me of asthma and many others with his harbal medicine and now it's completely gone.
Jordan Cartier
Jordan Cartier Aylar önce
Everytime I Have A Problem With My Body I Just Look It Up On TRshow And See You Guys
David Hayward
David Hayward Aylar önce
Thanks guys, the stretching really did the job. No more pain, and I can start running again in another week or so (better safe than sorry).
JenLF Potter37
JenLF Potter37 Aylar önce
Thought I might have this at first, but then I did some more research and discovered I might have Nuropathy, which is worse. to me, that feels like I'm walking on very burning hot sand or an otherwise very hot surface, plus it feels like the soles of my feet are shredding and ripping themselves off my feet from the inside out. Could you cover any helpful remedies or massage or anything else which would alieviate symptoms and effects of Nuropathy?
Andy L
Andy L Aylar önce
The only way to fix it to rupture the planter then it heals to correct length .. I struggled with this for years until it popped . Then the other foot I deliberately ruptured by jumping off a table . Worked a treat
m4xfl4xst4r Aylar önce
damn, I'm using my silver bullet all wrong.
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe Aylar önce
Mine came back because I didn't roll the arches and stretch the calves. Prevention is KEY.
Ekbduchpank Aylar önce
I suffered pain right at that spot and could never know why nor know how to cure it. Thank you so much for making this video! During these tough times, being able to recover/prevent injuries means a lot, cause for some, sports are essentials to lighten their gloomy days. Bob & Brad, not only your videos helped me recover from my injuries, you inspired me - your perseverance over the years, your continue efforts to improve. Such good attributes :)
Toni Mora
Toni Mora Aylar önce
Thank you one more time guys. This info is so important and helpful.
Kean Hudson
Kean Hudson Aylar önce
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Kendra Marcos
Kendra Marcos Aylar önce
Good to see women making a name for themselves in Forex and trading.
Mary Mirrian
Mary Mirrian Aylar önce
@Scarlett Victoria Yes, their company has their very own broker website where you deposit and monitor your investment and withdraw your profits at anytime or invest again if you wish and it's all very easy. you're not giving anyone your money unless you prefer it that way.
Scarlett Victoria
Scarlett Victoria Aylar önce
@Mary Mirrian hello? I'm interested too but does their company have like an official Website for all this or am I giving someone my money? it's a very important factor to consider.
Mary Mirrian
Mary Mirrian Aylar önce
Mary Mirrian
Mary Mirrian Aylar önce
Kat Aylar önce
No more leg/feet problems. I go to bed a little early so I could do these rom & massage for my legs & feet; 1. Pointe Flex Toes, (50x this alone for-me stopped restless leg), (I lay on stomach & hang feet off bed) 2. Spread knees a foot apart & bend knees while feet are in the air, Flex Toes In while rotating ankles (25-50x) then Flex Toes Out while rotating ankles (25-50x). 3. Move up so feet are on mattress, Place Toes on mattress then lock back knees to stretch calves (5-15x) 4. I put a light amount of organic oil on legs (below knees) & feet. Spread Knees 2 feet apart & Bend Knees while doing massages ( the pressure is up to you, just go slow & light at 1st); 5. I use the opposite inside foot arch to massage up the back calves 15-25x then massage up the inseam calves 15-25x, REPEAT on other leg. 6. Use the inside heel to massage under & insides of the arch, then extend the massage to the balls & to the heel back & forth using the 90 degree back of heel (at 1st it’ll be tender so go slow because the heel is strong). 7. Exercise Legs (on stomach feet off mattress knees 6 inches apart) Point toes to knees while bringing heels up to buttocks (like your walking) 15-25x.
Alexandra Kostantakos
Alexandra Kostantakos Aylar önce
Jake Jacobs
Jake Jacobs Aylar önce
Its a pity I can't buy a mini massage gun from New Zealand 😫
Veronica Cardwell
Veronica Cardwell Aylar önce
I had this took along time to get over it. Had to get a insole made for me.
