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Corpse Husband

Aylar önce

I'm very nervous... still
STREAM AGORAPHOBIC: Twitter: Corpse_Husband

Tora Tora
Tora Tora 12 saatler önce
Guess I’m naming my future daughters Anastasia and Eleanor
Cinnamonapple :3
Cinnamonapple :3 15 saatler önce
I love how the stream started corpse said "fuck you guys"lol-yess
Cyds 3 gün önce
If someone leaks Corpse Husbands face I will look away out of respect! We love you.
Emily Tracy
Emily Tracy 4 gün önce
Corpse in his songs: 👿☠️ Corpse irl: 🥺👉👈💫
Sarah Camarillo
Sarah Camarillo 4 gün önce
I'm back :)
Isabelle Connell
Isabelle Connell 5 gün önce
these videos are like therapy LMAO
Hannah G
Hannah G 5 gün önce
I hope you know that it is okay to make mistakes during these live streams, Corpse. I notice you want it to be perfect, but you are going to become more comfortable each time you stream. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and what ever that entails for us, we want to be happy to do it. I found you watching a stream on Jacksepticeye, and obviously the voice stood out to me, but I searched your name up on youtube, and you popped right up. I watched your Q&A, and what I saw was your personality. I found that you are humble and kind. You have a sense of humor. In these among us streams I see your humor, and I am here for who you are, your content, your entertainment, and not your voice or to see your face. It keeps me on my toes when you are masked, and I like that. I dont care if you ever show yoru face or not, I just want you to be comfortable and supported as you should be!
nightdreambell27 6 gün önce
Corpse said he almost died at the beggining of the year... I... I seriously can't imagine not knowing of him, he has made me so happy. I'm just.. so glad we're here:)
Naive Gender
Naive Gender 6 gün önce
Corpse, I have anexity disorder and panic attacks and I recommend if You have panic attack put Your head under the water, like in a sink or something, it helps me, maybe it will help You too, or go under the shower and sit, and then breath slowly, let water run down Your back and head. And if Your stressed You can ask doctor or psychiatrist to prescribe You some medicine like hydroxizine, I sleep after it a lot, but it calms me down for some time. There's only few ways to help with stress and I absolutly hate it couse it ruin's my life, but maybe this way's will help You a little. Crying helps me too, like... If I cry, like really cry myself out I calm down, couse then I feel tired, which is rare couse I have borderline too, and I'm angry and stressed all the time. I know it's hard, and I don't want to tell You that I understand, couse everyone feel's diffrent, everyone has their own way of feeling things. But even if You don't belive it, there are people out there that love You in their own way, they want for You to be happy, they love You even if they can't see Your face, and it's not becouse of Your voice but becouse Your an amazing person, and they don't feel so lonley. I don't feel so lonely when I listen to You, I feel that I'm not alone in this world, that there is person like You who knows how it is to be stressed 24/7, and there is so many people who don't understand it and are talking things that hurt people like us. I'm talking total nonsense right know, I'm not that good with words especially that english is not my first languge, but I just wanted to tell You this, even if You won't read it, I want this comment to be here, maybe other people will read it. Thanks for being there, it helps me a lot in hard moments.
Kiera Rahner
Kiera Rahner 6 gün önce
Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband 2 gün önce
Lina G
Lina G 7 gün önce
Corpse getting imposter back to back
yna amor
yna amor 8 gün önce
My timestamp is gone in all the livestreams😥😥
M 8 gün önce
We don’t deserve this pure human being. 😭 He’s too lovely.
Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf 8 gün önce
Is it just me or does it pause ever 2 seconds
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY? 8 gün önce
31:40 DAMN
Stressed Out Azim
Stressed Out Azim 9 gün önce
8:35 who's dog is that 11:20 someone's lying then 14:45 bobby's pet get separated by box
SnufHuffBoy 9 gün önce
I was watching this on the "Corpse live streams" until 2:55:20 arrived
Rute Pereira
Rute Pereira 9 gün önce
you should mention the playlist of livestreams everytime you stream. cuz i just found this out! Thanks corpse!
Avex 9 gün önce
0:02 Valkyrae mocking Corpe's music 😂
rose 9 gün önce
31:40 “they don’t call me corpse husband for nothing” 1:24:20 “you should vent. it makes u feel better emotionally” gosh i love bobby 1:33:35 “first of all f*** you” 1:42:59 1:53:27 corpse and pewds get imposter for the third time 2:09:27 “we could all have game” 2:52:28 “i hate grouping and doing it in medbay but, if it’s for sykkuno then i gotta do it” 2:54:00 “and then i did the task where u click sh**” “isn’t that every task”
patience 11 gün önce
58:43 haha corpse said my name
Michael Guida
Michael Guida 11 gün önce
Barbi D
Barbi D 12 gün önce
I genuinely love how some of them saw Corpses face, but they never really talk about it. Once Jack said Corpse showed him a pic and Sykkuno said he wanted to be that close to him, but it never crossed the line. They never criticize his looks, or even talk about it because they know he wants to show it when he's ready. I just love this whole group.
Sav 13 gün önce
the way chat was talking about poki was so fucking rude
Blanca Alcaraz
Blanca Alcaraz 13 gün önce
Am I the only one who want CORPSE and H20 Delirious to play among us together?
Blanca Alcaraz
Blanca Alcaraz 11 gün önce
@Zoe Dilks maybe idk
Zoe Dilks
Zoe Dilks 11 gün önce
Either I have a messed up memory but I think they did before. I totally might be wrong.
Frostykatkit 13 gün önce
Yumi Nakamura
Yumi Nakamura 13 gün önce
i cant donate shit cause im also broke, so i just rewatch everything for hundred of times, and used my family members account to sub, forces my friends to sub and forces everybody to watch. hahahaha (sorry, mom) jk im not forcing anybody. btw can anybody tell this man how many of us will stay even if he would upload only once a month ? cause im staying and you cant make me leave.
Yumi Nakamura
Yumi Nakamura 13 gün önce
its the third time im watching this and i still feel nervous, and again, im just watching . 1:53:46 okay, Billie.
King Penguin
King Penguin 14 gün önce
It's so fun with this whole group, I love it. Great energy and I love learning someone's tells, or liar/innocent voice. I hope you all stay grouped up for a while
Sarah Schulte
Sarah Schulte 14 gün önce
I’ve been going to the doctor for years now and they still can’t really tell what I have. I’ve been to doctors out of state and specialists all over my state. I’ve had so many appointments, tests, tried medications, and treatments that go no where. At first they thought it was rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory arthropathy, but they only diagnosed me with fibromyalgia because it’s a blanket term for chronic pain basically. They know it’s some autoimmune disorder but they can’t really tell what, so I know your frustration. Ive has so many bad side effects from tried medications and treatments and have ended up in the ER multiple times. I was also diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), but yet again there’s nothing really they can do for it and it can cause really bad symptoms. All I’ll trying to say is that I understand the frustration and pain when no one can figure out what’s wrong. I’ve even had doctors tell me it’s all in my head because I have high anxiety and mild depression, but they don’t understand that all of this made it worse, my anxiety and depression didn’t cause it. I have anxiety and depression because of this.
Jennifer 14 gün önce
Riya gupta
Riya gupta 15 gün önce
dream and corpse moments 1:15:45
Ash L
Ash L 15 gün önce
As someone with extreme anxiety and fibro I can understand why Corpse stays to himself.
MystriGrl 15 gün önce
corpse in his songs: CHOKE ME corpse in the game: ✨sykkuno✨
InsaneArtist66 15 gün önce
I've accidentally watched the wrong channel for the live streams, so i set up an option for youtube to NOT recommend videos from that channel, i dont want to support a channel profiting from someone else. ESPECIALLY corpse 😤
Lyla NuNu
Lyla NuNu 16 gün önce
Personally, I hate when people keep their expectations of corpse as some greek god that's out of this world. He's a normal person. He has feelings, emotions and when people keep pressuring him about how he should look probably fucking sucks. Fuck, to even be able to stream, make videos, and songs in front of thousands to millions of people is so damn impressive. I don't know how he does it but I'm so proud. Also, I'm a huge fan of all of his songs but I gotta say agoraphobic really hits different 😔💕 I can relate so hard. (Sorry if this was mean in any way. I'm not trying to be mean I just want people to be aware of what they say. Anyway, have a good day!)