SUSAN DYSON Aylar önce
I suffered for 8 years not knowing about plantar fasciitis , and not realizing that it was what I had . My life and career felt as if it was over. I was crippled by the pain. Finally a doctor showed me your stretches which changed my life. God bless you for helping others. No one can imagine how painful this condition is if they haven't had it. I was thinking that I would be better off if my foot was amputated. Stretches and new balance shoes ( over 500 on the tongue of the shoe) changed everything.
Primestar56 Aylar önce
You two are actually the best. I really appreciate all you’ve done to help others (and me) to feel better :)
flower8peach Aylar önce
omg thank you
D Max
D Max Aylar önce
Something I really needed most Thank you sirs
Gee Acai
Gee Acai Aylar önce
My friend has a “torn from the bone fascia “ wore the booth for 2 months felt a little better . Got a foot rub and instead of telling her to leave his heel alone etc it brought him right back to where he was . Now he’s considering surgery but it’s never a “‘good time” any advice for my super stubborn friend ?
Clay Aylar önce
For the calf stretches - Should you have your weight on the leg you are stretching? Or should most of your weight be on your other leg?
Joshua Dennehy
Joshua Dennehy Aylar önce
Weight should be on the forward leg (the one you're not stretching). The important part for the calf that is being stretched is to ensure that your foot is flat on the floor, and you're not lifting the heel)
Julie Aylar önce
Terrible pain in my feet today😣 Need to do these exercises regularly.
Valerie from Oregon
Valerie from Oregon Aylar önce
Every video you two make helps me :) Thank you both. I went to my orthopedic surgeon today he says my shoulder has a torn rotator cuff and other stuff but he still won’t do surgery because I need two shoulder replacement surgeries but he even won’t do them yet because I’m not old enough?! I guess I have to get by until I’m 60 something… parents who read this don’t let your kids do sports , play tennis , golf , gymnastics, softball all my favorite sports ruined me and I can barely work at age 52.
Janecraftswhen... Aylar önce
It might be because p, as I understand it, the rotator cuff surgery doesn’t have brilliant results unless done immediately after a tear
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy Aylar önce
Linda Summer
Linda Summer Aylar önce
They recently did a video on shoulders where they featured a book by an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Kirsch called Shoulder Pain? The solution and prevention. You can find it on Amazon.
BookWoman Aylar önce
Hi B & B, what is the name of the little massager you used here? Q2?Sure enjoy your helpful vids!
Steampunk Groove
Steampunk Groove Aylar önce
I'll have to figure things out.... because the reason I get out of bed in the morning (and in the night) is bcuz I gotta pee RIGHT NOW. Mine usually hurt most starting shortly after I begin to rest after my on-the-feet job... but they hurt when getting out of my car adter work. Can't afford GOOD shoes, so adding kinesiology tape before work, and then rubbing in a topical cream after work helps for pain.
ylangylang26 Aylar önce
Soaking my feet in apple cider vinegar & warm water mix at the end of day did wonders for me. Also try wearing toe separators. I've done all this, plus stretching my calves & self feet massages and my pain is completely gone!
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy Aylar önce
Same! I try to at least stand still for a few seconds before bolting for the bathroom. If I can. That way maybe my feet can stretch out at least a little before walking/sprinting. Mine hurt the worst right after I lay down after being on my feet, too! They kill!!! Enough to make me whimper! I just remind myself that the pain will pass. I'm not sure if mine's fascia hurting at that point. But I definitely relate to your pain!
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy Aylar önce
Same! I try to at least stand still for a few seconds before bolting for the bathroom. If I can. That way maybe my feet can stretch out at least a little before walking/sprinting. Mine hurt the worst right after I lay down after being on my feet, too! They kill!!! Enough to make me whimper! I just remind myself that the pain will pass. I'm not sure if mine's fascia hurting at that point. But I definitely relate to your pain!