Molly Pratt
Molly Pratt 16 gün önce
yez From Kira Frahm to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Madison Vega to Everyone:8:45 AM DONE From Rylee Hall to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Matthew Wilson to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Xavier Torres to Everyone:8:45 AM no From Aidan Carter to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Kiara Dougherty... to Everyone:8:45 AM I can open it From Madison Vega to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Ariana De Leon to Everyone:8:45 AM yes From Me to Xavier Torres: (privately)8:45 AM look in ur drive From Kira Frahm to Everyone:8:45 AM what are we doing From Arron Brenner to Everyone:8:45 AM no From Xavier Torres to Me: (privately)8:45 AM ok From Me to Xavier Torres: (privately)8:45 AM and go to share with me From Arron Brenner to Everyone:8:46 AM naver mind From Kira Frahm to Everyone:8:47 AM ok i have it open ik From Xavier Torres to Me: (privately)8:47 AM ok From Me to Xavier Torres: (privately)8:47 AM u see it? From Xavier Torres to Me: (privately)8:47 AM i don't see anything From Rylee Hall to Everyone:8:48 AM its frozen yes From Me to Xavier Torres: (privately)8:50 AM it should be there From Rylee Hall to Everyone:8:53 AM can i use the bathroom From Madison Vega to Everyone:8:53 AM no jk From Jaden Wright to Everyone:8:53 AM may oyu use it yes From Me to Everyone:8:53 AM do wat u gotta do From Madison Vega to Everyone:8:53 AM just go you dont have to ask lol From Matthew Wilson to Everyone:8:56 AM can i go From Xavier Torres to Me: (privately)8:56 AM yes From Rylee Hall to Everyone:8:56 AM ok im back lol From Elayna Cardenas... to Everyone:8:57 AM me too?
Crazy Esa
Crazy Esa 16 gün önce
Who’s here in 1910
Crazy Esa
Crazy Esa 16 gün önce
I’m from the dead
Lucy Rosado
Lucy Rosado 17 gün önce
I would love to play with you guys one day ❤
i like sand
i like sand 17 gün önce
im so grateful corpses life turned around and he can live life a little better
CookieRealm482 17 gün önce
*Choke me~*
Jennifer 17 gün önce
34:53 "I can count numbers....Just kidding."
Ara Kenzie
Ara Kenzie 17 gün önce
When does corpse stream? This isn’t on his main channel but I got to it. I don’t want to miss the next one so anyone know the schedule?
Myah M
Myah M 2 gün önce
this is his main channel and he doesn't have a schedule he just starts sometimes. if you have notifications on it'll tell you when
Rory Patterson
Rory Patterson 17 gün önce
The Sus corpse gets just for being a good imposter makes me feel bad lol Corpse: * accidentally kills sykunno right in the middle of the map on way to electric * *freaks out cause he didn't mean to do it * 2 different people: "I definitely dont think it was corpse, I'd vouch for him" Corpse: * smoothly pulls off double kill with poki, nobody questions where the second body is at all, gets zero sus from anyone * Toast: safe bet would be to vote corpse Corspe: "wait what, I'm so confused, I was cleared for the first two kills, I don't understand" Everyone: oh okay, makes sense * votes to kill corpse *
Sadik Sunasara
Sadik Sunasara 17 gün önce
When is Corpse going to show his face reveal
StarsoftheSun 14 gün önce
whenever he’s ready :)
Kuroo 17 gün önce
don't ask, he should take his time, don't put pressure on him
Poorvika 17 gün önce
"yo who's dog is that? Get the dog" 😂😂😂 he's amazing 😂😂😂
Savanah Flowers
Savanah Flowers 17 gün önce
hi ok. ik this stream was weeks ago but ofc i’m watching it. i just wanted to say that YOU ARE GREAT DUDE. when u heard you got recognized for your voice i literally freaked and started to worry about you. i’m so happy for your success please don’t let the 12-13 year olds in your comments and stuff talking CRAZY bother you and do what makes you comfortable bc like dude you’re doing so good. you’ve definitely grown on me and grown to be one of my fav youtubers your voice isn’t the only thing special about you yo. like look at how successful you’ve become i’m so proud of you idek what you look like lol...and tbh i’m ok with not knowing and i respect you doing what makes you comfortable. you’re probably NOT gonna see this but i just wanted to let yk you’re fucking great
Savanah Flowers
Savanah Flowers 17 gün önce
i definitely love corpse husband
Chloe Butler
Chloe Butler 18 gün önce
"i can count numbers," *meeting gets called* "nevermind."
Bee 19 gün önce
first round corpse choked him *hard*
Poiple Alpaca
Poiple Alpaca 19 gün önce
Woah, the ads in this one.
Aidan Ziegenhorn
Aidan Ziegenhorn 19 gün önce
I’m so glad corpse blew up cause I love his content and will be a follower to the end
Eden Parker
Eden Parker 19 gün önce
Corpse is the most genuine person. He is sweet, kind, thoughtful, caring, and so much more. I really have never related to a person more and I can't wait to see where his life will take him.
mark stevens
mark stevens 19 gün önce
I don’t think it censored catgirl... I think it thought the “s” from among us was spelling scatgirl... maybe haha
Stupid and Ridiculous
Stupid and Ridiculous 19 gün önce
Wait isn't asteroids a visible task?
It'sRe 3 gün önce
Not on all maps. I don't think it is on Polus for example. Also they have visible tasks out
Daesha Michelle
Daesha Michelle 19 gün önce
Y’all need to let this man be at peace leave him alone I understand why he doesn’t want to show his face and I pray he never does. Genuine fans or supporters of him will understand and respect his privacy tbh 💯 love you corpse keep being amazing man! Bless🙏🏾✨
LoFa Gradell
LoFa Gradell 20 gün önce
the donations are crazy lol
Ally Forbes
Ally Forbes 20 gün önce
pretty sure it was censoring scat 😹💖
Jennifer 20 gün önce
31:40 Corpse: "Jack: you left a beautiful body behind. They don't call me Corpse Husband for nothing"
Ravenshaman 20 gün önce
I appreciate you donated the money the lupus is a thing close to my heart I have an uncle who has it
Jennifer 20 gün önce
1:15:33 Bobby starts playing Corpse's song
Stupid and Ridiculous
Stupid and Ridiculous 20 gün önce
I am watching all of your streams because I missed them
Ravenshaman 20 gün önce
Gosh I love his laugh Corpse it is very nice :)
d l w
d l w 20 gün önce
ok but as a person?? corpse is so cute and deserves the world
Autumn Moon
Autumn Moon 21 gün önce
Poor Tommy.
Allison Thornton
Allison Thornton 21 gün önce
If I ever happened to recognize corpse’s voice in public I would immediately cover my face and move away from the voice
Ande Barry
Ande Barry 21 gün önce
𝐅𝐮𝐧 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐭: at 1:40:57 when his kill button flashed and a one appeared it meant that Felix/ PewDiePie just got a kill. If you ever play among us or watch someone play it look for if the kill button flashes then you know the other imposter has killed someone
Red AlphaCha
Red AlphaCha 21 gün önce
Crewmate Corpse : ☀️🍭💖💖💖 Impostor Corpse : 👿😈☠️🗡🗡 He sounds so convincing even a crewmate start thinking that they are the impostor.
Red AlphaCha
Red AlphaCha 10 gün önce
Lemme put time stamp here 2:06:18
Chezney clonan
Chezney clonan 21 gün önce
Poor corpse had terrible anxiety..... I feel ya mate❤️
Ciera 21 gün önce
sandymourning 21 gün önce
i can't stop rewatching your streams, corpse.
Cristina Martinez
Cristina Martinez 22 gün önce
I wanted to rewatch this stream but when I went to Corpses' channel I couldn't find it, I had to go into my history and find the video anyone know why? Also sometimes he streams when I'm at work and know Imis s it so now I'm wondering if there's more streams that are on his page that I can't see
Myah M
Myah M 2 gün önce
he leaves his streams unlisted, so you can't find them unless you have the link. if you go to the playlist section of his channel theres one of all the old livestreams :)
the bestest niffler
the bestest niffler 22 gün önce
I absolutely love watching these while knitting they help me finish projects I have set for myself . I love your voice CORPSE it's very calming ❤️
Sarah Machuca
Sarah Machuca 22 gün önce
Amy Fox
Amy Fox 22 gün önce
You probably won’t see this Corpse but honey and lemon is really good for your voice, it’s not going to fill you up but the sugar should help :)
Amy Fox
Amy Fox 22 gün önce
Also the cat ears filled my heart with joy and then Tommy crushed day they will all be murder kitties
Rony Claros
Rony Claros 22 gün önce
Choke me like u hate me
Mildred Melusine
Mildred Melusine 22 gün önce
I’m curious to see Corpse’s face reveal one day, but mostly I just want to know that he’s a grown ass man so I’m not getting hot over some teenager’s singing voice🤣
Mildred Melusine
Mildred Melusine 22 gün önce
@rick the cabbage man I googled him and found an article that says he’s 23. Which... is still kinda young cause I’m 30. But good for him for having sufficient “daddy” vibes at 23.