absolute boredom
absolute boredom Aylar önce
i demand to know how you know where im hurting
Katie Akin
Katie Akin Aylar önce
I have plantar fasciitis and I’m 24, almost 25. My podiatrist said that I have a rarer case (or I guess less common) and that is a really high arch and plantar fasciitis. It’s sooo hard finding shoes for this! You can also use a frozen water bottle and then stretch right after; that was a suggestion from my podiatrist
Katie Akin
Katie Akin Aylar önce
@SUSAN DYSON Thank you. I have custom orthotics that I should be getting next week at my next podiatrist appointment, but it really is hard to find good shoes. And the thing with net/mesh shoes is they don’t last long with me because my pinky toes rub holes in them
SUSAN DYSON Aylar önce
I'm so sorry for you. It sounds like what I went through. Do the stretches they show. My foot Dr. put me in new balance shoes . I got 700 new bslance and even had them by my shower to step into as I got out. The tongue of the shoe has a number on it. Don't get anything under 500. Be ready to pay over 100.00 Worth the cost. The shoes and stretches brought me out of 8 years of misery. Good luck, God bless you.
Snowflake Aylar önce
What's a good stretch for the Achilles🤔
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy Aylar önce
@Snowflake You're welcome. 🤗
Snowflake Aylar önce
@AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy thanks 😊
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy
AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy Aylar önce
What he showed to stretch the calf.
Tammy Timpe
Tammy Timpe Aylar önce
I recently started having my heel go numb. Could this be caused from plantar fasciitis?
SpeakTruth ‘
SpeakTruth ‘ Aylar önce
Thank you I needed this.
Leonard Spalding
Leonard Spalding Aylar önce
I'm glad to see you're still working hard to defend your title as the best physical therapist on the internet! I appreciate what you do and how much it helps me stay active.
Maria Corman
Maria Corman Aylar önce
Bob and Brad aka Click and Clack from Car Talk. Love it! Thanks for the tips!!
Michael Aylar önce
Im 29 and I've had plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis for the last three years. I've tried physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, chiropody, shockwave, orthotics, exercises, stretches, weight loss, muscle gain...and literally nothing has fully fixed my issue. The problem has actually moved from my left foot to my right. I need more help than the stretches. Please...what can I do? I'm trying SO hard
Michael, research about TMS pain. I was like you but learning about TMS is the only cure
Prince Chukwu
Prince Chukwu Aylar önce
Do kneesovertoes program . Ruptured my Achilles and spent thousands on terrible physios . Only thing that has worked for me .
Michaela Mann
Michaela Mann Aylar önce
I'm 25 and I've had it since I was 12. It's awful. Nice to know I'm not alone in this.
vinod samala
vinod samala Aylar önce
This pain sucks👎 make sure stretch the shit out of hamstrings, calfs, hips and start strengthening... mine is healing now after an year of limping everyday 😭
ylangylang26 Aylar önce
yes! same here. I also started doing ACV soaks and wearing toe separators for about 30 mins per day and my feet are so much better now, pain almost completely gone!
Liz Dill
Liz Dill Aylar önce
A good reminder foe me to show my feet some extra love.
Sister Selah
Sister Selah Aylar önce
@Liz Dill Same here.
Liz Dill
Liz Dill Aylar önce
I keep a frozen water bottle in the freeze and roll my feet on it for 30 secs. I need to make a point to do it every day and not when my feet are in crazy pain. 🙈
Sister Selah
Sister Selah Aylar önce
Same here. I'm learning how important it is to massage 💆‍♀️ 😌.
CrunchWorks Aylar önce
This is the video I needed at just the right time. Every stretch you showed are the same ones that my body has been "asking for." Thanks!
Charos Tv
Charos Tv Aylar önce
Thank you ! I also have some juice recipes for weight loss that really work, take a look you wouldn't be disappointed
MJ Hoss
MJ Hoss Aylar önce
Thanks, I'll give it a try in the morning.
Claudia williams
Claudia williams Aylar önce
Stretching the hamstring did it for me
cameron vogt
cameron vogt Aylar önce
Worst pain ever
Shamoshes Aylar önce
Any vids for over-pronation
rusty dowd
rusty dowd Aylar önce
Search TRshow for Bob and Brad flat feet.
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