rick the cabbage man
rick the cabbage man 22 gün önce
don't worry he's an adult 💀
Ace Rolyat
Ace Rolyat 22 gün önce
I wonder if Corpse will ever find out that he can press the space button to open up tasks and use the vents...
E F 22 gün önce
Toast: *speaks* Chat: that’s kinda sus bro, sounds like you’re using your liar voice
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 22 gün önce
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 22 gün önce
14:35 my fav part
Jay 22 gün önce
poopi and rae killing each other hahaha this roomies
Isis Dawson
Isis Dawson 22 gün önce
1:17:14 what up baby
Jack Manuel
Jack Manuel 22 gün önce
ive been on and off watching this channel for a while i remember when the "Why I Quit Hacking" video was dropped and i couldnt sleep for like 5 hours after watching it and i still think about it like 4 or 5 years later
emma cole
emma cole 22 gün önce
22:12 “look at sykkuno. he doesn’t even need anyone to scan everyone already knows. he would never kill anyone. look at him go.” 24:56 “how dare you vote sykkuno” 31:36 “how dare they kill sykkuno first, he doesn’t deserve that.” 🥺 i love their friendship so much
star gacha
star gacha 23 gün önce
I'm just OBSESSED with this dude's personality... His laugh makes me laugh.. You are wholesome my dude...
miss KEISHA 23 gün önce
34:07 i don’t know what that noise was, but i liked it
Brolan 23 gün önce
I apologize I didn’t know that your livestreams were on your channel until you said it at like 2:55:00. I was watching on the person that reuploads your stuff but immediately switched over after hearing that they are on your channel
Ariel Thrasher
Ariel Thrasher 23 gün önce
wow hi i totally didn’t even know that other account reposting your streams wasn’t yours, i’m new to the whole corpse world and failed to do my research so i was easily tricked. i’m sorry ):
Denice huh
Denice huh 24 gün önce
he said he grew up with bvb 😭 ill cry
shanz 24 gün önce
i love u 🥺
Weatherz 24 gün önce
I must say, didn't know anything about Corpse Husband until 3 days ago. But holy damn what a guy. Thank you for all the fun content. Also heard the "choke me" song and got insta hooked. Will be going through that music list asap. Keep being you man!
Th3Sh8dow 24 gün önce
How did i find this ? Its not even showing on his channel for me. Tf
Anime And Weeb Outkast
Anime And Weeb Outkast 24 gün önce
Damn I just love the fact seereax,doto and rhyme were able to play with corpse and the gang despite the mispronuciations lol
Chelsea Lim
Chelsea Lim 24 gün önce
Sykkuno is so polite and sweet I love him and I love Corpse I am so glad both of them are friends
Roohi Karunakaran
Roohi Karunakaran 24 gün önce
vote me like you hate me but you love me
Ali Carson
Ali Carson 24 gün önce
hey corpse i know youll probably never read this but i just wanted to wish you all the best, i really love your content and it seems like you have a really lovely personality! its such a pleasure to see you guys all having fun! it always brightens my day! i also love your music, oh and your voice is i n s a n e, i love it! hope you keep achieving success with youtube and music and all! youre doing great!❤
Taylor Griffin
Taylor Griffin 25 gün önce
Y’all Tommy and corpse together is so funny
Kuro Kaitou
Kuro Kaitou 25 gün önce
His laugh tho- 🥺🥺🥺 Melts my heart everytime.
Meli M
Meli M 25 gün önce
You're getting better at being imposter, I think. Shame they also sus you because you're TOO innocent sounding. XD
Kwicked3 25 gün önce
Me when corpse isn’t imp: nooo don’t kill him! Me when corpse is imp: kill everyone!!!
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